Gasol Wins Big In Howard Deal, Too

Christmas comes early for Kobe Bryant this year, what with this special delivery from Santa’s summer home in Florida of Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard.

Oh, and a hearty Feliz Navidad to Pau Gasol as well.

Gasol won’t be relocating. He doesn’t have to play center anymore. And he and Bryant can start rebuilding their interpersonal chemistry that took a beating last season.

Now, admittedly, the arrival of a superstar big man who averaged 20.6 points, 13.4 field-goal attempts and 10.6 free-throw attempts with a 26.1 percent usage rate is going to require some offensive adjustments from Gasol. But so did the Lakers’ shift in emphasis last season to Andrew Bynum, who got off shots nearly as frequently as Howard, lacking only the hack-a-Dwight opportunities from the line.

Gasol gets to exploit his mismatches against many power forwards, without being subjected to the pounding of post play and cross-traffic in the lane. He’ll have Steve Nash organizing the offense, which will go down easier than Bryant dribble-dribble-dribbling for 18 seconds. Mostly, though, Gasol gets to stay, not only contributing to the Lakers’ stunning new front line but also benefiting from it.

Bryant has to know that, too. As focused as he might be – and surely Laker fans are – on their team’s new toys, Howard and Nash, this all looks better, makes sense and sparks excitement because L.A. manages to retain Gasol.

All along, Bryant has maintained that his repeated blisterings of Gasol, so heated, so public, are intended to motivate and focus his Euro teammate. It’s supposed to be, well, Jordan-esque in that way, like His Airness goading Steve Kerr or Luc Longley for something. It even has gotten results at times. Bryant knows and appreciates Gasol’s hoops IQ, he just believes Pau’s pilot light burns low.

Still, it never has suited Gasol’s style. And aside from some expressed empathy from Bryant when Gasol’s name got bandied about in trade rumors, the chastisings and Bryant’s volume shooting led to a bigger gulf between them last season than at any previous point in their five seasons together.

Now the spotlight is on Howard and Nash. The expectations never change in Lakersland — win big now — but the two newbies will be shouldering most of them.

Bryant, meanwhile, can look around him and see that Lamar Odom is gone, Derek Fisher is gone, Bynum is gone too. The one teammate who has been around for all three Finals trips and both championships since 2008, the one guy who — with his contributions certainly and through all the drama that comes with life in Staples Center — has had Bryant’s back has been Gasol.

So it was nice when Bryant told reporters in Spain a couple weeks ago about Gasol: “As long as I’m there, he’s going to be there.”

It’s even better that Gasol will be around to enjoy whatever success Howard and Nash and all the new dynamics bring, rather than being the piece that helped provide them.


  1. C says:

    Laker fans are so spoiled and ignorant. Yes it’s going to be interesting to see how they actually turn out. If they don’t win this year or come close Howard is gone. Nash is washed up and Kobe is not far behind….also Kobe really is not a good leader. Never has been. This lakers team may turn out to be great. Not saying it will not, but Howard statistically is not much better then Bynum was this year. Howard really isn’t that great on offense either. That being said we will just have to wait and see how the chemistry turns out. Nash is only effective having the ball in his hands and so is Kobe… who will have the ball????

    Kobe got five rings because he rode Shaqs coat tail for 3 and Lakers get just about what ever players they want. The last two rings were more so because of the effectiveness of Odom and gasol…maybe Bynum for a few minutes. Not because the Lakers had the best scoring guard in a league in a league over flowing with Shooting guards.

  2. Deng & Gibson says:

    August 13, 2012 at 12:16 am
    For those of you askking….The Lakers bench will consist of
    1. Steve Blake
    2. Chris Duhon
    3. Andrew Goudelock
    4. Jodie Meeks
    5. Darius Morris
    6. Antawn Jamison
    7. Earl Clark
    8. Jordan Hill
    9.Devin Ebanks
    9. Robert Sacre (Unsigned draft pick)
    10. Darius Johnson-Odom (Unsigned draft pick)
    This is an upgrade considering Antawn Jamison averaged more points by himself in Cleveland than the entire Lakers bench combined in 2011-12 season.
    Now here’s the Lakers bench of the 2011-12 season
    1. Matt Barnes
    2. Christian Eyenga
    3. Steve Blake
    4. Devin Ebanks
    5.Andrew Goudelock
    6. Josh McRoberts
    7. Troy Murphy
    8. Darius Morris
    compare for yourself.


    yea I am laker fan but the Lakers do not have a three point shooter at the SF.
    I say trade Pau and Artest while they have market value for Deng and Gibson from the Bulls! This way the Lakers actually save money too.

  3. 2004lakers the return says:

    Well as you can see this is the same situation as 2004 ( injured Malone = injured dwight ; old payton = old nash ; Oneal >>Gasol ) considering Oneal is a lot,lot better than Gasol and Kobe is aging and the most factor is dandararandandan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no Phil Jackson!!! …. mike brown is a kid compared to Phil hehehe

    Conclusion: Dont expect too much!!!!! this will be 2004 again!!! remember 2004 lakers was almost beaten by the Spurs if only the shot of Fisher missed….and the Pistons crushed them to pieces….

    2004 == 2012

  4. AnonymousMouse says:

    LOL. I see some Miami Heat fans starting to cry foul.

  5. Bersem says:

    Really bad idea for Grant Hill : wrong LA for him ;-p

  6. lbj I.D.I.O.T Fan says:

    Miami heat is the best!!! Why not Miami Heat vs. the world on 2016????? Lebron James for President!!!! 😀

  7. bob says:

    Nash will be the floor general on this team kobe needs to sit back and let him do his thing, he’ll get his touches too.

  8. lakersfan says:

    Shaq was never a “leader” except in points and boards for awhile…. he had no ability to lead a locker room…. Kobe demands respect on merit of his godly scoring numbers, his 5 rings, his 4 or 5 all star MVPS, 2 Olympic golds, and his ability to communicate with players…… his communication hasn’t always been the best team ball but its gotten him to 7 championship games and 5 rings…… Nash bring a similar demand with similar IQ and a few MVPS but what Kobe does for Nash is BACK him up….. Nash hasn’t won it he doesn’t know what its like to win big either…. Kobe is help for Nash as much as Nash is for him…. And when Kobe is surrounded by TALENT he doesn’t ball hogg….. Look at the Olympics Bejing and London and look at his all star game numbers…… when your not surrounded by scoring talent and your like kobe or jordan you score PERIOD…. I love how Kobe gets all this ball hogg hating when other than ONE season in his WHOLE career Jordan was ten times worse and only won one more ring than Kobe so far haha….

  9. Hi says:

    Why feed LBJ? He’s clearly trolling/joking but no one can see past that, it’s sad that you guys think he’s being serious and even react to the comments. Regardless, the Lakers have no pure 3 pt shooters besides Kobe to spread the floor. Metta, Pau, and Dwight will guard the rim nicely but they will have problems defending teams like the Heat bc of consistent 3 pt shooing ( seen in OKC 4-1 defeat in the Finals with Battier, Miller, Cole, and now Ray Allen from behind the arch) and then players who can score in the paint (Bosh, LBJ, Wade). Multiple scoring options. Furthermore, hard to say Dwight is more effective than Bynum in scoring but he’s a better defender undoubtelty. Is this difference really going to make the Lakers an all of a sudden championship contender? Who knows, plus how effective is Nash under the princeton offence? It looks good on paper not in reality

  10. JDish says:

    Why not reduce the number of teams in the NBA. That would probably make a it a better finantial situation in general for the NBA by having less cost going out to those basement dwelling small market teams and making the competition way more tighter. Maybe a sixteen team spread (eight teams per confr.) where teams will play each other more often.

    Sonics (previously Kings)


  11. JDish says:

    Ok so the Lakers now boast 3-4 star NBA players.

    pg Nash
    sg Kobe
    sf Artest (I can’t get used to Metta Wor…whatever)
    pf Gasol
    c Howard

    Every small market team in the NBA must be crying themselves to sleep every time a superstar player decides to go to a large market ,,, err more popular/media atracting/bigger stage/more money… team rather than a more humble small market setting. Real sad when large market teams are the beneficiaries of the small market team curse.

  12. Tito says:

    unquestionable leadership! LOOOOOOOL!

  13. Phil Jackson says:

    Pau showed ….how poor performance can also help
    Poor performance = less trade value = place in LA 🙂

  14. GAM says:

    Lakers have D12 and Nash, so they need to win this next season. Also, the bench players are improving you have Jamison that can shoot 3pt. and jump-shot, Earl Clark, the 6’10 and can also shoot 3pt, Jodie Meeks, consistent in 3pt. line, and Jordan Hill, the rebounder!!!! these guys are better than the last season bench players of Lakers.

  15. Kobe Fan says:

    I Love it.. this always happens doesn’t it? Lakers and their fans getting scrutinized because of the bold moves. We have arguably the best lineup in the league right now in:

    PG: Steve Nash
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    SF: Metta World Peace
    PF: Pau Gasol
    C: Dwight Howard

    And off the bench we have scorers like Meeks and Jamison, hustle guy to play D Jordan Hill, and i’m not crazy on the rest of the bench but still they have a shot at being solid, which is all they need with already a very darn good 8 man rotation. We’ll see how it plays out in 2013

    • lbj says:

      yah you have the best team like in 2004 shaq,kobe,payton,malone when they upset by detroit and it will going to happen against miami. LeBron is the king and will rule the league for 10 more years

    • op says:

      It’s not about scrutinize, it’s about all the franchises to have equal chances against one another and i don’t mean only from financial point. Remember 2002 Conference finals vs Kings, and how Webber and Co were robbed just ‘cos they were the smaller market, i mean look at the last 12 years, only the Spurs are a small market team that acheve it all, all others – Lakers, Miami, Boston, Detroit, Dallas are big markets which could offer basically anything…But Dallas missed on D-Will, Celtics, San Antonio and Detroit(here the rebuilding is showed at its best) slowly begin to rebuild with youngsters(Leonard, Neal, Blair in SA;Bradley,Green, Sullinger, Rondo is already a superstar in Boston; Knight, Monroe, Drummond is a question mark in Detroit), Miami was pretty bad after 2006 till the big 2+1 was formed…Look at the Lakers…first Gasol, then World Peace, Barnes, now Noward, Nash, Jamison(18 points a game are 18 points a game no matter what you gonna say) i mean they never miss in those deals…it’s kind of weird don’t you think

    • jawoparin says:

      Grrr..i really hate this, why lakers always get the good stuff?now they have an all-star lineup in their starters, two of them being former defensive player of the year awardees, while the other two being former league MVP’s, and even the bench has a former all star (jamison). grrr…no fair lakerland, no fair…

  16. op says:

    I think it’s not fair to all other franchises, i mean the Lakers always get the most dominant big men through the years- – Wilt, Kareem, Shaq, Bynum(he’s their draft credit for picking him up), now Howard, i think only the Knicks can match what LAL could offer-huge market, amazing opportunities for contracts with huge companies, but thre Knicks are sort of a “bad magic” because most of the time something is missing-GM, coach, needed franchise player, lack of luck, etc., so the big names always go to LALA land because no one could offer what the Lakers can…..:(

  17. ChiBulls says:

    Well whatever the case, my god that is a scary team LA has now. Adding Nash AND Howard to the line up. Its like the Shaq trade all over again, and well we know the rings that added. The heat also added ray allen but I really don’t think they have the size (Pau + howard omfg) to beat LA should they meet in the playoffs. I can’t wait for next season, Drose for a healthy recovery!

  18. ryan says:

    Hey all fans off nba blogs…..where is the user “lbj’? HAHAHAHAHA that dumb loser kept insisting on every dwight howard related blog that he (dwight howard) would end up in miami for the last 3 months….on every blog this “lbj” would run their mouth on this stupid scenario….so where are you now??? HAHAHHAHAHA!!!!

  19. YeahRight says:

    i find it funny when somebody talks about kobe, so many haters pop up.hahaha maybe all of them are fed up of kobe’s chance getting another ring.hahaha

    One thing i observed about kobe’s style since he’s the player i grew up watching, is that you have to earn something in LA team or in a game before you will have his respect/trust on the court. Unfortunately a lot of kobe’s team last season inconsistently failed to do so especially bynum/sessions. I think kobe has a lot of respect of Nash and Howard’s game. If uv been watching the olympic games, Gasol was pretty impressive in his game which gave the USA team a scare for the gold.

    With the addition of a legit point guard and a dominant center all of these haters think “damn kobe another ring”. They know for a fact what kobe is capable of doing during a game. Gasol skills will also be fully be utilized. Good luck western conference. PEACE!

  20. Maleek says:

    The Lakers will be a force to reckon with this season, a few people have touched upon their bench, and rightfully so, however I feel with Duhon,Clark,Jordon Hill,Antwan Jamison,Steve Blake, Jodie Meeks,Matt Barnes, and rookies, with the potenial of signing Barbosa. Definitly this bench isn’t the best in the NBA but its not the worst. At least when Nash gets tired Duhon or Blake check in, Meeks for Kobe, Jamison for Artest or Pau, and Hill for Pau or Howard. So there’s life here, I personally think Lakers will win this year, Kobe is too much with Nash I wanna see Howard fit in tho. There a few other NBA teams who I think will do good this year as well. Suns- getting Beasley,Dragic,Scola Timberwolves-Love,Roy,Rubio Nets-Johnson,Williams,Wallace,Lopez Knicks-Anthony,Stodimere,Chandler and there pick ups, Heat-with more bench and experience. Denver- With Mcgee upcoming and Iggy and Lawson. OKC-who are hungry for tittle. Theres so much to look forward and watch. Hopefully we see This team play Triangle offense and stay together for at least another 4 years.

  21. Phil-J says:

    The LAKERS are old already but they will atleast give a good compitition to other teams…

  22. Phil-J says:

    Yes JerwinM the ball is round… Hope LAKERS can shoot a bit with their talents.. Let’s see nest season…

  23. clementi says:

    go lakers go

  24. AuZ says:

    I can’t wait for the season to begin!! I’d say it loud and clear, it’s SHOWTIME baby! This has got to be one of the greatest Lakers line-up in history. Put everything into the game minus the ego clash and you’ve got purple and gold winning it all next year. Matches to watch this season : LALvsMIA, LALvsNETS, LALvsOKC…. Predictably LAL>MIA..NBA’13.

  25. JerwinM says:

    this is what we called LETS GET IT ON!!! im xcited for the NBA next season…with the Thunder and Lakers teams to beat in West, but dont count out the Spurs yet…they still have the edge to beat the teams in West…Heat is still team to beat all in all…they are the defending…heat already got R. Lewis and R. Allen on their roster. Allen and Lewis still has hot hands in 3 pointers…so the 2012-2013 NBA Season is the games to watch…the ball is round, it can go anywhere…

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  27. Parthi says:

    Only if PJ comes back Lakers will win. You acquire many players you never will win. All these people can only be managed and molded to Win championsihps by PJ the Zen master. PEROID

  28. Come on guys !!!!!!!!! says:

    Everyone is talking about the big 3 for Miami and OKC and even putting the average age in our noses ,
    who are you guys foolin ? Beside LA’s big four there is only one big 3 in the NBA right now !
    GO Boston Celtics !!!

    Now that’ a big 3 !!! and as for Miami you know what they say payback is a…. yeah that’s right Celtics gone crush the Heat this time. And we go back oldshool Celtics-Lakers finals

  29. ezaj16 says:

    new players acquisition of the lakers are are unbeatable to complement the retained players from last season. On paper, they are pretty invincible. I think the crucial part of the organization is COACH MIKE BROWN, he needs to be on his toes to deal with this big stars. watch out for MWP, antawn jamison, jodie meeks!

  30. Ryan says:

    Lakers gained that title of team to beat in the West. Honestly though, they just say that to get attention, I mean, every year they change who is the best player in the game weekly. There is only one team to beat in the NBA and its the Heat, I only say that because they won it all. The Lakers should be the team to watch out for, because with what they have done right now, could vault them into the Finals and maybe another ring. I still think they should add one more good player for the veteran minimum, only because Jamison will be the only reliable consistent scorer off the bench. I was hoping that snagged Barbosa, that would have added speed to my team. Lakers are very well balanced and improved defensively in the paint. If the Lakers learn to play their roles and stay healthy, I don’t see why they can’t win it this year.

  31. Michael B. says:

    You are all crazy. Houston and it’s team of Power Forwards is going to win the title this year. With a PF to play EVERY position on the court, (Patty Pat is the new PG!) Houston will destroy all comers.

    Beware the Rockets this year.

    Now where is that damn crack pipe?

  32. PleaseRead says:


  33. BullFan says:

    Hey what hpnd to Bulls? Do they have any gas left without Rose? Or they running out of money to sign fresh talent?

  34. Azmain says:

    As much as I hate the Lakers, they are DEFINITELY the team to beat. Not just in the west but even the east. But let’s not get too excited. Can Dwight DramaQueen Howard handle the fact that this is Kobe’s team and not his? Hmmm… that’s a question. But still at the end of the day I’ll always cheer for my Knicks. Knicks 2012-2013 champs (I can hope can’t I?)

  35. LakersALLTHEWAY! says:

    Leggo LAKERS!! From kobe and Shaq.. to Kobe and Gasol.. Now Kobe, Gasol added Nash and Howard Wow!! Excited much to team.. Laker fan since kobe and shaq era 🙂

  36. op says:

    I think this year we’ll gonna se the rise of two franchises, the Lakers no doubt with their current tallent, but i think if Doug Collins pushes the right buttons with Bynum, the Sixers will really challenge Miami, because no one of the Heat could stop Bynum and if the young players(Holiday, Turner, Young) and the seasoned vets(J-Rich, Wright) find chemistry between Bynum and each other….Man look out for Phily….

  37. IMJANMARK says:

    yeah yeah, its gonna be 2004 all over again for the LAKERS!!! GO SPURS, HEAT & OKC!!!!

  38. bolbol says:

    FASTBREAK WITH 3 POinter team will kill LAKERS..thats for sure!!!

  39. Cleyred says:

    I’m not a Laker Fan but i think they got the BEST if not the ONLY big 4 in NBA today! I can’t see any teams that can match that DH12 and Pau combination upfront.. this is really scary for the other teams.

  40. benjie says:

    Lakers starting 5 is good but benchwarmers are really bad. Secondly no pure three pointers other than KOBE.
    So in a game of fighting giants the smaller teams draw big men out by shooting threes .we all so that in the heat finals and the olympic games which is only successful if you got players with 3 point skills.I wish you laker fans the best but your team is not complete without 3 pointers.

    • Josh says:

      Meeks, Jamison, Blake, Nash, Artest, and Kobe are all respectable 3 point shooters. The bench is a lot better than it was last year

  41. joshua gets buckets says:

    wtf are heat fans thinking? they got they’re big 2 and we got our big 4 so stop trollin haters…its gonna be LAL vs miami and lakers are gonna take it in 6 or 7 games

  42. gingers says:

    @the fish you are being really ignorant. Just because he was picked 55th in the draft doesnt mean he wont be good. Remember Manu Ginobili and Michael Redd were chosen late as well and they had good careers. Also the Kings have Isaiah thomas picked 60th and if he can keep improving every year then that would be another, just because you are picked low doesnt mean you cant become an important part of a team.

  43. specialfriedrice says:

    If this Lakers team dosnt beat the Bulls 72win, then they need to hang their heads in shame…4 hall of famers, in one teams starting line up is wrong, 30 teams 15 players a team and it clearly comes down down 2 teams…one that should be unbeatable…

    Would everyone stop saying Chris Bosh is big 3, he is a good player, thats it, he is not great, a superstar and not someone that you can build a team around and expect success…History dosn’t lie, Gasol, franchise player in Memphis and they built success around him, Kobe and the Lakers after being Shaq’s apprentice he too showed he could be the cornerstone of a franchise, Dwight Howard, showed the same ability to carry a team, Steve Nash, enough said, Dwyane Wade, tried and proven, Lebron James, could be teamed with high school kids and would still be competitve, then we get to Chris ‘i’m on the band wagon’ Bosh, is not a cornerstone player at all, just ask Toronto…

  44. Chris says:

    This is one serious team. Dwight and Gasol are huge inside, Metta is a good defender that sets solid picks, plus Kobe and Nash at the back court this has got to scare any team in the league. I don’t think there is any way the heat frontline can cope… also as strong as Lebron is he wont have such an easy time driving in a lane that has Dwight, Gasol and Artest. But it will be an interesting fight if they both make it to the finals. I expect the Thunder to be very angry this year and Durant might just have a banner year after his Olympic performance. Also, I would not count out the Knicks (as stupid as this may sound), Boston and Indiana to have a run at it. As for the west, clearly it’ll be LA and OKC. Clippers aren’t there yet and the Spurs… good but just over matched.

  45. LAL:P says:

    I am glad that Pau stayed even more glad kobe said that pau would stay as long as he is there 🙂
    I am a Lakers fan have been there in ups and downs, I really had a smile from ear to ear when I
    heard the howard trade. I just hope that coach Brown makes this happen I know it is impossible
    to put up with the chemistry from the start but I hope that in the playoffs they can be ready to claim
    the top spot! Also we need our bench to really work because super stars need rest and they need
    to make things work for us.

  46. Laker Fan says:

    Actually only BIG 2 there in MIAMI
    but BIG 5 (Nash-Kobe-Dwight-Pau-MWP) here in L.A.

    • Jomo says:

      sorry but it is only a big 4 in LA because of MWP. It is a big 3 in Miami. the only way you can make that comment is if you think MWP is better than one of the big 3 in Miami

  47. Genaro says:

    but too bad nt all of LAKER FANS gna be able to enjoy most of da games cuz not all of us have TIME WARNER CABLE

  48. jco says:

    kobe is a big joke to the nba!hahaha

  49. Tommohawk says:

    the only person on the Lakers team who I am actually excited for is Nash.

  50. jiEm Apurillo says:

    Stop this non sense !
    its goin to be OKC revenge next Season !

  51. Aditya says:

    California was good. I had a good time with my cousins. Some of my cousins and my Grand mother and grand father are coming to my house soon to stay with us. What have you been doing this summer. Usa basketball first exibitions game was couple or few weeks back.. I watched that. The olympics begins soon. I am watching that. . Looking forward to school and the Nba season and maybe nba pre season. I watch every Lakers game.maybe nfl season I look forward too. Lakers better play Championship basketball the coming season and playoffs or I will get very very very very very very very disapponted. i cheer loudly and celebrate when they win and play Championship basketball.. The espys was on wednesday I am watching that. Look forward to seeing you soon. On Thusday my dad ordered the Steve Nashes jersey. I am so so excited. I am so so so so so Steve Nash goes to the lakers. I hope lakers make more moves to improve the team. The Usa team play 1 more games before the olympics. I am watching that and the olympics. The lakers summer league began on friday. i have been watching that and i am still going to watch that. Only rookies and sophmores play in the lakers summer league.. From now on in Nba basketball i am only supporting the lakers. The lakers summer league got over last thursday. The olympics starts on Friday. I am watching most or all of the olympics. In the olympics the only sport that matter who wins or looses is basketball. I will get dissppointed if theyloose or is lossing but not extrememly disappointed when i do with the lakers. if they loose. I will cheer louldly and celebrate when they win or is winning. I will get up early or stay up all night for the the olympics. us basketball exibition got over yesterday. I watched the entire exibition. Now the Olympics and the Us basketball off to london for the olympics. Jamisons press conference and introducing him to the team was on wednesday or on thursday,. I am watching it I am extremely happy lakers got him. on thursday was the Nba and the lakers 2012–2013 schedule comes out. extremely excited. They are going to have a one hour show on Nba tv on it. I am extremely happy lakers got Dwight Howard. I watched his press conference and introducing him on my team lakers.

  52. Laker Nation says:

    The Lakers’s Big 4 is better than the Heat’s Big 3(If you count Bosh)

    Nash to Kobe to Gasol to Dwight #Unstoppable

    Laker Nation

    • Phil-J says:

      Let’s see who’s comment is correct next season… For all LAKER Haters, we are the underdog for next season and the HEAT and OKC has the upperhand. We will just try our best and use our very few talents. Please watch the LAKER games…

  53. Laker Nation says:

    Welcome to the Lakers Dwight!

    Pg:Steve Nash

    Sg:Kobe Bryant

    Sf: Metta World Peace

    Pf: Pau Gasol

    C: Dwight Howard

    Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, and Earl Clark

    2012- 2013 NBA Champions!!!


    • Laker Nation says:

      The Laker’s Big 4 is better than the Heat’s Big 3( if you count Bosh)

      Nash to Kobe to Gasol to Dwight #Unstoppable

  54. noyb says:

    Too bad the Clippers didn’t PU Bynum and Fischer along with Odom. They could still get Matt Barnes. That would have been interesting!

  55. David says:

    For those of you askking….The Lakers bench will consist of
    1. Steve Blake
    2. Chris Duhon
    3. Andrew Goudelock
    4. Jodie Meeks
    5. Darius Morris
    6. Antawn Jamison
    7. Earl Clark
    8. Jordan Hill
    9.Devin Ebanks
    9. Robert Sacre (Unsigned draft pick)
    10. Darius Johnson-Odom (Unsigned draft pick)
    This is an upgrade considering Antawn Jamison averaged more points by himself in Cleveland than the entire Lakers bench combined in 2011-12 season.
    Now here’s the Lakers bench of the 2011-12 season
    1. Matt Barnes
    2. Christian Eyenga
    3. Steve Blake
    4. Devin Ebanks
    5.Andrew Goudelock
    6. Josh McRoberts
    7. Troy Murphy
    8. Darius Morris
    compare for yourself.

  56. KareemAbdulyamom says:

    hey lets not be mean on the interweb ladies and gentlemen….
    we would never say these things in one anothers faces..

    KOBE PUT IN dAT wORK THO….there will never be another basketball player with a mentality like the mambas

  57. LakerNation says:

    Lakers big 4 chemistry wil be on point because dwight will only be on the low block with paul kobe will be on the wing and nash the head of operations. Metta world peace will have a great year defensively, i think all memebers of the lakers are hyped and ready to win that championship but there real test will be when they go on there first losing streak this season.

    • Parker says:

      M…….unquestionable leadership??? Are you serious or just another jealous Kobe hater. Do you think he got 5 rings with no leadership skills? The reason he shoots “isolation shots” is when the offense breaks down and the rest of the team has no movement and they just stand around and wait for Kobe to go 1 on 5. Dude learn/understand the game of basketball before you make idiotic statements. Kobe didn’t lose the OKC series that was a complete team effort (or lack there of). And with all due respect to Nash and coach Mike Brown, how many rings do those 2 have again, oh yeah right NONE!!!! Maybe if they both follow Kobe’s leadership on the floor they will get a ring or two.

  58. Suggarms says:

    Where the hell is “lbj’s” that dude is delusional like hell!! Lakers all the way here in the Philippines!

  59. nosaj says:

    team usa 15 mins of team chemistry. haha

  60. lakeshow2013 says:

    Haters gonna hate lol LAST PLAYOFFS the LAKERS can beat the thunder, have watched the series? No way can perkins guard dwight 1v1 DH12 is not overrated Perkins is the overated one, lol During lakers 3peat with shaq kobe can score 20+ with steve nash with him and that fix their problem of stagnant offense, because last season ALL OF THE TEAM knows that the ball will be at KOBE’s HANDS but this time AROUND nobody wiill know WHO will have the BALL and no more 3PLE or DOUBLE teams to my main man KOBE! They can beat the THUNDE and DEFINITELY MIAMI!

  61. EPIC PROPS says:


  62. rizz says:

    Actually their biggest competitor will be OKC. The reason is OKC has descent size down low with Perkins and Ibaka and they have speed and athleticism in Durant and Westbrook that is very hard for them to matchup against. Apparently not too many of the people who recently posted read my post as that explained a lot but Dwight Howard is a beast defensively. He’s the best rim protector in the league. Yeah Westbrook, Durant, LBJ, and Wade are going to get by Nash and Kobe but they are not and I repeat not getting by D12. He just gonna swat the ball into the third row night after night. Heat will get owned by Lakers in the Finals if they make it that far because they really struggle against big teams and D12 and Pau Gasol are going to have a field day against the Miami bigs not to mention those two will suffocate the driving lanes making it supremely hard for them to consistently finish at the rim. The Lakers basically erased any deficiencies they had last season. They upgraded in defense, offense, bench, 3 point shooting, pg, ball distribution, rim protection, athleticism, fastbreak. Good god this team is just so good right now. I know they have yet to play a game and a lot of questions remain but this team is basically as good as you can get on paper.

  63. MRP says:

    cant wait for 2013 season…. anti lakers fan… gudluck to ur team now….

  64. JR Flores says:

    Naahh.. Even the addition of Steve and Dwight, LA Lakers still mile behind the Heat and Thunder. I’ll still go for LB James team or K Durant. Chris Bosh can offset Dwight. It would still be Thunder and heat in NBA 2013 Finals..

    • Allan says:

      Bosh offset Dwight? Are you kidding me? What about Steve Blake offset Lebron?
      BTW, if you play Bosh at center, then who on the Heat team can guard Gasol? ok, you play Lebron at PF, then Pau has size advantage over him. Artest is going to roam free and no SF on Heat’s team is better than Artest besides Lebron , who is now playing PF.

      Kobe> Wade. Nash>Chalmers. Jamison, Meeks better than old Ray Allen with bad ankles / useless Rashard.

      Miami simply does not have enough STARS to matchup against a stacked Lakers team.

  65. NO NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!!!!! Lebron best player in the world not even close. At Kobe’s age dwade gets by him with his speed and strengh and as for bosh and paul I see about as even of a game as you can get. To me the x factor of the seris will be mario chalmers vs steve nash pick and roll.

  66. GO Jazz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. well when it come to the heat its gonna come down to who plays better Howard or Lebron. The lakers have no one who can handle Lbron and Vice Versa for head and Howard. If nash were in his prime still that pick and roll would have had the same effect as nash and stoudermire but will still be effective and u can pick and pop with gasol. However a lebron or wade pick and roll with bosh is also nasty if that is the finals though I still think OKC is the Best in the west, I give it to heat in six.

  68. Reggie says:

    They are over the top. Nash,Kobe,Metta,Howard and Pau.
    Bench. Blake,Ebanks, Meeks,Hill,Jaimison,Clake and whoever else…
    Lakers Championship….

  69. spurs fan says:

    Lakers is back on top right now they have a complete 1st five..a high IQ point guard steve nash and scoring machine kobe now the most dominant force in this era dwight howard although low IQ the only problem of the lakers is ther role player!Lakers is on top right now…sad to me as a diehard spurs fan i just see the west final thunders vs Lakers..we cant go back to the finals unless spurs will sign bigman to backup future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan plz sign andre Blanche plz… 😦

  70. Los says:

    I don’t see how this definitely puts them over the top. Coming out of back surgery, Howard isn’t miles above Bynum. Even if he was healthy Bynum’s still a better offensive player. It’s not a dramatic upgrade. Not to mention that before you can win the finals, you have to actually win your conference. Last time I checked the Thunder remain the team to beat. They’re young, skilled, deeper, and another year wiser after that loss in the finals. They have more than enough to go toe to toe with the lakers

  71. erick says:

    lets wait for the lakers and miami to have a face off game……


  73. mike poland says:

    funny how MJ won his rings with such a strong inside power in Longley, Wenninghton at C and Rodman…( dont get me wrong Dennis was very good defensive player but in offense??) while LAL are trying to give Kobe everything.. gasol, howard, nash…anyway Lakers will be strong but not a champions.. Howard is overrated and nash dont fit to this team if Kobe is around.. sorry

  74. Shady says:

    IF we screw up this season we gotta bring Brian Shaw as a head coach.

  75. jabie says:

    good trade lakers….GO GO GO!!!!!!cant wait for the next season…….darn too excited……

    C: Howard
    PF: gasol,
    SF: MWP,
    SG: bryant
    PG: nash,

  76. rizz says:

    Man o man the Lakers are surely gonna be a team to watch this upcoming season. Offensively D12 and Bynum are pretty close and they both average about the same amount of points with about the same amount of touches. What D12 really brings to the Lakers and what closes up the gaps from the addition of Nash is superior athleticism and defense. The addition of Nash opened up the Lakers to penetration from opposing players beating Nash off the dribble and getting to the rim. What better way to close that gap by trading for one of the best if not the best rim protectors in the NBA and 3 time DPOY D12. He will make it really tough for players like Westbrook, LBJ, Wade, and Durant from getting to the rim and making easy points. His athleticism will make a huge contribution as well since with the addition of Nash the Lakers will be running the fastbreak a lot more often and who better to lob it to then D12. I really don’t think many teams can really matchup with LA now.

    Against the Thunder LA has size and and now has a player who can match their intensity. Durant and Westbrook will still pose a problem but D12 will make it that much tougher for them to finish with easy buckets and make them work for their points. Nash will take a huge load off of Kobe so he can focus more on scoring instead of facilitating the entire game. Metta can continue to do what he does best and be a brut on defense. Jamison can be the scoring threat off the bench. Pau can be a nightmare against OKC setting up pick and rolls for Nash with D12 down low. Perkins could guard Bynum cause Bynum wasn’t very athletic but Perkins will really struggle against D12’s superior athleticism. D12 has size and power over Serge so that makes it tough for Serge to defend the rim against LA and to grab boards. We saw how close some of those games OKC won over L.A. last season but with the new lineup that really tips the scale in L.A.’s favor.

    Against Heat LA is just way too big and strong for them. We saw how Miami really struggles against size (Look at conference finals against Boston for example when an aged KG was killing them). With D12 down low they are really in for a treat. D12 will make it really really tough for LBJ and Wade to finish at the rim making him more of a jump shooter and we all know how bad LBJ is when he only has a shot to rely on. Look how tough Serge made it for LBJ and Wade and D12 is two times what Serge is. Yeah Allen will help spread the floor more to an extent but he’s not good at creating shots and with the inside being crowded with D12 and Gasol they won’t be able to dribble penetrate like they can with most other teams making Allen kind of irrelevant. Bosh can’t guard D12. LBJ with his strength and size can’t really guard D12 consistantly. Haslem can’t guard D12. This means they may have to resort to double teaming D12 which frees up everyone else and everyone else is Kobe, Nash, Gasol, and to a lesser extent Metta.

    The only issues of course with D12 is how will he recover from a back surgery. I think he will recover very well. I know everyone is hard at work making sure he recovers 100%. I think the best bet is don’t rush it make sure he is fully recovered before letting him play again even if he misses a few games. Another issue is how will the team chemistry be with these additions and tbh I think they will do very good. Kobe is approaching the end of his career and he knows it. He is more then willing to take the back seat and let the TEAM play it out as evidenced by his play in the Olympics. It also shows he is still not afraid to step up though when the game is on the line and that is what we need him to be. Nash will carry most of the facilitating burden but not all of it. Pau benefits greatly as he gets a true PG to run pick and rolls from and he gets a powerhouse in D12 to carry the burden down low. With the kind of players they got it’s not like anyone is going to be competing against each other to see who the man is. They all know it is still Kobe’s team and no one has a problem with that. I think L.A. is going to have a great season and I will be surprised if they don’t win it all.

  77. nouttaspace says:


  78. LakerBoy says:

    The only thing the lakers need to do is fire mike brown

  79. Aaron says:

    praying for a boston lakers trilogy in the finals please basketball gods give us one more

  80. Aaron says:

    I dont believe chemistry will be much of an issue with steve nash running point.

  81. 360fadewaydunk says:

    now they need a good coach


  82. j baller says:

    The lakers are trash, the heat is trash, BEAN all the way……….the lakers tried this before with karl malone, gary payton, shaq, and kobe didnt do jack then wont do jack now.

    • LakeShow4Life says:

      For you to compare the Lakers acquisition of an aging/declining Malone and Payton to acquiring DH12 (at 26) and the ageless wonder Nash simply shows that you are a moron. Mind you I am a Lakers fan but how could the NBA champions be trash short of blowing up the roster, which is clearly not the case for the Heat. If anything they are more dangerous after picking up some more shooters. Ultimately the Lakers will need time for everyone to find their ideal role but with Nash facilitating, Kobe scoring, MWP defending, DH12 rebounding and swatting shots and the most skilled Big Man in the NBA doing a little of everything the Lakers will be superior to the Thunder, Spurs and Nuggets and defeat the Heat for yet another banner in Staples.

    • The Fox says:

      Um…huh. Lakers didnt do jack when Shaq was there. Yeeeah. Um..Son? Lakers won 3 Championships with Kobe N Shaq. And Kobe won 2 more since, possibly another. Miami has won it twice including last season, and possibly more to come. Boston has only won it once since1985. And many of their players this year are on tail end of their careers. Not really sure if your smokin that BEAN or what.

    • Allan says:

      Don’t forget “didn’t do jack back in 03/04” means going all the way to NBA Finals…… Even with the very flawed aged addition back then, they nearly went all the way

  83. joe says:

    They will not like the heat back in 10-11 who struggled building their chemistry!
    Gasol and Nash will be like a Superstar Role Players, World Peace as their best lockdown defender, Dwight & Kobe will be the One Two Punch Offensively and Hill & Jamison will be the keys Off the bench. but I think they’re still missing one more piece a backup guard for kobe who can run and shoot the three, just my opinion…

  84. err yeah... says:

    Pau is Kobe’s Pippen.

  85. a|x says:

    lakers all set now, good pg, good sg, good pf, good c, decent sf all they need now is the chemistry

  86. baller33 says:

    c’mon steve show me a clip were kobe is dribblin’ the ball for 18 seconds,you exaggerate your opinion most of the time,be fair to kobe,all he wants to do is win,he may not be MJ but you cannot discount the fact that he is a WINNER!!Pau,Howard,Steve and Kobe is a lethal combination together with metta,jamison,jordan hill and just maybe leandro barbosa,but lets wait untll the season starts november

  87. richard says:

    Censored….oh, yes , thank you..i’m all right, no mindself discussion for now.

  88. bball says:

    Other than the lakers, the 76ers were the big winner. They got rid of AI who is a great player, but they got Andrew Bynum and J Rich. GO SIXERS!!!!!!!!!

  89. yuann says:

    cant wait 🙂

  90. Santa says:

    Drooling over Nash-Howard pick-n-rolls.

  91. makoy says:

    it will be a bigger pressure for steve nash to orchestrate in the best of his ability to make kobe, howard, and gasol happy… nash will be the key point for the Lakers success this 2013 season….

    • Petshop says:

      This might be true,i remembered when PHX tried slowing down their offence with shaq at middle at Terry Porter as. Nash struggled mightily. Lets see how Kobe does with a balanced offence with nash on point. I mean sure his numbers will go down but i think not that much but Pau i feel great for him for having an outside shot Nash is good with those type of big men. I hope thye get used to Princeton Offence fast and please dont slow the tempo. Im not a lakers fan but i want nash to get a shot at a title.

  92. Black Mamba says:

    Black Mamba and Superman unstoppable

  93. Black Mamba says:

    Black Mamba Rules

  94. The Black Mamba says:

    Now people will want to bing their talants to LA

  95. Kobe Rules says:

    Yo Dwight Howard

  96. Kobe Rules says:

    I totally agree with LAL Biggest Fan

  97. LAL Biggest Fan says:

    The lakers big 3 Nash, Kobe, and Dwight are better than Heats big three and thunders big three

    • Joe says:

      Let’s not forget Gasol. He is better than Bosh so I guess you might say lakers big 4 if you are going to say miamis 3. Only one I would give credit to from miami being better than anyone you would compare to on the lakers big 4 right now is Lebronze.

    • The Fox says:

      Miamis big three, Bosh, James & Wade: average age: 28.7
      Lakers big three, Bryant, Howard, Nash: average age: 33.0
      OKC’s big three, Durant, Harden, Westbrook: average age: 23.7
      Better then the Heat? Really? Better then OKC? Really? Hmm, yeah, right, ok, sure.

      • stfu says:

        The Fox: you need a hobby. All these hater comments you have on here, imagine if you spent all that time on doing something productive lol

  98. Great Dane says:

    Lakers v Heat in NBA Finals. Will be interesting to see how they match up against Miami now that the Heat have Ray Allen.

  99. ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!! says:


  100. forkeeee says:

    cant wait for the season to begin were going to crush the mavericks.

  101. dwight howard says:

    L.A baby

  102. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t it seem like when the Lakers accumulated all the stardom in the NBA with Malone and Peyton just to get defeated by the Pistons? With so many stars in a team, the egos collide… certainly a bad omen for chemistry.

  103. YXZ says:

    I’m a MIami fan, but the Lakers by bringing Nash and Howard is a scary good team. The Lakers will surely get past OKC in the playoffs and the Heat-Lakers NBA Finals should be one for the ages. Team chemistry might be a problem in the first maybe 20 games into the regular season for the Lakers, but I see them clicking on all cylinders in the playoffs (they just got 2 much talent).
    Nothing that The King, a fully-fit D-Wade, Bosh and added depth (especially R. Allen) can’t handle though! BTW Orlando really has turned into the Charlotte Bobcats with the worst trade I’ve ever seen in any sport.

  104. jim says:

    lakers lose in the first round of the playoffs. kobe still cant share and when the lakers need a basket late in a game and when howard takes that shot, kobe will get mad. when kobe takes that shot then howard will be mad. they both cant share. nash will be frustrated all season long that he wont be able to do what he does best and thats control the ball, plays, and the team basically. too much friction will surely lead to a horrible season for the lakers

  105. Post-up Baseline FTW says:

    GO OKC!!!

  106. Maura says:

    I don’t think this year Howard will dominate the center.
    Remember he just came from his famous surgery. Good luck lakers.

  107. Marquis says:

    the Lakers should win it all, whos going to stop Dwight and Gasol, surely not the heat, but it will take some time to get use to the new pieces.

  108. Thane Larson says:

    @Jay-R. If you didn’t know, the Lakers signed Antawn Jamison in the offseason coming off the bench. That is a type of bench player the Lakers need. Plus our regular spark plugs in jordan hill and darius morris. Look for Johnson-Odom to get some quality minutes off the bench to give Kobe rest.

    • Bira says:

      Jodie Meeks for 3

    • The Fox says:

      Is there another Odom I dont know about? Or is everyone smokin and thinks he still plays for the Lakers? Oh, hes a rookie. Picked 55th. Yeah, watch out for HIM! Pshh!

      • white gorilla says:

        the fox love those comments keep them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rocket33 says:

        I watched Johnson-Odom a few times in college last year. He’s far from garbage. Don’t forget Manu Ginobli was picked 57th in ’99. Isaiah Thomas was picked 60th last year and look how he played. Getting picked high doesn’t mean success, see Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison and a list so long I’ll never be able to get them all. For all we know, Johnson-Odom might be this year’s steal in the draft.

  109. Nick says:

    Now that Howard is in L.A. he can take off his superman outfit and join the AVENGERS

  110. Champion24 says:

    kobe is like “gasol is not going anywhere” they have been to wars together for many years and the nba finals. seeing lamar,fish, and other contributors go was tough for kobe but keeping pau was huge!

  111. RosstheBoss says:

    I hope Dwight Howard can embrace a Bill Russel montra and tone down his offense so others can maximize their strengths (Pau Gasol) and embrace his greatest attribute (defense) and become the backbone of multiple titles on one of basketball’s greatest stages.

  112. belizean laker says:

    The talk was no more rings for kobe well lets say this out loud,( its is hard to repeat as champions in the nba) Bynum is a good player, but what he lack was consistancy now d12 brings that everyday, my main concern is kobe approach to this season i and everyone know that it is still his team, but what i would suggest to kobe is to step back and let the team game take him to his six ring, he is the mamba so all in all mr bryant be a good host and let your team go out and help create your lagacy cause you are the great kobe, one way ticket to southbeach ,okc daddy is home.

  113. Sosay says:

    gasols there for now……. until they trade him to minneosta for kevin love.

    • Troy says:

      the lakers no some how they will get Kevin Love for Metta world peace and Minny will be happy about it

      • Bret says:

        Love for MWP? What are you smoking? The only Laker Minny is interested in Gasol, but they’re not going to give up Love to make that happen, not with Gasol’s age and salary. This comment is about as stupid as lbj’s constant barage about DH going to Miami.

      • The Fox says:

        Amen Brotha Bret!

  114. JBOO says:

    Lets see Davis Stern block this one

  115. Amitpal says:

    Boy okc is sure happy they kept Kendrick Perkins. This trade doesn’t really help them bear okc. Okc still doesn’t have to double team them, no one can guard russel Westbrook or Durant or harden for all that matters. I still have okc winning it all. But if lakers do find a way to beat okc, then they can easily beat heat. 4-2 in the finals against heat. U heard it hear first folks.

    • Lake Show says:

      And btw… who the heck does the Heat have to struggle through in the playoffs? Aging Boston with one of their big 3 running to Miami? Chicago with D Rose coming back from injury? (mad respect for Rose though, wish he could be better sooner), Orlando no where in the picture anymore, Hawks also rebuilding, and either of the unproven NY/Philly teams? Lol. I’d be more scared to face Pop and the Spurs, OKC, Grizz, Denver with iggy added, the up and coming Timberwolves(maybe not this season but they got a bright future if they can add pieces) and crosstown rivals revamped, the clippers. The Heat better be in the Finals with that weak competition. Which will make the Lakers an even greater champion then the Heat if they win it all the way.

    • DR says:

      Dwight guards Westbrook and Harden with his defensive presence in the middle. All they can do is drive, and he’s drivers bane. Also Kobe can guard either Westbrook or Harden and has done so on numerous occasions, shutting the one he’s guarding down. And lol at not double teaming. All they did was double team Kobe last year and leave Sessions open. Now it’s Nash and he’ll hit the three. If not Nash, then Dwight who’s unguardable 1 on 1. OKC doesn’t stand a chance at all.

  116. LA Fan says:

    PG: Nash
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Jamison
    PF: Gasol
    C: Howard

    Head Coach: Jack Nicholson(Hahaha)

    • Bira says:

      MWP and Howard for starters they are essential for deffense. Nash and Gasol do little deffense Meeks, Jamison and Hill leading the bench ideally

  117. Amitpal says:

    This is another steal for the lakers. An already good defensive team gets the 3 time defensive player of te year. Dwight compliments this team better then Andrew did, he makes them more athletic and now Nash has someone to lob to. I still think dwight should have gone to okc but ow well. He can win 2 rings now and cry about it later when Kobe Nash and gasol all retire. But then again this is the lakers and they some how always finds ways of getting good players for cheap. One example pau and Howard.

  118. Jay-R says:

    Can I just ask, who is the Lakers bench amidst all of this trading they’ve been doing? Everyone is hyping up the Lakers for success where as past Big 3s have always had the concern of who’s coming off the bench with the exception of OKC who left one of their 3 there. Now I understand Lakers with the additions of Howard and Nash are a Big 4, but the question I ask is the same as that facing the Big 3’s: how will their bench hinder the Big 4?
    I can see little production coming from that part of the team and even facing up against the bench of Miami in a potential finalist from the East their bench will no doubt suffer, but more specifically in the Western Finals where the bench of their likely opponents OKC stands in their way, the bench could prove to be large baggage!

  119. Chris says:

    Thats a squad right there.. SMH Ima Heat Fan and this should be a great Battle of the heavy weights

    • kpanteram says:

      you are not a heat fan. heat fans are not real. heat fans are all bandwagonning front running drones. you have no right to an opinion.

      • Janice says:

        We have every right to say something. Stop being a hater. Go HEAT!!!

      • The Fox says:

        Really kpanteram? Really? The guy says hes a Heat fan and in the same breath shows mad respect for another team, and he has no right to an opinion? You sir are a moron with a worthless opinion. How does THAT feel? Hurts a little doesnt it? Make you mad? It should. Serves you right.

      • Common Sense says:

        Be careful. The only fans that are considered bandwagoners as much as Heat fans are laker fans. And we’re talking about the lakers here. Also NOTE what THE FOX says. This was a respectful comment that you badmouthed. You are officially marked as a stupid Bandwagon Laker fan. And by the way, anyone on the west coasts knows that about 60% of Laker fans fit your exact description “

  120. ChrisBrown says:

    I thought it was only possible in NBA 2k but wow this is it! I hope to see a good and exciting season and the match-up between Lakers and Miami would be epic also with Lakers and Thunder! go lakers!

  121. AM MARTINEZ says:

    with all these moves the Lakers are once again power house of the west no doubt !!

  122. Elan Avery says:

    Lakers baby!!

  123. TTKIN says:

    The Lakers Big 4 will all see their numbers drop but that’s because there are only so many touches. same thing happened to Boston’s Big 3 when they joined. The Lakers look fantastic right now, but I am still not 100% sold. They need to get that backup SG theyve been looking for all summer. Better go get him quick too cuz the free agents are slipping away to other teams.

    • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

      Boston’s Big 3 won a CHAMPİONSHİP in the first year, is that not satisfactory or something? Anyway, the Lakers just signed Jodie Meeks, who is decent I guess

  124. atatna says:

    good luck to NASH hope he wins a ring, he deserves it. DH? NO.

  125. Cup Cakes!!!!!! says:

    this is rocks man. like french toast with butter and syrup. its gonna be lakers vs nets next finals. and as long as they stay togerther it will be like my kind of love – like the kind that moves on, like the knd that leaves me alone. like a crown of thorns!

  126. david says:

    its a great day in la

  127. kobe4life says:

    know all the lakers need to do is to get rid of josh mcroberts since thry have pau, dwight, jordan hill and antwan jamison. they should also get rid of devin ebanks, christian eyenga and andrew goudelock since they are not very good. then they might have enough money to sing learndo barbosa and joddie their bench would consist of learndo barbosa, jordan hill, antwan jamison, jodddie meeks, darius morris, steve blake, darius johsnon odom and robert sacre and then if they could keep that team together until kobe or nash retires then they keep winning champioships until nash or kobe retires

    • The Fox says:

      Oh my lord dude. ODOM WAS GONE A YEAR AGO! Hes with the CLIPPERS now. The OTHER LA team. jodddie meeks? darius morris? darius johsnon? robert sacre? Who are these guys? Ive never heard of them. Jordan Hill? I think Ive heard of him. Are their names even spelled right? If your gonna brag about your favorite teams bench warmers at least know how to spell their names son!

      • The Fox says:

        So after further research I have come to realize that the lakers have a rookie named Johnson-Odom. So I retract that part of my statement. However, he was picked 55th in the draft. And your naming him as a guy to be reckoned with strengthening the laker bench? Really? Really? Rookie picked 55th? Laker Fans…Lord Help Us

      • C'sFan34 says:

        He’s not even talking about lamar odom, he talking about darious johnson-odom. They got him in the draft if you watched it. He also spelled all the names rights and most casual nba fans don’t know about those guys but they are actually ok players.

      • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

        Darius Johnson-Odom and Robert Sacre aren’t players to be taken into account for a championship run, the 55th and 60th picks are generally not very promising. Okay to be fair, Sacre is 7 feet but we have yet to see either of them play. That aside, McRoberts and Eyenga are gone as “kobe4life” suggested. Goudelock has the potential but lack of playing time to become a good player. As for Jodie Meeks, I’m slightly surprised you haven’t heard of him. Decent shooting guard, he is signed and will play behind Kobe Bryant. And don’t you dare call Jamison (who was signed by the Lakers), Jordan Hill (who is still a Laker) and Barbosa (who wasn’t signed yet, I believe) bench warmers. That’s just plain stupid and ignorant.

    • down_tothe_wire says:

      Do u not pay attention to the entire trade talks? The rookies arnt going to help out as much compared to the other 2 players we got in the trade also. We got a young Chris Duhon to run the offense behind Nash. With Blake at the 2 guard for his good shooting. Ebanks is versatile enough to back up Mettas spot. We also got Earl Clark for the 4 b/c of his length. and Hill rounds us out at the 5. So the rookies can play the last two spots available on the bench and get more experience at the game. Clark is a good fit b/c he played w/ Howard and Duhon in Orlando and He played with Nash for a season in Phoenix.

  128. MAjorPAyne says:

    Now…if this is finalized…all other 29 NBA teams have different poisons they don’t want to pick…It’s SHOWTIME

  129. BFoulds says:

    Pau Gasol finally gets to show what he’s there for!

  130. scott the magician says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i have to laugh because im so excited!!!
    this is awesome, so awesome.
    people are blabbing about chemistry but forget the boston big3 that won a title in their first year together. this is all veterans (even 26 yr old superman due to no college)..they will blend very quickly and CRUSH the league this year. this is just awesome!!!!

  131. pabloxx says:

    LETS GO LAKERS!! lets go pau!! pau was way better than dwight in 2009 nba finals, he might not be that great at the moment but he is still the most skilled big man, and watch his 3s this season! vamos pauuu!

  132. Arturo says:

    Gasol is so talented player that the Lakers has done well for not let him go…. I love watching a guy with so many low-post movements, even not he is not the strongest man in the earth…. Laker will win again the NBA championship

  133. Travis says:

    This is a great trade for the Lakers!

  134. DropinKnowledge says:

    Well said, now its just a waiting game to see if the chemistry is there to make all that happen.

  135. yo says:

    Lakers win it all 2013

    • BAD DEAL FOR LAKERS!! says:

      don’t underestimate the HEAT! The addition of DH is only a lil upgrade for the Lakers since Steve Nash trade. With the back injury, Bynum is just as good as Howard if not better right now. Besides, This upgrade will only last until January, not enough to a Title next season. Until then, the Lakers will actually lose both Bynum and Howard. They’ll be lucky if the even get to the playoffs. Hopefully Gasol will step up and if the connect, Kobe and Nash can also get the Lakers through, but definitely not all the way to win a title.

      • Parker says:

        “The upgrade will only last till January”, what are you talking about moron. They have Dwight til the end of next season. And the odds are once Dwight gets a taste of playing on a first rate team, and the LA lifestyle he will resign for many more years to come. Dwight’s back will be fine and he will be dominating the league now more so than ever. And you can’t actually think the Laker’s won’t makle the playoffs, your not that delusional are you??? The Lakers have only missed the playoffs a couple times in 30 years. You need to stop doing drugs cuz its rotting what little brain cells you have left stupid.

      • Lakersfan says:

        You are funny, before you make that comment you should wait and see, until then shut your pine hole. all you Lakers haters are so affraid what the Lakers Are going to do to your teams, and did the heat won the title the first year James played with them, and Like it or not the Lakers are much better team, with the new pieces they have now, not just the starters the bench is alot better now. GOOOOOOO LAAAAAAKEEEEEEERSSSSSS.

      • Lakers says:

        This Guy sounds like Skip Bayless.

    • Acerider says:

      I doubt it. Look what happened in Miami a few years back. Three great players and no chanpionship. Great players have to learn how to be a TEAM. Michael Jordan couldn’t win a championship until he finally learned that.

  136. Krespıno says:

    Howard should accept Kobe’s unquestionable leadership, which is doubtful that he will.

    • m says:

      unquestionable leadership? he has none. shooting every possession in an isolation isn’t leadership. he blew the okc series himself. I hope that both kobe and dwight shut up and listen to the coach and nash.

      • two says:

        lol you mad we gon beat you next year

      • Parker says:

        M…….unquestionable leadership??? Are you serious or just another jealous Kobe hater. Do you think he got 5 rings with no leadership skills? The reason he shoots “isolation shots” is when the offense breaks down and the rest of the team has no movement and they just stand around and wait for Kobe to go 1 on 5. Dude learn/understand the game of basketball before you make idiotic statements. Kobe didn’t lose the OKC series that was a complete team effort (or lack there of). And with all due respect to Nash and coach Mike Brown, how many rings do those 2 have again, oh yeah right NONE!!!! Maybe if they both follow Kobe’s leadership on the floor they will get a ring or two.

      • The Fox says:

        Yes Kobe has leadership skills, but Kobe also has ball hogging skills. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. With new additions this year, there is no room for ball hogging. As much as I have disliked the Lakers over the years and as much as I now detest Dwightmare, they are going to be the team to beat in the West. Like it or not you have to respect their talent. Go Blazers! (Well, at least in 3-4 years)

      • pakyaw says:

        i agree…Kobe never been a leader on his team…like i said before here,when Shaq left, Fisher took that leadership role…

      • Rocket33 says:

        Mike Brown will find himself in a similar position to that of Erik Spoelstra. Title or Unemployment line. The only difference will be that he won’t have Pat Riley watching him ready to step in after any slip-up during the season. You just wonder, with Nash on board, if somebody like Mike D’Antoni’s name will come up. And we all know young Kobe grew up a fan of his in the Italian league.

      • DropinKnowledge says:

        Wow. Mark M down as not knowing what he’s talking about.

    • lbj says:

      lakers had a very bad deal! we all know that howard will not sign an extension to lakers. after his contract he will go to miami as a free agent bec he wants to play with the king to win a ring.

      PG: Wade
      SG: Allen
      SF: James
      PF: Bosh
      C: Howard

      6th man: Battier
      Strong Reserve: Chalmers,Cole,Lewis,Miller and Juwan Howard

      2 peat back to back championship

      • TTKIN says:

        That means Dwight will be signing for tops, 1.5 million a year.

        The Lakers will be offering about 20 million a year.

        Good luck with that troll.

      • Lol says:

        Hahaha! You’re a funny 12yr old kid… And you would think Howard wanted to be with the Heat? Besides the Heat can’t afford Howard, its too much shame to bear if Dwight decides to join the already star-studded Heat. Every player in the NBA has pride, if there weren’t then expect Lebron joined Kobe with the Lakers two seasons ago.

        You Heat bandwagoners should accept that there is no way Heat can beat the Lakers now:

        Bosh vs Howard = Howard wins
        Gasol vs Haslem = Gasol wins
        James vs Worldpeace = James wins
        Wade vs Kobe = Kobe wins
        Nash vs Allen/Chalmers = Nash wins

        And I am not even a Lakers fan…

      • J says:

        WTH.. Strong reserve is Juwan Howard.. Lol..

      • Lifelongfan83 says:

        sounds good but the heat can’t afford anybody else that’s goin to require a double diget contract for the next few lol….nor are the heat willing to pay the luxury taxes that my lakers have clearly shown we don’t give a rats azz about as long as championships (multiple) are the end result….LMFAO