Wall Wants To Save The Wizards

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — It took some time, but he Washington Wizards have finally expunged the knucklehead factor from their locker room. Over the last 20 months, they’ve sent Gilbert Arenas, Nick Young, JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche packing.

Now, it’s time to see what John Wall is made of.

The 2010 No. 1 pick had a disappointing sophomore season, showing little (if any) improvement from his rookie year. The Wizards were better (especially defensively) with Wall on the bench, and they finished with the league’s second-worst record (20-46).

The 2012-13 Wizards will still be a young squad, but they’ve got vets Nene and Emeka Okafor up front. Wall’s supporting cast will no longer be burdensome, and it’s time for him to start leading his team forward. He’s got his sights set high, aiming to vault the Wizards from 14th in the Eastern Conference all the way into the top eight.

As blogged by Sarah Kogod of the Washington Post, Wall told Dime Magazine that he wants the Wizards to make the playoffs, and he wants to be the “savior” that gets them there.

“You wanna do it all,” Wall told Dime. “You wanna be an All-Star. You wanna be one of the top five best point guards. You wanna make the playoffs, and get this city back to where they know they can be. When you have the playoffs, I heard how crazy it could be when everybody is wearing all white. That’s what I want to get to. I want to be the savior.”

Summer is the time for big goals and promises, but Wall certainly has the talent to be one of the best point guards in the league. And while his career is off to a slow start, he’s certainly not alone when it comes to No. 1 picks. LeBron James and Dwight Howard each missed the playoffs their first two seasons in the league.

Of course, both James and Howard came much closer than Wall has thus far. Even if Wall and the Wizards don’t make the playoffs next season, coming close would be a step forward.

First playoffs for No. 1 picks since 2002

Year No. 1 pick 1st playoffs
2002 Yao Ming 2004
2003 LeBron James 2006
2004 Dwight Howard 2007
2005 Andrew Bogut 2006
2006 Andrea Bargnani 2007
2007 Greg Oden 2009
2008 Derrick Rose 2009
2009 Blake Griffin 2012
2010 John Wall
2011 Kyrie Irving


  1. JUICY FRESH says:

    1.MIA 2.IND 3.BOS 4.BRK 5.NYK 6.CHI 7.ATL 8.PHI


  2. caloyski says:

    The Wizards can easily get into the playoffs-its up to the coaching staff on how they will effectively utilize their talented line up

  3. diz says:

    wizards will not go to the playoffs but their record will improve from last season

  4. Maybe?? says:

    @dattebayo dont think bulls will make it simply because they can play defense but without rose or watson they have no consistency in their offence & it doesnt take a genius to figure out that you cant win without putting points on the board, 2013-14 will be a good year for em (hopefully) ……….. as for the wiz they now have experience, more depth & with ariza there to play defence bradley beal can concentrate on doing what he does best SCORE

  5. Mr.Jenkins says:

    I believe the Wizards will do big things this year they have two good vets in Nene and Emeka plus Trevor ariza with the new young man Beal they have scoring on the bench the defense should be awesome they will have to deal with the Cavs and Raptors for the 7th and 8th spots in the East but I believe they can pull it out they will have to play Wall 35 mins they have a nice back pg they need to use him and Defense wins games so if Ariza &Wall can co exist we have themakings of something Nice in Washington

  6. NBA says:

    East Standings 2012-2013

  7. JJH226 says:

    Question for you guys…..James Singleton turned down the veteran minimum offer from the Wizards. Rumor has it that the Wizards may be looking to fill his spot with Anthony Tolliver or Jodie Meeks. Who do you guys think is the better fit for the team?

  8. A DAWG says:


  9. Fife says:

    I have watch several games with Wall and Craford in the game at the same time they feed off each others energy. The Wizzard’s have a fighting chance. My biggest concern is the bench, Wall won’t get much rest and bigs will get tired running up and down the floor durning transtion baskets. With a team like this you build on DEFENSE and try to capitalize on every turnover. On paper they a little more talented than Philly. I can see a 7th or 8th seed. Might even take a bad 2nd seeded team to 7 games.. you never know. Good Luck to the Wizz..

  10. Dave says:

    u guys are forgetting rose is coming off an acl injury so he may not be back as soon as the season starts so dont count the bulls in the playoffs yet this is going to be an hectic season alot of injuries fom the playoffs and alot of new rosters so we have to wait and see only team(s) that got significantly better were the heats with lewis and allen maybe u can say knicks with kidd hawks got lou off da bench and wizards offensively at least with nene

  11. Joseph_03 says:

    With the cast he has now, there is legitimate chance for them to make the playoffs. His notable teammates are quite dependable and sort of predictable, you know Okafor is going to be a 10-10 guy with the occasional block. Nene will hold the middle decently enough even against the top centers in the league and will give you about 12 and 8 plus a block. Ariza is going to be the usual good wing defender with numbers int the 14-5-2 range with about a steal or two every night.

    It’s how John Wall can raise the game of his other teammates that we need to watch. To say something is one thing but to execute during a 82 game season is something else. I hope he can do what he says.

  12. japez says:

    John Wall better go 2 a better team if u want 2 make 2 the playoff…! Go 2 a better team maybe u can go 2 the lakers 2 back up nash or go 2 heat and b the starting pg 4 them…

  13. Kyrie says:

    Everybody who says “You forgot Chicago.” Chicago’s not going to be the 2nd-3rd seed, no Derrick Rose means they’ll have a nightmare trying to score, if they’re lucky they’ll make it to the 6th seed. AND they’re an injury or two to Deng or Noah away from missing out on the playoffs completely

    • dattebayo says:

      The Bulls will be on of the top 3 seeds in the East, because they have the most consistent defense in the league. They had the best record in the league without Rose last year and they made some good additions in the offseason. When Rose comes back, they will have the best shot of beating Miami, even before Boston, Indiana and the Knicks…

      • Stoesz says:

        They lost all of their bench, all the consistent scoring is from Rose and Kyrie is right, an injury to Deng or Noah and play-offs are out of the question. Rose can’t do it all by himself, he proved that in 2010-2011 when the Heat demolished them. And that was when they HAD there bench. Rose can’t keep up with the offence of Wade, Bosh and the MVP. Especially with Allen on the team now. I will love to see that battle in the West, Lakers or Thunder. Lakers vs. Heat would be a series for the ages.

  14. Andrew K. says:

    the East should pan out like this:

    1. Miami
    2. Indy
    3. Boston
    4. Philly
    5. Chicago
    6. Brooklyn
    7. New York
    8. Atlanta or Orlando

    (I don’t think Carmelo will ever be good with Amare on the Knicks)

  15. Andrew K. says:

    The Wizards are a talented young team right now with Nene, Okufor, Ariza, Wall, Beal, Crawford, Singleton, and Vesely, but I think some players like John Wall may be overrated at times. The Eastern Conference should have Miami, Indy, Boston, Philly, New York, and Brooklyn. I do think Chicago is still more talented then Washington at the time, because their starting lineup with Deng, Noah, Boozer, and Hamilton is good enough to get them and 8 or 7 seed. When Rose comes back they’ll make a run and get between a 6 and 4 seed. Orlando may be alright this year, because Dwight Howard hasn’t left yet, and whatever team he goes to could have good talent in exchange for him. Atlanta still has Horford and Smith with a decent bench that is good enough for the Playoffs. The Wizards will have to wait till next year unless there are many injuries.

  16. RAYMUND says:

    Kyrie Irving is better than John Wall…Kyrie will go to the playoffs first before John will….

  17. Drew says:

    Wall is good but hes gonna need a lot of help from guys like Brad Beal. I doubt if Okafor or Nene do much.

  18. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Go Kevin Seraphin!

  19. jax says:

    Wall is the next Westbrook. Just attack the rim and keep working on that jumper and he will get there, whether it be this year or next.

  20. Ashton says:

    U guys are missing Chicago?! Btw, the Wizards wont make fireworks, but have an alright chance for an 8 seed

  21. Lakers-R-Us says:

    John Wall is a great young player! wish he was a Laker but we can’t have everything! lol!

  22. Diony says:

    I hate you all, but I love John Wall, Coz he Tall, And knows how to ball

    Im small, and I got to D’ Mall, But everytime I Fall, I love John Wall.

  23. Maybe?? says:

    im predicting the eastern conference to end up like this….

  24. Big Joe says:

    This comparison is not relevant. All the other players on that list had alot better players around them. Greg Oden barely played due to injury so the Blazers making the playoffs had nothing to do with him. Wall is a great player with alot of potential, but he has yet to solidify himself as an NBA star. Nene and Okafor are a good start but he needs alot more help around him to compete with all the talent in the East. Multiple teams in the East have numerous All Star caliber players and the Wizards have none. Long way to go.

  25. Hakeem A. says:

    John Wall is a very gifted player. Now is his time to shine.

    • Sand King says:

      he will not going to shine anymore dude.. im sorry for that.. but he had it in his already but he is not able to do it.. when you are with a very young team like washington he got the chance.. but he waste it.. because he can’t do that here in nba.

  26. McNasty says:

    You misspelled the

  27. Carlo says:

    John Wall, stop dreaming. You won’t be in the playoff this season.

    • dattebayo says:

      Miami, Knicks, Nets, Pacers, Philly and Boston should make the playoffs. That leaves two spots for teams like the Wizards, Bucks, Toronto, Detroit, Atlanta and Orlando. If the Wizards do well, why shouldnÄt they become the 7th or 8th seed?

      • pitrekk says:

        first of all, sixers will not necesarily make the playoffs. They have lost two key players, Brand and Williams, they have noone but Spencer Hawes under the basket and he is mediocre center.

        Atlanta should make the playoffs easily, if Horford and Smith are healthy.

        So I would say: Miami, Chicago, Boston, Indiana, NYK, Brooklyn, Atlanta and there is one spot to take. Probably Orlando, Bucks and Philly will fight for it. So sorry Joh Wall but not this time. I think it is more up to Nene, his health and motivation whether DC will have a good season. But in any case they will make PO.

      • dattebayo says:

        Odd, I forgot all about Chicago, they will make the playoffs too.
        I think Philly will still make the playoffs, they haven’t gotten that much worse to take several steps back. Iguodala is still there and the young guys are maturing, Hawes is still a good Center, half the league envies the 76ers for having him. I might be wrong about Atlanta, we’ll see eventually won’t we?
        MIA – CHI – IND – NYK – BOS – BRO sounds about right, Philly, Atlanta and the Wizards will fight for the last 2 spots…

  28. Keon R. says:

    It’s good to see that he wants to be the leader. He wants to win and he’s putting in the work to do it. Now that the three amigos Young, McGee, and Blatche are gone the team can finally move forward. http://bit.ly/QqY12X

    • Schemer21 says:

      Blatche was poison but to be fair to Young and McGee i think they’ll both turn out to be decent players. Washington’s problem is the coaching staff. There guys are supposed to be able to take young players and help them mature and grow. None of that has happened in Washington over the past few years. I mean just look at the difference in McGee as he finished the season with Denver. Proper structured minutes, clear coaching guidance, veteran influence. He had a decent finish to the season, good enough for Denver to resign him to a multi-year contract.
      The coaching staff are the problem in Washington and i feel bad for John Wall because the longer he remains in Washington with the same coaching staff and no veteran point guard, the more bad habits etc he’s going to develop. He’s a super talent but he’s raw and my worry is that by the time he’s finally given a proper chance with a decent team it will be to late for him to fully achieve his career potential.

      • Keon R. says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more. I tend to blame GM Ernie Grunfield. He wanted a team full of young talent so badly he neglected to get any veterans to mentor his you players. Wizards coaches have a history of not disciplining well Flip Saunders was one but, Eddie Jordan before him was guilty of this as well.

        The Wizards seem to think Randy Wittman is a tougher coach. I hope they’re right for Wall’s sake. I personally thought they should have gone after Nate McMillan but, maybe that’s just me. This season could be a step forward for Wall but, the Wizards are running out of time and could end up ruining Wall before it’s all said and done.