Kobe: LA Is a Better Fit For Howard

LONDON — Until earlier today, Dwight Howard‘s entire NBA career was spent in a Orlando Magic uniform.

But Kobe Bryant didn’t need to Howard him in purple and gold to know that he’s a better fit in Los Angeles and with the Lakers, on and off the court, than he ever was in Orlando.

The job of blending Howard’s game into what the Lakers will do with a star-studded lineup that also includes two-time MVP Steve Nash and All-Star power forward Pau Gasol is ultimately the responsibility of Lakers coach Mike Brown.

Bryant said it won’t be an issue.

“He’s not going to have to sacrifice much,” Bryant said. “He’ll get more touches here than he did in Orlando. I know, it sounds weird to say, but it’s true. We do a great job playing through the post and playing through Pau … I mean, it’s going to be sensational.”

With one of the premier distributors in the game manning the controls in Nash, there should be plenty of shots for everyone. In fact, the Lakers, at least their top six rotation, will look like an All-Star team. Big 3 or 4? They’ve got a few more, what with Ron Artest and Antawn Jamison in the mix as well.

It’s a lineup that Bryant teammates on the U.S. Men’s Senior National Team never thought they’d see.

“We joked around about it a little bit during the summer,” Bryant said. “The consensus was there was no way we could get Dwight and still keep Pau, and they all love Pau for us. So they were like, ‘there is no way you’re going to let Pau go, and therefore you can’t Dwight.’ And I was like, ‘I think we can make that happen.’ We got Pau for virtually nothing [when we traded for him]. History does repeat itself.”

What Bryant is really looking forward to, though, is the future. Now that the season and summer of speculation is over and the Lakers have what could be a championship contender, training camp is already on his mind.

“It helps because you start getting into a frame of mind of what your team is going to look like,” he said.

He might have said it best earlier, when he said, “it’s going to be sensational.”


  1. The facts says:

    What I find interesting is that most of you guys don’t even really know who Jodie Meeks are. Or you won’t face the fact MWP is out of his prime and his mind, and I’d you thought Jamison was amazing from last year I want to see who you are. True Lakers are going to be amazing team, but you fail to realize all of the starters beside Howard are past their prime. Hey I like Kobe, great player and has the best foot work for a perimeter players since Jordan, but don’t make it look like the Lakers are going to pull the whole “around 72 wins” and win the whole thing. I am looking at three different play styles that are going to be hard to brush off in just a few games.

  2. lakersfan says:

    hey OKC fan you guys only won by a combined 5 points in two games…. with nash and dwight we are better westbrook and durant wiill not be able to drive on dwight and gasol down low and you guys cant stop kobe

  3. Ozfan12 says:

    All the fuss over howard – sure, he’s a step up from Bynum, but he’s not that much better. It’s not like the lakers HAVENT had a shot blocking presence the last few years.

    People are reading into it too much – just because you have slightly upgraded the shot blocking at the 5-spot does not mean you’ll be unstoppable.

    Getting rid of that clown Sessions for Nash was a much bigger move for the lakers this off season. While people doubt they can play together – Kobe managed to do all right playing with Williams, paul, westbook and all the rest in London

  4. laker 4 life says:

    Lakers are definately a contender this yr. I think they take the next step and go to the Finals and win it all!!!!

  5. lakers says:

    kobe is not the one who choose to be teaming w/ dwight and nash compared to lbj he chose to go to heat to teamed w/ all star wade and bosh…

  6. lakers champ2013 says:

    dam people love to talk a lot of trash about lakers. they have 16 banners hanged up and the best gm mitch who is a genius another steal from magics after shaq. When miami made the big three possible people said the same nd they won a ring. its players choice where they want to be. there is a reason they are in nba and you are not. But this is the time for new show time lakers with kobe, nash, gasol, and howard winning championship this upcoming season…

  7. The Jay down there says:

    Howard is at dwight team at dwight place at dwight situation with dwight people at dwight time!

  8. dice8up says:

    I got to give it people who says that LBJ is as great as MJ… i think looking at their career, they kind of like on the same path… Kobe’s career is different than those two. Still, I would take a young Kobe over MJ and LBJ if I was building a team. Kobe’s sheer determination and dedication to his craft is unmatch in NBA history.

  9. Carlos says:

    Nash is a more complete player than westbrook

  10. Team Black Mamba says:

    Coaches are just as important as the players. Yes, I’m quite bothered by Mike Brown’s coaching skills, too. I was really hoping for Jerry Sloan to replace him somehow. But it is what is! Let’s just hope he doesn’t go “Lebron” again with the Lakers. The thought of LBJ going to the Lakers is just silly and hilarious! He may be the greatest player right now with his triple-doubles, MVP’s and what not, but you see there’s a DYNASTY PREREQUISITE to be fulfilled before being on the same level with M.J. or Kobe. Does that even compute? So shut your traps LBJ fans, your “KING” isn’t better or greater than M.J. or Kobe! Not yet, at the very least!

  11. Dre says:

    I don’t even know why I would be surprise that the Lakers seem to pull off some of the most glamorous trades. With that being said…I am happy to see Dwight in a Lakers uniform along with Steve Nash. It will take a bit of getting use to but I know it won’t take long. Now I am not going to sit here and scream out Championship(s) right off the back because it is to soon to yell that. But for as long as this unit sticks together….they will fa sho continue the post season tradition which dates back to dang near the 80’s. And throughout those years the Lakers have only failed to make the post season once or twice. That is something to brag about. I see that a new offense is being implemented as well. So this should be fun. A few keys I believe for the Lakers this year to be successful. Keep the ball out of Kobe’s hands. Hear me out: Kobe at his age now would be a more dangerous player without the ball then with the ball. Think about it. Kobe can rome…that’s going to be an issue for the opponent because they have to keep an eye on him as well as the ball handler (Steve Nash). Remember his first two years and how he was torching people. Kobe without the ball now makes everyone a threat. Can we say nightmare?

  12. la la land says:

    Lakers will win the finals this yr because: 1. they upgraded their bench with jamison, meeks, and possibly barbosa, 2. They acquired 2 all stars who will both benefit. Good luck Lakers!!

  13. laker 4 life says:

    Lakers 2013 NBA CHAMPS!!!

  14. Yung P says:

    The Lakers don’t even need Kobe or Nash, it’s a bonus. Give me Dwight and Pau with the worst players in the league and I will run a high low offense right to the Championship, the same way the Twin Towers did in San Antonio.

  15. johnason lin says:

    Howard major upgrade to the defense that was lacking throughout the playoffs, I mean Bynum was comming into the game and saying ” i was not prepared ” lol…

    Nash major upgrade to the inexperienced Sessions, can shoot the 3 which Lakers NEED!!!

    Bench player Jamison = Lamar Odom role again!!! 6th man award there 2013 season!

    Lakers is good to for another 2-3 years

  16. chirs says:

    they should sign leonardo barbosa too!!

  17. I hope they win more championship and they face Kris Humphies in the finals hahaha

  18. flight23 says:

    the only thing that bothers me is MIKE BROWN! doesn’t matter if it is DWIGHT or BYNUM! do we still remember LBJ and the CAVS? WHAT HAPPEN? NOTHING!..i trust the players but the coach?

  19. ALL STAR(L.A) says:

    L.A is happy to have Dwight.

    hope to nash can defence wade

  20. Isaac says:

    Kinda funny that when you read all the hate comments that 99% of the people who think the Lakers will lose are Thunder or Heat fans. You don’t see Clippers,Grizzlies,Spurs, or Boston fans saying that thier team will stop them cause they know the Lakers now r the best if no the 2nd best team in the NBA now. Heat and Thunder fans want to believe that their team is the best but the Lakers the most expierenced team in the NBA and most expierenced playoff team.

  21. Ok first off, I am happy that we got D-Howard but I was so sick of hearing of Dwight that it kind of loses it’s meaning almost. I blame a lot on how they and D-Howard handled it. On paper the Lakers on the best team on paper period. Heat fans didn’t get Howard so get over it. Lakers can pick and roll any team to death…it’s going to be fun to watch. And when in doubt there’s KB24 to give it to in the half court offense. Totally unstoppable. Lakers are the strongest where the heat are the weakest. If it does come down to the heat and lakers. This time the heat won’t be up against a young and inexperienced team.

    • Team Black Mamba says:

      “This time the heat won’t be up against a young and inexperienced team.” Very well said! That was my beef from last year, too. Some people and haters forget that the Lakers know how to win championships. They’ve tasted victory as much as defeat. And the players they have on the roster right now know what it really takes to WIN it all. Miami and OKC will have a lot on their plate this season. I don’t want to count any chickens before they’re hatched, but the Lakers will be sensational, dominating and overwhelming this season. And guys let’s not forget Mr. Jodie Meeks from the Sixers. He’s part of the roster and he can make wonders in this team, too. Plus, he’s really young.

  22. Troy says:

    Well Lakers has done it again, when this franchise sign players like Dwight Howard from Orlando, this sends on message Championships…..No doubt LA is the team to beat next season. Welcome to LA Dwight, Steve and Jamison.

  23. Bryan_Fury2012 says:

    hahahaha!!goodluck to LA LAKERS..you cannot win the 2013 NBA Championship bcoz the HEAT will repeat the celebration… just wait for that…you just waste your time in choosing LA LAKERS d12.. heat will now the most unstoppable team in the east.. in the west will be the clippers and thunder so goodluck LA FAKERS:)

  24. bob champ says:

    CRAZY!!!!! One hell-of-a season coming up! Thanks Lakers, thanks Orlando … don’t count OKC out; Nash (bad back), Kobe (slowing), MTW (unstable), Pau (fickle), Howard (seeing too many STARS)…

  25. Raju says:

    the way BUss spend money to put banners it’s very hard to beat Lakers. they r the best organization in the league. And there revenue from tv deals was 50 mil last year this year it is 150 mil. If another good player is available they will go get it. That what other franchises don’t do. Lakers keep the players after they win championship not like Cuban one and out. That’s why everybody likes to play for organizations. So laker haters stop crying. Buss deserves it laceration is lucky.

  26. rynO says:

    Bryant said. “He’ll get more touches here than he did in Orlando.”

    RIDICULOUS! Coming from Kobe-sticky-fingers!

    • Mamba Jamba says:

      There are two people who could make this not work… Mike “no clue” Brown, and Kobe “Black hole” Bryant. If they allow Nash to control the offense, and Pau and Howard have chemistry, then it’s on. But if they allow Kobe to do his black hole thing, this team will never reach their potential. It was crystal clear in the Olympic games, Kobe needs to put down his ego and allow his teammates to flow. And Mike Brown better let his bench get major minutes to allow them to grow before the playoffs.

    • Jsadrian says:

      Touches… Touches… not points… He needs to rebound for all the missed shots…

  27. Jimmy Lakers says:

    Good to see Bynum a guy who has great potential but is not a proven super start yet but has already shown sign of disrespecting the coast, the organization, the public and not blending well with the team gone. Welcome Howard to Lakers. He will bring back the showtime with his Magic-Johnson smile.

  28. Stabs says:

    This is big for the Lakers, without a doubt. Nash will make Howard the best offensive center in the game. Kobe won’t have to have the ball in his hands, and Pau, of all players on the Lakers, will benefit the most. We will miss Bynum, and we are glad Bynum is becoming the player we all thought he could, It’s time to bring back the championship to where it belongs.

  29. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Superman goes to the Lakers!!!!!! Go Lakers! We are back in the mix! Watch out King! Watch out Durantula! Superman is here now! Better have some strong kryptonite! Lol!

  30. The Thunder’s chance to win the finals was last year, and they messed up on that.They won’t be in the finals for another 2 years. I really don’t know who will win the finals between the heat and the lakers in the finals, but I’m cheering for LeBron!

  31. thecobra says:

    it’d be kinda funny if bynum went to the clippers after this season

  32. Basketball Junkie....I need a fix says:

    Lakers fans kill me and Kobe’s fans kill me anymore. Now all of you guys love to say that Kobe has “x” amount of rings, and that he got said rings on his own (WE all know he didn’t). Now you also say that Lebron had to join up with Wade and Bosh in order to get his 1st ring. Guess what Kobe hasn’t won a ring in years and now he needs Howard and Nash to try and win another……..just goes to show no ONE player can win a championship on their own…..NO ONE!!!!! I’m really looking forward to seeing how all the teams play, but looking forward even more to next years playoffs (that’s when it really matters….just ask Chicago). Heat fan for life (no matter who’s on the roster).

  33. WhatTheShaq? says:

    Ok Heat so in 2020 expect Dwight to join you. Followin in Shaq’s footsteps. 😉

  34. renz_garnett says:

    how about the heat gets bynum.. well then, i am excited in the 2013 finals.. lakers vs heat..

  35. jem says:

    I’m excited for the lakers, coach brown, that was astounding! too bad they couldn’t keep andrew; But the line up has just become so much more energized with dwight in the team; and from the sound of it, you can bet that Kevin Durant will be getting his guard up all the time with Dwight; Durant will have his hands full when the season starts, can’t wait to see what the first game between Lakers and Thunder will be like. Looks like its a sold out ticket sale next season for the Lakers already. Ring nos 6 all of a sudden does not seem too far to reach 🙂 Congratulations !

  36. BFoulds says:

    But Kobe Bryant didn’t need to Howard him in purple and gold to know that he’s a better fit in Los Angeles and with the Lakers


    • beavis says:

      hahah i know right? it’s like RIGHT at the beggining too, i stopped reading right there.

      • johnason lin says:

        I thought my english was poor, lol so this is actually a grammar error .. i was wondering about this sentence too.

  37. W/E says:

    yeah the lakers r gunna be without doubt a championship contender,If Kobe and and Nash where 5 years younger we would be talking about the best team in the league right now, their only problem right now is age, but it wont matter if they stay healthy and develop good chemistry, Mj was 35, pippen 33 and Rodman 37 when they got their last championship in 1998

  38. APHX says:

    Still can’t hit free throws and still will get in foul trouble. But definitely makes the Lakers are championship contender right away. Just never forget what the Pistons did, or the Mavs when given no chance against the HOT teams.

    • That's a part of it says:

      … if free-throws are the gauge for all NBA Titles in NBA history. Also, D12 is not the *only* point of contention for opposing teams – as he will be a magnet for double teams that just spaces the floor for kick outs to Nash, Kobe, MWP Jamison. The Lakers aren’t likely to use him post to get final shots in playoff games anyway – that’s what Kobe, Nash and some raw scoring ability from Jamison is for (arguably the best scorer from the Cav’s after LBJ). That’s the real big problem opposition defenses will have to deal with. I mean, choose your poison: D12 & Pau in Post or Kobe, Nash, Jamison at the periphery and beyond on kick-outs.

  39. Willy says:

    I don’t think too many Spurs fans are happy? I am not happy. I do agree that the chemistry will be a factor, but only for about 38 seconds! Look at the Olympic team.

  40. BM says:

    Who on this Laker team can stop Westbrook and Durant? Still the lakers biggest issue. Western Conference finals at best for mine.

    • I'll take that Pepsi challange says:

      and say who’s the OKC team that can cope with D12 & Pau inside & Nash, Bryant, MWP & Jamison near or outside the arc?? You guys enjoyed laughing when you had a sub-par Laker outfit … let’s see how much smirking you do when your OKC face this revamped Laker squad.

      • Jsadrian says:

        LA vs. Miami… LA wins. Miami would have match up problems with Gasol and Howard… and with Howard, LA can zone out Miami offence as long as Artest can defend LBJ at the low post… LA vs. OKC… OKC wins. OKC has the players who can match up against LA in defense and still have the players who can cause match up problems in offense.

    • DR says:

      Who can stop Westbrook? Kobe has time and time again, plus Dwight being in the center shuts down his driving which is essential to his game. Who can stop Durant? Nobody, but Ebanks slows him down and Dwight once again stops all that inside play.

      But you have to look at it both ways, Who can stop Kobe? Who can stop Dwight? Who can even stop Nash? No one on OKC, that’s for sure.

  41. Lakerfanatic says:

    Dwight will have his touches…especially if he runs the pick and roll with nash, he’ll be like amare dunking the ball everytime…

  42. mikel says:

    This is what the meaning of Dwight Howard Smiling!! I’m So Excited and I Just Can’t Hide It!! Goodluck Dwight Howard and to all the Laker’s Fan out there!! With this movement going on, I’m seeing the Laker’s this starting season as a “Championship Contender this coming season” all miami fans haha!! Dwith on the Center, w/ Gasol/ Artest/ Kobe and Nash haha Kaboom, Laker’s will Explode!!

  43. toki says:

    where’s lbj? lol that guy is so funny must be high thinking howard will sign with the heat.

  44. lbj says:

    They should trade lbj for dh12 so starting lineup will be

    Joel Anthony
    Chris Bosh
    Dwight Howard
    Dwyane wade
    Mario Chalmers

    This is below the luxary tax that i calculated. I don’t see the matter.

  45. Bob says:

    Who is the outside shooter besides Kobe? It will be a helluva fast break team, half court sets should be interesting. It just seems like a conglomeration of a lot of stars that are from much different systems. I hope the chemistry comes together and they have a better team.

  46. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Well said Sekou! Good article! And, for the record; I’m ecstatic that Dwight Howard is a Laker! And, I agree that it’s a perfect fit! The defense in the paint alone is a huge plus! And I think Dwight should start getting in front of the the camera more; with a smile like that! lol!

    • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

      Bro dont you care that the person your cheering for is a 7’0 diva with no loyalty? Seriously? You gonna tell your family you go for a whining man who doesnt respect or honor a deal?

    • NBA realist says:

      Watch out Dwight…..a bus is coming ur way…..ur the nxt big target for Kobe “bus flinging ballhog” Bryant!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!

  47. Belizeboy says:

    The Lakers have a very nice lineup but other teams shouldn’t be afraid. They had a super stacked team in 03 and lost so it’s not impossible for OKC, SAN, MEM to take them out in the playoffs.

    • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

      let me explain how that “super stacked tam worked”. As you are probably aware, the super stacked team was formed of Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’neal, Karl Malone and Gary Payton. Kobe and Shaq: feuding. Kobe: injured Shaq: injured Malone: old and injured

      They advanced to the Finals

      • Belizeboy says:

        The main stars still have injury problems and with the way the west is now compared to then, I wouldn’t (as of right now) predict the same outcome or better for LAL. If they are 100% come playoff time then let’s talk.

      • Pamela says:

        And lost in the Finals when Malone went down… Feud trivial it’s how we roll in Los Angeles.

      • Agree with Belizeboy – I don’t think this Lakers team’s bench is good enough. There’s little point having the best starting five in the league if your bench can’t back it up, which has been the issue in LA for several years now.

  48. haha says:

    “We got Pau for virtually nothing” haha Kwame Brown BURN