Slim Pickings Left In Free Agency

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Training camp is still about eight weeks away, but good luck trying to find any more free agents who can make a real impact on your team. A month after free agency opened, only slim pickings remain.

Want proof? The remaining free agent who played the most minutes last season is Alonzo Gee. Most rebounds? Shelden Williams. Yep, we’re down to the bottom of the barrel.

At this point, if teams are still looking to fill roster spots, they have certain needs. So we’ll list the best available guys by position. Here are three point guards, five wings, and three bigs who could be useful (or not) next season…

Point guards

1. Derek Fisher (OKC)
23.9 MPG, 5.6 PPG, 2.7 APG, 37.1% FG, 32.1% 3PT
The veteran will celebrate his 38th birthday next week, and it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about a possible destination for next season. After a rough regular season, he shot a solid 38 percent (18-for-48) from 3-point range in the playoffs.

2. Jannero Pargo (ATL)
13.4 MPG, 5.6 PPG, 1.9 APG, 41.5% FG, 38.4% 3PT
Pargo provided an offensive lift for the Hawks in a handful of games last season.

3. Jonny Flynn (POR)
14.4 MPG, 4.5 PPG, 3.3 APG, 35.1% FG, 29.4% 3PT
Flynn is just 23 years old, but he’s been a bust for three different teams now. It will be interesting to see if someone gives him another chance.


1. Leandro Barbosa (IND)
21.7 MPG, 11.1 PPG, 2.0 RPG, 42.5% FG,38.2% 3PT
Barbosa, who reportedly has interest from the Lakers, was pretty awful in the playoffs last season. He’s been a defensive liability everywhere he’s played, but he can certainly give a team some offense off the bench.

2. Mickael Pietrus (BOS)
22.0 MPG, 6.9 PPG, 3.1 RPG, 38.5% FG, 33.5% 3PT
Like Barbosa, Pietrus was pretty awful in the playoffs, shooting 12-for-54 from 3-point range. But he was banged up (requiring knee surgery after the season) and could certainly give some team more defensively than anyone else on this list.

3. Carlos Delfino (MIL)
28.4 MPG, 9.0 PPG, 3.0 RPG, 40.2% FG, 36.0% 3PT
Like Barbosa, Delfino is playing in the Olympics without a contract. He’s one of the streakiest shooters in the league, but not very efficient overall.

4. Jodie Meeks (PHI)
25.0 MPG, 8.4 PPG, 2.4 RPG, 40.9% FG, 36.5% 3PT
Meeks is a specialist who actually performed pretty well as a starter two seasons ago. But his shooting dropped last season and the Sixers decided to replace him with Dorell Wright. Earlier this week, he listed the Bucks, Lakers and Wizards as teams on his list.

5. Dominic McGuire (GSW)
17.6 MPG, 3.5 PPG, 3.8 RPG, 44.8% FG, 0.0% 3PT
McGuire is a decent defender and a good rebounder for a small forward, but he can’t shoot.


1. Kenyon Martin (LAC)
22.3 MPG, 5.2 PPG, 4.3 RPG, 1.0 BPG, 44.1 FG%
Martin is 34 years old, has had countless knee surgeries, and was pretty brutal offensively last season. But he can still defend five positions. The Clippers were much better defensively when he was on the floor.

2. Anthony Tolliver (MIN)
17.4 MPG, 4.1 PPG, 3.0 RPG, 0.4 BPG, 39.0 FG%
Tolliver was a terrific glue guy two seasons ago, but his shooting dropped off considerably last season. He won’t stand out by any means, but he’s a pretty reliable bench guy.

3. Ivan Johnson (ATL)
16.7 MPG, 6.4 PPG, 4.0 RPG, 0.3 BPG, 51.3 FG%
Johnson is a better rebounder than the two guys above, and he was a pretty efficient scorer as a 27-year-old rookie.


  1. stanfunky says:

    If anyone, Andray Blatche will be the next to sign. He has enough ability and is young, so a team will give him a chance. Age and injury history, as well as ‘fit’ for a team will determine if these guys sign anywhere. Not likely for many of them until September.

  2. zleeks says:


  3. Choker says:

    Tracy Mcgrady… he played great minutes in the playoffs with the Hawks
    Michael Redd… he was ok with Phoenix
    Gilbert Arenas… another chance please
    and all this article mentioned are great

    Blatche and Josh Howard can be a free agent steal

  4. Lakers need to get Barbosa or Pietrus load up for another run. That way if we don’t get Dwight Howard we can still be deep enough to make a run.

  5. Mohammed says:

    lakers should get Barbosa….

  6. Paul Reynaldo says:

    T-Mac to heat
    Agent Zero OKC
    K Mart LAL with Barbosa
    J. O’Neal LAC
    B. Davis Bulls back up for Rip
    Redd to ATL surely they will miss the shooting prowess of J.Johnson
    for Fisher its over nothing to prove maybe a coaching career awaits him,
    others euro league

  7. blah blah says:

    i think the celtics should sign kenyon martin to add depth to their line up.. or they can work on a sign-and-trade to acquire k mart! they need a big man and k mart can give them experience off the bench, if celtics aquire k mart, they can be more competitive to other teams like heat, knicks and nets! forget the departure of allen and go get the 18th banner!!!!

  8. Kobeng-Burat says:

    Yeah what about the White Mamba??? He got a heart of a champion… remember when he posed for a picture with his ring… That’s a good addition.. Too bad Kwame Brown already signed with 76ers… Those 2 can bring Lakers to the promise land…. Along with kobe nash and Bynum…. And they don’t need to touch the ball anyway… Because Kobe is one of the greatest ballhog player ever…..

  9. merryhairyfish says:


  10. Rabee says:

    barbosa to bulls him rose probably the fastest backcourt ever pietrus should just leave i think he could go to toronto its a new beginning for them with kyle lowry boston should get kmart he is solid back up for garnett send jodie to la steve nash will make him the best 3 point shooter in the league d fish stay with okc just because lakers made some moves doesnt mean okc is not a contender delfino to the bulls welcome to the bench mob flynn to hornets they could use a pg and after playing for more then two years its time to see him play

  11. Big J says:

    what about Chris Andersen? The Birdman needs to fly sky-high again!

  12. loomis says:

    aww cmon Boston, sign M. Pietrus!!! and Kmart!

  13. JAMES says:

    Lakers need Barbosa and Martin

  14. jay says:

    where is T-MAC? did he signed with the bulls?

  15. Beau337 says:

    I’d probably say Meeks is the best of the bunch (listed). He’s a very talented perimeter scorer. On defense he can keep his guy in front of him and isn’t too big or lack the agility to guard the one. The best remaining free agent though, is more than likely Sam Young. Young is a top-of-the-line wing defender who has an average jump-shooting ability. With so many wing players having prolific scoring ability (nearly one on every team). His defensive ability could be invaluable.

  16. DD-08 says:

    Michael Redd

  17. 17,6 says:

    i agree 100% with justin…Gilbert Arenas was an animal be4 his injury…Mike Bibby was amazing in his Sac Kings days now 2 old, Baron Davis was possibly the best PG in the league in 07 then he got lazy , Josh Howard was one of the best players in the league in 06 (remember washington had 2 give up C. Butler D. Stevenson, and Haywood just 2 get him: 3 starters) but age and injuries have slowed him down, Tracy McGrady nothing more be said he was incredible and now like arenas like howard like Michael Redd injuries slow him down…its sad i hope this doesn’t happen 2 Brandon Roy i really love his game…but really delfino pietrus and barbosa can’t find jobs??? thats ridiculous…and as much as i would love 2 see iverson return 2 the nba even at his age nobody will take him cuz he refuses 2 come off the bench…i hope none of the above join the heat…they have enough help hahaha…i would love 2 have barbosa join the lakers but idk if they could afford him…

  18. stan says:

    terrence williams for suree!! I saw this guy easily drop 57 in a pro am

    • Jordan says:

      That’s like saying Kobe scored 81 against the Raptors… against horrible defense he scored lots of points, but what did T-Will do in every other game?

      • huh??? says:

        kobe also scored lots of points against every other team he’s played against. what’re you trying to say?

  19. alberz says:

    kenyon martin in new york… defensive team..

  20. art49 says:

    Lakers need to do some work to bring Dwight Howard and possibly Jason Richardson or Leandro Barbosa= another championship for Lakers.

  21. nazukie says:

    lakers should add barbosa. to make them really fast.

  22. Csmooth says:

    Did anybody see Tracy McGrady in the playoffs when josh smith was injuried? He played really well and showed that he still has something left in the tank. I don’t get what teams are scared of by signing tracy mcgrady to the veterans minimum what do you really have to lose he is 6’8″ and can knock down a open shot and distribute the ball regardless if you feel he will never be the player he once was unlike allen iverson who i hear he compared to.

    • stanfunky says:

      Csmooth, take the blinders off. McGrady scored 4 or fewer points in all games but one in the 2012 playoffs. ONE GAME he played 41 minutes, shot 41% and scored 12 points, and picked up 9 boards since nobody else on the roster was capable of getting them. And Atlanta LOST that game. Any team using McGrady as more than an 8th man will be losing a LOT, his efficiency rating was HORRIBLE last year – barely better than 12th man roster filler. He only has one marketable skill – shooting, which he doesn’t even do very well now (43% from the field last year, with limited shot attempts, and 67% from the line, making him a liability in end-game situations).

      If he’s so good, why is Atlanta not bringing him back? Why aren’t the Lakers, Thunder, Heat, Celtics, Bulls, and other ‘contenders’ hopping all over themselves to sign him? NBA scouts know when a guy has something left, and if he’ll be a good fit for their team and community. My guess is T-Mac fails in one or more of those areas, which means he’s likely headed overseas.

  23. Choker says:

    Tmac was great off the bench for the Hawks. Mredd was good for the Suns. Names you mentioned were great…. but Ivan Johnson i think was already signed by the Hawks. Arenas should have another chance, He wasnt given much opportunity to prove his worth.

  24. Isaac says:

    Lakers really need to sign Barbosa. Meeks would be another good option but Barbosa needs to be their first option over Meeks. Stats don’t lie anad it shows Barbosa shot a higher 3pt% than Meeks and that will hope so much for the Lakers. Also Barbosa can easlly get you 10+ a game which will get a signifacant amount of rest he needs also Barbosa has the chemistry with Nash from back in Phoenix. Barbosa can also bring speed and defense off the bench.

  25. Go Celtics says:

    I really hope that mickael pietruss and marquis Daniels re sign with the C’s I like what Daniels can do when he gets playing time and I like pietruss energy of the bench

    • @Go Celtics says:

      Yeah, I’m suprised they haven’t re-signed Pietrus. He was poor in the playoffs but was a great defender and three point shooter for the majority of the season. Daniels was struggling mightily and lost that knack he had for scoring against bigger opponents with his post moves and stutter-step drives he used to do when he first came to Boston. He was showing signs of getting his mojo back though so I’d like to have him back also. Go Celts!

  26. Aditya says:

    California was good. I had a good time with my cousins. Some of my cousins and my Grand mother and grand father are coming to my house soon to stay with us. What have you been doing this summer. Usa basketballfirst exibitions game was on thursday. I watched that. The olympics begins soon. I am watching that. . Looking forward to school and the Nba season and maybe nba pre season. I watch every Lakers game.maybe nfl season I look forward too. Lakers better play Championship basketball the coming season and playoffs or I will get very very very very very very very disapponted. i cheer loudly and celebrate when they win and play Championship basketball.. The espys was on wednesday I am watching that. Look forward to seeing you soon. On Thusday my dad ordered the Steve Nashes jersey. I am so so excited. I am so so so so so Steve Nash goes to the lakers. I hope lakers make more moves to improve the team. The Usa team play 3 more games before the olympics. I am watching that and the olympics. The lakers summer league began on friday. i have been watching that and i am still going to watch that. Only rookies and sophmores play in the lakers summer league.. From now on i am supporting one in Nba basketball and it the lakers. i hope lakers get Jodie Meeks

  27. Steve Mac says:

    Hey guys. What about Tracy McGrady guys? I know hes getting up there in age, but when he gets the playing time he derserves, he can be very effective. Somebody should give him another chance.

    • stanfunky says:

      McGrady is done. The past two seasons (Detroit and Atlanta) proved he has little left. Maybe he occupies a 10-13 slot on the roster but I’d rather have a young guy there than an old, defensless scorer who can’t get a step anymore.

  28. toki says:


  29. wait no ben wallace da 4 time dp of the year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Patrick H. says:

    I really hope ATL re-signs Ivan Johnson, I liked him he’s a nose to the grindstone kind of player we can use more of those and if nobody else wants Leandro Barbosa, bring him to ATL as well. Am I starting to sound like a Laker fan? “We get all the good players, Lol!”

  31. Justin says:

    Don’t forget Gilbert Arenas, Mike Bibby, Baron Davis, Josh Howard, Tracy McGardy, Troy Murphy, Jermaine O’Neal, and Michael Redd!!! All of these players at one point played significant roles for their respective teams and still could provide some role on a team in case of injury, for back up minutes, or just for their experience and being able to teach young players how to become a quality NBA player. I know some of these players haven’t been the best of role models in the past, or are on their last legs (literally), but that doesn’t mean they can’t serve some purpose on a team in need of a former NBA ALL-STAR or NBA veteran.

    • Steve Mac says:

      Tracy McGrady. Somebody needs to give him another chance

    • stanfunky says:

      Josh Howard played well in Utah last year and stayed out of trouble on and off the court. He should get a shot with someone, he’s still able to start and defend decently, or be a good 6th man.

  32. gone fishin' says:

    MIAMI should get D FISH ‘coz one more ring would mean he has one more than KOBE!!!

    • rugger says:

      Miami already has a coach ! Fisher thinks and acts like he’s the coach … which he’s not ! Fisher should just retire and then perhaps go into coaching if he wants to. I’m sure he wants too much money to play and no team could afford to pay him. OKC doesn’t want him back, LA doesn’t want him back, Houston didn’t want him. Isn’t that saying something ?

  33. I see Kenyon Martin, Fisher and Leandro Barbosa going to wizards. Jonny Flynn, Carlos Delfino & Mickael Pietrus going to Hornets. Ivan johnson is going to chicago’s bench mob. the rest i don’t know

  34. Robbi says:

    What bout terrence williams? and Jeff Green…

  35. Jose says:

    Should Meeks and Barbosa decide to play for the Lakers and as well as CJ Miles, then the Lakers have done their homework for the summer. Now if they can focus on getting Barnes back and hire Eddie Jordan as an offensive coach. Then we can consider the Lakers legitimate contenders not merely solid pretenders.

  36. Rob says:

    Allen Iverson

    • AT says:

      Allen Iverson would be a great addition to a team like the Wizards where they have a young point guard who needs a bit of development. I watched a few of his games last season and he still has a knack for scoring the ball. With him mentoring John Wall both on an off the court I think the Wizards would benefit with a young point with the skills and athleticism of todays game and the toughness and Basketball IQ of one of the best scoring guards ever to play the game.

      • Alex says:

        I would not want AI anywhere near John Wall!! AI was a ball-hog who, unless he had a major character change, could only do bad for John wall.


      • Amitpal says:

        On and off the court???really? Iverson was an unbeliaveable player and it was an honor watching him. But he’s not exactly the guy I would want mentoring people. He was a bit selfish and likes getting his numbers. He was a competior but the skills he had John doesn’t have that. John needs more of a Jason Kidd derick fisher tutor. A guy who will show him how to practice hard and give it all u have not how to skip practice on thanksgiving. And off te court? U might as well get jr smith for off the court tutor. Ok I exaggerated that a bit but no ai would not be a great off the court tutor what’s so ever.

  37. Jamison Hendricks says:

    Is there anyone in the D-League or Summer League that impressed you so much to where you would consider them over the veterans named at their various positions?

  38. Jamison Hendricks says:

    What about Rudy Fernandez and Ike Diogu? They would be a good fit somewhere.

  39. Amitpal says:

    Some of these guys could be very valuable for a team trying to win a championship such as lakers, thunder, spurs, Boston is already loaded, but I think the pacers could use some help. Also young teams like timberswolves can use veterans. So there’s plenty of space for these guys it’s just a matter of how much money they would like.

  40. Does this guy count says:

    If I was looking Matt Barnes would be in front of a few of these guys.

    • Jamison Hendricks says:

      Before or After he was arrested? He needs some heart

      • JDish says:

        It’s true that Matt Barnes is probably a better option to acquire than most guys on this list, BUt there’s a reason why the guy isn’t more of a presence on teams as either a scorer or a glue guy. The dude has issues that really slow him down, but if Barnes could manage that part of his character he would be a great player to have on an NBA squad.

  41. Danny says:

    Wouldn’t Terrence Williams be another free agent still worth looking at?