U.S. and Olympics Records Fall As Anthony, U.S. Destroy Nigeria 156-73

LONDON — Carmelo Anthony couldn’t explain it. Few who witnessed it could, and even they would just be guessing about how records that have stood for years could all come crashing down in a matter of minutes at the Olympic Basketball Arena late Thursday night.

Maybe Anthony is right, perhaps it was “just one of those nights.”

Maybe it was just being in the zone and the perfect opponent at the perfect time for a team still hunting perfection in a game that has been known to humble those chasing foolish things.

And maybe, just maybe, it was Anthony, one of the greatest scorers on the planet right now, catching fire in a glorious 14 minute and 29-second stretch the likes of we might not see again on the Olympic stage.

By the time the U.S. Men’s Senior National Team had finished toying with Nigeria, they set Olympic records for most points in a half and most points in a game in their 156-73 win, the only thing anyone knew for sure was that history had been made and that they’d probably never see anything like it again.

Anthony set U.S. Olympic records for points (37), breaking Stephon Marbury‘s record of 31 (against Spain in 2004), 3-pointers made and attempted (10-for-12) and the U.S. team set Olympic records for points scored, points in a first half (78), field goals made (59), 3-pointers made and attempted (29-for-46), field goal percentage (71.1), victory margin (83) and their 41 assists tied a record.

They shot a staggering 81 percent (30-for-37) inside the 3-point line a wicked 63 percent from distance.

“It couldn’t have been anybody out there that we were playing against,” Anthony said. “When we’re shooting like that, shooting that well, the percentage that we shot … it’s just incredible. One through 12, everybody contributing. Tonight was just one of those nights where we had it going as a unit. It was incredible.”

The record for shock value in a win … well, you might as well throw that one in there, too.

“I’ve never had a team I’ve coached at any level shoot the ball the way they did tonight,” U.S. coach Mike Krzyzewski said to Nigeria coach Ayo Barake as the two men walked off the stage in the press center after the game. “Our guys couldn’t miss tonight. They shared the ball. When you hit 29 threes, it’s very difficult to lose in a game like that. Just an incredible shooting performance. That’s not going to happen very often.”

Afterwards, the Nigerian contingent was still struggling with their role in this historic game. They’ve given up 100 points midway through the third quarter and were taking punches from every direction.

“Am I surprised?” a clearly agitated Koko Archibong said of the records that were set against he and his teammates. “I don’t even know how to answer that. Should I be surprised? Okay, sure, I’m surprised.”

Barake cracked jokes and tried his best to find a silver lining for his team. But he couldn’t deny that it’ll be a tough 48 hours for his team and their collective psyche.

“Wounded egos,” he said of what had changed about his team from before the game.

“When they shoot like this, I don’t know if there is any team that can beat them,” said Ike Diogu, who promised not to be intimidated by the U.S. and played like it, finishing with 27 points to lead Nigeria.

But this game was over shortly after it started.

Kobe Bryant (16 points) and Kevin Durant (14) kicked off the festivities, each of them connecting from distance in the opening stages of the game as the U.S. lead grew to double digits in mere minutes.

By the time Anthony hit the floor late in the first quarter the tone had already been set. He just fed off of what was already done. He connected on three straight 3-pointers to finish the quarter and went right back at it in the second. He had 19 points at halftime and had drained five of his seven shots from long-range.

In the third quarter, though, he ventured into that netherworld known as the zone, where only the special few have gone. He went to the bench with 4:58 to play in the third quarter, his record-setting night sewn up and the U.S. leading by a comfy 47 points and his teammates going crazy.

The U.S. was 20-for-30 from deep when he departed and made nine more for good measure. But the mercurial stretch Anthony had, the jaw-dropping display he delivered on a stage where records are set all the time (U.S. swimmer and gold medal king Michael Phelps was doing his work at the aquatic center just a few miles away), will go down as one of the greatest displays anyone has ever seen.

So what if it was a preliminary round game against a clearly overmatched Nigeria team catching a rejuvenated U.S. Team after a much-needed day off.

“The support system, first of all, that we have and I have from my teammates, you can’t explain it,” Anthony said. “The way that they are telling me to shoot the ball, encouraging me to make and take shots … and then just the feeling, that touch, it’s kind of hard to explain. If you’ve never done it, you won’t understand what I’m talking about.”

On a team full of NBA All-Stars and guys who rank among the greatest players in the game today, and in some cases all time, that’s a  mouthful.

“It was unbelievable and you could see it from the get-go,” said Kevin Love, the NBA’s reigning 3-point contest king. “I mean, 78 points at halftime and seeing Carmelo go off, really in the first half and second half, 10-for-12 from [3] was unbelievable to watch. But we hit 29 3-pointers tonight, so we had a good rhythm going tonight. I hope it’s a good omen for us the rest of Olympics.”

You know this was a wake-up call performance for the rest of the field, all of whom already have the U.S. circled at the top of their hit list. Upsetting the world’s No. 1 ranked team is going to be difficult enough. But doing it when they are shooting the cover off of the ball and coming together the way this team has is going to make it extremely difficult to do.

“It feel great to be a part of history,” Bryant said. “There have been a lot of great teams to come through the Olympics and posted some big scores. And tonight, everything was clicking on all cylinders for us. We just wanted to come out and play hard and stay focused. It just turned out that everybody was hot and that’s a big problem. Everybody started making shots and it kind of snowballed.”

But this was not some deliberate statement game for the U.S. This was just, as Anthony said, one of those nights … a ridiculously good shooting night.

“This is good, this is a good feeling,” Chris Paul said. “We’re always trying to make our mark somehow, someway. This is all good and well, but the mark we want to leave here with is another gold medal.”

That would explain all of the push back on the notion that a performance like this stirring the debate about who would win between the original Dream Team and this current, record-setting crew.

“I don’t think it has anything to do with that,” Bryant said. “This is just about being a part of history. But that’s where this ends.”

A few minutes later, Anthony squashed it again — a practice visit the other day from  Brazilian great Oscar Schmidt, who owns the Olympic scoring record of 55 points against Spain in 1988, no doubt swirling in his mind as he refused to play the comparison game with past greats.

“We don’t play for them,” Anthony said. “We play for ourselves. While we’re playing in a game we’re not thinking about what the 1992 Dream Team did or anything like that. We respect those guys, we understand what they did. We understand the standard that them guys set. But we’re playing for ourselves right now, we’re playing our country, we’re playing for this moment. We’re not out there on the basketball court making plays and making shots and playing defense, and saying ‘this is what the ’92 Dream Team was doing.’ They already did what they did in ’92 and now we have a chance to do some special.”

Special, now that’s seem like an appropriate word to describe what went on here Thursday night.


  1. natefilewood says:

    Well, Patty Mills just outscored him for Aus v GB… short lived record!

  2. FO REAL says:

    who cares what team was better. im 25 and i don’t remember wathching the dream team play. but i do know that i wont ever forget watching the 2012 team. seriously, whether it was 20 years ago or this very moment…usa basketball is hands down the best in the world. no disrespect to the other countries but when you have this caliber of talent working together as a team…they won’t lose. simple as that. now as far as ‘the debate’ goes….since there is absolutely NO way in finding out who would really win, any answer submitted are only opinions.

  3. FOCUSED says:

    Squash the dream team comparisons; the eras and evolution of basketball are severely contrast, 92′ all post, set positions, while 12′ all hybrid/positionless players, take pride in 92’s global influence and dominance, while 12′ simply re-enforcing the idea…

  4. stoxy says:

    come on Australian Boomers, lift your game!!! Aussie Aussie Aussie!! Oi! oi! oi!

  5. Roy says:

    2012 Special Team was way better than the ’92 Team. Lebron and Kobe did not even play the entire second half. They could have scored over 200 points.

  6. Joshua says:

    LeBron James compared to Michael Jordan in his prime is much better. James is without a doubt the best basketball player to ever play. the 2012 team could run circles around the “Dream Team.” Try to argue.

  7. Solomon says:

    Lord, have MERCY.

  8. I’m happy for Melo he’s my favorite player behind Kobe.

  9. Brick says:

    the entire world evolved their game because of the bar the ’92 dream team set. they inspired the planet to learn and love the game of basketball. basketball before the dream team and today is very different because of that team. ’92 dream team sparked an international revolution in the way basketball should be played. this is something a lot of people fail to realize, the legacy the ’92 dream team left behind. we are enjoying the game of basketball, the way it is played today because of the greatness and lessons the dream team showed. they didnt learn from us, we learned from them.

  10. Chris says:

    I guess Spain just won a couple… of million fans today.

  11. Superj2012 says:

    Clearly the 92 team didn’t shoot like that BUT they didn’t need to and they still won by 40+ imagine if they did. There’s an old saying in basketball LIVE BY THE THREE, DIE BY THE THREE.

  12. MaxiBoi says:

    I keep hearing, as well as read on this post that the 92 dream team was predicated on defense and not offense, choosing to capitalize on easy 2’s rather than subscribing to a perimeter based attack. First of all, whoever said that the 92 team had NO shooting was wrong, however with Mullin and Bird being the only two “pure” shooters on the team, there is a little truth to that in comparison with the shooting prowess of the 12 squad (Carmelo, Durant, D will, Harden, Paul). Of course, that is bound to be true when the construction of the two rosters are night and day – power vs. speed, post vs. perimeter. Its almost impossible to compare the teams due to the abundance of skilled front court players on the 92 team, in comparison to Chandler and an undersized Love. Now I certainly agree that the 92 team played great power D and dominated opponents with that style of play, but this team, especially when focused, does the same thing with speed and athleticism. Aside from all else, if you didn’t see just how much offense this current team created from their suffocating Defense, you must not have been watching. Its a battle of different styles of play, both the 92 and current rosters have distinct, decided advantages over one another, making for a never-ending conversation/argument whenever the topic comes up. There are just so many variables to consider, and its fun, also pointless to compare the two!

    • MaxiBoi says:

      Also, just imagine if Howard was the starting center of this squad, with Tyson Chandler’s physical style of play coming off the bench, and having Bosh and Wade like in 08!!! They would just be THAT much more dominant than currently constructed! Very scary, aside from any comparison to really ANY other team ever…this is the future!

      • nonbiased fan says:

        if they had Howard, Rose, Wade, Bosh, i think that they would win but if it was a close game like a 2 pt game i think the clutch performance of MJ would take over. if only a time machine was available to us we can make them play against each other!!! someone make a time machine!

  13. Lil Zay says:

    How Is The 92 Dream Team Better We Didnt Even Have Rose Dwight Bosh And Wade etcc….

  14. defdun says:

    Wake up everybody…they beat NIGERIA! Any NBA Team would beat Nigeria…

    Dream Team 1992 held Angola to 48 points and just had the style not to humiliate these sportsmen in the second half by trying to blow them out with an all-time Olympian record.

    Just as much as none of the 1992 Dream Team was clowning around on the bench during the match out of respect for the opponent. So great teams are not only about athleticism, they are about character…and thats where the 1992 squad has the clear lead (minus Charles Barkley who at the time would be cultivating his rudeness & misconduct).

  15. Ronald says:

    Kobe is right. Way to go, Kobe!

  16. JV1523 says:

    This team did a great thing but the dream team is far better. not to take anything away from all the records but the team did just beat up on a week opponent. Lets see how this USA team stacks up against Spain or a team like that. Impressive but not better then the Dream Team.

    • nonbiased fan says:

      touche.well said but i don’t know about spain at the moment. they are beat up unfortunately

  17. sen7 says:

    AMAZING BUT i’m not impressed…..

    humiliating their opponents just to prove how great they are is as big No-No!
    where’s the sportsmanship there? . . . give some respect to your opponent at least.

    • lbj says:

      this is olympics not charity institution or UNICEF such like that. the reason why you’re playing in the olympics is to compete,showcase your talent to the world if you don’t want to be humiliated better stay at home. hommie!

  18. daniel says:

    Why I believe Carmelo’s game is highlighted at the olympics versus the NBA.

    The level of competition at the international level isn’t even enough to match up against the US where basketball is a national sport. Therefore individuals like carmelo can shine and not rely as much on a team game. Also, there’s alot less weight/pressure in an Olympic game versus the pressure of contending for a national title in the NBA.

    • nonbiased fan says:

      i don’t know about pressure. i guess it depends on the player and his accomplishments.

  19. memgirl10 says:


  20. bystander says:

    Melo is really amazing playing for the USA in international competitions. I think he is the best scoring player (among the current lineup) when playing in FIBA or in the Olympics. He has done it during his stints for Team USA.

    On the other hand, when playing in the NBA, he just can’t make it. Not a championship contender material.
    Don’t get me wrong. He is great. Awesome actually.

    Why is that? Is it because of the teammates, the coach?

    • nonbiased fan says:

      he is capable of this performance any day. in the NBA he is well defended and he is on scouting reports and is the focal point of that. you can’t possibly compare Nigeria to other NBA teams. NBA is more funded thus having more edge (training, nourishment, chemistry). with regards to the Knicks. they are a playoff team but not a title contender, they don’t know how to play with each other thus not knowing their strengths much more exploit them. hopefully the addition of Jason Kidd can change this. I am a big fan of Melo that’s why I’m following the Knicks since he got there and I feel bad that they struggle with their team with all the drama on and off the court.

  21. SCG says:

    Even though Nigerias defense was ridiculous and hilarious…I have never seen anybody act so childish and unprofessional as LeBron James did. A man who just won the championship, and supposed to represent his country? Talk about zero respect. The whole world is watching the Olympics. At least behave or play clown in your looker room later… but live???
    What a bully!!!

  22. thelou says:

    This was not a game!

  23. Hendra Kurniawan says:


  24. bystander says:

    What really is most impressive here was that he did those threes in just 14 minutes. Sheer luck or pure shooting skills, it was an awesome game for Melo and Team USA.

    I still believe that the ’92 Dream Team is better than 2K12 Dream Team.

  25. W/E says:

    it makes no sense to compare the 1992 team to the 2012 one, they r both superb teams but i really beleive that the 1992 are still the best they had no flaws at all because they were so strong on every position,ESPECIALLY at the center position which is really the weak point of the 2012 team…

  26. ontifex says:

    Mother of zeus, monster game, Be prepared spain, estén preparados españa

  27. lets go says:

    lebron and kobe never played the whole second half they were on the bench laughing and talking what good friends

  28. tom says:

    big deal to win with african team which is here only because tournament needs 1 african team. this team is still far behind the original dream team. and im saying so not because of the nostalgy of those years. watching them was like a journey to another dimension. this team looks like they need to win to prove everything that they are just best than others.

  29. neitel says:

    Sekou why would you say “USA destroy Nigeria” you fool!!, do a better title in my opinion, like “Team USA beats against Nigeria” or you could say for example, “USA wins against Nigeria” for you to say DESTROY is really very uneducated on your part. Why would the NBA.com folks would even send you out there to cover for the USA Team?? couldn’t they pick someone else with a better resume? i hate seeing your blogs..

    • lbj says:

      how about “USA crashed Nigeria to death” how about that?

    • nonbiased fan says:

      lol, i totally agree dude. this is just too demeaning for the opposing team. he makes it look like it’s not a sport. remember Sekkou, everyone sees this.

  30. neitel says:

    They would have score more if russell westbrook hadn’t missed a few 3’s and the team overall free throws that were missed, the final scoreboard would have looked like 166-73. this was just crazy and to think tghe USA was running up the score is likie saying, that in a boxing match, i didnt went for the KO, and i didnt swing enough on purpose, because i feel sorry for my opponebt.

  31. ChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

    37pts in 14 minutes…thats what the box scores says for carmelo…do the math…thats 2.64 pts a minute or 126.85 on a per 48 minutes!!!! I know it the olympics and treys are closer, but that must be a world record.

    Note to the Knicks…instead of stifling Melo, give him the ball and get another rebounder!!! lol


    • nonbiased fan says:

      hahaha, Melo is capable of this performance any day of the week. he is an outstanding offensive player. undoubtedly the best offensive player right now (in the planet maybe? but definitely in the NBA). it just made it like practice shots the way nigeria was defending. they were asking for him to get off as he has the green light flashing way brighter than him being in the knicks.

  32. Hoopzaah says:

    Top game for the US, congrats!
    But “U.S Destroy Nigeria”… Really? Come on man, you’re better than that…

    • Maxman32 says:

      my fault about the quarters, sorry, but not on the shot clock. by the way, thanks for the moron and the idiot about the mistake.

  33. caloyski says:

    As long as the other teams would imbibe the true meaning of what a true Olympian is, they have a chance of beating the formidable USA team

  34. Kevin D says:

    Did anyone see james Hardens ankles get broken by Nigeria’s point guard Tony Skin? That was sick! Was the only highlight for Nigeria though even though they never replayed it. That would be easily a top 10 play of the week on ESPN if it were US that did that move!

  35. MJ says:

    Touche Kobe

  36. Lithuanian says:

    Rest of the teams are doomed to be smashed! Noone can stop the USA team!

  37. Lakers says:

    Maybe this team is better than the Dream Team. Kobe is always right.

  38. sirsparhawk says:

    Its funny how Coach K is mad that they dominated their opponent. Is there anything wrong with letting your opponents know they have no chance? Anything can happen in basketball, and it helps to make sure there are no enemies at your back. Dominating like this would be demoralizing and easily let them know their place. They probably wont come back strong.

  39. Jamcris8 says:

    10 minutes every quarter not 12.. Idiot! Just to put up your 92 dream team!

  40. EC says:

    You all must be kidding:

    Nigeria was not focused from the beginning, no D, no guts, lots of TOs, no O system, nothing etc. etc. And why, if the US was that good, was Ike Diogu able to score 27 (or so)? Melo is great? Come on, this guy has no D, had a good day and no opponent. The 3pt line in FIBA games is 1/2 m closer to the basket than in the NBA, so of course it´s a different story.

    Talking about 2012 vs. 1992:

    3 pt. %: only Iggy was Top 30 in 3pt % in 2012 regular season with .394; 1992 an injured Bird had .406 in his last season, Stockton .407, Mullin, Magic, Jordan and the rest could drop threes any time. If it was for real and everybody was healthy, Bird would have entered the locker room of team 2012 and asked who wanted to have the first three in his face. He would even bank it so he would have more time for a potential rebound.

    But if it had been for real, Daly would have selected Rodman instead of Laettner, maybe the Dream instead of Ewing, he would have skipped Magic because he hadn´t played the regular season and Bird because he was plagued by injuries. He would have chosen Nique, Dumars, KJ instead with all of them improving the athleticism and defense quality compared to Magic, Bird, Laettner…

    Yes, the US will win Gold as Spain is not in shape, and all other teams lack depth, but that´s all.

    P.S. Oscar Schmidt, Nikos Galis, Drazen Petrovic dropped > 30 regularly in Olympic, World or Continental Championships…. so who is interested in Melo???

    • ChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

      Melo only played 14 minutes!!! Oscar schmit, Nikos whoever and Petro all played the entire game for their teams…with the exception of Petro…the other two shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as melo…and i’m not a big fan of his…just a realist…

      • Godfather says:

        Just because Oscar or the other ones didn’t played in the NBA (we all know about Drazen story) back then means they can’t be put along side Melo. They did more for International basketball more than Melo ever will for the NBA. They also will mean and did more for their respective countries than Melo ever will be for USA. Melo has done it for 1 game, they did for at least 10 years (except Drazen for premature death), so…please, don’t be so cosumed by your NBA fan stuff.

    • Noob says:

      Who the hell cares about 92? They did their thing the game has evolved atheltes are now stronger they have better training equipment better nutrition. Why cant you understand that? Thats why records keep getting destroyed not only in b ball but in every other sport. The usa had no opponent well who was the 92’s opponent? Stop living in the past. 2012 not to mention 2008 Would win NOT doubt.

    • nonbiased fan says:

      yep, they’ll win the gold for sure this time. JC Navarro is out, Fernandez got this head injury (might be minimal), rubio’s recovering, Mark Gasol’s shoulder injury. was hoping to see a great olympic gold medal match but i guess it won’t happen.

  41. anthony says:

    This game is like NBA2K/Live where the user just turned up the game sliders

  42. Mark says:

    No summary of the game here but on a Dutch website you can find this:

  43. del says:

    what a game! superb….

  44. James says:

    The coach made a mistake not going after Oscar Schmidt’s scoring record. These chances won’t come back easily.

  45. Law064 says:

    Great shooting night is all I can say. Melo was on fire and not only him but the entire team shot very well. It was still foolish for the media to try and compare the 2 teams again. @Bruno your correct this guy really don’t know anything. Even a hurt Bird and Chris Mullin are way better shooters than Melo. Congrats to the U.S for making history with that 83 point annihilation. USA USA USA!!!!! Also Spain barely won by 1 point for morons saying they are going to beat the US.

  46. Steven says:

    you gotta feel bad for Nigeria, it makes basketball look bad when you see a game like this.

  47. USA will kill everyone!USA wins gold for sure!Feel sorry for nigeria!

  48. Jones17 says:

    Although USA shot really well, Kobe to start, Durant, Melo and D Wills in particular, i couldn’t help but notice how many wide open 3’s Nigeria gave up. Not many contested shots from deep at all. If you need a score against them, any sort of screen picked them apart so easily.

    Still if you’re open or not, you still have to put the ball in the net and USA did that very well today.

  49. Dado says:

    Very well played by Team USA. And my comments below are not critical towards Anthony or Team USA, they did what they where supposed to do given the other teams lack for, well playing basketball.

    “It couldn’t have been anybody out there that we were playing against,” Anthony said.

    – No, most teams play defense with pride. They would foul, change up their defensive schemes even put up some hands in your faces.

    “When we’re shooting like that, shooting that well, the percentage that we shot … it’s just incredible. One through 12, everybody contributing. Tonight was just one of those nights where we had it going as a unit. It was incredible.”

    – Yes, when you shoot like that you shoot like that … for a quarter or two then, one or two players because the or thee players are in the zone. There cannot be a scenario where ALL 12 players are in such a zone if not on a open floor shooting practice, which by all means Nigeria’s Defense should be called, open floor shooting practice.

  50. This is better than the 92 team,they would destroy them by thirty or so!

  51. kirillHD says:

    Yo MAXMAN its 10mins per quarter,mate)

  52. qucee says:

    it’s kind of sad to see that the u.s has the best team and is unable to display some video-highlihts….sad, truly sad

  53. Ed B says:

    Incredible performance by all……but being a Syracuse fan.I am used to seeing Melo catch fire…..Cuse is in the house for all the world to see!

    • nonbiased fan says:

      they make it look like Melo just scored 37 as his career high points. he can do 37 easy even with Lebron defending him lol

  54. Bob says:

    The USA have scored enough for 2 games

  55. Miguel says:

    Old people and their back in the days talk…. 2012 this is the real dream team.. they just prove it last night….. the numbers are there>>>

  56. Willy says:

    I just don’t understand this style of basketball? Why don’t they go to the old pick and roll they would get more open jumpers especially on a team like Nigeria. Come on Coach K do some coaching! What did you tell C A? Oh ya if you feel good go ahead and shoot it! hardy har har har. This is like a high school team playing a bunch of grade school kids. Maybe if the ladies win this year they can get into the Mens division in 16? Or if you can’t beat the American Ladies you don’t qualify for the Olympics?

  57. nonbiased fan says:

    what’s the fuss about? oh and all of you saying how this team can beat the 92 team just because you saw tonight’s performance is just plain dumb. first of all, the 92 team wasn’t built on offense but on defense and playing the offense by running their plays. the reason why nobody had a breakout game was because their offense was balanced and they wanted everyone to contribute. running plays for everyone on the floor.
    don’t get me wrong, i like the team. heck Melo is my favorite player, but really? all these other teams are way too far for even challenging USA. closest to challenge them is Spain and 3 others possibly.
    please stop comparing these guys to 92 team. ’12 USA is on offense and you’ll catch fire the way Nigeria was defending, it was only a matter of time.

    oh and by the way, this guy asking why 92 team weren’t setting records blah blah and this team right now is better.
    it’s not about setting records bud. it’s about changing the game and paving a way for the future. basketball is at its level now especially internationally because of that 92 team. no number could ever trump what the 92 team did to basketball. i don’t blame you for being superficial about the game but please don’t let the numbers fool you. it’s like you’re saying Justin Bieber is better than Michael Jackson. it’s just dumb

    • marlon green says:

      I totally agree with you. And what these youngsters fail to realize is the 92 team was just playing their normal game and was not intentionally trying to blow everyone out of the gym. All these other USA teams that has come after them their main goal it to try to live up to the expectations the 92 team left behind and try to out do them.

    • HayFever says:

      The arguement has NEVER been which team did more for Basketball. It is a retarded arugement to say that the ’12 team has done more for the sport. The debate is which team would win in a game ’92 vs ’12. If you take a good hard look at both teams the ’12 team is much more a TEAM than the ’92 team. The ’92 team was the biggest group of individuals in the history of the game and it took a lot more to get that team to come together. Saying that this ’12 team has bad defense is downright stupid. Please look at their steal/block avg – they are not a bad defensive team, they have multiple First Team All-Defensive players, and the Defensive Player of the Year, along with a few other really good defenders – yes, KD/Melo are not known for being tremendous defensive players but otherwise this is a solid defensive team. These two teams playing I guaruntee you that it would be a close game that could go either way on any given night. The only true losers are you morons that keep trying to argue how good the ’92 team was compared.

      • KB24 says:

        I totally agree with you, cos if the ’12 team is just an offensive team, nigeria would not be that much in a blowout, defense is really evident on a blowout game. You may not notice it because its been overshadowed by their showtime offense but I guarantee all of you, if ’12 team is not good on defense they cannot lead 70+ points like that.

      • nonbiased fan says:

        i wasn’t saying that 2012 team has bad defense. what im saying is that their defense is not as good as 92 team. i know today’s team relies on their defense to get easy points but their defense wasn’t as good as the 92. 92’s defense was inside, outside, and always finished with a defensive rebound while 2012 team relies on perimeter defense. don’t get me wrong, their perimeter defense is outstanding but it is not as consistent as it should be.
        if they battle they’re gonna be close? well maybe but i think they can beat them maybe 8-10 pts in 92 team’s favor.
        everyone knows about how good defensively this team is and their accomplishments defensively in the NBA. stop thinking like you’re the only one who knows the defensive accolades of the 2012 team and call everyone else a moron.

    • nonbiased fan says:

      PS: im not old, m 23

  58. ALex says:

    Great guys USA rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO USA GO USA!!!!!
    Nuke all them off!!!

  59. YuhMudda says:

    LeBron is the greatest player of all time

  60. bierute says:

    @Maxman – 4 x 12 minutes on Olympic basketball game? on the moon?

  61. hyper says:

    Nigeria?? All that fuss about nigeria? One american player is worth 10 times the nigerian team. Yeah, you still have to hit all that threes but cmon guys, what defense what that? It’s just funny how usa makes show out of everything.

    Is usa going to win gold? 99% yes, but still you should how much money goes into basketball in usa.

    And Tunisia? Didn’t know they even have basketball team. No offence to african countries but there should be more spots for european countries. There should be more good games instead of this kind of stuff with tunisia, nigeria.

    • Fefe (Nets) says:

      It’s Olympics, so every continent is represented. Actually, Nigeria is not as bad as they showed yesterday, trust me. But USA team was too, too, too much for them so already at the end of the 1st quarter, Nigeria gave up their defense.

      Apart of that, I don’t think that this performance “scares” the other teams like Spain or Russia. On the contrary, they will be even more motivated to win against such a great team and try to avoid any major blowout and make an upset.

    • Chadd says:

      I fully agree with you, maybe even add another pool. but both nigeria and tunisia earned their spot. Tunisia one the african tournament (so one spot from each continent is fine) then Nigeria got into the olympics as a wild card. they beat greece, lithuania and dominican republic to make it. I think thats worthy enough

  62. bruno says:


    In 1992 there was no 3 point shooter???Bird and Mullin were better than Carmelo, back then US teams didnt use the 3 pt shooting like today…Only European teams, scoring 37 pts its nothing players like Drazen and Oscar used to averaged that…

    • john says:

      I would be highly surprised if any of them scored 37 in 14 mins on 13-16 shooting, thats the amazing thing.

  63. Killuminati says:

    That was some serious black on black crime. The african american vs the african african

  64. Lipani says:

    The Nigerians were beaten by a far much better team. The scoreline is not indicative of the talent and potential of the Nigerian or African (for that matter) basketball program. It was bitter sweet for me as two best sports teams at the London 2012 Olympics played each other. Though I really respect and acknowledge the respect that Coach K has on the other teams. He sometimes pulls the leash on his hounds which is good and beneficial for the whole basketball sport. Unselfish…thats worthy disposition!

  65. Maxman says:

    Great and outstanding performance.

    But i think that the 1992er team would have the record if they had the rules of today.
    Rules comparison 1992 vs. 2012:
    Gametime: 1992: two halfs a 20 minutes vs. 2012: four quarters a 12 minutes
    Shotclock: 1992: 30 seconds vs. 2012: 24 seconds
    Highest scores: 1992: 127 points vs. 2012: 156 points
    Points per minute: 1992: 127/40 = 3,17 vs. 2012: 156/48 = 3,25
    So if the teams 1992 would have to shoot 6 seconds earlier every possession …:-).

    • Dream Team 92 says:

      Nice stats

    • Mike says:

      well mate you have it totally wrong since the start.. evidently you dont even watch those matches nowadays, quarter in international basketball is 10 min… not 12. The 12 one is only in NBA.

    • HayFever says:

      Yeah, sorry dude but you’re a moron – don’t come in here making arguements that you have your facts wrong on. 4 10 minute quarts = 2 20 minute halfs…..If you’re unsure of this go look it up, then come back and apologize.

  66. Kev says:

    I have one simple question, if the ’92 team was that good how come they could not break and set new records whilst playing lackluster teams, at a time when international basketball was nowhere near as good as it is now?….i’m just asking. Anyway watching last night’s game, I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing…I mean who can explain what Carmelo did in just 14 minutes… And everybody talking about Spain being a threat, after watching them against GB just before the US game, I now know where the gold medal is going…and i’ve always known where it was going.

    • Dream Team 92 says:

      Good question. The only answer i can say is because the 92 team had full bunch of great players that had to share the points. And they just toyed with there opponents easily. I believe there 43 winning margin over there opponent still stands as the record for all high winning margin

    • jbmony says:

      Kev…simply put..you got the best post on the board so far….it touches on so many angles and issues all wrapped UP in your opening question.

  67. lel says:

    the dream team beat their opponents on dunks and lay ups and their defense is far more superior…they don’t need to shoot from three if they can pound it inside…and you must be stupid for citing that ewing and barkley are not good three point shooters,i wont even make that argument…

  68. uhm says:

    they beat nigeria, some high school teams could beat nigeria…

    • Chadd says:

      there’s a lot of NBA experience on that Nigerian team. NO highschool team can beat that Nigerian team. Even taking away their NBA experience. These are grown men, highschool players wouldn’t be able to handle the physicality for a whole game

  69. KB24 says:

    Now let the team usa ’12 doubters talk. And as for kobe, I now see your point in comparing the MJ’s Dream Team to your Dream Team.

  70. Lucas Lu says:

    Feel so fortunate to have witness the history today. But I also feel equally bad for the Nigeria team, what a huge blow to their ego and dignity, this could have a lasting impact on rest of their games in the tournament.

  71. Lucas Lu says:

    Feel so fortunate to witness history today. As well I feel equally bad for the ego strike against Nigeria.

  72. lakers warriors says:

    crazy, 83 points?!?!?!?! wow

  73. Rawthee says:

    Oscar Schmidt 55 points in 1988? So, maybe I got it wrong..because the article says the previous record was held ny Marbury, 37 points?

    • larry says:

      you dont read do you..55 point record is the OLYMPIC overall record. the 31 point record that anthony shatter today was team USA record…………..

    • Jones17 says:

      Marburys record was 31 and it was a USA record not overall olympic record.

    • Milz says:

      Melo broke the US record held by Starbury…The Oscar dude hold the overall olympic record of 55

  74. JOsh says:

    dang…looks like usa’s going to win…by a lot!!!

  75. BRIO says:

    melo for the record…do it again in spain….

  76. A.I.x.x.x. says:

    You have no chances;

    If lebron is playing bad Kobe will show up to support him, If Kobe is down Durant will , If Deron Williams is going down Westbrook will, If Paul is down Melo will, IF Chandler is down Davis will, If Love is down Harden will, If Kone is down Paul will and on and on and on and on.

  77. Amitpal says:

    U know everyone was talking about how the 1992 dream team was killing everyone by like 43 points or something. Well this Nigeria team would have probably came in second place that year. That’s how good there opponents were back then. I had they played the dream team like this they most likely would have won. I scared to say for sure but mos likely isn’t bad. Besides that dream team couldn’t even shoot back then. Who was there 3 point shooter? A almost retired bird? And that was about it. Pippen and jordan werent good 3 point shooter, nor was Patrick ewing or Charles barkely and these guys were supposed to be the heart and soul of that team.

    • killin it says:

      you obviously have no clue how physical old school basketball was, this nigerian team would get trounced were it the same roster competing agaisnt the 1992 dream team. the US were making their 3’s that night, I doubt they could make those whilst being checked…

      • Chadd says:

        Amitpal didn’t say the 92 team wouldn’t destroy this nigerian team. He was saying that the teams the dream team played back then were so bad, that this Nigerian team would probably have been in the gold medal game (and of course lose) and i don’t think i fully agree with that, but at the same time this nigerian team has a lot of nba experience AND beat Greece and lithuania already to get to the olympics, so i see what he’s saying

    • Dream Team 92 says:

      They dont need lots of threes to win. Thats why they dont need alot of shooters. And the Dream Team 2012 can shoot the way they shot the ball agains nigeria because Dream team 92 wont let them. Come on shooting threes can always win you games. It just happened because there opponent was way no muatch for them

      • Amitpal says:

        Threes spread the floor. It’s a important part of the game now. If u can’t shoot people can just lay low and stop the post up. Especially with athletes like lebron and russel kd andre. That destroys ur post up right there. And also a member of the dream team said that only 2 people from this team would make that dream team. Well that’s bull. Kd would be a starter with that team. Cuz he can shoot and u need shooter. Chris Paul, Kobe Lebron melo would also make that team. Magic had just cane back from retirement. I’d rather have a chris Paul then a out of shape magic. Bird was old, I think russel would also make the team just for his athletism and to complement the team. These guys r a better fit for a team then the dream teams. Some of Those guys (clyde, barkely)were a bit selfish and cared more about getting there number then team. These guys r a bit to unselfish.

    • GregUSA says:

      Chris Mullin was there dumas

      • killin it says:

        let me get this straight amitpal, You would prefer a relatively unathletic, soft as puppy turd PG over one of the best Point guards in modern basketball… so what if bird was old? he was still more effiecient than most of these guys are in their prime. Lebron Melo or Durant would be so so in the NBA of yesteryear, they’d get way too frustrated dealing with body checks and legitimate one on one defense. that’s the problem with basketball nowadays and the curse of Michael Jordan, the focus moves to athleticism rather than skill.

      • Amitpal says:

        Let’s see 26 and just played in the NBA can shoot threes, quicker, one of the best leaders, or magic 34 or 35 what ever age he was, out if the NBA, past his prime, and even though of the great of all time, had already slowed down. U tell me. And no bird was not effieciwnt

    • Mino says:

      HAHAHA and you think you know how basketball worked. There were less 3 point shooters back then kid, that shot had barely ever even existed. when they were kids growing up there was no 3 point shot, so they were pretty good for im guessing the 12-14 years it even existed. besides, if you were soft, you couldn’t even play basketball. you wouldn’t last a second.

  78. Amitpal says:

    Everyone is making it all a big deal that he scored 37. But what I’m suprised about is that he did all of that in 14 minutes. That’s crazy. Just imagine had he played more minutes. 10-12 from 3 point line that was also crazy. And USA was on fire from 3 point line. Kd russel Williams melo it was crazy.

  79. NBAfan says:

    Melo caught fire….it was a very nice display of catching fire and breaking records, which is what the Olympics are all about I guess….but I personally would prefer Melo (or any other member of the team) catch fire like this in a crucial game against Spain or Argentina….

    Anyway, good for you Melo…I wonder if you’ll get your starting position back. If anything, your ability to explode on offense and RELATIVE lack of anything else mostly will just further solidify you as the 6th man…

    Spain and Argentina aren’t afraid as one poster suggest they should. That was the biggest weapon the original Dream Team had. They were a team made of myths and legends….they won before the jump ball and they simply followed through with it on the court…years/decades later, more international players are allstars and even MVPs in the NBA…and nobody is afraid anymore…especially after teams in the past couldn’t even get a medal or something…

  80. Ernie says:

    It was just incredible watching them play. Everytime Melo released the ball from long-range I was thinking to myself: “No way it’s going in again…” Oh how wrong I was.

  81. krs-two says:

    so much money and no 5 min of highlights , with tunisia and probably this one , WHAT A SHAME

  82. Soetan says:

    I couldn’t explan it either. I’m short of words.

  83. KJAMES says:

    wow 2012 dream team = gold wow!!

  84. I want to see some break angles from US team. Or some crossover maybe….

  85. deee12 says:

    Saying this game is a blowout! is an understatement, is an understatement…, its recursvly understatemen… A beatdown for the ages…

  86. USAUSAUSA says:


  87. xx@3 says:


    • lbj says:

      This is what I’m talking about! now tell me that 1992 dream team is better than 2012 dream team with all of these record setting event! 2012 dream team is way better than jordan,barkley,ewing etc era

      • tom says:

        magic said that the dream team held down the scoring so as not to humiliate . he stated in his book that they could have won every single game by at least 70 points .

      • Zim says:

        Do you have to start that stupid discussion all the time….

      • neo says:

        Dream Team is better than 2012 Team. 🙂

      • CoachCrawf says:

        Records do not mean a team is better, Stephon Marbury had the previous scoring record does that mean he was the best USA player up until now. Dream Team 1 was a better team not taking away from our soon to be 2012 gold medal champs

      • lbj says:

        @tom that’s what magic “said”. LeBron can tell that they can win 100+ points and 83 is just not to humilate the Nigerians.

      • Alexies says:

        The 1988 Barzilian team had the previous record for most points in a game with 138, does this mean they were better than the 1992 Dream Team also? Is Carmelo better than Jordan because he holds the record for most points in a game by an american player?

        Your comment is just plain stupid.

      • Harley K says:

        dude the real dream would post this team into the ground, granted 2012 has better wings overall (jorden still the greatest of all time) I think if they playyed a seven game series 2012 would get 1 or 2 but thats it

      • x says:

        na not the dream team in there prime

      • yeah says:

        i think we better stop comparing dream team and the 2012 team usa . they both represent the same country .. so who cares if 92 were better , who cares if 2012 beat nigeria by a ton of points? look ! the only thing that matter is winning the gold..

    • dude says:

      You must be to young to have seen the original Dream Team, otherwise you wouldn’t say such stupid things, these guys are great, but just not as good as the 92 squad.