An Intriguing Twist For Howard?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This isn’t the first time a wild card team has been injected into the Dwight Howard conversation, and it certainly won’t be the last.

But we challenge you or anyone else to find a more intriguing twist than the Orlando Magic superstar joining the reigning Western Conference champion Oklahoma City Thunder in their quest for a Larry O’Brien trophy.

Sure, it sounds far-fetched, given that the Thunder have never been considered even a remote factor in the Howard discussion and Thunder general manager Sam Presti‘s well-versed championship plan is already in full swing without Howard.

Still, in a summer when basically anything goes when we’re talking theories, can you imagine a more imposing lineup than what the Thunder could throw at teams if Howard was the man in the middle?

John Rhode of the Oklahoman mentioned it in passing in his examination of Presti’s “slow and steady” championship blueprint,  raising some interesting points along the way:

OKC could throw its name into the Howard hopper and offer Kendrick Perkins, James Harden and Eric Maynor in a Howard sign-and-trade with Orlando, but doing so would abandon the Presti Plan and give the perception he had gone about things all wrong.

Then again, it potentially could result in an NBA title or two with a starting lineup of Howard, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Thabo Sefolosha and Serge Ibaka, not to mention a season record for blocked shots and a high-dollar existence above the league’s luxury tax.

Presti is booking that slow and steady eventually will win the race to the NBA crown, which is why the Thunder is a tortoise in a league filled with hares.

While big-market teams have the means to play Texas Hold ’em, small-market places like OKC compete as best they can by playing five-card stud.

“You gotta stick together, even when the water’s a little rough,” Presti said. “Ultimately, we’ve got a vision for the organization that we’re trying to maintain on a daily basis, but it’s hard to do that and history shows that.”

This is the silly season, so you have to take all speculation (here and everywhere else) with a giant grain of kosher salt. Fantasy basketball is allowed, though, even if it is for just a fleeting moment on a Monday morning before the world moves on to more serious things.

And without any real movement on the Howard front since last week’s revelations and refutations surrounding Howard’s interest, or lack thereof, in joining the Lakers for the long-term, we’re left to our own imaginations where Howard’s future is concerned.


  1. SYDALE says:

    LOL @ all the people that are mad over a hypothetical… One thing for sure is… the Thunder will have some tough decisions to make…. will they shell out money, or allow key pieces to leave? Harden and Ibaka will be restricted free agents at the end of the year… hopefully, my Sixers will step up and make a grand offer for one or both of them…

  2. Kamote says:

    Howard to Sacramento for Cousins and Evans. Best deal for Orlando, they have a serviceable, if not a real potential, in Cousins, and Evans with him. As for Howard in Sacramento… the Maloofs wouldnt care anyway if he just played for a year.

  3. This guy says:

    The Thunder would be unstoppable if they did this.

  4. StyxRenegade says:

    i know this might sound dumb, but dont judge me 😀
    how bout dwight goes to the bulls for deng, noah and some other fillers.

  5. kasmot says:

    howard to miami heat!

  6. kasmot says:

    howard = loser

  7. kasmot says:

    just retire howard.. nothing to prove… magtanim ka nalang ng kangkong sa ilog pasig!

  8. Dan K. says:

    Perkins is awful and is holding this okc team back big time, I specifically watched just him during alot of playoff games and he gave up so many plays on defense and was so lost on the court is was sad. I would move perkins at the first chance I get. He only hinders this team and in no way helps.

  9. TC says:

    Trade Harden+Perkins+etc for Howard, Make Westbroke, Durant, Howard the core big 3.

  10. Danny says:

    Throw in harden, ibaka, perkins, jones, mayors and draft picks then we will consider..

  11. Vibes says:

    That would make OKC an ever bigger powerhouse. I don’t give a flying **** where they trade him to anymore, just get rid of the baby already. He’s not worth all this attention. He’s a great player, but come on now. Make a deal and let’s get this over with.

  12. rich says:

    why not just sell the championship trophies to the highest bidder team every year ?

  13. I hope nobody trades for this loser and he gets booo’d every game.

  14. Chris says:

    i think howard going to the thunder may be good but his ultimate goal is to play for the nets. if howard isnt going to saty there isnt really a point to sign him or lose talent from james harden. howard may not also fit in with the chemistry that okc has built over the years. i really dont wanna see james harden leave.

  15. another comment says:

    LOL @ Russell Westbrook. I would be trying to trade him all day. He plagues that team so bad. Nash would of been so much better on a team like that, especially with Howard in the middle. Problem with RW is he can not shoot, and he things he is much better than he really is which turns to many bad shots and turn overs. A PG that wastes 20 of the 24 seconds on the clock before throwing up a wild shot…. ya, win with that.

  16. Mr. Hatebreed says:

    dwight howard vs manny pacquio. tangena nyo lng lht pra matahimik kau!

  17. Howard says:

    The fact still remains. Only the Orlando Magic organization and Dwight Howard knows the answer to our questions. Trade or stay? Only time could tell.

  18. Raptors Fan says:

    OKC would jump into this drama before Harden contract expired

    OKC and Lakers are the only fair trade for the Magics

  19. NNM says:

    In any case, Howard is a legendary player, and needs/deserves a championship contender team.
    But I fear the big bad commissionner might jump in and say: he goes to the Hornets! (..And his career dwindles away..)

    So, Howard, give Dolan a call; he’ll make it happen… Howard + Chandler + Amare = the BIIIIG 3… I know what you’re thinking, but they’ll share minutes AND fouls, enabling the NYK to always have the most dominent inside game; whoever they play, whoever is benched with 2 fouls and a technical..
    (..or ejected for accidentally swallowing a point guard with a yawn… Howard yawns: swoosh, oops, he swallowed Lebron! )! 😀

  20. RyU says:

    i do agree that OKC needs a solid center to win a championship but not necessarily Dwight Howard… and if they have to give up anybody in there present line up for another superstar… they need to move Westbrook .. he could use his own team because without him saying , it’s obvious …. he likes to be the man ..

  21. milomiguel says:

    The howard thing is definitely a foreplay, believe me guys, it is a cover up, just to save face for howard and the franchise. after how they treated stan vun gandy, guys don’t be stupid to buy it just use our common sense. If howard really wants to leave magic once and for all he got the very chance to do it with his player option, but what did he do, he signed the waiver not to do it, a very stupid thing to do if you are desperate to go to another team. howard demanded from the management for stan to be kicked out then the management heed his call then to save their face not to be blamed they put a show like this and the teams around the league have been stupid to recognized it

  22. D-Real says:

    actually its a great trade. but i think it would be better if not, coz OKC is a great team(i mean an elite team). without Howard, they can still win the championship ring. the only thing that they need to do, is to maintain there bench players and solid there main man. I’m sure a year or 2 they’ll have there first ring, they just need to have the experience and more bench players. KD can do that without D12, but still i’m a fan of miami if this trade will happen. 🙂

  23. That would be absolutly nuts if they got him. I don’t really like the idea though, cuz they are still giving up a couple big names for him.

  24. bulundo says:

    this wud be the bulls team you wud like to see…..drose with dhoward..wat do you think?

  25. bulundo says:

    dats right magicfan..dwight for ibaka,maynor and harden wud be fair,unlike wat the other fools think..bynum though with any laker starter is the best option..okc can live with ibaka,they dont need dh

  26. Knixfan says:

    OKC needs to make this happen already.

  27. Lance says:

    How about you moronic writers start to report the facts.
    We’ve had far too many permutations in the Dwight Howard saga that’s its getting tiresome.
    Come back to us with a Dwight Howard story when he signs on the dotted line.
    Surely you have something else to report in the meantine?

  28. The horrible media says:

    What a joke. I know the sports media more or less write stuff that the fans want to hear but this is ridiculous. Sekou just lost a ton credibility with this stupid post.

  29. DASWE says:

    Westbrook, Cook, Perkins + picks(if they have) = Howard :DD

  30. Young Money $$$$$ says:

    If Howard go to the OKC he will not comfortable in that team,if Howard go to the Lakers that team will make him a good individual role player like Shaq and Kobe in the past year.This team will back in the top seeded in Western Conference record…. to all the people want Howard to the Lakers reply>>>>> (YMCMB). i hope this happen hopefully…..

  31. Bob says:

    While this has great trading potential, this article seems to be complete garbage. I’m betting this isn’t even being discussed by both teams, as there is no indication in the article about that whatsoever. This is pure speculation at best, and a cheap attempt at sensationalism wasting everybody’s time.

  32. Young Money $$$$$ says:

    If i am Dwight Howard i just gonna go in the Lakerland because they have the veteran point guard Steve Nash…Steve Nash is a very athletic when it comes to penetrate and he’s signature move the pick and roll situation he can do always actually to the big man and that is Dwight Howard hopefully that will happen soon and no one can beat the killer pick and roll..Even Pau Gasol he also a big contributor in his team and he can penetrate inside to dominate he’s guard…… Talking to the big trade Dwight Howard is not yet completely take his decision….An intriguing twist for Howard??? Howard for OKC??? Howard for LAL??? etc.

  33. Makitwork says:

    KD in PF is not good. Sorry to tell but KD is not good in def. His def is average or worst. In my opinion.

  34. Grievous56 says:

    Would be a sick trade, but I don’t think OKC wants to lose Harden. Also, is Dwight willing to play for such a small town???

  35. D-Real says:

    actually its a great trade. but i think it would be better if not, coz OKC is a great team(i mean an elite team). without Howard, they can still win the championship ring. the only thing that they need to do, is to maintain there bench players and solid there main man. I’m sure a year or 2 they’ll have there first ring, they just need to have the experience and more bench players. KD can do that without D12, but still i’m a fan of miami if this trade will happen. 😀

  36. Koupilias says:


  37. shane says:

    seriouslyy ,, enough of his drama ,,,, he s worse than a drama queen ,,,, trade him to some team in india or something .. thats all he deserves,, howard does not behave like a professional and does not deserve a top league like the nba

  38. Abesaid says:

    How about this OKC gets Bynum and Derrick willams, Lakers get Howard and ibaka, timberwolves get Gasol, and fill in players that make the salaries match, the Orlando magics get 3 first rd picks(one from each team), plus perry jones, and dump the salaries of heto turklo and Jason Richardson salary to the lakers, The lakers amnesty Turklo, and keep j-rich

  39. Cav´s says:

    Well,,,,I´d love it if he went 2 Okc,,,2 ruin the dynasty of Miami,Okc has a great future and if Howard knew what´s good for HIM he´d go there,,,and Orlando would add a few really good players at that

  40. lbj idiot fan says:

    No trade Juwan Howard for Dwight Howard! This is the best trade ever… ah.. dunno what I’m talking about.. sorry folks I’m just a retarded Heat Fan… Go Alonzo Mourning!!!! 😀

  41. lbj idiot fan says:

    where is this I.D.I.O.T fan???? I miss his D.U.M.B posts… hahaha

  42. lbj idiot fan says:

    where is this I.D.O.T fan???? I miss his D.U.M.B posts… hahaha :))

  43. AlexN says:

    Harden: Proven scorer, still young. Perkins: Proven post defender. Maynor: Solid, young PG. Orlando get some good building pieces in Harden and Maynor, then someone to provide quality minutes and help the transition not be as painful at center in Perkins. Would probably still make more sense with a third team to ship Orlando first round picks and attempt to offload Turkoglu’s contract. Maybe a team that still has their amnesty so that team would be willing to join?
    OKC wouldn’t get rid of both Harden and Ibaka, and considering Howard could make up for the scoring Harden brings, as well as add another post defender alongside Ibaka, it would make them a force to be reckoned with. Two DPotY quality players in the post? Yeah, I’d take that.
    Any chance you get to acquire a top 5 player for their position, you should take it. That’s why I think Lakers/OKC would be the more viable trades for Orlando. They need to rebuild, yes, but transitioning from playoffs to lottery in one season could prove difficult; both emotionally and financially (some fan base could leave, etc.)

  44. I understand why the Magic has taken this far in trading Howard. They will lose their number 1 star so they should get a star in return or close enough star. I’d say trade Howard to Wolves for Love, Barea, draft pics and bench warmers for Howard and Turkuglu. Magic would still be solid then with Love anchoring the post which is close enough to be a star player. Howard will be paired with Rubio, Roy, Johnson, Williams and more then both teams get the benefits.

  45. just howard says:

    he’s worse than a girl, until now he cant decide which team will he join. first brooklyn, then lakers, houston, and now okc,

  46. Swala says:

    Straight after the season finished and Dwight again said he wanted to be traded David Aldridge said on NBA.TV, ‘If I was Magic managment I would go straight to Sam Presti and offer Howard for Harden, Ibaka + another, and dare Dwight not to sign the extension…dare him not to want to play with westbrook and durant.’ —- This could actually be a nice move.

  47. mike says:

    Orlando receives: Westbrook, Perkins, Maynor, 1st round pick.
    OKC receives: Howard, Turkoglu.

    Westbrook is a selfish guy who will soon want to have his “own” team, built around him. You’ll see.
    I’m neither OKC or Magic fan.

  48. uh says:

    howard should go to bulls and team up with rose.
    don’t know why they won’t go for him
    trading howard and turk for deng, noah and someone else

  49. This? says:

    How about trading Perkins and Ibaka for Dwight?

  50. boij says:

    if howard wil be in OKC,then,, they wil be the miami in the west… but miami is still the best though,, no one can match LBJ…

  51. SDF05 says:

    Please Dwight,
    I say this for the only and last time.

    and stop this's making me and others sick..


  52. joel eustaquio says:

    I’m a Celtic fan and I think even though Howard end with OKC I think Miami Heat can still beat the OKC line of KD,Russ, and Howard. Miami is so good with a lot of shoooters around them like Miller, Allen, Lewis If they can get a better point guard and a center I think they will be chanmpions for several years. Sorry OKC your money is not good enough

  53. Nolan says:

    I wonder if Harden would still be brought off the bench

  54. Steve says:

    Why would OKC make this trade and why would Howard want to be traded? His contract runs out after this season and then he will be an unrestricted free agent. He has already stated that he will not sign a contract extension with any team. When free agency rolls around next year, he will sign with someone. I doubt that its going to be the Lakers.

    The logical destinations are going to be Miami, Brooklyn, and OKC with maybe a few teams making a case for why he should join them based on their records this upcoming year. Just like Lebron James, Dwight Howard is fed up with carrying a team that is under performing and has no supporting cast. Without Dwight Howard, the Magic would land among the league’s worst teams just like what happened to the Cavaliers.

    I fully expect Dwight to go into free agency and then maybe even ride things out even next summer to see where some of the chips fall with other free agents on the market. This is what he has been communicating all along. Check out what his agent said:

    “Dwight’s position has remained unchanged since the end of this past season,” said Dan Fegan of LaGardere Unlimited. “He fully intends to explore free agency at the end of next season, regardless of what team trades for him, including Brooklyn.”

  55. JR says:

    In the following season OKC was going to trade Harden or Ibaka because they want close to max deals. Adding D12 Max Contract will just make it more improbable. OKC is still a small market team they can’t afford to be over the cap

  56. Derrick says:

    Bring D12 to OKC!!!

  57. addy says:

    the LAKERS will win another world title next year with or without the big guy. we already have 2!

  58. Toomuchdwight says:

    Lol this is the topic of every year he has been tired of being in orlando yet he is still there stop whining and play what your good at. You will end up being with the magic like always

  59. meme says:

    if basketball had no salary cap limit like baseball, Pat Riley and the Miami Heat would be in the sweepstakes for Dwight Howard, and they would probably get him as the Heat need a strong center to be a big threat. Howard wants a contending team and who else better than the Miami Heat. What i picture the trade to be like.
    Miami Heat get
    *Dwight Howard
    Orlando Magic get
    *Rashard Lewis
    *Joel Anthony
    *1st round draft pick 2013

    but since there is a salary cap space this trade cannot happen

  60. LadyBlah!Blah! says:

    I think what Orlando wants was FUTURE PICKS.
    They could throw in Harden and Perkins for the trade plus a first round pick for Howard.
    This would make sense because letting James Harden go would be fair to them, having pretty much to maintain his contract with one year left on his contract.
    While Kendrick Perkins fits on the Orlando Magic roster as the Orlando Magic needs a big man rather than Glen Davis.
    and of course,
    the first round pick for next year because Having Dwight Howard wouldn’t make them a top 10 draft pick next year which is a good thing for the OKC.

    I mean, if you look at the starting five of the OKC nexrt season with Dwight Howard, it would be like this.

    Dwight Howard
    Serge Ibaka
    Kevin Durant
    Thabo Sefolosha
    Russel Westbrook.

    Efficient in Scoring as well as a their dominance in Defense.

    Next season, They would trade Serge Ibaka something they want to replace. Nor just replace him with future picks.
    That way, they are now in control with the flow.
    They just need to improve on their rookies to boost their bench.

  61. Isaac says:

    lol would be terrible trade. KD already is barely learning to coexist with a pg that hogs the ball now dwight please. Russell and Kevin take 20+ shots a night where does dwight fit in. He would be a 2nd maybe 3rd option. At least in LA he only would have 3 years on being 2nd and then can take over as the man plus a big market.

  62. joey says:

    oh man their illegal screens will be even more unstoppable

  63. Sabungero says:

    Its about The Howard Saga again. David Aldridge’s articles were far far better.

  64. duard jan says:

    wahahaha… i dont really care where he wants to go…. im so tired and sick of this rumors.!! nonsense…

  65. Tommohawk says:

    personally I’m sick of these mini-dream teams. Stop it already!

  66. Marc-Phil says:

    Trade HOWARD for DENG BOOZER and BREWER…..

    NOAH at the PF… what do u think?

    They can sign veteran players that fit to the BULLS system…

  67. tykieboi says:

    hey orlando…learn from the nuggets…if u want howard gone no team will ever give up a superstar for dh12…just gets 3 to 5 players plus draft picks which could help the team win…its pointless to hold on to howard with a superstar as his replacement so try and trade for role players…

  68. mr.t says:

    This trade is one hell of a good one..I like harden but D12 will bring 6 or 7 ring to OKC. That way we can match up with heat next season.

  69. ed says:

    Dwight is better fit for the CHICAGO BULLS!

  70. nath says:

    if this trade happens, wow! okc will be the best team for me in the nba next season even if ibaka will be included in the trade for DH

  71. Alberto Levy says:

    I hope Dwight goes to OKC. Lefront James will never win again. Bulls fan in Miami. GO BULLS

    • go lakers says:


    • Koupilias says:


    • Knixfan says:

      THE 3 FLAMINGOS in MIA have 4 more years together.
      If they remain healthy they can win another title.
      CHI should really send NOAH + BOOZER packing for HOWARD.
      I much rather see HOWARD in CHI then OKC.

  72. JP says:

    i would not trade Maynor and Harden for Howard. They got to the finals last year because of a deep bench, without those two players, they will only become a five man team. You do not want to get into the frantic and crazy free agent hunt if you already knew that you have established a team that is ready to contend for a championship with the talent their bench has. Trading them for a superstar would only make things worse, I’m not saying that inserting Howard in the lineup is a worthless upgrade, Imagine him with Ibaka guarding the Paint if that happens then the inside would be almost impenetrable! No body would dare to go inside and watch their shots swatted to the stands but they might encounter problems regarding team chemistry and Howard’s attitude would not be a help at all and the most obvious side effect is the downgrade of the bench..

    • Knixfan says:

      PERKINS + IBAKA + 2 1st RD Draft Picks for HOWARD would be my offer to ORL,
      but I don’t know MAYNOR or HARDEN contract status.

  73. ij_maverick says:

    GO Howard to OKC… i’ll be more happier for him 2 b there rather him being a LAKER…

  74. DNAlin says:

    wat kind of idea… howard to thunder.. i dont think so…..

    go to the lakers.. and then beat the mother fukcer thunder and heat…..

    go howard…

  75. Sunny says:


  76. MATT CAM91 says:

    i would rather get rid of ibaka. harden is a up and coming premier shooting guard. in the starting line up or off the bench he is dangerous. if the thunder could land howard and sign harden to a long term deal. doubt all this is likely but i would love this to happen Go Thunder!

  77. OKC2013 says:

    First of all, okc really should not do this because it is completely against their mentalilty of building a team from the ground up, they have their group of guys already, they just need to focus on keeping them together. And to all the people who think that it would be ok for harden because he would start on another team, it’s not because sefalosha is better, it’s the rotation, he runs the offense. Smh.

  78. Dean says:

    But why do such a drastic change when they already blasted their way through the West these past playoffs. I say next year they have just as good a chance as Miami so why throw away two of your main guys for one new guy. I don’t see that being a winning team, OKC will trade Westbrook before Harden and I doubt that’ll happen ever.

  79. Tim Roseberg says:

    what kind of trade is that the trade for howard was the Nets and the Rockets All those players that OKC is giving they not evan all stars and they cant score that much

  80. Jaggernaut says:

    another nonsense topic.

  81. Heat2013repeat says:

    sekou does not know what hes talking bout. lmao idk where he gets his sources

    • I know where says:

      .. he “sources” his info’ … but it’s dark down there and you have to wade thru’ the floaters and get past those 30 ft, killer croc’s that a year before were little critters flushed down the John. What really surprises me though, is how the h3ck the rest of the Hang Time Crew put up with the stench.

  82. KROOK says:

    trade ryan hollins keeyon dooling marquis daniels for dwight howard + cash money

    boston will be a great team

  83. A-Rod says:

    Ibaka, Harden and Naynor would be fair for Howard trade.

  84. celtics 100 says:

    east conference
    1. heat
    2. celtics
    3.brooklyn nets
    4. indiana
    6. chicago
    8.philadelphia/orlando /or / bucks

  85. GniK911 says:

    not gonna happen….sure they will have the best starting line up in the league, but what about their bench???okc is already a very good team an elite team…all they lack is experience…

  86. AllButterBaby says:

    I heard that the New York Jets are willing to offer Tebow, Sanchez, and a tub of Rex Ryan’s foot cream for Howard///

    • You sir are today's winner! says:

      … someone who actually knows what the h3ll they’re talkin’ about and has a trade sheet that is perfectly in line with the “value” on offer. ;P

  87. LAKERS 4EVA!! says:

    this trade will never happen. Howard has 3 desires with a new “team” (i say team grudgingly because he seems to have no concept of the meaning of the word). 1 – max contract. Howard wants every dollar available to him. The OKC/Presti way is about sacrafice for the good of the team (see Coach Brooks’ contract negotiations and Ibaka / Harden expension comments). No way is Howard going to take less money. 2 – Big Market. Dwight wants a big market to increase his endorsement dollars. OKC is about as far away from a big market as Jenna Jameson is to a virgin. 3 – Being “the man”. Dwight wants to be the face of the franchise. I’m sure this is part ego, and part to elevate his exposure, to again boost his endorsement dollars. In OKC he would be the 3rd option, both as franchise player and on offence.

    The LA trade would satisfy 2.5 of these 3 requirements (max contract, big market, and he would have to wait a year or two take over from Kobe as the face of the franchise) – But he doesn’t seem to be able to swallow that 0.5 part where he is behind Kobe in the pecking order. So why the heck would he ever go to OKC??? Really???

  88. Rocket33 says:

    This trade does appear to be just fiction straight out of NBA 2K, but it does actually make some kind of sense. Harden looked scared in the finals and based on the money he’s going to be offered in free agency, moving him might be the best option. We all know what Perkins brings but Dwight brings a lot more. Maynor is a solid backup PG but would be worth trading to bring in Howard. The other piece they have is Perry Jones III. Possibly the most frustrating player I’ve ever seen but if he ever figures out what he’s been blessed with he could be a star. So, if they think they could convince Dwight to stick around (probably not) its worth a look.

    • I misread this too says:

      But after a second look realized Sekou is being tongue ‘n cheek (a la Fantasy B’ball Trades). There are probably alot of trades that could work in Orlando’s favor, Sekou’s was just one of the many. I personally would like to see The Mavericks & Orlando do a trade with Kaman, Wright & Marion / Crowder to Orlando for D12 & Turk’. That way Orlando get a solid core to build on and also move the albatross contract that is that big paloooka, Turk’s.

      • Rocket33 says:

        Orlando want young players and draft picks. What about Sacramento? Cousins, Thomas Robinson and Zeke 2.0.

  89. Ben says:

    I’d take this trade as an okc fan.

    I don’t really want to lose Harden or Maynor, but I’d live with losing them for the impact Dwight Howard would bring. Even though I don’t really like Dwight that much.

    I couldn’t live with a deal that saw Ibaka, Durant or Westbrook go anywhere else. And losing three of your seven best players is a pretty big hit, OKC’s much praised bench depth would be gone. But this is the kind of deal which could push them to a dynasty. I’d mourn to see my favourite team broken up, much as I did after the Jeff Green trade – but then I’d move on if the team moved up.

  90. Parmveer says:

    Why isn’t the Bulls vs Heat a option when John Lucas III just took over that game to give the Bulls the win!

  91. Choker says:

    One of the worst trade offers ever

  92. Rocabye says:

    I’d never trade Harden or Perkins for someone like Dwight Howard. He has no heart.

  93. Marm says:

    I think a Demarcus Cousins, James Hardy and 2 1st rounds for Howard and Turkalo would work for both. The Magic get a good young center that can be really go if he just matures and a solid 2 Guard.

    • derp says:

      and what would the kings get in exchange?

      • D Lion says:

        Maybe a trade like this:

        Kings get: Kendrick Perkins, Eric Maynor, 2 1st round draft picks.
        Thunder get: Dwight Howard
        Magic get: John Salmons, James Harden, DeMarcus Cousins

        Kings lose: John Salmons, DeMarcus Cousins
        Thunder lose: Kendrick Perkins, Eric Maynor, James Harden
        Magic lose: Dwight Howard

        Kind of unfair for the Kings to lose 2 of their best players for Perk and Maynor, but if they got the picks from the Magic, they would likely be high picks, which would help their rebuilding effort. I don’t see them losing Cousins though, and for good reason.

  94. tjtav says:

    how many surgeries has kendrick perkins had this off season? and a major one to his knee the season before? JOKE, not going to happen.

  95. JustOMatic! says:

    Whats funny about the whole thing is…. This is the only team where he can be the “1”, the man. He wouldn’t be the man in Brooklyn or anywhere else but, Orlando. All the trades proposed for him are nice and all but he’ll mess around and stay. Lol! He already hit you with a crossover dribble last season by actions… what makes you think he won’t again? I used to be a fan of him when he first came in because I love to see shots get blocked…. now I can care less where he goes, send him to Dleague like they did my dude Odom!

  96. gc says:

    CrybabyD12 to back up Bosh from the bench, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7 rings guaranteed.

  97. dew says:

    Yeah, I’ve mentioned this deal a couple of times due to the inability to potentially keep both Harden and Ibaka on the books while also feeding Perkins as well. I mentioned trading Perkins and Harden straight up for Howard which is a solid deal for both teams involved. Howard goes to a contender while OKC gets something for Harden and replaces Perkins at the same time. I doubt this will happen OKC being in a smaller market. Most likely either Ibaka or Harden will leave for more money, not surprised if they both do while OKC replaces them with other role players who want to play with Westbrook and Durant. Just my 2 cents. But yeah, I do read what others write especially if it came from me. This idea is nothing new but is something to fantasize on a Monday. Will agree there.

  98. Joey says:

    howard’s better off in dallas

    • That'll work! says:

      I agree. But who to give up? I think Orlando (and remember this is Fantasy b’ball) should request: Kaman, Wright and that new talented rookie Crowder. That way Orlando gets some size – with experience – and also some youth, athleticism and scoring ability at the SF/SG: which is where i think the kid will make a name for himself. Either Crowder or Marion – and Orlando shouldn’t settle for less.

  99. William says:

    If D12 doesn’t want to play second-fiddle to Kobe, what makes you think that he would settle for a third option role in OKC? Everybody knows that Westbrook and KD are getting 25 or more shots each per game!! Good luck with D12 settling for 10-15 attempts!!

  100. dc says:

    howard=harden, ibaka and perkins

  101. sirsparhawk says:

    If OKC nabbed him for that deal Id gladly take it. I like Hardin but howard is far better, and perkins doesnt compare to howard on any scale. It would be a great trade but I doubt it would ever happen.

  102. Ron says:

    Trade D12 for Amare, Shumpert

  103. Kevin says:

    Also, fans, quit complaining. At least you have a team! Regardless if they win or lose, at the end of the day you have a team.

    Come to St. Louis and complain. I’d be happy if we had the Bobcats for crying out loud.

  104. Kevin says:

    No trade the Magic do is unfair. Howard will leave as as soon as he can. Its as simple as that. If they don’t trade him now they will get absolutely nothing out of him. To say any trade is unfair for Orlando is absolutely ignorant.

    They don’t deserve to come out a head, in my opinion. They saw this coming and they did nothing about it.

  105. W/E says:

    yep hat would be awesome, team up D12 with westebrook and durant and u got a team that can compete with the Heat.

    • Amitpal says:

      Haha that funny. No Westbrook harden and Durant can compete with heat. Westbrook Durant and Dwight would murder the team by halftime. Heats biggest weakness is still a top defensive big guy. And Dwight is the best defensive big guy in the league. Lebron and wade shoot like shaq, out of the big three bosh is the best shooter, and yeah u got ray Allen but he can’t get his own shot off anymore and with dwight in the middle no need to double team anybody. With Dwight is one of the best post player on both ends and Durant is the best outside player and if u add Westbrook to that combo, u have probably the best team ever. A team better then the 90s bulls.

      • LBJ says:

        Dwight does want to compete to be the 2nd best player on the team (with Westbrook)..Loll

        just for that reason, he’ll stay away.. and this deals will put OKC much over the luxury tax & don’t think they have so much money to throw around…

        As for Miami, they’ll still have the edge because of their much stronger bench (Haslem, Allen, Lewis, Cole, Anthony, etc)… while OKC would have gotten much thinner in reserves…

  106. Rabee says:

    this trade is so old yet it is reasonable i just cant imagine dwight in a okc jersey i mean if he did go there the nba should be lockout forever we all no who is going to win it all and magic can negotiate this trade magic got their gm from the thunder rob hennigan he and presti will have no problems negotiating but as a magic fan i hate this trade. but i am willing to take howard and harden on the magic huh anyone trade turkoglu and duhon thunder need a guy who can back up durant turkoglu fits pretty well

  107. Dwightmare Magic fan says:

    WTF?….that’s a very unfair trade in favor of OKC. Even though Harden is a 6th man of the year and Perkins provides quality minutes, they are nowhere near the overall value of Dwightmare Howard.

    OKC are giving bench left-overs for a superstar franchise player. f*ck that.

    the fair trade should be: IBAKA, HARDEN, MAYNOR for DWIGHTMARE “crybaby” HOWARD, atleast we are getting some value in trading this crybaby, we would love disposing this brat, but please offer something of value in return.

    also we prefer BYNUM, META WORLD WAR better for DWIGHTMARE.

    • NOE RIVERA says:


    • NOE RIVERA says:


    • USATeam2012 says:

      You are not making any sense. OKC wouldn’t be the same if you trade Ibaka and Harden. Howard would fit in Lakers. Just trade away problematic Artest and childish Bynum for Howard. That would be great.

      • kngdom of Jogis says:

        Howard is unhealthy with back enjury and can only play after 6 months, that hurts the Lakers. Bynum is 100% healthy, he should remain with lakers and Howard go else where, any team……..

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Wow you sound bitter. Well call him what you want, everyone else recognizes his value.

    • William says:

      Yeah, he is a cry baby!! Talkin bout no Chicago because it’s too cold!! So, Brooklyn isn’t cold too? CMON!!!! This cat is the best second option player in the league!! He will never be a first option guy!! (See Orlando playoff exits) He thinks he’s bigger than the game, and he should end up on the Wiz or the Queens, so he can jack up all the shots that he wants with no pressure to win or be a rider for his squad!! SCARED TO BE A LAKER!!!!!

    • MGIC CORE says:


      • Rocket33 says:

        Perkins and Howard couldn’t co-exist. Ibaka has a jump shot so he could play alongside Howard without getting in his way.

    • ATLHAWKSFAN says:

      HAHAHAHA i like that META WORLD WAR haha

    • Sixers ! says:

      wont get bynum cause he wont sign extenstion, he will be free agent next season so please all of you SHUT UP !!

  108. SYDALE says:

    This is almost the same deal I’ve been proposing for months now… The only difference is that you trade Perkins and Ibaka, and a 1st RD Pick for Howard…

  109. Tired says:

    Too much dwight howard drama, so getting tired of it. He’s a bigger baby than glen davis

  110. Amitpal says:

    And those of u who r wondering why Dwight would tAke this trade, well he has a chance to win maybe 10 championship. The okc r very very young And yet they r one of the more experienced teams out there. Kd is soon to be best player, russel is going to be a great pg and with Dwight in the middle, the will have post, shooter and extreme althletism. They can run on fast break every position and easily dominate.

    • Ifyoujustplayball says:

      He wants big-market type of exposure……that is why he would NOT go to a smaller market than Orlando…… just sayin’

  111. Amitpal says:

    Man I’ve been crying about this for months. Although my trade is a little different. I’d give up James harden serge ibaka and Eric manyor. Then u can trade Perkins somewhere else for a powerforward or another ok wing player. Imagine put kevin at PF and Dwight at center. They still have a mod level exception and there r still plenty of good players out there including Carlos delfino. Plus this gives a chance for perry jones to stride right away.

  112. Dennis Jackson says:

    DH name has been mention a lot this year as well as last season, I’m of the posture that DH needs to man up. I do think that DH
    Would fit real cool in OKC, maybe a couple of Cups

  113. caloyski says:

    If OKC gets Howard, then they would be the 1990 s Bulls of today– so powerful a team– dynasty in the making– Almost unbeatable

  114. Levi Thieman says:

    Miami should trade Wade Cole and Pittman for Howard

    • bballjunkie1 says:

      Throw in slow, no defense playing Chalmers for good measure. Give the ball to Cole next season. Besides every team has a Jeremy Lin (player) on the bench if coaches can be open like Dantoni and give them a chance.

  115. i hate sekou says:

    i really hate sekou

    • Tommohawk says:


    • you & me both h8 this guy says:

      WTF??? Perkins for D12? Are you f@#K!n kidding me? I think Sekou just wants anything other than LaLa Land to land him .. so after having smoked some purple haze starts in on his deluded fantasy b’ball picks & trades. I mean GTFOH! The only way Orlando would even consider a deal would be with Ibaka, Harden and probably one of the SF’s on OKC’s roster. That said, Sekou is a bumb and needs to take his refrigerator carton and take residence up near his nearest turnpike.

  116. Chuck says:

    I’ll take Anthny Davis before anyone in basketball. Within two years he will be one of the greats…ever.

    • dattebayo says:

      Come on now, don’t drag Sir Charles name through the dirt by stating ridiculous claims like that. AD is an early First Round Pick with a lot of expectations and so were Big Men like Kwame Brown and Darko Milicic…

      • Hyun says:

        but milicic did win a championship with the pistons… i see nothing wring with AD possibly being better as a PF in the next 2 years. just my 2cents

      • The Fox says:

        Dont forget the great Greg Oden. Can you say Fail?

    • sirsparhawk says:

      WOw fanboi, well who knows, maybe you will be right. Lets see how he develops.

    • Dean says:

      Nah! He’s gonna need more than a couple years…and no matter how good he turns out…don’t matter without a ring!

  117. Joel Velasco says:

    I don’t understand why the Knicks don’t get into the Howard sweepstades. They could send Anthony, Chandler and Davis for Howard and Turkolou. The numbers would word and both teams would be as strong if not stronger.

    • NOE RIVERA says:



      • go lakers says:

        howard would of been on this olympics team but he had back surgery (he would of been the starter)

      • wadefan says:

        and if howard were healthy right now chandler wouldnt be an olympian at all.. lol

    • alienboy says:


      1.) The Knicks would not want to trade Chandler.
      2.) Magic are not interested in either Melo or Stat since Magic cannot afford either one of them alone to trade it with Howard. And besides it violates number-1 since they already have a Center.
      3.) Magic needs a legitimate center plus some future draft picks for them to start new and Knicks don’t have either 1st nor 2nd round future picks since they gave it all away from 2013 to 2015.

    • tgmetsfan says:

      I do understand the idea, but no offense, that is the worst idea i have ever heard. The knicks wouldnt send the reigning DPOY, probably the third best SF in the game for two bloated contracts and a diva. The only way this goes down if the magic agree to void the bloated contract of the knicks’ diva: Amare. Anyway, they think they have a great solution at C for the next few years. What they dont have is a great PG and if they clear stoudemire’s contract than they have the means to pursue chris paul next year, whom we all know wants to play in NY. Plus, the knicks arent going to resign davis since he is old, they have three other PG’s and he is going to be hurt until the playoffs of next year.

  118. allaroundballer says:

    OKC has the most reasonable chips to trade. You name it and they’re still a contender after the trade

  119. Huh ? says:

    Have you been reading what your readers write ? I am sure John Rhode does !

    Many of your readers have made the suggestion for this trade – right here. Many times.

  120. Jones17 says:

    This isn’t a new idea Sekou, several fans have talked about this before

  121. magicman101 says:

    How is that even a fair trade? Houston has the best deal hands down.. they just need a big man to go with it…

    • alienboy says:

      I agree that Houston has nothing to offer for a 5 position in the upcoming season. But drafts and future drafts are not that bad at all since Houston has lot of it plus their small cap space! This would enable to let the Magic throw out their bad contracts and start anew with some future draft picks which actually their plan. But the OKC trade that Seiku stated is not bad at all! Harden will be free agent in the 2013-14 season and the OKC is no way can afford Harden. I guess the Magic will be tempted but like I said, still the Magic needs to throw out their bad contracts, get some future draft picks in return for the trade. 😀

  122. Ashwin says:

    OKC isnt a center heavy team. they rely on the KD-Russ and others formula. but it wud be sooo awesome if Superman joined forces. dunno how the finances will be managed but it shud be the boost they need to go for the ring. i wud feel bad for Harden though.

    • dattebayo says:

      The next season will be the last season for Harden in an OKC uniform anyway. He and Serge Ibaka are players that teams love to throw money at in Free Agency. Since they both have become very good players in their own way, OKC won’t be able to keep them both and also keep paying Perkins along the way. If I had to choose I would let Harden go and keep Ibaka and in that scenario you will not have to feel bad for Harden. He will get a big contract and he will be a starter on his next team.

    • EZap says:

      I got a better twist. Suppose the owners of theThunder quit living in shame and returned the Supersonics back to Seattle. Then Howard could play here.

    • lbj says:

      Howard chasing for his 1st ring and he wants to get a ring he needs to play with the king “LeBron”. Howard will accept the trade against haslem,turiaf,anthony and future round picks. not bad for Orlando.

      PG: Wade
      SG: Allen
      SF: James
      PF: Bosh
      C: Howard

      6th man: Battier
      Strong Reserve: Chalmers,Cole,Lewis,Miller and cousin of Dwight Juwan Howard