New labor deal cannot thwart law of supply-and-superstars’-demands

Too bad the NBA’s Board of Governors weren’t meeting Thursday evening. This Dwight Howard-to-the-Lakers deal could have served as Chris Paul Stunner, Part II.

It was only eight months ago that two truly momentous NBA events synched up in a fancy hotel in midtown Manhattan. The governors were huddled in a meeting room to ratify the new collective bargaining agreement that would end the 2011 labor lockout and, allegedly, cause a seismic shift in competitive balance.

New rules and disincentives written into the CBA would limit the ability of a few free-spending teams in glamour markets to control basketball’s most coveted stars, giving all 30 teams a more legitimate chance for a championship. Yada yada yada…

Before the ink was even dry on any of the paperwork that day, word leaked that the Los Angeles Lakers, the Houston Rockets and the New Orleans Hornets had worked out a three-way deal that would deliver arguably the NBA’s best point guard (Paul) to the Lakers, a franchise that seemed to enjoy favored-nation status among the 30.

The reaction was predictable: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You mean we just shut down the sport, jeopardized and truncated another season and incurred potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue only to snap back immediately to the business-as-usual of the rich teams getting richer?

The bloom already was off the rose as NBA commissioner David Stern made his way to the news conference announcing the new CBA, which had an expiration date six years into the future but suddenly smelled sour on Day 1.

After some early speculation that several owners balked and considered thwarting any labor deal that would grease such an outcome — or at least would share headlines with that nothing-has-changed transaction — the real surprise came a little later: Stern, donning his ownership hat as trustee of the league-operated Hornets, blocked the deal. He exercised the same rights other owners have over their GMs if they don’t believe a trade improves their team or reaps the best return. Still, it was met with cries of favoritism, meddling and (yikes!) conspiracy. A week later, Paul wound up in L.A., but with the Clippers.

So now Howard is headed to the Lakers, a move that — in the shorthand favored by those who maintain a mild-to-casual interest in the NBA — again will look like everything old is new again. After all, the Lakers get all the NBA’s best centers, don’t they? It was so with Wilt Chamberlain, with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, with Shaquille O’Neal. And now it’s so with Howard.

They remain the glamour franchise, too, that Stern once joked about when asked what his dream Finals matchup would be. “Lakers vs. Lakers,” the commish said, a nod to market size and TV ratings but a pea that still irritates from under smaller-market mattresses.

The new CBA was supposed to discourage excessive spending by the league’s richest teams by imposing an increasingly harsher luxury tax, appealing to their owners’ sense of true value. If a $6 million player actually was going to cost $18 million in salary plus penalties, surely even the deepest-pocket owners would blink. That would help, too, in the distribution of top talent, spreading it out rather than having it huddle in only a few markets.

Yet when a team such as the Lakers haul in an annual profit of $150 million to $170 million (by some estimates), why should they be worried about spending $95 million (payroll) or even $125 million (taxes added). Besides, with the owners’ new revenue-sharing system, aren’t the Lakers better off spending it on themselves, for their fans, than having it divvied up to lesser teams in smaller markets?

There’s an old-school feel to the return Orlando got in the four-cornered transaction, too. Consider the other NBA teams that have found themselves pressured to trade superstars — Chamberlain, Abdul-Jabbar, Julius Erving, Charles Barkley, Kevin Garnett — and the packages of players, picks or cash taken back. These days, franchises almost don’t want players, preferring to tear down rather than remodel. That’s the Magic’s prerogative, but one it will live with now for several long seasons.

It never has struck some of us here at the Hang Time hideout that past or current CBAs have done enough to keep stars in the markets that drafted and nurtured them. The salary advantages, in raise percentage and contract years, haven’t exactly been whopping. And conveying full Bird rights of a traded player to teams that are capped out or over the tax threshold seems odd, too.

Ultimately, though, there is nothing that can be done to block a superstar who is determined to leave. Nothing to equalize market differences, such as the Lakers’ climate, diversions and culture of winning (or in other cases a tiny or non-existent state tax). Stern believes in, and always carefully articulates, the freedom NBA players enjoy between contracts to choose their place of employment and residence. That’s what Howard was seeking and there wasn’t anything a new CBA could do about it.

So bottom line: Is this sort of superstar migration good or bad for the league?

It’s bad for Orlando and other teams that can’t keep their stars happy or committed.

It’s good for the Lakers. But then, most things usually are.

It’s bad for the NBA’s image in a general sense, because it fuels the impression that the talent deck is stacked in favor of a few chosen franchises. Like the Lakers, the Heat or, y’know, the Yankees.

But it might be good for business overall. Strong anchor franchises in L.A., New York, Boston, Chicago and a few other markets seem to keep interest, ratings and souvenir sales high.

Also, the NBA is smart not to worry too much about folks with mild-to-casual interest. One rule of industry is that 80 percent of your customers account for 20 percent of your sales, while 20 percent of your customers are good for 80 percent of the business.

That heavy-user theory applies to breweries, to networks and to sports leagues. It’s why the hardcore fans who claimed to be done with Howard, fed up with his indecision and his antics, are abuzz right now. And figure to stay that way into next June.


  1. K-rob(spurs fan) says:

    but nash ,howard ,gasol,kobe,and artest game all compliments each others so it would be fun to watch

  2. K-rob(spurs fan) says:

    I hate to see this trade happen, but it is what it is !good move by the lake show and i can’t stand the lakeshow!.but it’s to early to celebrate now lake fans …OKC is still dangerous …if you put Ibaka on howard and perkins on gasol it’s gonna be interesting and nash is great offensively but liable on D ..Westbrook will eat him alive but Howard down low can slow him a down a bit ..but OKC is ya biggest threat in the west..can’t count my spurs out either ..go move for Miami to get some shooters i like Ray allen but don’t care for the heat either but if the heat face the lakeshow in the finals i would go for them over the lakeshow

  3. zwitsal says:

    what are you guys whining about? this is the nba. this is basketball. if you can see it, good business is already happening with the comment thread that we have. the season hasn’t started yet it’s like we’re nearing the playoffs. entertaining indeed!! and for all the fans out there who keeps on fussing with the miamis, the lakers, the celtics, the thunders or whatever teams, what are you trying to prove? that you guys are good players than them? if you can see it kobe, lebron, kd, melo, cp3, dwill have no problems with what’s happening in the league right now. each year, for them, its getting more competitive and they love that. the fans love that. everybody except you haters of your own kind loves what is happening. so better yet accept with what’s happening and just enjoy the game that we all love irregardless to whoever or whatever team we are rooting for. as it goes: NBA where amazing happens!!!

  4. Chacodamus says:

    Nobody should feel bad for the Magic- ecept the Magic fans… Orlando’s GM made bad decisions regarding DH WELL before this deal went down. Just look at the Nuggets a few years ago… they were almost an IDENTICAL situation with Melo, and look at them now- better off without him, the deepest bench in the NBA, on the rise, and they didn’t need 2 or 3 years to get back to where they were before the trade.

    • Chacodamus says:

      the reason the Nuggets made out in the Melo trade SOO MUCH better than Orlando did with the Howard trade is simple… THEY DIDN’T BELIEVE THE BS COMING OUT OF THEIR SOON-TO-BE-EX-SUPERSTAR’s MOUTH.. despite Melo’s ambiguity on his loyalty to the Nuggets, Denver realized he was of no use to them anymore, and they proceeded accordingly..
      If the Magic moved DH at the first sign of his disloyalty to the organization, they could’ve cleaned up in a trade with LA- or anyone else..

  5. sadbuttrue says:

    Why does the magic management did’nt think that Steve Nash and Dwight Howard can co-exist in Orlando? Maybe Orlando do not believe in “magic” after all.

  6. dirk45 says:

    I really hope they are going hard cap next time. This is boring. So fast forward just to see MIA-BOS and OKC-LAL in the CFs if the players stay healthy.
    I really wonder if LAL will be able to keep Howard next season when he asks for a max extension. With luxury tax rising in 2013 it shouldn’t be easy for them. Anyway this trade is the proof that the new CBA doesn’t work as intended.

  7. Fakta says:

    After this offseason I am done with the English Premier League! I mean the NBA ( the two seem so alike now days).

  8. Lakeshow says:

    Who doesn’t want to see a Lakers vs Heat finals next season?

    Lakers are the team to beat in the West now. OKC did not have as strong of an offseason as the Lakers did. Lakers made huge upgrades in the PG, C and most importantly the bench. Lakers have immense depth now overall. Nash is a legit PG that makes everyone on the team better, if Nash made Amare into an allstar, can only imagine what he can do with Howard and Gasol (38 years old and has only dropped in PPG in the last 6 years), Kobe playing natural SG, Gasol and Howard the new twin towers.

    Obviously the Lakers need to play the season, injuries can happen etc. but on paper at the moment, there is no team in the West as stacked as the Lakers are. The only teams that made as aggressive moves during the offseason are the Clippers, Nets and Heat. Unfortunately for the Clippers, still not as good as OKC and for the Nets, still not as good as the Heat.

    Lakers vs Heat – Kobe’s 6th

    • Greg says:

      I sure don’t want to see a Lakers-Heat Finals series. What could possibly be more boring than watching 2 teams full of whiny prima donnas?

  9. bryan bonoan says:

    now lakers please get amare stoudemire.. trade gasol.. amae is perfect because we have steve nash., it is perfect combination amare and dwight at the frontcourt.. it will be cool.. and lakers will become a formidable defender inside the paint. i hope they can get amare stoudemire..


    lakers for champion.

  10. SUN YUE says:

    Alright yo’s. My name is Sun Yue and i played in the nba for a couple of years on the lakers. you want tacos? well good thing dwight came to LA. With his defense, he will be able to keep the offending team under one hundred points. With steven john nash dishing him and kobe the ball, they will be hard to beat.But the burrito smelling thunder are a good matchup. Dwight will have a good but not great game against willli wonka’s kendrick perkins and serge iblocka. The lakers might also be able to beat the heat because of their size in the post. The heat need to pick up a fat tall rebounding mcdonalds eating center to rebound and score in the post. Here is a secret that not everybody knows about dwight. He eats a lot of Mcdonalds so if you were able to go to a lakers game, bring big macs to distract dwight at the free throw line. Trust me it works. All in all, the lakers are a tough team to beat.

  11. coolitdude says:



  12. Ap says:

    I can’t wait til we just get 82 all star games for a season instead

  13. Nuke says:

    LOL….I may be a fan of LA but all of you are just wasting your comments. Your comments cannot do anything on this trade. It’s finished, unless all of you have the money to buy your own team and trade whoever is best center or PG or PF, as long as you want. So why comment here? Let’s just have their own business run for God’s sake. Let’s just watch and see how season 2012-2013 ends. Besides your comments all gang up with DH12 and the Lakers, why don’t you all gang up with Allen and Lewis on Miami. Besides, this is their business if you all don’t want this kind of game then watch MLB or NASCAR instead.

  14. LEBRON FAN says:


  15. LEBRON FAN says:


  16. The French Durantula says:

    To Judge:
    Pau had a big game cuz tyson chandler had to guard marc so pau was guarded either by kevin love, kevin durant, lebron,…
    If serge ibaka guarded him hed have no chance.
    And ibaka is young. And pau is old.

  17. Durant fren's says:

    Howard should join Thunders, they need a powerful Center

  18. Guillermo says:

    It’s hard to believe that Boston took Miami to seven games, considering the fact that they lost Chris Wilcox, Jermaine O’Neal, Jeff Green and Avery Bradley. I mean Bosh did miss a few games but they actually got him back. Am I the only one who considers the Celtics to be contenders as well?

  19. Farzad H says:

    I think this deal is far better than the previous deal which got cancelled last year. If I’m not wrong, the Lakers would have traded Gasol and Odom for Paul and even though Odom eventually left the team Gasol retained his position. Now with the addition of Howard and Nash, I think the Lakers are tremendously more dangerous than they would have been had the previous deal been approved.

  20. Ggg says:

    Howard is way better than russell
    Russell played 50 years ago, with like 20 teams? The avg height of,players was like 6 4. Real competition, in that logic wilt is the best ever because he avg 50 ppg a game and had consecutive 60 pt games, avg 30 ppg 20 rpg and had only 40

  21. Judge says:

    To: The French Durantula….

    You’re funny man… Pau Gasol is worth less compared to Serge Ibaka? Have you seen basketball lately? Like the gold medal match between Spain and USA? Have you seen how Pau lead his team against the All Star US Team? it’s because of Pau’s huge game that the Spanish team stay close not Ibaka… Pau was not showing up last season because of the coaching style of Mike Brown and Bynum got more touches than Pau. At any day, i would pick Pau than Ibaka….

  22. CLopez63 says:

    Man, I remember when the NBA wasn’t full of a bunch of entitled little pussies. Teams used to have one or two all-stars and then a bunch of solid role players who all knew how to play like a team. The teams were more balanced and it was more fun to watch and the “bad” teams areans weren’t half empty. The NBA should be about athletic competition, not entertainment. If people don’t want to watch a Grizzlies-Pacers Finals, then the hell with them. Also, I love all the stupid delusion Lakers fans on here. FYI, if youre not in or from Los Angeles and youre a Lakers fan, you’re a tool. Period.

  23. Robert Harris says:

    They should have traded this guy to The Bobcats or Wizards for all he has done. What a jerk.

  24. ken says:

    Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! BBobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats!obcats! Bobcats!

  25. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Now we should work on getting Chris Paul back where he rightfully belongs! Steve Nash is great! But I look for him to retire in a couple of years! Go Lakers! CP3 can then take his place! By then, maybe Lebron can replace Kobe; after Kobe retires! Because by then, he,(Lebron), might wanna take his talents to Southern California! Lol! How do you like them apples?

  26. Cedric says:

    It’s so sad that the NBA let the Lakers get away with this again. From the 80s they had Kareem,Magic,Worthy they lost the 91 final and Magic retired and up until 1996 they were still good.Then 1997 til 2004 they won.They lost 05,06,07 then they got Gasol for nothing 09,10 they won.Then 11,12 theyn lost now Howard,Nash. What was the purpose of the lock out if this keeps happening. I am so tired of seeing the same team win OVER, OVER,OVER again.The NBA need to be like the NFL and have different winners.It does not matter how many rings Kobe wins he will always be behind MJ

    • go lakers says:

      NFL is more of a team game thats why there are different super bowl winners every year and the NBA you only need a few superstars and you can win the finals.

  27. finally the black superman is in the Lakers already … Kobe… now … Change the coach… mike brown is not a good coach.. bring back Phil. jackson win win Lakers…

  28. RFMR says:

    I agree in a shorter regular season and longer playoff season, and the NBA most have some amendment to the regulation, so all of the 30 teams can have players for all cant option for the championship. In the other hand there are a few teams that have talent players and stars but unfortunate they don’t have a coach that can getter all to play as a team,,,, that is the deferent’s. In this oncoming season time will say. (p.s. I am a basketball fan)

  29. sirsparhawk says:

    Yay, now I have a reason to watch lakers play!

  30. Peter says:

    Heat, Thunder, and Lakers are contenders sure……but what about the Knicks. They have alot of top notch players but most are well past their prime. Can Carmello, Amaire, and Tyson play more co-operatively with their support cast? I hope they will play up to their potential.

  31. The french durantula says:

    1 heat, chalmers, wade, james, bosh, turiaf, 6 man allen
    2 Bulls, rose, rip, deng, booz, noah
    3 Knicks, felton, shumpert, melo, stoudemire, chandler
    4 76ers, holiday, turner, T. Young, hawes, bynum, 6 man N. Young
    5 nets, d will, joe johnson, wallace, humphries, lopez
    6 celtics rondo, bradley, pierce, green, KG, 6 man jet
    7 Pacers hill, george, granger, west, hibbert, 6 man barbosa
    8 hawks, Teague, lou williams, Stevenson, smith, horford

  32. richard says:

    oh move on bro. its done.. u cant do about it. if you want to grow no one should stop it.. and besides they got what they wanted.. if they didnt get what they wanted, in the first place it was proposed they should have rejected the trade deal, but its not.. they got what they want..

  33. Highlander says:

    Not negative, not positive, but just a thought, Nash is 39. Kobe is 35(?) with big milage and some genuine injurys plus Howard is coming off back surgery, there will be ego issues, enough ball issues,playing time issues, who takes the last shot issues, whos team it really is issues. its not a done deal that they will win….just saying . If Spoltersa thougth he was under pressure for two season, welll welcome to his nightmare coach Brown.

  34. rob says:

    we should just cut the league into 4 teams. allstars north east. allstars northwest. alsstars southwest. allstars southeast. THERE YOU HAVE IT DAVID STERN. oh wait we need those little teams to munch on for publicity.

  35. Joseph_03 says:

    The lakers should Hire Eddie Jordan first before starting camp. Mike Brown can makes great sense defensively but no sense on offense. So if he’s your coach on offense then why the hell did they trade for Nash?

  36. Joseph B says:

    This is an unfair trade for the Magic who pick up a bunch of garbage and future draft picks and the Lakers get a much better center by trading Bynum for Howard. How does this make Warriors, Bucks, Magic, Cavilier fans feel when they know their teams will never have a chance to compete for the NBA title because a few teams can always steal the best players? Why bother supporting your local team?

    Perhaps what needs to be done is to make all teams regional teams so they represent equal size media markets. Portland would represent the Northwest and play some games in Seattle. I would also start adding teams in Europe and Asia so the NBA overtakes soccer as the worlds most popular sport.

  37. theking0522 says:

    Chill out guys!!! The Lakers are going nowhere. They won’t beat OKC and if they get to the finals, they won’t beat Miami. They might have 4 superstars, but who cares? Howard cannot make a free-throw if he life depended on it….Hack-a-Howard, Hack-a-Howard…That should be the strategy. By the way, Miami big three is much more better…Think about it:

    Wade+Bosh> Howard
    Lebron> Gasol+Kobe+Nash

    You see…It shouldn’t be hard to beat the Fakers

  38. Earned Not Given says:

    Guys, let us watch the game on october,then let see if the justice league can easily beat my MIAMI HEAT AVENGERS.. This page too much Trash talking.. can’t wait to see the game between LAKERS & MIAMI, but 1st need to eliminate SPURS or OKC, lakers can’t guard duran or westbrook by nash and kobe easily, 34 year old kobe, guarding 23 year old KD, i can’t think kobe can handle KD. also Nash,Wesbrook is very Fast and Power point guard, let see how lakers can handle this OKC,

  39. la_boomstick says:

    Speaking from a lifetime Magic fan’s perspective, Kendrick Perkins will equalize anything that D12 does on the court. Book it. His offensive game is extremely limited, and shows no signs of getting better. Yes, he’s the obvious DPOY night in and night out, but hard-nosed defensive minded centers will keep him from doing what he likes to do on the block. Hell, even Pekovic plays Dwight tough.

  40. JOHNNY says:

    i still cant believe they able to pull this one out without trading gasol,…. -__-

  41. bk says:

    Then, NBA should consider a shorter regular season and longer playoff season.
    The regular season is more and more meaningless now.

  42. james says:

    damn u have to double team kobe,gasol, and howard…there will always be an open shot for LA so theres no reason they wont go to finals..if they dont then fire mike brown

  43. Guru says:

    Regardless of this trade, it’ll be the timberwolves who win the league . With Rubio, Roy, ak47 and Love, they are easily the favorites in the western conference.

  44. marlz says:

    @ boyfromoz the only reason miami shot better against the okc is because they dont play as good as D that boston does and in my opinion miami were extremely lucky to get past a celtics team that had an injured avery bradley, ray allen and only two players actually showing up kevin garnett and rondo.

  45. kobe 24 says:

    this how it goes lakers heat finals lakers win in game 7 kobe and lebron going head to head would be the finals ever ,of course lakers would win bc heat dont have a center or point guard plus lebron isnt clutch, and another thing all u people who think lebron is better than kobe u must me smoking crack kobe is a better 1 on 1 defender a better 3 point and free throw shooter and is way more clutch

  46. bu says:

    I think the CBA is making this a lot more difficult & complicated for the big market teams to easily use money to go after super star players. However, like the Steve said, if Lakers are make NP of 150-170m/yr, it may still be affordable for them to pay tax & get a player while other slightly smaller markets wouldn’t even dare to think. Thus, seems that for some super teams, it kinda reinforces that they get the super super stars who enjoys glam glam!

  47. What? says:

    All of these nba haters are stupid.

    The keyword in all of these trade is “BUSINESS”. All your opinions here dnt matter bcoz your not the one paying deals. etc.
    I think the league suffered enough last nba lockout and almost cause the entire season.
    They all just trying to recover what they lost all that stuff. And when the league tries to come up with these trades and deals all these haters crying. commn. And it works, all the MEDIA IN THE WORLD are buzzin right now, even right now these news is more interesting than the usa winning the gold.

    Whether whos got the best players or who will win the championship, whether you like it or not, it boils down for whats best for the league right now. All you haters out there, a simple advice, try to run a business maybe you’ll wake up from dreamin. PEACE!

  48. big mo eazy says:

    Now since the lakers have d12 and metta and kobe wont have anybody going into the paint so lebron and guys who can only dominate in the paint they will all settle for jumpshots just like youv saw in game one of the finals vs okc how they lost because lebron is stronger than ibaka or perkins he will not be able to do that agains metta or dwight i dare him to come into the paint vs the lakers. so lebron better start getting better on your jumpshot good luck

  49. This team should give Kobe “1 over Jordan” (rings) as reference to his jersey number.But dont forget about the Clippers ..the other team besides San Antonio to have a winning record against the Thunder in the regular season.But in the east the Heat are a sure thing to represent the Eastern conference,unless the Knicks can build some chemistry.

  50. Great trade. Nash big up for the team, same with Howard. Still Kobe’s team, and Pau is a big up, as well. The Big 4 along with former DPOY Metta World Peace & bench with Jodie Meeks, Antawan Jamison, etc.

    How I see the West:
    1) OKC Thunder (Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka)
    2) LA Lakers (Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard)
    3) LA Clippers (Chris Paul, Crawford, Butler, Blake Griffin, DeAndre & best bench in league)
    4) San Antonio Spurs (Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, great supporting cast)
    5) Memphis Grizzlies (Rudy Gay, Tony Allen, Mike Conley, Gasol)

    And the Miami Heat (LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh, Ray, Lewis, Chalmers & Co.) ARE STILL THE BEST IN THE LEAGUE (until further notice).

  51. Dj says:

    it is going to be quite funny when miami being mature as a solid big 3 now will dominate the league once again, beating the lakers senseless…

  52. Eric says:

    You haters that complain about the Lakers “Buying another Championship” and grabbing all the best players all the time are sickening to listen to. THATS HOW YOU RUN A FRANCHISE CORRECTLY!!!! Dr. Buss is willing to pay big money if it will keep the Lakers winning. If your franchise was willing to spend money to grab the best players, you and all the rest of your fans would be really happy. Quit hating because the Lakers are well run. if the shoe was on the other foot, your mindset would be different. The Lakers know how to: keep their fans happy, keep their players happy, and WIN.. Their philosophy is you get what you pay for and it takes money to make money. Jerry Buss will pay a fat luxury tax to compete for a championship because all this hype surrounding the Lakers will make him even more money than he’s spending. Quit crying and realize the Lakers just know what they’re doing.. HATERS! hahahaha

    • Again? says:

      Would Mitch Kupchak be able to bring championships to Minnesota?
      It’s LA, so they have a huge advantage over other teams (except NY) if you understand money.

      The jaw-dropping number initially reported for the LA Lakers’ new TV deal with Time Warner Cable was $3 billion (a figure disputed by the cable giant), but according to the OC Register, team owner Dr. Jerry Buss and co. could be in line for up to $5 billion from the deal: “That $5 billion is over 25 years – or it’ll be merely $4 billion over 20 years if the future option isn’t exercised. It has been widely and wrongly reported as less. Let’s pause and appreciate how much money one club, starting next season, will get per year all to itself just from local TV: $200 million … when Forbes values the entire Milwaukee Bucks franchise at $258 million. It leads to a very good question: whether the NBA’s new supposedly prohibitive luxury-tax penalties to start in 2013 are really going to stop the Lakers from continuing to throw money at their problems – because they’ve solved a lot of them very well that way without having this new billionaire boys’ club

    • Greg says:

      Did it ever occur to you that other teams’ owners might not be as well off? All the players want to play in the “glamour” cities like LA, NY, Miami. Nobody wants to play in Minneapolis, Sacramento, Charlotte or Toronto. Unless a hard cap is put in place, most teams simply don’t have a chance.

  53. Anthony says:

    What a JOKE. Just when I thought I could watch the NBA again because the hated Lakers were going downhill, now they go and buy themselves another superstar. Just like that.

    Oh well. Another year of me ignoring the NBA.

  54. big mo eazy says:

    its not the lakers fault that they got dwight and nash so easily. where the hell were all you small market fans when the KG and ray allen trade happened or the melo-Drama it’s what the lakers get after having the 2009 season W and barely getting through the 2010 season and no bench and no decent draft picks for 2 years and things looking like the end of the kobe era i salute managment for all this ad their patience when we lost to okc in the semi finals i thought we had the worst managment in the nba but ive realized that its the opposite. And besides if your SMALL market teams had the chance to do this wouldnt you ask yourself you jealous haters

    • Greg says:

      Hey the Nuggets screwed the Knicks. They got the better end of the deal. The rest of the league needs to stick to their guns like the Nuggets did, and stop giving away the best players in the league for other people’s garbage.

  55. TheB-ballKing says:

    Forget this!! Everybody knows that Dwight’s gonna sign to the best team in the world, charlotte bobcats next season..instant championship bcuz they atleast gonna make it to the conference this year

    PG-Kemba walker, all star this year
    SG-Gerald henderson,all star this year
    SF-Michael Kidd Gilchrist,rookie of year and all star this year
    PF-Bismack biyombo,defensive player of year this year
    C-Dwight howard,MVP next year with bobcats
    reserves-jamario moon,matt carrol,eduardo najera, probably desagana diop
    Theyre atleast gonna get 70 wins this year without him and appearance at conference finals!!

  56. JPA says:

    go haword go lakers!

  57. DANITo says:

    ok durantula , how about the best center in the game howard. i dont see u mentioning him. cuz thats the difference stupic

  58. The french durantula says:

    U know who else has four stars?
    OKC! Russ westbrrook, kd, james harden, and serge ibaka(should have been defensive player of the year)
    Pau gasol is worth less than serge ibaka, and steve nash is 39. I dont care what u guys say but russ is exactly the same player as d rose(who should not have been mvp) he is just as good but is shadowed by kd cuz kd is the 2nd best player in the league.
    If u think im wrong, please reply.

  59. Common Sense says:

    Now we all know why Dwight didn’t do the kids camp in Orlando!

  60. cherrypopper says:


  61. Wesley Orlowski says:

    As a chicagoan and a die hard bulls fan….this deal, howard going to the lakers…unreal and unfair…lakers and miami are showing the nba how to bring the yankees mentality into this orginization; how to go out and effectively tilt the court in your own favor(so to speak). BUT, the unbiased die hard NBA fan in me, loves this trade. hell, i even like ray allen going to miami. next season is going to be a great season for the nba. typically, bulls fans hate miami heat, which i do…but i love watching those guys play basketball…well now the lakers have an arguably much more dangerous squad(if kobe plays like a 2 years younger kobe). theyre going to be amazing to watch, and considering derick rose is out, all i can do with my bulls is hope. ill get everything i need to get outta a nba game, by watching the lakers play night in- night out. Nash,Kobe,WORLDPEACE LOL,Gasol, and Howard….are you kidding me!?

  62. blair56 says:

    Man Lakers vs. Heat would be sick. Two of the more hated players in the NBA going at it along with their superstar lineups. It would be absolutely sick.

  63. NBA is ridiculous nowadays says:

    i ve been watching this game for 25 years, but this trade was all I need to stop it. I m sick of this, look at this lakers team, 4 big all stars, they were talking about teams with 3 stars like the heat, celts, okc, spurs and even the lakers, but now 4 together?!? this is ridiculous too easy to win like this. I wish all the worst to David Stern, Dwight Howard and the Fakers.

    • Again? says:

      19 years for me and I agree 100% with you. I’ll just wait for the Finals this time around. It’s too painful to watch the small market teams suffer like this. It’s like watching Wall Street millionares drive Ferraris around the homeless waiting in line at the shelter.

    • kobe84 says:

      Why are you wasting your time, making a comment? Nobody cares if you watch or have had enuf. The Lakers will be hard to stop if they are healthy in June 2013,14,15 etc………..

  64. Marc says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! More bandwagoning for the Lakers.

  65. Laker Nation says:

    Welcome to the Lakers Dwight!!!

    Pg: Steve Nash

    Sg; Kobe Bryant

    Sf: Metta World Peace

    Pf; Pau Gasol

    C; Dwight Howard

    Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, Earl Clark

    2012-2013 Champions!!!

  66. Big W1 says:

    LA finally get D12, everybody was talking how Bynum was almost the same player as Dwight and even some people was saying Bynum was better, so why every non-LAL fan is scare now if Dwight it is just a little upgrade and bla bla bla, at the end Lakers are the Yankees of basketball and just like the Yankees they could fail to build a stacked team and not win all the time, but it is nice to have a GM like kutpacth
    Let’s Go Lakers!!!!!!!

  67. Myself says:

    All I can say is orlando’s GM must be one of the dumbest people in the league right now. I mean if they even got someone worth it from this magnified trade I’d understand but they got nothing compared to Denver getting Iggy and Philly getting Bynum. SMFH. No wonder D Howard wanted to leave bad.

  68. McKinley says:

    The LAKERS are the most popular Basketball Team on the planet. People everywhere root for the LAKERS. Last time I checked this was America. But small market teams want the NBA to run like a communist society. At one point the Sacramento kings sold out every game in their cracker jack arena. Then the last few years they only sold out when the LAKERS were in town. Any town the LAKERS play in is a sell out regardless. Which helps the small markets. With 30 teams everybody can’t win. But look at OKC. They are a small market, and they made it to the finals. Anyone can compete. I just see bums looking for hand outs hating on the rich. The Celtics started this super team business . Miami cashed in last year. The cycle repeated. LAKERS have the best center in the game, and the best team. Once again all is right in the Universe.

  69. Isaac says:

    Haha they act like the Lakers were pulling bs trades. They were going to trade Gasol and Odom for CP3 thats 1 all-star and the sixth man of the year. They weren’t giving away kwame brown. Now they traded the 2nd best center for the first best. They always get who they want because they are not afraid to take risk. You got to spend the money if you want to win. It’s a business if you are not willing to take risk and lose some money you can’t expect to win.

  70. El Heat says:

    yooo….miami is tooo nice ray allen lebron dwyane bosh battier lewis chalmers even miller 7/8 shottin game 5 wallahi there too nice

  71. BoyHEAT says:

    I still don’t think Lakers are an accurate view of being the champs!
    This Howard dilemma will happen again in the trade deadline. their is a 90% chance Howard will not resign to the Lakers because Stern will not let this happen. This four-team trade should be a slap to Stern because he knows the NBA is just about entertainment right now. I making a bet Howard will sign with the Nets after the All-star break. the NBA is not a prediction game Laker fans! After losing to Dallas last 2011, it was a wake up for us HEAT fans that pride made us fall! If somehow Howard might resign to the Lakers, he will experience the LBJ choke on the finals then maybe win a championship but not this coming season. Mark my post NBA fans. I bet most of you will say DREAM ON. Well, I’m not dreaming because it gonna happen as much as how I see the face of the NBA! This 2013 Lakers are like the 2010 Boston ages! Only Howard is young! Age can make this team lose their consistency. I made the bet to the Celtics last 2010 and I saw how the Age of the veterans made the team lose. Not to mention about Injuries especially Kobe and Nash(maybe Howard too). Kobe’s fingers are problems and Nash’s injury history(Don’t know which part he is prone injured) and of course Howard because Yao Ming’s back injury cost him his career and might happen to Howard but who knows???? OKC,HEAT.BULLS,CELTICS,KNICKS,CLIPPERS,LAKERS the teams that will bring competition to the next level.

  72. next get please focus get now comeback derek fisher and get leonardo barbosa,kenyon martin,sasha pavlovic anthony parker,gilbert arenas, trade mwp to Lamar Odom go to lakers right now pls like this

  73. Why? says:

    I don’t understand… everyone was all upset at the thought of the Nets getting Howard… “what good was the lockout?”, “it’s not fair?”
    They were one of the worst teams in the NBA and were simply trying to get better. Now, the Yankees of the NBA add yet another all star center to their team and people are no where near as upset. The Lakers are just “smart”. I just don’t get it.
    THIS is the exact scenario they were trying to avoid, not one of the worst teams simply trying to get better.

  74. Pat says:

    This year, we’ll truly see how good Dwight/Bynum really are. Dwight won’t get double teamed nearly as much as he did in Orlando, so we’ll see if he really has a lack of post moves, or if he’s as dominant as some people think. And as for Bynum, he’ll get double teamed a great deal more, so we’ll see if he’s really the next best emerging center in the league.

  75. Best Advice says:

    How did the Lakers end up with all the best big men in the NBA? Because they’re a smart team with a smart managment team! They recognize the goal of these players and fulfill it. That’s what everybody want for their career. A player like LBJ and DH wouldn’t repeatedly ask to leave a franchise unless they’re fed up with the way the franchise run their business. Both LBJ and DH had put in enough NBA years to keep up with the term “Loyalty” with the team, franchise, and the city. But the Franchise obviously didn’t care about the city and the fans, so they didn’t put in the effort to build the team around the best player to make them happy and to keep them around. And when they leave, they take the hundreds of millions (like LBJ did to Calvaliers) with them. The consequence is the owner profit more but in short period of time.

    Btw…How does the Yankees give the NBA a bad image? Does AschBurner know what sport the Yankees play?

    • Greg says:

      It really has more to do with the enormous egos of the “superstars” and their discontent playing in smaller market teams. Players don’t have the intestinal fortitude to win on their own so they conspire to join up with each other, and the rest of the league gets screwed.

  76. Best Advice says:

    Like LBJ made money for Cleveland and DH made money for Orlando, the franchise literally made hundreds of millions, but the owner didn’t want to invest the money the earn back into getting good players. The result is that the best player (LBJ and DH) were not happy with the franchise bc they spent years playing without an NBA Title. The Lakers owners dont mind taking a smaller profit when adding DH and paying luxury tax. They know they’ll make it back some other ways. They know how to sacrafice before gaining. The gain they get is player’s committment, championship titles, a successful reputation, and the money is the bonus. All NBA owners need to learn that

  77. jawoparin says:

    so A.I. was sent to the nuggets..hmm..reminds of another A.I. from the sixers years ago, who was also sent to the nuggets…A.I. version 2.0. =)

  78. DwightLaker says:

    hey lbj! i’m callin’ you out! what happened to your “Howard will go to the heat for haslem, anthony and future draft picks”? where are you now? no comment lbj? I have one for you, now that Howard is with the lakers, you can go and sit on it.

  79. Dan says:

    If it’s better for all the “stars” to be in 3 markets then the NBA should adjust accordingly. They had a chance to either go the way of football and even out the playing field or go the way of baseball and make 80% of the teams irrelevant. It looks as though they choose the easy way of baseball and the media love it. It’s hard to cover parity becaus the easy story isn’t there as much. I think it was a bad decision though because the NFL seems to be kickin baseball and basketballs butt – largely due to being strong in all of their markets…

  80. fonzy says:

    and all of a sudden spurs is the NBA champs. will dwight cries again?

  81. Karlo Garcia says:

    I’m glad for Dwight Howard that this drama is over with. All that matters is that he’s HAPPY ABOUT PLAYING BASKETBALL AGAIN!

  82. wobie says:

    it’s LA Laker’s show now…It’s very much unfair now. Miami should and must lure Carmelo Anthony so it matches now with the all powerful Lakers.. With Anthony in Miami….damn, it’s show time for the best of the East vs the best of the West!

  83. Joseph_03 says:

    The Lakers will always be loved and hated because of their success in acquiring players and winning. The NBA will be boring if they rebuild every now and then like every other team in the league. This is good for the NBA as a whole. With the Lakers sharing income to the less fortunate teams then they should be thankful as well.

    Having D12 won’t guarantee them the championship, games are to still be played and it’s a long season.

  84. oli says:

    i think it’s funny everyone thinks the Dwightmare is over… it could very well be the same or worse in 10 months when he’ll be a free agent again…

  85. Roger Tornga says:

    As proven after The Decision, the games had to be played and Miami did not BUY rings the first year. Lebron had to totally change his attitude, concentration, and inside game before they made it happen the next year. It was a pleasure to watch his maturation. Now he’s a leader in the Olympics and an amazingly intelligent player to watch. He worked hard and I was a detractor for many years. Kudos to him. New teams will take the same kind of effort. Sure the acquisition of star players is a big advantage, but now the two top teams from last year have to face a new script at their level and it will be enjoyable to watch the drama. Do I like Stern? No, I wish he was gone. Does the NBA still have a great product? Yes and I’ll bet their rating will reflect it 12 months from now.

  86. Royt says:

    Whoever wins, as a fan of basketball, i want more spectacular highlights. rocks!

  87. Nuno Santana says:

    “But it might be good for business overall. Strong anchor franchises in L.A., New York, Boston, Chicago and a few other markets seem to keep interest, ratings and souvenir sales high.”

    What about OKC? Small market, young team and definitely one of the most popular teams at the moment. Orlando was also one of the most popular teams in the league when Shaq and Penny were there. Chicago (despite being a big market) was nothing before Jordan. What people like is players; superstars that can excite them. And good teams that play an exciting style of basketball and play to win.

    Sure, it can be important that the teams in the big markets are strong; they usually have a bigger loyal fanbase. But in terms of worldwide marketability i don’t think it really matters where the teams are from; it only matters that they have a superstar and play for the title.

  88. Fefe (Nets) says:

    It’s just boring.

  89. Jason says:

    Love the new CBA…. The only way to keep stars from running away from small/mid markets is to regulate endorsement deals. Until then superstars in small/mid markets will have agents do everything in their power to push the star to a large market.

  90. BN says:

    I like that line of “the freedom NBA players enjoy between contracts to choose their place of employment and residence”. I think that is really significant. Being a NBA player is a job. A highly paid job. Think about it. In your career if you want to move city to work for a different company, you have every right to, even if the people at your work place love you and you are the star employee their. It is your life so you get to choose who you work with and where that place of work is. What do we want. To force NBA players to stay in the one city for the entire career. How would that be if the first place we got employeed out of college was the was we were forced to work at for the next 20 years, no choice of change.

  91. Zac says:

    Lakers stay Healthy: Lakers win championship
    Lakers suffer from injuries: Heat win championship

  92. nath says:

    wow…super loopsided trade ever..damn..big markets will play again for the nba title..i hope someday that teams like golden state, memphis, atlanta, and other different teams will play for the nba title and win the championship

  93. Three-peat says:

    Wow…hope this doesn’t go down like the time when Karl Malone and Gary Payton joined the Lakers. I hope Mr. Bryant will be a true leader and think what’s the best for the team (teamwork-wise).

  94. spurs fan says:

    watching nba now is like you play nbalive or 2k.. 🙂

  95. KRStwo says:


  96. spurs fan says:

    the true champion is earning not well respect to Michael Jordan,Tim Duncan,Dirk Nowitski not to mention Steve Nash even he dont have a ring he’s already a champ in phoenix..they all really a true champ they have a heart of a champion

  97. KRStwo says:


  98. Greg says:

    I’m also done with the NBA (or WWE). The league is about entertainment, not competition. Competitive balance my…

  99. Atom Jazer says:

    1996: SHAQ left florida and hit the hollywood resulting a 3peat.
    2012: Another big fella from florida (Dwight Howard) hit the hollywood once again,
    resulting a DEJAVU! eyeing for a 3peat again! and shattering lebron’s dream of winning multiple championships!

  100. obzcura says:

    We are furious of all what’s happening but at the end of the day we’ll just end up watching NBA…

  101. rob says:

    watching the nba is pointless. you can easily predict who going to win before the season even starts. rigged…

    • A says:

      maybe you know who wins, but then it is the job of a good journalist to point out every interesting story, which in NBA probably means, knee injury, Lamar Odom is crazy, etc…
      like wrestling, rigged, but people like hearing the wrestlers yell at each other, spin the drama, soap operas for males, etc…
      this is more or less the NBA?
      with players of this talent level, a consistent performance or an inconsistent performance, can be expected, so that you can look and see who has a chance to win, who does not
      but what makes it entertaining, is everything but the box scores
      on one level, the NBA is entertainment, is wrestling basically, is talk, usually the announcers, journalists, etc… although now we have twitter so the players are talking too
      on another level, basketball is an art form or a discipline if you will, and the NBA is by far the best basketball you will see as far as players’ physical command of the game

      but if what you want is SPORT, then the NCAA might be the best bet. pretty good basketball, especially in March, a lot less “entertainment” and ego distracting from the hoops

    • to rob says:

      So make a fortune in betting if you already know the winner. Dont wine, go for it!

      • Greg says:

        Since the odds are higher for the obvious stacked rosters, how can you make a fortune? You make money betting on long-shots.

    • Peter says:

      Agreed…it is pretty rediculous. I’m seriously over the concept of two teams having 8 all stars between them…I really hope LA fail miserably, but they won’t. Unlike Miami’s collaboration the LA one now is well thought out, and those four guys (Nash, Kobe, Gasol, Howard) all complement each others’ games perfectly.

      LA are guaranteed to be a dominant force and defiantely have the best lineup in the NBA right now – it makes Miami’s big 3 look look a high school team.

    • Steven says:

      I bet you also predicted that Dallas would win it all, and not the Heat when LBJ Wade and Bosh joined up. Since its clearly “easily predict” as you say.

  102. Michale says:

    I am fed up with players now in days wanting to buy rings instead of earning them. The NBA is so screwed. Role players like Jeremy Lin earning big paychecks and taking up cap space, superstar players like LBJ, Bosh, and Dwight Howard buying rings instead of earning them like Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan have done. I am seriously done w/the NBA. Not fair that the Lakers always get what they want. Seriously does David Stern force these teams to make these ridiculous trades (ie. Gasol to the Lakers in 09, and now Howard to the Lakers).

    The NBA is garbage now. Go to hell David Stern!

    • Jhah says:

      You mean how the bulls drafted, rodman, the celtics drafted parish, the lakers drafted Shaq? Common stars want to play with stars, and gms want to put the best teams on the court, and the commissioner wants the league to make all the money. It’s what has made basketball as big as it is now. And it happens in every sport and always has. The only thing now is we have two teams that compete with the heat, rather than an under performing lakeshow.

    • Crazyawper says:

      Theres nothing David Stern can do to stop this deal. If both teams agree upon the deal then theres nothing they can do. Only reason why CP3 deal was called off was because Hornets complained. They’ve already raised the luxury tax to expensive players to force teams to back down on super star built teams, but apparently lakers are too rich to care.

      • joe says:

        that, an the NBA, a la Stern, owned the Hornets at the time. they were prepping the team to be sold, so if they were going to lose the franchise player they were going to at least get a better deal back

    • Best Advice says:

      how about LBJ and CB to HEAT? if you want to talk about which team started to MEGA BIG 3

      • Basketball Junkie....I need a fix says:

        My friend you are confused……Lebron and Bosh going to the Heat isn’t what started teams forming Big 3’s… had been done prior to them joing up…..they just followed suit.

      • cornell says:

        Malone, Payton joined Shaq and Kobe years ago…..

  103. Alan Hollway says:

    Here we go again the Lakers buy a NBA championship which they surely will do with Howard and Nash. The small markets playing for second fiddle. The efforts of Oaklahoma and particularly the San Antonio Spurs must really be applauded. The Spurs have been a constant finalist since 1998 won 4 championships and numerous Western Conference Finals the last 7 years without a real centre or back up to Tim Duncan. To Lakers fans out there, if San Antonio got Dwight Howard the championship would already be inked with the Lakers it all depends upon fragile egos.Question how is Metta World Peace going to handle the new roster?

    • Leo says:

      Just coz your Spurs decided to stick with their oldies does not mean they are above everybody else morally. I still remember when they “rigged” to do terribly in the season before they drafted Duncan so that they have a good chance of getting the #1 pick. Everybody says Spurs is a small market, yet they spend so much to retain Manu, Tony and Timmie. They are a small market with a big spending power. The NBA is a business after all is said and done. You have to spend money to get best result. If you think the Spurs and the Thunders do not, then you are terribly mistaken. It is not the fault of the Lakers, Knicks, Celtics and Heat if they spend money and risk paying huge amount of taxes to make their teams better. Other owners can do the same, unfortunately, they do not and yet expect their teams to perform up to par with teams with superstars.

  104. Dictator says:

    Lakers are team to beat now… cant wait to see them play… with nash to howard …. #GoLakers

    • uoykcuf says:

      They said that when Malone and Payton joined the lakers, look where they got to.
      With that said, i am glad this Drama is finally over, Anyone think Dwight Coward do worse than Lebronze in their free agent Frenzy?

      • Shady says:

        Back in 2004 Kobe and Shaq were beefin’.So don’t think they’ll end up like that again, my dude.

      • Dyon003 says:

        They got to the Finals…pretty damn good if u ask me.

        And yea, if Kobe and Shaq werent beefin, and Shaq wasnt out of shape and put more dedication, Lakers beat Detroit that year….

    • Laker Nation says:

      Nash to Kobe to Howard #Unstoppable

  105. cefri anthony says:

    hope the lakers will continue to chase on the energy guy, leandro barbosa. it will be a big boost to the bench, especially now they have antawn jamison, jordan hill, steve blake and chris duhon.

    • LakeShow4Life says:

      Barbosa would certainly provide the spark off the bench but Jamison will score either way and Hill is a solid, young big who reboounds well and finsihes around the rim. Can’t ask for much more from your backup pf/c. Although I would like to see him block more shots. Don’t think they go after Barbosa after signing Jodie Meeks to be the gunner of the bench and add 3 point shooting.

  106. Troy says:

    I just want verification: Lakers gave up Bynum and a future draft pick for Howard, Dohon and one other. is this true?
    I am in China so we only get bits and pieces here and from what I can see is this. So Bynum is such a great player? I hope for the 76’s he is as good as that but I haven’t seen it so far in his career.

    HOW did they get Jodie Meeks as well. They have a much better bench this year then in the past few years. The second team is now going to have a much better resolve.

  107. Dennis says:

    don’t know if anyone else agrees, but the Nuggets got a bad deal out of all of this. I mean, AI is a great player, but the other teams in this deal got a bit more then Denver. The Nuggets should have acquired a bit more. But I believe there gonna be a great team as long as they have George Karl as the coach. Its gonna be an interesting year for the NBA…

    • uoykcuf says:

      They get rid of two bad contract. I think they did well, not great but close enough. A.I. will be huge in Denver, I am a little concern with their offense but hey as long as “Pierre” is there. Everything will be fine, right?.

    • LakeShow4Life says:

      I disagree. Iggy is an upgrade over afflalo. He is a better defender and all around player and fits well in a rotation with a ton of interchangeable pieces at the sg/sf position on that roster.

    • LakeShow says:

      completely disagreed. how much more do u think they should of acquired? nuggets already have a deep team without any all star. by getting rid of 2 bad contracts and acquiring an all-around all-star/olympian in iggy is a big upgrade. to put it into basic logic, they gave up their 5th and 8th best players to get the 76ers best player(who will now be the best all-around player on the Nuggets). Great move Denver! They will be a team to be reckoned with this season

  108. Aaron says:

    dwight howard could go down as the next bill russel with a stacked team like the current lakers

    • beans says:

      dude Howard will never come close to the number of rings that Bill Russell has…. no body will at all… Howard is probably better than Russell because he is more dominant offensively. Bill Russell was know for his defense. Russell was not a Chamberlain or Jabbar type center

      • Peter says:

        Russell also approached the game differently. He was more of a team player and had his team in mind more than setting up individual stats. Some feel Russell could be the greatest player of all time. Howard has still to prove himself.

  109. Matown2 says:

    The Celtics have started a phenomenon with all these super teams 1st KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce decide to come together with the Boston Celtics and they win a championship, then Paul Gasol and Ron Artest come together with the Hollywood Lakers and they win multiple championships, then D-Wade, LBJ and Chris Bosh come together and win a championship now Ray Allen for the Miami Heat, then Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudamarie and now Jason Kidd for the NY Knicks, then Chris Paul, Chauncy Billups and Blake Griffin for the LA Clippers, then Deron Williams and Joe Johnson join up with the Brooklyn Nets, now Steve Nash and Dwight Howard come together with the LA Lakers. Fans, owners and players gonna have to accept the fact that the NBA is changin for the better in my opinion, its about winning championships and if it takes for superstar players to team up with other superstars to try and achieve the ultimate goal then so be it, Im not mad at all.

    • Matt says:

      Well said man

      • Mike says:

        dude please dont mix up others with Miami, most of those teams(like Celtics and Lakers) acquired those mentioned players via trades, players didnt make deals on their own.. while on the other hand Miami’s Wade made a “behind-a-stage” move with Lebron and Bosh during free agency for them to join Miami for nothing, I think there is big difference, one is the job of management, the other of players stacking up, but dont mix it

    • DC says:

      Yep. And its funny that ppl say they have a problem with this when this was done the same way years ago. There were teams with 3 or more all star to superstars in their lineups. Having super powered teams clash is way more interesting than having teams with just one superstar play each other. Its because you have no idea who’s gonna win because of the matchups between lineups. Honestly i feel that we have more teams that have this type of talent on one team than they had back then. The eastern conference is rising making that conference more evened out finally.

    • Dave says:

      The draft also helped Aka Lakers …Magic,Worthy,Cooper..with Scott and Kareem and wilkes from trades… Celtics draft Bird & Mchale trade for D.J and Robert Parrish and Ainge..Dynasty…

      • Greg says:

        Um, Dave – the Lakers didn’t draft Kareem. They screwed the Milwaukee Bucks the same way they screwed the Orlando Magic. Why teams bend over for the Lakers I’ll never understand. But, unfortunately they do. Might as well just have a five or six team league, because the other markets just don’t have a chance.

    • cornell says:

      This phenomenon started way before the celtics…..rememer Karl Malone and gary Payton join Kobe & Shaq? everyone was ready to crown my Lakers until the Pistons demolished them

    • artifex says:

      Because hating the Lakers is totally neutral – at least in Boston, ha ha!

  110. neutral ground says:

    i don’t hate the players and i don’t hate the game but i do hate the lekers.

  111. Relevancy says:

    At least on the Lakers, Howard’s ego should be kept in check, both by the bigger, more deserved ego of Kobe and then by the sportsmanship and leadership of Nash. If Howard can be a mature contributor next season, it should be fun to watch a clash between the Lakers and Miami in the championship.

  112. Roy says:

    Wow! Bynum an NBA champion traded in exchange of Howard a childish Bum. 2012 -2013 NBA season Kobe’s old knee would be a big problem. Way to go Lakers.

    • Leo says:

      Bynum was an NBA champion technically, but in real terms, he isn’t because he won those rings while sitting on the bench most of the time when they played in those championship games. I really don;t care whether the Lakers have Bynum or Howard…they are both good centers, though I give Howard a bigger edge. If you have been watching the NBA, Bynum has been an immature player himself. He thinks he should be the focal point of the Lakers offense and when Brown tries to ground him for his immaturity on the court, he sulks and shows everybody how “big” a star he is. So it was nothing but an equalizer for both…two good big men with maturity issues.

  113. Mike_D says:

    At the end, no matter how good OKC or Hornets or Houston etc…are, they won’t attract viewers like LAKERS, BOSTON, MIAMI. It”s all about showtime.,,,,,

  114. Travis says:

    Very true the NBA might as well take on the MLB model!

  115. Capt. Mac says:

    I agree that Stern allowed this deal because it’s the Lakers. They always get what they want when the league doesn’t run the Hornets.
    This deal shoulda been nixed as well.
    Raise your hand if you think the Magic got fair value in return.

    • MARK_G says:

      **hands in my pocket**

    • LakeShow4Life says:

      Who cares if you think the deal was fair. Nobody made Hennigan (Orlando GM) approve this deal. He must have felt it was the best he could have done. Stern didn’t allow it and couldn’t kill this deal if he wanted to. He doesn’t run the Magic and the Lakers getting DH12 is simply compensation for being screwed when he killed the CP3 deal last year.

    • LAKERS 4EVA!! says:

      On what basis should this deal have been nixed? Because you don’t like a team that aggresively spends to put the best possible product on the court? The commish does not have overall veto powers on trades, provided the deal is agreed upon by all parties and conforms to the rules of the CBA, then the commish has no say in the matter. He only nixed the CP3 trade as he was the “owner” of the Hornets at the time.

      The Lakers have always worked within the confines of the rules, the CBA, etc. Any team can CHOOSE to spend like the Lakers, as the league has a soft cap. There are financial penalties sure, but the Lakers obviously feel they are able to make these payments. And when you think about it, at the end of the day, the Lakers traded away the 2nd best centre in the league, who was on the last year of his deal, set to earn approx. $17 million, for the best centre in the league, also on the last year of his deal, and also set to earn around $17 million. Seems like a fair trade to me, given that Orlando had to trade Dwight (or lose him for nothing). Its no ones fault but Orlando’s that they made a choice not to take on Bynum, or seek better players in the deal. Don’t hate on the lakers, they are just working within the confines of the rules…

    • Lol says:

      An id iot who knows nothing about NBA just commented… sigh!


    • sirsparhawk says:

      Stern cant stop the deal. He was only able to stop pauls deal because he owned the hornets.

    • Danny5424 says:

      Magic got a bunch of old or out of prime players plus a decent rookie and draft picks……idk i would rather have DWIGHT! They should have gotten more but Magic deserved their failure in this trade

  116. 16going417 says:

    LOL you are so right Mr. Aschburner. I’m one of those guys who was constantly complaining about the Dwight drama and was asking to stop talking about Howard until a deal was done.

    Now that a deal is done I find myself wondering if Howard will be better for LAL than Bynum. However, as a Lakers fan I find myself smiling and abuzz as you say.

    The new CBA might not have worked out as you had hoped, but in the end, there is a way around everything if you want it bad enough. And the Lakers always seem to find a way to get what they want or need.

    So……as they say……Don’t hate the player, hate the game LOL.

    • Imad Akel says:

      The Heat, The Thunder, and The Lakers are now in a league of their own. Any other team that emerges among these 3 will be an underdog (and everyone loves a good underdog story).

      This is good for fans and haters alike.

      • Matt says:

        Celtics.. Rondo for MVP this season!

      • Peter says:

        Yeah, becuase OKC got smashed by a Miami team that barely beat Boston…

      • Peter says:

        The only team that looks in a ‘league of their own’ right now is LA. Miami are still yet to beat a healthy Boston team, and OKC are still yet to prove they are even close to championship ready.

      • nonbiased fan says:

        NYK is a good team too but them working as a unit still has to be seen. hopefully they can be one of the elites this year

      • Ben says:

        Peter – Trading one all star centre for another and bringing in a 38 year old PG doesn’t suddenly take the lakers from losing 4-1 to the very OKC team you were rubbishing to suddenly being better in a ‘league of their own’ with no room for the Miami team that beat that same OKC team 4-1. Take off your eyepatch. They haven’t even played a game together yet!

      • BoyfromOz says:

        Peter Peter the Thunder eater, you can’t deny that Miami shot much better and played much better against OKC then against Boston my friend.

      • lakersfan says:

        Is not in that order, is the Lakers , the lakers the Lakers and the Heats and OKC get it right.!!!!!!!

      • KD says:

        I’m a Lakers fan, but one team to watch out for is the Celtics. Jeff Green will be healthy and the 2 players they “Stole” in the draft Jared Sullinger (who was rated #2 overall until he got injured) and Fab Melo gives them more depth then Lakers, OKC and Miami….. These 3 players will be a dominating frontcourt after garnett and peirce retire.

      • Perry says:

        Miami barely beat Boston with Bosh missing games because of injury. He was healthy and a big part of their finals series against OKC.

      • atatna says:

        rondo mvp? I don’t think so matt…and fyi peter miami was not a 100% healthy either ( bosh, miller and wade). it’s part of the game don’t make any excuses.

      • BostonVsMiami says:

        Miami won against a Boston team that was missing Jeff Green for the entire year (because of an ailing heart issue OKC decided not to share with Boston) an injured Avery Bradley, an injured Ray Allen, and having biased referees in favour of Miami throughout the entire playoffs.
        I agree LeBron had an amazing game 6/7 to that series but if the referees were impartial, then Miami would not have played a game 6.

    • Best Advice says:

      How did the Lakers end up with all the best big men in the NBA? Because they’re a smart team with a smart managment team! They know how to treat their players, how to make them happy, and ultimately that’s what the players want. That’s what everybody want for their career. A player like LBJ and DH wouldn’t repeatedly ask to leave a franchise unless they’re fed up with the way the franchise run their business. Both LBJ and DH had put in enough NBA years to keep up with the term “Loyalty” with the team, franchise, and the city. But the Franchise obviously didn’t care about the city and the fans, so they didn’t put in the effort to build the team around the best player to make them happy and to keep them around. The Lakers know how to do that. That’s why they won multiple championships. That’s how they keep their players happy.

      Btw…How does the Yankees give the NBA a bad image? Does AschBurner know what sport the Yankees play?

      • T-rob says:

        has anyone noticed d12 got skinnier??seems like he lost 10 or 15 pounds,(check the pic on main page the one he is wearin laker’s jer)thats not the good sign for him however i wish the best for him.i really didnt like lakers but now i just watch their games cuz of their roster.thumbs up if lakers r goona win the titile

      • Laker for life says:

        Guess someone didnt watch/listen to the DH press conference ….DH didnt lose any weight!!!

    • DropinKnowledge says:

      What in the world are you Celtics fans talking about? I know that as a fan you always try to see the best in your team..But come on!! Ray allan is gone, KG will be obsolete next year. Rondo is the only thing you guys have going for you, HE IS A STUD! But not enough to get past Miami or Chicago, and tough against the Knicks, Pacers, and 76ers. they are done. Miami is going to be very hard to beat next year, I dislike Lebron with every bone in my body…But he is playing on a whole nother level right now. OKC will be better next year, after playing in the olypics Durant is going to be even harder to defend this year. That brings us to L.A. WOW!!! im pretty sure what they did this off season should be considered illegal, but its not. They have 5 starting allstars and the bench got better. If they can learn how to to play off Nash…they have the next 2 championships in the bag…If Howard resigns.

      • MHM 35 says:

        i think KG will continue to prove he’s not obsolete but nonetheless with no sharpshooter Boston’s gonna have a hard time getting past opponents.

        I am excited for the Lakeshow

      • DropinKnowledge says:

        I admit i did get a lil carried away about KG, he is still one of the better players at his position in the league, but hes not going to give the celtic fans what they are expecting this year.