Report: Howard Goes to Lakers in Four-Team Blockbuster Trade

The Magic appeared on the verge – again – of trading Dwight Howard amid reports Thursday night that a four-team deal that would send Howard to the Lakers and generate a lot of heat for Orlando was set to be completed. reported that a trade call has been set for Friday morning to finalize the blockbuster that would feature Los Angeles getting the defensive superstar, Philadelphia getting Andrew Bynum from the Lakers and Jason Richardson from the Magic, Denver getting Andre Igoudala from the 76ers, and Orlando getting Arron Afflalo and Al Harrington from the Nuggets, Nikola Vucevic and Maurice Harkless from the 76ers.

TNT’s David Aldridge reports that the Magic will also receive a future first-round pick from the Sixers, a 2014 first-round pick from the Nuggets and a 2017 first-round pick from the Lakers. The pick from the Sixers will likely have some type of Lottery protection to it while the pick from the Nuggets is the lower of Denver’s two first-rounders that year. Denver also has New York’s first-round pick from the Carmelo Anthony trade.

If the particulars turn out to be accurate, if Bynum and Igoudala are involved in a deal but neither end up in Orlando, if the best current player the Magic get is Afflalo and the best prospect is the No. 15 pick this year, Harkless, Orlando may get buried in the court of public opinion.

Worth noting, of course, is that the specifics could be different when, and if, the deal is finalized. Also, trades have come close to happening before only to fall apart at the end. But never in the months of the Howard soap opera has a trade call been arranged, a signal that all sides had agreed in principle.


  1. Ibro says:

    I think the lakers won big and as long as Dwight protects and serve the inside they will be a force to be be reckoned with but for Orlando they got solid players but the franchise will Neva be the same but the 76ers can rise the ranks with a solid front court but don’t be surprised if iggy prove his worth with the nuggets and make a run.

  2. CCS FAN says:

    kobe, nash and howard….sounds good on paper, but i dont think it’s going to work..kobe need touches, howard need touches and steve nash bad back..but it really depends on what pace they will play…fast break yes..half court tempo..wont be in steve nash favor.

  3. It seems like everyone benifited from the trade ecxept for the magic.
    The lakers scare me as a heat fan but can’t wait ’till they play each other.
    It might be another 2 years for the thuder to return to the finals.

  4. Alain says:

    This is a good deal for LA, but a stupid move for Magic. Let see the chemistry between Nash and Howard and where Kobe’s ego will fit…!!!

  5. shakenbake says:

    what happens to the Lakers if Howard wont resign with them next season?

  6. KB24 says:

    Finally we got DW11, happy but concerned for 2 reasons: our bench hasn’t still consistency and metta+pau=no 3 point shooters. LA has no 4 big names but will be difficult finding the chemistry. Even I agree with the last comment: Nash is a 30 minute player and against OKC will be an hard job holding them when only 2 of the big 4 will be on the ground.

  7. Law064 says:

    This will be a good look for LA who won this trade (If it go thru) Orlando is the biggest loser in this deal. Philly and Denver came out better than them. The Lakers will have a very good starting 5 plus Jamison coming off the bench. Will they have the automatic edge in the West ? Maybe Maybe not, but this has put them in the top 3 for sure. Orlando fans will suffer the most, sorry guys. If this deal goes thru then you can count LA in that title contender list. Even without landing Dwight they were on that list but with Dwight they are surely on that list. Iggy in Denver is a good look and Bynum in Philly also a good look. Orlando should’ve just waited.

  8. Jimmy Balls says:

    WOW….. first of all, i cant believe that the lakers only lost bynum and a pick for dwight….. the nuggets and sixers got good results on the trade but the magic… i can put the worst meme i knew for this….. they gave howard and even jason.. for mixed players…is this a suicide in 2012-2013 season?
    LAKERS roaster.. 2 MVPs which is KOBE and NASH—- 2 Most Def Playr , METTA an HOWARD..and a allstart PAU.. this is ULTRA team beating Miami’s MEGA team (ohh yeah they got Ray.. so i dont think they will beaten eheh)..
    but still kobe is going for the kill in every game bec. he does not need to focus his strength in defense and ball handling.. he got nash for the ball and 2 former most def play + pau to protect the basket…. wow..

    LAKERS will really bounce back… cant wait for the next season..

  9. AverageLakersFan says:

    At first, I wanted the lakers to keep bynum. I always thought that he was the best center in the league, was simply more dominant and had the potential to beat teams by himself.. and I still think he does. He’ll be awesome in Philly, and I predict they’ll meet Miami in the eastern finals.
    However.. Lakers needed 2 major things. Youth, and defense. They got the other best center in the league and an established DPOY all in on. Back issues or not, he’ll still be more athletic than bynum, and put more effort out on the court. Yeah nash cant guard westbrook, or parker, or even chalmers, no one can really. Howard can help stop their cutting but team defense is far more important than individual defense, so if Mike Brown is half defensive coach we hear he is, we’ll see the Lakers’ defensive ranking soar this year.

    Philadelphia and the Lakers won in this deal though. Denver got Iggy, which is nice, but not what they needed. Denver would’ve done amazing with Bynum(or Howard even). They’ll be about the same next year. First round, maybe 2nd round exit depending on seedings. Doug Collins will get Bynum into shape, and they’ve got a pretty decent core of future all stars to work with..

    Lol Orlando got screwed. Prediction: They go 24-58 next year.
    Lakers 67-15
    Denver 55-27
    Philly 58-24

  10. bbluvsBULLS says:


    HOWARD > PERKINS But perkins can handle howard defensively. howard is strong but not fast enough.

    GASOL = IBAKA But i still go for Gasol

    MWP HARDEN But kobe is past his prime, Harden can do some damage tho..

    NASH < WESTBROOK I like nash and i dont like westbrook but lets admit it he is much younger and more athletic ..

    But i still have Faith to my BULLS.. Win or Lose it the team i love.. GO BULLS!!!


  11. bbluvsBULLS says:


    HOWARD > PERKINS But perkins can handle howard defensively. howard is strong but not fast enough.
    GASOL = IBAKA But i still go for Gasol
    MWP HARDEN But kobe is past his prime, Harden can do some damage tho..
    NASH < WESTBROOK I like nash and i dont like westbrook but lets admit it he is much younger and more athletic ..

    But i still have Faith to my BULLS.. Win or Lose it the team i love.. GO BULLS!!!

  12. Dock says:

    As an OKC fan, I don’t get what is all this hype. I mean, so the Lakers have Pau, Kobe, Steve Nash, and DH. Has everybody forgot about chemistry? Nash and DH have never played with these guys (I don’t count international play). I’m not trying to hate. I like the Lakers. They’re on of my my favorite teams. I see them perhaps making the Conference Finals. But with all these other teams like the Spurs, Thunder, Heat (besides Ray Allen and Lewis), and Celtics who have had their main guys play with each other before, I seriously think they’re overrated. Also, you will have all 4 of those Hall of Famers demanding the ball. Gasol, DH, and sometimes Kobe in the post, and Nash and Kobe to bring the ball up, and Kobe demanding to shoot. So anyway I don’t think they’ll win the title. Sorry but that’s just my opinion.

  13. Choker says:

    The Lakers and Sixers won that trade. Nuggets gave away 2 of their players and a draft pick for Iggy? and the Magic got most of the picks and getting the 4 players was for me more than enough….. I see the Lakers contending… it just depends on how Kobe plays and if he doesnt act like a stupid player who keeps on shooting (sorry Kobe fans) …. the bench seems good enough having Jamison, Hill, Blake… It depends on how they play and run the game….

  14. Dolan says:

    Cant wait to see the old white man ball between Gasol and Nash. Pick and Rolls all day

  15. android 10000000 says:

    theres stern warning

  16. android 10000000 says:

    its not done yet!

  17. android 10000000 says:



    you should have gotten me out of retirement instead trading for dwigh.. im the one you need kobe..

  19. Dew12 says:

    Sure Lakers end up even better by keeping Gasol and landing Howard. They will be tough to beat. Will they have the depth however like San Antonio, Clippers, Miami, and OKC has. Can Blake, Ebanks, Barnes, and Co. step up off the bench and consistently. I have no doubt Blake will. He will find himself on the court with Nash and Kobe often and probably late in games as a spot up 3 point shooter. Like the Lakers odds with Howard and Nash over Bynum and Sessions. Solid upgrades Mitch brought in if you ask me. But I would not hand the rings to LA just yet either. OKC has 4 players who can play 40+ mintues in a ball game. More often than not, all 48 mintues of a ball game. And play at an extremely high intensity all game long as LA, needs to use their bench since they do have older players and Howard is coming off of season ending surgery which could limit mintues during the ball game. I cant see anyone on LA playing more than 30-35 a game. Which leaves 5-10 mintues for Durant, Westbrook, Harden, and Ibaka to do their worst to teams not playing their starting 5. Which they usually do with bench players trying to guard them. Will be a great season. Can hardly wait.

  20. nonbiased fan says:

    Lakers is no doubt the best team in the West right now thanks to Mitch. the only thing to worry about right now is getting Barbosa and getting the chemistry early on in the season.

  21. JORDAN says:

    1. He hasn’t signed yet.
    2. He hasn’t and won’t sign an extension
    3. If you Lakers do not win the championship, he will sook out to the Nets.

    🙂 Happy our team hasn’t got him

    • BallzSince81 says:

      Hit the nail on the head mate. . . .

      Anyone that knows NBA trading would know this is false hope to a dying team

    • Jordan .. i call BS says:

      You trying to say you wouldn’t want D12 in your team over (place Center’s name here)?? You’re so full of it, it’s spilling into your lame posts. Every band-waggoner in the world that dislikes / hates LaLa Land will think exactly what you’re thinking. It’s pathetic, lame and so predictable. Anyone knows how your tune would be exact opposite if D12 made (place NBA franchise name here).

  22. Possimpoble says:

    Good move for the lakers still lopsided, I mean The Magic wants a allstar substitute if Howard were traded and they get aging Harrington and Afflalo, The worst Two of their best players are traded.

  23. J says:

    wow, move over heat, move over clippers, move over thunder, move over spurs, the revenge of the Lakers has come.

  24. Hunter says:

    I don’t know what to think. I hope it’s not the Lakerts and Heat in the finals or im about done as an nba fan

  25. Symbiote100 says:

    The lakers already guaranteed themselves at least one ring by signing steve nash, but by adding howard to the mix will just be overkill. After all, there’s a big chance that howard will sign a one-year deal with the lakers then watch himself be fought over during FA later on. One thing’s for sure: howard will almost never sign a long-term deal with any team

  26. Iamme says:

    The lakers only gave up Andrew Bynum but they got Dwight Howard I think that’s not fair to the other teams

  27. GSW15 says:

    its sad too see Iguadola leave the only franchise he has ever been with but now they get a top center, a scoring Shooting guard and Evan Turner gets to be a starter. Its make or break for the former #2 overall pick and he better make the best of this grand opportunity.

  28. cliffliu12 says:

    Meanwhile, in the Olympics: Kobe is laughing at and messing around with the rest of the players: LBJ, Durant, Harden, Westbrook, Deron, Iguodala. haha

  29. Orlando says:

    As an Orlando fan, I hope Harkless turns out to be a great player, since it looks like we’ll be needing him and Nicholson to rebuild.

  30. Justin says:

    Now every team in the East Conference Playoffs will be the same except the Magic, with the Nets replacing them

  31. Fredrick Wells says:

    Dwight Howard will not stay with the LA Lakers as he may express interest in signing as a free agent with the Brooklyn Nets next season.

  32. SHAQ says:

    what are you guys talking about. Magic is getting aaron affolo (who to me is an all-star) and al harrington, Vucevic, and Harkless plus 3 first round picks for just a DH? that’s a steal!! coming off the back injury, im not sure if DH is even as good as Bynum right now. Bynum is only 24 and he will mature. Once he is mature, he will be the very next dominant BIG man, who the REAL superman says is the TRUE big man!

  33. Jack says:

    Finally Dwight signed to a different team. I had no idea that he would sign with the Lakers. I was hoping for the Nets but the Lakers is Great! Now theyre starting lineup is full of all stars Nash, Kobe, Dwight, Pau its a good team and the Laker tickets are going to go up because the Lakers are going to be a great team.

  34. Ralph says:

    Well, all four teams certainly won but the Lakers may just win it all, even if Howard is just a one season rental.

  35. US Vet - Laker Fan says:

    The only concern I have is the potential of renting Dwight for one year so far. I have not heard anything about D12 signing long term with the Lakers. 5-6 years would be a great start.

  36. God Shamgod says:

    True enough, the best player the Magic would get is Afflalo and a potential Harkless. Ain’t the original deal supposed to be that Pau Gasol would end up in the Magic as well? But none the less, if this would be final, I see no major bruises that would hit Denver and Philly. In fact, I think Jrue Holiday would be more efficient in defining his role as a true rising point guard. No offense to Spencer Hawes but I do think that Bynum could supply the strength needed in the paint, considering the fact that the sixers are one of the youngest teams today, I say three or four years, they could be a title contender team. I’m not saying an OKC rip off but could be better. As for Denver, Lawson could now pick up the phase by boosting their fast-break system with Iggy on the floor. The 6’6 guard/forward swingman’s defensive presence is like a poisonous frog’s skin, Warning its foes to back off. And finally, well, for the Magic, if this would be the final setup, I wish them good luck. New GM, Head Coach, Jameer in his peak not really what we expect, A fading Hedo, No more R. Anderson and J. Rich. What’s left? Looks like condolences for them, Pray that they could still have more wins than the Bobcats this year. As for the Lakers, if Pau would stay, good for you. A formidable Starting line up and back up it would be: Howard, Gasol, World Peace, Bryant and Nash with Jamison and a rising Jordan Hill from the bench as well. Anyway, it’s not the Lakers i’m excited about. It’s what LeBron’s up to after hearing this news.

    • T-rob says:

      same here,now heat will get their own poison by lakers,lakers will crush to the half lebron will say “its about the dam time, its not our time ths year let crybaby d12 win this year

  37. ChiBullsFan_PH says:

    The Lakers just made the steal of the century. They basically just gave up A.Bynum for D.Howard. The Lakers’ GM should be given the GM of the year award. I can’t imagine how any other GM can top that.

    Will this mean a Championship for the Lakers? That still remains to be seen. But I sure will put my money on Lakers if they get into the finals.

  38. famsam says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing getting howard…i cant wait to watch howard+gasol+kobe+nas and most off all the crazy man in the team Metta World Peace….

  39. The NBA is ridiculous now says:

    Ever since the Heat won their questionable Finals, now every team will just try to seek and gather superstars with each other instead of building a team from the ground up. What happened to dynasties and players actually working hard to win, no matter how horrible their team was? What happened to building a team from the ground up? Are the younger players with a lot of potential just going to be overshadowed? Now, crybabies like Dwight Howard will get whatever they want, and I don’t see any point of watching this disappointing league ever again.

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      I don’t want to rain on your parade, but for the Lakers this is not a “now” thing. They’ve been doing this since the 1960s.

  40. sherwin says:

    thats all orlando got for howard? forget about bynum but no gasol?! somebody got their lolipop taken away. im happy for nash that he went to the lakers and about to root for them until princess dwight showed up with his pink bathrobe…now heat needs some beef in their roster. it would be a challenge for okc this year thank god brooks has more brains than brown.

    • SHAQ says:

      HEAT is still top. don’t underestimate the now BIG FOUR. Ray allen will put so much pressure on anyone team by spreading the floor and HIT ANY SHOT on the perimeter. LBJ & DW will penetrate the paint whenever they want. and CB will keep any big man busy and out of their defensive play. Doesn’t matter where DH goes, HEAT should stop breaking up their championship team for any further addition. They already stole a deal over this summer!

  41. Dom says:

    No one’s talking about the Sixers still? We just acquired Jason Richardson and Andrew Bynum… Top 4 in the East this coming season. Book Em Danny!!!

  42. KobeFan37 says:

    Greater team than Heat!!! Powerhouse Team than Heat!!! THANK YOU Mitch, great job. LOL you said at frist place: No Blockbuster trade will happen this season. Hahahahaha, that’s ok, because you successfully make a team with THE BIG 4. Bigger than Heat’s. Good Luck LOS ANGELES LAKERS!!!

  43. Sheppy16 says:

    Forget Howard and Bynum for a minute…What a move by Denver! Giving up two solid players in Affalo and Harrington but getting an all-star in Iggy. Great move wich could work out nicely.

  44. josh says:

    Orlando is going down!! No center what so ever..Al Harrington is OLD but yet still solid and maybe for only 1 more year, Afflalo great player but c’ommon!!! Next time we will see Orlando in the playoff = 2022 LOL props to L.A!!!! Great pick up for the Nuggets!!

  45. stacey says:

    the lakers will be the best team ever put together…best center in the league…top 5 point guard in the nba…one of the best defenders in the nba….secound power forward in the nba….and the best overall player in the league best team ever put together

    • abisan says:

      and some technician genius from Silicon Valley must produce a sofisticated software, so this super mix can work.

      Or maybe from the Jack Sparrow point of view:
      The Flying Dutchman has to have a captain. Yes true, but who can set a good sail for it?

  46. theking0522 says:

    Big deal!!! There is nothing to worry about here guys….Lakers fans have been saying that Bynum is as good as Howard so I guess they will be saying the same thing now…..Also, remember that Howard cannot make a free-throw if you pay him to do that. OKC is going to have a field day with hack a Howard. Not a big deal. Lakers are going to lose again. They CANNOT beat OKC…By the way, have you guys seen Kobe Bryant lately? The guy looks old and awful. hahaha. Can’t wait for the Lakers to go home in the playoffs again next year….The only question is, how many games are they going to win in the second round next year 0 like in 2011 or 1 like in 2011?

    • Damien says:

      Yeah, you must be right, this must be the reason why 23 year old KD only caught up with KB24 for the scoring crown in the last 2 games or so of the season… Come on, man, you speak nonsense !

  47. LakerFan says:

    This would benefit the lakers 4 sure,having Dwight w/o giving Pau Gasol..The only problem w/ this is L.A hater Comm Stern..If you can see how Good miami next season i think its just fair for L.A to make this deal happens by the way all teams involve have agreed..Ohh one more thing..Cavs Owner would write to Comm again?..Come on!..

  48. Im so excited to see now we have a big man we can dominate the paint not saying andrew bynum could not bhut Dwight Howard Is a Defensive and Offensive Player Pluss The Edition Of Steve Nash and Antwon Jamison Another Ring Here We Come Lakers Is Going All The Way I Just Wanted to see Barbosa On A Lakers Jersey So a Ghud Back Up 2 Guard

  49. celtics 100 says:

    this would makee the lakers best in the west and best in the nba … the only teams that can challange such a dynasty are the spurs,heat or celtics

  50. Jon L. says:

    Once again, Orlando takes the bottom ob the barrel of talent and agree to send their best player. Shame on the Magic’s front office to not getting anything valuable in return. Should have pushed for Pau Gasol.

  51. W/E says:

    Orlando has to be the worst managed team in the history of the NBA, the previous deal with the Brooklyn nets was so much better than this one, anyway at least they got rid of D12 but its really sad to see orland sink like that

  52. AJ says:

    Where is lbj now? Looks like Howard isn’t going to Miami for Anthony, Haslem, and future round picks. Haha. As a Sixers fan, I’m happy that Philly now has a go to guy and a franchise player to build around. Bynum is from the Philly region and hopefully will be willing to resign. Maybe we can Boston in the playoffs this year. 🙂

  53. Clippers Fan says:

    This is a bad trade because Andrew Bynum being traded for nothing is a waste the lakers are stupid and they have no idea what they are doing. if this trade goes down bye bye lakers hopes of winning a championship with Kobe “jack up bad shot” bryant

    • Mohammed says:

      Rofl ur a clipper fan that’s why ur hating. Your team won’t get to the finals if they got kobe lebron and durant

  54. SAndhu MaNveeR says:

    magic geting nothing good from this trade……………………………..but lakers and denever would be as happy as a team winning draft lootery

  55. THE SAGA ENDS! says:

    YES! The Dwightmare Saga ends…….but WOW the Lakers didn’t have to give up Pau Gasol….dear Davis Stern GTFO of the way. The Lakers essentially just swapped Bynum for Howard. Any picks they gave up will be late round picks.

    • rnofd740 says:

      Wow! You have to give Mitch has props.He bacically robbed the Magic blind. The Magic GM should be fired immediately. The Lakers are the odds on favorite to win it all now.

  56. Laker Fan says:

    I applaud the lakers GM on this deal. To keep Gasol and get Dwight is outstanding. The next two rings are the lakers.

    • Travis says:

      I’m yet to be convinced that a declining Steve Nash who is a traditional PG that needs to dominate the ball playing with Kobe who too is declining and needs to dominate the ball will work. Factor in that the Lakers are moving to the princeton offense that requires all 5 players on the court to be good shooters and pasers, I don’t see how DH or MWP fill that need and therefore I think they will struggle offensively.

      They will be good defensively no doubt so they will still be competitive but to start handing them rings is premature. They might be able to overcome some of their deficiencies in the following season but I think this trade move is a bit short sighted and based on player hype rather than team cohesion.

      They are effectively trying to brute force championships ala the Heat, and that did work for them this season but I still don’t see that team as convincing as everyone thought it to be.

      • David says:

        kobe and nash control the ball in different ways. nash and pau will create for kobe and dwight respectively. nash doesn’t need to score 30+ ppg, he just needs to control the tempo.

      • Swan says:

        they are usig the prinston offense as part of the offense, meaning that they aren’t going to use it every single play and they aare probably only goig to use it more on athletiic teams like okc and the heat. plus there are more than two people on the offensive end

    • MRB says:

      I am glad that Gasol stayed. When he came to LA 3 straight trips to the finals with that team. Lets see what happens with Dwight in the mix and with Nash. Lakers will be a team to watch.

  57. 3SwordsStyle says:

    superman howard + pau gasoft + metta world elbow + kobe bean raper bryant + steve mvp nash, G_G!

    • vin says:

      what the sixers gave up is nothing to sneeze about iggy is ok vucevic is going to be another gasol even though hes soft harkless was good in college and the magic are getting 3 more first rounders…..not bad for a guy who was going to be gone anyway

    • dattebayo says:

      Let me be the first one to congratulate everybody involved in pulling this trade off and once and for all shutting lbj up, the idiot who kept posting his inane messages under every Howard post.

      Btw. I think this deal is great for the Lakers and bad for Philly and Orlando. Bynum will have to prove to be the goto guy and needs to put up numbers and minutes every night and doing that I doubt he will stay as healthy as he was last season. I really like AAA and Harington, but along with Vucevic and Harkless that ain’t enough in return for the best Center in the league. Denver really improved with this trade, Iguodala is a top notch defender and worker and something Denver really missed last season, he will fit in well within George Karl’s system.

    • Karla says:

      3SwordsStyle — Shhhhhh!!!!
      I’m so sorry for you, you are so unhappy that have to trash people to feel good about yourself.
      Your envy will eat your heart out. You will never be worthy of anything. JUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!.
      You know, Lakers do not need your approval to be successful. What goes around comes around. Eat your words.
      If you have such a trashy mouth, what that says about you. God bless you! — ’cause sick people NEED HELP…