Roy’s Return A Welcome Sight

HANG TIME, Texas — It didn’t happen under the Team USA umbrella in Barcelona and was even a far cry from any of the goings on in Sin City at the Summer League. But it was nice to see Brandon Roy take the first baby step toward getting back on an NBA court over the weekend.

While Roy and the Timberwolves have not yet made their marriage official yet with a signing of a two-year deal, there’s no doubt that the folks in Minneapolis were pleased to take of Roy’s effort on Saturday night in the Jamal Crawford Pro-Am Summer League in Seattle, his first appearance since playing for the Trail Blazers 15 months ago.

Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus was on hand to give a report:

After scoring the first bucket of the game on a pull-up jumper going to his left, Roy was quiet offensively the rest of the first quarter. This being a pro-am setting that features a gap in talent between NBA stars and local preps that played at the community college level, it was difficult to tell how much Roy was trying to push things. He opened the game using his occasional drives to set up teammates rather than score at the rim.

By halftime, Roy had contributed about nine points and six rebounds in a close game. After the break, Roy started to remind us all of how he once could–and maybe still can–cook. He started getting to the basket on a regular basis, showing off the hesitation moves and body control that made him one of the NBA’s top shooting guards. The Roy skills are still all there; the question is whether he still has the athleticism and explosion to harness them. In that regard, I would say Roy looked somewhat better than he did during the second half of the 2010-11 season, when he struggled for the Blazers.

When so many of the tales of the summertime have to do with off-court maneuvering, contract negotiations and trade talk, it’s good to have a story that is simply about a player returning to play the game he loves and obviously missed badly.

Welcome back, Brandon.


  1. Cessroy says:

    Won’t portland be a bit pissed if he regains his all star status?

  2. DeBrosh says:

    Good luck to Brandon! he’s a good guy.

  3. ben says:

    10 million dollars is impressive for someone broken… too bad Greg Oden can’t beast like Brandon Roy, Kobe, Bynum, Amare, Wade and others

  4. Keith@p-townLoVe says:

    Man as much as i would love b roy back here in portland, it was a shame for that man to retire. So for him to rejoin the league thats awesome. I love his game and personality no matter what. At least its not the lakers!!!

  5. Luis says:

    Brandon Roy I’ll miss you in a Blazer uniform, but I wish you the best! I hope you come back home one day, in PORTLAND!

  6. chy12121 says:

    I’m a big Brandon Roy fan, he has true talent; I wish him the best! This is coming from a BULLS fan!

  7. high leaper says:

    I think he is next best sg to kobe if he’s not injured, like mwp said before when he was ron artest, it’s more difficult to guard him than kobe.. i also hope to see greg oden to play again, maybe afyer a year or two or three, he’s very young and hoping a mmiracle to happen, he can play 100% healthy, he is a beast and much better than bynum, he can be next top center to DH12

  8. ali says:

    go help love u never know

  9. ali says:

    good luck Roy

  10. Dew says:

    Great story for the TWolves getting a good player. Hope for their sake he stays healthy and does not come down with another injury. Will be a great fit with Love and Rubio on the court. Now to see what those Wolves can do.

  11. D Lion says:

    It would not be wise for the Wolves to start Roy, but he would be a good addition in the 2nd quarter with the second string, as he has the leadership to hold the 2nd string together while the starters catch a breather. Then he could play the last 8-10 minutes in the 4th. He may only get 20 mins/game max, but if he is willing to embrace that role, Roy would be a great 6th man for the Wolves. Either way, we miss him in Portland. 😦

    PS: With Roy signing in Minny, and the whole Batum battle, and the fact that the best 2 young PFs play on these two teams, I have a feeling that the Portland vs. Minny games are going to be intense for several years, not to mention that they are in the same division and that they will both be competing for the same playoff spots for a while. Should be exciting…

  12. Jimbo says:

    Roy should be somewhat like Bill Walton was for the Celtics in the 80s. Limited minutes off the bench to provide a scoring/playmaking presence. Walton was most successful/healthy with the Cs. Roy should now do the same.
    Good luck BRoy!

  13. Jiro says:

    too bad TWolves didnt get Batum. hopefully Rubio will recover fast to push Wolves and clinch playoffs. Williams should be consistent all through out the season though…

  14. 17,6 says:

    i am so happy he is back…i love his game…i personally believed he was easily the 3rd best SG in the nba be4 his injuries…!. Kobe 2. Wade 3. Roy

  15. Pet says:

    Why dont iverson back to NBA too ?

  16. no name says:

    B.Roy you would be miss in portland, Hope his carrier continues as he is one true warrior.
    Im sure he would be ok with his knees and hopefully the new treatment he got really works, I love watching him play for the blazers and no doubt I would love to keep watching him with any other team.
    Timberwolves should sign him asap. he sure can do way better than beasley even with his short minutes.

  17. jaytuduri says:

    Here’s a clip of Brandon playing at the Pro-Am

    • Tasketball101 says:

      the guys jumpshot is still on point but the pace of that game looks to be a bit slower nba so i expect him to be a liability on defense. i hope to be pleasantly surprised though and watch him torch teams like he used to. the nba needs more players like him. game minus the glamour.

  18. jaytuduri says:

    Here’s a Youtube clip of Brandon playing at the Pro-Am >>>

  19. Zach Gillette says:

    So, how are his knees any better? Limiting minutes won’t help, he’d have to sit out entire games. I don’t understand.

    • FLY-GUY says:

      Try understanding this….THERE IS AN EFFECTIVE SURGERY FOR MANY OF THESE ATHLETIC KNEE PROBLEMS. It just isnt approved in the the United States. You have to go to Germany to get it. Kobe had it done (you saw the season he had) Alex Rodriguez had it done (He just hit another home run last night) and Brandon Roy just had it done.

  20. Bugegong69 says:

    What a story! Goodluck Brandon Roy!

  21. jmndodge says:

    It is worth the gamble to bring Roy back for another attempt. He has to be willing to take oh a special role… No big minutes for Roy, he is of no value if he’s hurt, but his experience and skills could stop the bleeding that cost the T-wolves many games last season. Inserting Roy into a situation where the team has gone cold, and his offense and experience might just turn the situation around. It would only take a few minutes a game to accomplish this. Glad to hear the report of him still being able to move. I just hope that he doesn’t destroy his knees — perhaps he feels that this is what he really loves doing, and he can take the pain for a couple of years and will need bionic knees soon anyway? It is good news that he is the driving force in his desire to return. If those knees are better we just might have our best player coming off the bench,

  22. Tasketball101 says:

    May Yahweh bless Brandon Roy and his family whether basketball is in his future or not.

  23. Billb Bo says:

    it doesn’t make sense to me, how a guy can be in such a dire physical state and try to come back so soon. I predict he won’t be on the team after the second week of the season.

    • EZfoRPREZ says:

      get a cement block, tie in around your leg, and then throw it in the ocean. you’re horrible to even state something like that.

  24. BynumSupporter@Manila says:

    Roy go to Hollywood.. You are needed there!!

  25. Just Be says:

    finally the T’wolves will begin clenching the playoff berth…… it’s their new beginning and chronological historic beginning

  26. Good 4 U says:

    Congrats Mr. Roy, do work this coming season……

  27. Rabee says:

    just limit his minutes clearly he can still play but he wont be a starter at i would let him play the whole 4th quarter thats about it cause he is so clutch

  28. Sea Pea says:

    His explosion is not the problem. It’s going to be the constant bone on bone friction and inflamation from continuous play night in and night out. I don’t think he can play more than 30 games of a NBA season. If that is good enough the the T’Wolves then okay then.

  29. ko0kie says:

    terrific.. hopefully he can stay healthy.