Nuggets stunned by recent tragedy

LAS VEGAS – Word began to come in early Friday. Kenneth Faried, one of the best and most popular Nuggets, learned of the unfolding events via Twitter and went online to find more information.

“Is it true?” he remembers wondering. “Is it really happening?”

It was, and it did.

“A scary feeling,” assistant coach Chad Iske called it.

By Friday afternoon, as news of the shooting at the movie theater in the Denver suburb of Aurora was arriving in horrific detail, the Nuggets played here and thought about there. Most players wore black headbands to mourn the tragedy. A moment of silence was held before the summer league game against the Trail Blazers.

“We talked about it,” said Faried, the starting power forward last season as the Nuggets pushed the Lakers to seven games in the first round before losing. “It was tragic. It was just terrible for anybody. Even though we don’t live in Colorado, we represent the Denver Nuggets. We’re not from there, but guys still support it.”

Aurora is about 15 miles east of Denver. No players or staff members are believed to live in the suburb.

“We gave prayers and blessings out to the families,” Faried said after the 95-82 loss to the Trail Blazers at Cox Pavilion, “and we wished the best for everybody.”


  1. anthony says:

    this is a baasketball site, not a how the world is site, take that stuff to cnn!!!!!

  2. PH GUY says:

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

  3. KnickWitz says:

    This is horrible for my beloved Nuggets, you guys are awesome and I hope this doesn’t affect you guys too much all the best guys…..

  4. Tod Smith says:

    What is all this praying about? I guess we are praying for our souls!

    God didn’t invent and use the Gun, man did!

  5. lorykohn says:

    I agree with Rafael and applaud him for having the courage to say what he did. The NBA, the NFL, and celebrity watching are just diversions to get us to ignore the behavior of the US military on the world stage. Saying that doesn’t mean Rafael or myself don’t feel for the victims. I think it’s a miracle something like this never occurred before, in a country where violence and guns are always OK and marijuana is a crime most places. It’s not a coincidence the shooter picked a violent movie to display violence. By the way, I live in Littleton and can walk to Columbine High School. We are the terrorists, so actions like this are never surprising. Unfortunately, places like Canada formerly considered much more peaceful have had their own share of recent violence: lose the Stanley Cup and destroy your own city, then the Toronto thing. Oh, I forgot, I’m supposed to obsess about how much jocks make, not actually think.

  6. knight says:

    gun laws only prevent law abiding citizens from getting them…

  7. boydy says:

    how can anyone say this is not about gun control???? how many guns did he have?? and he did not say he was the joker! that has been proven to be media hype. this is not the first time something like this has happenned in the USA is it? Americans need to stop burying there heads in the sand! this certainly is a tragedy. but this phycho will get exactly what he wants….worldwide fame. because every newspaper and magazine will put him on the front page or cover! have a good think about it america

  8. KC says:

    My prayers go to the families that lost a loved one that night. But folks, I have been overseas lately, Europe, Asia, South America and even in the U.S. people get killed EVERY SINGLE DAY, in fact, similar things like this happen more often than what you believe over Irak/Afghanistan with our OWN SOLDIERS killing innocent people (I love our troops, and support, but this is a reality).

    Are we still calling our country the best one in the world? With all the debt, no jobs, people carrying guns, rifles out there?
    I’m sorry, but I believe we need to open up our eyes and change our mentality, look at what is going on around the world, step out from our bubble and we will realize that our land isn’t what it used to be, and we citizens have a big part of guilt, by the actions we do EVERYDAY, thinking all is “good”.

  9. LBJ4MVP says:

    How are people going to protect themselves though? Thiefs aren’t gonna stop to somebody that has a tire iron, or just his hands, or anything but a gun. Police officers have guns, why? To protect themselves. And they don’t even use them for protection, they just use them for intimidation. Every country needs guns, just for protection. Stuff like this is tragic, but taking guns away just makes everyone hate the government even more, because we all know there’s going to be that one person that hides them, or a person that sells them illegally, so no matter if the government takes guns away, there are still going to be guns. War, fighting, crime- none of it will ever stop. There are some people who think killing is fun, others who think starting fights is a good idea, etc. You can’t ban war, you can’t ban fighting, you can’t ban crime. Technically, you can’t ban anything. The government has been on the drug case for ages, but you still see drugs don’t you? It’s not going to stop, ever. So just pray, stay out of it before it elevates further, and move on.

  10. Dave says:

    There has to be a death penalty for such actions.

  11. Jaocbo says:

    Hats off to the Nuggets players for paying respect for those affected by the tragety. For US PEOPLE this is saddening and, I know people will comment, I think this man DESERVES to die! Say all you want about the value of this man’s life and being the better person. This man did NOT value the lives of those he killed, so why value his life? Because it’s the right thing? Because we’re the humane people? This man’s objective was not revenge or anger, but the “joy” of ending a person’s life. He even booby trapped his apartment for our FBI! Liberals can talk all they want, but this man should be KILLED himself! Even if he gets the life sentence, what good is that? No interaction with others? That’s it? If you think that’s ok, then tell me how you would explain to the family with the lifeless 14 year old on the stairs or the widow of the man about to celebrate their first aniversary why the muderer is still living!

  12. ddk says:

    hello all, everyone had good points but no one is looking to god for anwsers anymore, i believe in these last and evil
    days you will have more and more situations like this, this could of happen any where to anybody, i feel that alot of
    things that happen be eye openers for people to realize how inportant it is to have a realationship with god! we have to pray for ourselves and others daily asking and thanking god or whom ever you believe in to keep us protected from danger seen and un-seen, because in most cases we don’t even see the danger coming so we have to trust and believe! not to say the people who was affected by this didn’t pray but it’s a reason for every season but if we are not in tune with god we will lose our mind trying to make sense of these types of situations, sorry that i went that way with it but just saying what i feel, however lets put god first and remember the prayer of serenity!!!

    • Peter says:

      Yeah, because all of the holy wars out there which are driven by religous extremists to lots to stop senseless killing…

      For goodness sake, snap back to reality. Too many people use ‘faith in god’ as an excuse to be lazy and refuse to do anything about the worlds problems. Listening to god will not stop things like this from happening – increased security and having the balls to take action will.

      At the end of the day though you can’t stop something you aren’t prepared for, and you generally don’t prepare for something you aren’t expecting.

  13. AJ says:

    I agree that he is obviously sick in the head, but it is ridiculous that it is so easy for anyone to access automatic weapons and tear gas. Perhaps in the 18th century, the right to bear arms was relevant – but not in the 21st century.

    • Jaocbo says:

      Not relevent to bear arms in 21st century? I guess the world is a better place now, right? You can’t get raped, mugged, or shot by someone else. If you think that bearing arms is not relevent, then you are foolish. Look, The man bought 6000 rounds of ammunition. I think it was crazy no one was monitoring this, and I do think there should be a limit to amount of ammunition a person can purchase in an amount of time, but people should still be able to own a gun.

  14. Law064 says:

    Sad story prayers with the victims and their families. I agree Colin we can only blame the moron shooting very sad.

  15. june trebor says:

    i’m from the philippines so i’ve only get to read news about it. i think it could’ve been prohibited if they don’t sell guns,bullets and other arms legally even if the buyer is a professional shooter….and there’s a lot of worse scenarios in other countries so you don’t need to be down like that, i think the government should learn from this, just an opinion

  16. julianh says:

    i don’t understand why guns still are not banned in america

    • 16going417 says:

      Because then law abiding citizens would not have access to guns and the bad guys would still find a way to get them and commit these kinds of acts against innocent people. The law abiding citizen would not be allowed to protect themselves under your perceived way the law should be.

      When people suspect you are packing they tend to leave you alone and go after an easier target. Just remember when you have SECONDS to react the law is MINUETS away. I would rather be a law abiding citizen with the ability to protect myself than live in a society that bans guns.

      Bad people will always behave badly, but when the bad people run into good people with the ability to protect themselves, suddenly they are not so bad, bold or brave………

      Condolences to all those who were affected by this tragedy.

  17. Erick says:

    What the hell is wrong with the world? This is so sad. Add one more tradegy to all the death that happens all over the world every single day.

  18. Colin says:

    Two things: Aurora is 15 miles EAST of Denver. Also, this has nothing to do with the war in Iraq or tax dollars or gun control. If someone in that theater had been breaking the law by carrying a concealed weapon, this whole thing could have been cut drastically short. The fact is, this man was sick and the movie was a place he knew would be crowded that happened to be minutes from where he lives. He wanted a body count. Period. Blame him.

    • Rafael says:

      Then why so many events such as these in the US? Why so many “sick”? Why such a “sick” society? Murder in the US annually is exponentially higher than any other country. Why? I know. Please, re-watch “Bowling 4 Columbine”, then check “Zeitgeist, Moving Forward”. Insightful.

      • Lakers 2013 says:

        “Murder in the US annually is exponentially higher than any other country”
        Get your facts straight before making statements like this…presenting false facts to support an argument nullifies it. There is enough misinformation out there without you contributing to it.

    • Jan says:

      Colin, I think the biggest problem is that it seems too easy to obtain a gun in the first place + many arguments (problems) are solved by drawing the gun and using it. I live in the Czech Republic, where gun possession is not common (least in my eyes) and laws here would make no sense to US citizens (f.e. guy shooting at a car driven by 3 robbers, stealing stuff from guys land, guy who shot goes to prison for injuring the thieves… Crazy, I know..). Imagine if ppl didn’t have a gun right at the time when they had to settle a conflict, I am sure some that sit in a prison right now for killing someone in rage would reconsider their actions if they did NOT have that gun.

      Think Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine shows where the problem is. Wars are started for profit of those who make the weapons you will have to buy to fight those very wars… As W.A.Rose would sing in the song Civil War at the end… “What’s so civil about war anyway?”

      It’s sad.

      Anyway, back to basketball.

      • Lakers 2013 says:

        “Many problems are solved by drawing a gun” …this should be no surprise as in many Hollywood movies, problems always seemed to be solved by using a gun.
        Having lived in the US, Aus and NZ, it is apparent that in general, American peoples attitudes and behaviour are more influenced by their media than in the other countries I have lived in.
        Some of the stuff we call entertainment is pure garbage and constantly feeding it to a society has its consequences.

      • Lakers 2013 says:

        Also, I dont think the problem is the easy accessibility of guns. If a guy drives a truck into a crowded wouldn’t blame it on the accessibility of trucks…part of the problem is that violence and murder is popular entertainment. One of the things I admire about the US is that they have the right to bear arms, I would be wary of politicians that use this event as fuel to diminish that right.

    • terence says:

      ever wondered why you won’t hear such stories in other “western” industrial countries on a regular basis? simply hypocritical to use words like “stunned” etc. while further supporting the gun lobby. Other than in the US, nobody understands your logic

  19. Rafael Godinho says:

    Condolences, tragic BUT: please, American friends, STOP for one second and notice that this much bombing other people and places in the world for the sake of “homeland and global security” has its consequences, even if collateral, “bad-karma-gun-culture-related” ones. Never has there been a more violent nation. Or a more controlled one. Prayers to the families, love to the people, not to Halliburton, JP Morgan Chase or Lockeed Martin. War sells, and business is good.

    • Rafael Godinho says:

      …if this is published, is free and independent. Otherwise it just confirms the opposite.

    • Reality Check says:

      What a sick comment. The victims are not even buried yet and others are battling for their lives and you want to make political capital off this tragedy?
      My heartfelt sympathy to all who have suffered, directly or indirectly. And my respect to the Nuggets players for their natural human response. May your support lighten the burden of pain even one iota for the families and residents of the town.

    • NBATrueFan says:

      You’re an idiot. The shooting had NOTHING to do with anything overseas, no bombings or anything like that. This was a sick jerk shooting people because he wanted to kill lots of people, nothing more, nothing less. The fact that he told the police he was “The Joker” proves he was just doing it because he wanted to kill people, he had no hidden agenda or political point.