Charlie V Aims To Return To Form

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Anyone remember Charlie Villanueva?

He might be easy to forget, because he played just 180 minutes last season and because the Pistons have gone 82-148 (.357) since he since he signed a huge contract three years ago.

Villanueva had a promising start to his career, finishing second (behind Chris Paul) in Rookie of the Year voting in 2006. And he averaged 16.2 points for the Bucks in 2008-09. But he’s never been on a playoff team and it’s clear that Pistons president Joe Dumars wasted his 2009 cap space on Villanueva and Ben Gordon (who was traded to Charlotte in the offseason for Corey Maggette).

At this point, with two years and $16.6 million left on his contract, Villanueva is one of those guys who hasn’t come close to making the most of his talent. And he isn’t thought of very highly by Pistons fans, who probably would have liked Dumars to waive Villanueva via the amnesty clause. But Villanueva will be back next season, and he’s out to turn his career back around.

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press caught up with Charlie V at a camp he’s running for kids in Detroit…

Looking at the $32 million he has earned over a seven-year career, Villanueva has grown into a successful NBA player — at least, financially.

But Villanueva, 27, is coming off arguably the toughest year of his professional career, during which he became even more a source of scorn from fans.

So some of those lessons learned about coping with adversity probably come in handy.

“There are things that happen that sometimes you can’t control, and people can’t understand that,” he said Sunday. “They don’t know the whole story, but absolutely I use some of it.

“You hear it, but I don’t let it affect me. It just drives you to get better. You use it as motivation and carry a chip on your shoulder. That’s the approach I’m taking, and I’m just ready to get on the floor.”

Villanueva has to be admired for the work he’s done for kids with alopecia areata. And no matter what happens from here on out, he’s made an impact off the court.

But his time in the league may be running out. Villanueva can talk about playing better next season, but if he wants to really earn some of that $16.6 million left on his deal, he’s got to walk the walk.


  1. Vernon says:

    It is not Charlie V’s fault at all…..the bottom line here is that the Detroit Pistons have been on a steady decline since Joe Dumars decided that Allan Iverson was the “man” to replace Chauncey Billups. It all started there and the Pistons have not recovered. New ownership took over the Pistons and for some reason they decided to keep Joe Dumars on board. That in of itself was the worst decision the Pistons have made and until they realize this mistake the Pistons will not move forward. HE HAS TO GO. This is obvious and Joe should do us all a favor and just step aside and live off his playing day memories. His legacy as VP/MGR and decision maker is just as b ad as his side-kick Isiah Thomas and his arch enemy…..none other than Michael Jordan. Make it happen!!!

  2. shawnynoams says:

    I’m sorry to say but this article tells us nothing… it tells us about the contract and tells us he hasn’t lived up to it.. duh! It doesn’t tell us WHAT his setbacks here, what he plans on doing to recover from them, where he stands as to his status at the moment, why he was left of the Dominican Republic team… step up your game Schuhmann

  3. A.R. says:

    Don’t worry Charlie… The BSN (Puerto Rican league) will always be there for you to play at, I heard A.Iverson was thinking about signing with them, Antoine Walker was there a few years back, Robert “Tractor” Taylor RIP, are among other who find themselves going overseas so don’t worry. There will always be a place you can go to. Even Europe. People think you’ve gotten overpaid in the NBA, go play in Europe a few seasons.

    By the way great job with the kids, ahowing them love and support. They need it.

  4. another random NBA fan says:

    I remember Charlie V`s 48 point game when he was on the Raptors.

  5. KTW says:

    R. Stuckey, B. Gordon, and C. Villanueva are ALL getting overpaid over the past few seasons.

  6. LAKERS 4EVA!! says:

    Laughing at all these comments people throw around about teams using the amnesty provision on every player who isnt playing up to their contract. Do people actually realise that the ballclub STILL HAS TO PAY the player the remaining amount on the contract? It just doesnt count towards the salary cap. Surely in most cases it would be better to seek trade options, or amnesty only in a final year of a bad contract (which is usually the highest paying year). Even if Charlie V (who is useless in my opinion, dont get me wrong) averages 3 points and 2 rebounds per game for his $8 million, thats still better than paying the $8 million and getting NO return.

  7. bunbury says:

    if dumars offers me $30M to play for the pistons, I’ll sign the contract in a blink of an eye. just dont expect me to take the pistons at a 0-4 playoffs, at least.

  8. Karim Hakeem says:

    The pistons should have let him go. he has been a huge disappointment. he is getting overpaid.

  9. rpminc12 says:

    Just because you pay big money for players, doesn’t mean they will be betters players than they are.

    That is way Dumars needs to be fired, He is insane and doesn’t know what the hell he is doing.

    Paying 80 million for the two scubs that haven’t helped the Pintons one bit.

    You could pay minumum NBA wages and get 2 ham and eggers that would out play and out hustle Gordon

    and Villanueva all day long !!

  10. Charles Williams says:

    My family resided in Detroit for 1 1/2 years in the early fifties and I’ve been a fan of Detroit sports since that time. I’ve been a committed Pistons’ fan since the days of Walter Dukes so I have seen a lot of ups and downs in that organization over the years. But it makes me proud to recognize the fact that the Pistons is among a select few NBA teams that have won multiple championships. What disappoints is to continuously be exposed to the Pistons haters and complainers. I don’t
    care what Joe Dumars does these jokers will not be satisfied. As for Villanueva, if you compare his 35 Mill five year contract to that of many NBA players you’ll find that it is not as bloated as some would have you believe. Villanueva can and will be a better NBA performer. It is so dis-heartening to keep reading all this garbage from these know-nothing
    knucklehead Pistons and Dumars complainers when this team has won three NBA championships and was one of the best NBA teams of the last decade. The Pistons are on the way back. And at youthful age of 27, Villanueva may just be a part of that Pistons come back.

  11. Bryan says:

    What form?

  12. Genaro says:

    you know what guys. Just give the man credit. They wont made it to NBA if these dudes are not great. There are times that you’ll overlooked everything and unfocus yourself to what your goals is.Charlie is a freak if he can have some great caliber guys that can be with him. James could even get a ring in cavs. Might as well say that Cleveland wasted their capspace who cant give them ring and instead leave them for wade and Bosh. Come On!

    • Vanimal says:

      Wow grammar is horrible… Charlie is no way good. He is role player at best and way over paid. In addition, the only reason he got so much money is because the free agency period was poor. Never understood what the Pistons were thinking signing both ben gordon and charlie to large contracts. However, Pistons fans should like their future. They are one of the few teams that have two “real” bigs. Pistons also have promise in daye and knight. I feel they need to decide what they want to do with stuckey. Keep him for SG or sixthman. He is good, but if they wanted to upgrade at sg/sf with him as trade bait with other young guys. I’m not expecting anything this year, but give them two and I could see them as a 7-8 seed. However, Charlie is not part of their future and should amnesty because I don’t know who would want him unless there are picks in the trade.

      • KareemOftheKrop says:

        “Charlie is no way good.”

        Well, you sure showed Genaro how to speak properly.

      • @KareemOftheKrop says:

        Baaaaahahahaha. Glad someone else noticed that. How do you post a comment about grammar and not check your own??

  13. Josh (pisotns fan) says:

    Should have been amnestied….get rid of him…..use the cap space on someone else! I never liked that signing…another one of Dumars’ terrible mistakes.

  14. Zozo says:

    Am I the only one who looked up alopecia which is basically a fancy term for baldness/hair loss?

    Nice try Charlie Villanueva, helping where it’s really a matter of life and death.
    What’s next – a charity run against acne?

    • Johnny boy says:

      No wonder your name is zozo… Alopecia is a sickness, not just some fancy term for baldness. How would you feel if your kids were laughed at for not having hair growth on their whole body? It’s like looking like a cancer patient under treatment. May not really be a matter of life and death, but it ain’t a healthy life either. Not really a topic to be ridiculed. Sure, he’s not working worth his contract. But don’t bash his good deeds for the community.

  15. heat hater says:

    waste of money

  16. BIGMatta23 says:

    Its good to have goals….

  17. Kelvin says:

    talk about enjoying ppl’s misery… the moment dumars signed ben gordon and villanueva for such lucrative contracts was one of the best feeling a Bull’s fan can get ..Thank u Dumars !
    dun get me wrong ,these 2 players got game …but not worth that amount of salary …

  18. Joe says:

    i say trade him for whatever they can get…this guy can not play no defense and he is a streaky shooter…..

  19. Bruce says:

    He was and is a proper fit for the team. He was and is overpaid. He was dealing with injuries. However he has a lot of pride. Dumars signs players who know how to amend their mistakes, Dumars himself knows the Gordon/Charlie V thing was a debacle in terms of FINANCE. Which is why he dropped Gordon, the bigger mistake because the Pistons were backlogged with guards, despite the fact that Gordon performed better. I player with this much early promise and EGO understands that this is the point of no return. He’ll prove up. He’ll impress.

    And in terms the whole overpaid athlete thing? Grow up. Give that money to the people of Detroit? Give me a break, this is professional sports; they’re all overpaid. Some more than others but the whole concept is counterproductive to society. Take ownership that as a fan you’re supporting whats wrong with this country. Who knows where that “money” actually goes? Suddenly a pro sports team cuts salary and does what? Funds a grant proposal for public education? I think not.

    Y’know who ISN’T overpaid? Will flippin Bynum. You know who IS overpaid? Tome Gores. I’m not playing favorites here, the same can be found across the nation.

  20. spurs fan says:

    fired joe dumars!!at 1st he choose to draft darko over carmelo,dwade or bosh 1st strike then he break the best chemistry of detriot he trade billups to iverson who everyone know have attitude problem stike 2 then this signing huge contract on charlie V strike 3..all this years of nightmare on detriot its all Joe Dumars decision..before im a fan of detriot because how they played over the spurs in 04 championship then there consistent in ECF..i love the team who played as a team not just a talent just like the spurs and detriot before but now detriot break some pieces to do what??i know they need to rebuild but wasting money for a year now..detriot need to rebuild 1st take the root fired joe dumars plz…

    • bunbury says:

      your’e only 50% correct. Joe Dumars should indeed be fired. end of discussion. …but the eastern conference was so weak during those years that they practically had a free ticket to the conference finals each year. but i honestly always believed that dumars was not as good, i mean you can get lucky too. the rwallace trade only happen because of zach randolph breakout year in portland. if they would’ve selected melo or wade, man the pistons would have won it all in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. i hate the pistons and im saying this.

  21. anthony says:


  22. Ted says:

    I supported the signing of Charlie V; I thought he was an athletic 4 that could play above the rim and shoot the lights out when he got hot. I didn’t know he was a siv defensively. The truth is, he will be amnestied if he doesn’t perform this season. Personally, I’m tired of seeing guys drive past him and his cement feet; if he can’t play defense, he won’t get on the court and if he doesn’t get on the court, we wasted 8 million this year.

  23. Cord says:

    Technically, this guy is stealing money, he has done nothing in the past 3 yrs after being rewarded with a HUGE deal by Dumars. This is a travesty the way he took advantage of the Piston organization and the fans.

    • bunbury says:

      charlie brown is not the only one to blame here. there ia a guy named dumars who i think is as bad as isiah. enough said. if dumars offers me $30M to play for the pistons, I’ll sign the contract in a blink of an eye. but dont expect me to take the pistons to a 0-4 playoffs, at least.

  24. Post-up Baseline FTW says:

    bad players getting paidedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  25. Bryan says:

    Pft! Prmoises!

  26. Glosh says:

    He dont fits at pistons, go to the suns or 76ers.

  27. Travis says:

    Complete disappointment!

  28. AJ says:

    I’m not impressed. Charlie couldn’t even make the Dominican National team. Charlie has a lot of work to do if he’s going to try and redeem himself among Pistons fans. Unless he does, his and Ben Gordon’s signing will go down next to the drafting of Darko Milicic as the worst Pistons decision ever made.

    • bunbury says:

      charlie brown is not the only one to blame here. there is a guy named dumars who i think is as bad as isiah. enough said.