The Dwightmare Continues

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — In the wonderful world that is the never-ending Dwight Howard drama, the news one day can be debunked the very next day.

A Thursday report that suggested Howard was warming up to the idea of potentially signing a long-term extension with the Lakers, if traded there, is being refuted today by Howard’s agent, Dan Fegan, who told ESPN The Magazine‘s Ric Bucher something that totally contradicts that stance.

According to this latest report, Howard will not sign an extension anywhere, and that includes Brooklyn, the one team he has said all along was his required destination:

“Dwight’s position has remained unchanged since the end of this past season,” said Dan Fegan of LaGardere Unlimited. “He fully intends to explore free agency at the end of next season, regardless of what team trades for him, including Brooklyn.”

A source said the Nets never insisted Howard commit to an extension as a prerequisite for acquiring him, which Nets president Billy King confirmed in a text message.

Howard told the Magic, according to GM Rob Hennigan, he would like to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets above any other team. The Nets made concerted efforts to strike a deal for Howard earlier this month, but were forced to stop when the Charlotte Bobcats threatened to sign their restricted free agent center, Brook Lopez, to an offer sheet.

Lopez was expected to be a key part of any deal with the Magic and signing an offer sheet could have preempted including him in any deal, depending on the terms of the offer sheet. The Nets then signed Lopez to a four-year, $61 million deal.

Since then, the Lakers have become the primary suitor for Howard, recruiting both the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers as potential third-team participants to deliver the salary relief, draft picks and young talent that Orlando is seeking in return for their All-Star center.

The longest Howard could sign an extension, according to ESPN Insider’s Larry Coon, would be two years if he signed with Orlando and was traded, or three years if he signed after being traded.

If he waits until his current deal expires, Howard would be eligible to sign a new five-year deal for as much as $108 million.

For those of you keeping score, this would mark the 127th time (give or take another hundred or so) since December that we’ve gotten mixed signals from Howard’s camp.

(And for the record, the Thursday report didn’t say he would sign an extension with the Lakers if traded there, it specifically stated that he was warming up to the idea after months of declaring Brooklyn as his preferred and basically his only destination.)

Seriously, though, the Dwightmare fatigue is reaching epic proportions these days. And the only thing that seems certain is that it won’t end anytime soon!


  1. ???? says:

    my super lineup (fit salarycap)
    pg.rajon rondo
    sg.james harden
    sf.kevin durant
    pf.lamarcus aldridge
    c.damarcus cousins

  2. JET says:




  3. JET says:

    it is better for howard to go to miami..period

    howard for miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Mark says:

    Bulls to come in at the 11th hour – Noah, Deng (they’ll try to offload Boozer but it wont happen) & picks for Howard

  5. DALGART says:

    Dwight Howard and his Agent truly needs a “Reality Check”. There;s no Team in the NBA that would just sign him,
    for just 1 year without an extension. Why would they consider Trading other players to benefit Howard for just 1 year?
    After 1 year, he most likely would “Experiment” again trying to get an even better contract with another Team,
    It appears obvious that he’s not trying to sign with a Top Contender, rather than how can he achieve the most
    Millions… Well Mr. Howard, you can’t buy the Ring…

  6. Lolo says:

    trade DWIGHT to GAY

  7. Almer says:

    You know what if Howard just wants a ring he should join a strong team like Miami or OKC and sacrifice his salary the important thing is that he has a ring to be proud of just a thought……

  8. Jay says:

    Dwight is not going to Miami so everyone should stop saying that!! And if he wants a ring soon he should come to the Lakers and win plus he will get a chance to play with Kobe, Nash, and Gasol!!

  9. bongakz says:

    D-Howard would not resign to a team unless it gets a ring.. If he signed with the Nets few weeks back or even months back, he will not re-sign if they will not be NBA Champions. If they get a ring then, definitely he comes back.. #justAthought

  10. Datwan Lewis says:

    man dwight need to go to L.A he need to play with 5 time champion (Kobe) Lebron finally got a ring (KOBE) need onemore

  11. David Stern says:

    really tired of dwight

  12. MGIC CORE says:

    As an answer to John Denton blog from the o Orlando Magic in his blog Action & Reaction . Action: TO MUCH BULL..S.

  13. laker fans says:

    trade bynum,mwp to galinari,javale mcgee

  14. ???? says:

    trade gasol,mwp to noah,deng

  15. ???? says:

    trade gasol,worldpeace to noah,deng

  16. BabyGee says:

    … if he cant make up his mind to where he wants to go then you cant see him commit to any team. he’s making himself the center of everything.. as an NBA fan, im getting tired of this DH drama. I HOPE NO TEAM SIGNS HIM.. i bet that would teach him about professionalism and committment. he acts like a woman during her period..

  17. cliffer says:

    oh c’mon… howard please join the lakers so that your dreams becoming a champion will come true.. joining kobe bryant and steve nash a perfect combination

  18. John says:

    Dwight to LA, LA aint better than OKC!!! Perkins can guard Howard at the post and will force him to shoot fade away hookshots! lol

  19. loomyplace. says:

    josut go with the cavz… play with irving..

  20. dallas fans says:

    Nowitzki and mayo the only player left in DALLAS next year

  21. ???? says:


  22. jad says:

    i hope nobody want to sign howard, and end up playing in china!!!

  23. john says:

    Lakers Magic deal

    Lakers get Magic get

    Dwight howard Andrew bynum, Matt barnes
    and future draft pick

  24. Sean says:

    Last year I really wanted to see Dwight Howard go to the Bulls or the Nets. I really didn’t want him to go to the Lakers because I think that would be a stupid plan for the future. In 3-4 years when Kobe retires, what the hell will Dwight do? That’s why I think sending him to Atlanta would be the best option for Orlando. The Hawks could send Al Horford, Jeff Teague and Zaza Pachulia to the Magic for Dwight Howard and a future second round pick. I don’t any reason why Dwight wouldn’t sign a max deal next summer with a very promising playoff team like the Hawks. Just get it done!!!

  25. kirby puett says:

    really sick and tired of the howard drama the orlando owership has to be the dumbest in the business for putting up with all the drama and howard drama is really bad publicity for the nba . howard must be pretty immature and orlando management not far behind . trade and get it over with . actually lakers is a good fit for howard and one more thing he is just worried about the money and not a championship he is very selfish player . grow up howard

  26. DJBname says:

    It has all been said…but I think it is all about a rich, skilled, in-demand, Black man who wants freedom of choice. For the league owners it is about profit, control, and a little about winning trophies.

  27. ???? says:

    trade dwight to OKC
    FAIR TRADE collison,perkins,harden to dwight j.richarson

  28. CG says:

    Dwight: Come to Phoenix!

  29. Evan says:

    Underneath that Superman cape lies a little girl who can’t make up her mind. Sheesh Dwight, just retire already

  30. Jimmy Lakers says:

    If Howard does not want to commit, Lakers should forget about him. Why gamble? Bynum is almost as good, he is bigger, taller, shooting better and, best of all, he is proud to be a Lakers. If Howard comes and brings with him the sense of uncertainty into the upcoming season, Lakers will not be any better than Magic last year.

  31. terrell meadows says:

    i would not be surprised if howard goes to the lakers and i hope he does just so the cry baby heat dont win another title well they will if the refs cheat for them again but i would like to see howard in a lakers uniform and i hate the lakers but i would love to see lakers heat 2013 nba finals since miami has no one who can stop howard in the paint that would be great!!!

  32. kobe beef and nash potatoes says:

    Just go to the Lakers dwight. If he wants a championship he should join the lakers.With steve nash, Kobe Bryant, and Dwight howard. That is a championship team

  33. macque says:

    bird man fly to miami…and do the dirty works!!!

  34. Lakers2013nbachampions says:

    It takes dwight howard months to figure out which team he wants? I remember when there was a big mess when dwight howard wanted to go to the Lakers for pau gasol and andrew bynum, and now they want to do dwight howard for andrew bynum. Just settle this already!!!!!

  35. rp says:

    plain and simple, trade dwight howard for juwan howard.

  36. hi my name is.... checky checky dwight howard says:

    think of this people who adore hoha ward for lakers 1 miami good chemistry and rosters boston fu tooooooooot correct me if i’m wrong c’s have rosters this season that is east baby west clipps spurs thunders let us be normal person for one second here can we and mimphes twolves they are the dark horse baby dallas perhaps don’t get me wrong bulls nyc so yes

  37. B-rock says:

    D12 for James Harden make it happen!! win win

  38. justkidding says:

    Howard only like publicity. Not basketball

  39. bart says:

    It takes two to dance: incompetent management and indecisive drama queen. How long will the two be together? Forget all the TV soaps, keep tuned to this fiasco. After more than a year, they probably deserve each other. Until June of 2013, more to come from the drama capital of the NBA, Orlando.

    • MGIC CORE says:


  40. Rob says:

    “So Dwight, do you want to stay in Orlando for another year?”
    *awkward silence*
    *sigh* “Okay, well, do you want to be traded?”
    “Where to?”
    “I don’t know if we can do that Dwight, Brooklyn’s pretty restricted with cap space right-”
    “As I said, they’re not-”
    “I know, you said that”
    *sigh* “Okay, Dwight, if not Brooklyn, where would you like to go?”
    “No, I mean, we can get you to the Lakers. Or the Rockets. Or the Mavericks.”
    “No. I don’t want to play for any of those teams”
    “You don’t want to play for the Lakers, the #1 team in the league in terms of spending, infrastructure, allure and Hall of Famers?”
    “No. Brooklyn.”
    “Why do you want to play for Brooklyn anyway? I mean, sure, Deron Williams is good and so is Joe Johnson, but still, it’s not enough to get past the Heat.”
    “I want to win a Championship.”
    “Fine, I’ll get on the phone with the Lakers. You could easily win a title with that roster-”
    “I also want to get paid a max contract”
    “What’s ‘Ah’?”
    “Well, you can either have a max contract or a ring, but not both”
    “Fine, I won’t sign anywhere, I’ll just sit here and moan about how no team in the league that has a good roster wants to trade for me and let me play on their team for a year before I storm out in free agency.”
    “You do that Dwight. You do that.”

    • hi my name is.... checky checky dwight howard says:

      on rob wait my back hurts yahhh i doi need money, i might not play anymore for long my back hurts send me somewhere who will pay me more money i need money not that fancy ring i don’t need mvp i need money………………………………..

    • spurs fan says:

      HHAHAHAHAA made me laugh loads
      @ hi my name is…. checky checky dwight howard, very poor attempt !

  41. LakersBoi says:

    Bro if Dwight goes to the Lakers, they will at least win a championship this year and kick lebrons a$$.

    • hi my name is.... checky checky dwight howard says:

      of course they will win with hoha..ward in fakers in your fantasy land of dream, chemistry baby
      get some coin and wish i was wrong
      wait…. you need to throw hoha ward in the fountain oooops i mean the coins ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssh toink

  42. gd says:

    how come the heat hate came up in that conversation, sometimes it’s crazy lol

  43. Heatrdabest says:

    Come on Cuh !!!!!!!

  44. lol@pacers says:

    Dwight, come join the heat nation to collect champ ring every season forget the salary just make history to remember you from generation to generation….XD

  45. superFan says:

    Get real dwight! GRow up!

  46. orasje says:

    dwight howard to oklahoma city

  47. Fortis, I think you are just another LeBron hater who prayed for him to lose last season. Heat fans, I know you’re happy the Heat got the ring(I am too), but don’t even try to put “Howard” and “Heat” in the same sentence. I wouldn’t want Howard any way.I really think that no matter where he goes, the Heat will win it anyway(cuz imma Heat fan!), But if the Lakers don’t get Howard,they will not get past the thunder.

  48. Rondlle says:

    Dwight! think about your future go to the lakers or to the brooklyn nets that’s your only choice

  49. mikeylocc69 says:

    get ride of gasol for josh smith

  50. Slick says:


    I love reading your articles as well as watching video highlights. I really do. i’d like to be honest with you, cause i’m a fan and i care a lot to the news you bring everyday. Whenever i see Dwight stories on your Featured posts, I really think it’s i’m browsing — doesn’t make a lot of sense and does NOT deserved to be a featured article. Shaq was right.

  51. parak says:

    No need to be traded to Miami coz he will come to them after next season is over. No need to sacrifice players like haslem, turiaf or anyone. Just wait and see, if he wants dynasty, then he might think of joining the Heat for that. The Lakers only have old players retiring soon.

  52. Jsssssssssss says:

    dwight is thinking he is a superstar.but hes not…….he is nothing but what he need is big amount of money. improve your free throw dwight & you can make big drama like this.superstar is kobe or lebron.

  53. booom says:

    This is the TRUTH… JAMES > JORDAN > RUSSELL > BRYANT…. the truth HURTS, hahaha

  54. NNM says:

    see it from his perspective too…
    It’s probably the biggest decision of his life…
    He is one of the best, has the money, really really needs some championships…
    So, he should obviously agree to come to the Knicks… 😀

    Howard, if you’re reading this…. Or his agent… Or anyone near him..!

    Please give Dolan a call… He can be the one to make it happen… Lost Lin & Fields, but if he has also shown he’s able to pull a Melo out of a hat while no one is looking… :oD
    Besides, he may need to redeem himself after the Linsanely Linsasterous move..

  55. Tom.S says:

    I just looked at the Rockets current roster and they do have alot of young intriguing pieces. The Magic should just pull the trigger on a handful of those prospects and let a couple of bad contracts go with the biggest wanker the NBA has seen in quite some time…

  56. Glosh says:

    How about this
    Three team trade:

    Kings get – Andrew bynum, jason richardson
    Lakers get – Dwight howard and a 2nd draftpick from magic
    Magic get – DeMarcus cousins and a 1st draft pick from kings

    And then trade pau gasol for derrick williams so they can sign an extension for howard?
    What do ya think?

  57. Box says:

    To all the haters when Lebron had his decision… What’s up with Howard, this is more drama than any other desicion… Make up your mind Dwight. And like JCS says, yes they should be penalized for not making up their mind. They are pro’s NOT kids in front of a toy shop…
    I just can’t wait for the olympics to start….

  58. pedro says:

    i wouldn’t try to trade for him if i were a GM. he’ll just bring negativity to any team he goes to. and you all think what lebron did was stupid…..

  59. arvin says:

    AI is coming back he will go to the bobcats

  60. arvin says:

    dwight will be a bobcats

  61. pompompipip says:


  62. pompompipip says:


  63. Nick says:

    Dwight, make up your mind!! You are so indecisive!!

  64. John says:

    If I was the commissioner, there would be more serious penalties for players demanding trades and/or refusing to play. Also, I want to comment that it seems like Dwight is trying to make himself untradeable just to harm the Magic, while also it’s unlikely that he’s going to contribute anything to the team in the last year of his contract. I would either trade him for a small fraction of his value or amnesty him.

  65. Fortis says:

    Stop im for real stop calling james a king.. man this player just won one ring and yet you call him a king, heat fans here are getting arrogant your team just recently won one championship talk to me if they repeat it, and bout howard drama we dont care if he go to the lakers or not for sure lakers will step up and make it to the finals western or nba finals due to the addition of steve nash.. cant wait to see him play.. remember he is a back to back mvp no matter about is age still he plays under pressure

  66. reynaldsales says:

    HOWARD never thinks about being a champion coz if he thinks he will sign to LAKERS an extension and play hardTHINK TWICE HOWARD

  67. Jose Calderon = MVP says:

    Dwight Howard to the Raptors!

  68. Justified#1 says:

    Dwight, think of this way. Even you move to a different team there is no way for you to get a ring unless you move to LA Lakers. Right now Miami Heat keeps on increasing their arsenal on the court which will be very tough to defeat. If you will move to LA Lakers then it will be a good match up with the Heat especially I believe that there is a better chance that those 2 team will meet in the finals if you move to LA Lakers. This is not a dramatic movie so please stop acting. Join LA Lakers and 99% chances that you can get a championship ring.

  69. jcs says:

    should dwight howard be penalized from all this over hyped talking?

  70. RICky says:

    |’m a big time dallas fan for ever and a dirk fan. I think Cuban(Mavericks owner) should fess up the cash to get howard just think Howard and Dirk..and if we can get chris o man

  71. dwight the prescious says:

    haha dwight is just messing with the magic he isnt going to let them get a single thing thing for him, in his eyes they have messed him round, so he stays in orlando for the year, and then leaves orlando in his wake, with nothing but a hole in their salary cap. As for the 108mil deal, i dont think that he will get that because he has shown how much of a little girl he is.

  72. minime says:

    Seriously Heat fans are so Aarogent it’s not even funny. They won last season due to a short season and all of a suddon they think they can win 5 in a row lmao… i have several friends that are heat fans they all recon they will win the next 5 season lmao … lmao … lmao…

    Howard just hurry up and already come to Lakers. You know you are going to anyway.

    Lakers Heat nba finals and I hope Lakers wipe the floor with them, that will shut Heat fans up once and for all. I hope Bynum goes to Cavs as that will make them good and I hope Bulls can stay healthy all season long and contend with Heat and maybe even wipe them out of playoffs

  73. orasje says:


  74. Jake says:

    Orlando should use their amnesty clause on him and every GM agree not to sign him. Easy as that. Now Orlando has 30M worth of cap space to make a big splash in free agence as well as a lottery pick after performing badly this season. There. Now they have two potential superstars, and they have eradicated the disease that is Dwight Howarditis.

  75. Dwighthing says:

    just love the hate he got from stackhouse you tell em man

  76. Abdul Kayani says:

    Article is about dwight howard, and I still read people insulting Lebron. Hop off his **** guys. Dude has a ring now, so I don’t know how you can even insult the guy. Few more rings and there will be nothing to critize about the guy

  77. drew says:

    pls do not come to the lakers. bynum may need some more mental and physical rehabbing, but he was a large part of winning two rings. And he was barely healthy when he did.

  78. mister says:


  79. lakerfan says:

    i hope howard end his career without a ring.

  80. MVP 24 says:

    if we the lakers get dwight howard u might as well just give kobe his 6 ring now and all those miami fans stop bandwagon and stop hating on howard nash,kobe,mwp,pau,howard dream team lol

  81. nicolaigian says:

    howard for lakers please!!!!!!!lakers need howard

  82. Just trade him no point of keeping him if he’s taking up any salary cap. GO CELTICS!!!

    (P.S. Miami Fans, refs will not help every time you’re going to the playoffs, plus you’ll be over the salary cap by a mile unless Dwight decided to work for free or the league minimum, and people , Haslem, Anthony, and what’s his name, do u guys watch how they play, oh right they barely play and serve your drink and become your bench-warmer)

  83. Anonymous says:

    Even the new look Lakers has no chance of beating the OKC next season. Yeah might as well get Howard. Fakers :))

  84. cj says:

    He should play in LA…but not for the Lakers.
    With Howard as a Laker, the Heat would still be favorites to repeat.
    But a trio of Howard, Griffin, & Paul would definately change that.

  85. Bird33 says:

    Hey…ya ever notice that many blogs at the end of NBA articles end up being an “I hate the Heat” theme? ISN’T IT GREAT??!!!

    LMFAO you South Beach Basketball rubes who call theselves basketball fans…you guys make the Laker fans look like Basketball gurus…I didn’t think that was possible!! Here’s a thought….how bout showing up BEFORE tipoff and actually staying to the end of the 4th…..then maybe we’ll listen to what you have to say about the game and strategy of basketball (probably not…but maybe) LOL

    PS and get rid of the white shirts you morons…here’s some inside b’ball info….you teams color is actually Red…hate to tell you that all teams have white as ther home color(usually)….you see, it all depends on which town the Heat are playing in..if they are playing in another town…ah never mind….it is a little too technical for the South Beach basketball gurus LOL. I have new found respect for Diane Cannon’s basketball knowledge LMFAO!!

  86. Dennis Jackson says:

    DH is not needed in LA, look how he threw the coach under bus.

  87. King Turtle says:

    Who wants this glorified ball bouncer for more than a year anyway?? Get over youself dwight, your days of making any demands are numbered!!!!!

  88. Fckmiami says:

    Bs! We dont need howard. Not now :p

  89. BynumSupporter@Manila says:

    I told you so!! Let Bynum just stay and forget DH..

  90. benji24 says:

    I love how mad people get over dwight. Who cares where dwight goes!

  91. Nomena says:

    I think Dwight Howard is a very nice person. His smiles say it.
    I never met him but personally, i like him.
    He is a great basketball player, in his prime now. He deserve to win
    a championship ring.
    But DH may hurt his credibility if this matter take too long time.
    I have one advice for Dwight: do not let the medias papparazi your life.
    Avoid to make the same mistake Lebron James did.
    People get tired of that kind of story.

    I think the player should have priority in where he want to play.
    You choose then accept the salary the team can afford for you.
    Thats mean Dwight Howard can go play for the team of his choice.
    I dont know the New Jersey Nets’s potential but i think NY or LA will
    be tough to beat with his addition.
    But i dont know, teams have their own interest too.
    All we wish for him is a best luck and
    place where he is happy to play.

  92. DDDDDIRK says:

    he should go to the lakers and make the season interesting……. nuffsaid

  93. Mick Salmons says:

    How many lives has this idiot’s indecision affected already? People have been fired ‘coz of him. And how many players and their families still don’t know where they’ll be next season because everyone’s waiting for him to make a decision, a simple yes or no? This stupid idiot is a hell of a lot worse than LBJ. If there is any justice at all he should have a career ending injury before he actually does make a decision.

  94. Ruben says:

    Jerry Stackhouse is only hating because Dwight Howard was a no deal for Brooklyn. I think he needs to stay out of Dwights life and stop trying to contact him for an offer in the future. He wants howard to continue to be an agent for next years deal so he wouldnt sign again with the lakers. I understand his position but stackhouse isnt trying to build a dynasty its all about money with that guy. As for the Lakers, he will fit the role of a leader working with Kobe Bryant and steve nash working on multiple championships. There is money to be made in LA and of course championships.

  95. levisa says:

    knowing that Dwight Howard’s not going to stay why would Magic even entertained him staying for another year in Orlando. If not with Lakers they should just trade him away at least now they will get something than let him just walk away at the end of next season.

  96. John Fabrke says:

    WOW I officially do not care anymore Dwight is such a queen. I couldn’t care less at this point what happens this whole ordeal is overblown and sickening.

  97. MagicFan says:

    How about Dwight and Turkoglu to Chicago in a trade for Boozer, Brewer and Noah? It works, the magic dump a large contract and get to strong inside players, the Bulls get a D-Rose/D12 partnership!

  98. daniel.b says:

    houston,lakers should pull out and then orlando should kick him to the curb.. he dont deserve to play this yr…lakers would be fine without him anyways we got andrew bynum who on the plus side is still learning and can expand his talents while howard is howard… lakers need bench players.. thats key to the playoffs, getting ur starters rest and keeping the score the same for the starters

  99. BIGRECOUNTRY88 says:

    Jus so every1 knows ther is 1 more team in the mix San Antonio Spurs!

  100. bart says:

    So Howard wants to play in Orlando after burning all the bridges? The Orlando management must have room temperature IQ if they are retain Howard and allow him to play this year. Imagine the damage he will cause among players, and perhaps play trick on another coach? Send him to wherever will give you not maximum value but just decent value. Otherwise, is drama in hell in Orlando.

  101. Ok…..I think everyone can agree that this is totally getting out of hand…I mean I am SICK SICK and tired of hearing about D-Howard!!!!!!! One day you hear he is going to the nets then rockets then LA and a few other teams possibly then he doesn’t want anything. First off, he is very immature to let this thing go on and on and on (Magic Management to blame for some as well)… I am not a Magic fan but I would not only be upset with D-Howard but I would just want him out of there if he doesn’t want to be there. Howard is an idiot for going another year he could have been a free agent THIS year. The only thing he could do to make him a complete loser if he did something like LeBron and go on tv and announce where he is going….outside of that he has done every other stupid thing.

  102. Jibi says:

    Oh for f@#$ sake, just make up your mind then. You want fame and money and Lakers can give that to you. I am so sicking of seeing where Dwight may end up. He is NOT THAT GOOD. He plays like a big bull with few skills and is always in foul trouble.

  103. dmeen says:

    I do find buynum a very good player but howard is just the best center 4 LA

  104. JKOB says:


  105. THE DWIGHTMARE is the appropriate title for this post. I hope this ends soon. Just sign with Lakers and get it over with already so you can get a ring. This dudes nickname should have been “Big Baby” instead of Superman smh! Come to Hollywood and play ball sir. Before you end up killing your rep like Iverson, then no one will want your services.

  106. LAL Rule says:

    I totally agree with Lakers Rule please dwight come to LAL

  107. eman says:

    This clown does’t know what decision he have to make! Can you just spare us of all your drama,anyway, basketball fans are fed up with your antics, you have to be firmed with your words,avoid hiding on the skirt of your spokesman!

  108. Lakers Rule says:

    Dwight please come to LAL

  109. winston says:

    and he really think he’s that good, huh? poor fella. all height and muscle…no heart!

  110. MicHead says:

    this situation is just ridiculous

  111. kngdom of Jogis says:

    Iam fed up of you Dwight Howard, go any where else, I don’t care. Lakers can still make it to the semis or finals without you. Lakers please keep Bynum and don’t let it trade with Howard….. please!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. kevin says:

    I’m a Lakers fan and would love to see Howard replace a childish Bynum, but when do the Lakers get tire of this Dwight/Magic circus, re-sign Bynum and move on! Because really if Magic don’t want to ok framework and Howard’s camp don’t want to commit to anything, their not serious about doing a trade, so let them hold on as long as possible to him and get nothing in the end!

  113. thespectator says:

    Man dwight needs to seriously man up and act mature about this. Hes being a real moron right now. For someone who wants to leave Orlando asap he sure isnt helping other teams to make that happen. He def aint getting any younger. Hes about to be what 27? A guy that talented and still no ring, cmon dwight…make your pick, win a ring or two and let people remember you for being a dominant big man rathar than a dominant big idiot

  114. Aki says:

    DWIGHT HOWARD to Lakers! Kobe vs Lebron for the finals!

  115. Fefe (Nets) says:

    He won’t play for my Nets nor for the Lakers. Everybody is going sick with this drama. I guess he will end up in Atlanta next year (at the trade deadline or next offseason). It seems that he will be stuck in Orlando for at least the upcoming 6 months.

  116. NBAGuru says:

    seriously? do people even understand how a cap on team spending works? seems a lot of fans post trades or signings that happen on video games when they turn off the computer and cap room. a few things on flawed logic.. 1. this isn’t just about Dwight Howard for picks and players, orlando wants teams to take on a bad contract along with Howard- Hedo, Richardson, Duhon; teams who want Dwight aren’t willing or can’t accommodate 1 of those bad contracts. 2. what’s holding up the straight Howard to the lakers is Bynum won’t agree to sign a long term extension and the lakers can’t offer many immediate draft picks because of the steve nash trade; thus a 3rd team to take on a bad contract and send draft picks to orlando is needed. honestly though, let howard walk- unless he takes a pay cut where ever he goes via FA teams may not have enough money to bring help to beat the heat. sure williams, johnson, wallace, humphries, and howard looks like a good starting 5, but marshon brooks alone coming off the bench won’t win a title.

  117. tapk69 says:

    Dwight Howard is the best center in the league , every team in the league would play him 40+ minutes. He is young and still can develop in offense . He truly is the next shaq .

    Those who say he is overrated or a drama queen , well , everyone wants to win and win lots of cash at the same time and DH doesnt think he can win in orlando .

    Lebron james did the same , deron williaws , chris paul , chris bosh , carmelo anthony , amare stoudamire and this list could go on.

    In the last 13 years after Michael Jordan and the Bulls everyone who was not on Spurs or lakers did not win (heat,detroit ,Mavericks won ok ) and now with the Miami Superteam everyone knows that in order to win they need a superteam too .

  118. WaitForIt says:

    Based on what the reports say the Magic want (clear cap space and picks) and what the Rockets have to offer (cap room, recent draft picks balling it up in summer league, and Toronto’s guaranteed lottery pick), I think the Rockets will get Dwight Howard. In case Dwight Howard cannot be convinced to stay in Houston (which I think is the most likely case), the Rockets can still trade Dwight Howard by the trade deadline. I think the Rockets could either trade him to the Lakers (for Bynum) OR the Nets (for Lopez) at that point. Also, the Lakers/Nets can see how well Bynum/Lopez do the next year with the revamped teams. Win, win, win?

  119. jp120190 says:

    The Lakers don’t need to deal with this. Usually teams demand and try and pursuade the players to play for them. I think in this case it is the other way around. Players line up for a chance to play for the Lakers.

  120. Tyrone Lu says:

    Dwight is truly starting to become cancer for the majic, release him like they did to Horace Grant and let him go somewhere else like A.I. did. These guys are morons like for example Michael should come out of retirement! But he’s too old and how about ppl saying that Kobe is the greatest when MJ is better than him in his prime. They r all babes posting comments. D12 just finish this matter already

  121. kenny lynch says:

    don’t you guys know that Howared is going to be a headacke no matter where he goes. Dwight is a drama queen where ever he goes he will be complaining in less thin a month. I just hope that the Thunder don’t trade there future for him

  122. Jose says:

    I think LA Lakers deserve Dwight Howard
    Orlando: Dwight Howard
    Lakers:Andrew Bynum, Matt Barnes (Metta World Peace)

  123. real talk says:

    dwight with KOBE !? thts a ring waiting to happen its like kobe and shaq kobe unstoappable period on the outside and dwight is unstopaoble in the in side my thought if this happen ther gonna go to the finals wit the heat this season…

  124. Rocabye says:

    Howard is immature…like a kid. Man up!

  125. real talk says:

    dwight with KOBE !? thts a ring waiting to happen its like kobe and shaq kobe unstoappable period on the outside and dwight is unstopaoble in the in side my thought if this happen ther gonna go to the finals wit the heat this season…

  126. Jimi says:

    All these people wanting Dwight on one of the “big” teams are the worst kind of supposed fans out there. If it were up to you the same two or three teams would win every year and you would be totally happy wouldnt you? Dwight AND the Magic have both handled this like amateurs. His demands are silly and childish. I can’t remember a single player in the history of the NBA who has said “I want to be traded” and then followed it with “won’t sign an extension anywhere”. What the heck is that? I hope he stays and rots in Orlando. If you ask me HE is the one holding the NBA and its fans for ransom. Dwight thinks he is the best player in the history of the game if he expects anyone to cave to those kind of absurd demands

  127. dale says:

    theres only a few teams dwight could win a chapionship and brooklyn is not 1 of them it would be okc ,heat,lakers are the bulls so moneys what he’s looking for he’s doing all this for no reason money wont make him a legend championships will tho an if its his own team he want the lakers would be best kobe’s on his way out so take over a great franchise

  128. extremedriver says:

    What’s up with all this drama Dwight!? If you really are a Christian as you profess to be, then cut ties with your crazy agent, get alone with GOD to learn humility, and peace. Then apologize to all the fans, media, and anyone else you’ve hurt by all this nonsense! PLEASE DWIGHT! THIS HAS TO STOP! I will be praying for you!

  129. RandomGuy says:

    People inform me and from what I’ve read that Dwight Howard is testing free agency, knowing that LA will be the first to step up. He’s running out his contract to work and sign a 5 year deal with the Lakers instead of just 3 years extending his old contract and also to make more money. so let’s hope so I’d rather see something happen then nothing at all cause we all know that would be boring.

  130. RandomGuy says:

    People inform me and from what I’ve read that Dwight Howard is testing free agency, knowing that LA will be the first to step up. He’s running out his contract to sign a 5 year deal with the Lakers instead of just 3 years.

  131. erwin says:

    Just leave him alone, I hope no team gets his drama. “If you make your own drama, you deserve your own karma”

  132. LakeshowDVM says:

    At this point Lakers should just for Howard and risk it or make that extension offer to Bynum before he bolts out next year! Lakers then would have lost it’s chance to get or keep the best two centers in the league.

  133. danielb says:

    lakers need bench players.. this aint the triangle offense no more.. we got nash now that can run plays.. we need better bench players then murphy, morris,goudelock, barnes,… murphy is horrrrrrrrrrible with his flat shots all the time

  134. the young stupid magic gm….did not take the nets offer of humphries lopez and 4 number 1 picks only because he did not want howard to get his way…PLAIN AND Simple……..that was by far..the best deal the magic could have made……i hope NO teams want tot rade with the magic now ….and he walks at the end of next year…and the magic get nothing!!!!

  135. W/E says:

    if he stays with orlando its gunna be really ugly….u r gunna see some real drama there

  136. DALGART says:

    Well, here we go again.. Dwight Howard and his Agent most likely will miss out again, on Teams like the Lakers,
    just as they did withh The Booklyn Nets. All that Greed will hunt them once again, and he’ll be right back were he is.
    If you think that Jeremy Lin’s issue became a Circus, how about Dwight Howard constant mindchangeing “Issues”…
    Maybe one day he’ll grow up and realize, that he may have the Millions, but not a Ring to show for it.
    After all, that you can’t buy…

  137. Shawn says:

    I think the Lakers, or anybody actually, are better off without this cancer. Is it possible that Howard is a bigger tool than Bynam? Wow. He’s quickly rising up my list of least liked players in the league.

  138. danny says:

    lmfaoooooooo, all i keep hearinggg, orlando magic gms will be patient and look for the best deal out there, and take there time and theres so rush. Okay the best deal they could of gotten was with the nets with brook lopez, marshon, brooks, and 3 draft picks and the nets were willin to take all the contracts of vets in orlando’s team and everything would be resolved. NOW I WOULD WANT TO SEE NO ONE TRADE FOR HOWARD AND LET IT BE. and during the trade deadline i wanna see there whole organization sweating and struggling to get a trade done, cause thats exactly what they deserve for draggin it out this long. get a pay back of their own medicine. and then we will have decesion 2 and we can hear what team dwight wants to go toooo. END OF STORY.

  139. shink213 says:

    Lebron atleast left when he was a free agent, yes, he did it in a “prime time special” (which was not set up by him) but atleast he made up his damn mind and picked a place instead of wasting everyones time. Howard has proved yet again that he is immature and does not care about anything besides the money. If he were playing for a championship, he would sign an extension with the lakers which is where he would have the best shot….instead, he sits and pouts and acts like he did’t want to be traded anywhere in the first place. Grow up Howard, you are the biggest bi*** in sports. For someone who under achieves every year, you sure are acting like you are a messiah.

  140. Magic Fan says:

    The Howard saga continues. If he dislikes Orlando so much, he should pursue a move and make it easy for the Orlando Management to make it happen. Right now, I do not really care where he goes. This is a guy that is high maintenance, will talk about everyone, will get his coach fired, etc. He has to grow emotionally to be at the level of Shaq, Duncan, etc.

    His recent back operation can back-fire him; if he has an upcoming season with injuries. Dan Fegan and Dwight Howard should not spend too much time at Disney World fantasying the next big contract. Look at the details on hand and make things happen – get out of Orlando.

  141. Though Howard is a game changer because of his athleticism and defense, he is not a superstar that has his name with the likes of James, Durant and Bryant. The Magic haven’t handled this well but Howard and his agent have been playing hardball which also complicates things. The reason he signed the 1yr extension was because he originally didn’t want to go to the Lakers and he avoided that at the deadline by signing. Howard is not mentally tough and that is why he hasn’t gone in an interview and expressed his views on everything. By not doing that it makes his image look worse. He either needs to give a commitment or not. Him signing an extension is irrelevant. Howard saying that he will stay with the Lakers if traded is the important thing. If he signs an extension he will get less money and years on the contract but if he a free agent with a commitment then the Lakers, or whatever team, can resign him with more money and years. Either way he should not hold the NBA hostage like this. Many got on James for his decision but at least it was only for a couple of months and he was a free agent. Howard has a lot to think about.

  142. Uncle Rog says:

    Great.. More drama and maybe he needs to go straight to acting instead of playing ball.

  143. A says:

    let’s trade him to Lithuania for an NBA story that is interesting and most important, terminal

  144. MATT CAM91 says:

    i wish the thunder would make a move to get howard. they are in desperate need of a inside presence. maybe trade ibaka and perkins and some draft picks maybe some money also, highly doubt they will tho since they hardly ever trade for anything. i think the perkins trade was their first in years. Go THUNDER!

    • extremedriver says:

      Not doing a lot of trading can actually be a good thing in terms of roster stability/Chemistry/training. But sometimes, not trading for better players when they come along can be a bad thing too.

    • kngdom of Jogis says:

      I agree with you, thunder lack of big man in the middle and Howard is the answer.. Ibaka and Perkins are not that impressive in the middle.

  145. Nuerdo says:

    Lin – Martin – Howard or Nash – Kobe – Howard Which one is better?

  146. BOY Bawang says:

    What if Dwight ends up in lakers… Now what???? No bench not co existing with other star player… I love to see DH in purple and Gold… Whining at their coach…. then leaves them after 1 season… It would be disaster… I dare the lakers to try that…

  147. HaleyBird says:

    Did Dwight hire the same marketing team as Lebron from “The Decision”? He’s waiting for his payday next year but is only tarnishing athletes images, where it’s not about the fan, the team, the game but about the money. I’d love to see him play in Turkey with Iverson.

  148. Denzo says:

    Why does honestly everyone think they are a basketball fan when they just want 3 beast teams and thats it.. whats the point in that?

    You need at least 6-8 genuine contenders for it to be fun.. if you stack to hard, you might stack very hard!!

  149. sirsparhawk says:

    I no longer care, I just want him to gtfo of orlando, they dont deserve him and have handled this thing so poorly. I am also sick of hearing about this trade.

  150. NNM says:

    NYK starting lineup:

    C: Chandler
    SF/PF: Amare
    SG: (options, 3pter Novak or new superstar)
    PG: Felton

    Like the “twin towers” that San Antonio had with The Admiral and Duncan…. Just… Bigger and meaner…!
    No one gets near the basket. Offense, send it in for the giants or back out for a 3…
    Someone missing? Oh yeah, sorry, Melo ended up in Orlando or Brooklyn…
    Just dreaming of a Knicks championship… It’s long overdue.

    • Chico says:

      Chandler and Howard meaner thant Robinson and Duncan? In your dreams.
      Howard is talented and won 3 defensive championships, while Chandler got 1. But Duncan and Robinson have, combined, 3 MVPs and 4 NBA titles… I prefer and MVP than a defensive player of the year.
      Sometimes people forget how great Duncan and Robinson were to the game.

      And your lineup is big, but seem to lack speed. Amar’e has bad legs, and Howard and Chandler would have problems to follow faster players.Only one guy who shoots good 3 points would be not the ideal. When he struggles, Knicks would get beaten pretty badly.
      Plus, Amar’e’s career seems to be ending. He is downhill, unfortunately. Trading him would make more sense than Anthony(I don’t like him, but…).

  151. magic fan says:

    as a magic fan i hate this drama but the magic have to be smart as this is the biggest trade of our history. i hope we trade him before season starts. i still think houstons offer is good. 2-3 top rookies, a lottery pick from toronto,maybe kevin martins expiring contract for dwight and 1 or 2 garbage magic contracts(turk and/or richardson) make the deal. houston is a bad team so it will be nice to banish dwight. he is going to get boooooooed out of the building if he starts the season in orlando.

  152. Misiek says:

    Seriously, which would like to add such guy to their roster. He changes his mind every second like a baby. He is a monster in terms of game itself, but otherwise a liability to any organisation IMHO.

  153. jeremy says:

    hmm i dont understand all the brooklyn thing with DH.. like my grandfather says, there is a girl in the story , dwight are u in love ?
    a nice little brooklyn girl dwight ?? c’mon tell me

  154. ???? says:

    next year kobe 27M,MWP 8M,bynum/howard 16M=51MILLION many superstar will be free agent next year. BEST lakers move get CP3 18M,kobe 13M,MWP 3M,howard 19M=53 and waive GASOL-19M PICK 1 OF THIS 3 bynum/josh.smith/d.cousin the line up will be NASH,CP3,KOBE,HOWARD,??? “THE LAKERS WILL BE UNBEATABLE PROMISE”

  155. NoDwight says:

    Just send his sorry butt to the Euro League or better yet the D-League. Seriously, or better yet take the whole TEAM USA to the HEAT…Overpaid Athletes!

  156. SiegDelacroix says:

    Sekou, I really like you and your blog. That’s why I have to ask you: don’t put shame on you and your readers. Stop posting any dwightdrama-related news (first, make the announcement about it, and also ask other writers to do the same). Put a note when it will end (if it will, of course).

    Cause we all got tired, and I think you’re tired as well. We are fed up with this childish behavior of “the best center in the NBA (in the world)”. Is there the greatest irony in this coincidence, by the way?

    Lebron could breath smoothly now. He won the ring, and his Decision is faaar exceeded now.

    Was there bigger whiner in the NBA history? I don’t think so.

  157. Ao1 says:

    Orlando Magic to Dwight, “Quit playing games with my heart, with my heart, with heart! I should’ve known from the start…” LOL! D12 wants to totally explore free agency next season so just leave him alone already. Period. I’m not a D12 fan but this news is getting crazy. Media is the one posting all this nonsense articles that D12 has nothing to do with.

    • JustAFan says:

      Exactly. Every off season there’s a few players who look like they’re going one way then end up somewhere else. This year it’s insane. We don’t need to hear about phone calls that lead to nowhere. There should have only been a handful of articles written about it since he initially made his trade request.

      1 for when he made the initial request along with the list of teams he reportedly listed.

      2nd at the trade deadline when he decided to ‘opt-in’ and play next season supposedly in Orlando.

      3rd The Stan VanGundy thing. It was priceless. Awkward but priceless….and probably wouldn’t have happened had the media not turned the entire thing into a circus.

      4th When-if he gets traded.

      The rest of the hoopla is just trying to get people fired up on slow news days and presumably to destroy Howard’s image (which he seems to be doing quite fine by himself). I just wonder how many more times I’m going to read this exact same article but with maybe some of the team names changed.

      This article should have just been this if they really wanted to make themselves look intelligent and not like they’re wasting our time…..

      Dwight not signing an extension with any team. He’s changed his mind again. That is all.

  158. Luke Duke says:

    This guy reminds me of my 3 year old who refuses to eat her vegetables. Wow, what a spoiled baby.

  159. angbahongtaemo says:

    i bet this guy is not aiming for a ring but for a bling.

  160. john doe says:

    just quit playing dwight. we are tired of your nonsense. he and his agent are both “money-first”.

  161. Jay says:

    He should just retire now . It looks like he doesn’t want to play anymore .

  162. caloyski says:

    Dwight should just start concentrating on playing basketball and stop posturing– he needs to prove to the other interested teams first that he is capable of carrying a team to a championship– track record first before making stiff demands– enough of words; time for action

  163. LAforlife says:

    This is getting annoying why can’t he just sign a stupid extension. I don’t even know if he is worth all this now.

  164. Richard says:

    What do u want, D12?
    Dwight “Cry Baby” Howard?
    Ring or Money?
    Pick one!!!
    I start to hate you dude…

  165. Catch a Lob... says:

    Forget the rest, come team up with the best point in the west and the most exciting player in the game and catch lobs with us by the beach. We have more then enough good players at this point to put together a pretty good package.. The new attitude in LA is all Red and Blue, although no one wants to say it or give us the props but with him we could be champs, without him we are still the only team in the west that beat OKC 3 times this year outside of Miami… Some one in Clipper Nation take a listen and make the moves…

  166. Oscar Torres says:

    Totally bored and tired about this situation
    You are losing fans
    Please Choose a team

  167. forkeeee says:

    They should trade dwight howard to the bobcats for being a a baby/

  168. NbaFanFrmPhil says:

    as FOr me houston is the for best dhoward now….imagine having kevin martin, Jeremy lin, and dwight howard on the same team that will be a force to be reckoned with…but, brooklyn is a good choice too… 🙂

  169. Mr. 254 says:

    Laker fan and I was all for D12 coming here. I still would like to see him come here. When he becomes a free agent I would love to see him! But let me give you the difference in D12 and Bynum. D12 wants whatever he can get. Wether its money or a ring. He’ll use his fame and fortune to even buy that ring! Whatever the outcome is….people seem to forget that A.B is in that same scenario. Look at how he is handling all this attention to D12. As a L.A fan, A.B is quitely going to be the dagger in L.A’shearts if you dont sign D12. YOU NEED TO SIGN D12 or you will be the Orlando Magic. With all the hype around D12 and Bynum being on the trade block (twice now) If I were Bynum, I would hope they dont get D12 and leave L.A after this season. Quietly leave them!!! That’ll show anyone who is in charge! Silence speaks volume and I havent heard a peep from A.B. Go Lakers!!!

  170. Enough says:


  171. DH zero says:

    They should bench him every game. Let someone else get experience and force DH to work out on his own to stay in shape. And then every GM should agree not to take him when his contract is up. Force him to go play in like Serbia. Good riddance!

  172. gustav says:

    we all know dwight should go to LAL, it is big city = bigger market = more bad superman commercials of him = more money for him.. teaming up with nash, bryant, gasol and others would make the lakers invincible and they would probably win the championship what makes me doubt he would want to leave the city after he had become a champion, and if so, then let him go, he would oly prove he is spoiled kid who just wants to ride roller-coasters and visit disneyland all the time… how can he be even thiking of going to brooklyn when he can play with the best man in the game (kobe)… i doubt he would be so stupid to switch nash for d-will, kobe for gerald wallace, and pau gasol for kris humphries instead, hahaha… to me IT SEEMS LIKE THE ONLY REASON WHY HE WOULD WANT TO JOIN THE NETS IS THAT HE WANTS TO BE FRIENDS WITH JAY-Z, or because he has a crush on beyonce

  173. renz_garnett says:

    why not go to BOSTON CELTICS.. just like he said.. he doesn’t want to have a long term deal.. maybe 2 years is enough.. then, the KEVIN GARNETT can teach him some moves because KG is the IDOL of D12,,

  174. 16going417 says:

    The Dwightmare would stop if would stop talking about him. Who cares what talks are in the works at this point. Yes, I am interested in news and potential moves, but at this point I’m sick of hearing about Howard. The next thing I want to read about him is that either NO trade is taking place and he WILL play for the Magic next year or I want to hear he HAS signed a deal. THAT’s IT!!!!

    Move on to something else now……………

  175. Dave says:

    All I have to say is that this drama is crazy! I have never seen so much drama in the NBA before, and it’s turning into a soap opera. I feel so sorry for the Magic right now, this drama is really hurting their franchise. I don’t care where Dwight chooses to go, I just want him to make up his mind!

  176. magicman says:

    …imagine this… D12 playing every magic game and losing every game…and the coach not taking him out…boos all around. fans will not blame the magic but will blame D12…now thats putting your legacy into the trash can…all games are history and will come back to bite him like LBJ. No matter how many rings he will get, his legacy will always be known and references to the “Decision”.

  177. magicman says:

    Orlando should forget about trading him and let him walk away next year.
    For this year, play him 48 minutes every game and risk injury or bench him the whole year.
    there is no nba rule regarding extended playing or benching star players.

  178. davis says:

    Forget D/Howard since he’s not interest in signing an extension with any other teams except for the Brooklyn Nets. I don’t even think net seriously want him there either. However the only superman in the Lakers is Kobe.

  179. AlexN says:

    Orlando should place Dwight in the inactive list for the season. It helps them begin their rebuilding process and see who in the current roster would be worth keeping or try to trade, it eliminates having to deal with performing well with Dwight playing for him to leave at the end of the year anyway. If he wants to leave, fair enough, Orlando aren’t obliged to play him one bit.

  180. Mike says:

    And if the NBPA gave a toss about anything, they would stop this kind of stuff from happening, if a player asks for a trade then he should be made to trade and decide where he wants to go. instead of making it all about the players who can now get paid out for doing nothing and then paid again to play for another team, Disgusting. Wasted 150 days to do nothing for the good of the league all about the selfishness of the already overpaid and overcredited players.

  181. DwightKnowItAll says:

    dwight obviously wants to be with a team that has a long future ahead of them. he wouldnt want to stay at lakers because kobe bryant is pretty old, and nash and jamison are old too. that only leaves them with gasol, since bynum would be traded for sure, and gasol isnt consistent enough and he has a few more years left in him. but once he retires, its gonna be dwight and the orlando magic all over again. saying that he wants to test free agency is smart, he wants to see what teams have young upcoming talent and he’ll decide which team best fits him. he wants to win a championship people, hes going to go with a young team so miami could win there stuff and so he wouldnt have to deal with them.

    • DwightKnowItAll says:

      Oh, and brooklyn nets would have been his best choice since they are young. its sort of like a safe option because if he doesnt get any good offers he likes in free ageny, he’ll just come back to the nets

    • cox says:

      lakers will never go without talent. when those player get old they will go get younger just like getting him. he will have younger people around him. the broklyn net will fade in a few years and the lakers will still be one of the top teams just like its been in the last 30 years.

  182. Bas says:

    Hey Dwight! Stop the Drama please! If you don’t want in LA Lakers team so be it! Don’t waste time of the people who’s waiting for your decision. Just be man enough! Maybe you should go to LA to make drama series but not champion series! You make us Filipino Laker Fans disappointed!

  183. Bas says:

    Hey Dwight! Stop the Drama please! If you don’t want in LA Lakers team so be it! Them waste time of the people who’s waiting for your decision. Just be man enough! Maybe you should go to LA to make drama series but not champion series! You make us Filipino Laker Fans disappointed!

  184. Dwight vs Bynum says:

    Dwight fits with Nash and Bynum does not. Bynum is younger and more polished on the offense and on defense and his slow speed will create conflict with Nash.

  185. rorororororo says:

    You cant blame the magic for this. They would have traded him a lot of time ago if dwight wouldnt be making this harder. He is a DISGRACE.

  186. Dean says:

    Hmm so I’ve really been hoping Dwight would be coming over to Brooklyn but could Brooklyn even afford to sign him to a 5 year 108 million dollar deal??? Not really sure I’d want to give up Brook Lopez who seems committed to this team for someone who may just be here for half a year.(seeing as they cant trade brook right now)

  187. JDish says:

    Needless to say if I would have said (ONLY as a cliche statement) that I would “hold my breath” until this DHoward drama finally got resolved, AGAIN Only as a statement, … I would be dead and buried without a doubt. And I do mean only if I would have said it without even actually holding my breath. Crazy

    Seriously there has to be a purpose to all this Dwight Howard:-I-wanna-get-traded-to-(insert team here) soap opera because really this all is just ridiculous. DO SOMETHING, this is just never ending … get something done and send him to the D-league or whatever. His Orlando teammates must be like “dude just go already, (to Magic front office) Just agree on a deal already and get this guy out of here so we can move on and focus on next season…”

  188. D.ROSE says:


  189. Scottish Stu says:

    I’m from the UK so I don’t get the full gist of this, but being a Magic fan (so admittedly probably looking at this from the wrong side) I don’t see how the organization could have handled this much differently…He wants out so they want to trade him, but then he says he won’t sign anywhere else. Only a few desperate teams are going to pursue that seriously, but its likely to end up with Dwight in Orlando for one year and then him leaving the organisation empty handed – again!!! How is that fair on the Magic?! Denver managed to come out of a similar situation well enough.

    He just keeps talking and making it worse for all involved!!! Someone take him – please!

  190. W/E says:

    If D12 screws up the deal with the Lakers he will get what he really deserves… staying with the magic for another long and painfull year..i cant imagine how frustrating will be for him AND the magic if this happens

  191. Mike says:

    He should go to the Cavaliers and stick it to LeBron and actually do something “THE KING” couldn’t get alongside Irving and rebuild, he is not old. Instead of being a spoilt idiot.

    • Ifyoujustplayball says:

      …interesting idea, Mike…… The ROTY matched with a rebounding monster and put back king….. with all the other talent

    • Ifyoujustplayball says:

      …interesting idea, Mike…… The ROTY matched with a rebounding monster and put back king….. with the other talented vets and the 2 new picks …… they would have a chance to contend…………………….perhaps adding another good shooter would do the trick

  192. NOTBEATABLE says:

    I know this will sound like a joke to most of you guys but my deepest wish would be that all owners and all managers would see how selfish and greedy this dude is and how overpowered he thinks of himself -askin the management to fire his trainer!!!!! What did this Basketball World exactly become to, when the Players not owners, managers and trainers have the biggest word in anything?????!!!!!!

    And if this dream of mine would become true, which will be not,obviously because most owners are too damn greedy as well, then NO ONE i repeat NO ONE should signe this whatever again to any team … Good luck in Spain or in Turkey or wherever – maybe in China Dwight??? Why not – I will defenately NOT whatch a NBA Game again where you are a part of – even this would mean in the worst case not whatchin the All Star Games for 4 – 5 Years – you PUNK!!!!!

  193. Johnny-boy says:

    This is beyond crazy. He is wasting not only his time but other fans’ time as well. Just like other people have mentioned, i thought he wouldve liked to go to the lakers and even sign an extension with the lakers so he can win a championship jus like the big three in miami have done. but no thats not the case. He wants to be the center of attention and cause havoc amongst other people. im sick of it. im a lakers fan and i wanted dwight to come help kobe win his 6th ring, but now idont even care. i would like to keep binum now. right now binum has proven to be more mature than howard..enough said

  194. robert zimmerman says:

    Dwight should sign now. He is coming off of back surgury. If he waits and reinjures himself his desire by other teams will diminish. My advise to Dwight is get everything you can NOW. Waiting is for FOOLS.

  195. SomeDude says:

    All of you have no clue.

    He’s just trying to get back at Orlando management so they get nothing in return by refusing to saying he will sign an extension.

  196. SM says:

    This is frustrating. It is now 1 year that Howard wants to be traded. Every day they are talking about him.
    He should either take a side/team or retire. This is too much.
    He should start playing basketball rather than being on sale the whole time
    I dont know why NBA waste their time to put Howard trading articles on their web site.
    There are lots of other players deserve to be in the blog sites etc..

  197. lbj says:

    you need to respect the best center of all time “Dwight Howard” he deserves to be in the center stage bec of his multi talented skill. He can choose whoever/wherever he wants because he is the superman in the nba! Go Dwight you deserve doing all of this bec you are so talented!.!

  198. Yildirim says:

    Dwight “No Rings” Howard. Complains tooooo much, I love Orlando and live in NY, but with a even bigger baby like this punk, no team should expect to ever win a championship with him. Discourages his teammates and his fans, why trade for him, hes worse than Asik at the free throw line, and i think Houston should be plenty happy to have a defender like Asik. So coming up with names the rhyme with his name like dwama dwightmare, how’s No How howard, Dwight NOward, Dwight No Rings, Dwastic Season, Bigger Baby, dwight complain howard, howard complain dwight, Brooklyn No Deal howard, Finished in the 4th howard style, or how about Tech master foul, or punk who got van gundy fired, Sorry i loved D12 but as you know theres no business like a HO business. Good Luck losing in the finals bigger baby.

  199. dhhow says:

    this is getting stupid….. DH b4 i was really excited about getting into trades but its getting irritating and boring….nba isnt about DH… Let him walk (hopes some weak team takes him so that he can deteriorate) not worth da time to read about something about a kid who wants more money ….show some pride as a b player…

  200. jojo A says:

    Dwight Howard Will Get traded to the nets in the trade deadline im betting on that
    we all remember the melo drama just trade him to brooklyn in trad deadlin so he can shut up already

  201. MsLaker says:

    Get lost Dwight! You’re far worst than Lebron’s “DECISION”! Go to other country and play there for the rest of your career. You don’t deserve a ring because of your attitude.

  202. Swatguy says:

    At this point, Dwight has the right to play where he wants to play, after his contract ends. It is a free-enterprise right in a restricted league (semi-monopoly). Lay off on the guy for he has to make his best decisions. He has made mistakes as we all have and do, He will be more than fine after he gets where he wants to be. The rest of us will live to forgive the inconvenience of his life.

  203. Pedro says:

    This guy does not care about rings, he cares about $$$. Lakers wont have the dope to pay him what he wants after 2013. So he dont want to sign an extesion with LA.

  204. Ted says:

    Aside from Dwight Howard and his antics as a drama queen, I think the media is also one to blame. Most of these reporters are just guessing things out. Just trying to get something out of nothing.

  205. Raiders says:

    Dwight really messed up bad. Everbody hates him now lol.

  206. Swatguy says:

    At this point, Dwight has the right to play where he wants to play, after his contract ends. It is a free-enterprise right in a restricted league (semi-monopoly). Lay off on the guy for he has to make his best decisions. He has made mistakes as we all have and do, He will be more than fine after he gets were he wants to be. The rest of us will live to forgive the inconvienience of his life.

  207. DeBrosh says:

    why would anyone want this guy on their team? he is too much work!
    this will be another carreer that does not live up to potential.
    what a waste of time!!

  208. s27m says:

    I am absolutely sick of all this dwight talk. The Magic are idiots and are gona burn them selves

  209. Thepredictor says:

    Great, he says he wants to leave to the lakers, mavricks, or nets,
    then, he says he’s “all in” to stay with the magic for this coming season, and signs a 1-year contract,
    then, he wants his coach, stan van gundy fired, and, obeying his orders, he gets fired (plus the GM, I think)
    then, he says he wants to be traded again, and the only team he’ll sign an extension with is the brooklyn nets,
    then, the nets re-sign brook lopez( because neither the magic nor dwight can make up their minds), and the drama continues
    then, the houston rockets emerged as the probable trade option, for multiple draft picks
    then, the deal turns cold, and the lakers become the probable option trading howard to the cavs, and cavs’s draft picks to magic
    then, he welcomes that idea, and gets everyone’s hopes up( especially lakers and magic fans, but also the entire nba so the drama will end
    today, he says he won’t sign an extension with any team, and everyone goes crazy

    by tommorow, this list could be twice as long.

  210. husky9 says:

    this is getting bored..i think that he should decide whether he will stay or sick and tired of this DWIGHTMAREEEEE.. come on dude its time to finish this.

  211. Coach Nick says:

    this is now beyond stupid. I hope nobody signs him because they don’t want to deal w/ the drama.

    on a side note: is he that dumb!? not signing with the lakers, he’s blowin it BIG time on that one haha.

  212. Marjun P.Arboladura says:

    not able to make a decision is quite discouraging for dwight.let’s get this dwight coward sort of thing.he just wants to be talked about.

  213. Manolo says:

    How great would it be if actually nobody wanted howard and his dramatic conduct; if he ended up not being sought after by any team and he ended up playing for like the bobcats or something – that would be awesome

  214. John says:

    Just bench this dramaman for next season and let him test free agency as much as he wants after missing a year. This big kid behaves like “I don;t want to play this year, I just want MORE MONEY next year”. Sooo desperate.

    • lbj says:

      you need to respect the best center of all time “Dwight Howard” he deserves to be in the center stage bec of his multi talented skill. He can choose whoever/wherever he wants because he is the superman in the nba! Go Dwight you deserve doing all of this bec you are so talented!!!

  215. Swatguy says:

    Danny Ferry has cleared space in the house for Dwight and CP3, with Josh and perhaps Al too. As crazy as it may think, crazy is what it is.

  216. don says:

    Why bother reporting any news on Dwight Howard?

  217. Mor says:

    honestly this guy is a whole lot of of drama, he is NOT chasing rings because other wise he would of been signing with the lakers a while ago. He is clearly looking for publicity gains one way or another…
    I guess he really wants to be like shaq! (at least shaq was great and funny)

    he really diminishes an organization, I guess orlando kind of deserves this! (not really)

  218. MATT says:

    Personally I think the Lakers should try to work out a deal with Orlando if Howard would concider signing an exention with the Lakers. However if this is not the case just stop chasing after him. Even without Howard the Lakers at this point look like they can go far next season as long as everyone stays healthy. Bynum does a great job when he stays healthy and is still the best center besides Dwight Howard (although I’m not gonna compare them since I find this hard to do since Bynum is the 3rd scoring option and has to share boards with their other 7 footer while Howard is basically surrounded by nothing so hard to judge them purely by stats).

    If Howard signs for the Lakers he’ll most likely be able to win at least 1 championship looking at their current roster, However if he chooses the money that’s up to him. He’ll most likely end up with some bad team then and will be put in the same situation as in Orlando, they’ll become a decent team thanks to him but never a chance to win a championship. Because lets face it if Howard wants a big fat paycheck I don’t think there’s to many championship worthy teams right now that will have that cap room to sign him.

    So it just depends on what he wants for his carreer, does he want to be remembered for being part of a championship team and playing a big role in that or does he want to be remembered as a great center that chose the money over winning.

    • john says:

      I think his agent has a HUGE role in telling what Howard needs to do. After all these reps making huge commissions from their contract (10 – 20%). So his agent knowing how indecisive Howard is, he just kept manipulates Howard what is the best financially for him, with team contract. Instead of help build his image and use this to get huge endorsements deals.

      With how he deals with trade rumors, he only hurt his image even more and might lose many possible endorsement deals (which is bigger paycheck with the least amount of work).

  219. Kane says:

    please retire now dwight!!!!

    • lbj says:

      you need to respect the best center of all time “Dwight Howard” he deserves to be in the center stage bec of his multi talented skill. He can choose whoever/wherever he wants because he is the superman in the nba! Go Dwight you deserve doing all of this bec you are so talented!!

  220. mixbiz says:

    Crazy Howard!!! He needs to go somewhere, not on these top teams! He should have waited for the end of his contract with Magic before coming out with a statement that he’s not gonna sign anywhere, blah,blah, blah!!! He think he’s close to Shaq’s domination to demand things. Such a fool!

  221. LordP says:

    Please guys stop it why a player in his prime should sign an extension if he can test the free agency and get more money??!!If Howard go to the Lakers he’ll test the free agency this summer and get the max from LA…that’s over..

  222. orasje says:

    for last two months there are news just about dwight and where will he go and that is gettin really boring from day to day ,

  223. ptfiles says:

    Dwight wants to be FA to sign with the Bobcats! lol (that’s what he deserved)

  224. Kobe-z says:

    Only Howard will come out as a winner in this situation. Orlando could if they actually get the picks/pieces they desire. But now it would seem silly for any team to give up a kings ransom only to have Howard walk away. Who will dance with the devil in the pale moon light?

  225. ptfiles says:

    Dwight wants to be FA to sign with the Bobcats! lol

  226. Celtic fan says:

    its not the magic fault Howard opt in for one more year so orlando is in control with thus not making him a

  227. Cibos says:

    Dwight, come to Cibona Zagreb. You will win championship in Europe!!!!!!

    • lbj says:

      you need to respect the best center of all time “Dwight Howard” he deserves to be in the center stage bec of his multi talented skill. He can choose whoever/wherever he wants because he is the superman in the nba! Go Dwight you deserve doing all of this bec you are so talented!.

      • FGB says:

        Lol, i want some of that thing you smoked or inyected that made you write that piece of c.r.@.p.

        Have you ever seen a basketball game? Do you know who Hakeem Olajuwon is? Patrick Ewing? Shaquille O´Neal? oh man, go to you tube right now and you will see how wrong you are about the true big baby of NBA Dwight Coward.

    • Ifyoujustplayball says:

      ….Lyndon, you are sooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!…… He is about maybe 12-15th on that “best” list !!!!!……..maybe!

  228. cleantone says:

    My take is: David Stern should give the Magic a special tax break so that they do get something and just issue a memorandum that prevents Howard from being signed by any team. Let him be unemployed for a couple of seasons, go to China/Turkey, wherever, just rid the league of his whiny presence.

    • hooplover says:

      i sooooo agree with you! i have thought that for a while now. lol

      • lbj says:

        you need to respect the best center of all time “Dwight Howard” he deserves to be in the center stage bec of his multi talented skill. He can choose whoever/wherever he wants because he is the superman in the nba! Go Dwight you deserve doing all of this bec you are so talented!

      • MGIC CORE says:


  229. Pinoy Baller says:

    i am now a lakers fan (coz of steve nash) and i am not at all excited about the fact that the lakers is trying to pursue dwight “the money monster” howard. i hope the team would just keep bynum who i think will improve over the years and will be a much better center than DH.

  230. Laker fan says:

    Howard should just go to the lakers…follow the orginal superman”s(shaq) steps……

  231. manveer sandhu says:

    hey i am from india and does not know much about nba ……………………………..but howard is my favurite player and i think he gonna be with magic ……………………they have got good talent this draft……………saw that in summer league…………..and he can win a championship by being with maGIc ……….

  232. atatna says:

    super drama queen DH. c’mon man make up your mind already. you have so many things going on to your mind, at first you want a championship caliber team and right now you’re considering big contracts? I don’t think you can have both especially with the new cba in place. Didn’t you notice people are not that excited anymore, they just want to end this drama of yours.

  233. LUIPDAPROBLEM says:

    Dwight howard is acting like the lakers needs them to win hahaha sit down bynum is a way better scorer howard is offensively retarded if he were to b a laker he wud average 12pts a game n if bynum were to go to magic or cavs he wud drop 25+ a game yea howard defensively is wayy better but lakers cudnt keep up with thunder scoring and damn sure wont keep up with the heat aka illuminati team thats jus added ray allen and rashard lewis…. the nba is rigged how u cancel the chris paul deal goin to lakers i guess they really wanted heat to win it was financially better for the league comeon now both teams agreed to send cp3 to lakers but nooo david stern canceled the trade. laker nation deserves an apology or some logical explanation why he canceled the trade please explain.

    • Philip says:

      He deserves to be stuck in Orlando another year! Wasted year in his carreer and no title. Orlando deserves to have him walk away for free after year is up! He doesn’t realize, Lakers can win without him.

    • lolatyou says:

      wow, you are dumb lol.

      learn facts then post comments.

      fyi- heat would have beat lakers either way, even with cp3 they wouldnt have mad it to the championship

    • Ifyoujustplayball says:

      ….explanation was ………….”not in the best interest of the New Orleans organization”………but he still gets to play in your city, though.

  234. Chico says:

    If this is true, I really don’t know what to do with this guy. He is a great talent, a dominant center, but it seems that he has no work ethic at all. When LeBron left Cleveland, at least he did it without fighting coaches and doing drama for the Heat. I really can’t understand this guy’s head. Thinks he is better than the entire team.

    About Tyreke, I don’t have any info about his contract, but if possible, The Timberwolves seem a really good place for him. With Roy as a backup guard(unless he becomes able to play full power again), Evans would be a great shooting guard. But I don’t know if they are able to sign Batum and Evans together, which would be awesome.

    As a Cleveland fan, I would like to see him in the Cavs, maybe with Bynum too.
    But I don’t understand about caps to make any statement.

  235. heat-lakers fan says:

    .. just play hard men and win some ring.. you dont deserve to be in the nba, if im the owner of ORLANDO you will be a’ RESERVE for my team.. i will pay u to be a cheer leader for Orlando ..

  236. magicman101 says:

    It’s all about the $$$ when it comes to Howard the Coward… He doesn’t have the b@lls to form his own team and needs to be a follower because he has no idea on how to lead a team. Howard is the problem the NBA faces these days… A immature egotistical diva who can’t even make he free throws to stay on the floor in the 4th, is always in foul trouble, complains instead of getting back on defense, throws not only his team, but coach and organization under the bus… He should be sent to South Africa and sit out his days on a plain chasing lions because he is negative energy to ANY team… Don’t let the smile fool you because they are only hiding the horns…

  237. michael says:

    I think this is his way of “sticking it” to Orlando for all the times he has had private conversations with management and they have leaked his demands/comments. I personally don’t agree with what his doing and I feel the longer this goes on the more and more it will mar his career. His agent has to be telling him this.

    And for his agent to come out and say he will not sign an extension with any team shows how much disrespect he has for the organization that drafted him.

    I can’t imagine him playing out the rest of his contract in Orlando. I ain’t from there but from all this drama I doubt the Orlando faithful will accept him with open arms, this could possibly be worse then what LeBron got first time he went back to Cleveland in a heat uniform.

  238. BallSoHard says:

    All I know is that if this dude Dwight goes to the Lakers…..We got a Ship no question with nash’s pick n roll skills and kobe being kobe. then with pau helping out…Thats a NBA finals team definately. Make the right decision Dwight go to L.A

  239. Shady07 says:

    Go to Cavaliers Make some title to that team ! I Know you can do That D-HOWARD A.K.A SUPERMAN !! \mmm/

  240. DRose#1 says:

    For all the drama that he causes, no team can ever be sure he´ll finally stay and stop complaining about everything! What are the Magic supposed to do? If he changes his mindset every 10 minutes, no other team will ever be willing to trade for him! I´ve been watching nba-basketball since the early 90s… and while he´s considered as the best C in the league TODAY, I would have loved to see him play like 15-20 years ago agains tough AND skilled big men like Hakeem, Robinson, Ewing, Shaq, Mourning, Divac…hell even Sabonis on 1 leg and Rik Smits would have ripped his a**!!!
    It´s so sad to see that some of these athletes are just big kids who lack every sense of moral! During the last year he really destoyed his image…imho even more than LBJ did in 2010, because although it was truly dumb and self-centered, he finally MADE a decision!!! In fact, with this attitude, Dwight will never win a ring. He turns more and more into a unbelievable big joke! My advice: send him to the D-League and get rid of this idiot!!!

    • roflhouse says:

      love this comment. Hakeem “the dream” would clown dwight just like he clowned Shaq in ’95

  241. JP says:

    man is a beast, talented, a lot of potential in him. but his attitude should never have a place in the league. NBA should give him a lesson. it seems that he doesn’t want to play anymore, just call it a quit and grow up dwight!

  242. LAL says:


  243. Vash says:

    I watch NBA because I want to watch a program filled with adrenaline rush and testosterone. If Dwight Howard does nothing but prolong the drama that he is doing right now, might as well switch to other channel. He needs to stop acting like a princess and start waking up for real. LeBron, Dwayne and Bosh did it 2 years ago for accepting lower payments in favor of championship. He’s not going to win a title in Brooklyn not as long as the Miami Big Three are there. (Not a Heat fan btw, I hate LeBron but I give him some respect, he did win a championship). What Howard needs to do is to stop this melodrama, sign with a team ( I don’t care whoever it is) and finish this soap opera of his once and for all. This is getting irritating to the bones.

    • Common Sense says:

      I don’t know. I heard Jimmy Buss saying that the talks are a lot quieter than people think. I think the truth in this situation is that everyone is taking their time to make a decision, everyone is in the early stages of talks, they are watching the Summer Leagues as they make their decisions, and no one is dragging their feet. i think the reason it seems like its taking so long is the news is trying to make it seem like they are in a conference room everyday trying to make something happen(as if it was the lockout meetings. This is business as usual with no rush on making a decision. Let’s change the channel. When Dwight gets traded you’ll hear about it on every channel and every radio station in existence. No need to log in to NBA.COM every day. In fact, that is the only reason we’re frustrated. We’re being manipulated to make it seems like something is “imminent” in order to get more traffic onto their website and TV channel. We need to stop talking to each other until the day comes. SO NO MORE TALKING FROM ME. I’M DONE. SEE YOU WHEN THE TRADE HAPPENS EVERYONE. CHEERS!

  244. vincreations says:

    the lakers should stop on chasing him, i still prefer the young bynum,

  245. ramil says:

    Hey..Stop this drama.

  246. JSM01 says:

    Dwight should start acting like a man an make a decision. He is loosing a lot of sympathy & fans. He ain´t superman no more. His new nickname should be drama queen or something.

  247. BullS says:

    End this please…..

  248. DRose#1 says:


    • Common Sense says:

      This proves what all the teams have been saying since the beginning. 99% of whats been in the news about this has been wrong. And now this story confirms that all of the guessing has ended us back to where we were int eh beginning…at the beginning. yay… Wouldn’t be surprised if he stays in Orlando and nothing comes of anything. Do some stories about USA basketball or something…

  249. george the Greek says:

    I live in the other side of the Atlantic and i am already sick from this soapopera of D.H ….for Christ sake….there are more important things and news….i personally believe if he goes as a trade to lakers they wont make it to the finals as expected…and orlado will go much better….i believe D.H is highly overated. that s all….

  250. semikalosi says:

    This is beyond ridiculous. I don’t think a Championship is as important as a big financial gain for Howard. Lebron did it for the ring, while his clown does it for the money in my opinion. You would’ve thought that he and his circus would’ve made the necessary adjustments to put him in a position to win a Championship, if it was that important.

    Le’s not get this twisted. He wouldn’t have won one in Orlando, Brooklyn or Houston. LA seems, with their current pieces (and offer for trades involving Dwight), the sensible option, but he either wants to be the centre or attention or is, as I mentioned earlier, just after a nice paycheck.

    What a joke this has become. And it’s a shame, because like Lebron, this will always leave a negative impression on his legacy no matter how much he succeeds.

    • sbfern805 says:

      and this is where we all FORGET about Lebron’s “Decision”… Man Lebron came up small on this one. Im a huge Lakers fan and as much as i would think Howard would help the team if he plays for them. i dont want someone who is not happy playing there… ( ODOM in Dallas for example). So Lakers already made a bad move by trying to trade Bynum, so now they have to find a way to make him forget he isnt the second option…

  251. Krespino says:

    “Encourage you to add a comment…” What new comment can be added to this never ending nightmare…?
    The only thing that the USA needs is just an end to this horrible saga.
    May this guy go to Europe or something or better quit basketball so that we never again have to hear or read another thing about him…
    Howard is cancer, his lack of sportsmanship has ruined the Orlando Magic franchise, he will ruin whatever other franchise he will go to. The way he treated his coach and his teammates in Magic are unacceptable within sports.
    There are so many young talents that come up in the drafts and elsewhere that deserve attention and coverage, but the number one story in the NBA is always Howard.
    Just make a trade and play your basketball and shut up you ugly clown.

    • Thepredictor says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more, especially since I am a Laker fan.

      • never frisco says:

        I’ve been a Lakers fan since the late 60’s, and I’ll always want my team to acquire the best players available that fit into the mold of what the Lakers organization is all about. Dwight Howard does not fit that mold: he’s not a team player and he thinks he’s bigger than any organization. Time for every NBA GM to show this chump just how wrong he is. Sorry Magic, you’re stuck with this idiot- and his equally stupid agent- for the next season, and you will watch him walk next summer with nothing to show for it.
        The Lakers should concentrate on getting Bynum to sign an extension. It could be back loaded so that the bigger money doesn’t kick in until Kobe’s $30M comes off the books after 2013-14.

    • The Fox says:

      I too am sick of this John Kerry flip-flop of basketball that is Dwight Howard. I have lost all respect for him. I will not go out of my way to watch his games or buy his endorsed gear. And if by some feat of impossible stupididness he landed on the Portland roster, I would disown the Blazer franchise. In fact I make a plea to all NBA fans who are true fans of the game: PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR HOWARD IN NEXT YEARS ALLSTAR GAME!! Thank you.

  252. Jones17 says:

    It’s quite clear that if he gets traded to a decent situation (Brooklyn, Lakers) he will ‘explore free agency’ and just re-sign with that team so he gets more money than just extending. So it’s vital for either of those teams to just trade for him. It’s only a small risk for them that he’ll leave then.

    For Houston, Dallas or whoever else who is not in position to compete for a championship, there is a lot more risk that he leaves as a free agent but may still be worth a gamble

    • nosugarshane says:

      You hit the nail on the head. If I was Houston I would still have to take that gamble. Next year what bigger market then Houston could even bid for him so it would be a pretty good gamble IMO.

  253. Josh P says:

    Hey Sekou,
    Any idea why nobody is trying to sign Tyreke Evans??
    And I fully agree the dwightmare has gone on far too long, Hennigan should have made the deal with the Nets early, he woulda got Lopez (who IMO when healthy is a top 5 centre) and like 3 1st round picks that’s a good deal.

    • josh says:

      Because he has one year left on his cotract

    • nosugarshane says:

      That was a horrible trade for the Magic. Brooks was a nice piece but the three picks would have been all late first round picks and not worth anything.

      • Wurms says:

        Yea, because late first rounders are garbage like Tony Parker, David Lee, Rajon Rondo, David West, Danny Granger, Gerald Wallace, etc. and getting a lotto pick guarantees an awesome player like Darko, Kwame, Morrison, and lets not forget the greatest bust Joe Smtih.

        Magic need to take what they can get at this point, or just wave bye-bye like the CAVS did to Lebron. If I were the Magic I would never have even listened to one trade-talk and just concentrated on building a better team around Howard to make him happy. Remember Kobe and the Lakers right before they got Pau Gasol?

  254. s. mat says:

    If only he manned up and refused to sign the 1 yr opt in. Now I just want Houston & LA to pull their offers and leave Orlando a$$ out. They deserve Dwight to lose him for nothing at this point.

    • MackDaddy says:

      Agreed. I hope no one trades for Howard. Magic deserve NOTHING for the way they’ve handled this. Howard walking away just like Shaq would be the best news I’ve heard in a long time.

      Magic GM could have closed this sorry chapter ages ago. He wants to play hardball and “get the best value”…. yup. Good luck with that buddy.

    • lbj says:

      Howard come to Miami. If you want to get a ring you need to play with the king (LeBron). trade howard for haslem,turiaf,anthony and future round picks. not bad.

      PG: Wade
      SG: Allen
      SF: James
      PF: Bosh
      Center: Howard

      6th man: Battier
      Deep bench player: Lewis,Chalmers,Miller,Cole and Juwan Howard cousin of Dwight Howard

      • Rocket33 says:

        Come on man… why do comments like this still get posted? The salaries don’t work and the mentioned draft picks, based on Miami’s record will translate in to me and the old dude who sits across from me at work. Only way Dwight is going to Miami is if one or more of the Big 3 is involved. And after winning last year why would they bother? You could try tweeting Dwight to try and convince him to sign for the league minimum next year though…

      • pjm says:

        the league would NEVER let that happen. it would be pretty epic team. and sorry to nitpick but i think miller is done after this year.

      • Chingon says:

        Hurry everybody help the self proclaimed “King” to get another championship!!!!!!!! Keep dreaming…..

      • MHM 35 says:

        lbj you dumb heat fan miami cant afford it for one… howard wouldnt want to be the 4th rung on the ladder for another… and you just won a championship with a lineup that has already been improved in ray allen and rashard lewis. stupid heat fan you’re always desperate for change when you already have two top 10 players.

        how about you help miami pay for dwight’s services if u want him???

      • Kristina says:

        Are you kidding me? Might as well give them the damn trophy in October and cancel the season. They would be invincible. Are you a basketball fan or are you just trying to rack up as many rings as possible? The reason why people love a good Celtics – Lakers match up is because of Bird and Magic. Howard going to the Lakers would be the most entertaining thing because we might actually get something the fans have been waiting for a long time: Kobe-Lebron match up in the finals.

      • j says:

        lol delusions of grandeur

      • jigsaw says:

        LMAO……… how about just Howard for Howard?
        Dwight Howard for Juan Howard

      • mvsfn says:

        there are so many things wrong with your comment, i don’t even know where to begin. please don’t call yourself a heat fan. this is just ridiculously ignorant.

      • Greg says:

        See this is the reason why half the posts here are straight up dumb. Theorycrafting is fine. Ridiculous and stupid theorycrafting that would NEVER happen is just straight up dumb.

      • Saw Kapaw says:

        lbj, please do all us a favor and stop smoking funny stuff man!

      • Miami Guy says:

        As a long time Miami Heat fan
        – No-sense on your trade suggestion.
        – Noway I like to trade any of our big three for Howard. Howard needs to mature up first.

        Btw, I like the reaction of haters especially the one calling you bad names, and blaming Miami Heat for keep asking changes. He has no clue on what Miami did after 2006 title. Just planed for the free agency to get James, Bosh. How many GM does he know as smart as Riley. They all have been trying to save the day, and their fans keep crying as you can see here..

      • Miami Guy says:

        Yeah please do not call yourself a real Miami Heat fan and let those haters to take the opportunity to insult us, and cry here.

      • realist says:

        keep dreaming, they cannot even afford any other big name players. did u not just see that next year he is elgible for $108 mil? u r an idiot. and maybe u should go back and look at what allen’s role will be now. he went to miami so he would not have to be a starter anymore and ride the backs of james, wade and bosh to get another ring

      • me says:

        lol if you thing Allen will start….

      • jasonC says:

        I’m also sick of people, who know nothing about ball, making these ridiculous claims. Hey!!! Jeremy Lin for MVP! Hey!!Michael needs to come out of retirement, again! Hey!! Kobe’s the best player ever! Hey!! Why don’t we trade 1000 popsicle sticks, for Dwight?

      • Miami Heat Fan says:

        HOWARD CLOGS THE PAINT! No need for him in Miami. Lebron and Wade would end up dunking on Howard. Anyway JOEL ANTHONY IS ONE OF THE GREATEST BLOCKERS OF ALL TIME (if he played 40 mins!)

      • MIAMIWHO says:

        Comments like that get posted by heat fans becasue they are clueless and idiots.

      • laman says:

        not going to happen dude la is the best deal for howard not only the players like kobe steve nash and pau but he has nice apnosphere in hollywood and beverly hills were he has been hanging out scince april plus he can find tons of endorsements and get cash la is only going to be a dominat team for two years and there trying to make it count by getting stars and winning rings before kobe retires

        so clearly he should come to la

      • pogi2 says:

        yeah ! dwightnH. go to Miami lost a lot of money, just pay 2million a yr. like , Karl Malone & Gary Payton. go Howard . that a good shot ! you want Ring Champion ship

      • Blah says:

        You literally post this every single time there’s a Dwight Howard-related blog…

      • wadefan says:

        only way that could happen is if they stuck bosh in the middle of the trade. which i honestly wouldnt mind.. they need a big big not a small big.. well i suppose ‘need’ is a strong word seeing as they just won.. but howard would be better than bosh..

        and since when are juwan and dwight cousins.. just cause they have the same last name??? really???

      • michael says:

        lbj (lebron hater in disguise)…stop hating on miami this is just to stupid of a comment for me to take serious. i can’t believe how many people have commented on this…

      • TONY says:

        You mean QUEEN JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • David Todd says:

        of course you would like that trade, a Heat fan right? Maybe for bosh and Chalmers?

      • 1078Lee says:

        Be for real u have to give up Wade and Bosh for that nut.

      • kILLarifIC says:

        some people are retarded and dont know theres a salary cap in the nba. this isnt baseball or soccer.
        what dwight is gonna do is play out the year and then do a sign and trade so that he gets as much money as he can and so that orlando gets something back for him. easy as that

      • Next year, we will do it again! says:

        Pretty soon, Dwight will be out of options. Didn’t he say above that he doesn’t want to sign an extension and wants to be a free agent this summer? (Beats me why he had to play for one more year and get his coach and GM fired) It’s not like the lakers or the nets are any less over the cap than Miami, you know. He wants to win championships and wants to be well paid, I don’t think there is a single scenerio where that happens. Personally I don’t think it is worth it for the lakers to trade away Bynum and other players for DH and orlando’s bad contracts. And the nets will give up too much for DH. I would love to see GM tough up and just not get into this bidding contest. All 30 teams should just stop mentioning DH and let him eat his own foolishness. Absolutely no sign and trades, just like a regular person, go knock on doors of employers and ask for a job.

      • MGIC CORE says:

        You are dreaming or what? Receive Turiaf,(a mediocre player) Joel anthony (another medicre) and Haslem the best of the three by 2 points) I don’t know what some miami fans think that the rest of the league are stupids and they have the monopoly of intelligence.Let me tell you miami the championship celebration will finish next season, even with the adquisition of Ray allen and Rashad Lewis. Mark this day july 20, 2012.I would ask you don’t hate me, but that will happen. Conserning D Howard he have no choice than to sign long term only because we don’t want him in Orlando period! and he is aware of that. But the dreams are free so keep dreaming !!!

      • go lakers says:

        wade at PG?????? and you do know ray is going to be a bench

      • go lakers says:

        wade at PG????? and you do know ray is going to be a bench player

      • hg says:

        they cant get him u tool theyre already 20 mill over salary

      • cot says:

        cool!!! good idea, if dwight comes to miami spolstra and riley will not get their salary

      • Lakers says:

        That is the dumbest comment in this entire thread, there is no logic behind that.

      • serious says:

        miami doesn’t want that cancer. hard skills, soft head

      • JAK says:

        Dwight should not need to go to a team that is stacked. Dwight should stick to a team that doesn’t buy their way to a championship. Pardon The Interruption of your basketball team IQ, but Dwight most likely and probably will go to Brooklyn Nets. I don’t see DH going to Miami so Ibj, or shall I say the John Madden of basketball, get a different logic.

      • shooter says:

        haha i think everyone would really hate the heat but that wouldnt be the lineup chalmers is still the starter allen will be off the bench besides wade has plenty of moments where he struggles to handle the rock…if anybody besides chalmers started at the point posistion it would be lbj …they already stated lewis and allen will be off the bench

    • Stan V says:

      Agree. DH needs to grow up and quit playing game. Make up your mind what you what to do. Orlando organization needs to take what they can get; quit trying to fish for more when u might lose everything. Everybody knows Shaq is a better Center than DH. So that’s settle the fact that DH is trying to follow Shaq’s footsteps to be as good as Shaq. DH needs to get as many Rings as he can right now. Im not a Lakers fan, but the Lakers is the best team for him with Kobe, Nash, and PAU GASOL! You can’t get a trio like that in any other team as an addition to DH. So, quit the dramas..DH wants to explore his free agency so he can get more MONEY. He doesnt care about winning or Rings. He knows he’ll be in the HoF, so he’s going after the money. If he cares about rings, he needs to stop listening to ppl comparing him to Shaq and be himself. Like Kobe and Michael. Kobe doesnt want ppl compare him to Michael

      • john says:

        I hear you man. If he truly wants a championship and crave for a WIN he wouldn’t just chase the money. If he were to go to Free agency he can go to Atlanta, Charlotte, Golden State, Houston, Dallas, etc – these team have the cap space, but they aren’t ready for playoffs. So he would definitely doesn’t want to follow Shaq footsteps, which is winning. These superstars can and will make extra money in endorsement. Just ask Lebron and Wade, smaller contract, but huge endorsements deal.

      • MIAMIWHO says:

        Lets just get one thing clear. It has already been put out there the Dwight now wants to be traded to the Lakers. The reason he is saying he wont sign a extension right away is because of money and years. If he waits until the summer to sign a extension with the Lakers he gets max years and max dollars. Dwight will still be a Laker, its a matter of time.

      • Stan V says:

        like i said…he’s greedy and wants more money. But things change every day. If the Lakers are unsure that he’ll re-sign, he won’t be a Laker in the first place. Can’t blame the Lakers, nobody can’t be sure with DH. He changes his mind everyday. And you said wait till the summer..?! r u crazy?

      • hg says:

        gasol is rubbish and the laker want to tade him

    • Kaos says:

      Right. Let this “Howard Saga” end so all the teams can move on towards the new season. Stupid brat…hope he will be a champ someday or he’ll be in the mold of LOOSERS!

      • MIAMIWHO says:

        @Stan V, let me try to write this so even you can understand. Dwight can still end up on the Lakers before the season starts. But, he wont sign a extension with the Lakers until the summer when he becomes a free agent. Why would he wait until the summer to sign with the Lakers? Becasue if he did it now, he would lose out on years and money with the Lakers. If you cant understand that, then maybe you need hooked on fonics

    • sam says:

      if dwight has no plan to sign an extension anywhere? then why did he demand to be traded? Houston is the only team who are willing to gamble with this!!!

    • Concerned About the League says:

      I don’t get it….why hate on the Magic? As an organization, they have bent over backwards trying make Dwight happy. Admittedly, they have not made smart decisions in the process and should have unloaded him early last year, but they have tried and he is just trying to screw them. Dwight’s a kid on a power trip and I would LOVE to see the owners get together and decide none of them will sign him. I know that will never happen, but he SO deserves that.
      He isn’t as great as paople make him out to be. He is an incredible athlete, but his basketball talents leave alot to be desired. He wouldn’t even come close to stacking up to the league 15 years ago. Instead of being the “best big man in the game” he would be the third string on the all star team, at best