Las Vegas Summer League: Day 10 Recap

By Drew Packham,

LAS VEGAS — After 10 days of basketball and 60 games, Summer League action came to a close Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas with just three games and a familiar face once again stealing the show.

Adam Morrison, who earlier in the week was heckled by a few fans, got nothing but cheers – and even a short-lived “M-V-P” chant – after he took over in his finale, scoring 26 points and hitting four 3-pointers to lead L.A. to a 92-77 win over the Celtics.

“I’m used to it,” Morrison said of the heckling. “For some reason, people see me as a polarizing figure. I don’t know what it is. I’m a nice guy, I’m not rude or anything like that. Some people just like to pick on me, which I understand. It’s their right. But I guess I did OK to keep ‘em quiet for a little while.”

Morrison did more than OK in his five days here. After Sunday’s performance, Morrison boosted his average to 20.0 points and 5.0 rebounds and shot 55 percent in 33 minutes per game. The All-Summer League Team was announced — without Morrison on the list — before Sunday’s game, but Morrison is just trying to show he still belongs in the league.

“To be honest with you, it’s all about pride really,” Morrison said. “Obviously I want to make it to the NBA, but I wanted to say that I gave it my best shot. If it doesn’t work out, I can turn the page and do something else with my life.”

Non-rookie of the day: Minnesota’s Mike Harris saw his first action, scoring 22 points with 12 rebounds in the Wolves’ 97-91 win over the Grizzlies. Harris has spent three seasons playing in the NBA, the D-League and overseas and at 29 years old was one of the older players here this week.

Other notables: Jermaine Taylor, Bulls. Taylor, who split time between Houston and Sacramento in 2011, scored 21 points on 9-for-18 shooting in his first extended minutes of Summer League. Aaron Miles of the Bucks, who played six games for Golden State in 2011 before playing overseas last season, had 13 assists against zero turnovers in Milwaukee’s finale.

Rookie of the day: Talor Battle, Clippers. After seeing little playing time in the Clippers’ first three games (with Eric Bledsoe playing), Battle started the last two games, with his best performance coming Sunday. Battle, who played in France and Germany last season after going undrafted out of Penn State, had 17 points and seven assists and looked good running the show in L.A.’s 92-77 win over Boston.

Other notables: Tony Wroten, Grizzlies. The rookie out of Washington had a pair of highlight reel dunks and several slick passes and finished with 17 points as he spearheaded a late comeback that came up short in Memphis’ 97-91 loss to the Wolves. Wroten finished just 8-for-20 from the floor (1-for-5 on 3s), but had three steals and showed off his athleticism and versatility. Also, there was John Henson of the Bucks. If Milwaukee’s big man had played more than 20 minutes he might have had a monster game. As it was, Henson scored 16 points, making his first eight shots as Milwaukee built a big lead and cruised to a 113-68 rout of the Bulls. Henson showed off his range and had a few nice hooks in the lane as well.

Coming up: With Summer League play over, players now begin their preparations for the upcoming season. Many of the players came to Las Vegas trying to show teams they’re worth an invite to training camp. Camps open Oct. 2 for most teams, while those playing overseas exhibitions will start three days earlier.


  1. joel says:

    im totally lakers fans and I’m proud of adam Morrison because his doing well in his career. keep it up and good luck

  2. The Teacher says:

    If he hangs it up, he’s still a 2 time nba champion and was a college player of the year.

  3. SG says:

    I remember watching him at Gonzaga and he was INSANE! I seriously hope he gets another shot. Even more I hope he keeps the clean face look and retires the stache 🙂 Go Adam!

  4. Jose (clipper Nation) says:

    Play the guy! Remember Linsanity? Knicks had no choice but to let him play and he showed the world he can play if given a chance. Adam showed he can play. Hey Clips, get Adam and use him. Don’t be like the Lakers and sit him down on the bench. I know Vinny will get all the players involved. Like he did last year Goon Squad I think that was the second unit bench players were called.

  5. AJ Nair says:

    Looks like he picked up his offensive game and hope it stays that way.
    Even during the garbage minutes with the Lakers, he wasn’t shooting well. Matter of fact, he wasn’t ever a good shooter in NBA. he is around 37% on the floor which is horrible.

    If some one is willing to gamble on Adam, then go for it but I doubt he will be consistent.

  6. SmoothMM says:

    Well, Bulls: you may want to check this guy out. If not, the Clips may snatch him.

  7. rdpinoy says:

    Jordan should pick him up again on the Bobcats just to prove to critics and fans that he was no fluke. at least regain some cred for his lotto picks mistakes… *cough cough Kwame*

  8. rdpinoy says:

    Jordan should give him a chance on the Bobcats again to prove these critics/fans that he has the talent still. and to help jordan regain his lotto cred at least.. lol *cough* kwame *cough*

  9. Nick says:

    Morrison deserves a chance. And he’s better off without the goatee.

  10. TTMC says:

    Good luck, AMMO

  11. Sixers ! says:

    idk whats all the fuss about he got two rings with the lakers .he good

    • Mino says:

      he probably played 1 minute for each of those rings. It’d be better if you actually play for one, not just be on a team that won one for you.

  12. Gpixels says:

    It’s not his fault that he was over projected in the draft. Fans and critics were brutal to him. I probably used his name in a few punchlines myself. I hope he makes a roster and settles into a productive NBA career.

  13. JustOMatic! says:

    Besides injuries, the biggest thing that is going to keep him out is Defense! He doesn’t play it at all…thats always been a knock on him. We all know the guy can shoot I’ve never seen the guy play D at all…. so what if he hits shot, the man he’s sticking will be able to come right back and make him pay.. He’s been in the league for 7-8 yrs and all he has is a shot? The fact of the matter is… He’s one of the older guys in SL playing with rookies and guys that have done a season or two over seas.. He shoulda had way more than 20pt average per game.. maybe 0.9stls and 0.6blks and 5-6 brds. Everyone can shoot in nba, most of those shooters stick D also. Good luck.. These days you gotta stick D.

  14. Coo says:

    The Bobcats should get him back if nobody wants to. I think he still has game but got to work really hard for it

  15. armin halvadzic says:

    I really,really hope Adam comes back and has at least was good season. Like 15 ppg per game. I think he can do it. In the right system.

  16. Bob says:

    If he hadn’t been drafted by the Bobcats, he would’ve become a solid off the bench shooter. Maybe it’s not too late for him.

  17. T Bernard Moore says:

    Adam Morrison = Steve Novak

  18. 5 Year Plan says:

    Morrison was just terrific in ”Partizan” , not just shooting but his overall performance was good.

  19. jcrazy says:

    Jamaican me ghana go crazy

  20. I honestly think that Adam Morrison should go back to the NBA. He showed a lot of potential in the Summer League.

  21. cleancut5 says:

    Adam needs more playing time! he’s in the running for RoY before he got derailed by injuries. he’s even better than Brandon Roy back then. he just wanna play, he don’t need rings because he got two! more than the King’s Ring!!!

  22. jcrazy says:

    Ghana will win gold I’m better than all these rookies put together i put up solid numbers up every day weetbix is the food of champions. Don’t be a fool go to school.

  23. erwin says:

    He sure deserves to play for an NBA team, Good luck Adam……

  24. Jkey says:

    Well done for Adam showing us persistence pays. I hope he is able to get a good rotation on a team now and show us what he’s made of.

  25. Antis says:

    This guy would suit the Bobcats perfectly, because they don’t have nor the shooters nor the talent. Would most likely get good minutes too.

  26. sheepie says:

    Adam Morrison is one of the most consistently good players of the summer league. Give that man a contract already.

  27. BLAZERS says:

    With that haircut Morrison would fit in well here in portland .. Blazers should offer him a 2 year deal, he’d make a great super sub

  28. Phils114 says:

    you can do it Adam! woohoo

  29. Charlie says:

    i hope bobcats will get this guy.. Im sure he will get the minutes that he deserves^^

  30. Adam is a clipper? says:

    Just heard he’s a clipper,


  31. Hooper says:

    I think there was many things that distracted Morrison in his career, but now he seems more focused and was able to showcase his skills….hope things stay this way and he can have a good career…

  32. tsimms says:


  33. Belizeboy says:

    Wow that’s a quick release!

  34. Joseph03 says:

    It was just a case of too much hype and too many bad breaks for Adam. Nonetheless he is a legitimate NBA talent and should have a place in the league. Hope he does find a place where he can be utilized. Given the proper opportunity I think he can be a no.9 guy on a teams rotation. He should get around 9-12 minutes a game during the regular season.

  35. Nazhh says:

    Hes been one of my favorite players, its a shame that he was the 12th guy on the lakers bench and for 2 years and was given only garbage time. Sure he didn’t bloom into the hype that he was in college but hes Airness Michael Jordan saw something in him. He was right that a lot was said about him mostly bad stuff, didn’t live up to the expectation, a bust, blah blah.. but I think hes a very good player that can help out a really good team like the clippers he can help spread the floor for MONSTER BLAKE
    I think he has the drive more than ever, hes got nothing to loose
    I hope he makes it. I’m gonna be the first to buy your clippers jersey..
    Go ADAM..

    By the way he looks like a young James Taylor .. lol

  36. speursse says:

    do it kid !

  37. oby20 says:

    if he stays healthy, he has a great chance for a great comeback, if i were a losing teams who’s desperate for a go to guy scorer, adam morrison will be on top of my list.

  38. RayIsSelfish says:

    Adam Morrison has had a rough career in the NBA. I think he could of had a solid career had it not been for his injury and lack of opportunies to play on teams, but I still think he has some game left and would like to see him get a chance in the league..Personally I would like to see him go to boston cause thats my favorite team, but he probably wouldnt get much playing time..Good Luck Adam, and may God bless you with whatever path you take in life.

  39. gerg says:

    pure shooter! he’s a perfect match for the miami heat!

  40. bob says:

    adam wil finally get the chance he deserves!

  41. timhsr says:

    Adam Morrison is like Lebron. Lots of Hype…. Humbled…. Now time to show the Haterz whats up. LETS DO THIS ADAM!

  42. Myc says:

    He needs to play for a team that he can have his minutes

  43. noyb says:

    I hope that Adam Morrison gets the chance he’s fighting for, I’m rooting for him!

  44. Nate says:

    If Morrison has done more than enough to show that he still belongs in the NBA. Think about it! He was able to play better than some of this year’s lottery picks! Having a lights out shooter as a third string shooting guard doesn’t sound bad, does it?

    • mikelovelle12 says:

      He wasnt the third pick overall in the draft for nothing. He is a great player. After he got hurt everyone forgot about hiim, but i didnt.