Lin: I Will Always Have Doubters

HANG TIME, Texas — You didn’t really think Linsanity was over just because Jeremy Lin packed up his saddle and moved to Houston.

Did you?

A week after Lin officially signed his three-year, $25.1 million contract with the Rockets, he’s still fighting off criticism that he bailed out on a Knicks team that gave him his first chance to shine.

In a conversation with Marcus Thompson II of the San Jose Mercury News, Lin admitted being stung by the criticism:

“It did kind of hurt,” Lin said. “I had to remind myself who I’m living for. Do I fear God or do I fear man? I know my actions, and I know I would change nothing if I could go back.”

Lin said he expected to — wanted to — re-sign with the Knicks. But the Rockets, who reportedly pegged him as a primary target, came after him hard. First, they agreed to a four-year, $28 million offer sheet, paying him about $9 million in each of the final two years. But by the time Lin arrived in Houston to sign the offer sheet, the Rockets — after reports the Knicks would match — had pulled the first offer and changed the deal. The new offer sheet was for three years, with a third-year salary of $14.8 million.

“I didn’t go back to them and ask for more money,” Lin said. “It wasn’t like they gave me the choice to sign one of the two and I chose the one that would hurt the Knicks. I had one contract offer. That was it.”

With no other offer on the table, Lin signed.

And the debate began about whether the Knicks should match, though that third year could cost New York upward of $40 million because of the NBA’s luxury tax. Many said Lin wasn’t worth it, that his hot streak was the result of a perfect storm he could never duplicate. Some who thought the Knicks could match the offer saw Lin more as a marketing tool than a player who could help them win.

Reports emerged about Lin having bailed out on the team by not playing hurt in the playoffs, about Knicks owner James Dolan feeling betrayed and deceived by Lin.

“I will always, always have doubters,” Lin said. “But I really want to reach my potential to bring glory to God. That is more motivation than haters and doubters. I want to work just as hard, give just as much, whether or not I have haters.”

Can’t we just leave the entire affair with Lin doing what every free agent has the right to do, getting the best deal for himself?

Can’t we just leave it with the Rockets doing absolutely nothing illegal or immoral, just writing a contract that gave them the best chance of landing their target?

Can’t we just leave it with the profligate Knicks for whatever reason — luxury tax implications, Dolan’s hurt feelings, the price of a hotdog in Times Square — choosing to let the best thing that has happened to them in years walk out the door for nothing?

Of course, we can’t. It is, after all, Linsanity.


  1. Paschal says:

    It just seemed really clear to me that the Knicks were so much better when Lin was on the floor, even in the games were he had some trouble with athletic defenders. Carmelo Anthony was the one they needed to trade, not let Lin go. Carmelo Anthony…is just not as good as he seems, and he’s a headache with that bloated ego. He’s just never really panned out in the wins and losses, just a lot of scoring. I think he was the one behind D’antoni being fired and Lin not being re-signed. Lin is more charismatic, sells jerseys, and had an impact on wins and losses. Terrible more for Knicks I think. Not too sure why the Rockets broke the bank for him either though, Dragic is really good. I dunno, maybe they want to do that 3 guards and two big men lineup.

  2. Ajkml says:

    Knicks never intend to have him back. Knicks NEVER give Lin an offer. The only offer he got was from Houston. If he didn’t sign it, he could be out of job. The overpaid Melo was losing games and Knicks was out of playoff contention. Lin, the way underpaid bench warmer, managed to bring out the best from a group of low paid teammates and bring Kinicks back to playoff contention. Lin was able to play team sport and bring out the best from all his teammates, and beat the crab out of good teams like Mav and Lakers. He does not need to prove anything. He was able to do what the ridiculously overpaid Melo couldn’t do. Lin play team basketball sport. Melo play one man show basketball. When Melo is in form, Knicks win, but most of the time, Melo is not consistent so Knicks were losing big time. 5 average players with a good point guard in them can play better and out perform Melo anytime. Lin can make things happen. Knicks strategy is have mediocre teammates stand around watch Melo one man show. Lin’s playing offensive style of getting everyone involve just does not fit Knicks strategy. They have no intention of keeping Lin from the start.

  3. Celtic fan says:

    Lin is a good player he’s no scrub but he is a average player he went to the rockets for money

  4. s27m says:

    Lin, Hope you play well Bud! Because I’m still not convinced that you are a legit all-star. For example Ben Gordon can drop 45 on any team and than next time drop 5. If you keep up your consistency than I think you’ll be worth the money in that contract. Im rooting for you because I want to see you do it.

    You are right though, you do have doubters…But anybody who is expected to do good has doubters and haters.
    Ask LeBron….

    p.s your the reason for your talent, abilities and this contract offer not God

    • mrtyork says:


      How can you honestly call Kevin Martin starting and O. Asik coming off the bench intelligent? lmao wow!


      To put Patterson and K. Mart in that starting lineup shows you could not have watched the Rockets last season!

  5. Joel Cando says:

    Well done!
    That’s all what matters, All for the Glory of God!
    Keep it up, Bro.
    Luke 1:37

  6. me says:

    Way to go Bro, speak for Jesus!

  7. J says:

    what did he do that can even be considered wrong? he’s restricted and has no choice

  8. pedro says:

    well whatever we say in the end it is still Lin playing and working for his money. he just did what he thinks is best for him financially & career wise.

    • PORONG says:

      You are right pedro..LIN holds his future in his hands..he works hard and now earning the fruits of his labor.If only dolan sign him earlier and not wait for houston for that offer..maybe lin will be still in knicks uniform..lin has earned the trust of houston even though he has only played for limited time in new york.While the knicks organization still Doubts his capability as a player that’s why they choose not to match the offer.As for lin,he only did whats best for him because he knows that he will have a lot of opporunity to play with his new teamate and make them better like what he did in new york even without melo(ballhog) and stat and to show his DOUBTERS that they are wrong..

  9. Tasketball101 says:

    If the Knicks really wanted Lin, they would have signed him to a long term deal when he was lighting up the Garden and SportsCenter on a weekly basis. Knicks gave him his first chance but the cream always rises to the top. Lets not pretend owners and GMs are loyal to players, ooaches, or anybody else. They are running a business and they treat it like that. I hope that Lin has a very successful career as well as the Knicks organization BUT I really hope the NBA starts making owners, players, coaches, etc more liable for comments they make that even close to slander or defamation.

  10. NBAfan says:

    Lin will always have doubters..why, because no matter what he does ON THE COURT, it will just be pegged as an outlier…a fluke….WHY? Because guys like Lin shouldn’t be doing what he does on the court….Harvard? Asian American? Not as fast as Iverson was, not as strong as D12, not really all that skilled as Kobe…

    Linsanity? Regular Joesanity more like it

    To Lin and all the regular Joes out there who just wants to compete…

    • blacknbafan says:

      No matter what he does on the court he will always be a fluke? Bwahahahaha,what does being asian have to do with basketball except he is asian playing basketball?

      I will speculate correctly that you are an NBA black basketball fan right?

      • chalice says:

        I am not an american so I really don’t know too much about racisim in America, however, I am human and it seems human beings have very similar trades (both bad and good). Thoughout history, humans have made pre-concieved notions about people based on their looks or background; that will never change and the sooner people realize that, the easier it will for all of us to recognize it in ourselves. Lin has shot up to stardom for many reasons: being cut many times from NBA, having such a breakout season, and yes, being an “asian-american”. Being asian and playing high level basketball is far from what we see in daily life and for that reason alone, people will look at Lin as an outlier and question how good he is. A good portion of Linsanity is not even about Lin, it is about breaking down stereotypes of what a basketball player looks like. Hopefully, Lin’s story will inspire other asians to think about basketball as a viable option simply because they can now “see themselves playing” because Lin look like them (i.e if Lin can do it, so can I)Rationally, the way he looks should have little to do with his abilities, but we are all human.

  11. George says:

    I would have reservations about resigning Lin as a GM. I think teams figured him out by the end of his hot streak last year, as his effectiveness dropped somewhat. D’Antoni gave Lin the green light to do whatever. In Woodson’s sytem, Lin would have to play a role as a defensive PG/ball distributor. The Knicks did not know if he would be able to do that, while Felton and Kidd fit the system perfectly based on their skill set. You can’t be upset with the Knicks about not matching the contract. I remember when a few years back in 2004-2005, Flip Murray (google his name) got hot for Seattle and averaged 24 ppg, and then, a few years later, no one ever heard of him again. This is the league of pros, so anyone can get hot. It will be interesting to see how Lin does with the Rockets playing heavy minutes for 82 games and whether his body will hold up. I sure hope he is working on that conditioning preparing for that heavy work load. Every penny of that contract will need to be earned.

  12. CYS says:

    Lin did the right thing. I do think he’ll do better in Houston as a player.

  13. markymark says:

    to all the haters go f@#$$ yourself jeremy did’nt do anything wrong he only did what’s best for him, just like the rest , besides who wants to play with carmelo who by the way i think is the most overrated player in the nba scoring 30 points with 30 attemps the guy is
    a ballhugger and who is NOT a caliber type like kobe or kevin durant not even close you guys should hate a type of player who is about me,me,me not a team player like jeremy lin and LINSANITY will continue.

  14. linfan says:

    Jeremy did nothing wrong.
    It’s other people’s right to say anything.
    No matter what will happen, there are always some people here to root for lin, to be with lin.
    Never take the harsh opinions too seriously.
    They mean nothing but misunderstanding.
    No one can be fully trusted by everybody.
    Jeremy’s only job is to play as hard as he can on and off the court.
    Take good care of yourself, Jeremy.
    Just focus on what you need to do.
    It is just to hard to be linsanity.

  15. mark says:

    I don’t see McHale starting 2 rookies and a total of 4 new to the, Rockets rotation, players right away. I see the starting lineup more like below, instead. Some of the rookies will be sent to the D-League to develop. Marcus Morris should see some coming off the bench duty, as will Jeremy Lamb, Omar Asik and possibly Terrence Jones. Eventually Lamb will be a starter, but not right away.

    Jeremy Lin
    Kevin Martin
    Chandler Parsons
    Patrick Patterson
    Donatas Motiejunas

  16. linfan says:

    It is good for lin to leave.
    Melo doesn’t want to have a teammate who will overshadow him.
    It’s human.
    It’s the NBA rule.
    Super stars got all they want.
    Please don’t bash lin just because you want to back melo or anything else.
    Lin is a sincere player, the linsanity thing is just too much for anyone to handle with.
    Like lbj, lin needs to learn everything step by step by himself, too.
    Best wishes for Jeremy.

  17. linfan says:

    Lin is definitely not a greedy guy.
    If he is greedy, he can have a lot of big endorsement contracts from China and Taiwan now. He turned down most of them.
    It is all fine for Dolan not to match the offer sheet, but he should have never called lin traitor.
    Every player, every person wants to be cherished and respected.
    Rockets shows lin how they cherish and respect lin as a good player.
    But Knicks never.
    It is so ridiculous to ask anyone to be loyal to someone who doesn’t cherish and respect him.
    Lin earned much much more money for Dolan than from him.
    Lin did not owe Dolan anything.
    We all can not know how good lin will be for now.
    Do not jump to the conclusion too soon.
    Jeremy will never regret his decision.
    He definitely knows what is important for him

  18. jh says:

    Only the best has haters!

  19. FACT says:

    2G, 1F, 2C starting lineup

    Jeremy Lamb
    Jeremy Lin
    Kevin Martin
    Omar Asik
    Motiejunas, Donatas

  20. David says:

    Good luck Mr. Dolan for signing Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith two of the most one dimensional and selfish ball player in the league, next year will be like the last ten years. Mediocre at best.

  21. Kamote says:

    Wise move for both Lin and the Knicks. For NY, theyve already been through so much in just getting Amare and Melo. Too much personalities on one team. As for Lin, he got his break. May not be as big as NY, but the Chinese will make sure he’ll be in the All-Star teams until he retires hahaha.

    Lin was extraordinary last year. But thetruth is, Lin is just a really smart player who thrived in D’Antoni’s offense. It would really be different when he’s with a different coach, and when opponents are really on to hounding him. But he’s smart, he won’t be really special, but he’ll be a starter at the least.

    Sorry Houston, but after Hakeem (thanks to MJ retiring), all deals arent really that good. Building a team around Ming and TMac (maybe great players, but frail bodies). Acquiring Artest, then Kevin Martin and calling them as “good moves”. And now having Lin and Asik as “prized” FAs this year? You may not be the worst team next year, but you’ll always be mediocre.

    • SPURS says:

      I can say the same for the Knicks… hahahaha… strong wrods from a weak man.

    • JJnm says:

      I may not be a fan of the rockets and knicks. But historically speaking the knicks are known to give average-to-under-performing players big salaries from bad over hyped scouting and bad decision making.

      Basing on the championships. Which of the two franchise did made wise moves to get one? Who won it back-to-back?

      From a my neutral point of view i think Rockets(Yao and Mcgrady) made a better run than Knicks(Marbury and Crawford/Duhon and Lee)

  22. Travis says:

    You bailed on the Knicks Lin LoL! Loyalty is for the weak Money is for the Rich Harvard Graduates! I’m Rich beeeeyotch!

  23. David says:

    The gall of Dolan putting the lie and blame on Lin; afterall Lin does not write the contract. Leave it to the rich guy to try and rip off from the guy who has little to no money.

  24. Ed Thompson says:

    Hard to understand the negativity over the move. Knicks could have re-signed early, then could have matched. And year 3 was a long way out. Also why the hate for Morey? Followed all the rules, made the max offer that could be made, nothing more, nothing less. Perhaps the real issue here, is that the brain trust for the Rockets identified not just one, but two players that could likely be acquired. And did it before others realized the way it would work out. NBA is evolving, Morey just figured out how first, at least in this little instance. IMO he then happened to get lucky, really lucky in the draft. Seems he found two players who should have been top 5. Now the playing will tell the results.

  25. Michelle says:

    For better or for worse I am 100% agree with you of letting go and moving on. Jeremy did that by opening another new chapter in his NBA career. Whatever reasons KNICKS decided not to match the offer all should be behind every subject of newspaper gossip especially NY; majority of the LIN bashing came from the big apple. The media can lift you up in a minutes but crush you another seconds.
    Jeremy move to Rockets is good for him to start afresh,away from the media hype in NY and I believe he will make us proud for just being Jeremy LIN, an outstanding young man with positive attitude and character.

    • Kit Wong says:

      The most important is Jeremy Lin is happy and continue his great performance to the world. We are all looking forward for excitements of basketball games.

      • johnason lin says:

        I think Jeremy Lin definately has the potential to flourish in Houston, if he signed with the Knicks he would have issues with Carmelo Anthony, just look at Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony. Of course Lin is not Iverson, but Jeremy Lin plays like a shooting guard and point guard. He needs the ball in his hands to create things like how he drives in and dish out to 3% shooter Steve Norvak etc..

  26. John says:

    Recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources.