Rose Or Not, Bulls In The Spotlight

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The Chicago Bulls are going to be a very interesting team to watch next season. They’ve had the league’s best record each of the last two seasons, but will be missing Derrick Rose for most of this season. (K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune recently wrote that the 2010-11 MVP is “out until likely March.”)

The good news is that Luol Deng may not need surgery on his wrist and that the Bulls went 18-9 last season without Rose. So Joakim Noah has every right to believe in his team, as he made clear to ESPN Radio on Thursday.

“Right now, people are sleeping on us, and we’re all right with that. We know at the end of the day, come playoff time, we’ll be ready to go.”

“We’ve gone through a little bit of adversity, but I think we’re a team full of fighters. That’s what I love about Chicago, about the Bulls.”

But the 2012-13 Bulls aren’t the same as the 2011-12 Bulls that withstood Rose’s absence so well. Our Fran Blinebury already detailed how the supporting cast will be different (and cheaper).

This is a team, with or without Rose, that has won with defense over the last two years. Ronnie Brewer and Omer Asik were two of its best defenders, with the Bulls allowing just 88 points per 100 possessions (which is ridiculously good) in 1,118 minutes with the pair on the floor over the last two seasons. For one reason or another, Marco Belinelli and Nazr Mohammed don’t quite measure up to that Brewer-Asik combo.

Still, Noah is confident. And the NBA’s schedule-makers and TV executives seem to believe in the Bulls too, putting them on national TV 26 times next season, including a Christmas game against the new-look Rockets.

We know Rose won’t be back by then, but appropriately, most of Chicago’s national TV games come in February, March and April. And as’s Sam Smith writes, the Rose watch will be in full force by then…

How about Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on January 21st at home against the Lakers? Nah, too early.

What about the Heat’s first trip into the United Center right after the All-Star break February 21? Probably still too soon.

OK, what about Derrick Rose playing his first game of the 2012-13 season at home Saturday, March 2 against the Brooklyn Nets and C.J. Watson, who now thinks Deron Williams is the league’s best point guard?

That’s going to be the question every week for the Bulls once the midway point of the 2012-13 season passes. When will Derrick Rose return from ACL knee surgery, and how often?


  1. NBA FAN says:

    D rose can’t come back playing MVP Ball after missing pretty much all of last year and then all of this year. The Bulls GM knows it, Thibbs Knows it and the players know it. The GM is already clearing cap space for the future because he is preparing for rebuilding. He did nt bother bringing back the bench mob because they are only their to complement rose, and without him they become useless for real contention in the east. We saw what they looked like against philly, they steped on the bulls. I know you lose your star but you go from one seed who blows them out in game one to getting steped on the rest of the of the sereis by an eight seed after d rose goes down. The Bulls physche will be different this year because they dont come in with championship aspirations this year so it will be hard to play the same level of defense knowing your not going far with it.

  2. msimah626 says:

    The Bulls are doing the right thing. They are focusing on the future/big picture. Right now they are clearing cap room so they can put the right pieces around Rose. Derrick will be fine. He’s gonna come back bigger, stronger, faster, and better. However he needs to take his time so he can be all the way right. He’s too brilliant to shorten his career if he were to come back too quickly. With that being said they need to prepare to sign the right guys because Derrick needs some more help. This is the era of the superstar team and the Bulls are one superstar (and hopefully he can be a two guard) away from competing for a titile. We shouldn’t forget that the Bulls still have that Bobcats pick that’s lingeriing as well as the overseas guy Nicoli. We have possible pieces that we can move or use. We as Bulls fans just have to be patient cause good things do come to those who wait. Stay focused on all the money that is going to be shed so we can have lucky number 7. The future will shine bright for us. GO BULLS!!!!!!!!

  3. NBA says:

    East standings West standings
    Miami OKC
    Boston Lakers
    indiana Clippers
    Knicks Spurs
    Nets Memphis
    Bulls Denver
    Bucks Dallas
    Sixers Warriors

  4. Jumbo's Bulls says:

    John Schumann my wife says you look like NOAH Minus the Big Hair in that pic.

  5. W/E says:

    the bulls are weak offensively,even D-rose their best player cant even shoot the ball,all he can do is lay ups and the rest of the team just playing hard defence but very weak on the offensive end,the bulls would be happy just to make it to the playoffs this year

  6. orlando native says:

    derrick hope u get well soon i just dont think the that rose will be as good as he was the way he plays really takes a toll on his feet with that torn acl i am not sure if he can become into superstar he might be like one of those upsets like tmac he was on his way to become one of the best but injuries just took a toll on him

  7. heat hater says:

    lbj you are so full of s#!t

  8. 17 Banners says:

    Wait why does everyone keep saying nobody can compete with the heat on the East?
    Wasn’t Boston winning the playoff series 3-2 missing their starting shooting gaurd Avery Bradley, missing two power forwards due to heart ailment, had Ray Allen who had missed many games due to bone spurs and had it throw off his game. Plus Paul Pierce was playing with a sprained MCL and Rondo was still affected by last season when Dwayne Wade dislocated his elbow and they still made it go to game 7? Though the Celtics didn’t make it, believe many had been already saying Boston/OKC. what other team took Miami to a game 7? ok then either way the 17 banners says it all. #IAmACeltic

  9. SensibleScot says:

    Let’s get this straight. Deng or Boozer would be a good first player for any non playoff team. Hamilton, Hinrich and Noah would start on any non playoff team. Put that all together and there is no chance they will not make the playoffs. Will they be a contender, is depends on Rose’s fitness obviously. Take any top player off their team and their championship chances are over.

    Look out for a seriously productive season from the PF position between Boozer and Taj Gibson.

  10. Danilo B. says:


  11. michael says:

    hey all of you heat fans, brooklyn fans celtic fans and knick fans you guys seem to forget that the bulls were beating all of your teams when the bulls were hurt if you guys had key injuries say Lebron, paul, and carmelo oh I forgot the net were not in the conversation and wont be this year but any way if those guy were injured you would not be siinging the same tune but just remember this rose will be back in feb. which will keep him fresh as well as healthy and oh for those who thinks he wont be the same just remeber he is very young and ACL are not the death sentence for basketball players anymore. he will be strong by playoff time and just if he is strong then if the bull are lets say a number sixth or seven seed in the week east I gauruntee the most strongest front court ( NOAH, TAJ and BOOZ) along with the youngest MVP ever will put fear in the those so called teams that have so called caught with the bulls. And I wonder how a non front court of the heat ,remember all you really have at forward is Bosh,( LBJ will foul out against our front court) will fare against the bulls. I AM JUST SAYIN

    • Basketball Junkie....I need a fix says:

      @Michael…of course the Bulls always beat most teams during regular season (top seed in the east 2 years in a row); however that is irrelevant if they can’t produce wins during the playoffs where it matters. I understand Rose got injured but IMHO the Bull’s would not have won ECF even if he hadn’t. The Heat had something to prove, and as a result they were determined to win it all….which we did. No matter how much Lebron is hated—–he is a phenom and that can’t be denied. Many love to say he isn’t as good or even better than Kobe…..and others say he will never be MJ (heck everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether they agree or not). Rose is an exceptional player and it’s tragic that his game has become stiffened by injuries. I’m hoping that he indeed recovers 100%, so that he can come back to the game that he loves. I know his team and fans want him back as soon as humanly possible; however I don’t think it should be rushed in order to prevent reinjury. I would love to see my Heat and your Bulls go at it again.

  12. Sherwin says:

    As much as I love the Bulls,they’re not gonna be an elite team next season.They’ll be a good team but not intimidating.I think loosing Brewer & Asik is a big loss.But we shall see who’ll step up in Rose’s absence.Deng should have a breakout season,like a 25ppg,7rpg & 6ast.

  13. knickfan212 says:

    Bulls need to hope Rose comes back as superman, that’s the only way they’ll make any noise.

  14. donkeykong says:

    well, let’s be honest here. the bulls are definitely going to make it to the playoffs and depending on when Rose returns are going to be a major threat in the east, excluding the heat, of course.
    Derrick Rose might be injured, but nevertheless the bulls are still a good playoff-team without him. With him they are another consistent scorer away from being a serious title contender.
    Let’s face the fact. Apart from the heat which other eastern conf. team separates itself from the pack? The pick for second best team in the east will be a battle between the bulls, celtics, pacers. if the nets play confidently enough, then throw them in the mix too.

  15. thespectator says:

    Rose is an extremely explosive player, for his size i dont know how long he can keep playing like that. Ill admit the shortened season took a toll on everyone but that dude just kept breaking down one injury after another. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a brandon roy type player, so much talent and promise but injuries get the best of him. Even with a healthier rose its gonna be a while before the BULLS win the title, not while king james and company are around. LBJ is in his mid prime. Killed it in the playoffs, killing it in london and oh ya he now has that champion ego and a bench with all 3 point shooters. Not sayin bulls are out but i dont see how they will stay in all the way and win the east, very hard to seeing that happen, needa add another power house on that team, D-Rose cant do it alone, maybe a best record in the league but not a championship team.

  16. CelticsFan says:

    D rose can’t come back playing MVP Ball after missing pretty much all of last year and then all of this year. The Bulls GM knows it, Thibbs Knows it and the players know it. The GM is already clearing cap space for the future because he is preparing for rebuilding. He did nt bother bringing back the bench mob because they are only their to complement rose, and without him they become useless for real contention in the east. We saw what they looked like against philly, they steped on the bulls. I know you lose your star but you go from one seed who blows them out in game one to getting steped on the rest of the of the sereis by an eight seed after d rose goes down. The Bulls physche will be different this year because they dont come in with championship aspirations this year so it will be hard to play the same level of defense knowing your not going far with it.

  17. hellayeah says:

    Forgot i saw this a while ago. Made me laugh again…


    6:27 AM on 3/15/2012

    It’s just a regular season game, but I find it comical that ESPN and the journalist on ESPN picked us to lose this one, but it wasn’t talked about once we won, all thats talked about is Dwiight and what hes going to do. Tonight , we proved that we can beat Miami regardless of the circumstances, it’s also comical to me that the heat and their fans think they are so dominant because of the East finals. Yeah they beat us 4-1 last year, but they forgot something……..THIS AINT LAST YEAR!! So if the Heat and their fans wanna keep living in the past, let em, ill live in the present, and the present says we have a legite team, smarter team, and deeper team, so let the games begin. Heat Bulls ECF, Bulls win in 7 or 6……mark my words!!

  18. Jernej says:

    frankly, the bulls should just tank from day one. Hinrich and belinelli are probabily the worst backcourt in the league, a broken deng ain’t stopping anybody and noah is hurt too. They should just tank hard and come back next year fully healthy and with a top rookie or two more.

  19. MARK_G says:

    If D-Rose returns, he would be 100 percent healthy, surely he would come off the bench and play limited minutes coz they don’t wanna risk him getting re injured. Atleast he’d give them a morale boost. Derrick Rose is one of my favorites players, and i wish him well.

  20. 17,6 says:

    in no particular order my predictions EC: miami, chicago, boston, indiana, new york, brooklyn, milwaukee and atlanta…if howard stays in orlando then i take milwaukee out and put orlando…i really like Milwaukee’s lineup of jennings ellis bah-moute illyaslova and dalembert i think philly messed up lettin brand and williams go they were both pivotal parts to their overall great TEAM basketball…WF: LA, LA, memphis, dallas, san antonio, denver OKC and minnesota….call me crazy 4 the last one but i like the startin lineup of rubio roy AK-47 love and that bulky center they got i 4get his name but i like him 2…but thats just me utah and phoenix could make it instead of dallas and minnesota cuz utah has the same team in tact that made the playoffs last season wit an upgrade of mo over harris, phoenix had a busy offseason that could work out 4 them and dallas offseason could very well not work so in other words LA LA memphis san antonio denver okc 4 sure and phoenix dallas utah and minnesota will fight 4 the 7th and 8th seed…i like the future chances of new orleans sacramento golden state and portland their future is bright but they will not make it this upcoming season can’t say the same 4 houston they will be the 15th seed 4 sure…they let all their good playera walk except kevin martin…

  21. Choker says:

    East teams right now are a big bust….. West is pretty much interesting full of competition. There’s the Thunder, Lakers, Spurs, Clippers, Warriors and others. While in the East Heat, Celts, Knicks and ?

    • Ric says:

      What are you talking about? the east has Boston, Miami, New york, New jersey, Indiana….and don’t count the Bulls out. The Bulls are down but not out, They may not be as competitive this season but when Rose gets healthy, they be contending for championships again.

  22. BullsNation213 says:

    first of all the bulls would neva give up derrick rose and the big 3 for Miami has to break up because of the new cap rules

  23. shawn t says:

    im not a fake fan, i know the bulls will be there. stop hating on boozer. 18 & 10 all day. watch marcus teague, malcom thomas, and soon to be starter jimmy butler. welcome back kirk.

  24. MVP says:

    East standings

    1) Miami

    2) New York

    3) Indiana

    4) Brooklyn

    5) Boston

    6) Raptors/Philly/Chicago

    7) Raptors/Philly/Chicago ( Dont sleep on the raptors, they made some moves and have Jonas coming over)

    8) Milwaukee

    I think Chicago did get “weaker” but will be a great team in the next couple of years due to bellinelli and butler (Especially Butler!)

    • #BULLS says:

      Belineli can become something more than Korver. He may not shoot it as well, but he will be able to put the ball on the floor and create some from time-to-time. You should watch him play in fiba on youtube. Euro players just need confidence. Because when they play overseas they dominate and take over games and do things they dont do for their nba teams. But in retrospect- the come to the NBA and their play wont translate to the NBA, mostly because they stopped doing what made the team want them. In fiba, Marco handles the ball, he shoots better, converts in transition and can get a steal here and there.

      Jimmy could be something special if he expands his game each summer for the next 2 years. Because that little pro-hop he does on almost every single drive wont always work lol with playing time (20 mins) he could avg (9pts, 3rbs, 2ast, 1stl) he’s also very efficient as well.

  25. ???? says:

    eastern playoff (critics)
    6-7 will be chicago,atlanta

    • NBEATZ says:

      My prediction
      1) Miami (Bosh will be one of the best C’s in the leaque if he plays that position and If Howard is still in the East, Bosh will be the starting C for the All star team, how much longer can Wade be Wade?)

      2) Indiana (Hibbert is WAY over rated, but Granger should return to All Star form, this team is strong at every position)

      3) Chicago (Deng needs to average over 20PPG and Noah needs to show up with 15 and 10, Boozer just needs to show)

      4) New York (Think about rotating Chandler and Camby? Dont sleep on Kidd’s impact, try Amare off the bench with Camby)

      5) Boston (Only if Garnett stays at the C position, Rondo NEEDS to be heathly and NEEDS to be the leading scorer for this team)

      6) New Jersey (They NEED Williams at 20 and 10, Lopez at 20 and 8, Humpries at 10 and 10, Wallace needs to be at an ALL DEFENSIVE level……. Johnson was a bad contract pickup)

      7) Toronto (Kyle Lowrey, Jonas Valensia, Demare derozan, Landry Fields, and Amir Johnson……… Defense anyone?)

      8) Atlanta (Will J-Smooth thrive or dive as the #1 option, Will Horford stay heathly, and is Teaque finally ther future PG?)


      9) Washington (Nene, Okafor, Ariza, Wall and the rook, maybe they steal the 8th spot?)

      10) Phily (Brand was more important then they realized and should Kwame Brown really be there STARTING center?)


      11) Orlando (Do you think Howard will play for them, even if he is not traded? Better yet, do you think the Orland fans will want him to?)

      12) Clevland (When do the young players get going, and how long will Kyrie Erving wait?)


      13) Detroit (How long will the fans wait? There front court should help)

      14) Milwaukee (Any team that full relies on Monte Ellis but does not have a Defensivley dominate PF AND Center will not make a splash anytime soon)

      15) Charlotte (Would Jordan making a come back really be that bad? and good luck MKG)

  26. bestkillua says:

    First Im not an EAST fan, but with d roster of MIAMI right now they are the heavily favorite 10-3. I dont think celtics, nyk, pacers, even nets, and d bulls (good for season’s plays only) can face d heats in the playoffs.if my team can land howard to LAKERS then its a match for the real kings west vs east of the century, haha.

  27. The Only True Bulls Fan says:

    I guess everybody forgot that the Bulls won 18 out of 27 games without Derrick Rose last season and, not to mention, the fact the Richard Hamilton was out for 33 games. The Bulls did not really get to showcase their talent last year, and anyone who doubts them being Playoff contenders this year, you’re just kidding yourself!! The Bulls have a much better team than about 20 other teams in the NBA without D-Rose, so imagine what we can do with him. We still have one of the best defenses in the NBA and Derrick never really contributed to that much anyway. We have Kirk Hinrich back now, who can put up some numbers and play great on defense. I’m not sure why people like to sleep on Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, and Richard Hamilton’s abilities, but I’ll tell you that’s a HUGE mistake!! The Bulls are going to make it to the Playoffs and when we get D-Rose back, he’ll be better than ever because we all know that he won’t settle for anything less. Tom Thibodeau is still the best coach in the NBA and the Bulls organization will shut up all you haters when they make it to the Playoffs this season!! I think everyone is trying to kid themselves into believing that Derrick Rose will never be the same because you all know that your weak teams can’t take him, but give him some time and he’ll be back to his normal self. Just watch….and guard your ankles.

  28. W/E says:

    The bulls are done,even with D rose back they wont even get past first round cause the east is getting better, and there is no chance to compete against Miami or any good Western team for the next couple years

  29. Kuly1990 says:

    Ronnie Brewer and Omer Asik were two of its best defenders, with the Bulls allowing just 88 points per 100 possessions (which is ridiculously good) in 1,118 minutes with the pair on the floor over the last two seasons. For one reason or another, Marco Belinelli and Nazr Mohammed don’t quite measure up to that Brewer-Asik combo.

    i dont like this qoute, Why did he(writer) compared Bellinelli and Mohammed to Brewer Asik, Jimmy Butler is replacement for Brewer and he is pretty good defender, and thats why Bulls drafted him, and seems to have better offensive game than Ronnie, and Taj Gibson will probably play more Asik time now, than Mohamed so i believe that qoute isnt right!

  30. BleedRedBlack&White says:

    And i want to add, That Drose will not bounce back from a torn ACL and play like the MVP Drose. NO ONE HAS. Plus he has other problems with his body that he has been having since high school.

  31. Antis says:

    Obviously there won’t be any competition in the East for the Heat. West on the other hand will be much more entertaining to watch.

  32. LBJ says:

    stop predicting bulls fans as you can see teams nowadays got so much changes and upgrades while your team go on silent. brooklyn nets and knicks will be deadly aside from the heat.. so better stop predicting just pray for d.rose to return as soon as possible. i want bulls vs heat next season in the conf. finals.. but the truth is just sad.. itll be a handfull with the roseless bulls.


    I agree with you guys post… bottom line, we have a good core of players and a good coach to motivate and dig out the talents needed to complete the goals of the next season fast approaching… Derrick Rose will be back and i honestly think that with his humility and Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, his healing and game will be a shocking fast return, as well as a great year winning the ring or a year after… stay true Bulls fans and God Bless us all.

  34. Bulls2012 says:

    All Miami Heat fans are are bandwagon jumpers anyway.So i really don’t care what they say. The Bulls will make it the playoffs as a 3th-5th seed…Theres no way in heck the Bulls are going to miss the playoffs…Our D will prolly suffer a little bit bz of losing key players..We will prolly still be the best defensive team in NBA..averaging opposing 89 points per game..

    Overrated team for 2012-2013- The Brooklyn Nets
    Underrated team for 2012-2013-New York Knicks and Bucks
    Most dangerous team for 2012-2013-Chicago Bulls
    NBA Champion for 2012-2013- Heat or Lakers..Leaning toward the Heat =(

  35. #BULLS says:

    I hate when all of these ‘Since-yesterday’ Miami fans say that the BULLS wont make the playoffs this year. -_____- I always say that we need Derrick in order to make it to the Confrence Finals atleast, but we dont need D-Rose to make it to the playoffs. And again, only time will tell, Nothings garunteed! There could be another injury to the team. But what if the team got a hot start? C’mon guys, the BULLS will win close to 50 GAMES!!! Just from having Noah, Deng, Hamilton, and Boozer alone!!! Kirk and Marco Belineli could be just enough to verify that! And then there’s Taj, he’ll play most of the back-up Big-man minutes anyway. Jimmy Butler will provide a spark as well, I’ll see him in the Rookie challenge as a Sophmore this allstar break.

    • Ses says:

      Rose missed half of our games last year and we still had the best record in the league (Oh how quickly we forget!) Ok, we lose our bench mob but we have workable pieces in their place. Hinrich is an upgrade to CJ, Bellinelli and Radmonovic make up for Kyle’s perimeter play, Butler can play defense like Brewer and has shown that he possibly can be an upgrade offensively (Once the Thib’s shackles are unloosed). The only real downgrade is Mohammed for Omer (But he is still a serviceable big man. If Teague can get it together then he can take JL3 spot. We still have our starting core (minus Rose). Come on people, have faith. I understand that we will not win a championship this year but we are no where near bad enough to even come close to a lottery pick. Get real guys (Charlotte still exist)!!!!!

      • JJOHN says:

        that is cuse the team knew that any day rose will return and had confidence in that, Im a bulls and knicks fan. I think the bulls shuld throw away this season because they have no chance at winning the finals, which is the ultimate goal. Instead they can get a low lottery pick insteads and improve.

      • Ric says:

        Rose didn’t miss half of the bulls games last season…..He played in about 13 more games than he missed and the bulls had a better record with him than without him even though they were still able to keep the ship afloat so to speak. Its not just Rose they’re missing but practically the whole bench besides Taj of course. I still believe they’ll make the playoffs but if they come close to achieving the best record in the league again, I’ll be pretty amazed.

      • NoPlaceButBKN says:

        its funny how you say give the bulls faith and then u say we know were not going to win a championship cmon yes we know there not going to win but don use it when ur trying to cheer up bulls fans cmon man

  36. Bullsfanforlife says:

    Fear not Bulls Nation, D-Rose will return and the Bulls can hold the fort until he returns. Until then the Bulls will rely on Defense and rebouding to get us through the season. This team has faced adversity before and is used to it. The Bulls will make Chicago proud as always. Don’t sleep on the Bulls NBA, D-Rose will return. Get Well Soon Derrrick.

    • lbj says:

      since derrick rose proned to injury now. why don’t they trade him to Miami for cole and future round picks. rose is talented he needs to get a ring with the king “LeBron”

      PG: Rose “if healthy”
      SG: Wade
      SF: James
      PF: Bosh
      C: Howard (in exchange to haslem,turiaf,anthony and future round picks)

      • Basketball Junkie....I need a fix says:

        You know what LBJ… dude I can’t even get mad at you anymore (ie. C: Howard (in exchange to haslem,turiaf,anthony and future round picks). No matter what at least you are consistent. We have all informed you that trade will never happen, but you will not give up hope. I have actually gotten past being annoyed with seeing your same post time and time again on anything dealing with Howard and his trade/decision. I can’t stop shaking my head because it is sooo dang funny now….and I guess that is what you are trying to convey……especially since. Turiaf is no longer a Heat, but he is now a Clipper. Lets go HEAT!!!!!

      • Gerrie says:

        Then the Heat isn’t a team anymore, but five players who play against each other.
        Very bad PG choice, because Rose wants the ball in his hand lebron also and D-Wade also.
        Howard is too expensive.


      • Hahahawtf says:

        It is absolutely hilarious that this dude straight repeats his absurd “trade” notions to make the heat better everywhere he goes. There has to be something wrong with this dude because he consistently proposes nonsense trades that are not even financially possible let alone plausible for any team to make. He legitimately has to like scour for any and every article that he can possibly repost his Miami “get a ring with the King (Lebron)” trade nonsense.

      • Delusional Heat Fan says:

        This “heat fan” right here, lbj, represents every Miami Heat fan, kudos to you sir for proving everyone’s point.