Bynum Feeling Lakers’ Lack Of Love?

NBA players won’t report for their pre-training camp physicals for another seven weeks or so, but Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register offered a public one Wednesday to Lakers center Andrew Bynum. To find out if Bynum’s nose might be out of joint.

The thinking: With all the trade speculation involving the Lakers and Orlando center Dwight Howard, might Bynum be getting a little fed up with the Lakers’ alleged flirtations and their willingness to jettison him in the process?

Conducting trade discussions, even of the most exploratory nature, in private seems an impossibility in this 24/7 Internet age. By this point, Bynum surely knows he is the Lakers’ Plan B. The question Ding raises is, might Bynum use what leverage he has — as one of the league’s top two or three centers, as a Laker eligible for a contract extension that hasn’t been forthcoming and as one of the league’s most coveted free agents of 2013 if he gets that far out the door — out of spite, in return for having his name bandied about?

Maybe, Ding writes.

Well, does Bynum accept who was still the first-team All-NBA center ahead of him and understand this all cool business? Or does he let the personal disappointment that is definitely percolating seep all the way to the heart?

Put yourself in his size 18s, and remember trudging out there with the new knee brace in winning the Lakers’ 2009 championship against Howard and fighting through a surgery-requiring knee injury in winning the Lakers’ 2010 championship over Boston. Imagine reveling in your breakthrough season and then feeling unwanted despite your 30 rebounds in San Antonio in the Lakers’ best regular-season victory and unappreciated despite your 10-block triple-double against Denver in the Lakers’ best playoff victory.

It’s not hard to feel the frown begin and the head start to shake.

The last thing the NBA needs is more people tugging at the sleeves of its stars, reminding them that they’re being “dissed.” But don’t blame Ding or any other writer — most of these guys have people on payrolls whose job description is essentially to do just that.

One possible difference with Bynum is that he has shown himself to be rather independent-minded, not necessarily susceptible to the same traps and ego issues as other players. Oh, he has traps and ego issues, pretty much like we all do, but they sometimes seem specific to him.

That’s what might keep the Lakers guessing. Bynum hasn’t always been an easy read. Figuring out whether he’s less bothered by the team’s sniffing around Howard than other guys isn’t easy. Neither is predicting whether Bynum would take the risks and sacrifice the guaranteed dough in an extension to make the Lakers pay in another, very costly way.


  1. BAD DEAL FOR LAKERS!! says:

    Somebody get this Asburner guy to stop writing! No love from LA?! Bynum was getting paid for years to sit on the sideline? Yet, the Lakers didn’t even want to trade him for Chris Paul. No love? When he finally got healthy, he was getting good stats bc he got lots of touches on the court. his idiotic plays and inconsistency is what make him unreliable.

  2. Teriac says:

    bynum would thrive in a system like philly’s. doug collins has his boys playing like a team and i think that’s how bynum would excell

  3. Not a fan says:

    I think that Bynum should not sign that extension which he probably won’t…. That means he puts Lakers in a jam almost like Howard’s thing but, you aren’t asking for a trade. You wanna be a Laker or Rocket nothing is wrong with that… If he signs extension he’s gone ASAP, he knows this. He should just work on his game, get better in areas, prove himself better than Howard ,and stay healthy. Then at season’s end see how’s paying and decide where he wants to go….. Good luck Bynum, from a fan that despises the Lakers..

  4. jmich19 says:

    lakers are crazy giving up bynum and will also give up gasol??!! they mustkep gasol and bynum

  5. Lloyd says:

    Gasol will be perfect for Nash’s pick and roll!

  6. Lloyd says:

    Keep Gasol for crying out loud if you get Howard. If Gasol is on the mix, forget it!

  7. Isaac says:

    Another factor you got to include is Pau Gasol’s lack of ability to shine when it matters. For a second straight year Gasol did not show up in the playoffs. Also Dwight has not even reached his max potential. He has not had the quality training as Bynum has had. Believe if Dwight comes to LA he will get better under the training of Kareem and it is a fact that when Kareem is teaching Dwight will be listening.

  8. King James says:

    I am a Lebron James fan. What the Los Angeles franchise better be careful of is upseting the best big man they have now before he ends up leaving……….. and…….I don’t know making other teams like MIAMI HEATS complete! Who knows. If LA was to trade Bynum for Howard. Who knows? After his contract with Orlando or Cleveland is up, he might get upset because his team dont want him and go to the one team who would be able to beat them if they become complete inside like MIAMI HEATS. Ray Allen left Boston because they didnt want him. So he did the next best thing and joined up with the Boston Celtics WORST enemy…… LEBRON JAMES! If LA dont be careful Bynum just may do the same outta spite to complete MIAMI HEATS team inside and make THE HEATS a threat for LA in the finals! As an organization you have to be oh so careful as to what u do with ur players and how u treat them. Especially if they had a PART to play in winning your CHAMPIONSHIPS. If i was LA i would be wise and keep the two top 5 bigs in the NBA because together they can lockdown HOWARD rather than breaking the duo up and creating a threat for them in the FINALS! HOWARD is good but not better than BYNUM and GASOL combined!!

  9. mb says:


  10. Floyd112007 says:

    Bynum is going to be better than Dwigh if they both stay healthy. He is a much more skillful offensive player, I’ll take Bynum over Dwight, Bynum may not have the energy and athleticism of Dwight but he can score and defend when required. It will be interesting to see how well Dwight plays when he gets older and can’t out jump and outrun all the other big guys. Bynum has improved a lot more than Dwight has during his career.

  11. FRANK THE TANK says:


  12. Doug McDermott says:

    Lebron is the best center in the league. I mean he can shut down Dwight perfectly. Dwight is a cry baby and has lost all of my respect as a player and person. Him skipping his own kids camp really drew the line. He is a big ol cry baby. When I get in the league I will dunk on him like Chris Paul did!

  13. ok i my team is la dont go over your shoulders and send away gasol and bynum be reasonable keep both u have the best starin 5

  14. mike says:

    Laker fans want bynum! he’s way better, Forget dwight

    -so cal reppin

  15. john says:

    Bynum is a better than howard in 3 yrs lakers keep bynum..howard plays with athleticsm.. bynum plays with skill look at tim duncan played all these yrs bcuz the man got skills…athleticism fades ask greatest players kobe, jordan, johnson..or even anyone with common sense

    • Fan says:

      And what did those players do without their athleticism? They adapted going to the post and used more skill than power. I’m sure with proper training Howard can adapt to moves like that. It’s not like he’ll lose his ability to jump and Shaq has proven that even with athleticism being deteriorated, size still helps. The dude is only 26 too.

  16. yey says:

    Can you imagine bad attitude bynum being the face of the lakers franchise once kobe leaves? Hell no! The guy is good an all but he will never be a lakers leader/franchise player because he’s too childish. We dont need a super offensive center. we need a good offensive cent who is a great defender. Bynum is not mobile and thats why we cant guard the pick and roll against faster teams. D howard solves these problems

  17. jay of l.a l.a land says:

    Last time I checked Howard has never won a championship. Howard is a complete jack (censored) With nothing better to do in rehab to gain his confidence back. Meanwhile baby shaq waits for his extension.

    Bynum is working out folks… Howard is rehabbing. What makes anyone think this man will still have the league in his hands. Miami has risen. Er hm Bronbron. By ring of all nature, that freak is the all around team player with Kobe becoming a fan. Our olympic guys are meshing with one another, checking out styles, winning.

    Howard will need to complete some serious training to get back heathy and not slouch so much.

    go lakers

  18. 32laker says:

    i would rather have bynum his upside is huge however he’s had 1 completely healthy season since he was drafted and that was a lock out year, he has to show the same effort on both sides of the floor and stop wearing his emotions on his sleeve when he doesn’t get the ball, i think his touches will double with nash running the show! go lakers!!!!!!

  19. Joe says:

    screw that i’m with bynum we dont need howard

  20. 16going417 says:

    I understand his frustration, but he has a part in this. Yes, the ball should have gone inside more (I have said this about the Lakers since last year). But, that does not give Bynum the right to jack up 3 pointers, sit on the bench away from the team during huddles and to say he does not care where he plays next year during his exit interview.

    With his attitude it is no wonder the Lakers are looking to deal him (I wish they would keep him and not have even considered Howard, but that is the business end of basketball).

    And if he wants to play games and go out the door he might want to look at what happened to Odem after hearing he was in a trade that fell through. Instead of being happy he was still a Lakers he gets an attitude and demanded to be traded. Gee, how did that work out for Odem?????

    I know he is frustrated and does not feel any loyalty from the organization, but I think he needs to be a little more professional and mature and accept his part in this.

    I hope he stays in Lakers land and I hope the organization shows a little more loyalty and he shows a little more maturity. If that happens they can be great!!!!

  21. michael says:

    man lakers need to just go head nd trade bynum nd get dwight howard first of all dwight get more points,he a betta center,nd been in da nba longer so he understand more plus he knw how tu control his anger.but andrew bynum he cnt take tu much presure nd he do dumb stuff when he get mad like in da playoffs tu seasons ago when he elboe dat man off da mavericks or when yu shoot dat 3 come lakers mangament go head nd trade andrew bynum i telling yu yu will not regret it.

    • Danny5424 says:

      Good idea, only if the MAGIC want to trade Howard! If it was up to the Lakers they would be taking pictures of the Lakers big three right now! The Magic are just being stupid. They say theyre looking at all options…..the two best deals in the nba were from Nets with that huge 10 or 11 man trade and another great request was between Cavs, Lakers, Magic. Magic Receive: Anderson Varejao and multiple great draft picks. Cleveland Receives: Andrew Bynum. Lakers Receive: Dwight Howard…….Orlando is just being stuck up and piss everyone off…..

    • LakersRWorthy says:

      Have you not been keeping up with this whole Dwight for Bynum crud? The Magic does not want Bynum (as of right now).. The Lakers would have ALREADY made this trade.. it’s the MAGIC that is stopping this trade to happen…

  22. Peter the 4th says:

    Player’s laker’s should get:
    Dwight Howard for Andrew Bynum.
    Jodie meeks
    Lakers starting lineup:
    1.Steve Blake
    3.Devin Ebanks
    4.Jordan Hill 5.Steve Nash

  23. bballjunkie1 says:

    Bynum, would certainly fair better in a system where the ball does not stick and is forced to take 3,4 second shots, because someone is dribbling to make horrific shots, not utilizing his deep post position. Too bad his talent has not been utilized, except for when Kobe was out. On any team where the focus is team basket ball he will do well and attitude will be different. Go with the flow Bynum your day is coming big fella you are a monster.