Lack Of Trust In Bynum Led Lakers To Pull Trigger On Howard Deal

HANG TIME WEST COAST BUREAU — This much is clear Thursday night as the Dwight Howard saga heads toward an exhausting conclusion: The Lakers cannot trust Andrew Bynum.

Too many moments of professional and personal immaturity for someone seven seasons into an NBA career. Too many reasons to be worried about the thought of Bynum as The Face of the franchise in a few years as Kobe Bryant heads into retirement. One too many a squirrely 3-pointer in Oakland and shrugging off the suggestion he took a foolish shot. One too many playoff no-shows in Denver, when entire Lakers seasons are measured by the playoffs.

That has to be it. Howard is the best center in the league, which makes him an upgrade at the position for the Lakers, but Bynum is not that far behind and gaining all the time. Howard is the better defender, Bynum better on offense.

Howard is coming off back surgery, while Bynum, for his long history of medical issues, played 72 of a possible 78 games in the regular season and playoffs last season. Age isn’t an issue — Howard is 27 while Bynum turns 25 on Oct. 27, three days before the Lakers’ season opener. Both are in line for huge contracts, after waiting to become free agents next summer rather than sign extensions now for less money as non-free agents.

That’s not where the difference lies between the two players that makes the Lakers go back on what had been unbending support for Bynum — certainly not after he just put up 18.7 points, 11.8 rebounds and shot 55.8 percent from the field. They don’t make this deal at this time, with Howard yet to play a game after a delicate medical procedure, unless there is a lack of confidence in where Bynum is headed.

For the longest time, after all, trading Bynum was not even an option. Bryant killed Bynum years ago, absolutely held him up for target practice, screaming for the Lakers to deal the young center, and the front office would not budge. An unproven Bynum would not be offered for Jason Kidd to make Kobe happy. Management sent similar signals ever since: Bynum would not be available for a Chris Paul trade. Bynum would not be available for a Dwight Howard trade. Bynum would not be available, period.

What changed, obviously, is that Bynum did not. They won championships with little contribution as he worked back from injuries, but then, as he turned into a gifted 7-foot, 285-pounder, he remained undependable. He should have stepped on the Nuggets in what should have been a four-game sweep (or 4-1 at the worst).

The real perspective?

By August 2012, Howard was the trustworthy one.


No matter how much Howard botched his Orlando exit, and it was, to be sure, historically bad, there was never a doubt about his level of play. He will protect the rim and rebound with a passion. The Lakers’ problem with their new point guard, Steve Nash, who can easily get beaten off the dribble? It just got smaller.

The Lakers won’t need Howard to be the 20-point scorer of the Orlando days. In Los Angeles, Howard can be the fourth-biggest threat on offense, after Bryant, Nash and Pau Gasol. Which, come to think of it, is pretty good perspective as well.

Giving up Bynum hurts and will be a crusher if Howard’s back problems remain, but for now this is close to a dream outcome of an offseason for the Lakers. Have no serious cap space but get Nash in a sign-and-trade without losing any existing players, a particularly important development for a roster already lacking depth. Get Howard, the best center in the world when healthy. But without, according to reports of the deal that will be completed Friday morning, taking back any of the bad Orlando contracts. And without losing Gasol in any deal.

What a summer. What a moment. All because they need an All-Star center they can trust.


  1. aupy says:

    Go nash! Get that ring!

  2. NBALOVER123 says:

    How dare you guys disrespect miami heat and lebron james like that. saying there going to get smash without a big man.

    How dare you!!!!!. Have you forgot what james and wade did to roy hibbert, Kevin garnet, serge ibaka and kendrick perkins!!!

    and you think a team with no chemistry?? its gonna wipe them off the floor. especially when Dwight Howard has a bad back an has not been playing his bast basketball in about 2 years. How dare you!!!

    Wade and Chris was injured last season. They are coming back at 100% This year. And you guys have the nerve to think there gonna get smash in the finals after already winning a ring together??? I’m sorry I just can’t see the lakers winning. in tell a team can stop James and wade driving to the basket and ditching it to the open 3 I can’t see them being beat. especially when Lebron is playing his bast basketball the nba has ever seen.

    Real Talk this is coming from a Heat fan. I’m glad the lakers picked up Howard. But in tell I see a team expose the heat or Lebron James goes down with a injury. Then i can’t see them losing again.

    Also how dare you guys thinking OKC gonna go down easy by the Lakers that’s just wishful thinking.

    in my honest opinion it will be OKC vs Heat again or Lakers vs Heat finals.

    OKC vs Mimai (heat in 5 games)
    Lakers vs Heat (heat in 6)

    If lebron goes down the other team has a chance of winning. That’s the only way i can see it.

  3. Lakers, Fakers? says:

    All these comments are hilarious! I almost wet myself when I heard about this trade! Go NBA!

  4. Bynum is ready to become a leader.After 7 years he should have learned how to be humble and let his game talk for him. Wish the best of luck to him.

  5. unkwown says:

    lakers are going to win ch

  6. MasterPiece says:

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh i would like to see Lakers vs Celtics again in the finals it would be a tough game 😀

  7. J-Short says:

    I think if healthy this Laker team can make it to atleast the WCF, from there who knows. I believe that the bench still needs more fire power our weekness is still the 3 postion if you ask me and I heard that we are signing Meeks from PHI but i have not seen official website validation yet. Either way this year will be interesing I think the first month and a half the Lakeshow will have an adjustment period and then either close to all star break or right after pick up steam.

  8. LA for life says:

    u None laker Fans are pathetic. thinking the guy is not ganna sign and his ganna walk and all that. So u think mitch cupcheck is capable of pulling off a huge deal like this but his not capable of keeping a superstar happy u guys r just idiots. plus name me a single superstar that walked on lakers. NONE CUZ WE TALKED BUSINESS DOWN HERE OHHH YEA N WE PILE UP THOSE RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LAKERS FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. madrid311 says:

    why is no one really talking about howards back injury and what it really means?

  10. bestkillua says:

    For all Lakers/Kobe Haters out there…get real…your team will be crush so stand aside Lakers will be the team to beat this year. THANKS good riddance to BYNUM and bring your immature ego with you.Now Lakers-sign BARBOSA now!! Rings are coming to HOLLYWOOD baby…oh yeahh..

  11. webmarjinal says:

    400 ytl den başlayan fiyatlarla bir web sitesi sahibi olun !!!

  12. Niels 12 says:

    Yea! Back to back to back to back to back …..

  13. kevin espinoza diehardkobefan!! says:

    all you people cant u see, cant u see.. lakers will win 5 consecutive championships!! i’v seen the future guys.. trust me!!

  14. danito says:

    wow lakers are loaded hell yeah. nash kobe, jamison, pau, howard. not big two not big 3 . we got big 5

  15. Aditya says:

    California was good. I had a good time with my cousins. Some of my cousins and my Grand mother and grand father are coming to my house soon to stay with us. What have you been doing this summer. Usa basketball first exibitions game was couple or few weeks back.. I watched that. The olympics begins soon. I am watching that. . Looking forward to school and the Nba season and maybe nba pre season. I watch every Lakers game.maybe nfl season I look forward too. Lakers better play Championship basketball the coming season and playoffs or I will get very very very very very very very disapponted. i cheer loudly and celebrate when they win and play Championship basketball.. The espys was on wednesday I am watching that. Look forward to seeing you soon. On Thusday my dad ordered the Steve Nashes jersey. I am so so excited. I am so so so so so Steve Nash goes to the lakers. I hope lakers make more moves to improve the team. The Usa team play 1 more games before the olympics. I am watching that and the olympics. The lakers summer league began on friday. i have been watching that and i am still going to watch that. Only rookies and sophmores play in the lakers summer league.. From now on in Nba basketball i am only supporting the lakers. The lakers summer league got over last thursday. The olympics starts on Friday. I am watching most or all of the olympics. In the olympics the only sport that matter who wins or looses is basketball. I will get dissppointed if theyloose or is lossing but not extrememly disappointed when i do with the lakers. if they loose. I will cheer louldly and celebrate when they win or is winning. I will get up early or stay up all night for the the olympics. us basketball exibition got over yesterday. I watched the entire exibition. Now the Olympics and the Us basketball off to london for the olympics. Jamisons press conference and introducing him to the team was on wednesday or on thursday,. I am watching it I am extremely happy lakers got him. on thursday was the Nba and the lakers 2012–2013 schedule comes out. extremely excited. They are going to have a one hour show on Nba tv on it.

    2 seconds agoAditya Sriram

    in olympics also tennis is live online and tv and maybe some other sports.

    I get so disappointed when us basketball looses and loosing but not extremely disappointed when i get with the lakers. I cheer loudly when my sports teams win or winning or my player win or winning. I am a die hard lakers fan.
    I watch every usa basketball game and about lakers it tell you in my long story and the rest.

    I watch some most or all of the olympics and i hope you read all of my messages.. all of the olympics are live online and some sports are live online and tv. I am extremely excited lakers got Dwight Howard. I hope he produces 28 points and 17 rebouds and 7 blocks a game

  16. mister says:


  17. yhuan says:

    poor orlando magic…history repeats it self…remember shaq…

  18. killin it says:

    This trade has to be the dumbest move for the lakers, for these reasons;

    1. Bynum is far better offensively than DH, the magic swarmed the buy with 3 point shooters and he still could average good numbers, Bynum is a fifth option and puts dwitghtesque numbers at an increasing frequency.

    2. Howard might not resign, he has said it himself he wants to play in New Jersey.

    3. Lakers will have a hell of a job to do convincing Howard to take a pay cut… nuff said

  19. Good deal/bad deal ?? says:

    Bynum is soft but good in offense(freethrows) doesnt get much block only from the nuggets game but his healed on the other hand howard is strong in defense gets many blocks per game not much but can do good offense the problem is his injured but if he is already healed and can play like the games he played in orlando then the lakers had a good deal

  20. Pedro says:

    Mitch is THE man, hats off to him.

  21. bzr.btr says:

    It’s obvious why is this good for LA, Philly, Denver. But the hell is worthy for Magic? They could get quality players, but this way they don’t. They could get quality draft picks, but this way they don’t. They could get rid of bad contracts, this way they can’t. It1s like they push the self-destruct button. Cannot understand Magic logic. Maybe they want to have four straight 1/1 picks like in the 90s? Or they want to sell the team? Anyone idea why is this so good for Orlando that they accepted this instead of other known scenarios??

  22. Vlatko says:

    is this conversation really necessary?
    PG – Nash, SG Bryant, FW – Metta, FWC – Gasol, C – Howard
    …it looks like an ALL-STAR team that can get 1 or 2 rings TOGETHER

  23. Hope says:

    I Hope and I Pray D. Rose will go to Miami XD..

  24. Chris says:

    All the people saying that this team is the same team from 2004 are wrong. Karl Malone was in his 19th season well out of his prime and he sprained his ankle paying injured in the finals. Pau Gasol is better than 2004 Karl Malone. Gary Payton in 2004 is in some ways arguably better than Nash now (defense to name one), but he was in his 15th season past his prime.

  25. @lakerland says:

    all we talk about is players that want to win championships. thats what its all about now, all the excitement in the nba is based on the post season, thats what all the nba geeks look forward to, cuz you know its gonna be huge with teams dealing around players building super teams and what not. what happened to the good old days where teams stick and build chemistry to actually earn their championships? think about it, miami didnt win that championship, lebron and dwade did. this is retarded

  26. falalala says:

    I just can’t picture Kobe letting the team chemistry work out. Kobe’s just that kind of player he doesnt fit in to any offense well.

  27. tobi says:

    alot of people here forgot about OKC. it’ll be a tough game even w/ the LA’s big four

  28. kavan says:

    lakers got soooooooo lucky and magic got ripped off. if they want to trade howard why didnt they send him to the nets or rockets where they could have gotten better pakages

  29. jer says:

    I got an idea. Let’s LeBron, Bosh, Dwade, Carmelo, and Amare to the Lakers for Steve Blake. Blake can split half the season in NY and half in Miami. Best idea ever. The LA will have the new dream team in one city

  30. Go Celtics says:

    West. East
    1 lakers. 1 heat
    2 okc. 2 celtics
    3 spurs. 3 pacers
    4 clippers. 4 nets
    5 grizzlies 5 Bulls
    6 mavs. 6 76ers
    7 nuggets. 7 Knicks
    8 rockets go LIN!!!! Jk jazz. 8 hawks

    • NBA says:

      go back to your green cave dude….

      This Lakers team will NOT make it to the west final this season…. next season this team will be dismantle.

  31. Yeahokaylol says:

    Nets are in the best position right now because now instead of howard they can just go after bynum who is younger by trading to the 76ers what they would to the magic. Also people forget the Josh Smith wants out of Atlanta and the new gm is trying to relieve cap space so the nets can give brooks wallace and 2 1 st rd draft picks. Its time for the nets to go shopping because this is a golden opportunity. The 76ers wont want to risk losing everything they will have to settle with nets and the same with ATL

  32. i hearned that says:

    the butter is getting warm, la bron has been faked into the popcorn machine, nash makes everything fit, this has a nice ring to it…..better lay your future soon the odds are gonna change.

  33. leakybucket says:


  34. ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!! says:


  35. prime55 says:

    WOOO HOO Dwight Howard going to LA BABY!

  36. 16going417 says:

    LOL, all of you talking about championships before one game has even been played needs to look at history. Miami had a party before they even played one game and look at what happened to them. Also, the Lakers have been down this road before with 4 all star players. Did they win the championship that year? I don’t think so.

    It’s good to be happy about a trade or make comments about the loss of a player, but I would be careful when it comes to talking about or counting championships and you have not seen them play as a unit. You might be in for a disappointment once the season starts if there is no chemistry. I’ve said it before…… It takes MORE than pure talent to win an NBA championship.

    I wish the Lakers luck and I like the moves they made during the off season. I hope it translates to a successful season for them and I hope that equals a possible championship, but I’m not counting my chickens YET…….

  37. prime55 says:

    ok Dwight Howard is going to the lakers and Bynum goes to Philly now bynum and Dwight were about the same expect Dwight was more a defensive player they should have traded MWP for Dwight because MWP isn’t that that great even thought he is a 1 time all star

  38. E.Magic J. says:

    I´m a Lakers fan for more than 30 years, and always thought that Bryant is one of the best players ever. But the one thing that makes me think Lakers won´t be able to reach the finals or another championship is exactly Kobe Bryant. He´s becomming way too selfish, his defensive skills are gone, his FG% is gone and he should be retired right now. I´m just tired of seeing him dribbling the ball for about 20 seconds, no team play, just to see him loose the ball or toss it to the air in the final second. If you watch game 4 / Lakers x OKC, you´ll see that we lost that game because of Bryant selfishness on the last minutes. I know we´ve had some victories that way too, but nowadays… He managed to loss that game by himself, after an almost guaranteeded victory, doing it again and again. No more rings for the Lakers while Bryant is on that team. Or at least not until he changes his way to play the game to team play now that he´s old.

  39. mark de leon says:

    bynum get your talent in south beach

  40. Kobeng-Burat says:

    You guys are funny Lol… You think lakers gonna win instantly??? Okc is far more dangerous than lakers… Okc have their chemistry signed already… All they need is experience…. And still they are the team to beat in the west… So does in the east.Maybe if kobe was 7 years younger…. D12 is not 100% and still need to work on his healing period… Besides that can he really sign a contract extension???? They may as well lose him after 1 season…. Who can give dwight the biggest pay check… sounds like Nets Mavs or Rocket but definitely not the lakers….Okc and Clippers are way more elite than lakers….

    kobe won’t win his 6th ring… I bet all my money on that!!!!

  41. LA...Buys championships says:

    I hope Dwight Howards gets a elbow to the back and is out the whole season again. Screww the lakers, all they know is how to cheat to win championships. MOST BORING OVER RATED TEAM IN NBA.

  42. Lakerland says:

    It is a very excited day for the Lakers and the 76ers. But the Lakers still has Gasol on the trading table and I think the Lakers is looking for a younger, talented power forward. Minnesota and kevin Love is running out of patience and they want to win it now. If they can not win more games til jan 15. 2013, you will see kelvin Love will ask to be traded. Minnesota wants Gasol to team up with his country pg. teammate .The Lakers can package Gasol with Jordan Hills for Kevin Love after jan. 15 2013. If that happens, the Lakers will sweep every teams on the way to the final.

  43. ontifex says:

    miami and okc afraid? r u kiddin me dude, a good team want to play against a good team, and this will be. now la have a super team like miami and okc, when they lose i don’t wanna hear you La fans crying again. like past season: “its was cuz they have a all star team” . lets see now

  44. PACERSFAN says:

    Not wanting these two in the finals, Time for my pay no attention to those men behind the curtain Pacers to rise up out of the east. However I am looking forward to seeing Slyami and Fakers go at it during the season!! See which team gets the ROYAL treatment more than the other, then see who is the first to cry about it..

  45. Rebecca King says:

    Some are making comments on Bynum’s quote on “I don’t care where I play” or “there’s a bank in every city”. OK let’s back up here Bynum has had his head on the block for the last four years and intensely the last two years. Wow even the teams star player has said get rid of him. But he plays on. Some may say unevenly dealing with injuries and a trade mantra playing in your head no matter how hard you play. I wonder how effectively you could work at your jobs if your boss was constantly threatening you with being fired on a daily basis for four years. Andrew isn’t stupid, Howard went to L.A. for surgery in March because that’s where he planned on playing from the very beginning. All this Brooklyn Nets mess was just a dog and pony show for gullible NBA fans. Van Gundy was just trying to warn us of the real Dwight Howard not to be trusted. On the other hand Bynum’s agent David Lee probably broke a confidence when he stated that after everything that Bynum has been thru with the Lakers. Andrew has never not even in the Alaska wilderness fishing,
    has Bynum ever said anything derogatory about the Lakers organization. I don’t think you could everr count that kind of character from Howard. Whats done is done. I was sad when I heard that L. A. let Bynum go but to hear that he was coming to my hometown Philly I can’t wait to see the “Beast of the East”.

  46. DwightOffense? says:

    Now that Dwight is coming to LA, will his offensive game grow with the work he could be putting in with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? Could he add the sky hook by any chance. He worked with Patrick Ewing in Orlando, was on the best offensive centers in NBA history, but will having the chance of working with “Cap” truly make Dwight a two way center?

  47. Goodzy says:

    i dont get it, Lebron is still criticized by people for going to miami but yet most of the LA fans now dont care about all how howard left olrando now hes on their team? and plus to all the people saying Lakers are going win a championship, it takes more than a good looking roster to get it done.

  48. Dumb Lakers fans.... says:

    First off I’m a HUGE Laker fan myself but all you fans screaming instant champion, 3 Peat, Laker vs Miami Final, just shut up already. As great as this roster looks on paper, there are a lot of questions going into next season. The largest one for me is DH’s health. Is his back ok? Will he be the same player after surgery? Will he STAY healthy? Next question is chemistry. How long before these team starts clicking on all cylinders? Then, let’s say they mesh well and Dwights back is great, the team has to stay healthy! Then we have to worry about the players ages. By no means will it be easy and OKC, Miami, San Antonio or anybody else is simply going to just step aside. Now that I got that off my chest, I’m super excited about next season. GO LAKERS!

    • Tyrone Lu says:

      True, look at what happen to Elton Brand, who strained his achilles tendon I recalled and he was never the same guy posted up 18-20 ppg. D12 may never be the defensive player of the year he once was. Lakers could lose out like Payton, Malone, Shaq, and KB in 2004 against the Pistons thanks to Billups and BW. Where did Payton, Walker, and all those veterans went to win their only ring? TAKING THEIR TALENTS TO SOUTH BEACH!!! Miami will burn them with a sweep (or 4-1 like the old Piston squad in 04). D12, Nash, KB, and Gasol? That is twice as terrible as the Mailman, Payton, Shaq who gets hacked, and KB. D12 is also a terrible free throw shooter like Shaq so everyone would be using hack-a-shaq since Don Nelson made the strategy. Lakers failed. But Bynum leaving was a good idea even though it would have been better if the Lakers can find a guy to help D12 out.

  49. Brian says:

    Lakers will Not make the finals and win many championships cause of many things, First, Dwight will not be 100% cause of his back, Kobe is getting old and bout to retire in 2 years (So many championships out the door..He will not get his 6th ring), Gasol IS too soft in the paint, and as for Nash he gonna retire as one of the best PGs without a ring. Great Team put together for L.A. Lakers? They will be just like the Payton, Malone, Kobe, Shaq big four who couldn’t win it and as to say Payton won his championship where? In south beach with the MIAMI HEAT! And you can’t take out the OKC THUNDER and call’m out til you beat the defending Western Conf. Champs. Other than that MIami Heat are still the best in the NBA especially with their great off season that will hand Allen his second ring and Lewis his first on a great team. Figure it out Peeps!

    • JoheikeMapa says:

      I hate lakers for acquiring back injured Howard and let go Bynum, this is stupid decision for Lakers management. Bynum is 100% sure on free throw while Howard is so poor on free throw line. Lakers can never reach to final this season, first round play off maybe….

  50. LAL says:

    Lakers still need three point shooters.

  51. daniel.b says:

    who needs chemistry when u got nash… all u need to do is pick n roll with pau and howard, throw in some lobs, and then when kobe is open sitting on the 3pt line past to him for the drainage

  52. #ihatedumcommentslol says:

    the only really 2 winners are the lakesr and the nuggets in this one. lakers get the best center in the league. bynum is very talented i give him that but hes not number 1. the nuggets got iggy wich is an upgrade from afflalo (even though i like afflalos game). not to mention they now have an allstar on the team and hes coming off the high of winning an olympic metal (yes the US is taking it). the 76ers did ok because they replaced elton brand but whos replacing iggy. no one on that roster can replace iggy and what he brings to the table not to mention they let williams walk. orlando on the other hand ended up with exactlly what they didnt want, NOTHING. i think huston and and the nets made way better deals then thie one thay got. the only thing i see them doing is cleaning house everyone but nelson should go. orlando must be the worse desition making team in the league that front office should go to.

  53. Why did they trade Andrew Bynum to get Dwight Howard?

    Its not of the trust issues Scott Howard-Copper. Come On

    the answer is simple based on a long term run night in and night out

    That Dwight Howard Runs Better Than Andrew Bynum.

    Question Yourself Who Runs Better?

  54. Paitian says:

    Nash,kobe,mwp.gasol.howard….the scariest line up in the nba right now…hill,jamison,blake.

  55. david says:

    oh wait so now ya people going from the heat bandwagon to the lakers saying there gonna win a title now like all ya did for the heat man nba are full of fans who just wanna be on there knee’s doing u know what saying championship for a season even starts

  56. Todd says:

    Bynum will be used better in Philly. History shows playing with Kobe is not an easy thing to do. Plus Bynum will grow up in time. He has better post moves than DH and can make free throws when it counts. The Lakers now have two players with a history of back problems, a point guard that is on the down side of his hall of fame career, a time bomb in World peace and a power forward that plays out of his all star position down low. Plus Kobe is not getting any younger. The first time things go south for DH in LA he will not sign the extension and the Lakers end up with nothing for Bynum. Anyone that thinks DH staying in LA is a given has not watched what he did in Orlando. He thinks of himself as a number one option on a championship team. That will not happen with Kobe on that team.

  57. Chilen says:

    Bynum is probably the most over-rated player in the league. Watch his stats drop off big time this year.

  58. Aaron says:

    All you people who keep saying that Miami can;t win now don;t watch the sport obviously, Miami is still better, But that doesn’t even matter. You still need to get to the finals to beat Miami, which LA won’t. LA still can’t get past the Thunder. So LA fans, don’t forget this. Miami is the Cahmpion until further notice. Y’all want it? Come and Try. Miami-OKC 2013 Finals rematch. My god Laker fans have to be either blind or uneducated about their sport.

  59. Zhelrene says:

    LAKERS?? huh!!! Only OKC can defeat them again and again.. Watch out for that!!

  60. LOL says:

    You all must be that DELUSIONAL to be saying that LA is gonna win next year. Everyone said that to Miami on their first season with the big three… And look what happened? Owned by non-athletic veteran team… It takes experience to achieve chemistry.. They won’t win it on their first year together.

  61. E-Dubbz says:

    We will leave it on the floor. It will also be good to see Dwight go deep in the playoffs and get mad, man up and show some competitive fiercness. He’ll get that from Kobe, Nash and MWP, can’t wait for the playoffs.

  62. THE KING OF B.BALL says:

    @ L.A FANS FCKR, i see the future of ur LA team, this done before hahahaha. KOBE SHAQ PAYTON MALONE then what happned? SWEET EXIT lol. if u beat OKC in the playoffs then we will see if the LA can beat the defending champ. we already know the answer. its never been good if u have 4 to 5 star players. CHEERS 🙂

  63. Nirms says:

    Personally, I didn’t want D12 going to the Lakers. He is a beast, but after that whole drama last season, and the possibility of him not signing an extension, it seems like the team would lose a center eventually. I’ve been a laker fan since 08, and after seeing last year’s “interesting” season and playoff run, I thought all we needed was a better bench and a point guard. We have a great point guard, but we need someone who can back him up on the bench (my opinion, leandro barbosa)/ As for the starting lineup, its AMAZING ON PAPER. It’ll take time to mesh together, just like the heat had troubles at the beginning and throughout the first season. But I can see them being ready for the playoffs and potentially becoming the BIGGEST threat to the Heat. But anything can happen in a season and the playoffs. It’ll depend on how healthy Kobe and Nash are, chemistry between the 4 superstars, and adding one or two pieces to the bench to help out Jamison.


  65. forkeeee says:

    THis trade trade isnt even official yet.

  66. digitioli says:

    When Bynum said at the end of the year “I don’t care where I play” that sealed the deal for him with the Lakers.
    If you can’t dedicate your heart and soul to being a Laker, you’ve got a problem and you’ve got to go.
    Collins might be just who he needs to grow up, but I doubt it. He just doesn’t have that competitive drive to excel every night, and I don’t think that’s teachable.
    Here’s Kobe’s real chance to prove he’s as great as he thinks he is – if he can he be a good teammate, this group can win.
    If not, this thing will implode.

  67. Travis says:

    As long as the Lakers don’t get rid of Pau they’re good Power forwards like Pau are rare. The addition of Dwight Howard makes the Lakers the team to beat in West!


  69. aa says:

    I hope Kobe will accept the thing that his scoring numbers will get down from now on, in order to win the NBA title.

  70. love it says:

    hope lala made a good dicision dhoward just back surgery the reason why orlando let him go for aflalo and 7if you ak me nuggets with iggy and phila with with bynum men my money is on bynum just need a good pg and back up and nuggets with this line up and iggy wow i am not hoping but lets see.

  71. Macintosh12 says:

    I am sort of sad to see iggy leave philly. He was such a great overall player for the team and the city, he could drive, shoot, and played amazing defense. Anyone remember when allen iverson and iggy played on the same sqaud? they called him AI 2, those were the days. Everyone saying philly just lucked out with getting bynum, trueee to some degree but everyones forgetting iggy had his best year in the league this past season and hes on the olympic squad, is bynum on that team? nope. Either way it will be interesting to see what happens to all four of these teams next season and I am glad to see all the DWAMA is finally over though

  72. islandBOY says:

    And the crowd cheers…HACK-A-Dwight!…HACK-A-Dwight!…HACK-A-Dwight!…HACK-A-Dwight!…HACK-A-Dwight!…HACK-A-Dwight!…HACK-A-Dwight!…HACK-A-Dwight!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAA..Lakers are Retarded.

    • Goodzy says:

      howard is know for his defence not his FT% and thats what the lakers want out of him

    • SmoothMM says:

      Still a better free throw shooter than Shaq… Plus, if he’s hacked that much, he’ll get the other team in foul trouble and gets the opportunity to take a bunch of shots that could fall in.

  73. TTKIN says:

    No one should undersell this deal anywhere, Philly, Denver and LA made out like bandits in this deal.

    As for Orlando…idk what the hell they were thinking.

  74. TTKIN says:

    We gave A TON in this deal. Howard better not screw this up.

    To the LA front office…thank you for this, at this very moment it seems great and I hope it endds up that way. BUT GO SIGN A SHOOTING GUARD TO BACKUP KOBE FOR GOD SAKE!

  75. Oliver says:

    I´m from Germany. And I can’t await to step up in the middle of the night to see this Lakers team. It will be great. Perhaps, they need two years to win the ring (like MIA), but they’ll win it.
    The Lakers management showed again, that there’s no better managed franchise all over (the world, time, sport).
    GREAT DEAL!!!!!!!

  76. Celtic fan says:

    dont sleep on the celtics alot of things can happen now and till the playoffs in april and the finals.
    already putting lakers vs heat in the finals is not a good idea. injuries can occur so we just have to see what happens now until june action speaks stronger than words. we shall see


  77. Goodzy says:

    do not care Dwight’s in LA. They haven’t really upgraded that position much it statistical terms. Nash is the key to the Lakers success or failure this season to me. plus if you cant win championships without your bench stepping up. this will be a fun season to watch

  78. Kobe Fan says:

    Haters gonna hate. too fragile, too old, too soft. It’s ok. as Mamba himself said, we need the critics. But the lakers definitely had an outstanding offseason, so beware.

  79. Kobe says:

    proven big man stealer haha.. wilt chamberlain, kreem-abdul jabbar, shaq, pau gasol and noww…. howard hahaha!



  81. Lakefan24 says:

    Haha looks like Kwame Brown aint gonna start in Philly….trolled

  82. Mino says:

    this reminds me of the karl malone and gary payton nonsense a long time ago…

  83. Kyle says:

    Okc is still the team in the west to beat. Remember gasol and Bynum subliminally blaming Kobe for not getting enough touches, that gets worse now with Howard. That was dwights main problem with the magic, he wanted to be the offensive focal point. Kobe told Howard he wud have to wait until Kobe retire to get touches. Kobe will not allow himself to avg less than 20ppg ever, even if that’s mean taking 35 shots a game. I love Kobe, but as good as he is, he is also poisonous to the team. 43% shooting for the season at 23 shots a game. Kobe is too set in his ways for this too work. I was skeptical of the Nash trade, but this is worse. For this too work,they need 2 maybe 3 years to mesh.

    I do hope for a lakers heat final, let the 2 best players of the decade duke it out once. Imagine stern licking his chops for that finals.

  84. momo says:

    Really, was there any surprise that Howard was going to LA?? C’mon the guy is in South California since a while now…lol But seriously once again this Lakers organization have proven they are a “win now” organization, as Kobe suggested on his interview after losing to OKC. He said it clear this organization would do what it takes to bring the team back to its contender position. And here it is pulling on Nash and Howard. For anyone who doubts this can make this team better wait and see at the beginning of next season. Oh yeah LA is back!! And uh sorry for Bynum but I’m sure many fans aren’t going to miss the guy, he’s just not the kind of player that can become a franchise player… good luck for him through for the rest of his career.

  85. binn says:

    now the people in L.A feels like they’re watching an all star game.
    Mitch Kupchak Is a beast !!!! he’s like a hypnotizing machine orlando got hypnotized!

    GO L.A

  86. Raptors Fan says:

    I think the Magic did a terrible deal. Of course the Lakers and Sixers are the winner of this mega deal.

    I don’t know why Magic did not want to swap Howard for Byum. Byum is still a young play to build around.

    Magic owner need to hire some experience GM. Otis Smith did some any stupid deal before now it will go to repeat the same.

    I don’t know how many draft pick that the Magic will get cause they will not get high draft pick with Lakers, Sixers and Nuggets cause they are good team no they won’t have high draft pick as we know that.

    Dark day ahead for Magic fans.

    • TTKIN says:

      Denver is a winner too! a very deep team filled with talent. The only criticism they had been getting was that they didnt have that go-to guy…I think they just got him.

  87. Squirtopus says:

    The lakers sure pulled some rabbits this offseason. Got to give it to front office, not bad. On the game side though, they will definitely improve,but i’m curious to see how kobe reacts to dwight in the locker room. the only way he put up with shaq is because he didn’t have the back then credentials he does now. I expect some bad chemistry if dwight cant keep his ego in check.

  88. yhuan says:

    actually this is good for the heat so the crybabies in LA wont say again that wade, lebron and bosh come tohether to feast on other teams…

  89. hop says:

    as a big Lakers fan, im sad to see bynum go, but on the same hand happy to see dwight arrive. Also i cant help but feel sorry for Orlando, possibly the worst gm move i have seen in a long time, but maybe he wanted to be the worst team in the nba. i dunno…

  90. bheinteh20 says:


    • 16going417 says:

      Exactly. Takes more than pure tallent to get the job done. Hope these guys can work together this year and get the chemistry going ASAP!!!!!

  91. Rapido_ratrat says:

    now get leandro barbosa…and the 6th ring is on the way

  92. bheinteh20 says:


  93. LAL says:

    it’s gonna be another epic trade between Orlando & Lakers whoahhhh!

  94. NNM says:

    “Howard is the best center in the league”

    – How certain are you of this? I’d put Chandler right up there at the top; he’s got a FG% that screams “I make good basketball decisions on offense”. And, he’s (argueably) the best defender in the paint, of the world (not just the NBA). His attitude also feeds the rest of the team he’s on… I just see him as bigger than Howard.. All respect to Howard, he is awsome, but given the choice to click yes or no for a Chandler – Howard trade, as a Knicks fan, I’d choose to keep Chandler in NY.

    Not a big LA fan; but “wow”… What a roster. Now it’s not Kobe – “and a bunch of other interchangeable players”.

    • DR says:

      Chandler is terrible in the low post and on offense, He can’t score and thus averages 8-10 points or something similar. He’s just not an offensive threat. Plus Howard is 100x better on defense and is a mismatch for ANY center in the league. There’s also the fact that Dwight carried a bunch of bums to the finals and is the bane to certain Superstars such as Westbrook, LeBron, and Wade, where as Tyson is just a nuisance.

      Dwight actually deserves his defensive player awards and should have gotten it last year again. He turned Magic into a defensive powerhouse when he was the only defensive player on the squad. He’s also waay faster, jumps way higher and is a far better rebounder and blocker.

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      …He scored 2 points in a 83 point beatdown against Nigeria.
      You sure you wouldn’t trade him for Howard?

  95. Fefe (Nets) says:

    And by the way it’s so funny to see some Lakers fans (not every Lakers fan but many) dissing BYNUM while they were very happy with him before. Now that he’s gone, you forget everything and criticize him. Big Time Hypocrites

  96. jer says:

    Ok NBA monopoly. I’m done with the league. Lakers win every year. I’m converting to soccer

    • Daniel says:

      Jer, good for you. I love soccer too, but I’m afraid you’ll be similarly disappointed with soccer, because the super elite teams like Barcelona/Real Madrid or ManU are even more stacked with super-stars and the talent gap between those teams vs. the rest of the teams (75%) is even wider and that’s the reason why you mostly see those 4-5 elite teams winning all the trophies/championships every single year.

  97. jer says:

    All I can say is wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jaw drops!!!!!!!!!!! The Lakers top 6-7 guys are all All-Stars. That’s a damn All Star team. Lakers got some luck, for starters getting Kobe in trade for the 13th pick. Netting Steve Nash and now Howard!? Nash is destined for a ring at the helm of this and I am happy for him but I am not a Laker fan at all. Ugh!!!

  98. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Sorry but it’s boring!!!!!! Dwight to the Lakers……
    Congrats for the Lakers getting him, but what in the world were ORLANDO AND DENVER thinking????????

    Orlando got less than what they would have had if they traded him to the Nets.
    Denver helped the Lakers get the best center in the league. The same Lakers team that always WIN AGAINST THEM every year in the playoffs.

    Personally, and it’s my opinion, I want a renewal with many competitive teams in the league, not only 2 powerhouses.
    If it’s Lakers-Miami every year, it will be boring.

  99. PhatKawk says:

    Yaaaaay now Kobe can ride another big man for another title… 😀

  100. Heat is afraid says:

    Kobe will have more rings than Lebron.. Not one but only one for Lebron 😀 hahaha

  101. Heat is afraid says:

    Now Heat will have a problem 😀 With Dwayne Wade not 100%.. I don’t think they will beat Lakers :)) World War Peace will gurad Lebron.. Kobe will gurad Wade/Allen.. Gasol will guard Haslem??? hahaha… D12 will guard Bosh.. Nash will guard Chalmers??? hahahah what???? I forgot Antawn Jamison???? I don’t think Lebron will be happy when he is being swatted by D12 and having a hard foul by World peace 😀

    • FUEGO says:

      you lol talk as if Kobe’s knees are 100% or Dwight’s back is. Also you talk like Bosh and Lebron are some bum players u can just guard lol yoooooooooooooo study the game of basketball home boy

  102. superman power says:

    Chuck Norris dose not have to stop Kobe from retiring in two years any more… Superman will

  103. adam says:

    Yeah I mean I wanted to keep Bynum and was kind of tiring of Dwight’s attitude but he really will make a big difference because he’s consitant and has already showed he can be a leader.

  104. MackDaddy says:

    Where’s Gasol going to play, backup to Howard 6th man style, or twin towers at PF shooting jumpers from 18ft?

    All they need now is a realiable sharp shooter at SF, and there will be so many open lanes on the offence that Nash or Kobe could drive a truck down there.

    And remind me again how Miami is going to matchup against Howard and Gasol?

    With Bosh 🙂 ?

  105. Luke Walton says:

    poor bynum 😥

  106. Nholeen -shai says:

    Me too.. 😀 I dont like d12 but I smiled when I see read the trade..

  107. EzMan says:

    LOL thats pretty funny… Because i also feel the same, i a die hard Lakers fan and Bynum, I was one against LA trading him, but once i see it actually happening i’m kinda excited.. I just hope we dont get “Chris pauled”. <<< The new saying out right now, when u get a player snatched from under you, Don't do it DAVID

  108. jcrazy says:

    Im in the same boat as you two above. if howard hits form the lakers on paper should win the title. but thats only if all 4 stars can gel. im sensing a little of what happened in miami on there first season together, making the finals but if they win it will be a added bonus for them and maybe dwight will stay.

  109. SanDaygo says:

    I disagree that it is a lack of trust in Bynum, Rather, I think it’s a lack of time the Lakers have. Kobe and Nash are not getting any younger. If you listen to rumors, Kobe possibly has two years left. Dwight is in his prime and is currently the best center. Right now Andrew Bynum is not the best center. The Lakers simply do not have the time to have Andrew Bynum mature and develop his skill set further. Dwight is ready now. So they made the trade so they can compete for a title now, while they still have Kobe and Nash.

  110. gerry says:

    AAAAAAAAwesome deal! Here comes SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSuperman in Lakerland. No more ” immaturity” involved!!!!!!!

  111. digitioli says:

    “i don’t care where i play” sealed the deal.
    if you don’t want to dedicated your heart and soul to being a Laker, then get the fu k outta here, is what this says, and i agree.

  112. Bill says:

    That’s because you know he always comes to play.

  113. BOOM says:

    boom…. 2 of my favorite players in one team… steve nash and dwight howard..

  114. Dutch NBA Fan says:

    Some weird things going on in the NBA last couple of years, I really start disliking this superstar-team league.. Looks like some kind of personal champions pride has gone missing. I don’t like this development, but secretly i find myself being excited about some superstarteam clashes, even though I now truly hope that not that not the Lakers nor the Heat but just an old skool team like chicago will get the title.

    • rick9109 says:

      Chicago tried really hard to get Lebron, if they had succeeded would you be against them too? Building super teams IS the old school way. Chicago didn’t draft Rodman and Pippen (or most of the guys on their current team). Lakers didn’t draft Wilt, Kareem or Shaq. Celtics didn’t draft Bill Russell, Robert Parish, Kevin Garnett or Bill Walton. The best way to get a title in the NBA is to use whatever means at your disposal to build a super team to win an NBA title and it’s been that way for 50 years.

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      Uh, you know this was the same case in the 80s right? Two very powerful teams and cannon fodder. People call that the NBAs BEST years. so I wouldn’t worry too much yet.

  115. Jordan says:

    Those Lakers…

  116. OGBEYACO says:


  117. Ronald says:

    I had a mixed feeling for letting Bynum go but having Dwight in the Lakers uniform makes me excited.
    Lakers the best…

  118. PHILLYPHAN101 says:

    IGGY Gone now what…… Andrew Bynum in this is a start to a new NBA Final contender listen to this lineup
    PG: Jrue Holiday
    SG: Evan Turner
    SF: Thaddeus Young
    PF: Spencer Hawes
    C: Andrew Bynum
    6:Dorell Wright
    7:Nick Young
    8:Lavoy Allen
    9:Kwame Brown
    10:Arnett Moultrie
    11:Maalik Wayns
    12:Royal Ivey


  119. Richard says:

    “all because they need an All-Star center they can trust”… Like Howard has shown himself to be soooo trustworthy: not abiding by his contract, being a whining baby, and getting people fired in the process… And oh yeah; he’s coming off back problems…

  120. frans says:

    Sure, adding Howard to your roster is a boost for any team, even when it means giving up Bynum, the world’s second best center. But I doubt wether he is the guy the trust right now. It’s smart not to lay the future of the organization in the hands of Bynum. But is it smart to do that with Howard? I doubt it… He has the same flaws as Bynum, healthissues and he can be a big crybaby.
    The Magic once layed the future of the organization in the hands of Howard, eventually losing Van Gundy and ending up with Al Harrington after numerous dramas.

  121. Post-up Baseline FTW says:

    i hope Dwight Can’t play in LA cause its not fair!!!!!!! GO OKC!!!!

  122. Atlantic Rival says:

    Both Denver and Philly made out like bandits in this deal, the latter getting the 2nd best player in the trade, while the former getting rid of long contracts in favor of a short one, which happens to be the 3rd best player in the trade.

  123. bulley says:

    haha I feel exactly the same.

  124. kOBE says:

    I’m so glad for the Lakers for this great deal especially without losing Gasol.
    i think they still need players in position SG and SF?

    >>>>>do you think that Bryant will get his 7th Ring???????<<<<<<<<<<

  125. NBAer says:

    Well done Mich as usual. Great deal. Don’t you worry about Howard’s back problems… he’ll be fine. Having Howard and Gasol down low will open some spots for 3 pts shot.

    Last season Lakers were 26th in 3P%. That is biggest field for improvement.

  126. DrPhilNZ says:

    I Bleed Celtics Green, & even I’m intrigued by this.. D12 doesnt make anyone better around him, but with the role he fills on this team, he’s a lethal addition! As my boy Stu proudly stated on this news “Yeaaaaah Boyyyeeee” (He’s as much of a Lakeshow fan as I am of the Green Machine}

    Well done LA, well done!

  127. zasdf says:

    The Lakers pulled off a wonderful pump and dump scheme with Bynum to get Howard.

  128. Piliskner says:

    YES YES YES I was looking for this news everyday since the season ended. It ended up the best possible way for my lakers. Bynum did improve a lot but is still a failiure in the clutch time. GO LAKERS

    PS: Rain of tears falling down on Miami

  129. David says:

    Man Dwight Howard in Lakers is huge. Can’t wait season to start. Dwight, Pau, Meta, Kobe, Nash, amazing. This is just getting better. Love it. Go Lakers.

  130. tashi says:

    This is going to be super exciting. but to be honest, if howard is not heathly, lakers are done. Kobe is nearing the end of tunnel and steve too. If howard goes down, i don know if they can pull up the socks for a daunting season ahead. But m loving the news of howard trade.

  131. jedi says:

    it’s like 2004 when Lakers chase for another ring but they failed… the lineup; Shaq, Kobe, Karl Malone, G.Payton!!! Chemistry would be the issue this coming season for them, i don’t think they will make to the finals… This would be another OKC and Miami battle…

    • kripbishop says:

      the Lakers went on to the NBA Finals that year. but detroit got them all figured out.
      malone was old. payton was old too. kobe was immature and him and shaq already had a rift between them and the Pistons knew how to exploit them.

      its different then and now. im not saying they would win it all but they have a better chance against the other teams now.

  132. johnnyLAkerfan says:

    oh well, atleast orlando got something back than losing lebron or i mean howard wooops sorry cleaveland

  133. Randxell says:

    The Lakers shoudnt have traded Bynum, after Bynum sacrifices his health in the past championship run.

  134. borge says:

    Credits to Mitch Kupchak for making this trade possible without giving away Pau Gasol. Bravo! The LAKERS are back!!!

  135. money rob says:

    it’s over with!!! L.A is back!!!!

  136. Steven says:

    Same as you 2 , I’m happy that the Lakers finally get Dwight Howard , and the additon of Steve Nash in the Lakers but I like Bynum . Now, Bynum is improving after some injuries he have this last and past season, Great Legend Elgin Baylor said that Andrew Bynum is like Dwight Howard right now, but I’m excited this season. Lakers will win another Championship.

  137. Tobz says:

    I just know that the Lakers will win the 2012-13 championship and possibly/probably more to come after that. I am excited that we have Dwight, but am not blown away in exclamation. Perhaps this is because I had the feeling that Bynum was almost as good as Dwight anyway.

    Nevertheless: another beautiful adventure for the NBA!

  138. jd3b says:

    i never wanted drew to leave or be traded… i have always thought that he would become the next face of LA once Kobe retires but everything happens for a reason…

    • Rebecca King says:

      The Lakers loss. Bynum will break NBA records. Law of the Universe….”What you don’t appreciate will leave you.”

  139. Ryan says:

    I couldn’t put it any better Daniel. I wanted to keep Bynum, Yet when I seen Howard was delt to L.A. I was like no, why did they do that, and after a few minutes I smiled and realized, our defense just got better.

    Nash’s offense is good enough to where he defenseive liability wouldn’t matter much because Howard would protect the rim. Kobe will get easier shots because of Nash court vision and Howard to draw double teams. Along with Gasol playing as a distributor role as he played pretty well in this past season. Now Jamison off the bench, hopefully then can snatch Barbosa for the players minimum so that helps provide another good presence off the bench.

  140. Rudz Awakening says:

    I just hope that Howard and Kobe can work together especially when Howard is used to being the main man in Orlando.

  141. glyceman says:

    the Lakers have been waiting for Bynum to live up to his potential..Sadly, that patience is getting thin now that Bryant’s getting old. A good trade, as long as Howard can keep himself healthy just like Bynum last season

  142. bino16 says:

    3peat TITLE for the Lakers….

  143. jim says:

    lakers will lose in the first round of the playoffs. kobe is still selfish and not a team player. howard is not team player. nash will be frustrated all season long. kobe and howard are great individual players, like iverson but not team players.

  144. al - respect the game says:

    hey, thats a great trade. the league better watch out. now were gunning for okcity. them kids are in trouble

  145. francis says:

    at last its done

  146. KK says:

    This is for sure the best off-season for Lakers in recent years. Getting 2 All Star without giving up much. Most importantly, like the author said, only giving up Bynum / holding on to Gasol / without getting back contracts from ORL!

    Go Nash! Get a ring!

  147. Dennis C says:

    Smell like a championship is on the way GO GO Lakers.

  148. monra says:

    i had a big smile also man! lol. Its all about staying healthy for the lakers this season. So long bynum….. he simply wasnt ready to play with likes of Kobe and co,

  149. Unknown says:

    Yeah i guess u 2 guys are right about the trade.

  150. Hopeful Fan says:

    I agree and I appreciate what Bynum has done and I believe he will become a notable center in this league. I would have liked him to stay in LA but he was unreliable and unpredictable for most games. You never knew if you would get the Bynum who dominated the Denver with ten blocks and showed maturity or the Bynum who was lackluster and did not give the team all of his effort. Howard, though he is obviously great, has something to prove to us fans. That, as fans we want LA to win the ring, but as of right now I would prefer that he give us his full effort to win. That he give us the effort to communicate with Bryant and Nash and Pau and realize that though he might not be the driving force that the offense runs though, he will be an integral part of our offense , defense and our run at another title.

  151. GniK911 says:

    now all we need is barbosa… out nba!!!

    • LA FAN says:

      If we can get Barbosa we will definitely get another Championship….OKC and MIAMI must be scratching their heads right now and stunned! LOL….GO LAKERS!!!

  152. minime says:

    Time too put all your money on the Lakers hehehehehehehehehahahahahaha.

    Lakers Vs Miami NBA finals Lakers In 4 maybe 5 games


    • allen says:

      im srry… but it would go to game 6 or seven. ik miami would lose cuz thye have no big guy. if lebrnon plays like lebron.. they can go to game six. but no way they can win.

    • NBA says:

      i will put money on the Lakers NOT going to make it to the final this season.

  153. Mark says:

    Although Bynum is an immense talent, and will only improve in the future, his mentality on the game was much too inconsistent. One day he’d play like a beast, the next he’d play like a lazy bum. You can’t count on a guy like that, no matter how talented he is. Howard may have been pretty immature about this whole trade craziness, but when it comes to on the court, he gives it all, and I’m hoping he doesn’t disappoint. Go Lakers!

  154. david says:

    its over for the heat … the Lakers are coming back to the finals

    • FUEGO says:

      i gotta tell u to shut the hell up David. Kobe doesn’t have no damn 5 years left in him n neither does Nash. Gasol doesnt even have that much. This Laker team is only going to be together for like 2 years so calm down

    • NBA says:


      dream on….. they are not going to the final this season. next season this team will be dismantle again….. mark this post.

  155. david says:

    the Lakers are going to win a lot of championship …… Kobe/Nash/Paul/Dwight

  156. Slip screen says:

    I think I’m in the same boat as you Daniel. It’s funny, I usually like teams because of the people on the team and I like the Lakers especially with the addition of Steve Nash. I dislike Dwight, but I’m still excited that he’s on the team!

    • CALOY T. says:

      May hats off to Mr. Kupchack brilliant move as ever.

    • CRIS says:

      LAKERS BIG FOUR ….. NASH, KOBE, GASOL, DWIGHT…. same as ….. PAYTON, KOBE, MALONE, SHAQ… years ago… hoping this will work out…

      • AJ says:

        Great comparaison… MALONE, PAYTON, KOBE, SHAQ was good stuff… Man i was very supportive of Bynum too, but he was well supported and under delivered.. Now i’m just concerned about chemistry between the new big 4.

      • Godfather says:

        Never the same. Nash is way more productive Gary was at that moment and Malone at that moment still was a very productive player, can’t compare him with Gasol in the post at that satge of his career or a 27 yr old Howard. This is different.

      • bob says:

        That “big 4” was smashed by the Pistons, maybe a better comparison next time. 🙂

      • sanny says:

        The big four in ’04 made it to the Finals that season. Some argued that they might have won if Malone stayed healthy.

    • dondon says:

      agree with you two

    • Joel Kidpan says:

      i Think im in the same mind to both of you daniel and slip. Im a big fan of lakers. see you in the final Miami

    • roselyn says:

      that’s right!

    • PHILLYPHAN101 says:

      IGGY Gone now what…… Andrew Bynum in this is a start to a new NBA Final contender listen to this lineup
      PG: Jrue Holiday
      SG: Evan Turner
      SF: Thaddeus Young
      PF: Spencer Hawes
      C: Andrew Bynum
      6:Dorell Wright
      7:Nick Young
      8:Lavoy Allen
      9:Kwame Brown
      10:Arnett Moultrie
      11:Maalik Wayns
      12:Royal Ivey


      • rnbc says:

        As long as Bynum plays like a kid, teams that have him will never be good. He should learn to be matured and play like a pro.

      • Ummmm…Didn’t they just say that Jason Richardson was also traded to the sixers? Where Is He in your lineup?

      • Kevin says:

        That roster does not scare anyone – not even in the Euro league LOL

      • redowl says:

        don’t underrate the 76ers coach. They went 7 games with boston, who went 7 with the Champs Miami Heat. This roster is better then that roster so yeah, If they’re not afraid they’d be stupid to not pay attention.

      • Jerome Shearin says:

        You better hope they keep your guy at #9 on the bench because he may well be the worse #1 draft pick EVER!!!

      • #ihatedumcommentslol says:

        not having iggy is not a good thing he does so much for that team

      • TyronnWoods says:

        Redowl – That is a horrible comparison, every team has a flaw another team may exploit. Take Lithuania vs USA for example. Lithuania gave the dream team a real good reality check and are they any better than Argentina or Spain? Is any team afraid to play Lithuania whether it be NBA or Euro league or CBA?
        Kevin is absolutely correct that the 76ers roster looks as scary as the Toronto raptors lineup. Now that is a good comparison.

      • MJ says:

        NBA Finals? I agree with Kevin. That roster scares no one.
        The team is down in the 4th of an elimination game, who is gonna step up and take over? Who is gonna hit those clutch shots when the team needs it? Bynum? Turner? Young?

        As much as basketball is a team sport, you still need those stars, those players that can put up amazing individual performances.
        LBJ did it for Miami, Dirk did it for Dallas, Kobe for LA, Pierce for Boston, Wade for Miami. TP and Duncan for San Antonio, heck Billups did it for Detroit.

        Sorry but the Sixers are years away from contending.

    • DavidAndersen says:

      do you think Lakers will win the championship this season with nash and howard?

      • pol says:

        no, they decided not to play this coming season

      • SmoothMM says:

        I’m still skeptical. OKC, Denver, Minnesota, San Antonio, Memphis?, Clippers, Dallas, Houston? (Rockets fan) are still threats in the West. Miami, Boston, Brooklyn?, Knicks, Bucks?, 76ers are still threats in the East.

      • Bball FAN says:

        The problem the Lakers will have is that they are simply getting OLD! If they don’t win this year they will be in big trouble. The other problem is that they still do not have a bench. Trading Bynum is a plus. If you live in L.A. you know him as an immature egomaniac with self control problems. Won’t miss that!

    • anuj says:

      and they said lakers will not be able to come back……watch out now okc and heat………..

  157. daniel.b says:

    i didnt want the lakers to trade for howard… but when i heard the news i found myself smiling for some reason…

    • This is one of those deals says:

      where you think you know what it’ll feel like before something happens, but end up being a bit stunned when it does. Does this make LaLa Land a threat again .. that’s a no-brainer. But for me, i wouldn’t have been too upset it the Lakers stayed status-quo and not traded for D12. I’m definitely pleased that the Dwama is over (for now), but this still is the biggest moves by the Lakers since getting that “other Orlando center” in the 90’s. You gotta feel for Orlando though, as i can’t work out for the life of me how they agreed to a deal where Denver get Iggy, Philly get Bynum and Richardson, LaLa Land the big guy … and Orlando Afflalo and Harrington, two no-namers and picks??? I mean really? Wow! I thought i couldn’t be surprised by anything anymore .. i was way wrong.

      • redowl says:

        The Laker’s look pretty fragile to me. Kobe’s getting older. Howard has a bad back from carrying Orlando. Nash is almost 40, and Pau Gasol is soft. Add that with a streaky Artest and a Jamison who hides on deep teams and you’ve got a sideways trade for the Lakers. ( not to mention the time it takes to build chemistry

        The 76ers just hit the Jackpot with this trade. One the inside, they lose Elton Brand and gain Bynum. Sure they lose Iggy too, but they pick up J-Rich, and Doug Collins is a great coach.

        On Paper, the Lakers don’t look better then the Clippers, who just added ODOM and Jamal Crawford to their bench.

        People criticize Bynum, but Like Rondo he had to make a name for himself surrounded by Established superstars. Bynum will get more touches in Philly, while Dwight gets less in LA. Then we can compare to see he really is the better center.

      • zgillet says:


        Maybe true, but this team has so many awards between all the players that it is a little staggering.

      • BAD DEAL FOR LAKERS!! says:

        DH will not resign with the Lakers. The lakers just lost Bynum for nothing. I’d say there’s only 5% chance right now that DH will resign with a non-NETS team.

      • J says:

        @redowl Nobody is buying you’re obtuse statement riddeled in cyncism and zero objectivity. Nash while old is still a huge upgrade for what was essentially no PG last year and a horrible offensive scheme, Dwight is an upgrade over an inconsistent bynum, espeically at the defensive end, Jamison will do exactly what he needs to do on a deep team which is spread the floor and knock down some shots, kobe is older but with a Nash who can run the offense now and Dwight who can get his own he wont have to do as much work, and i haven’t even mentioned how Nash who made gortat look like an all-star will do to Pau Gasol and Dwight.

      • sanny says:

        Orlando made it a point that they wanted young no names like Afflalo so that it’ll give them flexibility towards building from scratch. Thats why they turned down Gasol. They simply didn’t want to pay that type of salary, and didn’t want any type of ego drama that a bigger name might have. Not saying that it was the best decision (the picks they got are almost worthless), but that’s what they’ve established from the get go. They’re expecting to aim low and be a bottom feeder next season so they can get a lottery pick.

      • Belizeboy says:

        I agree with redowl. I would also point out that Mike Brown can’t handle all those guys. If he couldn’t inspire Bynum, then there’s no way he’ll be able to handle Kobe, Howard, Nash, wishy washy Jamison and loose cannon World Peace.

      • johnason lin says:

        If lakers make it to the finals or even win the championship, do you think Howard would sign the extension ?

        OF COURSE !!!

    • Carl says:

      I feel exactly the same.

    • moshe says:

      first of all thank god the lakers got rid of bynum,after the game against the denver nuggets i reakised that bynum was a traitor i am almost sure that the lakers lost against okc was because of him the guy punished his team his rebounds and points were just unbearible
      thank god he is gone

    • roselyn says:

      just accept it

    • lbj says:

      there is no deal between bynum or howard! howard will go to miami in exchange to haslem,anthony and future round picks. howard wants to get a ring so he will play with the king!

      PG; Wade
      SG: Allen
      SF: James
      PF: Bosh
      C: Howard

      6th man: Battier
      Strong Reserve: Chalmers,Cole,Lewis,Miller and Juwan Howard

      For back to back championship

      • Mino says:

        youre an idiot.

      • Buckets says:

        the heat don’t have the money to pay those 5 superstars, unless they only had 7 players on the entire team, which is illegal.

      • #ihatedumcommentslol says:

        not even in your dreams!!!! lmao

      • kILLarifIC says:

        that might have been the most stupid thing ive ever heard

      • lakers fan says:

        number 1 stop posting the same comment lbj number two the four team trade which doesn’t include is almost official, even for some reason they cancel the trade they won’t give howard to the heat and if somehow they wanted to the nba would veto it like they vetoed the chris paul trade

      • lbjfan says:

        lbj, i admire your consistency, though i know howard wont go to the heat

      • sanny says:

        Orlando handing D12 to Miami would be the dumbest move ever. That’s their division rivals, why would they shoot themselves in the foot like that? This is why I laugh everytime I hear ATL has a chance of landing D12.

      • Lake Show says:

        And why the heck do you keep putting Wade as pg? U dont even have the knowledge of putting together a lineup with a team like that. U sound like a 10 year old just mesmerized having Super Star names on a starting lineup. I hope that you are only 10 years old with that kind of mindset and relentless posting of the exact same comment. I can definitely see a crazed heat bandwagon following kid keep reposting this. And if thats the case, I hope you are able to mature with the NBA, because basketball is the greatest sport in the world imo. There is joking around and just plain out trollin… And if u r a grown man and not a 10 year old, I am sorry you have nothing better to contribute then trolling. Its a shame ur using Lebron’s initials as your name if thats the case.

    • Jerome Shearin says:

      me too

    • lakers fan says:

      that’s exactly how i felt