Vaughn Hire Signals Full Magic Rebuild

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — More than two months after firing Stan Van Gundy, the Orlando Magic finally have a replacement. Jacque Vaughn is young (37), inexperienced and comes without Shaquille O’Neal’s approval, but he’s awfully bright and personable, and he’s spent five years (three as a player and two as an assistant) learning from Gregg Popovich.

Dwight Howard‘s situation is still far from resolved, but at least we know who will or won’t be coaching Howard in Orlando next season. Joshua Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel had the first report

The Orlando Magic have hired Jacque Vaughn as their new head coach.

A team official said the Magic will hold a press conference Monday afternoon to introduce Vaughn, a former NBA point guard who spent the past two seasons as a San Antonio Spurs assistant coach.

Vaughn will take over a team that is expected to trade superstar Dwight Howard, go into rebuilding mode and begin to emphasize developing young players.

Shortly after Robbins’ report hit the interweb, the Magic made it official.

While Vaughn comes with little experience, he has the right personality to mentor a young core. But while the Magic do have a few young players with promise, the problem is that they also have a bunch of high-priced veterans in the way of a true reconstruction.

So as the Dwightmare drags on, it becomes more clear that the Magic need to unload as many of those veterans in a Howard deal, while also continuing to build their young core. They need to look three or four years ahead, when they’ll have a young group that’s ready to blossom, or the assets necessary to get another star or two.

At least the Magic are moving forward in some form. Now, we just need the Portland Trail Blazers to figure out who their coach is.


  1. Basketball Guru says:

    I hope the Rockets get involved with the Lakers for Howard. I want Bynum to go to the Rockets and Howard to the Lakers and Orlando get to dump their older over paid players while receiving young players and alot of draft picks.

  2. JB1 says:

    Honestly if Howard went to a Miami he would be a good addition but only for defense cause he has hardly if any defense what so ever i dont care if he’s young he is a DEFENSIVE player he has no post and no jumper so wasted he would be of better use to a team like the mavericks or a team thats full of 3 points shooters to bring a offensive rebounding presence and a inside scoring presence

  3. KOBE>lbj says:

    Amagine if D12 somehow ends up with teh Bulls, Lebron and Wade can kiss there titles good bye for a looooooong time!

  4. Glosh says:

    Sign and trade howard to hollywood for Bieber,Lindsay lohan, Miley cyrus,george clooney and a cash and trophy for a best actor award. And then you have now an dream team.

  5. matt says:

    Magic should just trade Howard to thunder for Harden and Ibaka. i think that makes complete sense.

  6. MAGIC ALLDAY! says:

    Just let Howard go he wines too much trade him for Andrew Bynum probably Bynum will play better than Dwight in 2-3 years bynum is 2years younger….gotta get rid of Howard were gonna loose him in free agency rather get Bynum than nothing. My opinion.

  7. Sabin C says:

    Great press conference.J Vaughn looks like a great person, a great character.Good hire.

  8. charlie says:

    Is not the team, iS THE FAMILY TO OWN THE TEAM

  9. SVG says:

    How is this guy better than me? 😀

  10. Marc says:

    Of course another teams takes away from the Spurs winning tree. How many teams have Spurs coaches and front office people now?

  11. Kurdman says:

    Many people might not realize this or would think this decision is a bad one, but this might just be a trick by the Magic organization to make Howard stay. Think about it for a second. One of the reasons for why Howard wants to leave is because he has asked many times for having more saying and more decision making privileges, but under a great coach like SVG, that was not possible. SVG wouldnt let Howard make decisions or have a lot of sayings in what the team did. So under a young, not so much experienced coach like JV, Howard just might get a little of those decision making privileges he was asking for in the past. He might change his mind yet again and stay in Orlando, just to see if he can gain a little decision making power under the new coach. Howard wants to be more than a player in the team. He wants to be in control and act like a coach also. This might explain why the organization put aside the other coaching candidates who had much better resumes than this JV guy. Either that or they just really don’t care what Howard wants anymore and want to totally rebuild the team from scratch and not spend a lot of money in doing so.

  12. elt says:

    what you’re talking about stupid move by the magic, i remmembered when many poeple said svg was a dumb hire. once he came here he made d12(yup i said it and its true look at the stats if u dont believe me) a star, made orlando a 50 win team all you haters be quit. i trust what the front office is doing.

  13. arby11 says:

    Magic needed to hire someone to help with the rebuilding. You say that the people in charge are stupid, they could not possibly be as stupid as the ones we had. The magic need to keep DH until mid season. Teams will want and need him for the playoffs. I know most fans and Dwight won’t like this, but it is the only way magic can get any value for him. Right now, all the teams are trying to low ball the magic.

  14. Joey says:

    Rebuilding is a bit stupid while you already have dwight howard in your team, and focus on putting very good players around him.

  15. MGIC CORE says:

    Too much noice with the new Orlando coach. Mention Popovich few times, but guys this guy Jacque Vaughn has been
    Popovich student not all the way around. So instead to praise Popovich, lets pray that Vaughn will fit and put the magic
    to the top of the NBA againg. There is no time for arguments and expect the best performance from J V. .!! GOOD LUCK !!!

  16. Keith says:

    Just so the Orlando Magic Organization knows.
    We will not be renewing our season tickets. (8)
    Letting Stan van Gundy go and hiring this coach!
    There were much better candidates out there and this is all you can come up with?!

    A note to Dwight Howard.
    Get out of town we don’t want you either!

  17. knickfan212 says:

    Pat Ewing must be doing something wrong coaching. Seems like no one wants to give him a shot at head coaching. Maybe he needs to ask for some advice.

  18. Beast says:

    He should trade Howard and Nelson for wade and chalmers
    Pg Nelson
    Sg Allen
    Sf James
    Pf bosh
    C Howard

  19. kirby puett says:

    Im sure that vaughn will be a good coach and he will have his hands full but he has had good mentors to teach him I just hate he is tied into an organization that is really stupid . why do they want to keep a player that ‘s said i dont want to be there . really stupid trade him and trade him quick and start your rebuilding process. the best bet for them would be houston seems like they are gullable enuff to give up a good bunch of talented young players . you cannot hire inexperience people for problems like this not smart bussiness . magic ownership is really pitiful .

  20. Tim says:

    There doesn’t seem to be a grammar editor. I’ll point out, then, that, “So as the Dwightmare drags on, it becomes more clear that the Magic need to unload as many of those veterans in a Howard deal, while also continuing to build their young core.” isn’t really a complete sentence. When you say, “as many of those veterans…” you need to compare it to something. Try, “as many of those veterans as possible.”:

  21. orlando native says:

    yup hiring jack definitely means there trading howard no playoffs for them can magic draft a marcus jordan next year and if magic get lucky i think they will be in the 8 th seed by the end of next season but they will be under .500

  22. Raptors Fan says:

    I think it’s time to leave Dwight Howard alone.

    Just like when you guys work at the place you don’t want to work anymore so you look for another job or another place to work

    Same to Dwight Howard doesn’t want to play in Orlando anymore. I know Orland will trade him soon or later

    Lakers Byum for Howard square trade

    Thunders Harden and Perkin for Howard square trade. Thunders won’t able afford resign Harden cause he will become a big free agent.

    Timberwolves Nikola Pekovic, Derrick Williams, Jose Barea and Anthony Tolliver for Howard

    • Rhedz says:

      Rebuilding starts with the coach, then Gm then, Players…So they got a Gm and a coach…Now it’s the time to deal with the ast phase which is building the roster…Magic should ry saving and getting draft picks from howard trade and get as many vets and young legs in the team..they won’t make it this year…but if they work hard they could be back in the next season.

  23. FAN says:

    the magic should’ve just hired mcgrady

  24. Pompompipip says:


  25. Kamote says:

    with this decision, orlando shouldnt think of getting bynum anymore. they have to use DH to get future high draft picks, good role players, and good vets that are positive in the locker room. they have to develop good team chemistry, starting with management down to its players. They’re gonna be at the bottom anyway for the next 2-3 years w/o tanking, so they’ll have their chance of getting high drafts for 2-3 years where they can build their core on. And its good they have a Popovich-trained coach.

    This may be a long shot, but OKC did this. though they’re lucky having durant, but its the decisions they did after getting him that made them one of West’s elite today.

  26. John says:

    Remember the Magic hired Doc Rivers, right out of the broadcasting booth and he did pretty well. This guy had some training.


  28. shawn says:

    love how people who say they magic fans dont know nothing shaq sign with lakers mcgrady wanted orlando to draft omeka okafor because he didnt want to wait for d-12 to evolve he wanted to win with the 4 year college player not a H.S. player magic not going no where for at least 2 or 3 years so vaughn is perfect to get his feet wet now so when everybody gets good they will no his system so true magic fans stand up rest be gone like d-12

  29. maice says:

    magic will be just fine with this head coach. shut up to all the haters.

  30. Marc says:

    RE: “isn’t he the guy that allen iverson ankle broke?”

    Allen Iverson ankle broke everyone, including MJ.

  31. They skipped right over Brian Shaw smh …

  32. FB says:

    J. Vaughn is a very cerebral young coach coming under the expert toot ledge of G. Poppovich. If Pop recommended him he is NBA Head Coach ready!! The Magic are lucky to have attracted his pedigree.

  33. LBJ says:

    this is good, now the new coach can tell the GM to trade howard to the heat so he can play with the king. anthony, haslem, and turiaf and future draft picks for howard.
    PG wade
    SG allen
    SF the King
    PF bosh
    C howard

    battier 6th man
    Bench chalmers, miller,lewis, cole , hamilton, pittman

  34. Bob says:

    Hahaha of course!!!!!. Not a smart move rookie. Young core for three o four years ahead? Hallelujah

  35. cheeez says:

    isn’t he the guy that allen iverson ankle broke?

  36. Krespino says:

    An NBA player who misses 22 consecutive field goals?
    That is Jacque Vaughn, per wikipedia:
    “He (Vaughn) also set an NBA record for consecutive missed field goal attempts to open a season, missing his first 22 to start the 2001 season with the Atlanta Hawks.”
    Vaughn can surely help the Magic players improve their shooting percentages…

    • MGIC CORE says:

      Krespino What happen to you ? Jacque Vaughn is going to coach the Magic. So why you weary about his past as a player? That is dumb!!

  37. Krespino says:

    Firing Stan Van Gundy and hiring Vaughn? Is this a joke?
    So when you have hired a 37 yrs old inexperienced coach does that automatically guarantee you’re rebulding succesfully?
    Where is the rebuilding plan, for god’s sake…
    Which players do you keep from the existing roster in that “rebulding”? Maybe none…
    How many draft picks do you hold with which you will “create” a whole new team next year and the year after?
    So many other franchises have already gone a long way in rebulding, having acquired significiant young talents in the last couple of years, the Magic will rank behind them, and of course the major contender teams, and that means the Magic will be a lowest ten team in the foreseable years…
    The Raptors, Sacramento, Timberwolves, Cleveland, Houston are all in better situation currently in terms of young talents.
    It seems no franchise will make any significant offer to the Magic, Dwight Howard will have another terrible year with Magic, and walk way free end of next year.

  38. Orlando Saavedra says:

    YOU clowns have no idea how lucky you are to get Jacque Vaughn as a coach.
    You think every coach has to be from a existing program.

  39. Orlando Saavedra says:

    YOU clowns have no idea how lucky you are to get Jacque Vaughn ask a coach.
    You think every coach has to be from a existing program.

  40. Rob K says:

    Oh Gee!! What a bunch of retards most of you guys here are!!! Orlando is next year’s Bobcats….. college quality team for years… young coach and gm with no experience…, etc. etc… You’re talking like none of these guys have ever played or coached or learned from PROVEN teachers in OKC and San Antonio, two of the Western Conference elite teams!!? The Magic is making ALL THE RIGHT MOVES, it will just need a couple of years to blossom and get back into the hunt. Develop some young studs, clear cap space and in 2013 and 14 when they’ll have money to sign a star or two, they’ll sure to be back in the playoffs with authority. And no, it won’t take 4 or 5 years and nope, there are no dark times ahead. This next season will be of course, “disappointing”, if you consider the previous 4-5 season’s success, but at the end of the day all I can say is, don’t make uneducated predictions when you can’t even foresee their plan ahead!

  41. NUMBER 2 says:

    Dittto SKR !!

  42. NUMBER 2 says:

    Jacque is in a win win situation. Those of you who know basketball understand this concept. I have known Jacque since highschool in fact was in his wedding. I usually stay quiet and timid like he is as a person…..I wont this time…..he is a good person and deserves this position…those of you who hate on him….dont know him as a person…..if you did.. you wouldnt hate.
    In life you have a choice…the good and bad ones. will you consider them as building blocks or road blocks….think about….Congrats to my Guy…….! I know Rocky is proud right now !!

  43. JoheikeMapa says:


    • paching says:

      Anybody can be a coach nowadays, will he be the best? Probably not but Vinny Del Negro and Doc Rivers turned out to be pretty successful

  44. SKR says:

    i never understood not hiring someone because of not being experienced enough. how exactly are you supposed to be an experienced coach if you never get hired to be one? and, at least as far as Jacque Vaughn is concerned, you can’t get much more experience than learning from Gregg Popovich, who has 4 NBA Championships.

    maybe if Dwight Howard was more professional, he’d be half as good as Tim Duncan by now and maybe Orlando would have at least one banner up in their rafters.

    Good Luck Jacque Vaughn!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!

  45. Joey says:

    Wow orlando magic’s team decision really has a nice history like trading very good players like shaq, mcgrady now dwight, they even traded mcrgady while having dwight on the draft, which having the two could easily won a championship for them.

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      Facts my friend…they didnt trade Shaq, he left as a free agent.

      • paching says:

        Facts buddie boy, McGrady didn’t want Orlando to pick Dwight, he wanted Okafor and decided he wanted to be traded. Stick to what you know. Ok? You know nothing about the Magic, It just make you look like a fool.

  46. Judy Vickery says:

    Most of the Orlando Magic fans are aware of the fact that they are rebuilding the team and know that we probably won’t be in the playoff next season, but we need to get rid of the mess that was created in the past when they made the big mistake of trading good players in 2009 and then bringing back players that had been traded that year.
    Now we need to get Dwightmare out of our hair and let the games begin.

  47. Danny says:

    Not only does the hire make absolutely no sense, but now it clearly looks like Orlando became a project once again. Seems like they’re cursed every time a superstar big man comes into town. But I will say this for Vaughn: Good Luck, because there will be tough times ahead, and we shall see how he deals with it

  48. Travis says:

    No offense to Jacque Vaughn. But Jacque Vaughn? Are you serious these guys are going young on every front.

    >>>>Okay Sure whatever<<<<

  49. K-RockSki says:

    Good news for my Bobcats. Now they will have a team to compete with for the bottom spot in the southeast division

  50. JUNIORRULES says:

    there going to be the bobcats of this season

  51. Nicholas says:

    No playoffs next year for the magic ,that’s all what i Can’t say !

    • Nope says:

      “that’s all what i Can’t say !”
      Sir, I believe you need to rephrase that.
      On topic: This has to mean that they’re going to start rebuilding. Now they need to get rid of Dwight already. Sick of him in Orlando.

    • paching says:

      Wow … and you figured that out all by yourself? Thanks for enlightening us with your genious. It’s called “rebuilding” after your franchise player decides he wants out, do some research.. google is your friend and that’s all what i Can’t say.

  52. Spencer Holland says:

    Jacque Vaughn is a stud, I think on of Utah’s biggest mistakes in letting him leave. He has a very high basketball IQ he trained under the best point guard of all time John Stockton. I know he will make a great coach, and I think the Magic are genius to hire him. Now they just need to get the huge weight from around their necks (Dwight Howard).

  53. Henry says:

    JV’s a smart dude, I think this will play out just fine.

  54. Brandon says:

    They should have gone for Quin Snyder, he would have been great for the job with his experience as a college coach, and a college team is what Orlando is looking to field for a few years.

  55. james says:

    spurs organization taking over lol!

    • the big bambino says:

      ohh yeah with all 3 and a half of your championships #getreal

      • G.J. says:

        3 and a half? Really? That would be 4 fool…..and yeah, Popovich is the active winningest coach. Check the records. Popovich’s Spurs have had 50 plus wins each season since 99. As far as the hiring Vaughn, I think Brian Shaw would have been better, but we will see what Jacque brings to the table, after all he did have Popovich, one of the all time best coaches of all time, and in my opinion arguably the best coach in NBA history teaching him. I say Pop is the best because Pop commands the respect of his players, and Pop took on a Spurs team that was at the bottom of the league and built a relationship with his players, and transformed them within 2 years into NBA champions, and contenders from then on. Not to knock the Ring Master, aka Phil Jackson, but I doubt Phil would have taken the same team that Popovich did and took them to the heights they made it to. But I think Popovich could have taken any of Phil’s teams and done what Phil has.

  56. jpdforlife says:

    Congrats coach V, looks like the Magic are serious about winning now I just hope next time a “star” throws a fit they will move him sooner rather than later. I guess the Spurs organization isn’t that boring seeing as how the whole league turns to them for help, Spurs mentoring program?

  57. noyb says:

    Dark times ahead in Orlando…

  58. loomis says:

    wow. i hope he proves shaq wrong. good luck!

  59. p says:

    I dont like this decision

  60. Samantha Hernandez says:

    They’re going to die.!!!!!! He isn’t very experienced.!!!

    • the big bambino says:

      haha your opinion dont matter your a woman!

      • markief says:

        excuse me “big bambino” this is the 21st century ur gender, race or religion shouldnt matter her opinon is as valued as your’s. Anyways me as a person feel a coach and player mentored but Gregg Popovich is going to be a good coach

      • Rip Greenfire says:

        Ah yes, sexism is ALWAYS hilarious! Thanks Bambino for raising this comments section to grand new heights!

    • lbj says:

      howard will go to miami in exchange of haslem,turiaf,anthony and future round picks. Turiaf is good in olympics against usa

      • Erron says:

        Turiaf is not a Heat anymore. He signe with the Clippers!

      • MGIC CORE says:

        WHO CARES ? Anyway that would be an stupid transaction WHY? Simple M E D I O C R I TY.ON TURIAF AND ANTHONY, AND NOT TOO FAR AWAY HASLEM. SO PLEASE STOP SAY NONSENSE. Guys please this is a negociation a business How you can exchange something that value 100 for three that value 25 each.HELLO a value of 25 is mssing. That simple math.So please think b4 u speack