Summer Treats Warriors Nicely

HANG TIME WEST – It would have been a big deal no matter what. Many of the Western Conference teams at the bottom of the 2012 postseason pack or those trying to push into the playoffs have improved, and so Golden State had to get better as well just to keep up.

But it’s a bigger deal than just that with the belief, stated just before the draft, that a rookie general manager with zero track record in a front office needed a good first impression. Bob Myers, new as a personnel boss, pretty new in any management role after years as a prominent agent, needed some quick credibility in a market that has grown increasingly, and understandably, frustrated by letdown.

He got it.

The Warriors did well in the draft by adding Harrison Barnes at No. 7 as the possible starting small forward, Festus Ezeli at 30 for a need at backup center, and Draymond Green in the second round for his forward versatility and experience as a four-year player at Michigan State. They needed a backup power forward and signed Carl Landry. They needed a backup point guard and traded for Jarrett Jack. They re-signed Brandon Rush.

It was not the perfect summer – they were aiming for Dion Waiters in the draft, but he went fourth to the Cavaliers, and no addition to significantly help heal the defense. (In-season arrival Andrew Bogut can be considered the new addition in that regard.) But it has been a good one.

“If you were to ask me prior to the draft whether we could have ended up with guys like Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli and Draymond Green, I would’ve said that would be a great result for us,” Myers said. “And then subsequently if you would have asked me would Landry and Jack be a good offseason, I probably would have laughed and said, ‘There’s no way we’re going to be able to do that’ just with the constraints we had going into free agency, really only being able to spend the mid-level.

“But the fact that we were able to get Jack in the trade with Dorell (Wright) and then add Landry through some luck on our side, the fact that he wasn’t able to command the (salary) his group wanted to (and had to accept the smaller Warriors offer). Our patience paid off. And then being able to bring back Rush. From the way we see it, it was a successful offseason and we think we put ourselves in position to be much more competitive in ’12-13 in what is already a brutal Western Conference. We feel like we’ve made ourselves a lot more competitive, but we’re not going to make any guarantees or promises.”

Backed by an ownership group willing to go into the luxury tax, though not so far that the Warriors would have to work too hard to get back under by the deadline at the end of 2012-13, Myers hit several areas of need. Which makes a big deal a bigger deal.


  1. And1 says:

    Don’t give Curry a big contract. Just a reasonable one with a HUGE bonus if he plays healthy all year round. This way the player is locked in and gets an incentive for being healthy.

  2. Bizman23 says:

    I’m interested in seeing this team in the upcoming season. If Bogut can stay healthy you’ll have Lee and Bogut in the post forming a very good front court. I like the PG position in Curry, who I think will eventually breakout kind of like Rondo did a few years ago, he just won’t be as dominate as Rondo, but he’ll score more. I like the shooting this lineup will have with Curry Thompson and Barnes.

  3. jjjj says:

    The Warriors are going to be good this season, but it will be at least another few years until they can win a championship. I think they’re run will be similar to the 76ers this past season, having the around the 7th seed and making it to the semis. But staying healthy is the key to their season.

  4. gin says:

    Whats with all the + comments? Have u guys ever watched bball? This GM traded a hot commodity, the warriors best player, for the 12th best center in the league who only plays 30 games a season. Prob one of the worst trades in history. This team at best will finish 11th in the west. Just like last year, the warriors will be losen on purpose come late season. Oakland has given this team everything and now this new owner is just gonna up and leave for a new arena and SF. The Oracle is an awesome venue and easy as fick to get to. This owner so so deserved the boooo’s on chris mullin night.

    • TJ says:

      12th best? More like 3rd best. The depth chart for 5s in this league goes Dwight Howard, Roy Hibbert, Andrew Bogut.

    • Bizman23 says:

      I agree with TJ, when has Bogut been the 12th best Center in the league? Please name 12 centers better than him? He may not be 3rd, but he’s easily a top 5 with 3rd being the best position for him. I’l put him at the 4th best after Noah, only because of Noah’s energy.

  5. merryhairyfish says:

    The Warriors are good, but other West teams are better.They will be fighting for the 8th seed in the playoffs.

  6. Ross says:

    Nice moves, they are still lacking a shooting guard though. Kind of reminds me of my Pacers’ moves to start to be good.

  7. JK says:


    We’re talkin’ about AI!?!

    All kidding aside, nice work by this team. Being a Mavs fan, I enjoy seeing a “Team” do well, vs. a collection of 3 “stars” and some stiffs…

  8. Barry MOss says:

    lakers …heat final….

  9. If golden state could sign allen iverson that can make curry better specailly ai crazy handles Golden state is deadly contender specailly in nba 2k13 lol

  10. AHardt says:

    Th entire West conf. is looking pretty good actually, I think the playoff race will be extremely tight.

  11. I’m a Clipper fan but the team does look strong,
    I like the 10 man roster previously stated but I think it’s big they forgot to mention Jenkins…he’s going to be really good. Not to mention you still have Biedrins and Draymond Green. Nice 13 player roster though I doubt Jefferson stays

  12. bino16 says:

    WARRIORS….playoff team…i dont think so…it will take 2-3 year for this guys to gel in its other..NEW ORLEANS has a big improvement this year in the NBA but i dont see them makes to the playoff..

  13. Aussie Adrian says:

    Looking forward to seein Bogut in Warriors colours this season. He is ready to step up Big. Go Warriors.

  14. Phfan says:

    watch out for this team and the Wolves!

  15. B Knapp says:

    Don’t discount Draymond. The guy will become the identity of the “second” team. He’ll drive the defense, and make everyone around him better to help spark the team. Should be a fun year for Warriors fans.

  16. charles says:

    The big key for the Warriors is to STAY HEALTHY. As long as they can do that they are looking really good. It would surprise me if they didn’t have a winning season. Fantastic off season, terrific coaching staff, good bench, lots of scoring options, and a loyal fan base who deserve winning basketball. The big question however is if they can improve on the defensive end. But looking forward the fans of these Golden state Warriors have a lot to look forward to.

    • phillip says:

      Key for any team is to stay healthy in any sport. Their roster for me will battle for pos 7 8 with Houston, Minnesota, Dallas, Sacramento, Utah. Their biggest hurdle will be the the Wild West, not injuries. This roster in the East makes playoffs with ease as would many others who miss out in the West.

  17. Mark says:

    The Warriors are going to be underdogs all year, but if they stay healthy (big questions on Curry and Bogut in this regard) they will absolutely shine. Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Lee, Bogut, Jack, Rush, Jefferson, Landry and Ezeli could be one of the most balanced 10-man rotations in the NBA – young, experienced, tall, fast, scoring options… As the article says, the only question is over defense but hopefully Bogut will help significantly there.

    • MRB says:

      I agree. The Warriors will be an exciting team to watch if they can stay healthy. Really excited to see the progression of this team this year. Playoffs?

      • Jordan says:

        They were probably the 8th best team in the West last year before they shelved Curry and traded for an injured Bogut… playoffs would be a very reasonable expectation