Is Orlando Still An Option For Dwight?

HANG TIME, Texas — Log me onto StubHub. Get me a ticket.

I want a front row seat at the Amway Center when Dwight Howard has to pull on that Magic jersey and take the floor in front of all those fans in Orlando that he’s left twisting in the wind for the past seven-plus months.

Give the Magic front office credit. No matter how many times they’ve been slapped in the face by their All-Star center, they keep going back for more.
Now, according to Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld, general manager Rob Hennigan is going to make a coast-to-coast effort to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

In recent days, the Magic have shifted their attention away from the ongoing trade talks and focused on persuading Howard to remain in Orlando. Hennigan and his staff will travel to Los Angeles later this week to meet face-to-face with Howard and deliver a presentation designed to persuade Howard to return to the Magic. Hennigan is determined to fix the strained relationship between the player and the organization, and he’s hopeful that Howard will resume his career in Orlando.

Hennigan asked Howard to drop his trade demand during a phone conversation two weeks ago, but the six-time All-Star reiterated his desire to be traded. Now, however, Howard has agreed to meet with the Magic and sources within the organization are optimistic that they can change his stance with this pitch.

It’s no secret that Howard has wanted to join the Brooklyn Nets for quite some time. Now, with the Nets out of the picture for at least six months, the Magic are hoping that Howard is open to a return rather than settling on another destination like Los Angeles, which Howard seemed hesitant to commit to until recently. Howard doesn’t have many options, which is one reason Orlando is hopeful he’ll be willing to return.

Over the next several days, the Magic are expected to hire a head coach and whoever they hire will likely be in attendance when Hennigan and his staff meet with Howard in Los Angeles. Jacque Vaughn is the frontrunner, but Michael Curry and Lindsey Hunter are also finalists for the job.

The soap opera in Orlando continues and the ending may be extremely anticlimactic if the two sides can work out their differences. While a lot has transpired in recent months, the Magic are hopeful that they can bring Howard back and put this drama behind them.

Could it really happen? Could Howard change his mind again?

Remember, he was supposedly out the door in March on the night of the trade deadline, then abruptly turned soft and signed away his right to opt out and become a free agent this season?

Would it really happen? Would the loyal fans of the Magic be willing to open their arms once more to embrace a Superman who has treated them like Kryptonite since last December?

Remember, they already saw Shaquille O’Neal walk out the door 16 years ago.

Should we be lining up for tickets on opening night? Or is this talk of a potential reunion just a waste of jet fuel?


  1. KNICK4LIFE says:

    Honestly it dosen’t matter what D.H wants at this point..This is bad for the NBA as a whole..Every player now wants to form some sort of Dream Team where all the best players pile up under one roster…This shows that we dont have any real stars and that The Nba now has lost its competive edge…HONESTLY there are only about 4 0r 5 teams i actually consider to compete on a real competive level because of the balance of the nba right now..

  2. DHAM says:


  3. Telcontar says:

    REALLY!!! Magic lose their only promising player Ryan Anderson, but sign an old guy in Jameer Nelson and STILL expect to retain Howard?
    what the, is happening in orlando….borelando?

  4. APrio76 says:

    If they lose him and get nothing for him they should be contracted! You take what you get, cut bait and move on. Your not in the championship race in the east as the top teams got better, the Celtics and Heat! Bulls, Knicks with Felton, and Nets are all going to be better. And if your going to take LOPEZ over Bynum with a Max deal you need to fire that GM. And I’m applying for that job. I know contracts and budgets (Salary Caps)!!!!!

  5. Bob says:

    Ooo my good!!, please put everyone your food on the floor, lets all be realistic. If DWIGHT stay in Orlando, what’s going to happen?, anyway with Dwighy or without him the team need an consist good point guard, a good strong forward and consist bench to hand one to the final,, and that is a fact. The Orlando Magic organizations have to stop making bad decision whit the club, they have to focus to hang on a good few players to work together whit a superstar, as a team, and then,,,, and then my friend’s we will have a dreadful team. Thinks about that………….. it’s have to be like that is no other way. PLEACE ORLANDO MAGIC ORGANIZATIONS GIVE TO THE FANS THE RESPECT THAT WE DESERVE.

  6. dolomite says:

    Lakers are the team that can compete for a title next year and most likely to win the championship with Dwight Howard no doubt. If that is what Howard wants then the Lakers is a no brainer, get yo money man.

  7. lbj says:

    lebron james >>>>> michael jordan
    lebron james >>>>>> magic johnson
    lebron james >>>>>>>> kobe bryant
    leborn james is the king of basketball and will go in the hall of fame as being the best to ever play this game we call BASKETBALL!

    D12 come to MIAMI HEAT and play along side with THE KING and ucan go back and tell your son that you had a chance to play with the best player in the planet

  8. louis says:

    D12 is an Idiot!

  9. DJBname says:

    The Magic bamboozled Dwight again. They lied to him to get him to give away his free agency last year. This year they made extraordinary trade demands so that no-one would take him. Dwight, play the year, and leave’em with nothing.

  10. mvp says:

    just please end this DRAMA.

  11. DHAM says:


  12. mvp says:

    and please end this drama. we could at least rest a bit from this cr*p and move on. just tell us when a f*cking deal is done. im tired of listenig dwightmare songs at night. wake up! let this crybaby cry. he should have benn drafted by Disney.

  13. mvp says:

    the only way lbj that would there be a 1% chance of a treade betwwen the heat and magic for boring Howard is this:
    Maybe a couple of draft picks in there and that would be almoust impossible to make it still. but thats a better chance than yours though.


    I feel bad for Barkley. He looks exhausted talking about Dwight and I can’t blame them. This hold thing is exhausting.

  15. Niels says:

    Maybe Lakers trade Bynum (and Gasol) for Dwight?
    Good idea?

  16. Shut YO MOUF says:


  17. Howard go to L.A. with Kobe and Nash if you go there you will get your which you deserve man look at LEBRON when he left the caveliers he got his ring it’s time for you to go go to L.A. and you know if you go there your getting a ring

  18. Lakers4Life says:

    Dwight Howard should go to L.A.L and it will be complete. They will have the twin towers (Bynum and Gasol), Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, and Steve Nash.Nobody can stop them not even the Heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Tyrone Lu says:

    If this continues, Orlando should either relocate, or becomea defunction franchise like the Chicago Stags, get over it

  20. Josh says:

    Dwight to clippers for deandre jordan, caron butler, eric bledsoe and couple draft picks clippers starting 5 would be dwight howard, blake griffin, grant hill, chauncey billups, chris paul, bench jamal crawford lamar odom

  21. go heat!! says:

    detroit have the biggest chance of winning the champion ship if they will just have good trades..
    just like monroe wallace and kim english for d12
    daye knight magette for c anthony

    pg stuckey
    sg bynum
    sf anthony
    pf villianueva
    c d12

    reserve prince jerebco and caguioa the 2012 mvp in PBA


  22. cris says:

    Anybody on here complaining about this ongoing saga of dwight howard needs to stop. You saw the caption and had the choice of clicking on the story or not.

  23. heat!!miami says:

    let’s say howard is going to be traded to miami
    magic will receive turiaf,j howard and anthony plus future picks thats so even..
    and if the lakers get howard they will give kobe nash and metta for d12 and von wafer
    plus the cavs will get j rich q rich and nelson cavs will send varejao luke walton and erden to magic
    so magic will receive
    erden varejao walton kobe wp and nash…hahah
    cavs never mind!!!
    lakers first five will be
    pg hill
    sg sacre
    sf gasol
    pf howard
    c bynum

  24. kobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    QuestionMark you got burn there by Lakerfan hahaha you need to get your facts right 🙂 try so next time you’ll know what you talkin about aight bruh??

    Kudos @Lakerfan

  25. kobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    I feel bad for the fans of ORLANDO.. you have Superstar that is not happy and does not want to play the team and you got this GM that thinks he can do wonders!! even though he does looks like a guy that came from hogwarts!!

  26. kobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    And Rob H. this is not OKC dont try to do wonders!!

  27. kobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    Just let him sitdown the rest of the year Rob!!! think man!!

  28. Orlando native says:

    shut up everyone i hate this dwight nonsense one day he is all happy the next he is all blue magic got to let go of their players jrich hedo big baby they need cap space if they are going to keep dwight they need cap space so they can sign a chris paul or at least a playmaker next offseason that is the only way they are going to win a championship every skilled big man needs a good wing player magic dont have that jameer is their second option and he only seems to have 25 good games in an 82 regular game season shaq had penny even though he didnt win a ring with orlando shaq had kobe shaq also had wade that is how he was so good

  29. DUmb says:

    WHat are the Magics doing? This isnt gonna go anywhere if they just sit around. You either trade him to another team or if you want to make him stay, you gotta do something. THere were a ton of great free agents on the market.Instead of lookingto trade Dwight,they should’ve traded other palyers and built a better so he would stay

  30. Real Big 3 says:

    Howard will not get any respect from the basket ball legends and greats because he talks too much.. Just play and keep your mouth shut. Just play the game!

  31. Zach Gillette says:

    The only difference between this and a normal trade is everyone’s big mouths.

  32. Macoi says:

    Trade wade wade, Haslem and chalmers for Howard and Nelson so that lakers and heat will meet in nba finals

  33. XYRUS says:

    Trade Howard to a bad team like the bobcats teach him a lesson!

  34. SmoothMM says:

    Why is everyone’s decision for an All Star or key player to sign with Miami? Even before Miami won the championship, people were saying that. There are other teams in the league that can compete for championships. Come on now: let’s see a little more diversity in team selection. *Note: Don’t mention Lakers or Celtics either… I rather hear about chances with the Nets. Shoot, Dwight could even win a championship playing alongside Josh Smith in Atlanta…

  35. Lukas84 says:

    Maybe it’s time for Dwight to retire or try….wrestling?

  36. topyxyz says:

    Trade him to Houston. Leave after one season. Sign a contract sacrificing money and win a championship,

  37. i love this GAME! says:

    If Dwight will continue to magic they must provide him the cast support that will bring a contender and bring Jerry Sloan as perfect coach for pick en roll along side with Jameer Nelson and do the sign and trade w/ free agent still available who are Carl Landry & CJ Miles and trade Hedu and Quentin.

  38. angsayasaya says:

    Just wondering why people keep on commenting about howard news while destroying his credibility. Keep your hands off if you don’t like D12 anyway!

  39. Lakersince76 says:

    I don’t understand why Orlando is in search of a Center in the trade. They arent going to win regardless. Why are they not looking at players like Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Rondo, etc etc plus another good player or high draft pick?? The last time I checked Miami won the championship with who as their center??? And my Lakers were home watching with two All Star Centers

  40. Don't Hate Orlando says:

    It’s a nice place with lots to do and great woman and weather, Haters need to stay in their lanes and deal with reality, the option of things to do in your town, unless you’re NY or LA, aren’t event in the same solar system as Orlando. Good for management for exalting every last option to try and retain the best center in the league, Hater’s be gone!!

  41. s27m says:

    Hey NBA, Shut Up About Howard! All this talk about him is making me annoyed with the NBA. How about you just let us know once he acctualy signs a piece of paper, until than give it a rest!

  42. Vitrylo says:

    Where will he go if ORL not trade him at all?
    He can’t go to BRK or LAL as FA.
    Where will he go?

  43. Colorind says:

    I think another win win win… is if he goes to miami for bosh, haslem and miller.. Miami will be invincible with chalmers, wade, lebron, lewis and howard and the bench with cole, allen, jones, battier and pitman.. or other rookies
    but orlando will get an all star player and 2 backup players who can be useful in their team… and bosh wishes that he can be the man.. like he was with the raptors.. so 3 wins.. 🙂 I think howard will agree with the extension with the heat… who woldn’t?

  44. OGBOWLAZ says:

    Calderon and Andrea Bargnani for Dwight Howard…
    LOL… cue the trolls/hates/name callers 😛

  45. MackDaddy says:

    No way in hell Orlando is keeping Howard. No way.

    They had the ability to trade him to New Jersey… and didnt do it.
    There’s only 1 reason Howard signed up to another year, and that’s to try and do the right thing by Orlando and allow them to trade him for at least some decent pieces for his 100% departure.

    Since Orlando didnt keep their end of the bargain, why in the hell would Howard offer them yet another chance?

    Nup…. he’s going to walk for free, unless Orlando can somehow convince a silly team to trade with them.
    But he aint staying.

  46. Fedejv says:

    Dwight will retire in Orlando, in 8 years, with no rings and 10 Defensive player of the Year Awards. Orlando fans are too patient with him!

  47. DH says:

    go to LAC

    CP3 + BG + DH = INVINCIBLE!!!

  48. BJan says:

    Dwight can play with the Magic. You know what needs to be done with the team? trade useless players and get the ones who got the same insights as dwight’s, WINNING!!

  49. b-rad says:

    Wow the magic management is as pathetic and weak as dwight. They blew it by not trading to brooklyn. They have no leg to stand on and should probably ship him off to LA or whoever will take him as a rental at this point. Letting him stay would make the magic organization look like bigger idiots than they already are.

  50. Colorind says:

    There are only 2 oportunities..
    1. Dwight with the magic and this is the most reliable
    2. Dwight with the lakers for a trade with bynum and world peace..

    My recommendation is to get back to orlando and trade other players to build a new team.. there are still a few of free agents capable to play in orlando and to make a difference along dwight howard.. 🙂

  51. Stu says:

    I think he will end up staying just have a funny feeling if he was gonna go he would be gone by now. It sounds like its either the Lakers or the Magic so i will go the Magic

  52. a lakers fan says:

    Does D12 want a ring? i hope he does. so D12 needs to go to the lakers.

  53. Smoothie says:

    Hennigan and Howard both need psychiatric help.

  54. r-jay says:

    go to the LAKES howard!

  55. X says:

    trade howard for johny abarientos!!LOL!

  56. John Kris says:

    if D12 doesn’t go to the lakers

    trade Varejao , Waiters and future picks for HIM
    He and Kyrie Should do well 😀

  57. Heat!! says:

    want ring? go to Heat!! lakers is not a good team…they only gving their attention.only to kobe…if u go on heat you will have a ring and big LbJ anf Bosh

  58. DH says:

    NO matter what, as long as DH performs at his level, doesnt matter in which team. GO DH!!!

  59. They should trade him to boston for lee green fab melo and some picks

  60. Howard should go to boston trade lee green and fab melo with some picks and a little cash
    Pg rondo
    sg terry
    sf pierce
    pf Kg
    C Howard 2012 champs

  61. Brandon N says:

    wish howard would just go play for the lakers already….like think about it dwight! you, steve nash, and kobe bryant on one team. you three would wreck soo bad! you three would be the new BIG 3! everyone would forget about wade, bosh, and lebron! do it up and make the lakers win some more championships!!!

  62. GM says:

    it is really easy for any of us to say trade him, because we dont have to deal with the running an organization and team, there is a big cost, Howard brings the team money and he has STAR PRESENCE, he pays the bills… so Orlando has to do every desperate move to keep him.. this will take a lot of time to reconsider. we won’t hear the end of this until a while.

  63. lakermig says:

    wow the magic are like that sad nerdish loser who keeps giving the hot cheating gf (dwight ) chances. Get over it MAGIC let him go he HATES you. why would you even want him back anyway, keep some self respect or dignity for gods sake its getting a bit sad now , this guy cant stand the thought of being in orlando and youre crying at his knees to stay.

  64. joel eustaquio says:

    Stupid decision!!! You can’t force a player still with your team without his true devotion to the team. This will depreciate him as a player. Orlando may get nothing and they will cause them several years to recover. It”s time to rebuild like other teams did Time is gold don’t waste your time It’s time for Howard to be champion and give him a chance like other superstar.

  65. smith says:

    wahahahahahah no mater what team howard will choose ,,,, they cant beat the heat!!!!!!!!!!! wahahahahah ASA much

  66. GR says:

    Keep him. Then keep him on teh bench whole year, get him hooked on supper fatty food. Fat D12 in 2013 and no team wil want him. XD

  67. spy says:

    If Howard wants to have a championship ring… he must consider wearing yellow and purple jersey now, he dont wanna end up in regret when he’s past his prime.

  68. lbj the master of non sense response says:

    im getting tired of this dwight drama, just stay still on where you are now and leave the other team alone

  69. Comment says:

    I think the best choice for the Magic is to let Howard go to the Lakers and so, they’ll get Bynum, whose one of the best centers in the NBA nowadays.

  70. whathehek says:

    ” lbj” want d12 for nothing in exchange … check his miami heat starting 5 … lbj first of all you dont have $$$$ & 2nd at least you have to give 2 players of the starting 5 bosh,chalmers … wade,chalmers … bosh,allen …bosh & anthony … bosh,coles … you pick !!!

  71. gef says:

    i am a heat fan..but this lbj always posting an unbelievable comment.. stop playing video games..

  72. KNICK4LIFE says:


  73. Dew says:

    Dwightmare Howard saga continues with staff from Orlando trying to convince him to come back? After all this? Can not believe something would ever overshadow ”The Decision” by James. This eats the cake. Out of all possible trade scenarios, nothing has worked out which is hard to believe. Dwight should really stay put unless the Laker trade goes through. Miami is going to win it again as they prepare to go back to back anyhow after getting Allen and Lewis. So if I were Dwightmare, find a way to SA and play for Pop. Just ask how Robinson and Duncan did in his system. I could see 4+ ships for Howard if he played with Parker and Manu. Two more with Duncan at least with the twin towers reborn.

  74. minime says:

    Just let him form his own team …

  75. armin halvadzic says:

    If Howard decides to stay with Orlando I think is gonna be the same story after 2 years. Unless they bring him the players he feels are worth playing with,but I don’t think they are gonna be capable of doing that. I doubt Chris Paul would want to play in orlando after this year,all though the combination od Dwight and CP3 sound great there are still 3 position to fill,meaning they still wouldn’t be a serious contender and if they are looking to get some players via trade they ( orlando ) just don’t have nothing others want. They just traded Ryan Anderson their second best player in my opinion for an unkown player from Mexico Gustavo Ayon. I don’t know how is Orlando gonna be able to make Howard happy. It seems like mission imposibile . Imagine if

  76. Josh Byrne, Australian. says:

    @all the rest of you whingers, if you’re so sick of reading about the Howard saga, why keep posting comments? Maybe because you all crave attention like the big man does! He is the premier centre in the league, we all know it. If you were the best at what you do, would you not feel it necessary to get the best deal for yourself? I’m damn sure I would. Haters gon’ hate!

  77. Lionel says:

    Even though i’m the biggest Miami fan, It would be dumb to get DH12 to Heat because it would definitively make our team worst just like Lebron was the worst to bring him on our team. Yeah he helped us get a championship but the competition was kind of easy. Bringing DH12 in would make the league more unbalanced and won’t have any challenging teams. We don’t need him, just like DH12 shouldn’t go to Lakers cuz it would also be unbalanced for the league and would definitively ruin the competition.

  78. Josh Byrne, Australian. says:

    @lbj, you’re a retard, nuff said. WOOT!

  79. elliott03 says:
    Check it out, awesome basketball news, views and reviews from three Aussies.

  80. basketballfever_fromTurkey says:

    I’ve grown sick of this D-Howard trade talk. I think Orlando is doing themselves no favor by keeping Howard . If they keep him and have him in their roster for the opening game of the 2012-13 season not only his team-mates and the Orlando organization but the fans would be heart-broken, confused to see their ‘superman’ being back in Magic uniform again this year not because he wanted that to happen nor he loves Orlando so much he can’t even think about leaving, because of the inability of the board not being able to trade the guy who clearly doesn’t want to be back in Orlando yet they still act like they have no urgency to trade Howard, they are playing the role of a reluctant seller. Well please somebody tell the Orlando GM that Howard is going to be LEAVING now or LATER ! And you are keeping a guy who is disrupting the atmosphere for the last 12 months who will be out soon. You are not only losing a few pieces that could come up with Howard trade ( if they don’t trade him and lose him at the end of the season through Free agency ) you are also losing the precious year that you need to use to rebuild this post-Howard franchise. I cant’t believe what Orlando is doing really !

  81. elliott03 says:
    Check it out, awesome basketball news, views and reviews from three Aussies.

  82. Christiaen says:

    This is getting boring….
    I propose a media silence about everything that concerns Dwight Howard.
    The guy has made himself look like a fool, a joke time and time again over the last few months.
    To me he has lost all credibility, All that remains, is the image of a spoiled brat of 16 years old.
    Don’t get me wrong, whatever team he plays on, he’ll have an immediate impact. But boy, does he make a bad impression….Whatever the future holds for his further career in the Nba, this piece of theater will always remain a little stain that he just cannot get rid of. Same thing for Lebron by the way. He will become one of the best players to ever play the game, if he isn’t already, but people will always remember “The Decision”.
    At least he won a title to back up that decision, let’s see what Dwight does…

  83. jaykul says:

    hahahha! go to miami and have a dynasty!

  84. John Kris says:

    D12 to CAVS 🙂
    Send Waiters and future draft pics to Orlando
    that should do the thing

  85. Slovenia says:

    can you imagine?


    Bench: Miller, Lewis, Battier, Chalmers, Cole, Pittman, Jones, Howard, Harris

    It would be the DREAM TEAM for the next 3-5 years…and the NBA would be totally boring to watch…

  86. Danilo B. says:


    • lbj shut your mouth!!!! says:

      celtics and mavs no.

    • pakyaw says:

      lets be realistic here(no bias opinion),who do you think in East wil beat the miami with an upgrade roster?(ALLEN,LEWIS)..NETS?(overpaid J. Johnson) KNICKS?(Chandler who only one can do defense) BULLS?(injured Rose) CELTICS?(senior citizen ball club,except Rondo)..i think its gonna be HEAT & OKC again in finals,maybe Lakers(if they past 2nd round..(wink!) )….

  87. Danilo B. says:



    My name. That’s all.
    Seriously though, who is this sad excuse for an NBA fan?

  89. susie says:

    Believe me all these are just for show, the NBA would get Dwight Howard to the Lakers by next season. That’s why they stopped the Chris Paul/Pau Gasol trade last year so the Lakers will still have Gasol, and then Nash and Howard. LA will have a big 4 again and will finally get past the 2nd round of the playoffs. Stern and the NBA are hoping for an LA vs Miami finals. Big bucks for the franchises, big bucks for the NBA. The big players always play for the biggest markets, except for Miami, they’re not one of the biggest markets but they have the biggest stars. To balance it off, NBA wants more big stars to the biggest markets (NewYork, Dallas, Boston, LA) because of course, the big bucks is there. It’s all about the money brothers and sisters.

  90. YOLO says:

    D12 needs to get traded to the pistons for charlie v and a draft pick it will make alot of sense

  91. Black Mamba says:

    It’s better if D. Howard will Play with Lakers Team together with Kobe / Gasol / Nash /….To have a Championship Ring..!!!

  92. D Lion says:

    This is my trade proposal:

    Bobcats get: Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkoglu
    Magic get: everyone on Bobcats roster except Kemba Walker, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and Tyrus Thomas

    Then all the Bobcats need to do is sign 8 good bench players to complete the team. Thing is, most of the any-good free agents left would be the ones that got waived by Orlando in the Dwight Howard trade. Charlotte would basically end up signing the best combination of their old players and the other FAs; in theory they get Dwight Howard and Turk for free! If Michael Jordan is reading this, when he’s done, he needs to get up, call the Magic office, and propose this trade. It could save the Bobcats’ franchise.

    PS: lol

    • DaddyEY says:

      @D Lion, I laughed so hard with ur comment, (in a good way), and basically in your theory, Jordan, would be Man o’ d world!

      • Koupilias says:

        And you know we love MJ but letting DJ Augustin go ? Poor decision. THe PACERS did make the steal of the FA there.

    • Chico says:

      With the exception of Walker,Gilchrist, who are the other players of the bobcats that would get interest of Magic? There are free agents who are better players than them. Leandro Barbosa(i think he is a FG), for example.

      You are trolling, aren’t you?

    • Badgers says:

      So the Magic get everyone on the Bobcats roster apart from the guys worth getting?

    • joeyngoy says:

      Yesss!! D12 to bobcats!!

  93. Bradley says:

    If Dwight Howard decides to stay with the magic , the magic should do what ever they have to get talent around him so he would stay not players that other teams don’t want like arenas, Richardson and turks. They should get a young shooting guard to team with Nelson , a young experienced power forward like josh smith and an all around small forward like granger , Gay or P George
    So he has Reason to resign long term

  94. me says:

    the longer this gets, the more D12’s chance of landing to a championship caliber team slimmer. His immaturity will make the teams stay away from him. Look at the Lakers, they decided to stick with Bynum, and as far as I’m concern, they probably made the right one.

  95. bruhski says:

    Howard should go to the lakers he has a better future in there then been in orlando i like orlando and all my D12 deserves a better team and i think it should be the lakers…. and about the whole heat thing thats some bs D12 would never go to the heat it would mest up the roster. if he makes the decisions i have a feeling im gonna see him playing with kobe.

  96. lbj is full of nonsense!!! says:

    Dwight Howard should leave Orlando, head over to L.A. and try to win a championship with the Lakers. Howard will get what he wants there…and he KNOWS it! He’s a crybaby, but he ain’t a sellout like the KING! LMAO!

  97. MATT CAM91 says:

    If anything i can see him getting traded to the lakers or thunder they have something to offer at least. but homie ur a pure idiot n u should throw ur computer out the window bcuz the heat bought enough people the last few years. they are broke. key reason why they can hardly afford a bench! GO THUNDER!

  98. KD #35 says:


  99. superman says:

    dude……………….. if you want to have a NBA ring you should go to LA Lakers they are complete they just need one great and awesome center like you………………. think about it…………… there is a great possibility in LA to have NBA ring if you are there………….. by the way just to remind you Kobe has 3 to 5 years left and NASH and GASOL are……….. getting OLD so whatever decision you make………… make it LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. jmox33 says:

    Reblogged this on jmox33 and commented:
    absolutely not. I think the relationship in orlando is so tainted that he will never want to play another game for the magic

  101. Samuel says:

    I feel like the article was blaming Howard only for the saga, as though the whole thing had just been the Magic getting ‘slapped in the face’ by Howard seems a bit harsh, it take two to tango right? He did sign a deal the player option to give the Magic time to trade him for good value (that seems like a decent explanation, seeing as he never took back his trade request), the Magic have refused deals from all kinds of teams (the Nets and the Rockets were the most talked about) who are willing to give up young talent and picks to land Dwight, if they end up with little or nothing it will partly be their fault

  102. jon says:

    i watched a 31 second commercial to watch Barkley’s 28 second opinion on the matter.

    does this seem rasonable to you

  103. Bakland says:

    Send Howard to LA, Bynum to Cleveland, Varajero and World Peace or other players to Orlando + draftpicks

  104. Gilchrist says:

    Welcome to Bobcats Howard

  105. Romain says:

    Keeping Howard would be the worst possible scenario for the Magic, a ticking time bomb.”New is always better”…

  106. D says:

    This is the most hiddeous, dysfunctional, unethical ORGANIZATION!!!! How dare they have this SUPERSTAR in their posession for 8 years working as hard as he has without any help provided, carrying them on his back, only on the map because of him and now they are ruining his rep! DHOWARD never complained, throwing solid numbers up, the most dominant BIG MAN in the league during his tenure and your not paying him his worth, when you realize his contract is ending and you sit down to discuss his options, he request that Van Gundy must go (rightfully so) You should have never taken JVG after Miami fired him! These fools turn around and not only expose exerpts of his conversation to the media but also tell Van Gundy??? DHoward made it very clear at that point that he was not happy with them. Neither was SHAQ nor TMAC or PHARDAWAY. This organization has had and made many SUPERSTAR’s unhappy and ruined their rep’s during their tenure with ORLANDO. You held DHOWARD back from the NET’s and tried to send him to Houston and runied that. He could go anywhere with his stats and it’s a shame that after all he did, that they didn’t do anything to fill in the gaps in preperation for a championship! Even SHAQ got 4 rings after leaving these BUM’s. FAN’s wake up!!! DHOWARD is just as confused as we all should be if we sit down and try to figure out what the MAGIC’s claim to fame has been other than chase SUPERSTAR’s away and keep a worthless GM and COACH too long. For all the talent they have had WHY DON’T THEY HAVE A FEW RING’S?
    DHOWARD is a superstar and my advice too him is RUN, RUN, RUN away from those IDIOT’s!!
    It’s just a new voice same game being played, you gave enough of yourself, they not only don’t respect you but they don’t deserve you period. Don’t sign more than a year contract with no one that you don’t want too be with. If its the NET’S you want work it out! It’s only FEAR that comes from that scenario that people don’t want too see because you on the NET’s with DERON and JOE will rule NEW YORK.

    • GR says:

      “This is the most hiddeous, dysfunctional, unethical ORGANIZATION!!!! How dare they have this SUPERSTAR in their posession for 8 years working as hard as he has without any help provided, carrying them on his back, only on the map because of him and now they are ruining his rep!”
      Almost thought you were talking about Lebron. That’s right, I wonder why people hated him. If only fans had seen clowns like Dwight Coward prior to The Decision…

  107. bystander says:

    We wouldn’t be surprised if DHoward gets boo-ed by the Orlando fans if he remains a Magic.

  108. A Fan says:

    I can see it now: Dwight changes his mind and chooses to sign an extension in Orlando. Then a few months later, when he’s eligible to be traded, the trade demands will start up again.

    Make up your mind Dwight! Figure out what you want and then stick with it. At this point people will be mad at you regardless but the longer this is dragged out the worse it will get.

  109. Choker says:

    Just play good damn basketball.. no complains…. after your contract join any team you want that offers you a contract

  110. magic fans should boo d12 says:

    LOL the orlando magic fans SHOULD boo dwight EVERY GAME… after what he put them through…

  111. aaron says:

    i think the reason that dwight has softened up to stay in orlando in the past was only because they threw him good pitches but he kept changing his mind and wanting to get out of there because all the plans they threw at him never happened, whatever they were, so this will be the same they will throw a good pitch at dwight and if he likes it he will give them a bit of time to make it happen but if it does not happen he will want out and its over he will sign a long term deal somewhere else just to get out of there

  112. amir says:

    oh god dwight please go to la

  113. Celtics152one says:

    Shaking my head!!!!

  114. daniel.b says:

    if he goes to the lakers he can win a title and then in the next 2yrs he would be the lakers franchise player.. becuase kobe and nash would retire and then the laker would build a team around him… butttttttttttttt i do not want the lakers to get howard becuase the lakers need a bench more then another superstar

    • itsajoke says:

      you must be kidding right? man, screw the bench players if you can get THE BEST CENTER IN THE LEAGUE TO PLAY ALONGSIDE 3 MORE SUPERSTARS NASH KOBE AND GASOL. Its a dream team!

  115. Chico says:

    We should stop giving this guy any attention. I’m really tired of all the talks. Everyday a new rumor appears, we all come here to discuss the possible trade or agreement, we have to be patient to stand lbj’s comments about Heat team(no, Howard is not going to Miami with 3 superstars there), for nothing. He is probably going to stay the year in Orlando, and them leave for free agency, looking for the better salary-team quality ratio. Them he will sign. I was excited about that trade with Cavaliers, that would get us rid of witnessing Gilbert doing terrible draft choices(it is soon, but Waiters seem to be the worst of the top 10 boys, and I still thinking about what was on his mind when he chose Thompson over Valanciunas, even if the guy needed one year more to come for the league), and we would get Bynum. Unfortunately, Howard is only making the press and the fans(of basketball, not his) to lose time. I don’t care about his next team anymore, but I would really love to see him out of the NBA so maybe he has a chance to learn some respect.

  116. kirby puett says:

    cannot believe orlando begging for howard has to be the dumbest organization in the nba . trade him and build over you are not going to win nothing now to much damaged been done and its obvious howard heart is not in orlando and he is not going to give the team 100 % . houston would be a good team to trade too . itsa black eye on the nba fro letting this immature stuff go on both on howards part and orlandos sick of hearing about it

  117. W/E says:

    AND HE cannot STAY IN ORLANDO….THE FANS WILL boo d12 EVERY NIGHT…it will be horrible

  118. Maria Juanita says:

    DH12 has acted really poorly so far…I think this is WAY worse than LBJ’s one hour primetime special.. will not forgive him this..and Orlando still needs to ditch HTurk and Jrich contracts..
    this has been a complete joke…he wants the max money but if he thinks he can wait out a yeah he is dreaming.
    Orlando will not have him walk as a free agent next year…I really lost all respect for DH12..

  119. FACT says:

    Dwight Howard is the BIGGEST FOOL ever. I hope nobody would be interested to him due to his actions, he shouldn’t have committed to the Orlando Magic for another year. He is still recuperating from the back injury which is also the same problem that some scouts avoid J.Sullinger then Boston Celtics grabs him.

  120. MAGIC MAN says:

    Theres no place like home Dwight im just saying …

  121. thelocdog says:

    howard once said that he didn’t want to make a huge scene like Lebron did, look at him now!!!! geeeez just trade him to the lakers already

  122. W/E says:

    i cant believe that the NBA got no talented big men…its sad how the most athletic and defence oriented but UNTALENTED center is causing all this mess…

  123. Mahmoud says:

    What they should do is sign a good coach like Larry Brown or Hubie Brown, if Dwight Leaves, resign Stan Van Gundy, u could even sign Phil Jackson maybe, but it would cost alot of money for him to come out of retirement, same as hubie brown, but Larry Brown wants to coach again i know that for sure.

  124. john says:

    i think 99% howard will be a laker!what do you think?

    • lbj says:

      correct you’re 99% wrong! fool! he will sign a four year contract with Miami in exchange of haslem,turiaf,anthony and future round picks. This is the best deal Orlando can get among other teams

      • lbj shut your mouth!!!! says:

        lbj seriously if u say the best deal for orland is for 3 pathetic duds that sit on the bench for the heat one more time, i will kill myself

      • pakyaw says:

        LOL! i wil kill myself too..this MORON never stop,same post every D12 article drama…GTFOH lbj!

  125. jamez_kb24 says:

    give him a chance to think, did you think the past of malone it is not just for him to get title.but think about shaquel the big diesel he’s out of magic and been a powerful man and an amazing player with the lakers he got his way and got a ring for many, let me make easier you go to lakers and start a brand new team mate that help you to get title as you make a dynasty of superman, a blackmamba and a former phoenixman. you can get what you want now your to powerful team with the help of your back up so incredible…think very generously ok don’t think to much decide it clearly and fast, make your self a professional man..D12 you will make it and see it that i’m right…

  126. Mister Peej says:

    The goal is to get better. Howard is the best available player to give the Magic the most lucrative shot at winning a title. Might as well convince him to stay – rebuilding is the NBA equivalent of the death penalty. Especially with all of the money the team and city has spent on that new arena. None of the proposed deals were worth it. Keep him. Its amazing how quick the city will forgive him once he signs an extension.

    • Koupilias says:

      Death Penalty ??? I understand the difficulty of rebuilding but isn’t it necessary now and then ? I know that rebuilding a team for playoffs and to be contenders requires a few years but every team in this league has done it. Remember how many years the Bulls were rebuidling ? Yet here they are now Contenders. U got to go through with it man, it IS inevitable.

  127. David says:

    i think dwight should go to the lakers not thunder. if the magic get the thunder trade then I’m pretty sure that James Harden and maybe Perkins will leave because they gonna be free agents soon and they wont win. See if they do the Lakers trade, the magic get Varejo and some picks.. Anderson will probably stay because its better than Cleveland and the Magic will get some picks so they can build up.

  128. Abuelo Cota says:

    Forget about Howard….
    . The lakers don;t need Howard …. Howard needs the lakers to have a ring

  129. Eric says:

    CAN A DECISION BE MADE ALREADY!! Seriously, it’s so friggin annoying.

  130. Rod Miller says:

    Howard showed his true colors when Van Gundy exposed him at that news conference/interview. Howard horned in with that phony smile only to find that Van Gundy had already exposed Howard as a back stabber. Move on, Orlando. If a ring is so important, Howard should accept lesser money to make a deal happen.

  131. Von Lashawn says:

    SMH, first off the Orlando Magic needs to understand the chances of them gettin equal value is rare, Bynum the closets thing and as a Cavalier fan, I am totally sick of this D. howard bs, The Oralndo new GM already setting his self up to be fired, lol, They need to trade him already so they can focus on their upcoming season cus all this distractions is jus in the way!!!!

  132. dattebayo says:

    This is just so bad in every imaginable way. Howard wants to be traded to a team that can’t trade for him anymore. He won’t sign an extension elsewhere, so the Magic can’t trade him to any other team. Dwight can’t be kept because he wants to be traded and that concludes the vicious cycle. Unless Howard finally changes his mind (which he won’t) and signs an extension with another ballclub, he will stay in a Magic Uniform and if he can’t be traded until the trade deadline he will leave the franchise in ruin, costing them two seasons in which they could have rebuilt.

    Is there any Magic fan out there, that even wants to see him back? To me this is way worse than what James did, and he was the villain for an entire season…

    • Koupilias says:

      Question : this goes to all of the fans. I’m asking because I don’t know the rules. IS IT POSSIBLE for Howard to become a free agent next year AND in order to help the Magic, is there such thing as a SIGN AND TRADE next year ???

  133. Dwightmare Magic fan says:

    I’m sick and tired of this dumb cry baby speculation, Kid GM Rob Hennigan should dispose this crybaby as fast as possible, where getting bored by all this trade rumors. Any team with quality players will do.

    Possible options:

    1) Dwightmare for Ibaka, Harden and Maynor or (option 2 ) Westbroke and Perkins

    2) Dwightmare for Bynum and Meta World War (I like World War so he can destroy fans who will boooo the Magic)

    3) Dwighmare for Deng, Boozer or Noah (just 2 of those will do)

    4) Dwightmare for Kevin Love and Dorell Wright (I heard Kevin Love also wants out of Wolves, so why not swap?)

    5) Dwightmare for Brook Lopez and Gerald Green

    6) Dwightmare for Scola and Martin

    7) and Finally since Crybaby badly wants a ring like LeBronica, He should just accept the minimum and just play for the fukin amazing MIAMI HEAT!….or if Riley want’s we could accept a Straight swap with BOSH so that WADE and LeBRON could just destroy our team and be totally unstopable in the NBA. Even if I’m in Orlando….I will be rooting for the HEAT to finally make the NBA a Circus act and demolish all the fools and pretenders. Crybaby will be a good Center for ya.

    • dattebayo says:

      1.) won’t work because Presti believes in developing rather than trading
      2.) won’t work because neither Howard nor Bynum will sign an extension with their new team
      3.) possible, but I don’t think the Bulls will give up Noah or Deng
      4.) Dorell Wright isn’t a Timberwolve and Love is off limits, are you for real???
      5.) Lopez can’t be traded until January 15th…
      6.) Scola was waived by the Rockets…
      7.) again, are you for real?

    • me says:

      Lmao at Lebronica….But on a more serious note, are you stupid? Bosh for D Howard? if Orlando accepts that, they would ahve lost their minds. Plus what pretenders? Boston lost to Heat in GAME 7! that ain’t no pretense. Plus, there’s chicago and OKC will better and more MATURE next year….

      • lbj says:

        instead of trading bosh to howard they can get key players with Miami trade him to haslem,turiaf,anthony and future round picks. it’s way better!!!!

    • Jake says:


  134. JHon says:

    howard should just go to lakers if he wants to win a title if he does stay in magic he has no chance of winning a title because heat is just to good !!!!!!!!111

  135. give me a break…this is a waste of time. i know as a GM and organization you do everything in your power to keep a superstar no matter what but this is out of control. nobody even wants dwight in orlando i know i dont. he has spit in our face again and again and is basically a man child. get rid of him for houstons young talent now!!!!

  136. Victor Manoel says:

    The Magic organization is wasting his time. Howard should not be allowed to put on a Orlando jersey without signing a new contract. Other than this, the Magic MUST TRADE HIM!!! Did anybody else learn something from the way the Nuggets have dealt Carmelo Anthony? Right now, they have a good team, who can reach the playoffs in a regular basis. With the addition of a superstar, they can turn themselves into contenders for the title! Without both Melo and Billups!

  137. booberrrrries says:

    Dwight just wants to be a celebrity, I have lost respect for him. He has become a drama queen. I feel he is losing popularity very very quickly.

  138. P Lewis James says:

    This is really a sad state of affairs. Orlando your window for a championship has closed.Get what you can for Howard, and move on! The sooner you began the rebuiling process the better.What is to be gained by meeting with Howard at this point. It would be stupid for him to stay in Orlando. Again I say get the best deal you can get and keep on stepping.

    • Koupilias says:

      You’re right about rebuilding ! I watched the Magic during the last years and it became clear to me that they never really were a great team… I mean having the best center in the league surrounding him with 3pt shooters … that was the 1 and ONLY gameplan they had. If anyone watched this years finals it was VERSATILITY of both OKC and the HEAT that showed why they are the best teams right now. I mean they both are virtually attacking from every angle and at all speeds + playing some great defence. I never saw that by the Magic. SO the gameplan wasn’t right and frustration was inevitable. NOW the drama continues but I don’t think D12 is a player that affects this league so much. I think players like D. Rose, Westbrook, Rondo, LeBron, Durant those are the kind of players that affect this league. Now don’t get me wrong here. If he would wind up next to Kobe Nash and Pau he would be a great factror. But he is NOT a no.1 option ESPECIALLY LATE IN GAMES. His best strength propably still remains his Defence and Rebounding.

  139. Will Z says:

    GO to LA

  140. BULLS trade deng and noah for howard says:

    trade loul deng and jokim noah for dwight howard

    • khalis says:

      I agree or Boozer and Noah for D12 if he leaves than we can have money to sign another player to go with D Rose instead of Boozer’s bum self!

  141. @MIAMI FANS says:

    hes not goign to mami and deosnt want too, magic dont want wade hes 30, the only trade that makes sense for magic is if the heat trade lebron which they wont so mami fans howard is not coming

  142. noyb says:

    The never-ending Dwightmare…

  143. Simplyme says:

    I am about sick and tired of this Howard drama. IDk why the Magic keep trying to keep him. They just need to go ahead and trade him and move on. We will continue to hear about this drama until he either signs an extension or they trade him.

  144. 16going417 says:

    I keep telling you ( to stop talking about Howard until a deal is done. We (NBA fans) are tired of this discussion already. We are tired of all the speculation and want to hear solid news, not what ifs or what could be. Solid news is ALL people want to hear when it comes to Dwight now. Other than that you are just wasting our time…

    • Celtic Fan says:

      I feel the same way, but that comment is not going to help. We don’t control what they write.

    • khalis says:

      Chicago Bulls will rent him for a year HELL we will rent him for 3 months if that means Boozer contract goes away! Orlando we can offer you guys NOAH(3 yrs left) BOOZER(3 yrs left) and Rip HAMILTON(1 yr left) for Howard and Richardson

    • lbj says:

      you keep telling who are you in the first place? are you Barrack Obama or Bin Laden to rule the world!

  145. Zach Gillette says:

    Trade him to the Bobcats.

  146. eboogie says:

    where the hell is chuck? i smell a new regular segment: “Chuckster’s Two Cents Go to the Beach”

  147. Bugegong69 says:

    Go play in the PBA in the Philippines! Dumb Howard

  148. me says:

    he is staying in orlando….

  149. kb24 says:

    they should just get over with it

  150. joker bwabwa says:

    go to miami im sure that u can have a championship

    • lbj says:

      in mega trade with haslem,turiaf,anthony and future round picks, What a good deal! not bad for Orlando they get a lot of supportive players!

      • PhoenixSun says:

        Why dont you trade yourself for Howard! Not bad huh??

      • Celtsfan says:

        except for the fact that you are completely wrong and that is a terrible trade for Orlando, because they get 3 average (if not, below average) centers and late first/second round picks, and they lose the best center in the game at the moment. Not to mention the fact that it’s impossible because of the salary cap…

  151. Jeffrey Sodusta says:

    Orlando is making a big mistake in keeping Dwight and not trading him sooner. His trade demands are hurting the team’s reputation. It doesn’t make any sense with his type of contract. Also I thought they should have taken the proposed deal of Brooklyn Nets sooner. It’s their own fault they stuck with his mess.

  152. RB says:

    They are wasting their time he will still want to be traded… really don’ t make no sense if Howard return to Orlando with all the headache he went through already about want to be traded. SMH

    • Dave says:

      Don’t make no sense ultimately means “it makes sense”.

      • Lakersfan says:

        Technically it’s a figure of speech that is slightly abbreviated. The full idiom is “Don’t make no type of sense” which basically attests that if one was to identify multiple variations of sense i.e. common, logical, etc; neither of the variations would suffice. Generally people remove the ‘type of’ portion and just stick with “Don’t make no sense”. Therefore, once placed into perspective, ‘Don’t make no sense’ makes sense.

      • Shut YO MOUF says:

        Shut up!

  153. hooplover says:

    and the drama continues! sad face!!!! why not just tell us the outcome of the situation instead of printing a story each time something new happens, that doesn’t “happen”?

  154. Addriel says:

    I don’t understand why Orlando hasn’t trade D-12 already. Why u wanna keep a player that change his mind every 5 mins. n hurt your team in the process. Are they really playing the hoping card? Come on that could be done by anyone. Not something you expect for a brand new GM.

    • poop123 says:

      Nobody will trade for him becouse he wont sign an extention so its not orlando’s fault

    • QuestionMark says:

      He said he won’t sign an extension anywhere except Brooklyn and Brooklyn already signed Brook Lopez and are done for the summer, no other team want to risk trading for Howard and see him walk away.

      • Lakersfan says:

        WRONG!! He won’t sign an extension with ANYONE because he can get a max 5-year $118 million contract at the end of next season. Why sign an extension for 3 years $65 million when u can wait 8 months for another $50 million?????? There’s a big difference between not wanting to sign an extension and not wanting to get a max deal with a new team. That’s why 1 report said his agent confirmed he wont’ sign any extensions and another report said that if traded to Lakers Howard would commit long term. They are both true reports. Him committing a long term 5-year max contract with (lets say the Lakers) would validate that 1. he didn’t sign an extension and 2. he committed to a long term stay.

    • lbj says:

      trade hin to china for you ming!

  155. Just Be says:

    if he stays in Orlando he will never win a title…..he should just go to a team that has championships

    • sj says:

      Well we cant really tell the future but the rookie pf they got played very well in the summer camp he has potential,hennigan has to persuade howard by telling him to decide wat free agents and move to do and get rid of hedo and jrich and start over, it will take time but if they make smart moves next offseason wit the cap they got they can make some noise,which they did a couple years ago wit barely any talent and got to the finals.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Agreed, Turk’s and J-Rich’s contract are way too much for average players, if Hedo can go back to scoring close to 20 pts like in 2009, then keep him, if not next season I would amnesty both of them and get free agents, or try to trade them if possible.

      • TJ says:

        @QuestionMark – NBA teams only got one amnesty each after the new CBA came into effect. Orlando already used theirs on Gilbert Arenas, a smart move.

    • MGIC CORE says:

      Sorry but that comment have no sense. That mean that OKC,LAC, ATL, NO,BRN,ORL, and some more will never have the
      oportunity to be champions? Think first, then talk.

  156. MGIC CORE says:


  157. jok2 says:

    putanginanyo mga gago ang bobo ni howard!!!!!!!!

    • Bonafide says:

      talkin in tagalog like no one would understand u? this is the internet bruh.

      anywho, I am one who does not approve of D12’s procrastination. However, what if Howard was actually the nice one in this negotiation. Hear me out, he could have opted out and left the magic with NOTHING but he chose to stay to give them a chance to TRADE him and actually get something in return. He whines all the time but the fact still remains that he has given the Magic one shot at getting something in return.

  158. bai says:

    d12 is very slow

  159. rayallen says:

    shaq just left caus they didn’t offer him more money than penny. so technically that was the magic’s faulth not shaq’s!

    • Tasketball101 says:

      and now they are paying jason richardson and hedo more than dwight. his pay alone should be more than theirs combined lol.

  160. Nick says:

    If D12 returns, the fans will forgive him as soon the Magic get back to their winning ways. NBA fans have a very short-term memory.

    • skrutz says:

      Yeah. Most people seem to have already forgotten about being angry about the lockout.

  161. Willy says:

    Really? Are you still talking about this ? Am I bored? Stay in Borelando and see who comes to watch you play, not me not even on TV! Sorry but enough is enough.

    • noyb says:

      “Borelando”! Outstanding Willy, well sed!

      • wade says:

        how about wade for howard? do you think it is a good idea?

      • The guy that said wade for dwight says:

        Are you stupid everybody knows in the nba nobody would give away My main man, the best Miami Heat player ever,D-Wade and the one who created the big three.

      • KINGJAMES says:

        lebrons the best in the league. #CMONSON

      • DWade is a BOSS says:

        Wade for Dwight?? As if Pat would let that happen….do you even know how long DWade had been the face of the Heat??? Hell do you even know who was the Heat head coach in 05??? or Better yet do you know anything about Miami Heat???

    • lbj says:

      Howard wants to get his first ring if he wants to get a ring he needs to play with the king “LeBron”. He will be traded to Miami in exchange to haslem,turiaf,anthony and future round picks “fair enough”.

      PG: Wade
      SG: Allen
      SF: James
      PF: Bosh
      C: Howard

      6th man: Battier
      Strong Reserve: Chalmers,Cole,Miller,Lewis and cousing of dwight juwan howard

      back to back championship!!!

      • realist says:

        u r the idiot that never stops dreaming, but keep on cuz the cold will never be able to afford someone like howard until the lame 3 breaks up after 3 more seasons

      • Ray says:

        Dumbest post ever! If you were a GM and made said deal, you’b be flipping burgers before sun down!

      • Jordan says:

        hahahaha what!?!?! Are you for real? Why would the magic trade an elite superstar for a few so-so centers and late first round draft picks?

      • Paul says:

        Would be the dumbest trade made in history of NBA. Howard for 3 garbage players and future round picks. I am sure Orlando wants a bunch of late first round and second round picks. In addition Miami will look to bring on another enormous contract somehow keeping under cap. I am sure Howard would take a Redonkulous pay cut to go to Miami. Why hasn’t this deal been done already????????????????

      • Blah says:

        Dude, don’t you get tired of posting this everytime there’s a Dwight Howard topic? In addition to the fact that this trade will never happen, the Heat don’t even need Howard. They just won a championship on back-to-back years in the Finals. They don’t need to mess up their team and are probably going to repeat anyway because of this whole superteam nonsense.

      • skrutz says:

        … no.

      • Jbeans says:

        That is 2k Dream.. Would They even have cap space?!? Why Would Dwight play next to the best players in the leauge? who will be a challenge? STOP DREAMING

      • sweetbabyjesus says:

        i see what you did there… again 🙂

      • T-robftw says:

        lbj i’ve read bunch of ur dumb comments on every dwilight has been dont u get tired of sayin same thing all over nd over again.just let u that if miami had cap space nd money dh12 will never ever go to the heat cuz he will not be superman anymore nd has to eat lebrons nd dwades leftovers.nd doesnt wanna get booed by the ppl like dude get a life nd get ur cry one

      • Bigd says:

        lbj you are an idiot

      • Lolz says:

        Trolling sucessful.

      • gizzzzzzzzzle says:

        you have to be the funniest person ever. every hang time blog you troll the hell out of everyone hahahahaha

      • Shut It Up Already!!! says:

        How many times are you going to say the same thing?! I see you copy and repaste this at least once per week…Get real; there is nooooo way Dwight’s going to Miami unless they’re willing to shake a Superstar. We all know they would never let go of James or Wade, and Bosh is questionable, but they would “HAVE” to give up one of the three, so this fantasy of James, Wade, Bosh and Howard playing together is just stupid….It makes absolutely no sense…

        I’m just curious; is this the only English you know? Or did someone write this for you and say “COPY” then “PASTE” in as slow a voice that they could muster?!

      • miamifan says:

        I cheer for Miami and as much as I want this to happen it never will. The only way that we get Howard is if he asks for a trade to Miami (and he won’t). Second of all since we are in the same division (and becuz we don’t have any cap space) we would need to give up C.Bosh, N.Cole, 2 1st round draft picks +. Is that really worth it when we just won a championship with the roster we have and got Allen and Lewis?

      • B-Real says:

        @lbj come on now thats way too many superstars on one team not everybody is going to get their shine time and its’s too many pay not everybody is willing to take a pay cut to get a ring… if you gon be a true basketball fan you hav to understand the basics!!! Get realistic thatll never happen so keep dreaming!!!!

      • kKNICKSFANm says:

        Really? Grow up man The heat are a buch of cheaters anyway and besides that there is no such thing as a heat fan because you are all front runners. Besides if the Lakers got Dwight thats it they are defenitely a team will stop the heat

      • cjf says:

        dreams…. are meant to be just dreams hahaha!

      • Rocket33 says:

        LBJ, what do you hope to achieve by posting this comment all the time? There is no like/dislike option so you can’t be shooting for 100,000 dislikes if that comes with a prize.

        Secondly, I think your starting lineup is a bit weak. I think they could also trade Juwan Howard to Clippers along with a few free T-Shirts in exchange for Chris Paul.

      • uoykcuf says:

        Wow, look at all these people feeding the troll. I guess he was hungry.

      • bonez says:

        that line up is outrageous and something i would love to see…. but sadly the commissioner wouldnt allow that and there is the salary cap to look at. HOWEVER, if it happens….. miami would be hella scary!!!

      • dhughes636 says:

        you’re all haters and idiots back to back rings with or without howard hard to call them the lame 3 with championships and hard to call them cold when they’ve been the hottest team 2 over the last 2 years someone is just bitter they didn’t get lebron on their team frickin losers

      • C'Mon Man says:

        really??????????? this isnt 2k son, please have some sense smh

      • Lets be real, the league will not allow them to have that many all stars on one team

      • DWade is a BOSS says:

        Why don’t you bring Wilt Chamberlain back from the dead and add him to your “Rostet” too….maybe add Bill Rusell and MJ as well while you at it….Rob Hennigan is a rookie it does not mean he’s a retard for a man to become a GM of any team he must have at least 1 fully functional braincell…which you don’t seem to have….bandwagon like you make me feel ashame to call myself Heat fan….

    • jdblp says:

      U mad? Borelabdo it is not. They only have endless entertainment, shopping and night life. Not to mention hot chicks l, beaches and great weather. Stop being mad and shelf the hate homie.

    • s27m says:


    • JG says:

      Orlando management is like an ugly old GF/BF, they always come back for more.

      What they don’t get is that all of their unwilligness to trade is simply frustrating Howard, and they expect him to reconsider? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • Jason says:

      Have you ever been to Orlando douchbag?