Lakers Ready To Commit To Bynum?

HANG TIME, TEXAS — Maybe like everyone else, the Lakers are just tired of waiting around for a resolution to the 100 Years War, a.k.a. the Dwight Howard decision.

So general manager Mitch Kupchak trying to open talks with Andrew Bynum’s agent about a contract extension, according to Chris Broussard, Dave McMenamin and Ramona Shelburne of

Kupchak said Wednesday he’s had “positive and productive” conversations with Bynum’s agent in recent days.

Under the terms of the new CBA, Bynum would be eligible to sign a three-year extension before the start of the season. Or he could play out this season, become an unrestricted free agent and sign for four years with another club or re-sign with the Lakers for five years.

“You can argue both sides,” Kupchak said when asked whether he had developed a sense of Bynum’s thinking on the issue. “The risks associated with playing out a contract versus bird in hand. That’s something each player or representative weighs and evaluates on their own.

“I remember when I signed with the Lakers. I was coming off two back surgeries and I know what I told my agent. So you can argue it either way. If you feel you’re never going to get hurt and you’re healthy, God’s in your corner. You can take a risk and become a free agent and deal with all of the abundancies of free agency. Everybody evaluates that differently. I know how I looked at it.”

While it may still be tempting to find a way to put the six-time All-Star Howard into the middle of their lineup, there comes a time when the Lakers have to stop dangling at the end of the Orlando string and make their own firm plans for the 2012-13 season.

From the standpoint of Bynum, who has had a history of injuries, it might also make sense to sign now to lock in a payday now. He’d also have the option of becoming a free agent again in three years in what should be the prime of his career.

Kevin Ding of The Orange County Register provides some additional notes about how Bynum’s extension could shape the Lakers’ future:

The Lakers have no one but newly acquired Steve Nash under contract for the 2014-15 season, when they are intent on dropping under the NBA’s luxury-tax plateau.

Kupchak declined to detail the Wednesday conversation between him and Bynum’s representative beyond a general description of “productive and positive.” Kupchak said no changes in Bynum’s status would be coming soon.

If Bynum signs an extension, he can’t be traded by the Lakers until Jan. 15, by NBA salary-cap rules.

Bynum made his first All-Star team last season and with the addition of Nash to run the pick-and-roll, he could be ready to fully blossom. In waiting on a deal for Howard, L.A. also has the added dilemma of trying to get Bynum to agree to an extension with any prospective trade partner and that would like drag things out longer.

If the Lakers are happy with their 24-year-old center and Bynum is showing long-awaited signs of maturity in L.A., stepping up to the altar and saying, “I do” to a long-term relationship seems more and more like the right choice.


  1. JP says:

    I’m worried that Nash is too skinny these days. He looks unhealthy.

  2. rye-ian says:

    Lakers Go for Howard and we will go to the finals…

  3. willie says:

    sign bynum for a contract extension, then trade him to orlando after jan. 15. that’s the plan of kupchak

  4. Dwight is a joke, He so scared of the Lebron James treatment, Just hack him in the 4th quarter and if you down by 20 you will win !

  5. Vin says:

    Well folks, whether dwight will play for LA or not, they are still a champ caliber team. they just need to improve their bench players.

  6. Ha GAY says:

    You say dont hate on someone and then you say lebrons overated. Bet he got two time mvp by being overated right… Dont hate on someone.
    scoring titles dont mean anything. What are you on. It only means you have the best ppg in the league. Nothing right? And winning takes a team not just one guy. Dont believe me. Put kobe on the bobcats and watch him fail (no offense bobcat fans)
    Kobes done as much as mj? Than why isnt he considered the best to ever play the game? Huh?ever thought of that
    Are you saying mj retired cause of kobe yeah right? Kobe averaged around 7 points per game his first year and 15 the next. Totally all star numbers right?
    And the nba making jordan a legend? Come on get real. He became a legend fair and square your just making up excuses for kobe
    Welcome to reality. Mjs was better than kobe will ever be or ever was

    Do your research before you talk.

    P.s. smiley faces.. GAY

  7. LA man says:

    Forget Dwight pretty sick of this deal… just keep bynum cause he has a lot of potential and better chemistry with the Lakers team… Dwight hasn’t played for a long time with all the injury issues probably is really rusty anyways… Lakers save your money and time and keep bynum screw Dwight.

  8. jabie says:

    i agree with you andrew….LBJ is nothing compare to KOBE….what happen after LBJ signed as a heat what did he say?MULTIPLE CHAMPIONSHIPS? DAMN!!!!he actually chokes against dallas which has a lesser star but great role players,,,,HEAT was just lucky because KD was not ready enough for FINALS pressure….
    by the way kenyon martin or carl landry is a good add on for the PF spot,,,for lakers

  9. jabie says:

    laker fans….im sorry to say this but i hope GM mitch will not pursue on dwight coz he has less skill than bynum in the post….bynum is more skillful than dwight in the post… we need a deeper bench…

    my suggestion
    PG: nash, nate robinson and jordan farmar, johnson-odom
    SG: KOBE, pietrus, brandon rush,ebanks
    SF: MWP barnes jamison,
    PF: gasol, hill, mcroberts
    C:bynum,pryzbilla and sacre (rookie)

    get rid of steve blake goudelock murphy eyenga morris

    amnest blake and get rid of the other 4 guys….

  10. Markie says:

    Kobe has been in the nba for over 16 seasons, and could only win such little amount of scoring titles? worst of all in these times when the NBA rules are so soft. Hey this shows how limited his game is, plus how little you know about basketball. I have no probs with you loving Kobe like you do, but stop overdoing it. If kobe was so great like you all love saying, then he should have accomplished lots more than he has. KD will, I see greatest in KD, I am not so much a fan, but I love when guys play great basketbal, and on a regular basic. Seem like you wee about to write a book on Kobe, filled with lies.

    • Andrew says:

      LOL you forget Kobe came into the league in 97? When did the rules change? Thank you… another thing to point out is that you could get away with alot of non foul calls back in the day allowing for easier scoring. Did Kobe change the rules? No… also must I remind you ignorant fans that Kobe has done everything he wanted. Only thing left for him to reach is scoring title, which he’ll take, and more rings. Jordan never had someone like Shaq that put up 30 points, and 20 plus rebounds on a consistent basis, NOT BASIC. 🙂

      As a matter of fact your comment smells like someone that doesn’t know too much of NBA, nor talent. While KD is a great player, I like him very much compared to Lebron, who is overrated, but stop hating on someone. I mean 5-10 years ago who’s junk was yall bandwagon jumping losers loving? I think we already know who it was. Kobe is 34 at his 17th season still going strong. Scoring titles don’t mean anything, nor does it prove how good you really are. If so then KD should have won against that fake Lebron James.

      Another thing to make your comment seem more wasted than it already is that Kobe plays through more injuries than anyone else. Ask KD or Lebron to break a finger in their shooting hand, and see if they still play. Go ask them if they can still play even though playing on bad knees. Go ask them to shoot a high pcnt from the field, most are last second shots with 1-3 men in his face.

      Kobe has done just as much as Jordan has, don’t believe me? Please do your research because that’s all your young self knows of. You never watched Jordan or Magic or Bird in their prime. Heck you probably don’t even remember watching Kobe in his first half of his career.

      It’s as simple to figure out as kindergarten math.. it’s that Kobe doesn’t get the recognition because NBA wants what sells. They want puppets to dance for them. It’s all about making money, and Kobe made them plenty of money, but now they need to create a future for themselves, and NBA is doing so by trying to create great players into legends when they are far… far from it. It happened to Jordan, it’s why the NBA begged for his return in 98 then he retires after only 2 seasons. He didn’t want his legacy to be ruined. The year after Iverson and Kobe comes in… who retires? Jordan.

      I rest my case, I hope you was informed today in some sense of new found intelligence. Please don’t comment again until you understand what you’re about to type. 🙂

  11. Robert - Basketball Fan says:

    Remember the amount of rings don’t always tell the full story. There are players out there that have more rings than alot of star performers that really ain’t jack.

    • leo says:

      thats is so true, How much did robert horry had before he retired? I think he had 7, what does this make him? I guess greatest of the whole universe. A very good group of players make a great team, not just one man.

  12. BOY Bawang says:

    lakers 2012 -2013 nba champs??? you’re dreaming…. Time to wake up…. lakers should figure out how to deal with their own conference first… Clippers, San Antonio and OKC….. Even if they grab D12… still ain’t going nowhere…. Maybe winning WCF with D12 but ain’t gonna win it all…. As for Nash….. He is a great man… a good veteran PG… Dwade ask Nash If he wanted a lift to the Finals… Just like Fisher before the lakers waived him… But he chose to race against the HEAT to the promise land…. Let’s see how far the lakers will ever be….. All i can say is what a PITY for such a good guy like nash will end up just like John Stockton in past……….

  13. LAtheBESTintheWEST says:

    Lakers needs a good small forward please amnesty artest and sign t-mac

  14. LAtheBESTintheWEST says:

    Lakers needs to get rid of blake cause he’s not that good please sign baron davis .

  15. Jgotti85 says:

    all you lakers fan keep dreaming ya aint going no where but an early exit in the playoff again , steve nash will not do anything for the lakers to improve , OKC will take it again , you got san antonio that will run thru ya lakers fans and dont forget the clippers kobe will never see the finals nor get his 6 ring . jordan curse lol…. lebron is better then kobe face it … yes this coming from a HEAT FAN ! …. HEAT will win the championship again for a couple more yrs to come

  16. stan says:

    Seem as it’s not a question of Bynum or Howard, but which Bynum or Howard they get. If Bynum stays frustrated with Kobe throwing up bricks when he’s covered by 4 players, (understandably when he’s shooting a much higher percentage).I’d rather have Howard. But If he just accepts Kobe for who he is and focuses on a championship, the Lakers will win it in 2013

  17. Andrew says:

    Also I don’t take comments seriously when Heat fans can’t even spell proper English grammar. It tells me two things, either you people lack intelligence to understand what you’re truly talking about or you’re too young to know what real basketball talent, and real basketball is. Take your pick?

  18. Andrew says:

    Also I’m sorry to say this, but Ray Allen isn’t Ray Allen anymore. His days were over, and he knew this or else why take so low in money? Not because of a ring, but because he realized what other real nba fans has realized. His days are over. Only thing left is his 3pt, and even that’s not as effective. Look at his stats last year.

    Like I said Heat coasted through the playoffs last year without no challenge, and still should have lost against the Pacers, and Celtics. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure out all the bad calls from the refs that favored the Heat. Jake Vogel the head coach of the Pacers even pointed this out prior to their series against The Heat.

    Also Kobe never complained he wanted a big man. I remember correctly before Gasol trade, and before Bynum was drafted, Kobe wanted Jason Kidd on his team when he became a FA, and left the Nets. All Kobe ever needed was a PG to run the offense to feed him the ball. A big man was just a plus to have, but not a necessity

    • ogre says:

      I agree with your comments about Ray Allen (although I feel that his screening, holding, cutting and hustle are more reliable then his shot at this point) and the officating 100%, the officiating got so disgusting at one point that I felt like switching the TV off!

      I do not agree however that Kobe didnt need a big man, he didnt want one cause that would mean the offence might have to be coursed through the big man and it means less touches for him….but at the end of the day who did he always get pissed at whenever the team took a bad loss or series of losses? Always the the big men, he always needed and still needs them.

  19. Andrew says:

    I love all these comments about Miami Heat. James is still the biggest choke artist, and one ring makes him the greatest? It was an insult to call him great even without a ring, and now he gets a ring he’s become elite? I’m sorry, but basketball is a team game. If it wasn’t for OKC lack of depth, and the coach OKC would have won. I mean c’mon.. any real b-ball fan like myself who’s been watching for 20 years will say that the refs during the playoffs this year was god awful, and I mean REALLY REALLY terrible. If it was anymore the truth, I would say the games were rigged to have Lebron vs Durant in finals. Anyone remember that god awful series, Pacers vs Heat where I literally recorded the games just to show that Pacers would get screwed due to bad calls.

    This is a Lakers team that beat themselves, and not OKC. Lakers had a 3-1 lead on OKC in the bag, but they shot themselves in the foot. Also last time I checked nobody will be as close to Kobe’s level, only one other man was, and he retired before Kobe’s prime… Mr. Michael Jordan.

    Lebron James, and the Miami Heat won’t be getting anymore big trips to the finals. Trust me.. no team has gone to finals 3 times in a row other than Lakers, Philly, Celtics, and Bulls. The Heat? Just a fab that comes around once every 5 years, and then slowly fades away. The Lakers? A dynasty that keeps winning, decade after decade.

    Also my last comment will be this… before Gasol moved to Lakers nobody was saying Gasol was an all-star or one of the best centers in the league. Since he was a center in Memphis, not PF. Nobody was saying Bynum was going to be the 2nd best center in the NBA. All I heard was bust, injury-prone, and all in between. Who made them great, and better? Kobe did… Kobe went to the finals with just basically himself two years in a row where Gasol played weak against Boston, and Orlando. Bynum was out with an injury.

    10 years ago, whos sausage was everyone riding? It’s like I said, a new “fab” comes around, and everyone jumps on it. Kobe is the most talented, competitive, and intelligent basketball player in the NBA today. His age is only doubled because he been in the league for 16 seasons at 34 years old. The fact he came in 2nd in scoring only shows that he still is dangerous. People forget Kobe doesn’t like not playing, and he plays through alot of injuries. I don’t think Kobe hasn’t played a full season where he didn’t battle a injury.

    This is the same man that learned to shoot left handed after breaking a finger in his shooting hand. The same man that played with major knee problems last year. How long did it take Wade, and Lebron to win their ring? Lebron took him 9 years to finally win one after getting swept in the finals in 2006 against Spurs.

    So everyone please understand it would take Lebron, and Wade together to make up one Kobe. Don’t ever disrespect one of the greatest to every play the game. Same level as Wilt, Michael, Magic, and Kareem. Michael, and the other hall of famers even said that Kobe is the only guy left around that still has that oldschool competitiveness with him.

    Kobe WILL win himself another ring, and retire in 4-6 seasons a legend. So Heat can have themselves a fluke championship win coming off a short season where it only favored them being a young team while now the older teams, the more better, and experienced teams get more rest.

  20. Philly Boy/ Lakers fan says:

    Lakers need to move on with Bynum and let Howard take his drama elsewhere. Wherever else Howard lands doesnt have a shot at a title. There’s nothing wrong with Bynum. He needs more touches and we all know Nash will get him the ball. The team is fine right now. Just glad they made some positive moves this year.

  21. Bok says:

    I hope that if the Lakers will commit on Bynum, he’ll be more mature this time & stay away from injuries. He’ just as good as Howard (less athletic though) so please don’t bother trading him.

  22. LAKER FAN says:

    Bynum will better this season, not worth getting Howard when he plays the same every season. Bynum is a unpredictable player with a lot of potential. Plus Nash with Lakers, Lob City

  23. phil says:

    LA fans is getting to my nerve.. LBJ is a team player coz simple.. its a team game.. kobe wants to ballhog
    yes he won it with wade but kobe won with shaq too? rice, fish, fox, lately pau, metta, Horry, and etc,. most specialy celtics and LA b4 they always have a lot of hall of famers?

    dont u get it? OMG… y do u guys insist? y?
    lakers cant win without howars and you can get back to me after the season ends! hu wants to bet??
    fans now a days full of fantasies… wake up and get real!

    • Lakersfan says:

      Whe have won without howard, not just 1 but 5, thats only in Kobes era and team record 16, vrs Miami 2, if you don’t like it don’t read it, no one is forcing you. LAKERS to the finals next season, the Nets are going to beat Miami in the east.

  24. jmich19 says:

    keep drew… he could still improve.. dwight has shown his full potential!!!

  25. Leo says:

    81 points against a low defensive team is not great, most of every great player playing to prove something could do that any day. Most of the greats from the past like MJ, Magic,Bird played for the team and not for the stats. I respect Kobe, but he does’nt have a own game, he is just emulating one we all know and love. As for D12, I think the laker can do without him, they should rightfully give the bigman a chance to mature, because in a year or two he will be in his prime. Hey stop talking about Wade, cause he actually won the first NBA finals on his own.

    • Lakersfan says:

      Not even MJ, James, Wade and so on, did or had been able to acomplish to low defensive team in their career, so stop making excuses and accept the reality that Kobe and the great Wilt Chamberlein are the all time big scorers on a single game, so don’t hate Kobe because he is not in your team, if Kobe was in his 20’s James wouldn’t be even call a prince James let alone King James, their is only one King and is not Sacramento is King KOBE.

  26. Markie says:

    Yow guys have no idea what your all talking about. kobe was good, but great, i am not so sure about that.
    It’s as clear as day that every team needs two or three really good player they can alway count on, but what they don’t need is one acting like he is more important than the others. Meaning kobe should step aside and be what he really is ( a good shooter) and let the team play for the team. He is just trying to be up there with the GOAT MJ, and it’s clear that even if he wins 10 rings, he will never be considered that way. He will only be considered as the guy try to be like Mike

  27. benjie says:

    heat will win again and again with hardcore lebron and wade on penetrating wing + bosh on the centre .And big move with spot up 3 points Ray allen+Batterier+Miller probably some of rashard lewis .You need shooters men to win ball game.
    proven last seasons finals.While your double teaming those superstars one of those 3 p[ointers will be open≥.not just lucky
    but proven can deliver.You don’t need a big man at all.Bynum can play but too slow and watch previous game with the heat.
    wade and lebron plus chalmers steals the ball from behind of bynum and gasol.slow reaction time.
    In the end the heat is much stronger with the addition of Ray allen and the addition of sweet shooting 3 point shooter rashard lewis which by the way is 6-10 in height that is a big man right.heat will win years after years .

    • KD says:

      It really doesnt take much skill or game plan to stand around at the 3 point line waiting for ball to get thrown your way…nowadays we have millionaires who’s specialties are…er…spacing..and hustle. lol

  28. Nur says:

    The only reason Lakers wanted to sign Andrew Bynum’s so can be traded jannuary,
    lakers tried some team to facilitaed the deal but is not gurantee from Andrew Bynum’s
    So now can trade any team and he does not hve a choise.

  29. Don’t do please consider! D12 stop fronting you know LA sound real good to you …

  30. 17,6 says:

    whatever u do lakers don’t come out empty handed…howard and bynum r by far the 2 best centers in the league so if the howard trade isn’t goin 2 happen don’t let bynum walk away keep him…we laker fan have waited 2 long since 2005 4 this guy 2 blossom (of course he was only 17) so now that he is showin some dominance don’t just let him walk…as 4 the ppl criticizing kobe bryant 4 bein the man of the team just remember we won back 2 back championships 09-10 and could’ve easlily won in 08 wit healthy bynum and better SF…we would’ve never won without gasol true but even so kobe is batman and gasol is his robin…my pt is kobe has 2 be the man we can’t have it any other way…and he HAD 2 be the primary ball handler last season wit odom gone nobody else could create off the dribble…fisher, metta bynum gasol blake barnes hill certainly can’t and couldn’t create there own and although blake and sessions could handle the ball they both choked big time in the playoffs…Jamison and Nash could both create their own shot and will not choke in the playoffs…and although both not great defenders they r certainly gonna help the offense which was non-existant last yr…great pick-ups lakers…all that said i doubt kobe will have a problem wit nash handling the ball cuz nash doesn’t look 4 his own unless he has 2 and he keeps everybody involved, therefore kobe doesn’t have 2 do all the work like he did last yr and he will get more help from his big men which he has always appreciated…chemistry shouldn’t and will not be an issue…the issue will be defense…the lakers can now put the ball in the basket but parker westbrook lawson collison cp3 r still gonna be the main problem…if the lakers can fix that then i smell the finals…they certainly won’t get knocked off in the 2nd round again AT LEAST they will make the 3rd round aka conference finals….

  31. I4sun says:

    The difference between Bynum and Howard is that Bynum doesn’t have body as solid steel as Howard. However, because of that, Bynum is more flexible than Howard, who is very stiff and hard like a tank. Bynum edges Howard in offense, while Howard is more aggresive in defense. Bynum has more to offer tho.

  32. Ryan says:

    I would keep Bynum. Dwight is good, but in ll honesty, dwight plays off of pure athleticism rather than skill. Bynum isnt as quick and agile as Dwight is, but still puts up close enough numbers (taking in fact of being with Kobe). Offensively, Bynum I think is better if you were to put him in a Orlando jersey. I’m talking 20-25 ppg, 10-14 rbg as well as 50%+ fg, add a couple blocks a game too. Besides, Bynum has time to mature and is acting out, and not even as bad has Howard is. Howard is a 6 time All-Star and still acting the way he is. I would save myself the drama, keep Bynum, (cheaper too) and then save that extra money to get more depth off the bench.

  33. DALGART says:

    Extending Andrew Bynum’s Contract may not be a bad idea, especially with Dwight Howard, still doesn’t know,
    if he’s coming or going. Even when the NBA Starts again, he’ll probably still won’t know…
    Anyway, Bynum truly has lots of potential to be more dominant in the NBA.
    His biggest problem is lack of motivation. Hopefully with an extended contract, that may wake up this “Sleepy Giant”…

  34. Bossman says:

    Whats the point of the lakers getting howard?he won’t get the ball cuz Bryant will be hogging it the whole time!

  35. CJay says:

    Honestly all they need is Dwight for Bynum & load the bench with 3-point shooters cuz Lakers lack alot of perimeter threat. Then they need a solid back up for Kobe, someone like a Ben Gordon or Richard Hamilton. & am I the only one who still thinks Allen Iverson should come back? He can still give you 15 points off the bench..

  36. lets go says:

    lakers gonna be the best team with dwight kobe nash pau hill and the younge guys

  37. Me says:

    y does every nba fan blame the refs when theyre team loses? i guess refs had it right wen lebron didnt win for his first 8 seasons then decided to cheat for him in his 9th season. Right.

  38. nbatroll says:

    The LAL drama chugs along… all Summer long! Check out –

  39. JR says:

    D.Howard dont know what he wants to do

  40. Isaac says:

    Everyone keeps saying Kobe is nothing by himself. People need to open your eyes and see so is every one else. What would Wade be without Shaq or Lebron and Bosh? What is lebron without wade and bosh? What was wade and lebron without Bosh? Wade and lebron need bosh like kobe needs bynum. Miami barely squeezed through without bosh and woud’ve lost to OKC wihtout him. Everyone player needs a supporting cast. There has never been a team that won the championship that had 1 player that put the team on his back. Mj/pippen, bird/mchale, magic/kareem, wilt/west/baylor. Funny thing is its only the Heat fans who say kobe can’t do it by himself but didn’t see lebron needed just as much help as everyone else.

    • grant says:

      LeBron and Wade dont need Bosh. Trade Bosh for McGee and you’ll get the same results…better if you consider JaValle’s defensive abilities.

  41. bbr says:

    one ring, kobe cant hear, tho rings, cant hear, three rings ,cant hear , fouth rings, still cant hear ,and fifth rings kobe migh tweet and maybe six ring kobe will pick his cell phone. lol
    Dh has no rings no still DW.

  42. Jamie S* says:

    That’s a good move, lock the big fella “Bynum” up. He’ll be an All-Star for the next (10) straight years. Skill set, he’s the best pure center in the game. We’re not a track meet team, we don’t need “D Howard”.. We just got “A Jamison” and a load of young talent. #24 has pretty much put us on (2) year notice. We’re about to push for a championship. Just get through the Olympics with no injuries. Let’s go training camp!!

  43. BEAST says:

    i have a felling when kobe is 38 he will still score the ball alot if he stays till 38 hes still amazing now but not the best in the nba durant1 james2 kobe3

  44. Bob says:

    Looks like the Orlando Magic will regret hiring that kid as their GM shortly. Bynum is the best they can and will ever get for Howard and that kid doesn’t have the maturity to know it. They will regret not taking this opportunity.

  45. Darin B says:

    Andrew Bynum is a quality big man that is young but has issues (injuries and maturity level). If Howard will not agree to an extension by the end of this month then I am taking that money and signing Bynum to a 3 year extension locking him for the next 4 years. At that time Kobe will be done and the Lakers will be in rebuild mode.

    • B.Reed says:

      Lakers will never be in rebuild mode. They haven’t done that in the last 20 years lol. We have no draft picks for the next 5 years. We strive in free agency since everybody wants to come to LA.

      • highgarden says:

        Thats true, similar to the Yankees in MLB. Teams with money and large markets like LA will continue to buy players left and right before they’ll take a chance on actually making a smart draft pick and rebuilding that way.

  46. Lakers says:

    bynum should stay, forget about dwight, i think bynum will improve even more and be the league’s best center with his offensive moves and his great rebounding. with nash at point guard, he will be getting the ball to him and pau alot and running the pick and roll, plus he can kick it out to mwp or troy murphy on the wing. also jamison is a really good player on the bench and hopefully we keep jordan hill. all of those guys plus KOBE BRYANT, one of the greatest ever, and the lakers can seriously be a threat to okc if they can guard westbrook and can challenge miami or whoever they meet in the finals

  47. B.Reed says:

    Kobe is a much more matured player than he was with Shaq so all the people still bashing him for what he did and thinks he’s going to do the same with Nash are just stupid. He has proved what he needed to prove and that was that he can win as the go to go. I am a true Lakers fan and will admit without a deeper bench OKC will knock us on our backs again. Howard can bringmore efficiency and consistency than Bynum but Bynum has a greater potential. We seen what Howard can do as the best player on his team but not Bynum. So as far as Laker nation after Kobe I might want to roll with Bynum, although his injuries raise flags (but what big man hasn’t been injury prone at a point in there career). We are a few key pieces away from getting back to the promise land especially after signing Jamison and retaining Hill. Honestly I can careless who we start the season with at center as long as our bench is ready to play. For those saying get rid of Pau YALL ARE SICK. He is to great in a pick n roll system so Nash with maximize Pau’s greatness.

  48. Oula says:

    Keep Bynum due his size and capability. Steve Nash will make life easy for everyone especially Bynum and Gasol. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. macky says:

    Lakers fans getting too excited about the finals before season starts hahahahha. I doubt they get out of the west. No one on that line-up can stop Durant or Westbrook.

  50. CHRISTIAN says:


  51. bestkillua says:

    You want to hear how Lakers will win this 2012-13 championship, Kupchack??? Get Howard and rid off Bynum and couch Brown!!! Obviously, we need def and rebounds here, coz offensively Kobe and Nash will have the ball and be supported by Gasol / Hill .Kick Bynum the immatured boy dreaming- to be laker’s franchise player after Kobe. And if possible, couch Brown= Coach Byron Scott / J. Sloan a sure CHAMP’S in the making.=READ this KUPCHACK. I’m a Laker fan who has visions.

  52. LAtheBESTtheWEST says:

    Kobe and Nash will retire soon Lakers needs a young superstar at the Center Position in the name of Dwight Howard. To provide leadership after Kobe and Nash retires.

  53. david says:

    i am a lakers fan and i want to say to the all player kobe he still the best player in the world dont forget what kobe have down so far in 17 years any way we need Dwight Howard to win. and get the titel back next years i dont like gasol at all he is too slow and dont take to much rebound in the every game he play. he as problems to jump. and blook some shot as Dwight Howard so good luck to lakers next year

  54. DHAM says:


  55. FrankL2010 says:

    So sick with this Dwight drama… Lakers will still be Lakers even without him

  56. mario says:

    somebody posted wade was better than kobe. what game do you watch. only few players ever has been able to put up the numbers kobe has. he would have beat KD out for the scoring title had he not sit out. and by the time kobe retire he easily going down as the 2 greatest sg ever to play only behind the great mj.i wanna see wade playing at at high level like kobe always looking to improve his game even at age 33. kobe still has plenty left and nobody wants to play him in at must win game

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      Any1 comparing Wade’s career achievements to Kobe’s are idiots. Kobe dwarfs Wade’s career achievements.

      I think ppl are saying that Wade is better than Kobe NOW. I tend to agree. Kobe still good offensively, but defense has slipped a bit. Wade does it better (well more efficiently) than Kobe on both sides now due to his athletcism and speed.

      People grow old and as a result lose some of thier physical capabilities. Doesnt mean Kobe still not a top 5 player right now. But he was head and shoulder above the rest 2-3yrs ago. IMO Kobe will go down as the GOAT

  57. mario says:

    people are stupid… must not really watch basketball. im tired of all the dwight talk. bynum has way more post moves than dwight at younger age. yeah he gets hurts but when healthy he has a better offensive game than howard. he rebound just as much and block as many shots. now with nash is only gonna make him better. also kobe has never played with a true point guard now he has a chance. this lakers team has always been a point guard away from being a good team to a great team. one other thing bynum has some growing up to do but he only 23 or 24. i think howard has just as much. cause he has not been a true pro about his situation at all

  58. Joseph says:

    Well Bynum wont sign the extension. He will wait till 2013 for a max contract when he hits FA.

  59. trade1 says:

    stop talking about howard and bynum trade, that makes no sense for either team… why trade straightup for centers, when both of them are pretty good and like the only REAL centers in the nba… still have the same other 11 on the bench and a few points more and a couple rebounds either way won’t matter much… LA shouldn’t even be in the d12 talks until they work him out, which he won’t do…

    Does anybody do their homework anymore, whats the status of d12 after back surgery… ANYONE????

  60. Cessroy says:

    Why even bother with Crazy Howard, they have an all world center already and he is only 24, what is it with you lakers, can’t be happy with what you have always want more, maybe not as much D but still sufficient and many times better on O, so id take bynum injury free anyday over Crazy Howard

  61. Not says:

    Hey Mario and Gilbert tualla…go back to school and start reading some books to practice your sense at all..keep on talking about Miami’s Lebroom and wade and the worst part is comparing them to need for comparison Kobe has 5′ Lebroom has 1 And wade the math kid….haha

  62. Not says:

    Hey Mario and Gilbert tualla…go back to school and start reading some books to practice your sense at all..keep on talking about Miami’s Lebroom and wade and the worst part is comparing them to need for comparison Kobe has 5′ Lebroom has 1 And wade the math kid….

    • Mike says:

      People need to understand this and it is very simple. Basketball is a team sport, some of the greatest players ever have zero rings and some of the worst have five or more. This is not a valid way of comparing which player is better, since some teams spend more on players and therefore have better talent.

    • BOOyah says:

      you tell em!

    • quag says:

      Place Kobe alone in CLE with no all-stars behind him like James was and see if he’d even reach the Finals….of course he wouldnt. He’s always needed players like Shaq, Bynum, Gasol, Fisher…etc to make him look better.

  63. Lakerfan says:

    Bynum is selfish, trade him and get Dwight ….

  64. nick says:

    Remenber what happened in the finals of 2004 with L.A Lakers against Detroit, we had Gary Payton, Karl Malone, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant four fantastic players and we didn’t win the finals because they didn’t do their best. Kobe has been the best player for L.A. Bynun is still young and i think we can win, just work for the bench because if we can win a championship we must have a good bench and Gasol has to improve this season. If Gasol and Bynun play well they can be unbeatable with Kobe and Steve Nash.

    • quag says:

      I remember that year soooo well. I was the only one in my house rooting for DET and I collected all the cash! Some teams are build through smart picks (Thunder) and some are made by buying the top players (LA). The new cap rules should even out the playing field.

  65. l.a lakers says:


  66. Team Black Mamba says:

    Time is against them. Dwight has to go to L.A. ASAP, He knows [that] the Lakers will be a whole new animal this coming season with him in it. And they’ll definitely be trampling the effin’ West Division. I really want to see the look on LBJs face when this deal pushes thru. Revenge will be a dish best served cold!

  67. Lakers4life says:

    Howard would be a good move…. if orlando would set him free! I still think we should have held onto Lamar and snet Pau packing!!!! with no other real big man in the middle ,Pau is to soft to hold down the 5!!!!

    • ogre says:

      I agree, not only is Pau soft but he still plays Euro style which is about smoothness and finese, not the power play that US centers bring.

  68. keithstern says:

    Miami would have been just a decent team without the refss help. The beat up, injured Celts had them until the refs handed the Heat 2 games. Wade putting his leg out and KG getting called for the foul? Right.

    • GILBERT TUALLA says:


      • ... says:

        How about you not use caps lock there pal.. and maybe learn to speak english while you are at it.

    • BOOyah says:

      Gilbert’s opinion doesnt matter if he cant speak English correctly LoL

  69. pat says:

    Starting five Steave nash,kobe bryant,brandon rush,josh smth,bynum

  70. pat says:

    The lakers should sign bynum long term.Deal gasol for j.smooth and sign and trade mwp to golden state for b.rush then pick up jodie meeks

  71. noyb says:

    Amazingly complicated. Everyone will just have to wait and see who blinks first. Way it is…

  72. LakeshowDVM says:

    I think this is the right strategy.

  73. Marlo says:

    DWIGHT? he is good…but with attitude like that?,…problems…I need player that are competitors…not business people…players that not much of a talent but when its needed during crucial games…they natural attitude to be a player…just naturally came out from they heart…and they surprisingly shows some skills you never seen before,…because they are competitors…they unconsciously updgrades thierselves in a level where superstars are in…and they start show things in the highest level,…thats the player I LIKE…
    natural competitor…who loves challenges…who has the big hearts…not afraid..just play it…even against legends…

    • mark says:

      Marlo you’re an idiot, Kobe has played through every injury known to man while all the other players you’ve named took time off, that’s a competitor by definition! Lebron had to join Wade’s team in order to win, Kobe won with his own team and no team with just 1 star is ever going to win the title, your asrgument is just stupid!

      • TheTruth says:

        Dirk won w/o a superstar sidekick so did Hakeem(his first ring there was no Drexler(Drexler was old by the way)). Kobe has always needed dominant bigs to win(Shaq) (recently w his team he has needed 2 dominant bigs to win Pau a 20 and 10 guy and Bynum the 2nd best center in the NBA), Pau should have gotten the last Finals MVP also.

      • bron says:

        Mark you’ve got your facts off by a mile and a half. Injuries? Like the fake thumb injury? The facemask he had to wear cause of a little bump and people cried concussion? The fake knee, elbow or ankle unjuries? The level of NBA play is so high that Kobe would NOT have been able to play every night with a true injury no matter if he had all the drive in the world. And IF he was truly injured and still played and lost, that was pure selfishness, wanting to ball hog even though he knew he wasnt at 100%

    • LakeShow2440 says:

      have you ever heard of a comma?

  74. rye-ian says:

    lakers need howard to be in finals…

  75. Marlo says:

    LEBRON before were afraid too….but he changed a lot…now…HE is taking responsibility when they need HIM most…thats should be KOBE’s ATTITUDE too…because HE is number 1.

    • tiger says:

      Actually Kobe is trying to take charge at the end of games….thing is he cant do it anymore….last year no one feared that he’d hit a big shot at the end of the game, most teams didnt even bother to doubleteam him.

  76. vip says:

    theyre just doing that to pressure dwight howard into signing with the lakers already…

  77. Marlo says:

    KOBE is good with somebody…but nothing when HE is alone…

    • jranj says:

      and your point is Marlo? Last time i checked no one won championships by their selves……give me a break you guys are ridiculous sometimes smh

    • BOOyah says:

      yea like lefake can win by himself, thats why he joined wade in southbeach, like jordan can win by himself without pippen huh ?

      • Bo Jangles says:

        lebron did take the cavs to the finals by himself…kobe never did something like that

    • Joseph says:

      You just said he wasn’t a competitor, dumb azz

    • bron says:

      Kobe tries way too hard, and fails. He always needed 2 or 3 other all stars on his team to make him look good.

  78. Marlo says:

    Im sorry LA FANS…but I feel KOBE has not played the FUTURE that everybody were talking about when he was just starting in the NBA.,,he is not there yet…he is not showing it…he is not a competitor…but just a player…playing nothing…just playing…LA LAKERS dont HOWARD..their line up is too much…only if KOBE…can really play as a competitor,,,he is not showing the future,,,he is a legend..but not much in reality…I hope I made myself clear…KOBE is talented…yet he is not playing his 100 percent…because he is afraid…he is not a competitor-he is a businessman…a lazy one…

    • Chingon says:


    • say what says:

      Im not a Laker fan but seriously man?! get your facts straight. Kobe isnt just another player and he is NOT lazy. He is as competitive as it gets in the NBA. Getting 5 rings is no small task….

      • bosh says:

        5 rings is no easy task? sure it is when your team has an All-star starting 5. Oh…and tell the 5 rings bit to robert horry who “worked so hard” to get his.

    • xianak says:

      What the heck??? after reading this my dog was more confused than I am!!! he was saying MEOW MEOW MEOW instead of barking… stupid comment, my dog got stupid too coz of you!!!! get it straight man..

    • Ace says:

      Sir, from which institution did you just break out? what a big bunch of nonsense. you must be out of your ever loving mind!

    • LakeShow2440 says:

      you… are… not… a… very… smart… person… did… you… even… attend… school??? or… were… you… home… schooled… by… a… blind… deaf… mute???

  79. GILBERT TUALLA says:


    • Chingon says:

      OK so you are saying that you need James and Wade to make one Kobe? You are probably right…

    • BOOyah says:

      Kobe has 5 rings, now many rings does Wade and Lebron have ?

    • sbfern805 says:

      Who was Wade pre-Lebron and Bosh? Who was Wade Post Shaq? UMMMM nothing!!!! Wade is good but not KObe good!!! who had 81 points in this modern game? Wa…KOBE!!!!

      • Joseph says:

        Amen, Tell him, I don’t think they know Kobe, KObe is the best!

      • Bo Jangles says:

        who was kobe before shaq came…kobe has always had at least 2-3 all stars on the team with him…Lebron took the Clevland Cavs to the finals, LBJ > Kobe

      • pol says:

        Good point…who was Kobe pre-Shaq..nothing. How about post Shaq before they got Bynum and Gasol…er, nothing again!

      • Cian Washington says:

        The question I just saw was who was Kobe pre-Shaq..lets see a high school phenom about to go on his prom and enter the NBA. Shaq was a Laker before Kobe arrived. Now since everybody wants to play the Kobe needed Shaq game. How many chips did Shaq win before Kobe became a starter…….0. For that matter how many rings did Shaq win without a dominate guard…..0. Don’t believe me lets do the count……….in Orlando he went to the finals with Anfernee Hardaway, he won several rings in LA with Kobe Bryant….and then he got his last ring with Dwayne Wade….I would never say that Kobe is the single handed reason why the Lakers have had as much recent success as they have had cuz it would discount the important of the Robert Horry’s, Derrick Fishers, & Lamar Odoms…but I can honestly say that those same teams would not have won those rings without him as well. Now the comment about Lebron James being the best not at all, he had his chance when they got swept by the Spurs in the finals, and he had an opportunity to go back but decided not to give his all against the Celtics his last year in Cleveland….the one thing that will forever put James and every player in todays NBA second to Kobe is lack of heart and work ethic. Kobe has carried his team and one championships playing through injuries, through whole seasons when has Lebron, Wade or anyone else done that…i’m listening, also to be honest the USA would not be sporting gold medals right now if it wasn’t for the performance that Kobe put up in the last Olympics championship game against Spain. but of course nobody takes that type of thign into account. Now, as far as clutch there is only one other player at this time that I would give the ball to in the clutch over Kobe and it damn sure ain’t Bron or Wade its Kevin Durant….who I think is knocking on the door of being the best player in the league…..but what do i know..

      • Cian Washington says:

        quick error in my post they came to LA the same exact year…but I still stand by one fact, and that is that Kobe was not a starter and the Lakers did not start seeing complete dominance until that happened….

    • Joseph says:

      Hell no!!!! Kobe is how you spell it. And Kobe is the best. I put money that Lebron and Wade will tell you that Kobe is the best their self. Kobe gone win regardless. Now since Wade, James, and there big man Bosh, they do have a big man, and Bosh help them win, not just James and Wade, and Wade barely played hard throughout it all. But they have 3 All-Stars, so alot of temas are doing the same. Kobe, Nash, Bynum or Howard, will be the Lakers big #, and they will be dominant and will win a ring, believe that.

      • lotty says:

        You’re joking right? Bosh WAS a great player but is more of a role player nowadays, people only call him part of the big 3 out of respect…he was a liability a lot of the time during the playoffs.

    • Beast says:

      Ur comparing wade n James to Kobe lol 2 to 1 N the both combined don’t have more rings thn Kobe 🙂

  80. DWade is a BOSS says:

    Stop talking about adding Howard to the Roster would be the solution for the Laker…Commit to a guy who will eventually become the face of your franchise and maybe he’ll do the same to your organisation…I mean I can’t say that I know whats going on in Bynum head because I don’t..but I know that I would lose the will to play knowing that you’re on the table..and If the Magic gonna get rid of Howard they’d ship him out on the deadline, but they didn’t and now its just dragging on…All of the chip gonna go off the table and watch the Magic make another desperate effort to keep Dwight who’d probably going to have an “injury plague season” with a reaccuring “back” issue….

  81. rye-ian says:

    trade bynum for howard to make the 6th ring of kobe….

    • BallsDeep says:

      I agree lets get DH in LA and win another ring for Kobe. DH is the best center in the NBA today in my opinion and bynum will never be as good. I love the lakers but I dont see them going anywhere with bynum. Lets get this trade DONE……

  82. lets go says:

    dont forget dwight he will be the best in the laker roster if they get him

    • your funny your wrong

      • kobe#1 says:

        ur funny. hahaha. kobe will be the best

      • David says:

        it sure isn’t Kobe who is vastly overated; I’m a Lakers fan who wish the Lakers go back to Showtime where the superstars Magic,Worthy,Kareem share the ball and they share the team (not Magic’s team,not worthy’s team,nor Kareem’s team). Of course Kobe until he limps into retirement he will fight anyone to keep the ball in his hands and keep them team in his control, this is not what I would like to see.

      • TheTruth says:

        Kobe plays on one side of the ball its all great that you love seing him score the ball but you are way off if you think Kobe would be the best player on a roster that included Dwight Howard the best center in the NBA not to mention probably the best defender and one of the best rebounders in the game plus the fact that he is in his prime, Kobe is not even the best sg in the NBA.

      • Bo Jangles says:

        @thetruth you sound goofy…do some research and look at how many all nba defensive teams he’s been on

    • Joseph says:

      dummmmmmmmm , hell naw!

      • NBEATZ says:

        I’m not a Lakers fan, BUT Kobe not being the best SG in the game????? Who’s better?????????? Here’s my list of the top SG in the leaque
        1) Kobe (Will be for another two or more years, unless he get injured retires early or there is someone that gets drafted)
        2) Wade
        3) Eric Gordon (Has yet to be an ALL STAR because he is in the gaurd heavy west)
        4) Manu Ginobli
        5)Monte Ellis
        6)Joe Johnson
        7) Kevin Martin
        8) Vince Carter
        9) Demare DeRozan
        10) OJ Mayo
        Ray Allen
        Klay Thompson
        Nick Young
        What do you think?

  83. fukc says:

    lakers will resign bynum as an insurance, and see if he will be the player they want him to be, if his good to be true then lakers will build around bynum, but if he will not live to the expectation, lakers will try to trade bynum to orlando straight up in january trades.. by that trade, bynum is already in contract and will have no choice but to play to orlando and dwight, never mind if he will not sign an extension, im sure once we get him, summer 2013 he will resign with the lakers, He cannot fight the temptation in lakers nation.

    • Lakersfan says:

      I think DH12 doesnt want people to think that he is following Shaq’s foot steps, am sure he wants to be in Lakers land, he is just saying he wants to be traded to the Nets, but when he or if he gets traded to the Lakers he might say he didn’t have any choice, But in Reality he wants to be a Laker, because his chances to win a championship are greater with the Lakers than any other team,

      • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

        why would anyone not want to follow in Shaq’s footsteps? He’s a 7-1 tall 350 pound mountain of muscle and talent. He’s the 1st or 2nd best big man to ever play the game

  84. Luis Lalican says:

    It has been a long overdue discussion it would be best for LA to stck with Bynum and strenghen the bench (Jamison is a good catch) and LA will be in the Finals. Go Go LA Lakers

    Center :Bynum, Murphy
    PF: Gasol, Hill, Mcroberts
    SF: Jamison, Ebanks, Metta
    PG: Nash, Goudelock, Blake
    SG:: KOBE, Odom, Morris

    • rich says:

      haha, ODOM !?

    • trade1 says:

      Lakers will not be in the finals, with or without d12..
      if you look at their current roster, all i see is a bunch of over aged stars with a few young pieces, unfortunately only 1 of the young pieces can play, but in todays nba, size doesn’t matter as much since its the sissy league now.. its more like 6’5 to 6’10 players are to quick for a slow big team.. the lakers have not added to their quickness and you can’t expect bynum/gasol/hill to erase away the defensive liabilities of nash.. don’t expect kobe to be savior when games are close, age dictates there has to be a decline…

      IMHO, kupchak was trying to do the right thing last year when the LEAGUE denied the trade, they would of gotten a lot younger, quicker and still been able to get back to the finals.. I don’t see it here.. you really expect me to believe 3 bench players and 2 starters is going to get the job done in the west on an night to night basis.. even in the playoffs you will need a 7 or 8 man rotation.. there isn’t any bench players to be worried about at the moment on the Lakers.. I can barely even worry about gasol/nash/metta the way they have been playing.. nash only because of age, he has been an ageless wonder.. be sensible.. basically the same team from last year, and the bench hasn’t been upgraded in reality…

      • Beast says:

        Lol Howard unstoppable Kobe unstoppable garol unstoppable Nash unstoppable artest still three racist defender Jamison good of the bench odom jus lik harden by a lil shorter Nikka with howard lakers would beat the heats 4 to 1 that’s Bynum the laziest defender he jus walks up n down the court

    • FLY-GUY says:

      This is what we’re starting with

      Center: Bynum, Hill…Murphy is gone

      PF: Gasol, Jamison, McRoberts

      SF: Metta, Ebanks…Ebanks will get a lot more time

      SG: Kobe, Goudelock, Johnson-Odom…Still there biggest question mark…If anything, this will hurt us

      PG: Nash, Blake, Morris

      Bottom line is this…Dwight Howard is the best center in the NBA. Anyone who disputes that, simply DOESN’T UNDERSTAND BASKETBALL. But so what. Bynum is the 2nd best center, and he’s closing the gap. As good as Dwight Howard is. HE’S AS GOOD AS HE’S GONNA GET. Bynum is getting better, and whats most important is….WE ALREADY HAVE HIM. I think we would be better suited signing him and moving forward. This lineup will give us a legitimate shot. OUR PROBLEM IS GETTING A LEGITIMATE BACKUP FOR KOBE. We dont have anyone productive to limit his minutes so he can finish stronger. BUT WE DID GOOD WITH JAMISON. Those points we were missing from Lamat Odom have now been replaced. WE HAVE A SHOT!!!

  85. Celtic fan says:

    lakers roster better get in shape cuz if they wanna beat okc boston miami san antonio they have to run with steve nash.. n and the only one that worries me is big bynum idk if he can keep that pace w/o busting his knees

  86. sirsparhawk says:

    Why is this guy allowed to write articles?

  87. alienboy says:

    I’m betting a stu pid Heat fan will be commenting in a sec about signing Howard to their roster.

    • HeatRule says:

      The heat don’t need howard. they will dominate anyway. with or without him.

      • Lamehead says:

        I wouldn’t say that the Heat dominated. If the Thunder had a little more experience they would have taken it. With Nash and Jamison the Lakes are going to be a force to be reckoned with. I predict Lakers Heat in the finals with the Lakes pulling their 17th title.

    • L.A DieHard says:

      hahaha so true

  88. pej says:

    With Bynum and Gasol at the middle, Nash, Kobe and Jamison at the wing, combination of players that is hard to beat. Forget about Howard for now go for Bynum.

  89. jasper says:

    Bynum, your our all star center with lots of potential, great post moves, and your one of the best rebounders in the nba! once kobe and nash retire you’ll be in your prime and the lakers will build our team around you. Pau will be old so I hope we could trade him for a point guard around you maybe like a darren collison so he can run the offense. Also we could trade players like mwp who would be 36, steve blake, josh mcroberts. and we could get good shooters so in case you kick out they can spot up and hit a three. If this happens… In 2015, look for the lakers to play the Heat in the finals. La would win because miami has no size to match up with Andrew Bynum and Jordan Hill, ( A butterfly that hasnt hatched). Once Jordan hill blossoms, he could be a blake griffin without jumping as high and dunking, which means jordan hill still has potential to become a 15 point 11 rebound type player.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Heat don’t need size, they already proved they can win without size. Lebron, Wade drive and kick to Miller, Battier and now Allen.

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        They proved they dont need size against Thunder to win. OKC dont have any offensive post players in Ibaka and Perkins (unless Ibaka has worked on his post game in the offseason). Bynum (or Dwight) will beat any Miami player on the post. It makes a huge difference when teams can get easy baskets in the paint from their bigs.

    • hooplover says:

      i don’t ever see bynum being a franchise player!

    • GILBERT TUALLA says:


      • wille says:

        always same comment about kobe…yeah he is not the same player as before but he is one of the franchise nba player that can still dominate in every aspect of the game…with the addition of steve nash,you can see how lakers will improve next season with their offense..all they need is to add one more additional reliable shooter and lakers will be a contender for championship again.

    • Emir says:

      OK Blake without jumping and dunking and what’s left!??! That’s his entire game…

  90. Bugegong69 says:

    Good Move for the lakes

  91. Hunter says:

    Here we go, gonna persuad Bynum to sign an extension so they get Dwight Howard. Damn another ten years of Laker dominance. I sometimes wish the nba was like the NFL, no one REALLY knows who could win the big one.

  92. KB24 says:

    Wait and see…..I hope the Lakers organization could get the right decision

  93. lets go says:

    well im a la fan and and and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee getttttttttttttttttttttt dwighttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt bynum leave la

    • sbfern805 says:

      GO LAKERS!! but the main reason why im in this Blog is to read all the funny nonsense people write. Some comments are funnier than Gabriel Iglesias’ stand up comedy. haha And other comments are written in english but i think they just write random english words cuz none of it makes sense…READ BELOW by MARLO…lmao!!!!

    • Boi are u crazy Bynum is just as good as Dwight Howard they all diference is Dwight was in the league more.Keep Bynum. DWIGHT STAY OUT OF LA. No one has time to wait 4 him.

    • Mad Rocker Stock says:

      I am a life long Lakers Fan all the way from Central America. This decision the Lakers has to make is very significant particularly for how they will try to make sure their Ultra Super Star in KB24 will be pleased and ready to make a run for a couple more Blingers, It is Title Town right. The Lakers will pretty much be the same offensively with either superman or Bynum who has shown flashes of greatness. However, defensively, we would be better with Superman as well I believe the team woul;d run better with Superman. SO………. Sorry Bynum, you have a bright futrue and lots of money to make but just now playing for the lakers. LAKER FOR LIFE. MAD ROCKER STOCK