U.S. – Argentina Game Blog

LONDON — After this game between the U.S. Men’s Senior National Team and Argentina, the final game of pool play for everyone in this Olympic competition, we are saying goodbye to the venue so many of us have called home since the Games began.

As much fun as we’ve had in and around the Olympic Basketball Arena, the building dubbed the “Big White Marshmallow” by some locals, the grown man stage of this tournament will take place at North Greenwich Arena. U.S. point guard Deron Williams knows the place well, having played two games there with the Nets in March 2011 when he first joined the New Jersey (and now Brooklyn) Nets.

But before we go, we’re going to find out if U.S. coach Mike Krzyzewski knows his team as well as he does. He insists that their somewhat uncharacteristic performance against Lithuania Saturday night was an aberration, a temporary departure from the Olympic script for his team.

They can play better, they can play harder and they can defend the pick and roll. He says they can certainly much better than they did Saturday night. We’re assuming he meant they could do all of those things by tonight, because the world is watching now to see if the U.S. really is vulnerable as they seemed, at times, during that 99-94 win over Lithuania.

You better believe Manu Ginobili, Luis Scola and the rest of this confident Argentina team are going to test the U.S. and see if they have indeed learned their lessons.

We’re going play-by-play (as best these typing fingers will allow) from right here at the BWM throughout, knowing full well that the quarterfinal matchups are all but set and that the U.S. will see Australia next (Patty Mills made the Horry Scale, in case you missed it), and a potential semifinal date against either Spain or Brazil (they are in the final two minutes … UPDATE, Brazil wins 88-82 to finish second in the group while Spain finishes third).

But we’ll get to the future in due time. The U.S. and Argentina have business to tend to first …


0.0: Harden drains a 3 at the buzzer. 126-97. Rout City. Argentina quit at the end of the third.

4:25: CP3 puts on a 16-second dribbling clinic and then drains a deep 3 in Gutierrez’s face for a 116-89 lead. These last four-plus minutes are about not letting anyone get hurt doing anything silly and making sure you walk out of here without anyone swinging on anyone else.

5:56: Harden scores on a layup produced from a fast break started by a Davis block. 111-85.

6:24: Davis gets on the board with a baseline layup. 109-85.

6:44: Durant took the fight out of Argentina. Manu and Scola are on the bench. Not sure they’ll even bother coming back. Didn’t like the way Argentina tried to turn up the physical nature of the game and then when the U.S. responded they started crying. This is how they wanted it and it backfired tonight.

7:32: Anthony Davis checks in, taking Kevin Love’s place and they throw him an oop immediately. 107-83.

8:41: “USA” chants kick up after Westbrook is called for a technical foul for glaring at J.P. Gutierrez after a dunk. Not sure why you’d call a technical foul for that and not half the stuff we saw in the third quarter.

9:42: D. Will doesn’t waste any time lining up another 3. 105-76. This is getting silly. And Argentina seems like the rattled bunch.


0.0: Melo drains a 3 in transition at the buzzer for a 102-76 lead. Took a shot from someone at the end of the play. Entire U.S. bench gets up and Argentina players ready for some yapping, too. Technical fouls called on players from each team but we’re not sure who. Argentina just got bitten by the Durantula folks. He scored 17 points in the third to blow this game open.

29.7: Love at the line, makes one of two.

1:25: Durant finally misses a 3, after a kickout from a Love missed free throw, but Love finishes it off with a dunk. 96-74.

1:51: Durant with a 3 from damn near half court … seriously, he was almost to half court. 93-74. Ludacris in the crowd draped in a U.S. flag. 93-74 U.S. and Argentina is getting a bit frustrated at the way they are getting shot out of here right now. Scola and Melo trading elbows and it’s getting nasty under the rim.

2:19: Durant for 3. He can go off in ways that no other player on the planet can. 90-74.

2:43: Love with the tip in of a D. Will miss. 87-74.

3:02: Scola goes coast to coast for a layup. 85-74.

3:16: Nocioni for 3. 85-71.

4:23: LeBron gets the block on Scola at the rim and is called for the foul. He did the Usain Bolt up the sideline and to the bench where he takes a seat and tucks his mouthpiece into his compression shorts. Work has been done.

4:34: Durant for 3 … again. 85-68.

5:01: Durant for 3. 82-68. Bench rises in unison as he rises for rises for the shot. U.S. is cranked up right now. Showing off what they can  do.

5:24: Manu with a classic flop.

5:28: Scola with a layup. 79-68.

5:34: Lots of flopping, shoving, pushing and complaining going on both ways. The officials better get control of this thing.

5:51: Two free throws for Kobe. 79-66.

6:13: Durant gets the steal and starts the break and LeBron finds him for the finish and dunk. 77-66. Loving the LeBron on Manu defensive assignment from Coach K. Makes things much tougher on Manu.

6:33: LeBron takes a rebound of another Kobe missed 3 from Nocioni and Delfino and lays it in for a 75-66 U.S. lead.

6:45: Nocioni scores on another runner. He’s cranking it up a bit. And with LeBron going at him on the other end, he better. 73-66 U.S.

7:03: Chandler gets the putback and foul on a LeBron drive and miss. 73-64 U.S.

7:22: Scola layup. 70-64.

7:47: Durant corner 3 from CP#. 70-62.

8:26: LeBron for the layup. 67-62.

8:48: LeBron goes back to the turnaround jumper but misses. Chandler keeps it alive. Ball swings to LeBron for the corner 3. 65-62.

9:24: Nocioni answers with a deep 3. 62-62.

9;41: The U.S. goes right to Lebron for a back down and turnaround jumper over Nocioni. 62-59.


Kobe shooting 3-for-9 at the break and struggling to keep his feet on defense several times. Look for him to play with a bit of an edge in the next 20 minutes. CP3 has been remarkable — 14 points on 5-for-6 shooting, including a 4-for-5 effort from deep, three rebounds and two steals and running the show. Love was great off the bench with seven point and five rebounds.

Emanuel Ginobili (gov’t name) has been his usual stellar self. Made all seven of his free throws, and has four rebounds and three assists to go along with his team-high 16 points. Leonardo Gutierrez has been the man, though, stroking three of his shots from long-range and exposing the U.S.’s penchant for giving up on their defensive rotations. Give a big man an open 3 in international ball and he’ll make you pay for it.

The U.S. has their hands full tonight, as expected, against a good and motivated Argentina team that is playing without its usual point guard. For anyone that wanted to see the U.S. tested after that record-setting mauling of Nigeria … well, they are being tested in every way imaginable.

You have to wonder what the U.S. would look like if they played under more control and limited the number of 3-pointers they take (9-for-22 in the first 20 minutes) … probably a lot like Argentina did in the first half, but with even better athletes.


0.3: Manu drains two free throws. 60-59 U.S. LeBron picked up his second foul on the play. Picked up both of his fouls in the final 45 seconds of the half.

3.9: LeBron scores on a sweet feed from CP3. 60-57.

32.3: Love with a layup. 58-57 U.S.

45: J.P. Gutierrez sinks two free throws. 57-56 Argentina. Great game.

59: LeBron makes up for it with a drive and finish. 56-55 U.S.

1:15: LeBron goaltends Delfino’s layup. 55-54 Argentina.

1:37: Manu for 3. 54-53 U.S.

1:52: Kobe with a layup off a feed from LeBron. 54-50

2:23: Delfino with a corner jumper. 52-50.

2:41: CP3 pulls up for the stop and pop 3-pointer. He’s been the most unstoppable force on the floor for the U.S. 52-48. The U.S. is one of the few teams here that doesn’t play exclusively through their point guard. But when they do, you see how devastating Paul can be. He can shoot, direct, defend and he’s got a nasty streak, too.

3:00: CP3 with the long rebound and coast to coast for the layup. 49-48.

3:37: Sweet feed from Manu to Juan Gutierrez who cashes in on the old fashioned 3-point play. 48-47 Argentina.

4:24: LeBron breaks the tie with two free throws. But I love Argentina’s work here. They have slowed the game down to their preferred pace and are working their stuff. Kobe is struggling right now, too.

5:13: Gutierrez drains another deep jumper. 45-45. Argentina doing all of this with their second unit. Take that U.S. bench mob.

5:43: Gutierrez with another 3. Caught the U.S. napping on their rotations. 45-42.

5:53: Iguodala gets out on the break and finishes with a flush. 45-39.

6:16: Kammerich outworks Chandler for a rebound and put back. 43-39.

6:58: Iguodala keeps a a Kobe miss alive and CP3 makes Argentina pay with a deep 3. 43-37.

7:23: Gutierrez sinks two free throws. 40-37.

7:41: Argentina does not have a big man who can root Love out of the paint. He was controlling the boards for a nice stretch there. Chandler just came back in for him. Still 40-35 after Durant misses to free throws and Iguodala’s put back goes awry.

8:22: Igoudala goes baseline and finishes with the two-handed jam. The U.S. second unit (if we’re going to call them that) is so much more explosive than what anyone else can trot out on the floor. 40-35.

8:33: Campazzo with another 3. D. Will is disrespecting him and paying for it. 38-35.

9:13: Iguodala gets the steal on one end and finishes with a put back jam of a Westbrook miss on the other.  Love is doing LeBron’s defensive barking now. The U.S. is playing defense at a completely different level tonight compared to what we saw against Lithuania. 38-32.


0.0: Durant came back in for Melo and drains the 3 for the 34-32 U.S. lead to end the quarter. Excellent stuff from both sides. Red Foxes (Ukranian dance team) on the floor now doing their hula hoop routine.

7.4: Melo picks up his second foul on a shove in the back on Manu. 32-31 Argentina.

47.9: Melo drains two free throws to take it back. 31-30. But the Argentina crowd is amped up.

1:01: Gutierrez for 3 and another Argentina lead. 30-29.

1:21: Scola comes back a layup. 29-27.

1:37: Love pops from 3. 29-25.

1:55: Manu gets D. Will up in the air and draws the foul. 26-25.

2:08: Scola flops and K. Love pops the 17-footer from the wing. 26-23.

2:34: Durant at the line. It’s LeBron who was barking out those defensive signals loud enough for everyone to hear, even in the upper deck of the arena. 24-21.

3:04: Manu drains a step-back jumper. 22-21 U.S.

3:23: Campazzo blows past D. Will for a layup where no one protects the rim.

4:17: CP3 drains another 3-pointer. 22-17.

4:25: Campazzo finds Nocioni underneath for a layup. 19-17.

4:49: Durant for 3. U.S. leads 19-14.

5:31: Kobe drains two free throws. A fair fight is always more fun than a blowout to me, and I don’t care how many 3s the U.S. makes.

5:53: Manu with a nasty fake on the drive for a layup. 15-14.

6:14: Delfino drains a jumper over Durant. 14-13.

6:44: Manu beats Kobe to the bucket for a layup and the foul with just six seconds on the shot-clock. 14-11.

6:53: You can hear the U.S. shouting on defense. Much different defensive focus to start this game compared to Lithuania.

7:22: Kobe still at it, knocks down a 3 anyway. 14-8.

7:36: Campazzo drains the 3. 11-8.

7:51: LeBron says no thanks on the 3s and posts Nocioni up on the baseline. Scores on the jumper of Nocioni and Scola, gets the foul and makes the free throw. 11-5.

8:22: CP3 drops in his first 3. 8-5.

8:38: Delfino for 3. 5-5.

8:54: Kobe makes his second attempt.

9:24: Just to shut us foolish reporters up, the U.S. starts the game with two straight 3-point attempts. Kobe misses his. Durant doesn’t.

Game time folks. Prigioni is not in uniform tonight for Argentina. Campazzo gets the start at point guard.


Condoleeza Rice in the stands for U.S.-Argentina game rocking a smooth London Fog trench. Is it raining outside?

Don’t expect any controversy from the previous game. Spain had their big dogs on the floor at the end and Brazil just flat outplayed them. There are some badminton stars somewhere screaming as the read this, since they were shown to the exit after insulting the Olympic spirit while trying to manipulate potential future matchups.

Spain will be accused of doing the same, since their loss to Brazil delays any potential meeting with the U.S. But anyone thinking they are good enough to manipulate these matchups better be careful what they wish for.


  1. johnny says:

    Facundo Campazzo is a great player!

  2. kale gospodar vremena says:

    @ V the Man well what can u except from another (i dont like to say this) ignorant rich n….r

  3. V the Man says:

    I just dont get why the U.S. team is full of jerks…the Argentinean point guard tried to help up players on the ground, but they neglected him…Westbrook is the worst out of all of them..the point guard tried to ask for the ball at the end of the quarter and he pushes him….

  4. Hilo Dan says:

    Amazing, isn’t it, how Durant was lucky all season long. And Kobe has been lucky for 16 years now. No ability, no skill, just luck. Truly amazing!

    Way back in 1948, there was a baseball scout who advised his team not to sign Willy Mays. The Giants signed Mays, of course, and he was a Hall of Fame player. This scout was insisting when Mays was in his mid-30s and arguably the greatest player of his generation that his achievement were still nothing but luck!

    If the U. S. loses, THAT will be luck! If skill prevails, Team USA will bring home gold.

  5. Nico says:

    The rest of the teams are playing for the silver. Argentina is now playing for bronze with Brazil…. This is the closest team to the Dream Team 92 I’ve ever seen… Is hopeless… US Team is Basketball in all expresions. Congratulations!

    Greetings from Argentina =)

  6. mahonebarbara says:

    Love Sekou’s play by play commentary. LeBron does a Usain Bolt, the Durantula bites, and Manu’s gov’t name among my favs tonight. Wish I could be there in person. Thanks for the zippy descriptions.

  7. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Sounds like you’re a sore loser! @USA will not win! Hahahahaha!

  8. Nerijus says:

    USA fell in love with 3 point shooting. It is not a good habit.

  9. cristian says:

    we can play better next time. ok Usa too..xd dont worry, GO GOLDEN GENERATION‼ 😛



    Dont be too much happy over beating Argentina. All luck shots by Durant. You see Argentina or Brazil again in semi-finals. Either of these teams will beat Fake Dream Team/Team Luck/Team Fluke. If Americans GET LUCKY AGAIN, RUSSIA, LITHUANIA or SPAIN will defeat the Americans in the FINALS. You see. AMERICA BASKETBALL WILL BE UPSET.

    • noyb says:


    • tom says:

      the best shooter in the world durant is always lucky . lol .

    • tom says:

      durant outscored arfentina in the 3rd . lol l

    • Excuses says:

      Again, people saying “luck” win and all the doubting. I don’t see how a 29 victory is considered “luck”. And John said that both LTU and Argentina is better than the US. Okay, those teams have been playing together for years so their cohesion is better. I’ll give you that much. However, saying that these teams will win against the USA in a 7 game series without facts is pretty outrageous. When have these countries won against the USA dating back to the 2007 olympic qualifying tournament? None… so I don’t know where you get your data from to support your claim that these two teams are better than USA in a 7 game series. All the doubters, please come back after the Olympics is over. I want to see you post on the NBA forums again or will you do like every other doubters…. go “quiet” when your team loses.

      • john says:

        Excuses, read my comment , I was being sarcastic explaining how everyone said they were better than the US. That’s how rumors get started. Please read carefully! I’m a US fan..lol

    • Law064 says:

      SMH What are you snorting USA Will Not win gold? What a moron lol That was luck ok just like the last 6 games

  11. john says:

    LTU is better than the US. Argentina is better than the US. Basketball people know that one game does not make a tournament. Ask Argentina how good the US is. BtW, does anyone think Spain lost on purpose to avoid the US until the Gold Medal game. Greece did the same thing at the Worlds and never medaled either.

  12. mastershaq says:

    a lot of people said yestarday that because Lithuania was so close to United States Argentina will beat USA, wao, there are still Lebron haters, and they include KD, and Super Kobe, please people, dont be retard, there`s no team that can beat USA I know that, you know that, the world know that, the others team are competing fo the Silver Medal, because everybody know that the gold is for USA where the best basketball in the world is. and dont compare 1992 to 2012 because we know which one is better. gooooooo dream team

  13. KRStwo says:

    why no highlights again , is NBA becoming like UFC (mainstream) , i just cant believe u cant put 5 mins of highlights , should we pay u some money to see the highlights , u are so proud on your country and your basketball players so u proudly present us the game description

  14. lol says:

    I love how Igodaula’s dunk hit him in the shoulder, flipped back out and the refs didn’t give him 2 pts

  15. Pat says:

    lol @ Kobe cannot convert his shots. Anyhow, I still enjoy his games. ❤

    LET'S GO U.S.A.!

  16. Hilo Dan says:

    I’m interested in the deep silence from those who confidently predicted Argentina would beat Team USA, and that the U. S. had zero chance for gold. 29 points? Looks pretty convincing to me! But I’m sure there’s a reason why that marvelous Argentine team lost to those dreadful Team USA players, right guys? Guys? Guys?

  17. J says:

    What happened to the highlight videos.

  18. mr.t says:

    yeah..d-will got crossed…

  19. Paul says:

    Great game.
    Argentina have a great team, but USA is incredible…

    I love Manu.

    From SA. Texas.

  20. RECAPP says:

    Video of Deron getting crossed up! Lol.

  21. TWizz says:

    Watching the game now.. Why should Davis be in the Olympics? Why is he special enough to get this great experience? This is why I’m starting to be in favor for the whole 22/23 and under for Olympics. Gives all the young guys a chance to improve their game through Olympic play, not just one or two. Or if not, make the Olympic team consist of people who actually deserve the experience.

    • Roam Ing says:

      Can the 22/23 be applied to all nations competing in the Olympics? Then that would be fair play if none of the foreign NBA players aged above 22 or 23 will be allowed to play as well. Which is impossible considering the talent each countries would need to field for a stronger lineup, most of them would be the veterans aged above 23 and likely are playing professionally either in the NBA or the European League.

  22. Travis says:

    D. Will Just got Crossed up!

  23. Travis says:

    Westbrook just threw down a NASTY dunk! and got a technical LoL!

  24. Travis says:

    Team USA is putting a whooping on Argentina! They’re playing more like a team now which is SCARY!

  25. restorationgirl says:

    Around 6:10 pm Aug 6 when we were watching this game the USA would shoot and ‘score’ a basket & the Argentina scoreboard would jump up one or whatever is the usual amount of points a basket counts for. As you can see we don’t watch basketball. Then the Argentina team would shoot and score a basket and the USA team would get the point/points…… how can that be????? If you watch the replay of this you’ll see it. We started watching it when they came back from halftime when it was 59 to 60 or something like that. If you get a chance to watch it – I’d love to know what’s happening with that. You’ll see it happen right after halftime about 5 times or more, then it reverts back to what I would consider normal scoring where our team (dk navy blue…. and mostly black guys just so you know I know which team is which….. I’m not that blonde!!!)….. so, it reverts back to : we shoot a basket & we score, they shoot a basket and they score. Anyone notice this???

  26. sheepie says:


  27. Marc Henry says:

    A lot of Nasty Call from the Refs..it’s all in favor of team Argentina..

  28. chuful29 says:

    This is an amazing game so far!! Once again, TEAM USA, everytime you go 1 on 1, nothing will come your way. USA Only leads by 1 @ halftime.

  29. bball says:

    Amazing game so far, respect to both teams

  30. kobe says:

    anywhere to watch this live online free?
    please give me link x]