Selby, Lillard Named Co-MVPs

By Drew Packham,

LAS VEGAS — Memphis guard Josh Selby and Portland point guard Damian Lillard were named co-MVPs of the Las Vegas Summer League on Sunday.

Selby, the Grizzlies’ second-year guard out of Kansas, led all players in scoring at 27.5 points per game as Memphis went 2-2 entering its final game Sunday. Selby shot 59.3 percent from the floor — including 70.6 percent on 3-pointers. Selby made at least five 3-pointers in each game, talling 24 in the four games (24-for-34). Selby was also active defensively, averaging 2.5 steals.

Lillard, whom the Blazers took sixth overall in the 2012 Draft, averaged 26.5 points, 4.0 rebounds and 5.6 assists in four games. Lillard shots 43.8 percent from the floor, highlighted by a 31-point, seven-assist performance in Thursday’s 84-78 win over Atlanta. Lillard finished second in scoring (first among rookies) and sixth in assists (third among rookies).

All-Summer League Team:
Josh Selby – Memphis Grizzlies
Damian Lillard – Portland Trail Blazers
Malcolm Thomas – Chicago Bulls
Bradley Beal – Washington Wizards
Tobias Harris – Milwaukee Bucks
John Henson – Milwaukee Bucks
Jeremy Lamb – Houston Rockets
Dominique Jones – Dallas Mavericks
Cory Joseph – San Antonio Spurs
Jimmy Butler – Chicago Bulls
Kemba Walker – Charlotte Bobcats
Donatas Motiejunas – Houston Rockets
Jae Crowder – Dallas Mavericks


  1. The Boss says:

    Kemba Walker is going to become a legeng. He will be one of the most valued point guards in the next years.

  2. Dirt says:

    The guys who really gabbed my attention are Shelby, Nolan Smith before he got hurt, Terrance Jones, Lillard, Jeremy Lamb, Motiejunas and Henson. Shelby came out of college too soon so he slipped in the draft. Looks like he is about to explode now – good for him.

  3. Dirt says:

    Terrance Jones and Byrum Mullens should have been included. over Crowder and Harris althoug I wasn’t there…. Just based on team wins and each players stats. I guess they had enough Rockets so Jones was the odd man out. He is going to be a star though….. Mullens played well and the Cats were 4-1. They deserved two players – and Mullens might have deserved it over Walker….

  4. Go Kings!! says:

    Where’s Adam Morrison? -__-

  5. Miami Heat Fan says:



  6. rayjones5 says:

    I agree, a few players are missing. The biggest misjustice was that nobody from the warriors was on the team. When you have a team that goes undefeated, at least one person from there team deserves to be on the all-star list. So, HB should b up there.

  7. Bret says:

    Not sure how they came up with this list, but they definitely snubbed Kawhi Leonard (25p/6r/3a) and Markief Morris (19.8p/9.8r/2a/2b). Very disappointing!

  8. Rusty says:

    Dee Bost looked like a player with a lot of potential! I would sign and develop him. Jared Sullinger and Harrison Barnes should be added to the list.

  9. GREG says:


  10. Abbas El Gamal says:

    I cannot believe the bias against the Warriors in the media. They were the only team with 5-0, but none of the players made it to the all summer league team!!

    • Jeff says:

      Ahem.. It’s summer league. Win/loss means very little as teams are playing guys to see if they are worth adding to the roster or giving minutes to in actual nba games. Many of the best players in summer league end up sitting bench for a good portion of games even when the team is behind…why? Cause its summer league! Hence the 10 foul rule as well.

  11. aj says:

    Where is JImmer?? they doing him wrong

  12. Makitwork says:


  13. rickyddddd says:

    would like to point out that Lillard actually finished #1 in scoring . among all players as Selby’s game five stats were down a bit .I guess the games on Sunday were meaningless as the awards and the all summer league teams were announced before they were even over.

  14. jcrazy says:

    Cant believe Ghana will win gold at the olympics. They have a solid team a lot better than the jokers on the use team. Lets go GHANA

  15. niikko tamayo says:

    indot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

  16. Alain says:

    I’m a Trailblazer fan and I’m glad to see Lillard up there but I will admit Terrence Jones and either Dionte Christmas or Jared Sullinger should be up there

  17. TheViper1983 says:

    I agree, a few is missing and a few shouldn’t be on there.
    I do agree however with lillard being mvp. I think it should only be for the rookies though, not second or third year.

  18. observer says:

    What? How is Jae Crowder in this all summer league team and Harrison Barnes isn’t?

  19. 12243 says:

    Terrence Jones?

  20. C's ALL DAY says:

    What about Jared Sullinger and Dionte Christmas from the Celtics?

  21. Jackson says:

    Terrence Jones missing?? Pointless list.