Euro Victory Lap No Sure ‘W’ For Kobe

Europe and other destinations of global basketball, in the minds of most U.S.-born NBA players, might be handy for contract leverage. They’re valuable as back-up plans and certainly they can provide a source of much-needed funds at the front or back end of a career, whether we’re talking traction and survival early on or a few lingering paydays later.

But Europe, Asia or other foreign lands as a preference, as an active choice? That is, and figures to remain, uncharted terrirtory as far as the All-Stars or the Hall of Fame-bound elite are concerned.

Unless Kobe Bryant makes good on his daydream. And — this is the tricky part — opts to leave the last remaining bits of his game on the courts and in the record books of a non-NBA league.

Bryant, the Lakers’ star shooting guard, told Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports in London that a victory lap in Europe holds real appeal for him.

“It would be natural for me to go do it. It wouldn’t be a stretch at all. I grew up here.”

Bryant plans to play out the final two years of his Lakers contract and reassess everything. He’s still performing on an All-Star level, and his knees are holding up with his 34th birthday approaching this month. As the son of Italian League star Joe Bryant, he lived in Italy for several years as a child. His memories of Italy’s pro league plush, Bryant still gushes over witnessing the scoring genius of Brazilian star Oscar Schmidt in Italy.

There’s so much sentimentality about Italy and so much more of a business acumen about his ability to push product in Europe. He’ll be selling Nikes forever here.

If Bryant ever wanted to make this leap at the end of his career, his decision on where to play would be an intriguing one.

Bryant speaks both Italian and Spanish fluently, and ranks atop all active NBA stars as a marketing icon and in overall popularity. He even had a deal lined up to play in China for $2 million a month had the lockout dragged on, Wojnarowksi writes, until “the China Basketball Association passed a rule forbidding its teams to sign NBA players with existing contracts.”

Who among us wouldn’t welcome a chance to do a job we love, at premium pay, in an exotic locale near the end of our career? Even cubicle work takes on a special zest if you’re motoring to and from the office on a Vespa, enjoying the scenery, taking espresso breaks in cafes and booking weekend getaways to the Alps or to Tuscany.

Bryant, compared to most American NBA players, is cosmopolitan enough to not just survive but thrive in that environment. He knows all about the possibilities there:

“You’d have to look at the market and what’s going on in terms of the level of basketball being played,” Bryant said. “I understand there’s a high level of competitive basketball in Turkey now. They might have the best league in Europe. Spain has obviously been one of the top leagues for a long time.

“And Italy is a place that’s dear in my heart, I grew up there, but the level is not where it used to be. When I was growing up over there, that was the best league in Europe.”

There is, however, the issue of Bryant’s legacy and his place in NBA history. Assuming he still has enough game left to participate — and do his reputation justice in front of adoring international crowds — when his Lakers contract runs out in two seasons, he probably would have something left in the tank for this league, too. Does Bryant want to leave points, assorted other stats, highlights and possibly a final championship overseas, rather than counting them against other NBA legends?

With 29,484 points, Bryant currently ranks fifth all-time in NBA scoring. He trails No. 3 Michael Jordan, his most obvious inspiration and target, by 2,808 on the scoring list. That means Bryant, if he plays in 140 of L.A.’s 164 games over the next two seasons, would need to average about 20 ppg to catch him. At ages 34 and 35, given Bryant’s performance in 2011-12, that seems very doable. But what if he only gets close?

The same holds for other marks or achievements Bryant has left for his NBA portfolio. He’s fourth all-time in free throws made. Only nine men have scored more field goals. Are 14 All-Star Game appearances enough? (Probably yes, if it means another broken nose.)

And even as a citizen of the world, might he feel a little neglected if his final, final farewells were played out far away in grainy streaming video rather than in high-def NBA TV and SportsCenter coverage? The idea of being an ex-pat hoops legend may be appealing, but Bryant’s famous competitive fire suggests he might want to save his best and last for basketball’s best and brightest.


  1. gmoneyjr1988 says:

    On one can say who is truly best because different times and eras …. The game has evolved so drastically over a long time span…. Times from when MJ was in his prime is different when Kobe was in his prime , The time will be different when LBJ gets in his prime compared to MJ in a few years KD will be better than James …. It take time and development for each of the players … With alot of the older players still having a little bit left ie. KG , Kobe,Nash, Paul Peirce , Tim Duncan, we even seen a little left In Tracy McGrady last year with the Hawks and Grant Hill the last couple of years .. So just enjoy the NBA as its always revolving and watch who will become better or show u they still have what it takes

  2. Lawan says:

    Hello, hw re u. Hop fyn. I need u gve me gear

  3. adir mulla says:

    theres an 8 hours diferentule were i live
    and everyone knows kobe’s the best

  4. adir mulla says:

    kobe’s #1 play was amazing like spectaculaur

  5. Pat Brown says:

    People are always bragging about the so-called greatest MJ. What have he really done for the children besides selling ridiculous high prices tennis shoes. KOBE the best player ever.




  8. kaprolopongo says:

    kobe the real king

  9. kaprolopongo says:

    when u talk about basket ball in the international arena, the first name that come to mind is KOBE B. in africa people only talk of MJ, BB and Magic J. lebron not knwn. KD and Rando are quickly establishng. if you dont belive me, check adidas jersey sales.KOBE leads all continents expct in north america. pls do not disrespct the face of basket ball.yeah i said it, BOBE is THE FACE OF BASKETBALL.

  10. Laffy says:

    You people just cant handle the fact that every era has its superstar…. Michael Jordan had his time and he was great, Kobe did so in his primes, and now James is in his primes and so far he has live up to his name in which the media and fans put on him… It keeps changing and it will never stop changing.. some day someone will be better then James…

    Like all other players in the basketball, this is not a one man game. it’s about the whole team, Bill Russel cannot do it alone, Michael Jordan cannot do it alone, Magic Johnson cannot do it alone, Kobe cannot do it alone, Shaq cannot do it alone, D Wade cannot do it alone, even King James cannot do it alone…

    No matter how much you people argue on who is the best in the league, there will always be another one that rises up… and each of the NBA legends had their time.. so stop your arguing on who is the best

  11. noyb says:

    Not everything (or everybody) must go the way that everyone thinks. He will write his own ending.

  12. Nick says:

    Truth is this, no player can win the ship alone. Your saying that James can’t win it without Wade. Ok, look at this, Kobe couldn’ win without Shaq, Ron Artest (last Laker ship.), Wade has had either LeBron or Bosh/Gary Payton. It has to be a TEAM. and Kobe should stick to his roots, but in a different way.

  13. Pauline says:

    Grainy streaming video? Please. How moronic. If Kobe does go to Europe, your beloved Sportscenter aka ESPN will find a way to exploit it. Maybe bring running water, electricity and McDonalds too.

  14. NBA lives on says:

    Lebron didn’t do much to take his Cavs team to the Finals when he played there ! HE was in the EASTERN CONFERENCE which is horrible when you can make it to the play-offs with a loosing record .. And even if Kobe did have Shaq And Gasol to win his Championships you can’t knock him for it ! Kobe took his Lakers team to the Play-offs when he had Kwame Brown and Chris Mihm and Smuch Parker but nobody wants to remember that right ?? I wonder why ? Because some of you are blinded by what the media wants you to see !!

  15. DOCTOR DOOM!!! says:

    August 6, 2012 at 7:05 pm
    Heat bought both 2006 and 2012 Championships. If it wasn’t for the refs both years, they wouldn’t have won. Only the crazy Heat fans would say otherwise, because they want to feel like their team actually did something.

    Commissioner Stern will fine you $15K for that comment!!!

  16. basketball is MJ says:

    there might be somebody who will be greater than jordan,; but not in this century or the next.

    • dreamteam92 says:

      I remember! Jerry Stackhause when he was a rookie, he was compared to Micheal Jordan 😀

  17. Darko Man says:

    All talk. If he wanted to play in Europe, he wouldve played in Italy during lockout.

  18. local of c says:

    When you guys fight about who is better kobe is making millions and does care if you think LBj6 is better then him because he knows he is better.

  19. Romesh says:

    Jordan > Kobe > LBJ
    For all those that think Chamberlin/Russel are better than players today, you guys are crazy. You gotta imagine the league back then (can’t remember who said it). They described the league as imagine todays league but without the black dudes and without the europeans. That’s what the league was like back then!

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      So by your logic, If Andrew Bogut played in the 50’s and 60’s he would be the greatest player that ever lived!! better than Chamberlain and Russell! Yeh right!

  20. NOmena says:

    If Kobe goes to play somewhere, its fine.
    He has give enough for the NBA.
    He is the most talented basketball so far..
    He show us everything he can give us.
    And we just have to thank him and wish him well.

    Thanks Kobe

  21. NBAGUY says:

    Kobe! Don’t leave!

  22. specialfriedrice says:

    @ Isaac, who created that team, Kobe…why because he was so good he could do it all himself, replace your quote of ‘hater’ for ‘realist’

  23. Starlin says:


  24. Dew12 says:

    This will just stir the echos even more to get Laker management to get the wheels rolling in LA. I am sure if the Lakers get Dwight signed long term, they automatically extend Kobe’s contract to match the length of Howard’s stay there. Not even necessarily for Dwight, but if they get any big name all star in LA, Kobe will remain a Laker until he retires. If they do nothing and if Nash is their last hope at getting Kobe another ring, perhaps Kobe will entertain the idea of going to Europe. Would kind of be like Jordan. Kobe leaves for 2 seasons than comes back? LOL. Wouldn’t that be some….

  25. SHAW says:


  26. lets go says:

    kobe is better then lebron if u ask lebron he would say hes better then me

  27. Isaac says:

    lol the guy above is a big time hater. Wanna know who his starting 5 was in 05-06
    PG Smush parker
    SG Kobe
    SF Devean George/Walton
    PF Kwame Brown
    C Chris Mihm
    Every heard of them? I think not. The 2nd best players was Odom and he was coming off the bench and it was sad to say the 3rd best was probably Luke Walton. Lets see who lebron had.
    Mo Williams>Smush Parker
    Antony ParkerGeorge

    • False Statement says:

      Nope sorry ….Jamison was not on the Cleveland team that made the finals… It was Drew Gooden and Donny Marshall

  28. Ali says:

    Haha I love how Michael Jordan is in the tags

  29. specialfriedrice says:

    Kobe is not going overseas, Kobe is a greedy and selfish player that only cares for self glory. He has one objective left and thats to become the nba’s all-time scoring leader. You Faker fools who think this guy wants to win??? Why else do you think we are now watching kobe shoot it more then ever in his carer.

    And by the way LBJ lead a team of chumps literaly chumps to a Final, thats is carring your friggn team, Kobe on the other hand played as Shaq’s apprentice, then had his team to himself and his greedy self glory play style could barley help a solid laker team to even make the playoffs.

    Kobe Bryant = the most OVERRATED player of all time!!!!!

  30. alex says:

    Lakers fans wont let him leave…unless they can find someone to replace him first

  31. Rhedz says:

    @Testy Mcbesty:

    Ermm, You can’t say kobe’s better than lebron james just because kobe has more rings…If you’re gonna base your opinion in terms of rings then it just means that robert horry is by far better than michael jordan and koby bryant as he has 7 rings.

    Ring wise, kobe’s ahead of lebron…but if you bring back that young kobe and compare him with the lebron james we have now then i could say that the young koby will own the lebron now.

    But if you’re gonna compare the current kobe to the current lebron..well you’re blind if you still say kobe’s better…

    Well that’s just my 2 cents…we all have our own opinion…after all we are all humans..we age, get sick, lose our vision and hearing and die.

  32. Rhedz says:

    kobe should play until he’s 38, by that time he should have won atleast a ring or two…after that he can go overseas and play with a club that can pay him big for let’s say 2 years so he’ll be around 40-41..then he can retire and put up a sporting brand of his own. that’s what i would do if i’m kobe…he’s not getting any younger and he’s not getting anymore quicker or stronger or better than he used to be.

    he should think wisely, and as for MJ..he can never be replaced..he’s the greatest player in history and his legacy will leave on forever…I’m a lebron james fan and all i can say is that he’s one hell of a player…as for him..he will write his own legacy and history like the ones that came first to him…

    Let’s live and love the game instead of hating the people who make the game alive.

    Long Live Basketball…

  33. Jimmy J says:

    I live in the UK and frankly I’d be pretty astonished if Kobe ever plays a single game in a Europe league. I think he’s just saying that right now cos he’s in Eurppe right now, without seriously thinking he actually will. He’ll retire a Laker I think. He’s more likely to go somewhere like Charlotte than a European league.

  34. Queen James is not better than Kobe. At this point he’s more athletic, but not better. Check out the rings man!

    • Ggg says:

      Agreed he is not better legacy wise but he will become a better player when he retires. But still the king

  35. James says:

    obviously not his best year

  36. KOperboy says:

    Sorry, but Italy was never the strongest league in Europe. During his days in Italy, Yugoslavian league was stronger (think of Jugoplastika, for example). And Turkish league isn’t even the Top 2 league now (Spain and Greece are much better).

  37. bucketnekkid says:

    Kobe you are so right! But lets not call Shaq the greatest center to ever live. He is top 5 though. Although I understand the point you are trying to make with Shaq being the man for his first 3, Kobe is not overrated. In my opinion, he’s top 5 all-time, but he is no longer better than Lebron James. Even he himself knows it, but for some reason ignorant fans can’t come to that realization. Hate him or love him, Lebron is the best player in the world today.

  38. bucketnekkid says:

    “The World”….. No one wins championships without other great players. Shows how ignorant you are.

  39. kendalen says:

    As much as I like Kobe’s outstanding abilities (and I admire them very much, even though in the last years he’s slowly fading), I think it’s offensive to put him just behind MJ and before giants like Wilt Chamberlein, Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson (each of these three, four with MJ, imho could be considered “the greatest of all time”).

  40. Unpredictable says:

    it was funny how Usain Bolt dissed Kobe before his 100m race… telling him “hey, I’m not a Lakers fan, I like Boston”


  41. norques says:

    Wauw! Always comparing players and legacy on this site, jesus. If youre not happy about your superstars, send them to Europe 😀 im sure we would appriciate them more than most of you. Would be amasing to se Kobe in an european club.

  42. bo says:

    deron williams went their only because of strike. rodman and iverson went their for a job when the nba teams would not hire them. kobe might go their for fun.

  43. Kobe says:

    Im so sick of everyone that says that kobe is better than lebron just because he has 5 rings and lebron only one. Shaq got him the first 3 rings just like michael got pippen his six rings. Kobe has only won two championships as ” the man” an by that i mean that he won championship and finals MVP. Lebron James has won 1 Championship and will probebly win at least 2 more as the man. Kobe had the best center ever lived on his team and the best coach ever to coach the game of basketball. Kobe is so overrated.

    • marlon green says:

      You are so silly. Pippen was one of the best defensive and all around players ever and rodman was one of the best defenders and rebounders ever. Shaq was one of the best centers but they all won titles together. Nobody got anyone a ring. And lets not forget It was Kobe that was the X factor that gave the Lakers the edge on those 2000 championship teams. It was Kobe sinking those free throws in the clutch not Shaq. The Lakers had a one two punch they could go to. They went to Shaq before he got into foul trouble and when he went to the bench who took over? Kobe. You cant really compare Kobe and Lebron they both have different strengths and weaknesses. Lebron is taking the torch now but compared to Kobe in his prime their is no comparison. Kobe hasn’t received more comparisons to MJ than Lebron for no reason!

      • Ggg says:

        Who was the finals Mvps? If Shaq wasn’t there Kobe wouldn’t have won.

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        If Kobe wasnt there Shaq wouldnt have won. Shaq didnt go anywhere until Kobe developed. Stop hatin

  44. play till 40 says:

    Something tells me that kobe will stay in the nba till the age of 40. He doesn’t just want to beat Jordan’s scoring list but be first on the all time scoring list. Kobe should just take a pay cut so the Lakers can bring in someone great like Deng or Dwight to the Lakers. Get rid of Bynum !

  45. Moby says:

    Kobe knows sun is setting on him. Young blood is taking over ( Lebron, Durant, Howard etc.. ). Europe may be a better place for him for everything, money, name , fame. But I doubt as his very selfish for numbers ( stats, points, all stars). He would not have won any rings if he was drafted in Cleveland and stayed there with that cast.

  46. Lee says:

    Do us a favor and GO already…

  47. Rauph says:

    Kobes the best stop hating on him its no denying it. KD will then be the best after Kobe retires. Kobe will be miss. aka “Michael Jordan The 2nd”

  48. Alex says:

    I like Kobe, but sometimes he talks like a child. so i won’t pay too much attention until the moment comes. just like other guy said, Kobe likes attentions.

    • NBAfan says:

      reporter asked him, he answered. He never said yes or no, he said it appeals to him…..he gets attention because he is Kobe….

  49. lakersfan says:

    only way kobe would leave is if the lakers became uncompetitive

  50. UK-Bulls says:

    both number 2 & 3 in this top ten are travelling….jab stepping with one foot, then stepping through with what was his pivot foot on the drive to the basket

  51. Bill says:

    Kobe can see the Alps on some future vacation with his mega millions already in his bank account.

  52. KobeLakerFan says:


  53. Jon says:

    Grainy streaming videos? Like there is no HD in Europe or Asia

    • flipstar says:

      Yeah! I think the writer thinks that ASIA and Europe are two different planets.. hahaha

      • Damien says:

        Plus, the same writer seems to think that the level of play in Europe is not enough to be appealing to Bryant. Should remember that many European teams beat NBA teams each and every year. I also remember Kobe Bryant saying that FC Barcelona would be NBA champs should they compete in the American championship. That was just after the then NBA champs Lakers were beaten by the Spaniards !…
        Oh, and how about Lithuania ? 7 million inhabitants and not even Europe’s best, losing by only 7 to Team USA… It’s time for the inferiority complex to be thrown away…

  54. reuben says:

    i will miss kobe playing in the nba cause he the best ever he better then micheal jordan to me so i wish he stay in the nba over here in the usa

    • South Beach Local says:


      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        Of course YOU would agree, you just don’t want michael to be the best. I’m sure you think lebron is the best, don’t hide in your closet coward.

    • FettaFetta says:

      That’s blasphemy! Saying Kobe is better than Michael Jordan… MJ is the greatest of the greatest

      • TTKIN says:

        You do know he said “to me” right? So ya…proly wana just let him think for himself and u can do the same. Problem solved.

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      To ME that’s not true, kobe already played 16yrs going on 17 and still hasn’t touched anything on michael yet. Michael only played 14yrs, and gave up yrs in between because of a tragedy and retirement. As I always say “The proof is in the pudding”. =)

      • David says:

        let it go gadget, they never argued or imposed anything, they’re entitled to their own opinion.

      • michael11 says:

        I agree, chamberlain 13yrs 31,000 , jordan 14 years 32,000, kobe 16 yrs 29,000

      • dolemite says:

        kobe played 7 years with shaq

      • nba says:

        @michael11. the Los Angeles Lakers started Kobe Bean Bryant in his 3rd season. if my calculations were right, if he started his first 2, he would have about 30,000

      • NBAfan says:

        No point comparing. When MJ was playing….he wasn’t the only one who would average 30 ppg. When Wilt was playing, he wasn’t the only one who could get 20 rpg. The game changes, and therefore stats change as well.

        I never saw MJ score 81 pts in single game, or score 60 in 3 quarters, etc. So yeah, Kobe has “touched” MJ in some way.

        I saw MJ in his prime. I saw Kobe in his prime and now I’m seeing Lebron in his prime. They are all different, MJ has won, Kobe has won…and Lebron finally won one….I’ll call it his first if he can win a second one at least.

        I never really got why MJ retired. Maybe he couldn’t take the pressure. Maybe he needed the year off. Who knows….

        Lebron seems to really have a stacked team. The best player also has the best team in my mind….which makes me wonder…why would it have to get to that?

        Dirk will most likely only have one NBA title in his career, but I think that one title will be SO MUCH SWEETER than whatever Lebron wins…..just my opinion. I think one title in cleveland would have been worth 3 titles with the HEAT……

      • Fly- Guy says:

        Since we’re bringing up Who can be considered the best. I CANT UNDERSTAND WHY KAREEM’S NAME ISNT MENTIONED MORE…..What other 7 footers were in the league when he was there. His only competition was Bill russell. Kareem was averaging 18 points a night at 41 yrs old (against MODERN competition)…He couldnt be defended

      • Fly- Guy says:

        that was in regards to Wilt Chamberlain

  55. mrrg says:

    Well, the obvious reason went unmentioned – an entire new continent of untapped booty!

  56. Aj adhami says:

    I will miss Kobe when he leaves. It is wonderfull watching him play.

  57. James says:

    wow Bryan just loves attention,this guy will say anything so that his name can come out somewhere

    • KB24>LBJ-KD says:

      no wonder why your name is James….. hahahaha hatin on the black mamba

      • leo says:

        how about urs?

      • The World says:

        We all know that Kobe is the King of basketball of this era.. and not the number 6 who just made up by the media.. Europe and Asia knows that Kobe is the greatest player second to MJ and no number third at all.. your number 6 is not even close to the greatness of Kobe Bryant with 5 NBA Championship RingSSSSS.. your number 6 is just a propaganda of media.. right now K.D. is even greater than your number 6.. either Kobe or K.D. only will win the 2012-2013 NBA Championship Ring.. without D.Wade and Bosh ’till now your LBJ is 0 ring.. so just shutup!!!..

      • Lakers/Heat Fans are Ridiculous says:

        yawn. kobe had shaq and gasol. you act like basketball is a one man sport. how many times have kobe won a championship on his own. LBJ at least took the cavs to the finals on his own and gave em their best basketball all by himself.

      • TWizz says:

        Heat bought both 2006 and 2012 Championships. If it wasn’t for the refs both years, they wouldn’t have won. Only the crazy Heat fans would say otherwise, because they want to feel like their team actually did something.

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        @Lakers/Heat Fans are Ridiculous.

        U do realise u are talking about the EAST right? When LBJ took the cavs to the Finals the Pistons were at the end of their consecutive runs to the Eastern FInals. What happened when LBJ got to the finals?? They met a real team from the WEST. SPURS spanked them silly and gave them a broom to go home with.

        LBJ didnt make back to the finals until he joined D-Wade & Bosh. With this team he actually beat some good East teams. I love it when LBJ fans bring up that ‘He took his team to the FINALS’……yet they forget to mention they went through the EAST.

        Which conference has won the most C’ships in the past decade?

        I agree though – Kobe didnt win the C’ship by himself but i can say Shaq didnt carry the Lakers himself. If i remember correctly Shaq didnt win until Kobe developed. So lets not even bring that debate up.

    • Mars_Rover says:

      Yeah I have to agree here. Wasn’t he saying he would play in Italy last summer because of the lockout?

    • lbj says:

      are you taking drugs the world? The King “LeBron” is the greatest player now. Without shaq, robert horry,derrick fisher, pau gasol kobe still 0 ring at the age of 34. Even jordan needs pippen, steve kerr and horace grant to win a ring. This is a team game not a chess. fool!

    • tsssssss says:

      Well you all are dumb…yes kobe had gasol and shaq but not at the same time. He didnt have two allstars on his team, and besides gasol came and joined kobe not the other way arround (like lebron). And plz stop with the lebron took the cavs by himself comments, Mo Williams was an playing at an allstar level that whole year soo thats not alone.

      • Zee says:

        Mo wasnt on the 2007 finals cavs team

      • Swan says:

        look at you guys. you are comparing kobe bryant to a guy in his prime. if you guys are fighting over who’s better now, its obviously kobe cause i can tell you for sure lebron will not be as good as kobe is when he’s 33 going on 34 years old

    • NBAfan says:

      Dude, a guy with a twitter account is someone who would say anything to get attention….

  58. neitel says:

    Iverson?? Dennis Rodman?? umm what about Deron Williams who’s #8 jersey was retired by Besiktas…unchartted my rear.

    • wadefan says:

      ya.. during a lockout.. williams is back in the nba now isnt he.. apparently you dont understand the idea of him saying that it would be an ‘active decision’ he (kobe) would choose europe over the nba.. not as a backup

    • Schemer21 says:

      If you read the context of the word ‘uncharted’ you will see that it means uncharted for players of an all-star calibre who can still play at a high level in the NBA as a PRIMARY option. The 3 guys you listed didn’t play in Europe of Asia as their first preference, it was out of necessity.
      The article is making the point that nobody at that level has said, ya know what, i could sign another couple of years with an NBA team and play at a high level, but i think i’d rather play in Europe. It hasn’t been done.

  59. neitel says:

    umm, Iverson and Deron Williams?? unchartted…please. Dennis Rodman anyone?

    • urbantwisticle says:

      Iverson played overseas because no NBA team wanted him
      Rodman played in the D-league and overseas because nobody wanted him.
      Williams played overseas because of the NBA lockout.
      For players like Dominique Wilkins playing in Europe was a financial arrangement. They couldn’t make the money over here that they needed at the end of their carriers..

      The chances that the Lakers would be willing to shell out the huge money and that the endorsements would be high enough to make up for any discrepancy in pay are very high. This is different because in 2 years Kobe will probably be wanted by teams and will be able to make the money over here if he stays.

    • urbantwisticle says:

      Iverson played overseas because no NBA team wanted him
      Rodman played in the D-league and overseas because nobody wanted him.
      Williams played overseas because of the NBA lockout.
      For players like Dominique Wilkins playing in Europe was a financial arrangement. They couldn\’t make the money over here that they needed at the end of their carriers..

      The chances that the Lakers would be willing to shell out the huge money and that the endorsements would be high enough to make up for any discrepancy in pay are very high. This is different because in 2 years Kobe will probably be wanted by teams and will be able to make the money over here if he stays.

  60. JBR says:

    [quote]But Europe, Asia or other foreign lands as a preference, as an active choice? That is, and figures to remain, uncharted terrirtory as far as the All-Stars or the Hall of Fame-bound elite are concerned.[/quote]

    Umm, Dominique Wilkins, anyone?