Report: Howard To Lakers In Mega-Deal?

A four-way mega-trade that, once and for all (well, for a while), ends our long, national Dwightmare? Or just more smoke and speculation?

It’s hard to tell but the four-team trade that has been discussed, according to Yahoo! Sports, to move Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers packs both intrigue and the prospect of all four participants – L.A., Denver, Philadelphia and Orlando – gaining something worthwhile. Or salvaging something, anyway.

Here are the broad strokes of a deal that “is not considered imminent, but the talks have grown serious over the course of this week,” wrote Adrian Wojnarowski, citing unnamed sources:

  • Howard and Denver forward Al Harrington would go to the Lakers.
  • Philadelphia guard Andre Iguodala would become a Nugget.
  • Lakers center Andrew Bynum would join the Sixers (who would try to entice him to stay beyond the final season on his contract).
  • Lakers forward Pau Gasol and Denver guard Arron Afflalo would head to Orlando. The Magic also would get draft picks in the package and salary-cap relief.

The major either/or component of this version of the latest Howard machination? It still was possible, according to the leaks, that Gasol could go to Philadelphia and Bynum to Orlando, though the Magic might better like their chances of flipping Gasol in a subsequent move.

Instant winner? The Lakers, of course, because they would get the best player in the deal and still have a three-headed star monster of Howard, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash.

But it would be hard to term any of the other three clubs a loser. The Sixers are ready to say goodbye to Iguodala. Afflalo-Harrington doesn’t seem too pricey for the Nuggets. And the Magic would get multiple assets in what might be a better combination than they’re likely to see.


  1. W/E says:

    bad trade, Bynum and Gasol are gunna be so much better with steve nash running the offense,it would be fine if Gasol would stay with the lakers but giving both players for D12 is not good for the team,i think the right thing to do is to ignore Howard and the magic for now and wait until he becomes a free agent and let him chose the team he wants,clearly u cant trust D12 and it would be a shame to give away ur 2 best big guys and risk the chance to see him walk away the next season…

  2. snash13 says:

    The trade looks so-so for the Lakers, but bear in mind that Gasol is one of the key components of this team. If this deal goes through, the lakeshow would be gaining a all-star center which would be backed up by Harrington/Jamison. The lakers don’t need a hybrid forward. They need a reliable PF and not an experimental lineup, especially since they will be running the princeton offense.

    The team that gets the most potential and value would be the nuggets. The mobility of the nuggets lineup would increase three-fold with the boost they are getting from Iggy.

    The sixers though, as much as i hate the idea, would also benefit from Gasol as they completely refocus their offense as a half court presence over a run and gun team. They need a PF too, since Brand decided to part ways.

    And as far as i see it, the Magic can rebuild around Bynum. It’s not like they’re going to shutdown the Magic next year. They have lots of time to rebuild around Andrew Bynum.

  3. Laker Fab says:

    LA dont want Howard we need to get athletic younger howard could b damaga either way i would rather c McGee an igy

  4. Laker Fab says:

    Andrew Bynum
    Arnett Moultrie
    Robert Sacre
    Al Harrington
    Arron Afflalo
    Draft picks from Denver
    Money from LA
    JaVale McGee
    Andre Iguodala


    Anthony Randolph/Chandler

    Jrue Holiday
    Arron Afflalo
    Thaddeus Young
    Al Harrington
    Spencer Hawes

  5. Glenn says:

    just throwing this out there.i dont think this is going to happen or i dont think this should happen but if there are multiple teams that want dwight why not decline every trade and hope for him to sign with your team when he is a free agent. orlando said they need four teams for this trade. if everyone says no, the teams with cap space could get dwight without the penalty of sending a player/couple players to a different team.

  6. heat says:

    This is stupid, the only team gaining anything really good here is the lakers. if i was orlando i would play it smart and trade howard to a team who is not a significant threat, someone lowly in the tables don’t create another HUGE superpower then kill any slim chance that you had to win a championship in the first place. Stupid idea by orlando

  7. MAGIC FAN says:

    As much as im a fan of dwight to brooklyn, here’s my prediction
    Lakers: Magic:


  8. KD35 says:

    howard will go to OKC thunder and team up with KD for multiple rings. magic gonn get ibaka, sefolosha, harden and draft picks…i saw on the news…they are on a trade talks

  9. basketball fan says:


  10. Dwight H. says:

    Im a CRY BABY!!!!!!

  11. rob says:

    Im a laker fan. Honestly trading howard to the lakers would make them better. i know Bynums got so much potential and blah blah. But when Russel Westbrook or Tony Parker does pick and roll whos gonna guard them??? Not Nash and Pau nor Bynum will be able to help but Howard can. If this trade goes the Lakers are now one of the best defensive teams in the league. Plus a couple guys like Jamison and Harrington to stretch the floor? I like what this team can be.

  12. MAGIC FAN says:

    Listen im a magic fan and not the biggest fan of this trade. I dont want an aging Pau Gasol and some wingman replacing a young center at the start of his prime. I know that Dwight will leave either way but I’ll take Iggy and Bynum in exchange for Dwight to Lakerland, and Turkoglu, J Richardson, and possibly other bench warmers. Draft picks would also be included.

  13. nouttaspace says:

    Tis sounds bad for the Lakers.. Lose Pau and Andrew for Dwight? NO way. BAck to the drawing board

  14. BynumSupporter@Manila says:

    Phil Jackson we’re calling you to come back to organize LA!!

  15. niels says:

    gasol AND bynum!! that’s to much!

  16. Ramon says:

    No…not Gasol, nash is going to make him so much better

  17. azevedo says:

    big mistake for the lakers, i would not trade both Pau and Bynum for Haword

  18. stupid Lin says:

    a flop trade. Kobe won’t give up Pau, and I quote – “If they’re going to move Pau then they’ll have to go through me first.”

  19. BynumSupporter@Manila says:

    NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! That’s definitely not a good move for LA!! Leave Gasul out of this… Giving two 7 footer will not help LA!!! Let’s go and boycott this move..

  20. Luke says:

    I don’t think this trade is good for the Lakers… It looks like the Lakers were desperate to have Howard in the team, not Orlando to get some value for Dwight. Howard is more consistent and maybe slightly better overall player then Andrew Bynum but I wouldn’t involve Pau Gasol in this trade. I would do something with Metta World Peace and Troy Murphy. I case of Dwights injury Pau could play at center. Other thing, Pau will be a good teammate for Nash to run pick and roll. And Al Harrington? I think Troy Murphy would be a better starter then Al cause he’s a better scorer and rebounder. Having Nash in the team the Lakers will make a BIG MISTAKE trading both of their big man…. That’s all I have to say!

  21. jmich19 says:


    2 years from now kobe decides to go to europe.. and nash retires.. who would be the star player in L.A.??? wait i know josh mc roberts and MWP.

    lakers much love but wrong move!!!

  22. NY Fan says:

    if this Deal Happens which I hope, The Lakers will be a 7th or 8th seed playoff team that loses in the first round.

    Pau Gasol and Bynum are worth more than Howard. At least Bynum and Gasol Dominant the paint in offense and Defense where as Howard has trouble scoring , especially missing lots of free throws, easy lay ups and missing hook shots. Howard scores 20 points but he needs too many shots to get there.

  23. Mo-green28 says:

    I do not like this at all as a Denver fan. Iggy is pretty good, but he’s not worth both Afflalo and AL… There a big reason are team is so balanced out. We can’t rely on Randolph yet to take Al’s spot as bench PF. AL was great last year and finished in top 3 of 6th men last year. Afflalo is a great perimeter defensive player and he can score. Iggy as great as he is, isn’t worth it to lose both of them.

  24. Daniel says:

    everyone on here complaining that the nuggets would be getting a bad deal are stupid. they would be trading 2 average players for one very good player, so shut up. And the Lakers are the one’s getting a bad deal. Before they were only going to give up Bynum, but now Bynum and Gasol? and for Al Harrington who is OLD. They should hold out, I would try to deal World DB instead…

  25. truth says:

    i tihnk dwight howard is gunna have to wait one more season. if anything bulls are most prepared to acquire someone like howard. expiring contracts like boozers along with all the others they rounded up. pretting terrific cap space to reel some good talent in like howard or another superstar to help d rose out on his recovery.

  26. Rabee says:

    It sounds pretty good but i would take bynum instead and yeah la is the best place for dwight cause dwight is such an actor he belongs in Hollywood he can change his emotions so quickly i would like to see iggy come to orlando and bynum its not that bad of deal though but it probably wont happen dwight is going to lebron the magic next offseason

  27. Twolves should trade Kevin Love who also doesnt want to be on their team for Howard.

  28. NBALOVER says:

    And so the Dwightmare continues

  29. kobe says:

    and what about lakers bench?

  30. kobe says:

    noo not gasol please!

  31. ancientrs says:

    How did this go from bynum for howard to bynum AND pau gasol for howard, harrington isn’t even worth mentioning because he isn’t in the same league as gasol. Howard is only marginally better than bynum and trading bynum plus gasol for howard is nothing more than a lose-lose for the lakers. I hope this trade falls through.

  32. Rich says:

    A good deal = Swap Howard for Bynum ONLY

    NOT a good deal = Losing Bynum and Gasol for Howard and Harrington? Who in the blue hell is Al Harrington? That’s taking two steps forward and three steps back. Bynum for Howard, that’s it. Unless Igodala and Howard both go to Lakers, Pau should stay in LA. Period.

  33. goerge says:

    howard to okc…..that’s the best move, might help durant get a ring…but with miami’s line-up, oh boy,…that’s very difficult…possible but very difficult.

  34. EFE says:


  35. This is a good trade for every team but the Lakers. Giving up Gasol and Bynum is too much for a Dwight Howard that may or may not stay as a Laker in the 2013-2014 season.

  36. Lakers fan!! says:

    What!! Getting Dwight, but loosing 2 seven footers!!! No way!!

  37. That would be interesting. Looks like the Lakers are saying go ahead Bynum you can shoot 3’s all you want in Philly.

  38. I Love Lakers says:

    Dude this is a stupid trade if the Lakers do this. Bynum has so much more potential and is a much more polished offensive player than Howard . I do admit that Howard is better. But Bynum is pretty vlose to matching up with him. Gasol is a very important player for the Lakers! With Steve Nash, expect him to be playing at a higher level than he ever has played! Don’t do this trade Mitch! I would be fine for Bynum – Howard swap straight up! But don’t give up the twin towers! Bynum and Gasol are easily the best post players for their position! This would be a very stupid trade. A loss for the Lakers in my opinion

    • DropinKnowledge says:

      You have to understand mitch’s thinking though… yeah they have the twin towers, But what did it get them last year? it worked a few years back, but the leauge is forever changing. i admit that adding nash is going to make all three (kobe,gasol,bynum) better but with a shotty bench, exactly how far do you excpect them to go? and the pg’s in the west are what are killing the lakers, and the twin towers did nothing to stop that.. adding howard would help alot, but then how much do you give up to disrupt those pg’s in the paint after they blow by nash? I do not envy Mr, Mitch right now…

    • DC says:

      Yeah thats the way i feel about the trade too man. I dont see why they would trade away both 7 footers. If this trade goes through, it will leave the lakers with no center for like half a season since dwight is still nursing that back injury. Who do they have to cover that position while he gets back to 100%. Robert Sacre??!!?? He better be at least decent if that is who theyre going to rely on until dwight howard gets back

  39. Choker says:

    bad move for the sixers if this trade goes on…… it would be great if they would be able to keep Dwight but I dont think so…

  40. for fck sake stop that wishful thinking lbj non sense dude says:

    BIGGEST NEWS: lbj dude has multiple accounts and posting a completely wishful thinking comment on every DH12 news

  41. Mike says:

    In response 2 MIAMI’s comments that you need maturity to win the championship, what about 2 yrs. ago when Wade instigated mocking Dirk Nowitsky by coughing & James followed suit. I wouldn’t call that so-called maturity. LAKERNATION

  42. Watah-lay-lay says:

    Ey mayne, who cares about this rumour talk anymore you know what i’m saying? Dwight ain’t the guy we thought he wuds you know what i’m saying. I don’t know what i’m saying, but you know what i’m saying!!! right?

  43. Deshan says:

    where will jason richarson and hedo nd chris duhon go because they said they had to be involded in d12 trade deal

  44. DropinKnowledge says:

    L.A. needs to stop flirting with Howard, they have a great center that can be the face of the franchise after 24 leaves (which is why everyone wants him.) Pau is the only player that should be talked about being traded, use him to get a deeper team. There are alot of teams out there that would easily give up 2 good players for him. Some of these laker fans need to stop believing the Media Hype machine and think about what their team would look like if both bynum and gasol were gone.

  45. gage says:

    the lakers would be stupid to give up so much

  46. Deshan says:

    stupid trade man the nuggets have 2 good small fowards already nd d12 said he wanna be n brooklyn watch once he dnt sign contract entesion i will be lauging at la

  47. joe says:

    thunder should get involved for howard. trade perkins (who in my opinion is pretty useless) and then either harden or ibake (since the contracts are running out anyway). That way they can keep one of their two upcoming free agents and get the post play they need. then again, it’ll be an issue gettting howard, durant, and westbrook enough shots. another move thunder should try and make: andre igoudala. It’s wierd that philly is ”ready to say goodbye to him”, but if thats true then okc might be a good place for him to go. him and westbrook have been carving it up during the olympics

  48. Lino Sanchez says:

    This is NOT a good deal. It would be a good trade if Howard was a robot and could not get hurt. Yeah, if he’s healthy along with a healthy kobe and nash, we go to the finals (very likely). But if he is not, we will be demolished on the inside. We cannot give away both bynum and gasol. Atleast with these two big men, when one of them has gotten hurt, the other one has been their to pick up some of the slack. We cannot dismiss the probability of howard getting hurt. After all, he has been in that situation before.

  49. Orlando Fan says:

    I think the only team who could benefit from this trade is phily, but only if harkless turns out to be a good draft pick and bynum stays.
    Denver are stacked with talent at SF unless they plan to play Iggy at the 2 spot.
    With the Lakers, is Howard and Harrington/Jamison better than Gasol/Bynum !?!? … I’m not sure plus Nash could find them in the paint and run the pick and roll with gasol to get them more shots !!
    As for Orlando … I can’t believe they might accept this trade without dumping the bad contracts and not even getting lottery picks or promising talent for the future. The Housten trade was the only offer i felt Orlando could rebuild from scratch and find a new franchise player with multiple lottery draft picks.
    Anyone who thinks Orlando gains more from this please tell me cos I can’t see us being in the playoffs for the rest of this decade now !!!

  50. Bernard says:

    No, stop. Rumors just make Dwight look more and more bad. He is a good guy and a great player and all of a sudden his fan base completely turned on him simply because of the constant rumors and accusations. I’m tired of hearing these rumors, and wish people would stop posting about the “Dwightmare” until an actual trade is confirmed, if one does occur, of course.
    Truthfully, he doesn’t care all that much of what we all think, or he would still be on board with the Magic. He wants to play with a team where he can succeed, both as an individual and as a team (winning a championship). Any player deserves to choose where he wants to play, whether he is a scrub or a superstar.
    In the end, he has $$$. He is going to play basketball, enjoy his Adidas contract and we will still watch him and buy his products

  51. Travis says:

    I wouldn’t let Pau go for Howard sorry! HORRIBLE trade!

  52. Post-up Baseline FTW says:

    wtb age limit for the internets

  53. LBJ #2 says:

    BREAKING NEWS!!!! Howard demands trade to Miami, will be traded in next few hours for Anthony, Haslem, and draft picks!!! You want a ring, you need to play with the king “LeBron”, and Howard knows it. Dont worry guys the dwightmare is almost over, and all of Miamis dreams will come true.

    PG: Wade
    SG: Allen
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard

    6th man: Battier
    Strong Reserve: Chalmers, Lewis, Cole, Miller and veteran Juwan Howard

  54. C Bear says:

    HO HUM HUM!!! Wake me when all this madness is finally over!!!

  55. "Relaible Source" says:

    Where’s Toronto in this mega deal??? lol (I’m kidding). But 4real…Toronto has chips to play with in this.

    • "Relaible Source" says:


      • Bernard says:

        Haha yes, Lowry, Barg and Derozan do look appetizing, but you know as well as I do that Howard wont stay with the raptors, especially if all those guys are apart of the deal

  56. James says:

    Listen heat fan THERE IS NO WAY YOUR GOING TO GET HOWARD. Nobody wants soft bosh or week kneed wade. So give it up.

    • Bernard says:

      Im a heat fan, and i dont expect them to get howard. we are fine the way we are. and last time i checked, soft bosh and kneed wade are NBA champions…

  57. Ralph Fortis says:

    =) no way

  58. L.A. says:

    I think if we are going to give up gasol and Bynum we should change Harrington for Igoudala 🙂 probably could beat the heat …….

  59. chrisbaner22 says:

    Well this is never happening, Kobe already said as long as Kobe’s a laker, Pau is not leaving. So just another rumor

  60. Sixer Fan says:

    Well. I always thought Iggy needed a real powerfull Center next to him, but apparently the center might come while he leaves philly. 😦 too sad too bad.

  61. Rip Greenfire says:

    Let me explain…
    All of you are forgetting who Dwight Howard is like how you forgot who LeBron James was. There’s a reason he is the #1 center in the league. As a Magic fan I remember. He dominates, dominates beyond recognition. His defense is beyond great (he didn’t win DPOTY three times in a row cause it was easy.) His offense keeps improving and he isn’t even in his prime yet! He crushes opponents by himself! It’s just easy to forget because of how he’s treated the Magic
    Bynum… He’s a laiability. Next year he’s going to ask for the same amount as Dwight no doubt (since HE thinks he is the best.) His offense is great, but his defense could use work. Not only that, but he plays like a baby on the court and is constantly falling down due to injury. A potential? Sure. A hall of famer? Nowhere near close right now.
    Now let’s look at the trade again. A potenital for a sure thing (okay.) An aging star who mopes when trading rumors come around for an aging star who’s used to being traded (good.) So Lakers are alright with this.
    Denver loses a up rising player (ouch) and an aging player for a great athletic player who is a borderline star (okay) so it’s a toss up for the Nuggets.
    Philly loses a borderline star for a cheaper borderline star that might leave (either way, they wind up on top this season, and next season will be a work in progress.) I understand where Philly is coming from.
    Orlando gets rid of Howard (win for them) and gets a great shooting guard (not sure if they need him) and an aging star who will probably mope around (but he sometimes plays great.) Orlando feels better, even though it will take a while to rebuild.
    I’m not seeing any losers here, Denver is already too deep for everyone to be happy, so getting rid of a couple of players might be alright. Lakers finally get a new face of the franchise if he stays (and he will.) Lastly, Philly and Orlando have nothing to lose.
    What’s the problem again?

  62. Jerry says:

    Howard is going to Brooklyn, he is just TOO STUBBORN

  63. Greg says:

    Iggy a Nugget ! Man that’s a dream 😀

  64. Gwoei says:

    giving up Bynum n Gasol for Howard… LA must be crazy or plain stupid…
    big 3? dont forget the age of Kobe and Nash, so its more like a big 2 and a half…
    and why u wanna do that when u can have big 4 and a half with the line up of 5FIVE all-stars:
    Metta World War

    • Tom says:

      your right i didn’t even think of that they have nash now bynum and pau are going to flourish with nash, i would however give up bynum for howard. bynum is better offensively but not by that much. however on defense howard is head and shoulders above bynum and defense wins championships.(also dwight is more consistent and is a better rebounder)

    • SunsFanFanfanfanfan says:

      So with Howard Nash and Kobe are only 3/4 a star, but in the current line-up they count as a full star in addition to MWP being half a star. MWP is 0% all-star.

  65. Tom says:

    i think pau and andrew are too much for dwight. al harrington is a bum and puts up the dumbest shots at times and bricks 99% of them.

    • Tom says:

      reminds me of the knicks trade for anthony, they gave up wayyyyy too much for him, it turned out alright in the end but they got really really lucky with chandler, lin, novak and jr smith. i think the lakers would be better off with bynum and pau than with al harrington and dwight.

  66. JustMeJip2 says:

    i like the way it sounds cuz al harington is a excelent defender and lakers r trying to be a defense team sounds good

  67. lakers says:

    hey im a lakers fan and i think this trade would be good, and bad. Think about it. ok al herrington and howard to lakers. Seems pretty good right? But then if lakers want al herrington, they have to trad gasol and bynum is already going for howard. Then Andre going to the nuggets???? Thats a horrible deal then nuggets have to give up al and affalo. What????????? This deal should be very simple. Lakers have to think about this. They might have to give up bynum, with great athletic skills, who is a 7 footer, for howard who is 6’11. But Howard is still a VERY good center. But Lakers have to think….. which one? and iggy should stay in philly affalo and al should stay in denver and orlando should get future draft picks.

  68. eddie says:

    Common dwight stop them from guessing. We all know that you will be headed with Miam…… SHUT THE F! UP “LBJ” HES NOT GOING TO MIAMI

  69. RM says:

    Howard is not going to Miami next 10 seasons so dont be stupid pls…

  70. Okc says:

    The Oklahoma thunder will give u Perkins nd future picks for dwight

  71. Kyle says:

    This trade would not happen unless Howard made a commitment to signing an extension with the lakers. Losing gasol and Bynum is too much. I will say though adding Harrington would spread the floor. Now if the lakers were getting AI and Howard out of this deal then it would be worth it.

  72. CB says:

    trading Pau and Bynum would be a huge mistake.
    Lakeshow should stick with their big boys and focus on sorting out that weak bench!!

  73. havoc says:

    95.4 million reasons why lakers need to blow up there current roster. New coach in orlando proly didn’t have a good meeting with howard, so time to unload to get gasol and affalo, would be great. denver alway money manages right, because of k.faried they were able to give up nene contract and get mcgee big and young. 1. lawson 2. igoudala 3. galinari 4. faried 5. mcgee watch out west we might have new power team! and the sixers saving money for the next 2 season might be able to resign bynum, build young players and still make it to the payoffs then thats good………. but in the end howard messed up and demanded (DEMANDED) a trade. No one player pushes ownership around unless your kobe or dirk (only players with no trade clause). So in my opinion they will hold this trade hostage unless this trade plus H.Turk goes to the sixers and they sign T-Mac. sorry for ranting but i hate howard trade talk.

  74. DeShoun says:

    Am I the only sane person on this post that realizes that this deal is the worst thing that could ever happen to the Lakers? Give up two 7 footers for a 6’11 guy that doesn’t even have a full offensive package? L.A. would be giving up Bynum and his offensive skill set which is 2nd to none for a big man and Gasol who can play center and PF, shoot threes and post up when he plays his normal game. All that for a 6’11 defensive juggernaut that has limited offensive skills? BAD deal, Mitch would be the dumbest GM in the game to pull the trigger on a trade like this.

  75. Swala says:

    Denver would come out of this huge. They have a solid team as we speak. A team that place as a team which is invaluable. Then add Iggy, a guy currently playing in the olympics right now, a star quality guy who is a team man. A star in denver that is not selfish like Melo. Denver will be looking dangerous. Orlando will be hoping for some serious draft picks because gasol & afflalo for dwight is not a good return. sixers iggy for bynum, yeah maybe ok, if bynum signs on. LA instant championship favs.

  76. peanut7070 says:

    if they can get a better deal for gasol instead of harrington they should do’s not worth losing gasol for him

  77. KingSota says:

    Lets not forget the BIG picture…Lakers are looking for a successor for KING Kobe. Thats why Dwight makes since and they are trying so hard. If it doesnt workout. Keep rolling with Bynum and trade Gasol for Iggy or Gasol for Deng.

  78. high leaper says:

    howard = bynum + barnes or mwp is enough, pls dont complicate things too much, anyway, this is a good suggestion, but are the sixers and lakers, guaranteed on howard and bynum to stay after 1 year, atleast if howard and bynum, both players are not willing to sign extension, i think that’s fair

  79. farhan says:

    wat bout D-Rose and Howard???/ thats better then dream team

  80. 3-Peak Heat Fan says:

    Common dwight stop them from guessing. We all know that you will be headed with Miami in exchange to haslem,anthony and future round picks. you want to get a ring right? you need to play with the king “LeBron”

    PG: Wade
    SG: Allen
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard

    6th man: Battier
    Strong Reserve: Chalmers, Lewis, Cole, Miller and veteran Juwan Howard

  81. Meganyoung says:

    No dont do it.. Eventually dwight will make more dramas in los angeles and it will sabotage their team.. Dwight is a cry baby!!

  82. Edwin says:

    trading bynum for howard would be nice, but letting go of gasol too? Dont think so, Gasol’s value went astronomically high with Nash as the point. We need Gasol on the squad if were thinking of making any type of championship run…

  83. Kobe says:

    IBJ from some of ur comments that i just read it i fully understand that ur a punk and u dont know nothing bout NBA trust me u greedy lebron is just a cowboy nothin else there are a lot of players better then lebron and there/s no way that we are going to compare kobe and lebron cuz lebron is not even close to kobe what kobe can do in basketball lebron said i cant do that even in my dreams, kobe is better than Mj no doubt about that and who said Howard is going to Miami u sick???/except you??? get a life retard

    • voice of reason says:

      I agree this LBJ guy needs to step out of whatever world he is living in and needs to come back to earth. He needs to be happy with what the heat have and stop being senseless, and that is coming form a heat fan. as for what you wrote: “there are a lot of players better than lebron”??? I agree there might be some better natural scorers in durant, melo and kobe, but can you name a player who is a better all-around player in the league than lebron right now. Just look at his averages from the finals (from 28.6 PPG, 10.2 RPG, 7.4 APG, (that is pretty close averaging a triple-double), Last time I checked no other player plays all 5 positions better than lebron. I don’t know about you, but I think being an all-around player is more important. And if Lebron wants to he can be the a much better scorer, he his stronger, more physically gifted, and more naturally talented than the other scorers. You are right it is hard to compare two different types of players. And don’t get me wrong, I am not taking anything away from kobe because as MJ said, kobe is the only one who has come close to being compared to Jordan.

    • Belizeboy says:

      “There are a lot of players better than Lebron”. If you’re talking about retired players then yes there are a few I could say are better, but if we are talking about active players I’d like to see you name 3.

      Kobe better than MJ? Really?

      As for Lebron vs Kobe I say they are in different realms where each dominates a certain categorey…but in Lebron’s case he dominates a whole lot more.

  84. Andrew Nuggets Fan says:

    Please Nuggets do NOT DO THIS TRADE! The nuggets are the only team i watch, they are balanced fun and good. Dont do this bs for iggy hes not worth it. Harrington and Afflalo are great in denver, i couldnt see either leave!

  85. TheDarkNinja238 says:

    Lakers should just keep it the way it is. They should find a Championship with a core of Kobe, Nash, Bynum, and Gasol. I get that Howard may be a one time deal, but a Championship is the real prize.

  86. fail says:

    Lakers are going to lose two skilled bigs for one. Andrew is just as good as dwight. Lakers are dumb if this trade were to go down.

  87. MANimal says:

    iggy to nuggets would make em an even faster team get the deal done PLEEAASE!! …

  88. kobe says:

    The Lakers shouldn’t give up both Bynum and Gasol for Howard. They would be a better team with the twin towers than they would with Howard and not Gasol.

  89. jacknohara says:

    D. Howard is not that good, is stupid to give up Binun and Gasol to have Howard and someone else (who??) in the paint. Gasol + Bynum can surely produce way more than D. Howard and other PF they put with him.

    The true thing is D. Howard has already too much time in this league to still be playing this lame post offense. The only move he really knows is the dunk, his offensive skill is too limited . In one word : Overrated. Period.

  90. EZfoRPREZ says:

    no idea why the lakers would want to trade for howard, they already have the power house with the big men. Byunm ? You better not trade him…would be a shame when he kills next season. im just sayin laker fans be smart. giving away ur 2 big men, to get howard whom isent that much different then byunm. magic should chill out until the 15th of jan, and they can get brook lopez, humpries , and most likely, Wallace.

  91. Cuppa Joe says:

    The Lakers should keep what they have now. See what Steve Nash and a new offense will do for this team. Interesting season for sure.

  92. Belizeboy says:

    I like this trade. Everyone wins IMO if it goes through…except the guys who didn’t want to be traded lol.

  93. lakerfan4lyfe says:

    trading gasol and bynum for al harrington and howard for a year is definitely not worth it. if they can somehow get rid of world peace as well for salary cap space or keep gasol and trade someone else, then that’s more worth it. you can’t let both your 7-foot big men gone for a aging harrington and a 1-year dwight howard!!!

  94. MVP says:

    Common dwight stop them from guessing. We all know that you will be headed with Miami in exchange to haslem,anthony and future round picks. you want to get a ring right? you need to play with the king “LeBron”

    PG: Wade
    SG: Allen
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard

    6th man: Battier
    Strong Reserve: Chalmers, Lewis, Cole, Miller and veteran Juwan Howard

  95. CASANOVA says:

    Howard is a big baby,cry cry wi wi,just get something in return lol

  96. TONE says:


  97. paul aguilar says:

    y not 3 team trade gasol to magic then howard to lakers along with andre iguodala then bynum to the 76ers and the magic will also get picks if theis deal goes down thow denver will be a big threat in the west

    • lakersfan says:

      We Are not giving enough credit on Bynum And Gasols Talent, basicly are saying both of you equal DH12, and I dont think Thats Fair for Gasol and Bynum, If i was the GM of the Lakers I’ll take my chances with My Players.

      • lakersfan says:

        Send DH12 to D-League, amd sure Orlando can get all the players that they want for howard. lol

  98. Henrik Jensen says:

    why would you trade the top 2-3 Center in The League along with The Top 1-3 Power Forward in the league to get Number 1 at Center, thats just stupid thinking !!!

  99. Judge says:

    @ The Real LBJ…..

    You’re another moron Heat fan!!! you have no idea about “SALARY CAP” right? how can the Heat pay all those players with maximum contract (Wade, Bosh, LeQueen and Howard)? maybe if they only have four players in their team. Idiot….

  100. josh says:

    i think it is a good deal for everyone and i am with the howard talk and why would you trade both paul and andrew if they do the lakers will not win a tilte and they are old so they have to git younger

  101. Henrik Jensen says:

    + I would say that Lakers is looking better with Bynum and Gasol, last year they where just tired, this year they have added Nash and Jamison, thats enough for them to be a contender a team of;
    Bynum, Pau, Metta, Kobe, Nash + 6th.Man; Jamison whom can both play the PF and SF position.
    + Pau can play C if needed, so here you have a strong strong team, you don’t need Dwight, because you would have to give up too much for him, also Nash will not last more than 3 seasons, Kobe not more than 4, so is it worth it to throw away the opportunities that lies with Bynum and Gasol just to get Dwight??

  102. person says:

    i think bynum should go to the magic and gasol would go to the sixers

  103. Henrik Jensen says:

    i call no one want to have him because of his drama, so in the end he either stays with Orlando or go to Europe, bye bye dwight

  104. Kobeng-Burat says:

    Who cares…. D12 to the lakers so be it…. They ain’t gonna go far as 1st round of the playoffs… Okc are still intact… Nash can’t guard Westbrook… metta world war can’t guard Durant… kobe can be held again By Harden Durant or sefolosha…And D12… Perkins and for the D… Ibaka waiting to swat d12 shots… By the way I’m no Okc fan…. But I love OKC spirit…

    Let’s go HEAT….

  105. Lebron James says:

    Just WOW JUST WOW if this deal pushes through

  106. sean says:

    i love you nuggets staff, if deal gets done you will forever be my favorite coaching staff in history! no doubt, got the team playing like no other in the league. 12 STRONG, none a this big “3”. get rid of the weaknesses, as a DN fan i agree 100%

  107. Chubbilicious says:

    Just make it simple….Howard for Bynum and keep Gasol.

  108. kripbishop says:

    i don’t like this trade. but I think what the lakers are trying to do is get a PF who can stretch the defense out with outside shooting. ie.AL and Jamison who can shoot 3s with ease. this because of the new princeton offense they are trying to imlement.

    but it might be an experiment but I think the winner here would be sixers and nuggets with a bynum – iggy swap.

    just my 2 cents.

    i still don’t want to see Pau going anywhere else.

  109. fuggingolliwog says:

    Iggy to Denver?! Oh, yes please!

  110. Steve and Pau's Pick and Roll says:

    I like this deal, but swap matt barnes instead of Gasol. GASOL WILL BENEFIT FROM STEVE NASH’S PICK AND ROLL. Its a loss for LA if Howard wont resign…. . If we cant put barnes into this trade, swap MWP for gasol and Andre Igoudala comes to lakerland instead of denver

  111. Fern says:

    I don’t think any player is worth the trauma that the players are going thru or will go thru for Dwight Howard.

    Iguadola is playing in the Olympics now for the USA. You have Gasol playing for the Spanish team. I don’t worry about Spain but I do worry about the aggravation Iguadola may go thru for the next two of the most important games.

  112. Saurav says:

    I would hate to see Dwight go to lakers but I think Andre would be an upgrade for Nuggets..he is athletic and with Andre, Faried and Mcgee it will be raining dunks in Pepsi center all season long…

  113. Teofilo says:

    Losing Bynum and Gasol its not worth it…..
    what Happens if dwight decides not to sign an extension all is left is AL…

    • xantheus13 says:

      i highly doubt this deal would happen if no Howard extension was signed Lakers would be stupid to give up Gasol and Bynum for only one guaranteed season with Howard…only someone really desperate would take that deal..

  114. Alexies says:

    The clear winner here would be the Sixers, are you telling me they’ll be getting Bynum for Iguodala?

  115. ken says:

    lakers need to try and trade Metta World he has not played good since in LA

  116. Hoops says:

    Why give up Bynum AND Gasol? Howard isn’t THAT much better than Bynum anyway.

  117. Champion24 says:

    How about Igoudala and Howard to lakers? Trade anyone in lakers roster but not kobe,nash,gasol. Gasol is not going anywhere!!

    • xantheus13 says:

      yeah thats not going to happen cos the Lakers wouldn’t be giving up anything near what they would be getting…wishful thinking there

  118. Rocabye says:

    You knowing when you’re citing Yahoo Sports, that we’re dealing with smoke and mirrors. Still its fun to hear the crazy rumors.

  119. The Real LBJ says:

    Common dwight stop them from guessing. We all know that you will be headed with Miami in exchange to haslem,anthony and future round picks. you want to get a ring right? you need to play with the king “LeBron”

    PG: Wade
    SG: Allen
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard

    6th man: Battier
    Strong Reserve: Chalmers, Lewis, Cole, Miller and veteran Juwan Howard

    • JL says:

      will you annoying heat fans stop posting this. The only realistic target for Howard right now would be the Lakers or Rockers.

    • lbj says:

      I have fans now. thanks the real lbj

    • Hoof Hearted says:

      Dude you say the same thing every time there is a new dwight story on here, YOU and everybody else knows that that’s the dumbest most impossible trade ever to be thought of. And ive been a miami heat fan since 04, when shaq decided to leave the lakers. Be at least somewhat realistic. Like i said im a heat fan, but reading your same comment every time gets annoying………GO HEAT!

      • natefilewood says:

        So you became a Heat fan when they got good? Figures, as most of you jumped on board right about then…

      • D Lion says:

        No I don’t think The Real LBJ is the same person as lbj…maybe cousins or something.

    • Christopher says:

      You Spamming with your pathetic posts of retarded grandeur?

    • Christopher says:

      You Spamming the posts with your retarded comments.
      Why don’t you return to the garbage where you came from?
      Your comments have no relevance.
      I betcha this lbj fool was born from “The Decision”

    • Dave says:

      Keep dreaming….. dumb heat fan!!! just had to say it… this post is about howard to LA and you randomly come and say oh howard to heat is a dream trade… bs… U think they can keep wade, james and bosh and get howard …

      GET OUT OF HERE!!!!! honestly SO DUMB

  120. Chill Lakers Fan says:

    Ugh, can we keep Bynum, please?

    He’s amazing anyway. He’s only had ONE injury free season, and he’s nowhere near reaching his potential. So he’s had a few blunders and ego trips, but that’s only natural considering the way the Lakers are showing their intense indifference towards him.

    Let’s embrace him, keep him and Pau Gasol, and make him feel like the player he is; amazing, full of potential, and hard working. He played his way through a bad knee just for us. You don’t see Howard doing that in Orlando. I’m with Bynum.

    And who cares if Bynum doesn’t end up being better than Howard? Better to have the second best center in the game than the best center/best drama queen.

  121. 32laker says:

    giving up the lakers size advantage in the western conference is stupid!!! howard’s not worth both Gasol and Bynum and i like harrington but he’s no Gasol!!! sad day in lakerland!

  122. marcelbrown says:

    Am I the only one who feels like the Nuggets aren’t getting enough back in this deal? Afflalo is a great perimeter defender and Denver has has success with no superstar.

    • xantheus13 says:

      I couldn’t agree more. It definitely seems they are the ones losing more than they are gaining. But having said that this could turn out to be yet another rumor that nothing comes of it…

      • Treshiq says:

        YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and uhmm Iggy is NOT a superstar…a Great player who made the All star team and an Olympian…. great but AAA is 26. He’s 26 and this will be his full season to finnaly develop..I mean can we let this team breathe Masai…. What on earth is going on?!?!

    • D Lion says:

      The nuggets trade two solid players and get one in return, meanwhile jeopardizing their team chemistry. Doesn’t seem fair to me either.

    • Bruce says:

      Just like the Hawks, they’re trying to shake things up to be a Championship contender. Do you always want to remain the Denver “MakePlayoffsButNotVeryFar” Nuggets?

  123. RosstheBoss says:

    I like this deal but I am unsure if Orlando does. They will recieve Pau Gasol and Aaron Afflalo but I can’t see either player being content with being shopped from a playoff contender to a playoff hopeful. Denver and Philadelphia would fill much needs with all-stars that could push both into instant contention. I can forsee a lot of player movement on the peripheral of this trade as well considering all of the cheap talent Denver and Philadelphia both have that Orlando would covet, and all of the bad contracts Orlando would be anxious to dump.

    I like this trade everything considered as all 4 teams involved could forseeably become instant contenders.

  124. me says:

    This is a bad deal why the lakers would want to give up pau and bynum at the same time damn

  125. TTKIN says:

    lbj hasnt posted his trade scenario yet where Dwight ends up in Miami? Thank God.

    As for this trade proposal, who cares. Doesnt matter until something actually happens.

    • lbj says:

      posted look on top dude

      • TTKIN says:

        Ya I posted that before you did. notice how mine is an original post whereas you replied to someone. This is pretty basic internet stuff. Not rocket science. dont respond to this.

  126. Joey says:

    Its very wierd that a team would trade a player like howard, why dont they just get really good players around him. Pitty, or maybe its their trend to trade very good players…shaq, mcgrady and so on…

    • YarZa says:

      Get your facts straight before posting, or at least be remotely educated in what’s going on right now and what happened in the past. FYI, the Magic doesn’t want to trade Howard, he is demanding to be traded. Also, Shaq was not traded, he left as a free agent.

    • D says:

      Because that’s the definition of Orlando WIERD!!!!!!!!!

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      Both of those guys left as FA.
      As for the surrounding with good players, their GM constantly shot the Magic in the foot by getting huge contracts for his/ Dwights friends, not actual great players.

  127. If i was the lakers i will disagree to this deal do real what to end twin towers then try to develop robert sacre fast if you what to still have da twin towers or instead of sacre you have Hill so hurry .

  128. Mer says:

    who starts at pf then? harrington?or jamison? eitherway their both good players(can rely on buckets) but i think iguodala-howard (since sixers where ready to part with him) is better than howard-harrington(harrington older than iguodala & injured most of seasons)

  129. thelocdog says:


  130. JG says:

    Better lake than denver…errrr

  131. Tyrone Lu says:

    Oh and Iggy and work with T.L, Gallinari, Chandler, and Javale Mcgee to make Denver a slightly better team.

  132. Neel says:

    In the event this were to actually to happen this would make the LA Lakers an instant powerhouse, could this mean championship or something else?

  133. Jordan_Himself says:

    about time gasol left LA, we grow tire of this softness in the playoffs. Out played by a 6’9 rookie in the playoffs vs nuggests!

    • Bruce says:

      You forget everything that Gasol did for the Lakers, who were flailing in Shaq’s absence. Nix the trade. Keep the team as it is now. Losing Gasol would be losing a big part of the Lakers defense. I was upset that he didn’t play as well in the last 2 post seasons as he did in the regular season but he’s still a great talent that can be reborn with the coming of Nash.

  134. Colin says:

    Yes, send Dwight to the Lakers. Let me grab my popcorn.

  135. Tyrone Lu says:

    Not a bad deal since all of them or decent or good players and At least the magic would get a all-star in return. Sixers would get Bynum who would most likely have a breakout season. Lakers would have the big three to make them a championship contender and D12 can stop wining at least.

  136. Sea Pea says:

    If the Lakers are gonna give up Gasol and Bynum why not just trade directly with the Magic? Why get all these other teams involved? I don’t understand. Is Bynum that poisonous that the Magic don’t want him in Disneyland?

  137. david says:

    WOW who cares howard is a drama queen this trade talk stuff is stupid hell howard already proved hes not to be trusted he could say he wants to stay with lakers and then in the offseason wants to leave this guy is a problem and can’t make a free throw he will be the most hated i know it even by the magic fans who will boo him out the arena. oh yea and who knows if howard back won’t act up again alot of questions and with howard

  138. Namer says:

    We all know that a Howard deal won´t be realized until the end of next season, Orlando wants a great value in return, and Laker´s and Philadelphia´s last first round choices aren´t enough for the Magic

  139. DHStrongheart says:

    Lakers would be giving up too much in this deal–Harrington’s good, but he’s old and they don’t need to get older! Bynum is the only comprable trade piece for Howard, so I think the Lakers need to hold out and wait…..Orlando will come to their senses and realize that they won’t be able to have their cake and eat it too!

  140. Slider821 says:

    What do they mean by “Afflalo-Harrington doesn’t seem too pricey for the Nuggets”

    Pricy as in talent-wise?

    • Andrew Nuggets Fan says:

      Afflalo and Harrington are both good and make the nuggets an even greater team this trade is stupid on Karls part

      • mr person says:

        @Andrew Nuggets Fan- no it’s not, iggy is a great player and will make the nuggets better

  141. Sac town says:

    Do it!!! plz I’m tired of this!!!!

    • bosh says:

      mega trade is we will trade our key players haslem,anthony and future round picks to howards. that’s what we called mega trade!

  142. Roy says:

    Sounds good except I would replace Pau Gasol with Metta World Elbow.

    • Danny5424 says:

      i wish….but then they would have 3 PF and only barnes and ebanks as SF

    • lbj says:

      what the heck mega trade steve aschburner are you talking about. Howard will go to miami in exchange to haslem,anthony and future round picks.

      PG: Wade
      SG: Allen
      SF: James
      PF: Bosh
      C: Howard

      6th man: Battier
      Strong Reserve: Chalmers, Lewis, Cole, Miller and veteran Juwan Howard

      • mamba12 says:

        great. you could donate your own money to help pay that expensive lineup.

      • Carl says:

        You just love posting this everywhere…Spoiled child. Now for the matter at hand…I do NOT want Dwight in L.A. He’s a diva, and there is no guarantee he can even play next year…might be damaged goods.

      • paul says:

        NO WAY! LOL Haslem isn’t going anywhere! heats future picks dont count for much! im a heat fan and im tired of other heat fans thinking of possible trades to get howard on the team! i dont wanna see him on the team.. too much drama.. aint we had enough? a decent defensive minded center is good enough! leave heat out of howard trades!

      • natefilewood says:

        hahaha, you’re relentless lbj…

      • T.o says:

        Really You Really Think So Lol Haha Dummy

      • Rip Greenfire says:

        Please do me a favor, when Dwight does get traded, could you still talk about how the first trade was just a fluke so Dwight could actually get traded by Miami?

      • Bryan says:

        OMG Make this happen please! Howard to Miami? My dream come true. Like eating burgers with cheese on top of the bun!

      • nba says:

        Who would trade the best center in the National Basketball League for Haslem, Anthony, and future picks that aren’t that much worth anything.

      • Miami says:

        There is not chance for Miami to get Howard. As a long time Miami Heat fan, I do not want Howard to play for Miami Heat. You need maturity to win the title not the other way.

      • WTF says:

        Either you are a troll or you are high…

      • Me says:

        LBJ you keep posting the same stupid comment on here. stop. Howard isn’t going to Miami. Miami has no desired draft picks and Haslem and Anthony are terrible players to exchange. STOP posting this same comment over and over

      • D Lion says:

        Nice to see you too, lbj. It’s been a while…

      • ferdsfd says:

        lbj, you are an idiot if you think thi will happen… have you heard of a thing called a salary cap? theyre bearly under it with the superstar team they already have!!

      • Redlich says:

        Once again, you have no idea how the world works

      • Bandwagonerdetecter says:

        You are very annoying. Please, DOES IT LOOK LIKE MIAMIS SALARY CAP CAN AFFORD HOWARD? Nonsense….

      • voiceofreason says:

        lol your name is nba but you call it national basketball league

      • Amitpal says:

        Man can u just stop with this stupid Miami stuff already. It was funny at first but now is just annoying. Seriously. Stop dreaming watch basketball so u can learn rules and just keep ur opinions to yourself. U r sooooooooooooo sticken annoying. Get a life. Go bother some other sports like baseball or track.

    • TWizz says:

      Sounds good for who? Only the Lakers.. If Nuggets participate in this bs trade, then I will be done with the NBA. Nuggets is the only team I like to watch because they are actually a well balanced team.. Trading Harrington and Afflalo for ONLY Iguodala, on a that is stacked with SFs (Gallanari, Chandler, and somewhat Hamilton). Iggy definitely isn’t worth AAA and Al.

      • Treshiq says:

        PREACH!..this is SO stupid! Nuggs are so deep why on earth would we get Iggy..and nothing else….YOU slippin Masai!

      • Rip Greenfire says:

        You guys realize he could play shooting guard right? He has before in his career, and his defense is pretty amazing. However, Denver will then be relying only on defense with no major shooting threats (the only real offense threat being Gallinari and Lawson.)

    • Dzeck says:

      I beleive Gasol would really benefit with Nash playing with him. You can have nash and Gasol playing with the second unit while Howard and Kobe rest.

    • jared says:

      you mean afflalo and metta go to orlando instead of gasol? you must be high