Nuggets Make Out in Howard Trade, Too

HANG TIME WEST – Oh, and by the way, you’re probably going to want to be concerned about the Nuggets as well.

For all the understandable attention going to the Lakers for acquiring Dwight Howard and the 76ers for landing Andrew Bynum and to the Magic for that spectacular 2 ½ twist with a full gainer into a bellyflop, losing sight of the Nuggets on the periphery of the deal is a mistake.

Denver was already on the rise, the way it went from stage fright last postseason to pushing the Lakers to a Game 7 before being eliminated. Watching the Nuggets grow into a postseason factor in time-lapse photography was a statement of potential. They had that. Now they have this.

Andre Igoudala came from the 76ers as Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, a first-round pick and a second-rounder went to Orlando. The Nuggets got better and saved money that should allow them to get a new deal with point guard Ty Lawson.

The Nuggets also got options, which is also a problem for the rest of the league. George Karl with several possibilities among forwards and wings and the ability to play big or small? Karl can take capitalize on basketball chemistry and general manager Masai Ujiri can take advantage of trade chips, so Denver is in great position for another step forward after what would have been a 47-win season with a typical schedule.

Igoudala can guard the shooting guards Afflalo used to and be one of many options at small forward. Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Corey Brewer, Igoudala, 2011 first-rounder Jordan Hamilton, 2012 first-rounder Evan Fournier — that’s a trade waiting to happen. Plus, Kenneth Faried at power forward, backed up by Anthony Randolph and maybe one day backed up by Quincy Miller, who will get snapped in half playing there at 210 pounds but has serious potential for a second-round choice. The Nuggets have options all over the place.

Still to be determined is whether JaVale McGee, the team’s center, will show every night at – gulp – $44 million for four years. But the Nuggets can play fast or play big. Developing teams want options to get better, and Denver has plenty with a coach who knows how to use them and a GM who knows how to flip them. Talk about growing into a postseason factor.


  1. Z says:

    I think the Nuggets got the best of the deal, honestly.

    1. Howard’s health is a question, and while he is great, it’s not THAT big a step up from Bynum at center.
    2. Bynum may not re-sign with Philly, so they took on a risk while giving up their best player.
    3. Orlando basiclly decided to go for the #1 draft pick of 2013.

    Meanwhile, Denver loses none of their key players and gains one of the best backcourt defenders in the league and an offensive upgrade at the 2 while keeping a core of Lawson and Fareid? Nuggets could make a run at the conference title this year. NBA title doesn’t seem likely, but they will definitely win one playoff series, and can give any of the favorite teams a run for their money.

  2. gmoneyjr1988 says:

    i like all the moves that was made with the exception of orlando but what nobody’s talking bout is minnesota’s moves…. I think OKC is still gonna come out the west or the Clippers given everyone stay healthy but Minnesota is gonna be there too… AK47 is a good edtion to as well as Brandoy Roy if that surgery in Germany help his knees… Then Rubio come back healthy and lets no forget about Kevin Love … Thats gonna be an alright squad

  3. Cuzz'N says:

    Oh and last post BUT we are more than a damn sixth seed, where are ATLEAST a four if we dont come across any deafening injuries during most months…losing a person, here or there, isnt bad but when the injuries start piling up; thats when we start looking like we NEED a star player….our strength is in numbers.

  4. Cuzz'N says:

    I would like to see the starting five like this: It allows for the team to play with decent size and pretty awesome speed/versatility.
    PG: Lawson Backed by: Miller
    SG: Iggy Backed by: Brewer/ Fournier
    SF: Gallinari Backed by: Quincy/Jordan
    PF: Chandler Backed by: Faried (alternate based on weekly matchups)
    C: McGee *Mozgov should be incorporated into a three guard/wing system with 2 centers due to their versatility

    This lineup would allow Lawson and Iggy to establish paint penetration, while Gallo and Wilson could play similiarly to stretch 4’s due to size and skill level; Center is the biggest issue because Mozgov does not have the athleticism for 4’s and 5’s that McGee offers but McGee lacks the strength to defend that Mozgov offers so this should be a center by committee approach based on the game. JHam should play as a three alongside Quincy Miller at three with Miller as a point in the two center OR a center and the Manimal system stated above, this would allow for Miller to run the break efficient yet keep outside shooters; this gives the Nuggets the greatest chance to win.
    The starting five would be defensively minded and tooled to stop opposing d’s star 2-4; PG’s and C’s are usually going to get ‘their’ points most nights but the bench unit would offer TOO much speed, depth, shooting and energy for another team’s bench which would translate into scoring runs and put pressure back on the opposing teams starting five to score & score quickly. WE CANT STOP PENETRATE AND KICK PLAYS, our post defense is too soft unless its aided by help from perimeter defenders which kills us in the “kick-out” game. Let me know what you guys think..a tweak here and there might make this lineup viable for them to ACTUALLY use, as I try to watch their games with an objective eye and unbiased opinion.

  5. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Many guys here mentioned LAC, LAL, the Spurs and OKC as the top teams in the West, but everybody forgot the Memphis Grizzlies. They’ll be even better than last year.

  6. Ggg says:

    Nuggets at sixth seed

  7. Great Great Trade! Iggy is a perfect fit and we just saved money. I think the Nuggets are a 2nd round, Confrence Finals team… The only way to become a title contender is for some other teams to make some mistakes. Also we need a little more talent but otherwise i’m excited to watch the nuggets this year. They’re a young and talented team. Can’t wait for the season! GO NUGGETS!

  8. LBJFAN4LYFE says:


    2013 REPEAT ALL DAY!



  9. siz says:

    the Nuggets will be able to beat any team they will go to the confrence finals and give the lakers a scare.

  10. op says:

    I think Denver should choose Galo or Chandler because i don’t think these two can exist together(both are starters)…And if I am Ujiri I immediately trade Galo because The Italian is a great shooter but all the other things Chandler brings to the table are far more important(Defense, Toughness, Athletisism, and pretty good range too), I think Galo for Mbah a Moute(toughness and very agressive play at both ends ot the boards), Udrih(solid veteran who can play solid minutes on both guard positions) and 1st rounder sounds pretty well – a win/win situation and they will be no doubts with Karl’s rotation, so he can work his magic with these guys for years….

  11. DANITo says:

    nuggets are going no where, they wont even make the playoff, and i dont like this trade, id rather have harrington and affola than iggy. i dont think its an upgrade. playoff teams this year. lakers , thunder, clippers , sanantonio, minisota, houston, dallas, memphis

    • op says:

      I don’t know how can even think Houston(no matter my love for them) will make the playoffs, they are the best pick up for the worst record in the West, i mean they have an uproven China Guy(sorry Taiwanian, hahahahah), good scorer(Martin) – both pretty bad on D, a bunch of rookies and Asik will start at the 5…Why so serious, Mr Morey…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAH

    • op says:

      And the Wolves I mean they have 3 consistent guys on both ends AK47, Barea and Pekovic…I mean Rubio has to focus all of the work on his game on D and a consistent mid range game(every playoff team in the West has a point guard with a nice game in both aspects), K-Love is in the competition for the worst defender at PF(the other one as we all know is David Lee)-that’s the face of that team and you don’t even know what impact Roy will have(i really hope he goes back to at least 80% of his game, he deserves it)…If the the Wolves make the post season it will be because of Derrick Williams with a major impact on this team or with a trade(everyone will look to land him, he is a heck of a tallent), but right now the Wolves and the playoffs are not in a same line……

  12. ford says:

    If Javale McGee, Can score at least 10 points a game with 4-5blocks a game and 10 rebounds the Nuggets can go places
    George Karl is a great coach The nuggets will get up and down quickly. I Like them

  13. willie says:

    denver has a great team…. no superstar prima donnas, all are good, and AI is an all-star… i think the weakest in the team would be the coach…. george karl is really a good coach, i just think he doesn;t have what it takes anymore due to his health to have an 82game season and to be deep in the playoffs….

  14. J-Short says:

    Nuggets should be a 7th/8th seed out west and give a team a tough playoff series, but in the end no bonifide star power to close the deals. Even Detroit when they won a title in 04 had Billups play at an all-star level /HOF caliber style of play.

  15. Player#38 says:

    And I think, that everybody should give some credit to the Nuggets for they’ ve done last “lockout” season, They were and still are underdogs and still, it was really nice basketball to watch. And what is more important – they have great coach and so much room for improvement. Go Nuggets !

  16. Random guy says:

    I think the Nuggets have all the pieces in place to be a power. Maybe one or two more pieces away from contending. They should trade away one or two SF’s for another good SG and there is a legitimate chance at a title.

  17. SilkyWilks says:

    If I had to to say who the Nuggets will start next year i would go with
    PG: Ty Lawson
    SG: Andre Iguodala
    SF: Danilo Gallinari
    PF: Wilson Chandler
    C: Javale McGee

    • Matt says:

      i think they will put faried at pf. they need a decent scorer off the bench, which is chandler

      • I agree because the manimal will provide some boards and some points while chandler can be the efficient scorer.

        If I had a choice of the starting 5 :

  18. ibro says:

    i think the nuggets are a solid young team on the rise all they need is development especially from their bigs (jafail mcgee)

  19. nuggetsofdelusion says:

    Nuggets continue their path of dismal business dealings.

    While Igoudala is certainly an upgrade over Afflalo, the fact remains George Karl is STILL at the helm, and hasn’t been able to coach his Nuggets’ team past a first round of the playoffs since an aging Chauncey Billups had to put the team on his shoulders on what turned out to be (nothing more than) a fluke season.

    Every other team in the West improved vastly via trades …..Nuggets achieved only usual panic mode signings. And the bottom line is, as long as Karl is at the coaching helm, Ujiri at the GM helm, and the Kroenkes at the ownership helm, these nuggies WILL CONTINUE being first round laughter fodder for the legitimate Western Conference teams competing for an NBA title.

    LoL @ the continued ineptitude of these nuggies

    • Steven says:

      @ nuggetsofdelusion you must be out of your mind. Karl is one of the best coaches in the league. We have one of the deepest teams in the league and we just got even better. Last season we were second in the West before Gallo got hurt. A starting five of Lawson, Iggy, Gallo, Faried, and McGee (or Mozzy if McGee can’t hang) has the potential to do some serious damage. Depending on the match up it’s not at all far fetched to think we could get out of the 1st round. I don’t think anyone expects more of them than that.

    • dattebayo says:

      I agree with Stevens. Last season the Nuggets had to deal with several injuries to key players and for a stretch missed 3-4 starters. While not being at full strength they still were in playoff contention throughout the year. Now they have McGee and Iguodala instead of Anderson and Afflalo, along with Faried a solid replacement for Nene. If they can stay healthy they should be able to get Homecourt advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

      Mozgov, McGee, Koufus
      Faried, Randolph
      Galinari, Chandler, Brewer
      Iguodala, Fournier , Hamilton
      Lawson, Miller

      They might still be a bit young, but George Karl knows how to develop talent. I am looking forward to seeing them play their up-tempo style of basketball :o)

  20. MasterPiece says:

    Guys i think that lbj took some joint these last days 😀 seriously his comments are so stupid that i can’t understand this guy
    BTW good trade for the Nuggets Iggy is one of the best SG in the league he play D very well but i still think that they deserve a better center than Javale cuz last season he got some ups & downs we never know when he’ll show up

  21. GFChase says:

    I think that I am probably a lot more optimistic than most. If we look at what this young team accomplished in the first part of the season last year and then factor in the ability of George Karl to bring out the best in players that others may give up on. When we look at the potential benefit of an improved McGee, with Faried not having a sophomore slump, along with the potential that Randolph brings and last but not least the addition of Iguodala and I think we have the makings of a 60 win team. I believe that if this young team will go out and do what they are capable of they might just be playing for a title.

  22. steppx says:

    I think its wrong to think Denver isnt a title contender. And i think its delusional to think the lakers are suddenly a lock. First off…howard’s back is an issue. But even if healthy, he’s not been a guy who takes a team that far. Will he develop in a way Bynum didnt? With kobe….maybe. But nash is 38…..metta is toast…..pau is older and in decline. Nobody talks about age. Denver has Mcghee who i believe WILL develop under karl. And his potential is huge. Faried will get better…and he’s already great. Iguadola gives them a first option and elite defender. So it improves the play of guys like Chandler and galinari. Plus hamilton was looking much improved in summer league. lawson is a top end point….so, they have the talent. And they are YOUNG. OKC is young, too and the team to beat. I think utah is a dark horse to get better, but the top three are okc, denver and spurs….and now lakers if all things fall into place and age doesnt catch up with them.

  23. bball says:

    Why in the world would they trade LeBron for Faried lbj. Thats just crazy. Thats NEVER going to happen.

  24. Ed Jönsson says:

    There are two winners, one neutral and one loser in this deal. Lakers win big when acquiring D Howard even though they have to give away two bench warmers and Bynum they still come out as big winners. The Denver Nuggets is also winners, in my opinion. They acquire “Iggy” as a shooting guard because they are so loaded at the forward positions (which could make them a target for teams wanting some SF/PF players, which could provide the Nuggets with even more depth, maybe at C or shooting guard. The neutral team, not chaning so much is the 76ers. They just change their picture a bit. A summer when getting Young via FA and now getting a center they needed (even though Hawes was pretty good in the post-season). They will be at the same type of competative level but they will play differently of course.

    Orlando.. or No-land-oh! No big-men wants to stay there obviously. They made the Dwight Howard trade and got back some picks, some bench warmers, a couple of younger guys and a not-so-cheap veteran in Harrington (why did they even take him onboard in this trade). As I have followed the Howard-trade rumors along the spring and this summer, the Magic was all about getting rid of Hedo Turkoglu’s contract together with both Richardson’s and Howard, in the same trade. I also heard that Chicago tried to send Deng and Noah there, or Noah to Magic + picks, Deng to Raptors and then DeRozan and Calderon + picks to Orlando. While Chicago would get Turkoglu and Howard and Raptors the Richardsons. Of course some role players would be included so the trade could be made but instead Henningan turned to Lakers, Sixers and Nuggets for a worse return, making Lakers a favor not having to give up Pau Gasol, now he’ll stay unguarded during times when Howard will be hot, which will make Pau a lot better during the next season.

    No team can really double-team any Lakers players anymore. They’ll get ripped and the 3-pts will be raining or monster dunks will be echoing through the Staples Center.

    • Lee says:

      Hawes was good in the post season,, what post season ??? Hawes was so bad that he had to be replaced by 2nd round pick Lavoy Allen. Not sure what team you were watching but calling the Sixers the Neutral team in the deal after they have improved hands down,, wow.

    • James says:

      Sixers neutral? Are you kidding me? They got 10x’s better. Iggy is a good defender but cant consistantly score. And hes not a SG idk where you got that from hes a SF. Bynum is the second best center in the league and the best in the east without even hitting his prime yet. Sixers are now the 3rd best team in the east.

  25. Law064 says:

    lbj you make no sense at all, your moronic comments always makes me laugh. Everyone made out in the Howard trade with the exception of Orlando. They were the biggest loser, they basically got Nothing for Howard. Arron Afflalo is the only player that is worth anything. They should’ve at least shot for Iggy, Orlando’s GM should kill himself

  26. jan_279 says:

    I’m already imagining Ty ooping it up to Iggy! This Nuggets team is gonna be even better! =)))

  27. Greg says:

    Last time they had an older player of Philly called AI, it worked pretty well :p

    Conf finals vs Thunder here we come 😀

  28. lbj says:

    They should trade lbj for Kenneth Fareap and then trade dwyane wade for dwight howard so starting lineup will be

    Joel Anthony
    Chris Bosh
    Dwight Howard
    Kenneth Farep
    Norris Cole

    This is below the luxary tax that i calculated. I don’t see the matter.
    2013 TREPEAT!

  29. knickskicks says:

    There is a LOAD of talent at the forward, which totally warrants a trade, possibly for another slashing combo pg/sg. This team has gobs of potential to make an impact in the conference… I’d say if the chemistry works out and Javale develops and becomes consistent, then possibly a top 5 team in the west. Thunder, Lakers, Spurs… then there’s flip flops of Clips, Nuggets, and possibly one or two others. Either way, Nuggets are have better versatility and more options then the Melo years.

  30. JohnnyK says:

    Another great move by the Nuggets!

  31. A Guy says:

    PG: Ty Lawson
    SG: Andre Iguodala
    SF: Danilo Gallinari
    PF: Kenneth Faried
    C: Javale McGee

    Thats not a bad team, only weakness is Javale and I think he will steadily improve under George Karl. Easily a Western Conference Semis/Finals team

    • kILLarifIC says:

      wow, easily?? in the west i see both L.A teams and the thunder better than them. and the spurs aint gonna lose to them either so im saying they have a good chance to give someone a run in firstround but prolly not win the series

      • lol145 says:

        actually javale might not be starting because he plays so well with andre miller

      • MHM 35 says:

        Ya dude you’re right Nuggets aren’t gonna get past round 1 unless someone dominates. And even with Melo it only happened once … maybe more but it definitely wasn’t frequent enough for Denver to remember it. I’m in Denver and let me tell ya I only see Nuggets fans come out to get excited to boo my Lakers. lol

        Nuggets have a way to go before OKC, San Antonio, Lakers, and heck let’s be honest. If the Clippers stayed healthy (I’m looking at Billups mainly) and if Blake Griffin developed some game outside of some dunks and stiff post moves even they’d beat them. Clips went to the 2nd round as it is. Keep dreamin Denver fans the Wild West is still gonna keep you where you are. But enjoy your “rivalry” with the Jazz and your wannabe rivalry with Dallas.

    • ASDF says:

      Why do u say JaVale is the weakness? JaVale is currently working out with Hakeem Olaujawon. He will learm to be a better center this off-season.

    • That's a very good team says:

      I agree that Denver can, with the right focus, go all the way out West – but they will have to rely on the other big teams faltering a bit. I like them alot for a deep push in second round West.

  32. MANimal says:

    wow! a great deal for the nuggets! BUT who will be in the starting 5? with all that talent especially at the forward position what does everyone else think? whos your starting 5?

  33. bball says:

    Nuggets did good in the trade. They traded Afflalo and Harrington who are OK players and they got Ai in return who is a beast! Nuggets will do awesome! GO NUGGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!