Jeremy Lin: In His Own Words (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — So much has been written and said about Jeremy Lin in the past few days that it’s hard to separate fact from fiction.

Instead of trying to decipher all of the madness, why not just let Lin speak for himself:


  1. Jonathan G says:

    Great move on going to HOUSTON JEREMY
    Houston is a very underated team

    They are giving him money that he EARNED and i know he will make this team contenders in the years to come.
    jeremy lamb/Lin this is going to be a very exciting season for Houston fans

  2. Rockets fan says:

    where could get LIN rockets T-shirt… I list Ny LIN t-shirt on ebay$0.01…ha ha
    Lin not a loser, loser is ny knicks…We will keep LIN….mx……

  3. Adam M says:

    Whats with the interviewers hippie wrist band?

  4. Lin Fan says:

    I’m so glad that Lin left Knicks for Rockets. I’m happy for him; I think he got a great contract and good team to play for.

    Don’t understand why people have the nerve to say Lin is just an ‘average’ player, and he will never be Chris Paul or Deron Williams. Some NY sport writers like Steven A Smith, Frank Isola constantly write garbage and label Lin as a so so player; and disregard the truth already told the world otherwise. However those racist could never be able to list one NBA player, other than Jeremy Lin, who broke all records for the first 5 starts in NBA history.

    Lin would be an elite player for sure, if not a super star in the making. Nobody knows how much more he would become, time will tell.

  5. oOo-oOo says:

    what a humble guy. big contrast to the me-first generation.

  6. Nice move! Rockets up tempo Pick-n-Roll offense well fit Lin’s precise skill set.

  7. Travis says:

    Congrats Jeremy Lin!

  8. I can’t wait until the season starts.

  9. newyorksteelo says:

    Was totally unaware that he trademaked Linsanity.

  10. Matthew Caba says:

    Jeremy Lin is finally going to get the play time he deserves. But he was a big fashion to Knicks shirts etc.

  11. me says:

    who cares?…

  12. ninjasports says:

    Good to hear some truth come from Jeremy Lin himself…he is probably happy after schooling (or screwing over) the Knicks upper management on his new deal

  13. BFoulds says:

    Mini Yao