Howard To Miss Own Basketball Camp

The list of people frustrated, angry or just fed up with Dwight Howard is growing faster than the national deficit with the inclusion now of every player’s most loyal and starry-eyed constituency: The kids.

The proverbial kids. The true last refuge of scoundrels, the blanket in which connivers like to wrap themselves to pre-empt any questioning of their motives. “We’re doing it for the kids.” Or “c’mon, think of the kids.”

Now Howard, the Orlando Magic’s all-NBA center whose prelude to free agency has turned into a wild careen downward in public image and likeability, has steered his luxury SUV of indecision and disappointment straight into the group that loved him most. An official at Howard’s annual basketball day camp for children told the Orlando Sentinel that Howard will not make a scheduled appearance at the event next Monday or Tuesday.

Instead, Howard will remain in Southern California, rehabilitating from the outpatient back surgery he had there on April 20. That’s not going over well with some of the campers and families that paid $199 for the two-day camp’s registration fee or, for that matter, with Orlando media types such as the Sentinel’s Mike Bianchi:

Originally, Howard was scheduled to be back in Orlando a few days after having out-patient back surgery, but he hasn’t been seen by the Magic in Orlando in more than three months. He has, however, attended at least two Los Angeles Dodgers games and a portion of the adidas Nations basketball tournament in L.A.

Howard’s annual camp originally was scheduled for July 1-2 at UCF, and Howard was supposed to attend both days. But it was postponed and rescheduled for Aug. 13-14 at Orlando Volleyball Academy.

Although the camp still will be held next week. Andrew Nicholson, the Magic’s first-round draft pick, will fill in for Howard.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say again: It’s hard to believe Dwight is physically unable to attend a youth basketball camp, walk around the gym, offer some words of encouragement, take pictures and sign some autographs for the kids.

At the time of Bianchi’s deadline, there had been no word from Howard’s peeps of a refund. This all might go down easier if, rather than dropping $199, the kids and their parents – who were notified of the big man’s no-show in an email – could participate and see Nicholson for, oh, $19.99.

At this point in Orlando’s long, miserable Dwightmare, it’s hard to imagine Howard digging his public relations hole any deeper short of appearing on late-night TV with a puppy, a bunny rabbit and a Gallagher-esque mallet.

Howard, some will note, assiduously has avoided winding up on a police blotter and merely is flailing clumsily as he flexes his leverage as an NBA game-changer. But here at the Hang Time hideout, you don’t get brownie points for not breaking laws and you use up goodwill swiftly once you turn diva.


  1. MGIC CORE says:

    The same way I praised Mike Bianchi’s column the other day I can not say the same about columnist named GEORGE DIAZ .He never missed the opportunity to criticize Orlando Magic in his commentary ” Gay – rights boycott puts Magic in moral cross hairs ”
    How ridiculous is this guy. Look Mr. Diaz, the Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation have the right to donate all the money they want to any organization in pro or against gay marriage, so please stop this non sense ideas about citizens rights. Let me tell you Mr. Diaz, personally I don’t agree with same sex marriage- Reason? I believe is anti natural
    The human being is the only animal that voluntarely can choose betwen right and wrong , but it doesn’t mean that always
    make the right decision, in fact many times is wrong. DeVos family do what ever you want with your money,anyway this is DeVos money not Diaz money .( Mr. Diaz is a columnist of the Orlando Sentinel)

  2. MGIC CORE says:

    I’m just reading Mike Bianchi commentary of the Orlando Sentinel and he been so accurate that I would recomend Dwight Howard to read it. I really hope that those wise words could bring light to Howard (never is too late) I prsonally congratulate Mike Bianchi for such brilliant commentary. I still believe that your name is Dwight Howard not Dwight Coward.

  3. Judy Orlando Magic Fan says:

    Dwight is hiding something, he made up those things and now he doesn’t want to show his face in Orlando I wish it would be possible for the NBA to fine him for the things he has done. He is hurting his image and I want him as far away from Orlando as possible. Maybe Europe, and not play in the NBA this season, he is a jerk.

  4. Rasheed Syed says:

    Dwight and Orlando Magic Organization have tussle and victims are NBA fan; in this case the kids of rich parents suffered the consequences. If he was able to go to games and roam around, he could have come to visit the kids as well. Why he didn’t come we know already he wants to be with Lakers if possible at the present situation.
    Dwight & Lakers
    It’s like marriage made in hell.

    D12: His demands (Biggest mistake, when he had chance to opt out, he should have)

    Magic Org: Their demands (they want better; more in return and want to get rid of Hedo Turkoglu’s heavy contract)

    Lakers: Andrew’s demands (he will not sign a long contract with Magic if asked.)

    There is no easy solution.
    I see it as a mission impossible…
    Lakers Nation is hoping for quick end to this saga caused by Dwight and Orlando Magic Organization.
    As a Lakers fan I would like to go see D12 in Lakers Uniform. I’ll buy more Lakers ticket; it will be worth spending my money seeing history taking place….

    • Rasheed Syed says:

      Waiting for the stagnant L.A-Orlando-Huston deal to unfold successfully if it is not already dead. I have my fingers crossed.
      Many articles says the deal trigger is in the hands of D12 in the end. So lets see how bad he wants to be a Laker; time will tell. At present am I happy with back bone of Lakers Organization Mr.Mitch Kupchak? Absolutely, he did a great job so far.
      Rite now Lakers are better; with D12 they can be consider among the best in the West. East side, Miami did the perfect deal with Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis and credit goes to Miami organization. Miami is the obviously the team to beat in NBA with so much talent.

  5. Jah1 says:

    Why can’t Rob Hennigan just make up his mind which trade package he want between the Lakers/Cavs or the Rockets? It’s clear, the Rockets have the best package but if Hennigan think he suppose to get the whole farm and all of the Rockets’ better draft picks, he’s delusional.

  6. markangelo says:

    @lbj, c’mon men.. please use your common sense if you have, the way you think that d12 will end up playing in Miami is ridiculous, are you drug or do you have a computer inside the mental hospital?

  7. Rikimaru says:

    Dwight lost trust to Orlando Management since the leakage of what have been discussed between Dwight Howard and Orlando Magic owner which D12 wants to fire Coach Stan and GM Otis Smith. He felt betrayed and in my opinionif i were D12 i will never serve Orlando Magic’s Management because that was a private chat which should be kept secret.

  8. Obama says:

    To the writer: Stop writing. This was a horrible article,
    “[Dwight] has steered his luxury SUV of indecision and disappointment straight into the group that loved him most”?
    Did Dwight break your heart? That’s the only explanation to these exaggerated metaphors and rugged opinions.
    Dwight was a nice guy all his time in Orlando and they have failed to put together the right pieces and when it is time to talk business they try to put something together last minute. Shaq and LeBron did it. Now let him get what he deserves.

    • natefilewood says:

      Howard is owned by the team and their management. He gets what he is given until he is a ‘FREE’ agent… then he can shop. Everyone seems to forget that he ‘opted in’ and management, rightfully so, should be expecting him to play the season. He isnt innocent in all this, if he can go and sit to watch the longest, most boring game known to man, he can stand and show some love to the kids…

  9. blah blah says:

    can i ask a question? is there a chance that howard will wear a celtics uniform?

  10. jervin says:


  11. Kimbosteezy says:

    I’m a huge Orlando fan. And even if/when Dwight leaves, I’ll still be a Magic fan. When you become a fan of a player and follow him instead of a team, that’s when things get strange. But I guess I understand.

    Anyways, I don’t see it being Orlando’s fault. Obviously the more they wait, the more people realize what we’ve dealt with since his first request to leave. And that’s fine by me.

  12. Dwight Fan says:

    Did anyone stop to think that dwight signed the extension to help Otis and the Magic??
    Some bad/terrible signs and trades have been made over the last couple seasons and with two back to back first round ousting howard was leaving anyways. so the option is leave now be hated or sign the extension and give orlando a chance for a couple decent players. then the board fire Van Gundy [ rightfully so ] and Otis, then the new guy comes and has to make a name for himself being a first time coach and cant make it seem like Dwight is calling the shot, and TA-DA, “flip-flopping” allegations arise. All this drama is at the Board, for attacking tooooooo late.
    So Quit Hating On Howard. the only reason orlando can remember what a playoff berth feels like.

  13. Louie says:

    I wonder what part of I dont want to be here do you morons not understand. When a superstar wants to leave he is put in a position where he is a bad guy… Get over it people, it is show business. you go where you get paid the most. do you think owners care about you if you have a season ending injury or become sick with an illness? Hell NO! they want to save money and win championships and if they dont get their way they will cry to their daddy stern who is always willing to rig the lottery for you

  14. for fck sake stop that wishful thinking lbj non sense dude says:

    sometimes it bores me reading the article about DH12 not because of whats going on but DEFINITELY because i will gonna see this “”lbj’s post”” again

  15. me says:

    The man doesn’t wanna go, leave him alone. Damn! you know this issue wouldn’t be a “drama” or “dwama” if y’all disengaged yourself from him

  16. noyb says:

    Howard better get a new agent, ’cause his current one is killing him.

    Dwight Howard To Do List

    1) Fire agent.
    2) Hire new agent.
    3) Fully refund all kid’s money from basketball camp.
    4) Show up at basketball camp anyway.
    5) Do whatever it takes to make trade happen with somebody. ANYBODY. NOW.
    6) Go on Leno/Letterman, whoever and APOLOGIZE for total situation.
    7) Pray.

  17. TTKIN says:

    You guys arent seriously surprised by what Dwight does anymore are you?

  18. Bobo says:

    Why ar u mad at Howard? Its not his fault that the Orlando management isnt good enought to trade him. He simply requested a trade and thats all he could to so he made it clear to the Magic the second time that he wants to leave and cave them a chance to get something out from it instead of leting him go as a free agent. Magic did get a lot of offers i quess, but what did they too? Tryed to convince Howard to stay in Orlando longer than 12/13 season so i ques they turned all the offers down.

  19. Heavy C says:

    Bernard your an idiot too. Stalin was worse then Hitler. Look up how many people Stalin killed, then look at hitlers, Stalins got him almost doubled.

  20. Heavy C says:

    dude LBJ on the top are you serious!? You think that Dwight can go to the heat! First of all David Stern would never allow Dwight to play with Lebron, Wade, and Bosh, you said it yourself that dwight is gonna get traded for haslem, anthony and future round picks. That is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. You think any team in the entire NBA has enough money to support sallarys for Ray Allen, Lebron james, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Chalmers? Not a shot in hell.

  21. keepin it real says:

    First of all anybody who thinks this dwightmare is the magic’s fault is just dumb. Why should the magic trade howard (in what my be the biggest trade in franchise history) when he wants and anytime he wants when he goes out and does things like this. A howard trade will define the Magic’s furture. And Van Gundy and Otis Smith needed to be fired. Otis just made the wrong moves and Van gundy had the team shooting way to many threes. i feel that the best trade out there right now where both parties are happy is a three team deal with houston and LAL. The magic can get rid of howard and bad contracts( j-rich,Duhon,Q-rich) and hopefully get jeremy lamb(to kick off the rebuild) and expiring contracts like kevin martin. The lakers get the guy they’ve wanted since the 2009 finals. And the rockets get Bynum, a supertaented center to pair with lin. Another reason why this deal is so good is howard goes to the western honference to a team he wants to play for who can contend, and the magic only see him once at Amway Center. GOOD DAY lol

  22. erwin says:

    Howard is a bad actor as he is a bad player, he cant even shoot free throws. I just hope no team takes Howard for being a Diva……….

  23. Orlando for god sake plz trade howard i’m tried of every single week Howard this howard that just him to Lakers you can offer Bynum, Hill and picks.
    Houston can offer you Lamb, Royce, Donatas, Jones, and Sean.
    Pacers get Roy, picks or Paul Goerge and Plumlee.
    Pistons can offer Greg and Drummond the modern Twin towers.
    Denver McGee, Fournier Mozgov and picks.
    Last but least Thunder can offer Perry Jones da 3rd kendrick perkins eric maynor cole thabee (he his young and is not bad and just needs forceful on the floor specially he is 7 ft 3), picks.

  24. Wow, this is way too much. This is almost as bad as “The Decision”.

  25. rondofan says:

    I honesty feel sorry for those kids. Dwight is just being a baby about his career. Put him in diapers. Nothing you Howard fans say will change anything, because this is on him. It has been 2 years, LeBron moved on, Bosh moved on, Melo moved on, Stoudemire moved on, CP3 moved on. This guy is not. That is also the fault of the Orlando Magic management. They should realize that Dwight is eventually going to go, if he isn’t traded he’ll go via free agency. For all those people that say he should never play in the NBA again, I agree, but think logically. While he is a diva, teams will ignore that because of his talent. This guy is a multiple all star starter, 3 time DPOY, and a franchise player. If he does become a free agent without being traded, he will go to Brooklyn or maybe another team like that. I am sick of this. These last couple of years have been the worst in NBA history. People are either “taking their talents to South Beach” or crying until some dumb team gives them a huge contract. It is pathetic. Play basketball for the love of it, not because you want 20 million. Don’t be cheap. The NBA was the greatest league ever, but it has become corrupt. David Stern needs to go. Remember when people thought of Bosh as one of the best power forwards in the league? Now he is in the Shadow of LeBron’s glory, in the name of a championship. Give me and the rest of the true NBA fans, not the bandwagoners, a break.

    • Pgulinp says:

      true story, this is one of smartest things i read so far on nba articles. I really don’t understand how can stern make so big impact on the league and that nobody cares.. we talking about guy who stopped New orleans- LAL trade for no reason , same guy faked whole draft ” lottery” to give them a Davis… and today we have 1 – ONE nba team who can- and will win championship – ONE- Miami, maybe 3 teams who will try to stop them ( lakers , clippers sas, okc and that’s it, and to be honest non of them have a real chance ) rest are just give up from championship run, most of them will try to “avoid” playoff ( 76ers , bucks, and almost whole East , cose there is no point of makeing a playoff , you just ruined your draft picks position ). so where is poit of playing new season ? When Knicks give up whole team to sing Melo i was like WTF is wrong with a people and NBA, they give up whole young team for 1 spoiled star who really don’t give a f about basketball and he wanted to go in NY only cose this is NY, the most famous city in the world not cose this is his home town. Same story is with Deron Williams , he is not that game changer PG or elite superstar, he is good player but nothing above that, did he make his taem better last year – no, and that’s his only job, not to take care of his stats but to make other looks better . look at a greatest PG of our generation, kid and nash they made average players like Kenyon martin and Amare looks like they are all stars and even superstars ( that’s why Blake Griffin is allstar now- cose of cp3 ).

      And every ex -star who realized that his career is over will “take his talend to SB” in hope that ring will save his name and made him famous. That’s why i love nba from 1990 to 2008 so much more then new .

      and about Dwight… only places where he can MAYBE win a ring ( don’t count Miami ) are OKC and LAL and we all know he won’t go in any of them ,cose he needs to be a no 1 in his team

      • HansieK says:

        Both very good replies!

        The NBA is getting worse and the media is doing it’s part too.
        Now I’ve read that Stern wants to change the Olympics too. wtf stay of the global game! You’ve made enough money already.

        That Howard doesn’t show up at his own camp, where kids + parents paid a lot of money is realy sad.

  26. David says:

    @lbj. Yea you can keep on wishing. No way in hell is DW12 going to end up in Miami. You and Heat fans need to get over that already.

  27. Krasnognom says:

    Please, don’t react to this “lbj” moron’s posts. In every possible topic regarding Howard or Miami he’s talking about this dumb trade. Heat fans aren’t that stupid

  28. Big Dawg says:

    By the way go LAKERS…. We have another awesome PG again….

  29. Big Dawg says:

    LMAO…… Do you guys not remember the story that was published in the beginning of last years season? This whole thing was planned by Howard… They said that he would mysteriously get an injury to get them to lose so that way the coach and GM would be fired…. Well i remember the news article and guess what either something leaked out or that guy was a psychic…. Howard is officially on my hate list since now he wants to start messing with the kids that actually supported his dumb butt… I really hope that after his contract is up this year that NO TEAM WILL SIGN HIM and force him to go OVERSEAS…. They can deal with him because he is making Orlando, the NBA, and his Family look very very bad… To the guy about the whole Lebron thing…. This is no comparison to Lebron… So why you even mentioned Lebron is funny… There is a big difference in making a career change than thinking you are bigger than your Team and The NBA itself… Well news flash Howard without the fans you are nothing… Keep playing games it will bite you in your butt starting with your endorsements……. Some people just don’t think……

  30. Flex says:

    Seriosly, give me a break. Dwight aint hurt, and probably didn’t have any type of “real” surgery…Outpatient back surgery? He probably had a mole removed..hahaha…Who in da -ell has outpatient back surgery, that can’t live a regualar life after. He pulled a Lebron without actually giving up on national tv…C’mon right before the playoffs you “decide” to go and have back surgery. Why didn’t he do it at the beggining of the season, and then come back in time to take Orlando through the playoffs..I think we all know the answer to that question…don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against LBJ for what he did, Cleaveland no better yet Coach MB was..I mean is still garbage. But thats a different story. Dwight don’t go to the Lakers unless Mike leaves. I don’t care where this guy goes, but just wanted to shed some light on the truth that he just didn’t want to play with Orlando in the playoffs, but instead of giving up on the court and demolishing his career by losing all respect from the world his PR rep probably told him, fake a serious injury, get the fans hyped by pulling a LBJish/MELOish trade display to cause a frenzy, and go to the Lakers after…(Don’t do it Dwight) you’re better off going to BK. And -ell no we don’t want you in Miami, we good just the way we are, except for Joel Anthony, man I dislike that guy as a big man what a waste of non-talent. But would rather have him…

  31. C Bear says:

    NEWS FLASH!!! No one twisted Dwight by his muscular arm and demand he honor the remaining of his contract!! He made it perfectly clear on ESPN when he decided not to opt out. Or was we watching the same show??? Dwight is more than ready to jump ship. WE KNOW THIS!! He should’ve just walked away from the organization when he had the chance. But he appears to be torn between Superman and The Joker!!


    Ok I’m a lakers fan and I love their roster but why would u give up Andrew Bynum(a quality big man) for a brat like Dwight. He says that he is gonna leave in the next offseason even if he gets traded to the lakers. I BET HE JUST WANTS TO TAKE HIS TALENTS TO SOUTH BEACH! I think the Magic should keep Dwight despite his trade demands and let him go into free agency next year. But then no one should sign him because he is just a brat.

  33. Common Sense says:


  34. Common Sense says:

    For all those that don’t know:
    lbj has posted the same thing every time there is an article on Dwight. And he will never stop. Don’t let it ruffle your feathers. Once there is actual knews on Dwight and not simply uneventful situations, stirred in a pot to make a story, lbj will copy and paste this comment every time. Just ignore him:)

  35. socalskurrupted says:

    Come on Dwight Howard, make it official and come to the Lakers. I know you’re waiting until after the Olympics to make the announcement, but we know it’s all true.

  36. THE KING OF B.BALL says:

    @lbj yeah right, juwan howard and future draft pcks is already enough so you have haslem as center reserved hahahaha, @ Carl are u insecure at Miami huh? did u, its time to change ur team stpd lolz.

  37. ee says:

    i thought dwight was ok before this now realise hes just another lebron,kobe and wade wish him nothing but failure

  38. Pgulinp says:

    I don’t belive that Howard can put his mind right to win a championship in any team, and his contract requires a lot of money so he can’t go in Miami ( and i don’t belive that he wanna go there, he wanna be no 1 star in team ). And i don’t belive that with him Nets will be so much better, playoff team- for sure cose they are on east but not championship candidate -no. mean raeson why he don’t wanna move to lakers is – he don’t wanna be “shaq fallower” , btw shaq was better player then him… but ok…

    this drama about his trade is just retarded,… 2 years can’t decide where he wanna play ,, just WTF ?! i feel sorry for orlando fans, mentaly he is a kid trapped in a body of big big man…. but don’t put all blame on dwight , that menagment doing nothing, they delay that trade till last sec of deadline cose they hope for some huge offer. i don’t belive that lot of teams will gamble with howard after back surgery now… and orlando menagment MUST KNOW they won’t get a superstar in trade but they don’t need superstar ( remember Knicks and Denver trade, Denver is better team then NYK now ), they just need draft picks, some good young players to buid around, some veteran to have representative team for this season and that’s it. ( u don’t wanna trade howard to draft picks and become Bobcats )

    sry if i spell somthing wrong, random fan from Europe.

  39. Krishawn says:

    @lbj as a miami fan i think i should let u kno how bad you’re makin us all look…-_- your comment is a fantasy and a rediculous one…if this was ever allowed to happen i would hang my head in shame

  40. Alexies says:

    Who cares if some spoiled kids who’s parents paid $199.00 for two days of camp can’t get to see DH?

    • lbj says:

      I cared bec I spent $199.00 to send my kid in the camp instead of buying food for my family!

    • Common Sense says:

      You obviously don’t have children. And even though you don’t, saying that is not cool. If your kid loves snow white, you go broke at Disneyland, if your kid loves horses, you give your life to the stables. If your kid likes music, you spend your monthly income on lessons. Dwight howard is their idol, anyone can muster up 200 bucks for a dream come true for thier children. Your comment is not cool.I want to say something not nice about you, or your childhood, but I don’t know you and it wouldn’t be ok for me to say anyway, just like it’s not cool to call these kids spoiled. Not cool.

      • wUT says:


      • DR says:

        Come on son. No you don’t. Anyone who goes broke for their kid is an idiot and their kid is spoiled. Never should a parent spend so much money on a kid’s wants that it affects their needs.

        Back on topic, who cares? Dwight is hurt, specifically his back, the center of all control in his body. If he doesn’t want to go to a basketball camp where he has to be active and might hurt his back again, he shouldn’t have to go. Just give a refund or slash prices to like $120 or something and call it a day.

  41. Orlando native says:

    dwight is a undesirable who cares if he wants to play brooklyn he is going to do something wrong over there too he is a disgrace nba to the all time best he should not even be considered an all time best with his image magic should not even play him put him in the d league he doesnt deserve to play in the nba magic gm said it himself we want guys who want to be part of something bigger then themselves

  42. Krishawn says:

    I dont think Steve did anything out of the way by posting this article after all [excuse me if im wrong] but this is”HIS BASKETBALL CAMP”!!! Dwight signed the extension an didnt leave Orlando because he saw how much Lebron was hated for leavin his team but the way things are looking it seems as if he should’ve done another decision an get it over with because he’s really hurtin his image…[Miami fan] but i really loved Dwight damn..only ppl loving him now are the fans who are hopin he changes his mind an “stay” and those fans who believe their teams can get him…LONG TERM that is…

  43. Keith says:

    I’d still root for him in Purple and Gold. Diva, yes, but we’ve got about 7 Diva’s jerseys hanging in the rafters. Come on over big man.

  44. lbj says:

    Common howard stop fooling them. We know that you were heading to miami in exchange to haslem,anthony and future round picks.

    PG: Wade
    SG: Allen
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard

    6th man: Battier
    Strong Reserve: Chalmers, Lewis,Cole,Miller and Juwan Howard

    • Common Sense says:

      ok. now you’re copying and pasting…not ok

    • Miami Guy says:

      As a long time Miami Heat fan. I do not want Howard in Miami Heat uniform. He first needs to grow up!

    • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

      This post is actually giving me nightmares. It’s that ridiculous. I have to know, are you serious or trolling? Please, please tell me.

    • LBJ is King says:

      i love your comments lbj. Lebron is the king, why wouldnt howard want to play with the “King”. I beleive the magic are getting a good deal, two starters in anthony and haslem they both have a good 5 years in each of them averaging 10 + points and 10 + rebounds. plus they get future round picks, what more could orlando want?

      • Ggg says:

        Oh no, not you!

      • Rocket33 says:

        LBJ… I’ve become somewhat of a fan of yours on these blogs. Every time I see your post I look to see how many people bite and try to respond with an explanation of why your trade doesn’t work. Gives me a much needed laugh each day. But have you just taken it to another level? Post your same Howard to Miami trade, then follow it up with another comment under another name agreeing with yourself?

    • lbj says:

      @rocket33 hahaha better not to comment with their reaction they may caught me fooling around with them

  45. hooplover says:

    ok, dwight howard is not america’s favorite right now but in his defense, this article stinks and wreaks of deliberate slander. i’ll be the first to admit that dwight is on the “it” list of practically every nba organization follower, but in his defense again, there has not been given a reason why he won’t be able to attend this event especially in this article. we’re all eagerly awaiting to the outcome of this situation but in the meantime, we’re swollowing every bite of negativity that writers such as “this one” has to feed us. yes, i’m fed up with the howard drama as well as anyone else but i’m equally fed up with the “howard bashing”!

    • Dave says:

      I think the strongest leg Aschburner has to stand on as a journalist is slander and negativity.

    • Swatguy says:

      I agree. Dwight is at least 51% of the drama up to this summer. But Dwight is not driving the drama now, media and Magic are. He has stayed low and out of the way since his injury. I see growth. He will be espeacially beastly when he lands at his new team. When the dust settles he will regain all of his fans, popularity and winning. This guy is from strong good/great stock. He is more than a conqueror.

      • nawlinsmitty says:

        This guy is an indcisive adolescent who is obviously listening to the wrong people. Celebrities always make the mistake of surrounding themselves with people who tell them what they want to hear, not what they need to hear.

    • RB says:

      Thanks You I thought I was the only one saying the same thing. I sure there is a reason why he can’t attend the camp, They are saying he going to Dodgers game the last time i check if you in Los Angeles you don’t need to jump on a plane to go to a Dodgers game. I don’t think he can travel with that back surgery he just had and now recovering from. who knows! They need to just stop jumping on the guy because Magics is still holding on to him.

      • nawlinsmitty says:

        I’ve had back surgery. Unless he had surgery yesterday, there is no problem with flying. Quit making excuses for this guy. He doesn’t know how to handle his own business. A litle college may have helped him grow up.

  46. Slider821 says:

    Yeah Dwight, skipping a children’s bball camp you were scheduled to attend just to give some encouragment to the kids will really show the Magic organization you mean business! Quite the professional we’ve got here…

  47. enrique says:

    I’m a huge Laker fan and when this drama began I was hoping that LA would get Howard. That has changed. I’ll take Andrew any day over this selfish pathetic brat. This is getting as low as low can get, to stay away from his OWN CAMP and refusing to make those kids dreams come true is simply ridiculous. I DON’T EVER WANT TO SEE HIM IN ANY NBA UNIFORM AGAIN.

    • bob says:

      Finally a laker fan with common sense. I wasn hoping howard would join so they lose a master piece like Bynum

    • nonbias says:

      people like you are stuoid you blame players for stuff like this but give no blame to manegment. dont you people remember when the magic offered to fire coach and gm to keep this guy??? sorry to say it but the magic started all this by making there best player waive the player option that they both agreed to at the beggening they kn.w he didnt wanna be there but kept trying to act like they could work things out. i could care less about the kids in the camp cause the camp never should have been happening in florida. let me guess yous were the people hating on lebron for making the best move of his career which ended up in him getting a ring. let the man do him and get off his sack

    • DH4LIFE ( NO MATTER WHAT) says:

      first of all, i cant believe you would pick andrew bynum over dwight howard. secondly, he is not a selfish pathetic brat. he is fed up with the organization and the front office, otis smith messed up the roster after there run in the finals. come on! vince carter, this guy is old and run down, he was good back in the day, YES , but he is old……. and the media screwed him up with most of the drama about being traded and everything, and i understand that he decided to not go to the camp and it puts kids hopes and dreams down. but the guy is in rehab and the news showed he would be in rehab for 3 months, give the guy a break, let he make his own decisions. dont go blaming a injuried superstar on not going to a camp because of a injury……. common sense man…….

      • wUT says:

        Freethrows and a good and still developing post player and he’s younger and can lead the franchise in fuure as well I’ll take bynum he just wants to ball after seeing this there’s no way that I would want him on my team LA doesn’t need this drama baby espcially after Kobe retires

      • wUT says:

        He went to a dodger game I’m sure he could watch kids at camp.

      • nawlinsmitty says:

        If he can go to baseball games and other events in Cali, he can at least show his face at the camp. That’s all those kids want….just to see him and get an autograph. Is writing his name going to further strain his back?!!

  48. Swatguy says:

    Dwight has divorced Orlando. Orlando is as much to blame by not dealing him last spring or now. It will not get better until they severe all ties. For those who looked for consistancy, whoop there it is. Dwight have moved decidedly this summer and for it he is crucified. Well, flame on “Media Types”, cry victim Magic’s.

    As far as us in the SWAT’s, we still love Dwight. Come on back home “Biggun”.

  49. Travis says:

    Horrible blog post. Have you ever had back surgery before? Did you ask Howard specifically what the problem was? You sir are worse than Hitler!

    • Bulls fan 4 life says:

      You sir are probably the only dwight howard fan out there outside of his family.

      p.s he clearly is healed enough to go to dodger games and Adidas promo events

    • bernard says:

      Worse than Hitler, do you think before you type. There are few people even approaching the level of atrocity Hitler did, stalin is one of them. Howard is just spoiled, he’s an amazing basketball player and because of that he thinks hes entitled to everything, but never, EVER compare howard to hitler you moron. You and others like you, are whats wrong with the world.

      • TTKIN says:

        Thank you. Because if I was to respond to him, I would fill it with curse words about how dumb he is. And hence my post would never be approved. You said everything I needed to, thank you again man. what he said was Grade-A 100% messed up.

      • Retro Silk says:

        Connect the dots you idiots! He is not comparing DH to Hitler, he is comparing Steve Aschburner to him. I am not condoning the remark, but you two chodes seriously need to do some more critical reading so you know what is really being said. Lay off the tabloids and try to understand something in depth for once. As far as the whole Dwightmare episode… I think he should go to the childrens day camp so he can be around people of his own emotional and mental caliber. At this point in time, I wouldn’t even feel bad if he had a career ending injury. If I lived in Orlando, I would have jumped state by now. We are done with you, you Drama Queen!

  50. Willy says:

    The EGO in Borelando is a sad sad story that will only get worse. Sit out the entire year and rest your back because I don’t want to see you play anywhere! Harsh words for Orlando fans sorry for the fans.

    • lbj says:

      Common howard stop fooling them. We know that you were heading to miami in exchange to haslem,anthony and future round picks.

      PG: Wade
      SG: Allen
      SF: James
      PF: Bosh
      C: Howard

      6th man: Battier
      Strong Reserve: Chalmers, Lewis,Cole,Miller and Juwan Howard.

      • Carl says:

        You Miami fans are SPOILED. You don’t NEED any more All-Stars.

      • Real Magic Fan says:

        That makes 0 sense. How are you gonna trade anthony, haslem and future picks for howard. A. the big 3 make too much money and unloading those 2 helps none in landing dwight. And B. that is the WORST trade offer they will prob see.

      • bob says:

        what abt the cap sace lbj? You miami fans so ludicrous, actually orlando will take a below average players like turiaf and haslem. picks? yea ordlando will definately want picks in the last three spots in each round.

      • Common Sense says:

        At least this time you mentioned the topic. Didn’t just copy paste like you’ve done 500 times before. But your point is still a dream never to happen:)

      • Wilt #13 says:

        Dont listin to to that guy.
        He isent a real HEAT fan .
        If he was he knew that D12 is NOT going to miami for 3 reasons:
        1) Miami doesnt have the money.
        2)That is a really bad trade cuz haslem is old,Anthony is old and not a good Center .
        3)those future picks you sayed… Yea … WORTHLESS. Miami will have one of the best records this season so that means that there future picks are going to be in 20-30 .
        Think before you make a bad name for heat fans.

      • Durantula says:

        he is trolling u guys haha

      • MIAMIWHO says:

        @Carl this lbj kid is an idiot dude. He posts the same thing evertime. As dumb as he sounds, even he knows the heat have no chance in hell in landing Dwight Howard.

      • EZfoRPREZ says:

        and where will they find the money to pay dwight. ray. wade. and lebron. speak sense please.

      • chris says:

        there is almost no way howard is going to miami.first of all they wont be able to afford howards salery.second dwight didnt want to go to L.A because he didnt want to be outshined by kobe and miami has more stars so he is not going to

      • realist says:

        o my god. this guy again? everytime I read an article on here this fool is here re posting the same exact thing over and over again. once again, the cold cannot afford any other big names that are not old and looking to ride someone’s back to get a ring…RAY ALLEN. howard will never be here as long as the cheating 3 are here. so, give it up

      • Next year, we will do it again! says:

        Why are they the cheating 3? I don’t get it.
        LBJ is so very dumb, he is posting on every Dwight Howard posts, but hey, people are still responding him. I don’t think the Heat will trade for him this season. The one thing I can say is if for what ever reason DH12 becomes a free agent at the end of next season, and now the NBA is not allowing sign and trades, the Heat at least in no worse position to get him compared to all the other contenders. Unless DH wants to play on a bad or mediocore team, the Heat, Lakers, Nets, Knicks, will all compete for him in a fair fight and I can see the Heat hold an advantage if they can repeat.

      • Bandwagonerdetecter says:

        I found one…. Like really, you probably just started watching the NBA when you heard Lebron signed a contract with miami. Clearly Orlandos GM would not do anything as dumb as to trade Howard for anthony haslem and draft picks.

      • Ggg says:

        How is juwan a strong reserve? Worse yet, how would Orlando do that? Miami can’t even afford that, and they aren’t pursuing him. Please. Do us a favor and stop commenting…

      • Ggg says:

        You don’t Even know the heat rotation!

      • gizzzzzzzzzle says:

        once again, you are the funniest hahahaha.. best troll, people are getting soo worked up

      • MK7 says:

        LOL! I love how people are still letting lbj’s comments get to them. We all know he’s looking for a reaction from people by putting the same “never going to happen” comment over and over. Just stop taking the bait people, you’re making it too easy for him. Don’t be outsmarted by a dimwit…

      • Fly- Guy says:

        Spoiled is not the word. DELUSIONAL is more accurate

      • Glen says:

        You again? Sheesh!

      • pogi2 says:

        Miami Fans, TO MUCH START players, Miamiteam no budget for D.Howard? much better D.Howard go to Trash/worse Team. thats a lesson/selfish/and BIG MONEY.