Roy Never Closed Door On Comeback

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Brandon Roy is back.

Just over seven months ago, Roy walked away from the game, due to his degenerative knees. At the time, he was just 27 years old and had played just five seasons in the league. Six days after the news broke, the Blazers used the amnesty clause to waive Roy, who had three years and $49 million left on his contract.

But at some point this year, Roy decided to see if he could play again. In fact, he says he never really closed the door on a comeback.

“For me, it was never that I was retired,” Roy said at his introductory news conference in Minnesota on Tuesday. “My knees were a situation that I was going to have to think about if I wanted to continue playing. After a few months of sitting out, I decided, ‘Hey, I don’t want to stop playing basketball.’ It’s something I want to continue going forward with. It’s never a situation where I said, ‘I’m done forever.’ It was more of a pause.”

After two months of working out and undergoing the regenicin procedure that Kobe Bryant had last year, Roy felt good enough to get back in the league. And now, he joins a Timberwolves team that showed some promise last season and has also added Chase Budinger, Andrei Kirilenko and Alexey Shved this summer.

“I wanted to be a part of a team that was good, and that I could step in and help assist take that next step,” Roy said. “It’s not a situation where I want to be a 10th man. I want to be able to go out and work and be a big part of the team taking the next step.”

For Wolves GM David Kahn, the addition of Roy is about more than just depth and talent in the backcourt.

“I think he’s going to help us in innumerable ways, well beyond the basketball court,” Kahn said. “His experience in our league plus the person that he is, the kind of quality and character of him and his family, will really be a great help to our organization.”


  1. B-ROY!! #7always and forever says:

    BRANDON ROY in another interview said that if he could, he would come back to blazers because this is and always will be his home. he grew up in the northwest. and he will always and FOREVER be a blazer. cant wait to see him back on the floor in the rose garden… i just wish his was back in the #7 blazer jersey. he will always be my favorite player.. i wish the best for him! ONCE A BLAZER, ALWAYS A BLAZER ❤ #7 FOR LIFEEEE

  2. Im not sure what the fuss is all about, I see Roy playing in Minny while rehabilitating his career only to be bought back or traded back to P-town in 2015. We amnesty, someone else pays for his rehabilitation, see you in Summer of 2014 Brandon, and to all the naysayers, Broy is Broy, not MJ or KB, he is in his own right through talent alone

  3. Big3 says:

    Roy is a good player, but the Timberwolves are trash. I see them as MAYBE barely making the playoffs and getting swept in the first round. Kevin Love is good, but his numbers are inflated because he is on a trashy team. Watching the Olympics, Kevin Love’s defense is almost non existent. I say trade Kevin Love while his value is high before the inevitable “Trade me to a big market team.” comes along. As for Roy, he should have signed with the Bulls or something because the small amount of NBA play he has left in him will surely be wasted on a team such as Minnesota. Get out of Minnesota while you still can!

  4. mdc says:

    roy was awesome for portland and they never should have allowed him to play 8 days after knee surgery against phx when they were going to lose the series no matter what (i believe that was game 5 he came back, little too late). He needed more rest after surgery!….Blazers are stupid and should have taken better care of their franchise player! I sure hope Aldridge can get outta portland too before they try to ruin him!….maybe him & batum can reunite with roy in minny after their contracts are up in 3-4 years…..either way, run from the blazers!

  5. NBA says:

    Good situation he should start 25-30 mins so that once he is fully healthy his playing time increases gradually to where
    it was a few years ago when he was healthy

  6. Keon R. says:

    Glad to see Roy back. He was so talented and it was heart breaking to see him retire in the first place. I wish him the best in Minnesota and look forward to watching him play. He gave everything he had to the Blazers and he’ll do the same with the Timberwolves.

  7. Dattebayo – You are little behind. Webster and Randolph are not longer on the roster.
    Rnadloph’s with Denver and Webster was bought out. Tolli is a FA. We desparately need another big.
    I appreciate your interest in my squad, but catch up.

    As for “White Power” and “Bobby Bolivia,” they obvioulsy aren’t old enough or educated enough to remember when African-Americans weren’t allowed to compete in the league or MLB either.
    When does the ignorance stop!
    You’ve either got game or you don’t, regardless of your skin color or ethnicity.
    Best five should start!

    From – former Wolves Season Ticket Holder of the Year.

    • dattebayo says:

      Yeah, I missed some moves, but aren’t those just rumors that are not official yet? I don’t understand that Randolph move for either team. Minnesota right now has only one Center in Pekovic and no one taller than 6’10” on their roster. Denver has 4 Centers now (McGee, Mozgov, Koufos and Randolph). Webster had some injury issues but I thought he played solid throughout the year. Only Beasley, Milicic and Johnson were dissapointing.

      I hope Rubio doesn’t experience any setbacks in his rehab so he can be back come January…

      • Randolph actually signed with Denver.
        Webster’s 2012-13 contract was bought out for $600K.
        We signed Greg Steisma (former Celt) as the backup center and announced today.
        Tolliver is still dangling.
        We still need one more – preferably a rebounding/defensive big, who can back up Love.
        Stay tuned.

  8. martell wilson says:

    Minnesota finna be back on the map lets go brandon roy im going all the twolves games

  9. Brian Newell says:

    Seeing B-Roy in any colors other than black and red just isn’t right. That being said, I still support him and wish him nothing but the best. I think that there is a bit of a rivalry now between Portland and Minnesota.

    • D Lion says:

      “A bit”?? With the Roy situation, the Batum situation, and with Aldridge vs. Love, this is gonna be one of the fiercest rivalries in the NBA. And if these teams can both fight for the playoffs, it will make it that much more intense. I’m ready for it. Bring it on, Wolves!

  10. Yave says:

    With B-Roy joining the Timberwolves they are an automatic playoff team.I think Minnesota is done rebuilding.The big 3 of Love,Rubio,ans B-Roy they will finish from 5-6 seed in west.

  11. M says:

    hey ROY your not MJ…

  12. dattebayo says:

    Until Rubio comes back they still have Ridnour and Barea to run the point, with Shved and Roy they will have some guys to knock open jumpshots down. With Kirilenko and Love they have 2 great Forwards and Pekovic and Randolph make a solid Center Package. Add Buddinger, Williams, Webster, Cunningham and Tolliver to the mix and you have a great mix of youngsters and veterans with some playoff experience. I really hope the Wolves will avoid injuries this season, they were killed by them last year.

    The West is still really competitive but the playoffs should definitely be within the Wolves reach. I hope they get the 4th seed, that will be challenging though, with the Clippers, OKC, Spurs and Grizzlies still improving. I am also curious whether the Lakers will be any better with Nash, their bench is still the worst in the league so far.

  13. Jaxon says:

    Good luck Roy. You’re an inspiration.

  14. JR says:

    When are people going to realize that Brandon Roy is done? Was he good in Portland, yes! Was he great, no! You can’t call a player great that had a very reliable core unit of players around him and could never get out of the first round. I’m a very big Blazer fan, but lets face the facts. He was never a very durable player & he was a very very good player, but never showed any greatness in leading a team deep into the playoffs. Will he have big games in Minny, yes, but will he be the same player as when he first came into the league, HELL NO! Only the stupid Blazer fans that have absolutely zero knowledge on the game of basketball wish B-Roy was a Blazer still. Do they not remember his last year in Portland? The entire regular season of him complaining about not getting enough playing time, his weakness on the defensive end, his complete disruption on an entire offense because he wasn’t able to dribble one on one for 20 seconds, & finally his utter lack of respect for the team by going to the reporters and complaining that he wasn’t starting! Oh, but he had 1 or 2 good first round games that meant absolutely nothing because we still lost in the first round. Get over it Blazer fans, B-Roy is done, and it is better that he is on another team. He won’t do anything for Minny & it will finally allow the Blazers to move on as an organization.

    • BKN says:

      Youre just mad because Brandon Roy didnt do all that much on the Blazers. I wouldnt blame him either. You call Lamarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum and Rudy Fernandez a reliable core unit of players. They all are decent players but lets be honest, they were holding Roy back from his true potential. The reason why the Blazers couldnt beat the CHAMPIONSHIP team Dallas was because Portland just wasnt a good enough team. they still arent a good team. Its terrible because Lamarcus Aldridge is also being held back in Portland. B-Roy isnt done after five years and it wouldnt be a bad bet that “Minny” makes the playoffs above the 7 seed this year. So dont talk bad about a player who didnt play well on a bad team because look a Tyreke Evans. A great player on a terrible team. That doesnt make him a terrible player

      • Hab says:

        right on about Tyreke…I dont see much of a future for him with the Kings, I’m a die hard Kings fan but it look like they’re going for the big man offence surrounded by shooters…Tyreke has a strange penetration game which doesnt really fit with the Kings offence.

  15. Dean says:

    I hope he has a healthy season, let’s hope it’s not too soon for him to come back.

  16. Desmond says:

    and lets not forget, he was drafted by this very team back in 06′, no surprise that they would give him a chance

  17. Oula says:

    Best of luck to Brandon Roy. May God continue to bless you.

  18. tim says:

    when did the wolves show promise last year?


  19. Charles Barkley says:

    Don’t know exactly what procedure he had, but I know they do meniscus transplants up in Canada, although I’ve heard thats done in Toronto at Sunnybrook, not aware of it in Vancouver

  20. JDish says:

    Or maybe they did a special athletic knee replacement procedure for Brandon Roy. Here to the days that NBA players who suffer severe injuries can return to the game with cyborg body parts. NBA players would be averaging like 30+ year careers.

    • elt says:

      true i hope his knee’s dont stop him because he was beast and was equal to kobe back then b4 injures never give up roy.

  21. JDish says:

    This is great for BRoy and the Wolves, BUT truly I’m just worried that this will turn out to be just a stubborn attempt by Roy to continue his NBA career while struggling with the health of his knees, and potentially making things worse for his health and for Minnesota. I mean c’mon, all I was hearing about Roy was that he had no cartilage between his leg bones to absorb contact and such. That is pretty serious as far as what a player has to endure as far as pain and how much more damage a guy can do to his knees. Hope that’s not the case and that Brandon Roy is under treatment to at least be able to stay on the court. Here’s to BRoy resurrecting his NBA career Grant Hill style, give it all you got Roy.

  22. RoryD says:

    This is great news for the NBA

    Brandon Roy is one of the most admirable players in the recent history of the game

    His standing O in the Rose Garden will be Joel Pryzbillaesque

    but ultimately I wish he was still a Blazer

    Good Luck

  23. Reblogged this on Eternal Hoops and commented:
    Wishing Brandon Roy nothing but the best in his return!

  24. 314boi says:

    I think he just got out his contract with Portland… He was always a great player. I dont think those knees are as much of a concern but I’m glad he’s back and with Minnesota. He probably wont be a great player but he will be a very good one if he can help his health together.

    • RoryD says:

      Why would a guy opt out of his agreed deal worth 16 million plus another 17 to re-sign for 2 years in Minnesota for less that he would make in one year in Portland, closer to his family and home, for the same contract duration?

      That’s craziness on your behalf, speculating.

      If you look at his playing history paired with his past surgeries, you should realise that indeed the knees are bad.
      Guys a fkn warrior…. came off the knee surgery in the playoffs in 2010 after 8 days

      No way he is playing games trying to get a new deal while signed to a current max deal

      I once heard an anaolgy from an ex player, I think maybe Dennis Scott which applies to Brandon as it did to Grant Hill

      If you have a sports car under wraps in the garage, tyres off, on stands…. when the car gets back on the road those tyres are good for another 15,000 miles

      Brandon just needs some time off and more treatment for issues that he had prior to the NBA

  25. dondonscreek0102 says:

    he’s a legit great brand of a don in basketball. Welcome back Roy!!! Go Timberwolves!!!

  26. Thats a good comment wolves is the whitiest team in the league. good job by the wolves. roy better be a bench in order to maintain a starting 5 of all white players.

  27. white power says:

    i like the wolves line up. they have many good white players with the likes of love,rubio,pekovic.ridnour,chase, ak47, barea. they might have a starting 5 of five good white players. the first in the league in many decades. a burst of fresh air in nba that has long ruled by blacks..

    • lolwut says:

      I actually can’t believe tis comment made it past moderation. It’s insulting to those Wolves players that you even bring up skin color. These guys are good at basketball and are where they are now because of it. End of story.

    • Jolan says:

      can we just get this comment deleted?

    • bringing the heat says:

      did you forget about derrick williams im still pretty sure he is an african american and rubio and barea are hispanic . rubio is from spain and barea is from puerto rico and pekovic is from europe and ak47 is russian so yeah..

  28. Swish says:

    So happy that you’re coming back Brandon. He sounds great, look’s great, wouldn’t be a surprise if he came back better than ever. He has a great team to aid him on and off the court. This is a very smart man, he took some time off, and recovered to the point where he doesn’t feel pain anymore. Wish him and the Wolves a very healthy season. I can’t wait to watch them this season, as I’m sure they will be contenders. Welcome back Rookie of the year : Brandon Roy!

  29. The great Roy says:

    Before you all comment , remember it was the Portland organization en their team doctors who said
    he’d better should retire for he’s knees so ,… Don’t blame Roy , blame the Blazers , they had of known about that kind of
    procedure that Kobe also did in Germany, aren’t they a professional organisation in the NBA come on guys accept the fact the Blazers let him go , Brandon did not left , peace

  30. NBA FAN says:

    Ahem, ahem, hopefully this star that had shined and suddenly been gone would shine even more than before and would give all of us another blockbuster entertainment. An example of an inspiring will of never giving up in life. Go Roy! Goodluck!

  31. Danny says:

    This is great; that is what we as fans want to see: someone who comes back when it seems as if his back is against the wall. Big challenge for a special player, curious as to how they’ll use him in Minnesota( oh yeah that’s right, he’s a bonafide starter in this league when healthy). But seriously, it’s great to know that he’s back 🙂

  32. Iyveexzi says:

    Welcome back ROY!!!!

  33. Jhon says:

    I ❤ Roy!! I wonder if he is going to get booed at Portland though?

    • D Lion says:

      Anyone who boos Roy at the Rose Garden will be lucky to make it out of there alive. Portland still does, and probably always will, love Roy. 🙂

    • B-ROY!! #7always and forever says:

      he wouldnt get booed! the blazer fans love him. (best fans in the NBA) 😉 too bad he cant come back to be on the blazers for another year or two =(

  34. uoykcuf says:

    hate to be the blazers but I am rooting for B. Roy. Hope he can bounce back!

    • Ktmatt says:

      Yeah, the Blazers may be bummed, but it really is their own fault, if they want to place any blame. They didn’t have to amnesty him. They could have said no matter what they wanted to keep him if there was ANY chance of his returning. But they didn’t. So no, good for him. I will root for him, too; he is a special player, all-around in the mold of a DWade.
      Go BRoy.

  35. Matt says:

    As a Blazers fan, this absolutely devastates me. Brandon WAS our franchise, and to come out and say “it was never that i was retired” feels like a smack in the face.

    • lolwut says:

      I don’t get it. Why is that a smack in the face? The blazers needed to do what they did no matter what. It was the best business decision for a team minding it’s future.

    • dattebayo says:

      You’re a special kind of m0r0n, huh?
      Roy played hurt all season and needed to take some time off to recuperate, rest and heal his body. Since he wasn’t sure, whether this would be for good or not, he declared his retirement from the NBA. Shortly after that the Blazers amnestied him to get his contract off the salary cap. It’s not that he didn’t want to play for Blazers anymore or anything else, he was simply hurt and needed time off to heal. Due to the amnesty rule, the Blazers can’t resign him and he has to sign somewhere else.

      He always wanted to play and the only limit to that were his knees and medical condition. Now it seems he is fit enough and the procedures he had done on his knees worked. You wanna blame him for trying again? You want him to stay retired instead of playing for another team? Come on now, a real Blazer would love to see him play again.

    • Jolan says:

      you know he was amnystied by the blazers right? the blazers told him tried to tell him to retire. and he coudln’t resign with them this year (even though i bet he wanted to).

  36. bigbusty says:


  37. Josiah says:

    Love you Brandon! It’s going to be hard too see you in that Minnesota jersey, Portland will always love you. Your a Blazer in my heart

  38. kobi says:

    roy you need to rest men.. this game is for professionals

  39. mr person says:

    Go Brandon Roy you’re a boss

  40. D Lion says:

    Congrats Roy; wish you were still in black and red.

  41. hanamichi says:

    its very inspiring, hope his body cooperates with the great talent that he have.