Brewer, Knicks Agree To Deal

The New York Knicks agreed to terms Tuesday morning with free agent guard Ronnie Brewer on a one-year deal, according to a league source.

Brewer became available when his former team, the Chicago Bulls, opted to not pick up his $4.3 million option for the 2012-13 season.

The 27-year-old Brewer appeared in all 66 games last season for Chicago, averaging 6.9 points per game. He’ll join a Knicks guard corps that will include Raymond Felton, Jason Kidd, Argentinian guard Pablo Prigioni and J.R. Smith. Brewer will likely compete with Smith for the starting two guard spot.

The Knicks declined to match the $25.1 million offer sheet for guard Jeremy Lin last week, allowing him to go to the Rockets.


  1. joao silva says:

    Starting lineup

  2. Roy says:

    Damn it will still be the HEAT next season.

  3. Jamie8732 says:

    Startin 5 :

    Have a scorer like J.r Smith come off the bench plus they will have balance in the starting 5 with Brewer & Chandler being an excellent defenders & Melo, Amare and Felton being the top scores

  4. heat!!miami says:

    heat hater ur retard melo is one of the best player in the league its just they dont have the chemistry

  5. heat!!miami says:

    stop dreaming!!! howard to heat!!
    turiaf haslem anthony and future picks..
    heat roster..
    pg wade
    sg allen
    sf king james
    pf bosh
    c howard

  6. heat hater says:

    come back and talk to me when melo brings playoff wins

    • Real_Knick_Fan says:

      First of all Melo won playoff games in Denver. Second it’s a team sport, D’antoni was a terrible coach for N.Y. and the team never had a complete season together. This year will b the first year with a complete season starting from training camp, with everyone together alongside a good coach. Real Knick fans know whats up. We did win one playoff game this year and it WAS because of Melo

  7. Real_Knick_Fan says:

    I’m convinced u dudes know nothing about basketball. One guy says Jeremy Lin is better than Felton and the other saying Trade Melo. R u guys serious? Felton is a way better pg than Lin, Lin has no left, is turnover prone and became selfish as aresult of “Linsanity”. As far as Melo is concerned, who can u get back in N.Y. that can bring what Melo brings? Clutch scoring, gets to the line, hits foul shots and most important Top 5 player in the league.

    • Real_Knick_Fan says:

      Another thing, Felton had a better stint with the Knicks than Lin. Check the stats!!

  8. Knicks 4 President says:

    In all honesy I think the knicks should trade mel for to good players, some draft picks, and cash for better bench players. but they line up looks pretty good. The knicks should start out jr smih for the beginnin of the season and see how its goes if it doesnt work out pu in brewer unil shumpert is healthy again.

  9. lenSANITY says:

    I think LIN is better than FELTON, its a big mistake for the knicks that they choose FELTON than LIN because LIN had a big impact helping the knicks to go in the playoffs..FELTON never do that..

  10. Real_Knick_Fan says:

    This is great for N.Y. Start Brewer and keep J.R. coming off the bench like he always has. All u fake bulls fans should know Korver, Watson, Asik and Brewer are gone, get over it. N.Y. Knicks will b #2 seed this season, remember where u heard it first.

  11. Knixfan says:

    If the NYK want to win a ring they have to join the king.
    Hahaha.. All jokes aside Brewer is a good pickup.
    Can’t wait to see FELTON + STAT in the pick n roll. again.

  12. Andy M. says:

    Curious how the bulls will fair w/ their current line up? If Rose is not 100% this season, I think they should just tank it and get rid of Boozer.

  13. Jeff says:

    The knicks getting everybody

  14. John says:

    Not a bad addition. The Knicks certainly have some respectable depth now. They are not really weak in any area. The main factors affecting them this season will be how well they mesh with so many new additions, and whether they can be healthy.

  15. Wayne Frias says:

    :(((( Bulls will have a bad time next season…they no more have Omer Asik and Ronnie Brewer…who’s next? Kyle Korver?

  16. sammybuttons says:

    As far as Melo and Amare getting along on the court..they have and they will this year….you guys forgot that the Knicks went 18-6 under Woodson…..

  17. TriggerHappy says:


    Can Melo be Melo??

    Can Stat carry the load??

    can Kidd, and Felton can dictate the pace.

    Can the coach handle the talent????

  18. whathehek says:

    now the KNICKS have to get rid of BARON DAVIS & MIKE BIBBY & go for MATT BARNES & KEYON DOOLING >>> YES I SAID IT ..

  19. CJ says:

    This is a solid addition for the Knicks roster. A solid defensive player. Nice move Knicks staff!
    I just wonder… How would the knicks fix the rotation of the players having 3 solid shooting guards on their roster?
    With J.R Smith, Iman Shumpert and Ronnie Brewer on the roster, (and maybe Prigioni?)

    Shumpert is still injured.. But when he comes back.. Its gonna cause rotation problems.. Maybe adjust J.R Smith into the
    Small forward position?

  20. charot says:

    i think need kidd for 1st 5 w/melo chandler amare and brewr..

  21. heyshomy says:

    “Brewer will likely compete with Smith for the starting two guard spot” what about Iman Shumpert though?

  22. bigZo33 says:

    Come on you guys, lets be real here!

    If you look at it objectively there are still some very real problems with this team. Everyone raving on about Shumpert, lets be realistic, if his injury really is a 12 month rehab then he will be rusty for a while after he returns. And he was a rookie not long ago don’t forget, so his game is still a work in progress. He is short for his position too and his outside jumper is inconsistent. He has the potential to be a star but its not going to be for at least a few more years.

    Brewer is a very good defender but his jumper is also inconsistent too. Felton was brought back because he was a cheaper option than Lin and he started to show potential last time he was with the Knicks to play a decent pick n roll with Amare, but again it was a work in progress and he was a little bit up and down. Amare doesn’t play any defence or rebound and cant score unless he is a in a pick and roll and Carmelo is skilled but a poor defender and a ball hog.

    The Knicks got better defensively and got more experience too with the additions of Kidd and Camby, but they also got a hell of a lot older in the process. And don’t even get me started on JR Smith. The guy brings energy but he is terribly inconsistent.

    So realistically they have a team with no chemistry, more age, two starters with huge contracts that dont play defence or play well together and probably never will and a bunch of inconsistent work in progress players holding everything together.

    I wish it wasn’t true but sadly it is

    • Isom says:

      plenty pieces to trade when the deadline comes around… if we can be healthy and jut play TEAM ball we could easily be a feared doubt cuz…that team is tough!! did u see prigioni? got game alot like ginobili but smaller..a real saavy point regardless of age.. used to playing physical and fast

    • Melo-drama says:

      Melo plays D, he just wasn’t playing with D’Antoni as D’Antoni was playing Melo as a power point and he didnt want to play that Lebron style offence hence the get rid of Mike tank thing the Knicks had going. Your looking at 2 guys playing together in Stat and Melo that had no training camp and less then half of the prior season together. Everyone likes to put the emphasis on Stat and Melo not playing well together but the issue with Stat has never been about his chemistry with Melo rather the restricted spacing around the rim with T.C. remembering back to Phoenix Stat was playing Center. Also the coaches seem to like P&R’s going through T.C. which is another issue for Stat and this is being looked at with working on his post move with the post master Hakeem.
      To be honest through last season the Knicks had a roller coaster ride and it was hard to tell where the team was at. We saw Anthony step up on the road to the playoffs and we cant forget how well Stat and Melo played in Game 4 at MSG against the heat. They got the core of this team for the next 2 years so I think we’re going to see a different story they are a top 4 team in the east now lets just hope they play like it…..


  23. Dominic says:

    i think this deal was necessary due to the fact shumpert was injured last post season

  24. marcus says:

    trade amare

  25. chicago is better off without watson. now rip will actually be used properly

  26. kKNICKSFANm says:

    The Knicks are looking awesome but I still think they are missing one more key player. I believe they have the offense and defense to beat almost every team and finish the season with the 3rd or 4th seed for the playoffs, but, I still think they are lacking one more power forward coming off the bench to play defense. I think with a signing of a good defensive PF coming off the bench, the Knicks will not only make it to the ECF but they could go all the way and win a title. That would mean not only

  27. fishon says:

    not bad…fish on

  28. weegc says:

    Knicks have no show this year. They will try to rely on Camelo to try and score 20+ points per game to survive to onslaught of other teams.

  29. Nate says:

    Wow, looks like the Bulls are losing all of their important bench players. They’re the reason why they played so well the last two seasons. They lost Brewer, Korver, Asik, and Watson!

  30. smiley says:

    Stupid and cheap of the Bulls owner who makes his millions on the Bulls and spends it on his White Sox baseball team! We will miss you Ronnie! We will miss Asik as well! Well next season is a treadwater season for the Bulls anyways with Rose and Deng missing a good part of it anyways!

    Dang NYK I’m envious of your SG rotation! Sure better than anything the Bulls have at the moment even with Bellini coming over I hear!

    • TTKIN says:

      Ya but do you really think Asik is worth 15 mill in his final year? hell f’ing no. I am pissed the Bulls couldnt keep him, but had they matched the offer, they would be way overpaying him. Im pretty sure he would make more than Noah that year, and Noah is the frikin starter. The Bulls are firesaling right now to get rid of contracts so that once Rose is 100% (which is still a year and a half away), they will have money and roster spots. They can reform a champion caliber team. As for Bellinelli instead of Brewer…the Bulls now need someone who can score, and as good a defender as Brewer is, he is not a scorer at all. Marco brings a decent jumpshot with him. And you still have Gibson and Noah to patrol the paint so Brewer’s defense wont be missed too much.

  31. Giovanni says:

    i dont think novak is a good defender… we need another foward for bench!

    • Giovanni says:

      maybe Chris Copeland is the man!

    • Thomas says:

      James white represents something we havent had before: A SF we acquired purely for defense. It is nice to know that are bench depth is so extensive that we have the ability to focus on getting guys that only add one exclusive element to our team

  32. Casper P says:

    He’s not trying. He is… Unlike you.

  33. Ain't no Saint says:

    Its an illusion people,the Knicks got OLDER, they let Lin n fields walk so they could get 40 yr olds k Thomas, Kidd and camby??? Ronnie brewer whose played for 10 teams in ten years??? 7th seed at best

  34. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I would make here start if I were the Knicks, with Smith coming off the bench.

  35. chandler says:

    ronniw brewhead back to the jazz`1

  36. David says:

    The Knicks Are Deff Contenders In The East Now. There Depth On The Bench Can Now Compete With The Top Teams In The League.

  37. Justin says:

    I hate that people continue to say that Carmelo is not a team player. He honestly is not a bad team player, his game just requires him to have the ball more often than some players. Trying to turn him into a player that works without the ball majority of the time would hurt not only him but the team as well. The reason you want a player like that on your team is because he can take over a game at any point with his offensive ability. And it’s not fair to say he is not a team player, because he has drastically improved on the defensive side of the ball. May not be worthy of an All NBA Defensive Team spot but it is a lot better than it used to be. Besides I would want the ball in his hands more so than Amare because he plays no on ball D and always wants more shots (not necessarily for the win but just because).

  38. Victor Manoel says:

    Come on, great addition. But who will play the shooting guard position for the Bulls? Hamilton is old and needs a decent backup… I think they should go after Randy Foye, still available.

  39. gMo says:

    remember we also got Kurt Thomas!

  40. Per Hultman-Boye says:

    @Big Z: Stop trying to sound dumb..even tho nothing says Im smarter than you than the name Big Z (Is that you Zydrunas?). It would also be cool if the Knicks later traded for American player Dirk Nowitzki with Italian player James White…ooops..(btw he changed it)

  41. KamilfromQueens says:

    Marvin is right. The chemistry between Melo and Stat is what will make or break our chances of any success. Theoretically, we should be the best team in the east, but as we all know, its not that simple.

  42. SmokingMelo says:

    SmooveALI – you need to wake up! SOLID TEAM? seriously – that is ridiculous- MELO

  43. John says:

    what on earth is the bulls doing?
    i guess we not going for the gold for at least 2 years

    • TTKIN says:

      Bulls are being smart right now. With Rose out, they are a good team but not a contender. And he’s a good year and a half away from being full strength. Asik aint worth what Houston paid for him, Korver is a loss of a contract which is good. Boozer will be amnestied proly after this season, and with Brewer gone, the Bulls will be in free agency with a ton of money and a ton of roster spots.

      True, the Bulls should have won this year and their team from last year would have done damage for several years, especially with the chemsitry they had. But Rose is the engine to the Chicago car, without him they cant do anything. so might as well get rid of bad contracts right now, knowing that this upcoming season will result in nothing special. Let’s be thankful the Bulls are only 2 years from relevancy, cuz most teams take 10 years in between championship caliber teams.

  44. louis collins says:

    Great pickup

  45. Melofan1 says:

    Great addition I just think that we should go after another big body to man the 4. I just don’t think Kurt Thomas has game left in him.
    Hope we can get Kenyon Martin signed then the roster will be complete.
    And by the way I think Kidd should start so the bench has enough scoring in smith, felton and novak just to balance the first and second unit a bit.

  46. SmooveALI says:

    Great pick up for NYK!!! Along with the addition of Camby, Felton & Resigning Novak + Smith the Knicks have really made an effort under Woodson to play Playoff style basketball. Great Mix of veterns and young players. G/F James White & G Pablo Prigioni are dark horses and X factors, so anything that they give you besides energy is a major plus. Solid Team. Letting go of LinSanity was a great move so far.

    PG: R.Felton
    SG: I.Shumpert
    SF: C.Anthony
    PF: A.Stoudemire
    C: T.Chandler

    6th: G/F J.R. Smith
    Bench:PG J.Kidd, G/F R.Brewer, F S.Novak, C M.Camby

    • KamilfromQueens says:

      Thank God we let go of Jeremy Lin.


    • tgmetsfan says:

      I am still apprehensive about getting excited for a team that has both amare and melo on it. Until i see an effort made by melo and amare to create chemistry, chandler to create a post game, and melo to be a team player, then the only championship this team will win is on paper

  47. ken says:

    How long will Shumpert be out with his injury? Anyone know?

    • TTKIN says:

      You’re looking at 8-12 months from the time it happened. I dont remember exactly when it happened, but I think youre looking at the end of January AT THE EARLIEST.

  48. Dr. Dolittle says:

    Shumpert should be in the conversation for starting two guard…

    • tgmetsfan says:

      Shumpert is the starting SG, he is just injured right now which is why everyone is talking about smith or brewer starting

      • Reggie says:

        I think brewer should start till shumpert returns because Knicks need that fierce backcourt defense that he and Felton will provide. Plus he knows how to do so many things without having to score plus he can knockdown an open shot plus he can be a slasher as well. He’s gonna play off of Carmelo and amare much better. And jr and do what he does best which is come off the bench with energy and scoring.

  49. KamilfromQueens says:

    Im excited about the upcoming season. I have to admit, this is the best overall roster we have had in an entire decade.

    1. Felton
    2. Brewer/Smith/Shumpert (They all deserve the spot in my opinion)
    3. Melo
    4. Stat
    5. Tyson

    BENCH —

    Jason Kidd, Marcus Camby, Steve Novak, Pablo Prigioni, and James White.

    It appears to me that this team could, in fact, be deadly. The only thing missing is a sense of team pride, playing for eachother, shedding that blood, sweat and tears required to have a succesful season in order to drag that momentum into the playoffs to make a deep run. The way I look at it, if they GEL together, we got a team that can compete with Miami, Boston, Chicago, Indiana, Philly and Atlanta.



    • PORONG says:

      NO way jose the knicks should be a playoff contender.!!.As long MELO(ballhog) and stat both can’t play DEFENSE, knicks can be a disaster..

  50. jamal says:

    awwwwwww wish the bulls kept him…… they better not let watson and korver go }:-(

  51. marvin says:

    @Addriel we have stoudemire. he can score but he really needs to develop his chemistry with carmelo and learn to post up cause he really needs that type of game, but knicks can be very dangerous if they stop releasing players and adding new ones which kills there chemistry everytime

  52. marvin says:

    The knicks are looking good defensively. Now they can get a little more stops and hopefully carmelo has a better season than last. With brewer he can gaurd wade, kobe, and even gaurd whoever is at the 1. so good addition and maybe he can help the other knick player play better defense. with that being said, knicks can actually be 4th seed if not 3

  53. Tommy says:

    Lucky wish the bulls kept him, you knicks fans have a all defense 1st team type player.

  54. Addriel says:

    At least they signed a young guy. I still think they need someone who can score in the post.

  55. Travis says:

    Jason Kidd better watch out for MADD!


  57. Nikhil says:

    Brewer is a solid addition to the Knicks. After watching Pablo Prigioni play against the US and give them problems, I think he is the Knicks’ secret weapon. Dude can really play the 1 Guard position.

  58. Isaac says:

    Dam who do the bulls have a SG now Rip? They gave away korver and breewer.

  59. Per Hultman-Boye says:

    Hi David, love your writing first of all. Small reminder though, Pablo Prigioni is Argentine, so South-American guard not European.

  60. Kevin says:

    Defense is back in the garden!