Report: Howard Ready To Join Lakers?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Has persistence finally paid off for the Los Angeles Lakers?

If the rumblings prove correct, that could be the case. Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard, whose months-old trade request to the Brooklyn Nets, is apparently warming up to the idea of joining the Los Angeles Lakers, per a report from RealGM’s Jarrod N. Rudolph.

With Howard reportedly set to sign a long-term extension with the Lakers, all that’s needed now is for all sides to sign off on a three-team blockbuster that will reshape the balance of power in the Western Conference and the league. The details from Rudolph (click here to hear Rudolph discussing the latest on the Howard drama on Episode 87 of the Hang Time Podcast):

Dwight Howard has long coveted the Brooklyn Nets as his next landing spot, but after a summer filled with daily rumors of four-team trade proposals, the six-time All-Star has moved on from his Big Apple infatuation and is locked in on joining the Los Angeles Lakers, sources tell RealGM.

The Lakers, Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly discussing a three-team trade that would send Howard to the Lakers, Andrew Bynum to the Cavaliers, while the Magic would receive Anderson Varejao and multiple draft picks.

Howard has always been impressed with the Lakers’ winning tradition and intrigued with the off-court opportunities that come with playing in Los Angeles.

Questions about Howard’s role with the team, however, became an early concern for the three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Howard has since moved on from those concerns and is confident he will be an integral part of a team that will have a chance to compete immediately for a championship, according to sources that spoke with RealGM.

The Lakers are reportedly ready to make the trade, but first need assurance from Howard that he will commit to the team long-term. Sources say Howard is β€œexcited” about the opportunity to play for the Lakers and will re-sign with the team when his contract expires at the end of the 2012-13 season.

The Lakers would have a nucleus of Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Howard and Pau Gasol, pushing them right to the top of the Western Conference heap alongside the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs.

Howard has been in Los Angeles since April back surgery and was spotted Tuesday night at a Dodgers game, where he was cheered by fans after being spotted by television cameras and shown on the stadium’s big screen.

The Lakers’ dealings this summer, adding Nash, and their persistence in engaging the Magic in discussions about Howard, clearly have made an impression, if Howard is indeed ready to sign a long-term extension with the team. Because for months and as recently as two weeks ago he made it clear that his first and only choice was the Nets, telling Yahoo! Sports that he would sign an extension with “one team and one team only,” though he never named the Nets specifically.

But like all things with Howard since December, what’s believed to be true one day can change the next day. That said, a Lakers team with Howard in the middle alongside Gasol and Bryant and Nash in the backcourt is as formidable a lineup, on paper, as you’ll see anywhere in the league this season.


  1. Complain says:

    Why they keep putting Atlanta in the playoff? When the reason they bin getting there is in Brooklyn now. I don’t see them in the playoff .

  2. I would bet my money on Howard rather than Bynum. Kobe, Gasol and Nash would have probably 3-4 years to be effective in the league. So the Lakers need the likes of Howard to be their core when the current era of Laker greats retires. I am not saying Bynum is not capable on being the subject matter of a team’s core he is more capable in my opinion. The only reason is that Howard would be better in terms of being a marketing product than Bynum. In the NBA a player like Howard would attract good players to sign with the Lakers rather than having a Bynum as your marketing guy.

  3. Krook says:

    trade dwight for dooling marquis daniels and hollins + cash money

  4. Dienekes says:

    I have been a Kobe fan (not necessarily a Laker fan) for a long time. I REALLY hope that Howard is not traded to LA. His attitude may qualify as the most disgusting of all times in all sports…Sure he is a good player (overrated in my opinion). And although Bynum is far from great as well at least personality-wise, he is nowhere close to where Howard is and at least he can make some baskets and even FREE THROWS! One more thing is that this whole drama with Howard and Bynum just tells you how few good centers are playing in the NBA today…in other eras, nobody would even care to spend more than a paragraph a week on Howard…

  5. Follow-Me-@G3RMAN_RAMOS says:

    I dont care where Dwight Howard goes,i will always be a Superman fan b cuz he opted in so The Magic can get something good in return unlike Shaq who left ORL with no compensation for the team that drafted him,also the magic owner betrayed dwight by telling stan van gundy that howard wanted him out…p.s. the reason dwight has not been traded yet is b cuz teams are offering too little for the 3rd best player in the nba behind LeBron & Wade,Lakers need Pau & Bynum & the Rockets need Lin & all thier drafted players & Morris & Parsons,they can keep Martin & Asik,& the Cavs would need to give up Varajao & Thompson for Howard trade to go down b cuz they got players bieng offered like J.Noah & A.Horford which are up & coming.

  6. MJ & Scottie fan forever says:

    Why is everyone thinking the finals would be Lakers-Heat whoehahahah lol dream on cHeat.
    Next season’s final is Lakers-Celtics (yeah that’s right Lefake lovers even after Riley stole Ray Ray).
    You guys really think the C’s gonna loose 3 years in a row from those Miami wannabees, no way !

    GO LAKERS !!! btw Kobe everyday above Lefake,Lefreak or whatever you wanna call that headband noob!!!

  7. tenby says:

    From the management’s perspective, I could see they want Howard to be the Laker’s face in the years to come after Kobe retires. It is a simple SUCCESSION thing. If they get Howard, all they need is a dependable bench. They should star getting rid or Metta, Murphy, Character…



  8. Johnny Peng says:

    Howard-Please insist joining Lakers and you will win the ring next season. Kobe,Nash,Mike Brown–Please humble to call Howard and show you guys are very welcome hime to joining. And make this move ….That will make Lakers to win Western title and Beat Superpower Miami….Let go and the whole world support you…..

  9. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    Mr.Smith blog another again for the latest details for this……

  10. celtics 100 says:

    east conference
    1. heat
    2. celtics
    3.brooklyn nets
    4. indiana
    6. chicago
    8.philadelphia/orlando /or / bucks

  11. teo says:


  12. KOBE says:

    hopefully he comes to the lakers. dwight howard=2013 champions

  13. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    Just make it sure DWIGHT hehehe

  14. joe says:

    This trade Howard-Bynum-Valejo would be the second trick by the Magic in twelve years.
    How to trade the best center in the league fot nothing in exchange.

  15. Jasper says:

    Remember Malone, the Glove, Shaq and Kobe??? BOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!! backfired bigtime πŸ™‚ Nash is aging so does Howard (if ever he will be a Laker)

  16. dallas fans says:

    how if LAL vs LAC in west finals??? whos gonna win
    pg.nash crowford
    sf.mwp d.jordan
    clippers free agent

  17. dallas fans says:

    how if LAL vs LAC in west finals??? whos gonna win
    clippers free agent

  18. Robz says:

    my poor BULLS they need freaking big 3??????

  19. Robz says:


  20. ???? says:

    playoff team in west 1.lakers 2.clippers 3.thunders 4.spurs 5.memphis 6.dallas 7.timberwolves 8.denver east 3.chicago 4.nets 5.newyork 6.atlanta 7.philadelpia 8.milwakee FINALS lakers vs miami

  21. ???? says:

    playoff team in west 1.lakers 2.clippers 3.thunders 4.spurs 5.memphis 6.dallas 7.timberwolves 8.denver east 3.chicago 4.nets 5.newyork 6.atlanta 7.philadelpia 8.milwakee

  22. Matthew Caba says:

    NBA is just messing up this whole big three starting from Spurs to Celtics To Heat Now to Lakers. I could also put Brooklyn Nets There by having Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, & Brook Lopez. What happen to the old days when you will only have two stars on a team. -_-

  23. Zigzagger says:

    Melicic & Lucas III are coming to the Heat to fill-up the last two remaining 15-player roster for the vets mini-salary cap. GM Riley’s magic words can turn another spectacular moves that can satisfy the franchise owner & the fans again.

  24. Zigzagger says:

    History repeat itself!
    No centers can stand on kobe’s bad attitude in Lakers team from Shaq to Bynum & Gasol specially to coach Phil… if Dwight will land in Lakers uniform then he’ll be the next martyr to be proclaim… Bynum is better than Howard as I evaluate them and the best fit for Howard is either Nets or Rockets where players have no superstar mentality.

  25. underdog says:

    no… he is not to sign long term… Howard is trying to live the Magic without giving them anything in return,,, he is a disgrace to the league is an understatement

  26. john says:

    Even D12 moved to LA they will never win a championship game…D12 is a crying baby guy…i beat for OKC in west again…No more championship for KOBE….Its LBJ or Durant time..clear………..K24 is old guys accept it…..hahhaahahha

  27. Glosh says:

    How about this
    Three team trade:

    Kings get – Andrew bynum, jason richardson
    Lakers get – Dwight howard and a 2nd draftpick from magic
    Magic get – DeMarcus cousins and a 1st draft pick from kings

    And then trade pau gasol for derrick williams so they can sign an extension for howard?
    What do ya think?

  28. NoComment says:

    DH is overated the stats of DH and bynum is almost same score,rebound,block last year but bynum is better in freethrw,hookshot, and younger,bigger. lakers have 2 bigman how if no GASOL i think the stats of bynum is better than howard dont trade bynum. The lakers losss because of weak bench.

  29. NoComment says:

    DH is overated the stats of DH and bynum is almost same score,rebound,block last year but bynum is better in freethrw,hookshot, and younger,bigger. lakers have 2 bigman how if no GASOL i think the stats of bynum is better than howard

  30. pooty ty says:

    Why have a salary cap when it’s so easy for the teams with a bigger market to work around it?Everyone says that the Heat players took less money to win a title, they still had the second highester payroll. L.A. is at 90 mill, and will be at 72 next season already, what will happen if they get dwight, if they don’t get rid of gasol they’re payroll will be close to 100 next year, but it’s okay because they’re a big market and can afford any tax penalty.

  31. Teletubby says:

    So Orlando has turned down all other reported trades so that they could land Anderson Verjao. Has this organization ever made a good trade?

  32. Nomena says:

    I still ask myself, why Dwight Howard want to go to New Jersey ?
    Is the Nets a contender for the championship ? I dont really know.
    Maybe, personal reason.
    Team like Clippers of Oklahoma City have a lot of young and a talented players.
    Their futur are just bright.
    If Dwight want a ring he must go with a serious team like Miami, New York or Lakers.
    Minnesota is a possibility too with Kevin Love and Rubio.
    Personally, i think he should choose New York or the Lakers.
    Kobe will play for 2 more year at a very hight level and Howard can take over as a leader
    after Bryant “s retirement. And we all know that the Lakers want always to win the trophy.
    So he could be their next Shaquille O”neil.

  33. Lakers-R-Us says:

    If Dwight Howard comes to the Lakers, he WILL win a championship!

  34. lawliet says:

    i think lakers should not continue to get dwight..if i were to choose id rather choose to get some bench players to help them..coz with kobe nash and gasol,bynum is enough o help them with the championship..they can go nash,kobe,bynum,gasol and jamison for the first five but their bench is not id rather get some talented players in the free agency to be their bench players instead of insisting to get dwight..thats only my opinoin

  35. apopoaitz says:

    lakers go for the ring?????????????? really because they get dhoward with back problem are you sure? nash who will play 2-3 years more are you kidding kobe who decide to retire at 35 how old is he and you want him to have more ring than mj robert horry, good luck hope there chemistry comes in one day

  36. greg says:

    I’m excited to watch Howard in LA LAKERS uniform,i can’t wait for the next session

  37. jepoy says:

    its more likely with the Lakers with their 2004 nba season, they’ve got payton and malone… and now they’ve got nash, and if ever they’ll be acquiring howard… it think it will just end up same sotry…

  38. billcollector1999 says:

    hopefully the trade gets done soon… whether its CLE ,ORL, LA or LA, hou, ORL
    i doubt the cavs are involved, bynum to cleveland i just dont see it though it would be cool to see bynum playing here i dont see him staying here long term! plus theres too many unknown ‘sources’ but then again lamar odom found out the hardway! wonder why hes a clipper and not a laker again..
    regardless ORL needs to rid it self of the whole mess

  39. Stat's isn't everything says:

    Ok now everyone know KOBE is a jack, ball hog and all that other stuff. And yeah he shot below 50 % again for this season but lets think about this who does the Lakers offense rely on most of the time to shoot the ball late in the shot clock? Kobe bryant now we all know he shoots the ball 20 plus times a game but lets use some knowledge and breakdown his shots. About 5 of these are FORCED shots because the shot clock, another 5 is contested or double teamed and the last 10 are good quality shots. now he shot 43% on the season thats not the bad considering he/s shooting the ball more than taking it to the rack because we all know he lost a step and it isn;t as easy for him to get those EASY high quality shoots like how Lebron Dwayne and Durant can. Kobe in my eyes still is the number one threat everytime he steps on the court just because of his skill package and I.Q. Kobe in his prime will DESTROY Lebron, Wade, Durant and every other person! but he is getting old but is stiil basically has the same identical stats as wade ? Kobe STILL is STILL top 3 in the league,

  40. gadon says:

    the lakers need a pure shooter pure shooter

  41. MT24 says:

    Kobe = the best centre in the game! obviously
    Dwight Howard = the best point the game
    LeBron= is the best Goal tender in History
    MJ= is the most overate player in the game EVER!!!!
    Joshua Mcklaren, a current student of FSCC and is obviously the newest rising star within NBL soon to transfer to the NBA

  42. DALGART says:

    Hopefully for The Lakers, if they truly get to sign Dwight Howard, they would definitely be another Team to contend for the Title.
    With Steve Nash and Kobe, they would have another “BIG 3” to match HEAT, THUNDER, SPURS and CELTICS.
    It would great for all of the NBA Fans to see this upcoming Season…

  43. umaume says:


  44. aw29 says:






  45. aw29 says:


  46. bestkillua says:

    The last time I checked this column belongs to LA, (Orlando)..and how comes the HEAT FANS are here?? and SO AFRAID we got WHO’S THE CRY BABY NOW? ans= HEAT FANS..

  47. LAforlife says:

    I can’t wait to play Miami now!

  48. magicfan2010 says:

    Just send Howard to Vancouver. No, wait. There is no franchise in Vancouver any more. Oh who cares, just send him to Vancouver anyway.

  49. LALA says:

    If the lakers get dwight the lakers get #17 .

  50. dwight make up your mind!!!!!!!1 says:

    the hole thing is going to blow up in there faces dwight doesn’t even know what he wants if he went to the lakers he wouldn’t sign a extension and the hole dwight dramam would start up again i want him to come to LA though, so either way david stern would probebly deny the trade and well just be mad a david stern again like with the chris paul drama stern doens’t want another big three like that and not especialy in LA.

  51. Hugh G. Reckshon says:




    End of discussion

  52. Scott says:

    Wow! Not sure if DH is worth it at this point. Bynum is younger and developing his game after being a starter in his first NBA All Star Game.

    • hanamichi says:

      how much help does #24 needs just so he can catch up with #23’s 6th ring? obsession… obsession….

  53. Lebronity says:

    it is about the money

  54. XYRUS says:

    Heat vs Lakers 2013 finals!! Heat in 6 back to back champs!

  55. yeahey says:

    I hope howard will change his mind and come to boston. you see, howard has complained about his coach, so I really think doc rivers will suit him best. think about it.. it’s not only the roster that matter.. most important is the coach.. why do you think the celtics brought the miami heat to 7games and the better roster OKC had just 1win? ^_________^

  56. yeahey says:

    I would love howard if he will join the CELTICS not the lakers!!

  57. I LOVE YOU KOBE BRYANT!!!!!!!!!
    #6 COMIN UP πŸ˜€

  58. jers says:

    huh ! this what LA fans would like to see.. Nash-Kobe-Paul- DH – Mwp in the lineup …. yeah WESTBEAST.

  59. sirsparhawk says:

    I like the people who honestly believe bynum is better than howard, I mean it makes sense that lakers would trade a BETTER PLAYER for a inferior player right? All the pros in the league know who the best is, stats show who the best is, every time they match up DH shows who the best is. Must I say more?

  60. mark says:


  61. Rico says:

    i would personally have bynum than howard. yeah bynum is immature but he still has a lot of talent. i wouldnt want howard because he is too much of a whiner and he has back problems.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      He has back problems? In his entire career I think he has missed only a few games before this herniated disk in his back, which should make a full recovery. Bynum isnt nearly as good and the lakers know it. Keep up the fanboyism.

  62. Second Round Loss says:

    Lakers won’t get Howard. Then they will lose in the second round again and the fans will blame Gasol/Bynum/Nash and David Stern for it. Bynum won’t aign an extension with magic so they are not interested.

  63. huieu5t says:

    If dwight howard goes to the lakers his team will only have one year of being good. When you look at the age of Kobe and Nash you can say two years from now Dwight will be by himself again.

  64. jd3b says:

    sources say here. sources say there.

  65. lakeshow says:

    i bet almost all the heat fans here were cavaliers fans when lebron was there and then if lebron leaves miami all the miami fans will be fans of the new team that lebron will be in

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Whats wrong with that? IM a player fan not a team fan, idc about lechoke or his heat but if howard goes to fakers I follow.

  66. mrmoon says:

    you’ll all see how much better howard will perform if he plays with stevie.i’ve always noted how much better most players have performed on the court with nash running the show..his numbers(all around) will go up, even playing with all those other stars

  67. tim james says:

    Where in the world does the Lakers get money to sign Howard? Whats the NBA thinking! After the Shaq nightmare, what is Orlando reliving the Howard to LA bit all over again. As for theWade-Kobe bit, who would want to play with a whiner like kobe when wade is around? The down side is Wade’s bad knee.

  68. Lakersince76 says:

    I really think there is more going on with Bynum than people know for LA to be going this hard at D12. Bynum is way more skillied than Howard but Howard is more dominant right now. Howard has no jump shot at all, horriblle from the foul line and totally depends on athleticism to do what he does. (he only has about 3 years of that left) Bynum although immature and 24 years old; IMO has way more upside. You can’t replace a good legitimate 7 foot 280LB man. Bynum is only a half step behind Howard right now and in a year or two should be a full step in front of him pending he isn’t legally crazy or something. I think Dwight’s speed and quickness is what is selling LA. If Bynum goes to Cleveland with K. Irving, watch Cleveland place 5th in the East

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Except everyone else in the world will dispute that including me, stats prove otherwise. He isnt just half a step, he is a whole marathon behind howard.

  69. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I hope that it won’t happen. Stupid deal.

  70. It’s so funny reading comments because everyone wants to play GM…with no expertise! To say Howard can’t handle the pressure of being in LA or for him to go to a small market like OKC is insane. Just the prospect of Nash feeding Howard off the PICK N ROLL makes this so easy for him and the fact that he doesn’t have to be the Man at the end of of game takes a tremendous amount of pressure off of him. So far as OKC, it’s too small of a market for Howard…even being championship bound I don’t think that that would be significant enough for him to play there. The LA market a NY market or someplace similar only makes sense to Howard as he can better cash in on non-basketball revenues from endorsements and such.

  71. Jumpshot = fail says:

    honestly with Nash, Howard is better than Drew… for the pick and roll, plus better help defender to make up for Nashes age.

  72. Gnb7588 says:

    This would be a pure deja vu scenario of Shaq moving from the magic to LA. I guess things never really change…although the NBA has changed for worse.

  73. mhegbert says:

    lets go lakers

  74. nath says:

    anu ba yan… lakers na naman ata ang magchachampion.. Sana ibang team nalang ang puntahan ni howard. tsk.

  75. LA-shines says:

    I also believe that Miami will not repeat, ehem let me clear my throat so all you MIA bandwagoners can hear me: MIA WILL NOT REPEAT. in fact i do not even see them making the finals. they lucked out big time with all the injuries to the East. furthermore, i know that james, wade, and bosh will be motivated, but what about the other 9 guys? cant win a chip with 3 players. GO LAKERS

  76. LA-shines says:

    @ LegalAmerican: the Jazz have about the same chance at a winning season as you do being attacked by a polar bear and a grizzly bear in the same day. stop hatin

  77. this is my real name says:

    Im sure Dwight will be in purple and gold next season. I just hope Stern doesn’t get in the way.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      He cant get in the way, the only reason that happened with CP3 was because he owned the hornets.

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        I believe the NBA still needs to approve. I remember reading somthing about everyone being upset that the League allowed the Pau Gasol trade to Lakers. Very rare for the league to deny a trade, unless the teams involved in the trade do not match the conditions of the EBA.

      • sirsparhawk says:

        He cant, thats the point of owners. They dont need his approval unless they are trading with a team he owns. If that was the case I doubt they would have let miami or even the old lakers get as stacked as they were.

  78. KOBE KNOWS says:

    everyone is saying that Kobe has never played with and PG like Nash, but everybody has forgotten that he(Kobe) played with the best defensive/offensive point guard of all-time Gray Payton

    • Lakersince76 says:

      UUUUUUUUUH GP was nice but at that point in his career he was the Glove that you remember. And he never has been the offensive general that Nash is. I just didn’t like Kobe basically throwing his man D Fish under the bus like that

  79. MagicFan says:

    this is terriable magic get nothing LA becomes way too good defeating the purpose the new CBA. the nba must stop this trade like the CP3 trade last year

    • sirsparhawk says:

      To bad they cant. they dont own the lakers. Orlando has nothing so they have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

  80. mike says:

    i think its funny how the lakers fans are loving this lol…….the same lakers fans that ragged lebron for going to miami to win….cna u say hypocrites ?…it wont even matter…without a good coach to keep the players focused , they wont win anything…cuz everyone knows mike brown is a joke,,,and kobe cant win anything without phil jackson

  81. TheMan31 says:

    We all wait and see on June 2013 if who gonna win for championship.

  82. makrminator says:

    bad move 4 LA: i thought kobe and shaq did not work together for long time : )

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      I dont think its a long term resolution. If Kobe wins the next 2-3 yrs (his contract is for another 2or3 yrs) wiht this grp, expect him to retire with 6-8 rings. Then Dwight takes over LA and the FO will build around Dwight. Dwight will then stamp his Legacy wearing Purple & Gold.

  83. kenn says:

    i think the lakers should go ahead and trade bynum for dwight then trade pau and get a couple backup players then have jamison start

  84. NBA fan says:

    I mean he changed his mind now but I’m talking before today.

  85. NBA fan says:

    I still don’t get why someone of his caliber would not want to resign with the lakers if he got traded there. I’m neither a laker fan nor laker hater but I think LA would give him a better shot at a championship than Brooklyn

  86. Tyrone Lu says:

    Can they just make the trade already, cause it’s getting old just send Howard to Brooklyn or LA already M.GM

  87. Thomas says:

    Everyone on the Lakers will be over 30 in their starting line up except for Howard. And you guys act like they can keep up against the athletism of the Thunder or Heat. The Lakers have no consistent Three point shooter on their team. Nash is great but, he is really easy to defend his shots. Heat vs Lakers

    Steve Nash guards Mario Chalmers: I would take Mario
    Kobe gaurds DWade: Even
    Metta World Peace against LeBron: LeBron

    Then you have Ray Allen out their on the court with Bosh. And the Lakers have Pau and Dwight Howard, if they go small who do they bring in off the bench? They have no bench players in the back court. So it is pretty much:

    Pau Gasol on Ray Allen
    Dwight Howard on Chris Bosh

    Those three all stay out on the peremiter so that pretty much means the middle is wide open for MARIO (Since he is guarded by Nash) Dwade and LeBron.

    On D, Chris Bosh gaurds D12. LeBron guards Pau Gasol. Mario-Nash. Ray-MWP. DWade-Kobe

    • jopacs says:

      Heat was even defeated by the underdog MAVS..

    • jopacs says:


    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      Lakers beat heat with pretty much the same lineup last season. The only difference is that Nash will be starting instead of Derek Fisher and looks like Dwight will be starting instead of Bynum. I believe Matt Barnes had a good game that day though, however (hopefuly) Jamison might provide some scoring punch off the bench for the Lakers.

  88. digitioli says:

    Lakers don’t need Howard. Bynum might just grow up with Nash in the mix, and Pau will definitely not be wasted by Kobe hogging the ball. Everyone seems to forget Lakers had a new coach and system with no training camp and 3 games a week.
    If they do get Howard, Nash & Kobe will get his mind right and maybe he’ll even get some help from Kareem.
    One more solid bench scorer and they can compete with anyone if Brown really knows how to coach.
    Jamison is a great pickup. Mitch knows what he’s doing.

  89. Thomas says:

    Guys, this really changes nothing. Either way Lakers or Thunder will be in the finals against the Heat. The Heat still have a better team too.Think about the finals last year the Heat played small and so they couldn’t keep Perk and Ibaka out there at the same time to be affective.Which means if they play the Heat, they will have to chose Pau or Dwight to be out there.Steve Nash is a great player, but on Defense who is he guarding? Mario is a pretty explosive player on the court who can drive pretty well to the basket. If Steve Nash guards Ray Allen than who gaurds who. The Heat playing small will be the way to beat this team. It will force them to chose one big man, just like against the Thunder and they had way better versatility on their team to match the Heat. Lakers have no versitility in the back court. Heat beat either team in the finals, lets just face the facts….

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      Everyone seems to forget that the Heat and Thunder have similar teams. Hence it really came down to which of the 3 players from thier respective teams could do more with who they have.

      U make a point that Nash is not the greatest defensive player, but im sure Dwight can more than make up for the defensive lapses in Nash’s game. Unlike Thunder, If Heat plays small Lakers will pound it into the middle to Dwight (or Pau) to tear them apart. Thunder dont have any real post presence. Both Ibaka & Perkins make their presence felt on the defensive side. U gonna Leave Joel Anthony, or whoever, on an island to guard Dwight 1 on 1? Good luck with that game plan.

      Dwight makes a huge difference on the Defensive side with his speed and athleticism. EVERYONE will tell you, he changes games on that side of the ball.

  90. Just Be says:

    I’d always knew that the Superman, not the original, but the young Superman always wanted to be a Laker, and that’s why the L.A. LAKERS will win at least three more titles maybe four, if they can get a really good point guard or power forward before The Black Mamba retires. πŸ™‚ go Lakers…..Lakers Vs. Bulls for the title, i,e.; rematch from 1991…….hahaha

  91. SMACK JOHNSON says:

    Is everyone too busy celebrating to realize that Howard won’t even be healthy to play with the ANY team at the start of the season??
    I honestly do see an upgrade when you trade one player with bad knees for another player with a bad back.

    And since when was Pau Gasol safe??

    • SMACK JOHNSON says:

      i really need to proof read my stuff before posting.

      “I honestly “don’t” see an upgrade….”

  92. theking0522 says:

    They can get as many stars as they want. The Lakers are not going to the finals and Miami is the best team in the league. Let them rain from the three-point line!!!!!!!

  93. Zachary says:


  94. Zachary says:

    I personally don’t think Andrew Bynum going to the cavs is good at all. The only reason he singled out Cleveland is because he believes he will be the start of the show and the #1 option. (we all know Irving has that spot anyway) but, what Cleveland could do is use bynum as a trade bait and lure in a nice prospect or mid 20’s “good player” like Wilson chandler. Or even get derozan and play him at the 3. Irving, waiters, derozan, Thompson, and seller. Great young nucleous

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      U would give up a potential franchise corner stone in Bynum (who is 24yrs old) and stop him from pairing with Kyrie Irving to provide a deadly 1-2 punch for Cleveland for good/solid role players?? Now I understand why Lebron left and said the FO didnt do enough to get him a good supporting cast.

  95. 2e says:

    As along time lakers fan i would say, it stinks.

  96. dkFlyer says:

    The Magic should bring Houston back in as well. Howard and Turk to the Lakers, Gasol and Quint to the Rockets, Bynum and Big Baby to the Cavs – and AV and lots of Houston and Cavs youth and picks to the Magic. This would be fair and make sense – even to the Lakers, who would save eight million dollars, to the Rockets who always wanted Gasol, to the Cavs – and to the Magic, who shed contracts and pick up a ‘lot’ of a future.

  97. a says:

    I just don’t understand how the Lakers or the Heat can afford rosters like that. I think they should lower the salary cap to spread talent across the league, instead of focusing on one super team at a time.

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      I understand what you mean. The new EBA is set up that superteams are not meant to be made ( so teams like Lakers who can afford to pay superstars lots of money yr after yr cant do that anymore). In the end Superstars run the league. If a superstar earns enough money at the start of his career, he can easily join forces with his friends to create superteams (alot like Miami did with its trio). It is what it is. Unfortunately superstars dont wanna leave the game like, sorry to say this, Charles Barkely. Charles will always be considered a great player, but never legendary (or near) because he does not have any rings to his name.

      Like it or not, it is what it is.

  98. BRR says:

    will wati until he comes to the lakerlang than we will discuse the champ

  99. lakers fan says:

    OK legal american shut your mouth…..luigi dont forget that shaq and kobe hated one another and malone didnt even play really in the finals….i wish you people had brains sometimes cuz i swear im the only nba fan with one……wats the point of even commenting further with you people…………………….

  100. W/E says:

    Malone and payton were 40 back then……

  101. Guillermo says:

    Varejao? I’m disappointed the Magic would even think about this trade. Thought we were all about getting better and building a championship team, guess not.

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      Hey Guillermo, this is what the Grizzlies fans thought when Memphis traded Gasol. I reckon alot of fans now think Grizzlies are a legit threat in the west ( I sure do and im not even a Grizzlies fan). Orlando is clearing everything and going back to the building blocks via Young Talent and mainly draft picks. Its gonna be alot of long yrs, but eventually they will find themselves in the mix of things once again.

  102. NoComment says:

    lakers lost to piston because malone,payton is very very old and piston are big 5 C.billups,R.hamilton,T.prince,R.wallace,B.wallace

  103. LAKERS 12-13 says:


  104. litesout says:

    bynum should sign with the cavs in 2 -3 year that team would be a contender D12 should not sign with the laker 2-3 year everyone in their main rotation would be retired except him. Keep fighting dwight you’ll end up a Netz this year time flies be patient

  105. Kiwanuka Nsubuga says:

    Way to go lakers. We always had a team that is unbeatable. But with new additions, its gonna be crazy in the laker nation. Go kobe, nash,gasol, artest and dwight.

  106. Raiders says:

    I somehow doubt this deal goes down.

  107. V says:

    Am I the only who sees this. Everyone complains about the heats (not a fan of the heats) yet no one complains about this move? Laker fans are the most hypocritical fans ever, you guys would be all over this if another team did this.

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      Lots of other teams have done this before. Just not as consistent as the Lakers.

      for some reason Heat Fans (in this case, a random fan) fail to see the difference on how their current team was built compared to other teams. Trades and Free Agency are 2 different ways of making teams. In trades teams actually get to have a say on who they want as part of the trade. In FA players decide which team they want to play for and how much money they want (or in MIA’s case sacrifice). 3 FA’s in the summer of 2008, got together to join forces to make a superteam in MIA.

      Lakers have traded and picked up players from other teams that have only single superstars and want to rebuild. Teams looking to rebuild wont get high draft picks to rebuild by keeping their current superstar (unless ur SA and ur superstar is out for the yr due to injury and u get the #1 draft pick and pick up a player called Tim Duncan).

      So we are not really hypocritical, we just think its a little bit of foul play. As the saying goes….”Play the Whistle”

  108. DHStrongheart says:

    You’re an idiot. This trade wouldn’t put them “right alongside the Thunder and Spurs”–they ALREADY ARE right alongside them (especially with the addition of Nash). This trade would put them well atop the West in terms of talent and expectations.

  109. heat_3 says:

    if dwade and LBJ in attack mode and bosh stays in perimeter area and lewis in 3pt area how can pau and howard dominate the boards and seal the shaded area? big 3 plus lewis and chalmers how can lakers match the fastbreak caliber of DWADE and LBJ? kobe @34,pau @32,jamison @36 and nash @38.. oh’cmon!!! i doubt if they can much the speed and stamina of the big 3 + chalmers and cole.. most of the games howard is prone to foul trouble sometimes silly fouls. pau inconsistent,kobe one man show(selfish),jamison @36 of age,well gudluk @38 grandpapa nash how to perfrom his duty and carry the lakerland.. opps how about brown? is he capable how to handle a team loaded with socold superstar players? i dont tink so… i doubt how can they handle the big 3 of south beach + the snipers of flaming heat in 3 pts territory..

  110. bdam says:

    honestly how affective will howards defence be if theres no big man in the paint i mean most big men in the east have jumpers just saying he’s just like bynum meantlly and all just less offence

  111. rich says:

    All you people who think you know basketball and are already claiming the lakers to win the nba title are foolish!! If you think any of the playoff teams will rollover your sadly mistaken!! You’re going to be in for a shock come playoff time!!

  112. MGIC CORE says:

    I think does moves could be good for the magic in a long run, but I would prefered another center instead Verajao. It will depend of others changes that the Magic needs like a good backup to Jameer. Duhon even in his best games he made 14 to 16 points , but make 4 or 5 turnovers ,and what the idea to make 12 points and give away 8 or 10 ?. I think Ish Smith play better than Duhon, he just have to control the ball, he is too fast for the rest of the team and he get a little crazy sometimes. In conclusion Magic should try to acquire better stablish players.That concept to get future good draft picks and depend mostly of them is a risky businees. I wish the best to the new GM, but others options OK? a .

  113. Celticsman says:

    Good deal for lakers

  114. lakersfan says:

    kevin love keeps getting ripped in these center talks but the last 2 yrs he led the league in rebounds and has been a defensive force…. i like howard better but give the guy props

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      I always thought K.Love was a PF not a centre? He can prolly pay both, but i think his natural position is PF.

  115. basketball fan says:

    dwight, i just dont understand. you say you dont want to pull a shaq and leave to better franchise. well listen, shaq became one of the greatest of all time WITH the lakers. kareem, WITH the lakers, EVEN WILT ALL HAVE RINGS. THEY’RE ALL WINNERS. if you’re not about winning dwight, dont come to l.a because kobe will eat you apart

  116. Luigi says:

    Guys don’t forget the 2004 season… remember Kobe, Shaq, Malone, Payton… lost finals in 5 against the Pistons

  117. Howard says:

    If this deal happens, the Lakers must win the Championship right away. Or else the Dwight Howard drama will continue in Los Angeles and he’ll not extend his contract and will find another suitor. I feel sorry for Andrew Bynum. This year will be difficult for him no matter he stays as a laker or not. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  118. Romesh says:

    Everyone that thinks its up to David Stern… you are dumb!

  119. W/E says:

    The lakers will be championship contenders if they get D12 and of course IF steve nash remains healthy the whole season…those 2 guys will own and with kobe getting open jumpers often its gunna be freakin scary…unless he wants to play hero like last year and mess the whole team up…but i dont think he will be that immature with players like nash and D12 in his team

  120. Dumb people are forgetting says:

    If they want to get Howard, they have to give up Not only Bynum but Gasol too.
    it’ll be big 3 not big 4

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      No they dont. No1 wants Pau. All articles relating to D12 trades do not mention Pau at all. But i wouldnt be surpised if Lakers trade Pau. Maybe for some1 like J.Smoove πŸ˜€

  121. Omer says:

    Bu Ne Zaman Senin Arkadaslar,
    Senin Γ‡ok gΓΆzel Omer P ETA

  122. clinio vasquez says:

    lakers win chanpionship next year

  123. After getting Dwight says:

    Lakers should trade Pau Gasol for Lou Deng!

  124. Been a Real laker fan says:

    Lakers need to Play goudelouck!! That guy has some talent! He can develop into a serious player… I’d rather have him come off the bench then Steve Blake

  125. VINIL says:

    howard please do join miami…………:(

  126. Z says:

    NBA – Where good business happens

    Say goodbye to the professional sport of Basketball, it’s all about money now…

  127. LION says:


  128. jon says:

    miami does not need a big man, coz it will only clog the middle, they got what they need in rayray and rashard…three pointers to space the floor for james and wade…if they get their 3s going (which they will), LA will play small thus limiting howard’s dominance against them, also, howard is the only shot blocker in the middle, he will be in foul trouble with james and wade attacking the basket, he’ll be chasing bosh on the perimeter also coz bosh now shoots the three also…

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      If Miami plays small against Lakers, I think Miami will be in trouble. Lets say the offense for MIA spreads the court out and LBJ & Wade always get to the basket cause Dwights not there to protect rim as he is dragged out by Bosh. U think Lakers wont be pounding the ball into the middle and asking Bosh to try and guard Dwight 1v1? I reckon Bosh will be in foul trouble hence they will need a big body to stop him from pounding them inside. Enter ur medicore Centre from MIA. Pau is there to play PF to guard Bosh on the perimeter and Dwights there to protect the rim.

      Unfortunately for u MIA fans, we do have counters to your star players. Artest on Lbj. Im not saying he is going to stop LBJ, but he can make life difficult and possibly make him inefficient. Pau on Bosh and Kobe on Dwade. We still have advantage in Centre. I guess pg will be even cause Nash might not be the greatest defender, but he is an offensive genius.

  129. Lee says:

    You all seem to forget, DH is coming back after back surgery…How do we know he will be the DH of old—and yeah Koby will still be shooting bricks!

  130. caloyski says:

    Beware Lakerland– you are getting a BIG Liability if you cannot discipline Howard– he will the new face of LA– Magic should demand for additional good players– I m sure they (Orlando) are going to a losing record this 2013 — The Cavaliers are the real beneficiary in this particular trade

  131. Snoop DaBomb says:

    73-9 in the regular season
    16-0 in the playoffs!!!

  132. Bob says:

    The little teenage girl(Howard) should just to the lakers and stop making so much drama

  133. Lannie says:

    Well we just have to worry about Kobe adjusting to the ieda that Howard becoming the #1 opt.If theres no problem with that we will be playing for a ring!!!!!!!

  134. Tilney1004 says:

    Like the way all the Laker fans are already saying title is won, trade is yet to happen, remember 2 months ago DH was a dead cert for Brooklyn.

  135. ice says:

    oh god no!!!!!!!! counting on Stern to save the world

  136. Hungary#14 says:

    Let’s not forget the Lakers also have Jamison in the mix from the bench. I’m still looking forward that they trade the biggest trouble maker, Metta “Whatever” Peace, maybe to the Magic for Richardson, who could come off the bench as well to score points when Kobe is resting πŸ˜‰
    Nash, Kobe, ?, Pau, Howard could be the best line up in the league

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      Keep Metta. He is still a good defensive player and thats what wins u C’ships. Lakers didnt lose to OKC cause of Durant we lost cause of WB (we also lost due to stupid TOs from Kobe & Co. Thats right I blamed Kobe. As my name indicates im a realist and Kobe was much to blame as Pau’s no shot TO).

      WB hit elbow Jumper after elbow jumper cause Bynum was 2 sacred to come out and cover the shot. Bynum is too slow to recover against speedy guards hence he sits back and hopes his length will bother their shots. Unfortunately WB got into his groove far too often and beat the Lakers.

  137. Raiders says:

    Dwight Howard is basically a little kid trapped in a mans body. Dude needs to grow up……….

  138. Louiemdc says:

    This is the Scenario Kids.

    PG – Westbrook – Old Nash
    SG – Harden – Old Kobe
    SF – DURANT – Metta World War
    PF Ibaka – Gasol
    C Perkins – Howard

    • howardisadiva says:

      you should know that peace is one of the better defenders in the nba…. durant might not take advantage of the match up more than howard vs perkins, or kobe vs harden. thunder might win because of fast breaks but lakers should win.

      • jordanbyfar says:

        Yeah, blah, blah, blah. “Peace is one of the better defenders in the NBA.” And KD is the best scorer and clutch shooter in the NBA. Didn’t Durant proved that Peace cannot stop him last year? I thought so.

    • booomshakalacka says:

      according to that…dwight, gasol, and kobe all win in their mathups.. And metta’s defense can SLOW DOWN KD

    • bravehearts says:

      PG – immature westbrook – high IQ Nash
      SG – Harden – more experience Kobe
      SF – Durant – World Peace
      PF – Ibaka – Gasol
      C – Perkins – Howard

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Westbrook has a terribly low basketball IQ, but he can score. Harden is a scorer also. Durant is unstopable. Ibaka is only good at shotblocking but he only has limited knowledge of the game. Perkins wouldnt touch howard.

    • laker4life says:

      Old Kobe much better than young harden (bench), old nash much better than young westbrook.
      What’s the point?

  139. rey jason says:

    howard to L.A!!!. . what about Gasol for Horford?. . seems like an equal trade

  140. heat_3 says:

    lakers fan dnt disregard the OKC.. kobe wil make it a history record of most worst fg% in a game.. hahahaha how can nash,howard and pau play ther game if all of the time the ball is in the hands of kobe.. kobe “the crocodile” bryant.. it sounds good compare to black mamba.. hahahaha if wer the owner il trade kobe to a player with respect to his teamates instead of blaming pau, bynum,worldpeace and brown..

    • laker4life says:

      y don’t u heat fan keep your negatiive comments to yourself?
      If D12, KB12, Nash and Gasol won’t work then all the best for you, y are u so concerned about the Lakers line-up?

  141. Fritz says:

    why do you guys say that kobe is so selfish?? who do you expect to penetrate during the prime of kobe’s career? fisher? OMG!! and btw… when kobe had shaq as center… he had multiple triple double’s and a playmaker on that team….. that what may happen if howard lands on LA… but this time around he has nash so he it will ba a lot easier

  142. Duh says:

    They’re only getting Howard so they can get Brook Lopez. The deal is going to happen.

  143. Rohan Vijay says:

    Everyone is talking about how unstoppable a force Dwight+Nash are gonna be on the pick and roll. But all the bigs that Nash has had success with have had a decent mid range jumpshot which Dwight is hopeless at . Will need to wait and see how that combo works out. Nash+Pau in the pick and roll would be a way more impressive duo i feel. What could be impressive is the kind of offensive schemes the Lakers would be able to conjure with that impressive list of offensive players. Ofcourse the Dwight deal needs to go through first though πŸ™‚ !!

  144. james says:

    the nba should not allow this… because as we all know there is no balance now in the nba… and with this… the league will be to its lowest… haysss…

    • TTKIN says:

      Did you post this exact same comment on the page a couple weeks ago saying Dwight was about to be traded to Brooklyn?

  145. nash23 says:

    im glad he decide to go LAKERS! now i he will get the ring!!!!!!!

  146. theking0522 says:

    I am glad Howard is going to the Lakers. Think about it guys…The man is going to miss a good chunk of the season and he is coming of an injury. Some Lakers great have already said that Bynum is as good as Howard and Lakers fans have said so also last year. The man CANNOT make a free-throw. Popovich and the rest of the west are going to be very happy with HACK A HOWARD. It is not a big deal. They are getting a trouble maker for another trouble maker. That’s it. They are basically getting the same player they had. Two 7-footers. That is what they had last season. At the end the result is going to be the same. They are going nowhere.

  147. Adamz says:

    The addition of Howard is HUGE!!! once this happens.. and I KNOW it will… this will cause such a shift in the west… Sorry OKC will NOT be able to match LA in this because… Steve Nash and Howard… the pick and roll will destroy them… which is exactly what Miami used against them in the finals! LA added Jamison and are looking to add O’neil which will be big because they won’t get beaten up in the front court and add scoring in Jamison… Kobe has not else to prove… He’s the best player of the 2000-2010 era… I still think he’s top 3 of course when healthy I think he is the best! YET He understands how this is about RINGS and not stats anymore… Barnes, Ebanks, Jamison, Blake and O’neil off the bench should be okay… They might add one little piece I wish it was Grant Hill… we shall see… Maybe they trade for Jose Calderon… I believe with Howard’s Addition.. the West Belongs to LA

  148. Jimmy Lakers says:

    Lakers need to ensure the long term commitment from Dwight Howard before getting him to avoid the distracting situation Magic had last season. With Kobe time running out, every season counts for Lakers they can not afford anything but basketball now.

    • never frisco says:

      Agreed; I don’t trust anything Howard says regarding what he will do after the 2012-13 season. A verbal commitment from him is worthless, and he’s proven that beyond a reasonable doubt.

  149. Mr. Magic says:

    Lakers: Howard/ Turk/ Big Baby Orlando: Bynum/ Gasol/ Artest


    Lakers: Howard/ Richardson Orlando: AV/ Thompson/ Waiters/ Zeller/ plus draft picks CC: Bynum/ Turk/ Duhon/ Q Rich

  150. iamtix says:

    This is why I don’t like NBA anymore. Too many stars in one team.

  151. Armando03 says:

    Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace and Antwan Jamison!!!… Theyre gonna become 3 straight NBA championship. I am very proud of Lakers GM… Welcome Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and Antwan Jamison.

  152. Marco says:

    esto es algo increible y mas increible aun es que la liga no haga nada por evitar formar este tipo de equipos aqui no se busca competitividad si no cualquier otra cosa realmente decepcionado con todo esto

  153. ToddNguyen says:

    Have anyone concern about D Howard free throw problem…. Shaq & Dwight?.. Who have a better percentage?!. Ouch!.

  154. bey krews says:

    orlando is really screwing up bigtime..
    this deal will really get them to rock bottom of the standings.
    not only they won’t be able to get rid of their “overpaid” players ( richardson,turkoglu )
    they would still add up another overpaid role players in varejao who still has a lot of money to earn.

    trading dwight to brooklyn is the better deal for them
    i thought they were “really being cautious” but it’s a dumb move for their organization.

    lakers will be contending against the thunder in the west,in exchange their pockets will get hit really bad by the Luxury Taxes.
    but well, if it’s Lebron/Kobe Finals it’ll be worth it and millions will be earned by the league.

  155. SYDALE says:

    Wait a sec……. Orlando would agree to this??? But, not to all the Draft Picks that Houston was offering? They must be retarded.

    LOL… And, listen to the Laker fans… just last week Bynum was neck and neck with Howard or even better, and they didn’t need Howard, but now Howard is light years ahead of him. They’re ready to forget that Bynum was even on the team. Hurry up and get the trade done before Dwight changes his mind again. or before Orlando comes to its senses!

    And, I thought the Bynum for Howard straight up trade was bad… Now they’re gonna trade him for Varejao… LOL

    Where CAN I apply to become a GM? Because even I’m not stupid enough to make such a pathetically flawed decision.

  156. redskin says:

    history repeat itself,, payton,malone,shaq and kobe + phil jackson and the result ..piston beat them
    now howard+pau+jamison+kobe+nash and the resul heat will beat them

    • TTKIN says:

      So your bragging about a team that has a grand total of 2 rings while comparing them to a team who was 2 years removed from a three-peat and a few years away from back-to-back titles…you’ve got to be from Miami. Not even Boston fans are that stupid.

  157. I hope Stern won’t interrupt again.

    • howardisadiva says:

      if he does, he must be getting paid by miami to not let the lakers get any better after the nash trade.

  158. Fortis says:

    For sure Lakers will win this coming season no doubt about that if they have howard or now…. cant wait to see nash play on the team..

  159. Jolt says:

    How are the Lakers so rich?

    • Common Sense says:

      Bynum is expensive…lose Bynum and you have a lot more money to work with.

    • TTKIN says:

      The benefit of a very wealthy owner, their HUGE media market, and one hell of a sweet Time Warner Deal that pays them million upon millions of dollars. Plus SoCal is one of the most populated areas and everyone here loves the Lakers, that’s a lot of merchandise and tickets they sell.

  160. Rob says:

    Dwight can go on TV LeBron style and tell the world that he loves LA and wants to play for them, but until he signs a long-term contract with the Lakers, we must still presume that he’s just doing and saying anything to get out of playing for Orlando. As an aside, if he does go there, how bitter will the Magic-Laker rivalry be from now on? Two Hall-of-Fame centers ripped away from them and a defeat in the NBA Finals, I can’t imagine a team Magic fans must hate more.

    • Common Sense says:

      This time the big man won’t be ripped. He will be traded. and they will get a very strong nucleus of young, up and comers along with the removal of expensive aging contracts. This time they won’t be reliant on one superstar to run the team, they’ll have a bunch of incredibly skilled young players that grow together(Good luck Magic) But see you in a few years!

  161. heat-lakers fan says:

    oh c’mon.. what will happen to the other teams ? we have 30 nba teams not just 2-3 teams like miami and L.A if howard will go to L.A… but well u cannot blame players to go and team-up with other superstar like lebron did, when he decided to live Cleveland to join the trio wade-bosh and james.. whatever happens i hope this comong season will be great..

  162. cameron mith says:

    man the hole thing is going to blow up in the lakers faces just forget about remember the Cris Paul trade it was rejected david stern doesn’t want another huge big three like that in the nba he doesn’t want the rich getting richer!!!!!!!!!

  163. NbaGuy123 says:

    The Lakers will destroy the heat in the post if this trade occurs. And thhe Magic better hope that them draft picks are high ones because they’re basically getting LITTLE in return for Howard. They should’ve traded him to the Nets for Lopez. My opinion

  164. Heatrdabest says:

    Miami:ray, rashard, bosh, James, wade, (Mario is getting better)
    Lakers:Nash,Howard, Kobe, gasol, and Jamison
    U people forget that Dwight is a baby and the lakers will make the finals but heat will win Repeat!!!!!

  165. Obzcura says:

    So magic don’t like a brook lopez for howard… they need varejao! NICE ONE MAGIC! KEEP IT UP!

  166. mario says:

    Bad for Orlando, good for LA n the best for Cleveland. With Irving n Bynum they can build a championship contender team in 2-3 years. Plus i remember some articles here that LeBron was thinking about going back after his miami contract expires.. But even without him they r going to the right direction..

  167. BynumSupporter@Manila says:

    I’ll go for Bynum.. Much stronger than DH.. With shooting.. More moves.. But if the trade would go through.. So be it.. Well I gusess, Drew or Dwight, one thing is for sure.. It will be Knicks vs Lakers in the Finals and LA getting their 17th championship.. GO LA GO!!

    • Lee says:

      Lol knicks are lucky to make the playoffs. If Lin didnt pull out linsanity from thin air they wouldnt have even been 8th seed last season….

  168. lbj says:

    Howard will not play with Lakers. He will play with Miami in exchange of haslem,turiaf, anthony and future round picks. If he wants to get a ring he needs to play with the king! LeBron

    PG: Wade
    SG: Allen
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard

    6th man: Battier
    Strong Reserve: Lewis, Chalmers, Cole and Juwan Howard cousin of dwight..

  169. lbj says:

    Howard will not play with Lakers. He will play with Miami in exchange of haslem,turiaf, anthony and future round picks. If he wants to get a ring he needs to play with the king! LeBron

    PG: Wade
    SG: Allen
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard

    6th man: Battier
    Strong Reserve: Lewis, Chalmers, Cole and Juwan Howard cousin of dwight

  170. FreeAgentTracker says:

    Andrew Bynum and World Peace (known as Ron Artist) must go, so the Lakers can rebuilt their reputation.
    2 guys had committed Unsportsmanlike Conduct during the game is unacceptable.
    With Howard, Nash, Kobe and Gosal long term championship will come to the Lakers.
    Coaching stuff may need some changes before the Rings come along.

    My prediction:
    Howard and Nash 2nd year with the Lakers will bring NBA Championship.

  171. big o says:

    men I hope this is not another tease? and david stern better sign off on this deal (Hater :(. )

  172. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    And adding to that….. After all those DRAMA the MAGIC will get who????? Varejao???? Seriously???? The GUY that DWADE Knocked DOWN in MID AIR??? REAL SMART….. Anyway…. It’s their decision… so pray that It may come true….

    The HEAT is LOADED and READY to FIRE……….

  173. high leaper says:

    i want dwight to go to okc if the magic wants something in return, try to pursue ibaka and harden(include perkins if they want).. i want to see okc and heat again in the finals but with the okc having a great big man, and the heat will cry.. anyway, lakers is not a bad option, but he will be 3-4 years with those great line up

  174. Rye-ian says:

    Bynum in Miami I don’t think so…???

  175. Elias Mekri says:

    Lakers are my favorite team and will always be my favorite team I hope we get Dwight Howard then we are going to the finals. And i hope we trade World Peace for someone who can shoot better.

    • TTKIN says:

      Hey From what I’ve heard, Metta has been working out a ton this offseason. He’s already lost weight, and I hear his jump shot is looking good. I met him last offseason during the lockout on his comedy tour and he told us that he wasnt playing ball at all. That’s why he was so awful last year to start and got good. He has been working out all summer so far, Im actually down to keep Metta. His defense is killer and he loves pull up spot jumpers on the break…um HELLO STEVE NASH!

      So if we get something good for him great, but if not, dont immediately sell us short. We’ll be good.

  176. TTKIN says:

    So ya…how’s the Laker bench coming along. You know…the area the Lakers REALLY need to improve. Ok, got Antawn Jamison…who else…

    • Bring IT ON says:

      how about signing Chris “The Birdman” Andersen?

      • TTKIN says:

        Hmmm…I never thought about that when I read that he was waived. It hink it would work out well, I just have a hard time buying that he’ll get any playing time. He didnt play in the series against the Lakers last yr…if he’s not good enough to play for the worse of the 2 teams, how can he make the better of the 2?

        I’m down, but there has to be a reason why Birdman has fallen off the map so hard the last couple years. I’d prefer to know what that reason is first. And I think the reason is a whole lot more than Kenneth Faried.

  177. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    Have they tried that before??? kobe D12 nash??? Nash and D12 maybe… But kobe???? Im tha MAN give me the BALL…. Let me shoot 40 times a game…. left over are yours…..

    Bring It On……

    • K_S85 says:

      Funny how people bash Kobe for that,…if no one else on the team is ready to take big shots whoelse will stop using the old Kobe when he wanted to ball every play he is not like that

  178. Antis says:

    Hope Dwight won’t join the Lakers, bacause that would just mean their fully loaded and championship caliber team.

  179. 123ouriya says:

    Best front line + best guards = best team

    (nothing to do with the article but isnt that funny 7 foot PF and 6’11 Center)

  180. Rye-ian says:

    Go Howard get the ring in lakerland…

  181. noyb says:

    Um, yeah, but what about Howard’s bad back?

  182. chalice says:

    The best Orlando can do for Dwight Howard is Anderson Varejao and draft pics for the #1 center in the league? Orlando doesn’t even get Bynum? You might as well keep Howard until the trade deadline this year. This deal is just as bad as letting him walk in 2013. Silly trade!

  183. Rovict says:

    oh my god….its LAkers time

  184. renz_garnett says:

    how about bynum to miami.. so we will see a one of the best finals 4th quarter ever..
    PG – WADE
    PF – BOSH
    C – BYNUM

    PG- NASH
    SG – KOBE
    C – HOWARD..

    • Mike says:

      You can’t have every good player in the league. you realize there are teams in the league other than the heat. you can’t have 3 of the 10 best players in the league and expect to get bynum without trading anything. can one blinded heat fan in these comment make a logical comment please

  185. simplythebest (heat) says:

    howard+pau+jamison+kobe+nash vs lebron+wade+bosh+ray+rashard+mario+all the bench players who can contribute well to the hard court = heat winning it all, no doubt. the importance of the reserves baby.

  186. simplythebest (heat) says:

    noone can touch the heat right now. not even the lakers if they end up with that fantasy line-up. it would be a challenge but the heat has their confidence through the roof after winning the championship. i can see another ring for the bigs from south beach and another for sugar ray allen and first for rashard lewis. go heat go.

    • Mike says:

      very unbiased, well thought through comment. too bad you’re wrong and the heat will have no kind of low post presence to put up against howard as well as being completely unmatched in the front court. Lebron is their only advantage

      • K24 says:

        Everyone said that in mia vs okc guess what miami won the finals

      • sirsparhawk says:

        OKC has no lowpost presence either, the only reason they lost was because they played bad, and still almost won each game up till game 4 when refs decided to go on heats side.

  187. Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, Not 4, Not 5, Not 6, Not 7.... says:

    This is good for the NBA and bad for small market teams. I feel bad for Magic fans.

  188. nagz says:

    Nash vs Chalmers…Nash dominance, Kobe vs Wade (good battle), Lebron vs World Peace (who will be starting over Jamison) Lebron doninates, Gasol vs Bosh? (good battle) but then its Howard vs Turiaf?? He is what will give the Lakers the edge over Miami or any other team in the NBA

    • lbj says:

      It’s haslem not turiaf, haslem can guard and make some shot blocks with howard. It’s not just Lebron and World Peace were James dominates. James can play 1 to 4 spot. James vs Nash for pg, James dominate. James vs Kobe guard spot LeBron Dominate. James vs Gasol for power forward spot. Lebron still dominate then what will happen, chalmers,wade,bosh,allen will quadruple team howard the crybaby!!!

  189. heat_3 says:

    exuse me.. how about the heat ? lakers are in the proces of adjusment in this season.. trade kobe for a player that knws how to balance the team effort.. like the big 3 LBJ, DWADE and BOSH.. almost perfect chemistry in and out of the court..

  190. nba_allied says:

    nice MOVE..GO LAKERS.

  191. heat_3 says:

    ur right dwane james ang john.. kobe wants to tie or even ahead mj’s avhievement.. kobe fanatics ur dreaming.. LBJ is the closest to mj’s talent..

  192. Brock Murray says:

    As Jeremey Lambt goes out and averages 20.0 points per game at 46.7 percent shooting and Terrence Jones averages 18.2 points and 8.6 rebounds in the summer league and the Rockets have the Raptors first round pick next years draft that will be between pick 4 and 14 the Magic want to go out and get a guy who will be 30 by the time the season rolls around? This is bewildering to me???

  193. Rye-ian says:

    Go Howard go to Lakers and go for the ring…

  194. Saw Kapaw says:

    How come Howard or whoever doesn’t want to be a part of with a team potentially 70 plus wins and championship wins. LA now has the best back court in post Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan time in Kobe and Nash. And this is LA Lakers, the most historic franchise in NBA along with Celtics.

    If Howard decide not to go there, he’ll never ever get this type of oppotunity again ever. Lakers might still win with the group that they got right now. This team is loaded already.

  195. John says:

    Nice…but can Dwight block 3 pointers!? Lol!! (Rashad, Allen, Lebron, Wade) Hmmmm….I dont think so lol!

  196. dwayne james says:

    isn’t that a waste of talent? orlando getting multiple picks and varejao for howard? wawa naman orlando

  197. heat_3 says:

    how can nash make his own team play if kobe is together with nash inside the court? kobe is such a CROC.. kobe is blind inside the court.. a one man show.. a blamer..i remerber payton,malone,shaq and kobe + phil jackson and the result is nothing..he can never ever b like mike.. no one in this world can match the talent of michael jordan.. 6champ ring 5mvp’s etc.. 1996 vs jazz, 72-10. season mvp, finals mvp.. whle kobe 1mvp 5 champs disaster FG percentage no playoffs and finals ever made when it comes to winning shot..

  198. Jeff Shank says:

    If David Stern wouldn’t approve sending Chris Paul to the lakers, then why in the heck would he allow Steve Nash & Dwight Howard to go to the Lakers. It make no sense. How are other teams supposed to be competitive if LA is able to “stock pile” elite players.

    • huitseize says:

      Wow!! It’s been a whole six months since that happened and you still haven’t understood what happened ? D. Stern was only allowed to nix the CP3 trade because he was the owner of the Hornets. He didn’t do it as comish, but as the owner of NO Hornets… He’s no longer the owner, so he CAN’T veto a trade. It’s not his right, nor his job as a commissioner to do that. It was his job, as owner of the Hornets to do it.

      Whether he had the Hornets best interests at heart, or the leagues best interests at heart when he did it is another question, but it amazes me that you went so long still thinking that he nixed the trade as commish!

    • Number1stunner360 says:

      That’s because David Stern and the league are not in charge of the Magic…

    • BOOyah says:

      so its ok for the cHeats to get Lefake, Bostrich, Allen and Lewis but its not ok for Lakers to get Howard and Nash?

  199. redskin says:

    this is the fact that kobe talent can’t carry a laker team…kobe need two or more backup superstar to get a championship ring
    unlike mj23 he only need pippen to get a 6 championship ring.

    • BOOyah says:

      yeah and Lefake cant carry a team by himself too, he need 2 superstars to win his ring

    • BOOyah says:

      who cares about MJ right now, hes retired. hes not even playing …quit living the past

    • lbj says:

      are you insane? did you say he only needs pippen? so it’s 2 vs 5. go shoot yourself. Michael needs a complete cast to win, ron harper, steve kerr, denning rodman, horace grant, bj armstrong, luc longley, paxton and many more while kobe only need jersey and rubber shoes to win!

      • Truth says:

        remember the last 2 championships of kobe? was he sorrounded by all-stars?? and mj is still the best player in history… but compare kobe to lebron… had a lot of chances to win the title but blew it…

    • laker4life says:

      re-visit those championship teams before making a comment

  200. Chino :) says:

    FINALS 2012 – 2013

  201. GIO says:

    What the hell in this world the magic is not looking for Bynum for replacement of Dwight. Instead looking for a third team in a trade for multiple draft picks? So the magic organization think Bynum is not good enough for Orlando? And making a risk and hoping to draft a future super stars? Good for the Lakers and Cavs because they are the benefactors of the trade while Orlando, is the Losers as of now.

  202. b-rad says:

    This would prove to make an exciting team however the lakers have no bench and all their starters are getting up in the age dept. They’ll need to add a few scorers that can come in and be effective when Kobe and company take a rest. Heat and lakers final would be fun to watch.

  203. jopacs says:

    Go get T-Mac for bench.. He can still able to score and shoots 3

  204. lakers4ever says:

    woooh! thats good, but im a little bit, worry about bynum!! but still howard on lakers uniform is a team that would win multiple championship!!! Howard as lakers , im excited !!!!

  205. jopacs says:

    Go get T-MAC for bench

  206. heat_3 says:

    will see….play 82 games before dreaming.. lets go heat…

    • BOOyah says:

      i know … the cHeats should play 82 games, they only won because it was a shortened season …

  207. Mo Kilo says:

    If kobe and Howard play together at this time around, with kobe acting like a leader and not an aarogant youngster
    they will go for MJ’ and the Bull’s 72-10 record b4 that ring. Not to mention Gasol has Jamison as a backup now so if he faulters we have a legit PF and the best PG in the league that will make sure both kobe and howard get their chance
    The lakers will be the best team in the history of the nba

    • Lance says:

      lol you can’t be serious. Lakers are not even close to the best team in the history of the NBA with or without Howard. And kobe is far from a leader, still as arrogant and selfish as ever. And as soon as you mention nash as the best point guard in the league i’m sure everyone immediately stopped reading what you had to say.

  208. SDF05 says:

    Guys, i just have this much to say, if the lakers get howard::

    It’ll be one of the best team in the west, because the team already has steve kobe pau gasol, who’s one of the top players in this league. Adding Howard makes it a contender now…. and i’m sure to cheer for them because i’m a laker fan btw, and hope steve get a ring next year, so he has some sort of accomplishment to show for( i know that he accomplished more..but isn’t getting a ring the case around here?)

    Go Lakers………….. Hope u get the next ring soon.. and the championship.

    And, if they do, watch out Miami!

  209. bongakz says:

    This is a superteam. They have a big chance in getting a ring as long as they work as a team.

  210. Tonton says:

    Its so nice to see LA Lakers Vs Miami Heat The 2 Best In the NBA …

  211. No name says:

    Bynum is not going to agree to this – would you rather live in LA or Cleveland? Plus, he won’t sign an extension because he gets more money if he becomes a free agent first. This whole thing is a no-go.

    • MIAMIWHO says:

      @ No Name Do you actually watch basketball or do you just like to post comments without knowing what you are talking about. Bynum has said, the Cavs are one of the teams he would sign a extension with. He has also said he like coach Scott and young Kyrie Irving. No i agree, he wont sign an extension right away but thats only becasue if he waits for the summer he can get more years and more money. Dude, know what your talking about before you post your comments. Or you could just be a Laker hater who just really doesnt want to see this happen. LOL!!!!!

  212. Jan Dirkson says:

    Dwight Howard to the Lakers would be a perfect fit. On the playing field he’s probably a bit better than Bynum, but his clownesque appearance and character especially fit well with the surreality surrounding the LA Lakers. It would be a good move for the NBA.

  213. dredd5150 says:

    Orlando can take their time. No need to hurry. Just make sure they get the best deal before the trade deadline. BUT, if they want to make the playoffs, they’ll have to make a decision before training camp. IMHO, the best team to trade with would be the Houston + the Bobcats and/or New Orleans and/or Cleveland if they are rebuilding. The Lakers. Boston, Dallas or Chicago if they want to make the playoffs.

  214. Antonij says:

    go to the lakers now !!!

  215. Antonij says:

    Come on Dwight…

  216. SKNICKERS says:

    nehh, 6th, 7th ring, really….lets see bynum wearing a heat uniform next year for there 2nd title defense and 3rd for lbj,

  217. ontifex says:

    Dammt this season will be epic, full of powerful team

  218. ben Jones says:

    Lakers still need to completely overhaul their bench, otherwise this whole effort will be to no avail! Lakers bench is just simply “non-existent”

    • Jack says:

      Jamison is likely to come off the bench. Check out the summer league. DJO also is a good pickup and plays a strong defensive player. Next 3 games he said he wants to display his scoring abilities. The rest of them are kinda disappointing but Engeya shows promise.

  219. KB24 says:

    I don’t think it’s realistic this trade, by the way, even if it were, Lakers still should face lack of consistency of their bench, then with Howard (same problem last season with Bynum) we should have a little wing able to shoot 3pointers.

    Please, try to give Kobe a roaster able to reach a ring. :-)))))

  220. MiamiSHORTSEASONchump says:

    Who cares…Heat still suc ks… short season chump… calling himself a king? A king never quits dumb a s s.. short season chump.. quitness..

    • LBJ: man on a mission says:

      oh you poor boy.. still stuck in 2010?

    • NOONECARES says:

      Wow you guys are just straight hating, it is people like you that makes this league stupid.. SHORT SEASON CHUMP? No matter what the situation or solution is, people will hate.. And how would you know people outside of Miami does not respect that ring? Stupid rumour spreading prick.. If NBA did not have blogs it would make the community so much better with you blog freaks hating.. Lakers will be fine without Dwight because they got a better player on point and the Lakers team is the same as the one which won like few years ago..

      • MIAMIWHO says:

        LOL @NOONECARES i see the truth hurts you. Fact of the matter is, a lot of people outside of MIA dont respect Lebron and the heats recent championship. Especially Lebron though. Wade gets respect becasue he did it with Shaq and stayed with his team. Lebron on the other hand is a chump for leaving Cleveland to join Wade, another SUPERSTAR to chase a ring. He is suppose to be the King, but he couldnt bring at least ONE ring to the CAVS. Come one man, King of what? He average at best. I know the truth hurts you , but it is what it is.

  221. sholmes87 says:

    I dunno. I can’t see Dan Gilbert giving up draft picks. Not even for Bynum. He’s adamant about rebuilding the Cavaliers through the draft.

    • Chico says:

      Oh, he is? As a Cleveland fan, I think that we have a better chance to make a rebuilding by getting Bynum, if he is healthy. I’m getting tired to watch Cavs doing terrible draft choices just to fill voids in the roster. Thompson and Waiters picks were wasted by the team. We could have Valanciunas and Robinson, one of them could be a trade bait for a better SG or SF. Valanciunas has so much talent and was ignored, only because he wouldn’t be able to play immediately(wasn’t going to change a thing about the franchise, and losing him for a year would probably feed us with another lottery pick). This guy administration is terrible, I’ve seen kids on the NBA2kxx doing better jobs. If it is to destroy our chances making bad picks, trade them for Bynum. I don’t want to see Minnesota 2, with a young core and losing all the games, until miracles happen(Love and Rubio).
      He said Cleveland was going to win a championship before LeBron. Well, the way he handles his team, we will be fortunate to ever see them contending again.
      Unfortunately, he will lose VarejΓ£o in the process. He is a late bloomer and a fan magnet.

      • roflhouse says:

        i agree with pretty much everything except for Varejao. Varejao is garbage.

      • Chico says:

        Varejao, before his injury last season, was doing great performances. He had a 20-20 monster night, and was in the talks of the all-star game. Now everybody is mocking him. He is not at the same level of Bynum or Howard, for sure. But he is a good role player at least.
        Cleveland is terribly run by that guy Gilbert. He is trying to put Cleveland as mediator in every single deal he sees. I am really afraid that someday I will see him trading Irving and 1st round picks for Brian Scalabrine… This Bynum decision, despite unlikely to happen(all the stars are becoming big babies who can’t accept defeat), is the best for the franchise.
        I just don’t expect to see LeBron thinking about joining Cleveland again after his contract is over… He is, of course, one of the biggest players of the History. But I don’t think the fans(Cavs or Heat) would accept him if he does that. In a few years, Heat will be ruined because of the age of the stars(Wade seems to be fading already) and their little salary flexibility. LeBron will star running for another contender to get more rings? I expect not. What he did brought serious consequences to the league, every single star is trading teams like crazy. Respect for the smaller franchises is over thanks to that attitude, but I don’t think it was intentional.

  222. Ninjazx10rr says:

    That team wont lose in the playoffs to anybody. nash, kobe, jamison, Gasol, Howard. the best line up in NBA history, i dont recall a team ever having 2MVP’s, 5Allstars, 5rings, DEF player of the year, 2Olympic gold medalist on 1team thats still somewhat in there prime. Bynum is light years behind Howard and Bynum was like a fish out of water on pick n roll DEF, try the BS against Howard. GO LA

    • FGB says:

      and you forgot about another defensive player of the year like World Peace, who i think should be a pretty good player to have coming out of the bench! So you have in this line up: A monster all star defensive player of the year potentialy MVP cathegory like Dwight Howard, a very tall decent shooter experience international player with Spain Gasol, a very strong talented Jamison, the probably best player of history in Kobe (the MVP of the 5 rings) and the 2 times MVP Nash, god !!! talking about a dream team!

    • I says:

      I love the Lakers but to say that this lineup is the greatest of all time is absolutely incorrect. If you look closely, you have a group of aging stars who are all contenders in their own ways, but none at their prime. Kobe, of course will go down in history but he is on the back slide and I think everyone will agree that all of the players in that roster are in the same boat. Great line up for generating hype and selling tickets, but these guys can’t run with the Thunder or take the Heat.

  223. Nick says:

    Good trade for lakers as we all know. but the cavs have rebounded so quickly from LeBron and its great, if this does go down this cavs lineup if all pans out will be better than when they had LeBron well a better all round lineup still cant deny that Lebron was better carrying the team even though he couldnt carry them through the playoffs, but with 3 young good bigmen in bynum, thompson and zeller to go with irving and waiters in the backcourt, then try and add a quality 3 and this could be a dynasty for the cavs

  224. hopefully David Stern will not vetoed this trade πŸ™‚

    • err yeah... says:

      he can’t… are you really that lost. Stern vetoed that trade for Paul because he was essentially the OWNER of the New Orleans Hornets at that time. He can’t just veto a trade between teams that aren’t his as commisioner…

  225. Dynasty says:

    I can smell another 3peat.

  226. cilnan says:

    i hope howard join LA LAKERS…for sure the champion….is L.A LAKERS..GO… Kobe24

  227. natefilewood says:

    Wow, Orlando lose the best big man in the game and get Varejau in return? Well, I can write this season off… and the next 5

  228. nicoparboleda says:

    I’m more excited to see a Kyrie Irving-Andrew Bynum tandem than a Lakers ‘superteam’

  229. nicoparboleda says:

    I’m more excited with a Kyrie Irving-Andrew Bynum tandem than a Laker ‘superteam’

  230. NoComment says:

    best lineup 4th quarter nash,kobe,jamisson,dwight,gasol

    • Ian says:

      yeah against the heat, jamison will eat some dust when lebron has the rock.

      • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

        bring it on. Lebron and Jamison aren’t playing one-on-one. Jamison will have Kobe, Dwight/Bynum, Gasol and Nash to support him. Maybe even Jermaine O’Neal. Lebron and Co. is an incredible team but this line-up is brilliant as well

      • Jack says:

        4th quarter swap Jamison for Metta. MWP will play lockdown on LeBron. He’s did it before and can do it again.

  231. TeamHeat says:

    i smell another veto from owners!

    • Dolph Fin says:

      They won’t be able to veto it. The only reason the CP3 trade got vetoed was that the NBA own the Hornets!!!!!

    • Micheal says:

      They went through all that trouble to keep teams (Lakers in particular) from building dynasties and look at what happened. Lakers will never be perenial losers, we just have too much pride.

  232. FLASH says:


  233. sam says:

    Bring it on!!! Everyone is very eager to end this drama!!! Beware OKC!!! #HeatFan

  234. Jokoneli says:

    This might actually be a good trade for everyone, Magic get to start their rebuilding effort, Cavs get Bynum and improve their team, Lakers get Howard (Howard gets out of Orlando) and Bynum gets a bigger role.

  235. Go USA says:

    Oh man.

  236. Mike says:

    Varejao and picks, what a waste! If the deal goes through any lakers picks will be worth northing. The Cavaliers will be on the rise with the likes of Irving, Bynum, Waiters, Thompson and Zeller, so their picks wont be any good either. Unless the magic shed a stack of contracts, this trade would be horrible for them.

  237. BelizeBoy says:

    Nash and Dwight has the potential to be the most potent pick n roll combo in the league. As long as Kobe is willing to play off the ball and if Gasol is treated fairly this team will win the West. It’s all on Kobe’s ego really.

  238. Skalabarbie says:

    LAkers 2012-2013 NBA champions..6th ring kobe and first ring for nash and howard lets go LA

  239. Douglas says:

    Nash drives, dishes to Kobe at 18, dumps it down low to DH who kicks it out to Gasol for a 3? huh are you sure about Dwight?

    • KMJ29 says:

      Pau won’t have to shoot threes if DH is down low. He will open up pau’s mid-range just as lebron opens up Bosh’s mid-range when he is in the post. Plus this gets Kobe back to the one-on-one that he played in the past. You gotta remember he is still one of the best one-on-offensive players in the league even at his age. If they try to double him pau is open automatic. Nash + Kobe + DH + Pau = many many buckets. LOL

      • Common Sense says:

        Kobe shouldn’t be doing any one on one. Kobe should be doing what Ray Allen did. Get open, get the ball and pull up for a jumper. The benefit of having Nash is Kobe doesn’t have to dribble the ball ever again. Also the benefit of having a big man like Gasol out near the three is it pulls the defensive big men out that use to be able to double team Howard. That’s actually a pretty ingenius strategy that probably hasn’t ever been done before. So if they get howard, Douglas may have a brilliant game plan. That would be the best stretched out floor I’ve ever heard of. They wouldn’t be able to double team Howard because of Gasol near the three, they wouldn’t be able to double team Kobe because Nash has the ball, and they can’t leave anyone open with Nash at the point.

      • jordanbyfar says:

        what are you talking about? Bynum already does that for the Lakers….You are switching a 7-footer for another 7-footer. That is all.

      • MIAMIWHO says:

        @jordanbyfar if you think they are simply switching one seven footer for another you know nothing about either of these two guys.

  240. the boss says:

    great podcast

  241. TNT says:

    Well, well. It looks like the Lakers are gonna be quite a force this year. Somewhere all the bandwagon fans from the HEAT are considering switching their jerseys, the same way Dwight did his team preference to Los Angeles. Haters be gone! LA is baaaaaccccckkkkkk.

    • Ford says:

      Haters be gone??? By the statement aren’t you telling youeself to go? And why hate heat now that they have been proven pioneers in making the all start line up for a championship? And what’s wrong with that anyways.

    • Lance says:

      Licking your chops for something that hasn’t even happened yet. What a moron. And LA never went anywhere, they will be a contender year in and year out.

    • Common Sense says:

      Yeah…LA was almost the Western Conference Champions last year…Haters be gone??? really??? Haters of the Lakers are haters of the Lakers because they are lovers of another rival. Rivals won’t be gone, therefore Haters will remain. By the way, the only team that has an equal amount of bandwagoners to the Heat is the Lakers. When the lakers win, it’s “WE WON!!!” When the lakers lose, it’s “THEY lost!” I think what you are saying is, “somewhere all the bandwagon fans that (were once with the lakers and went to the heat)are considering switching their jerseys(back)” “Hater’s Come back” πŸ™‚

  242. Ryan says:

    Dwight needs to hurry up already!

  243. Jon says:

    Why not keep Bynum and trade Gasol? Bynum could play center, and Howard moves well enough to play power forward. Such a force inside would crush any team! Bynum is still young, Gasol is getting old..

    • K_S85 says:

      I like that idea…I rather see Andrew stay yes he is young but he has a great teacher (not to mention the legendary Phil was there to show him the ropes) with Kobe always trying to make players around him better. Now Dwight…..we all know he has talent but his offense game is not there as of yet and that comes with dedication which he needs to show, blocks, rebounds, and just being in the lane helps but if he works on his footwork and try to make his free-throws he will be unstoppable.

      • KMJ29 says:

        Hey just remember the Lakers do have Kareem working with the big men behind the scenes. That’s how andrew bynum improved so fast as far as his foot work hook and mid-range jumpshot. Dwight will have all the motivation he needs working with one of the all-time greats in the NBA. We May never no unless the deal happens though.

      • Ian says:

        “kobe always trying to make players around him better” dude basketball and meth don’t come hand on hand. If Gasol will go yes the lakers have advantage on the defensive end but on the offensive it like stuffing two meat loaf in one court. Dhoward is useless in the low block and kobe will dominate the basketball by jacking difficult jumpers. I see a contender but not a championship.

      • cjf says:

        Gasol should stay and bynum should leave as of me(if they really want the trade). Why? It will always be difficult to guard two bigs especially when the other big man has mid range jump shots. Big men, draws defense from big men in the paint. This means that all sorts of space needed by dwight and kobe will be there.

      • jer says:

        howard has great feet.. plus was training with hakeem last year and prolly still is. it sounds crazy but dwights gonna get a lot better. once he realizes what its like to really have an elite caliber team with other players to lean on, he’ll end up maturing with his ‘im a star’ attitude

      • Lakersfan says:

        Are you serious.? with all the trade talks about Bynum and Howard, and People saying that Bynum is not close to be as good as Howard is, why would you think Bynum will play in LA if Howard Joint the Lakers, plus I don’t think The Magic will do the trade if Gasol is the deal in stead of Bynum, I don’t see Bynum Playing in LA if Howard comes.

      • Common Sense says:

        Not only is Kareem going to teach him, but remember Howard is a sponge. Bynum learns because he’s told to. Howard seeks it out. He found Hakeem Olajuwon Patrick Ewing and learned as much as he could. Now to learn from Kareem. Dwight has a lot more skill and knowledge than people realize. Finally, Kobe doesn’t make people around him better, really. You can say he makes it easier for people around him because everyone guards him or because he commands so much attention, but Nash makes his teammates better. And by the way, he’s going to make Kobe better too!

    • A Fan says:

      Because the Cavs don’t want the older Gasol, they want Bynum. To get Howard the Lakers need a third team that has multiple 1st round draft picks and has the cap space to take on a bad contract (i.e. Hedo). No team fits that better than Cleveland. But if Cleveland is going to help the Lakers get Dwight then they are going to get a player that they want in return and they want the 24 year old Bynum to pair with the 20 year old Irving.

    • Troy says:

      Then the inside paint would be clogged up and both Bynum and Dwight would be easily double teamed. With Pau you get his versatility to play inside and shoot from the outside.Pau’s outside game should free room for Dwight to manuver inside while pulling out any defensive help from the PF to come over and double team him. Like if you play OKC you need to pull Ibaka out of the paint to make him ineffective.

  244. thetruth says:

    Hmmm there’s such a thing as “Buying a title” I think they should go ahead with what they have and possibly add a couple of bench players. Have Miami changed the face of the NBA? Is every team going to slam together three superstars and make do with the rest of the team? Mind you with the additions of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, and possibly more ,even a Howard, Kobe , Nash Lakers wouldn’t be guarateed to win. a Lakers/OKC western conference followed by a Miami final will be cool though….

    • SS says:

      Ya cos no one brought together three star players before the HEAT did, Garnet, Ray, Paul? Even back in 04′ when Karl Malone joined the Lakers so it was Malone, Kobe, Shaq and even Payton to make a big 4. Hell back in the day even Wilt, Elgin and West teamed up to win it all (and yes I know West and Elgin were already team mates).

      • DJ says:

        I can see your point that heat are not the first to bring 3 stars together but they have to be the first to bring 3 stars together in the prime of their careers. Garnett, Ray Allen, and Pierce all admitted it would have not work in their primes because of the players they were. Ask for the big 4 in LA, Malone and Payton were down to their final years in the league. If they were in their primes, lakers would have crushed everybody in their way. If I remember correctly, Wilt, Elgin and West did not produce a championship, they went to the finals twice but lost both times. So the heat seem to be the only team I remember who has 3 star players in their prime on their team. And before anyone says the Thunder, Durant (Age 23), Westbrook (age 23), and Harden (Age 22) are not in their primes yet

      • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

        excuse me. Wilt Chamberalin, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Gail Goodrich and Pat Riley. 1972 NBA Champions, finals vs. the New York Knicks, ended 4-1 for the Lakers

      • Common Sense says:

        That’s fine DJ, but then the point of the Lakers being like Miami wouldn’t work. You can hardly say that Nash, Gasol and Kobe are more in the prime of their careers than ray, garnett, and pierce. The truth of the matter is, every team either gets a nucleus of young up and comers and then prays to be a contender 3 years from now, or goes for the instant ring mentality. Lakers are going for the instant ring mentality because Kobes admitted to everyone that he may only play for two more years! If that isn’t a fire sale in LA I don’t know what is!

      • Some Dumb Guy says:

        Teams have been “buying” titles for years by putting three superstars together to win titles. Looking back to no further than the eighties the Lakers brought Kareem, Magic and Worthy to the finals to face Bird, Parrish and McHale. The to dethrone them the Pistons put Dumars, Thomas and Rodman (not even to mention Lambeir) on the court and then The Re-Bulls bought Rodman to go with their two “Dream Teamers”. Houston tried with Barkley, Clyde “The Glyde” (2 more “Dream Teamers”) and Hakeem. The Lakers are just doing what teams have done for the entire history of the NBA. OKC has done the same thing, with young stars. If you have an opportunity to add a great player, your an idiot to turn it down. It really got under my skin when Jordan and Barkley questioned LeBron’s competitiveness for going to Miami when Mike pushed for adding Rodman (who I will take over Bosh EVERYDAY) and Charles made the jump to Houston, to try and beat Michael. Hypocrites! I LOVE Mike, but Dayum!
        As far as the Magic, this is dumb. They are going to get picks from Cleveland, but the Cavs will get better from this trade, thus making their pick worth less. Granted, the Magic have historically drafted well, but only with a #1 pick and either give him away or he walks. If the picks are “Lottery Protected”, they need to fire the new GM before he can make this trade happen. If your trading Dwight to a team he will resign with, you better get an all star in return.

      • bunbury says:

        Listen, look at all the facts not just want you want to see. Lebron, Wade, and Bosh took less money to play together to win championships. It’s not that i have a problem with it, but it’s not the same as Rodman signing with the bulls and all of the other dumb examples. this whole things of wade teaming up with lebron and bosh would’ve been equivalent if MAGIC, JORDAN, AND EWING would’ve said in the 80’s, hey let’s all of us sign with a team (for less money) and guantanteed that we will be favaorites to win it all wvery year.

      • AC says:

        @SS, DJ, TURK

        FYI, Elgin Baylor retired after the ’71 NBA season w/o championship. The following season ’72, Lakers won the championship against the Knicks, that goes along with the NBA longest winning streak of 33 straight.

      • Carl says:

        Hey, Turk. I was at that 1972 Lakers Championship game 5 and ran onto the court as the game ended. In my opinion, that was the best team of all time.

    • Troy says:

      You also forget if the Lakers decide to keep Pau Gasol and also the acquisition of Antawn Jamison off the bench and there are reports that Jermaine O’Neal might sign with the Lakers.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Whats wrong with that? Its not like every team in the league has a shot at the title anyways. There are always about 4 teams in each division that are stacked and title contenders. In the west is OKC, SA, LA, used to be Dallas but now Id say its LA clips. In east its what, Heat, cant really think of anyone else so feel free to name them.

      • DJ says:

        In the East, its the heat and that’s it. Celtics will play hard but won’t beat the heat. The Knicks have no chance. The bulls, even when Rose come back, he is not be the same player for a while. I highly doubt the Brooklyn Nets will knock the heat off. Who knows what will happen with the magic so yea the east is pretty much a sure thing for miami. They should coast through it next year.

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Yea but no1 really watches the east teams outside miami, west is where its at. Idc if every team in the league gets a stacked roster, I wanna see some good games.

      • roflhouse says:

        i like how a couple weeks ago everyone was jumping on the Nets bandwagon. and now ppl forgot all about them.

      • sirsparhawk says:

        I never cared about them, Im a dwight fan not a team fan, I go where he goes. Id rather see him with the lakers so I can watch him on TV, and I wanna see him win a ring, thats really it.

    • MIAMIWHO says:

      @thetruth Yup, you can blame this on the Heat. This is what other teams are going to have to do in order to compete. LA has never had to buy titles. We just have the franchise everyone wants to play for and the city everyone wants to live in. So we dont buy titles. You say the Lakers arent guaranteed to win? Well they have the upper edge over the Heat with two SOLID seven footers in the paint.

  245. Spaz26 says:

    If this is true, KOBE and LEBRON will finally meet in the Finals πŸ™‚ LAKERS vs HEAT..

  246. CTOWNEDDIE says:

    Lakers? What about the Cavs ? This trade instantly makes them a contender.Bynum in the middle anchoring Byron Scott’s Princeton offense surrounded by !st round draft picks and Kyrie Irving running the point. Oh and 2 or 3 more 1st round picks next year. Cleveland could well be looking at a dynasty that could last a decade.

    • TV63 says:

      Oh No Not to fast there. We in Cleveland are famous for screwing anything good up. Take that to the bank.

      • Cody says:

        I’m not at all excited to see Bynum come her e to Cleveland. Slow. Mouthy. Scott might be able to put him in his place, but he has never had a good work ethic and is constantly getting injured. Cleveland will be lucky if he makes it half way through the season.

      • MIAMIWHO says:

        A lot of these comments on here a just hilarious! People are just mad at the fact that the Lakers have done it again and are about to start winning championship after championship at least for the next 2 or 3 years. Deal with it haters!

      • pakyaw says:

        Cleveland still s ucks…who cares about your princeton offence..,they dont know how to play that offence anyway

      • uoykcuf says:

        LOL, and who knows if Irving will stay? Maybe he’ll pull a lebronze in a few years. Plus Irving and Bynum equals tim hardaway and rony. So in another word, nothing.

    • Common Sense says:

      Good point, But Lakers would have the next 2 years in lock down with the Cavs not even on the map for at least 2 years. But if any laker team could take out Miami, the thunder and the spurs, it would be this team. Come on everyone…take your talents to Venice beach:)

    • sirsparhawk says:

      LOL not even close, cavs still have a long ways to go before they are a title threat. Bynum wont change that.

    • Lebronoverkobe says:

      cleveland has no one other than Irving everyone in the nba would have to quit and retire for the cavs to have one title let alone a decade dynasty.

    • roflhouse says:

      If Cleveland couldn’t do anything with Lebron, how are they gonna have a decade long dynasty with the Bynumator? Cleveland is garbage.

  247. Delbert says:

    “formidable a lineup, on paper” ?? That lineup is just straight formidable. Kobe & Dwight make up two of the top five players in the league, while Kobe, Dwight, Pau, and Steve make up four of the top twenty. There is way too much veteran leadership and basketball IQ for the Lakers not to contend in 2013.

    • Spurrred says:

      its on paper for many reasons fanboy.. First off they have to get chemistry, second Dwight has to get back into basketball form and strengthen his back. So yes on Paper this group looks like an all star team. But to see how they all co-exist ans mesh is still a very important par of the game. You Laker fans are riding pretty high lol I really hope they deliver for your sake

    • HC says:

      Good lineup on paper but so was the lakers team that had Malone, Payton, Shag and Kobe. Sure injuries, old age, ego and no Zen master caused problems then, hey wait a minute…..I guess they did make it to the finals but that Pistons squad that took them down had balance and defence and a system designed by an awesome coach.

      • uoykcuf says:

        right on, yes, on paper they looked like the old “fantastic four” again. Remember what cause the downfall of the original one? Kobe! He cannot share the ball with shaq and malone and payton couldn’t do a thing to help the chemistry. Kobe is older and slower right now so he might lean to Howard/Gasol to be the primary offense. We’ll see if he messed it up again.

  248. Sana says:

    It’s ovaaahhhhhhh nba

    • MackDaddy says:

      It certainly is…. for the Magic GM.

      He ‘held out’ on all these previous deals… and for what? All this posturing and “I’m going to take my time”… and settles for Varejeo and draft picks?

      Awesome move!

      Why didnt he just trade with Brooklyn in the first place?
      Better deal, better players, and its where Howard wanted to go.

      Great negotiating ;).

      • Will says:

        He is gonna get what he wants, possibly 5 first round picks. Young team obviously in rebuild mode. Sounds good to me.

  249. LordP says:

    Oh hell no..Dwight to LA..worse scenario..LA ready to run another mini dynasty..Ko be would end his career with more rings than MJ…!Miami need a Real Big Man!!

    • Lance says:

      Miami can’t afford “a real big man” since they’ve got three highly paid allstars in their team (excluding Ray & Rashard). But I agree, they would be unstoppaple with a solid 7-foot center next to Bosh πŸ™‚

      • bunbury says:

        i think bosh can be considered a big man, i think he is 6-10.

      • Greg says:

        @bunbury He’s not really considered one. His post moves are decent, but he’s still more of a Dirk Nowitzki type of player with jump shots. He’ll have those post moves occasionally, but I wouldn’t consider him a TRUE big man.

      • ym says:

        they just need a big man that defends since bosh play mostly on the perimeter it will force his check outside the paint since hes a good shooter

      • big wes says:

        Oden will play for Miami when he returns. He made it clear that nhe wanted his next destination to be Miami. You are right, the Miami Heat can not play big but you have to give them credits they play such great defense with their speed. I don’t think they are good in a half court game, they use their speed a lot to kill any team that has a big man. I think they will repeat, I do not see them repeat a third time without a big man, there is no way. Too many teams are going to improve by then. Also, the 3 superstar contract are really worth it, they took pay cut to play in Miami. The Haslem contract and the Mike Miller contract was a bit too much, those guys are not worth what they are paying them. Mike Miller have 1 good games throughout the plaoffs, that was game 5 against OKC.

      • uoykcuf says:

        wes, I agreed miller “only” had a good game in game 5. But that was the biggest game and stage. IMO he worth the salary just for that ONE game.

    • Robert says:

      Howard still won’t be enough to push them over the top… He only averaged 20 a game as the #1 option in Orlando. Skill set alone drops him to #3 on L.A. Lets see how happy he is when those numbers drop. If Pau gets over his little mental block and gets back to playing like Pau, you have a situation where Howard is the 3rd option… At the most he’ll split touches with Pau. What you have is another silver screen blockbuster drama in the making in Hollywood. There is no Phil and Jerry there to keep things together this time. They got Mitch and Mike… And if you know your history Jerry leaving and Mitch taking over may be the biggest reason Kobe and Shaq didn’t win 7 or 8 rings together. If Lebron plays like he played last year (usually winning one makes you more hungry for the second so expect him to be better and more driven) it doesn’t matter what moves anyone else makes. He’s a once in a generation player in his prime with 3 hall of famers around him now. Its his title next season.

      • Troy says:

        I agree that there might be some controversy since they have so many stars in LA but you have to realize that 2 of those stars on the Lakers are some of the most un-selfish players in the NBA (Nash and Gasol). Yes Kobe will still want to be the #1 option on the Lakers but I feel Pau would gladly take the fourth option on the team because he never said one word last season about taking a back seat to Bynum. Nash has always prided himself to help teammates and get them all involved in the game. I agree that even if the Lakers get Dwight, Miami is still top dog in the league. If Lakers can land Jermaine O’Neal as back-up (as some reports say he is interested), LA has a very solid team.

      • josh says:

        Nash will mae him happy he will get theball in alot easier fashion and will score just as much stop HATING.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Gewd gewd muahahahaha *cough cough* muahahahah…

  250. kev says:

    i am glad to see Andrew “i’ll play anywhere” Bynum go……..

    • hooplover says:

      yeah, he pretty much signed his walking papers with that comment!

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Works out for everyone, lakers get the best center in the league, and get rid of bynum, cavs get bynum for a year, and lose nothing but draft picks for it.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Yeah, I have always been a big Drew fan… That comment after last seasons playoffs really pushed me over the edge. The elbowing of Barea.. Okay, dude was pissed off.. Shooting a 3, uh what the hell man? Not sitting in any Mike Browns huddles. Alright dude you are pushin it… That comment? Done. Screw Bynum, if he doesn’t want to be a Laker, lets just put him up for trade

      • uoykcuf says:

        Pretty much bynum is asking for it right now. Testing the nerves of buss, “IF” the trade goes down. Man, Lakers will be loaded. OKC will be the only team in the west that’ll able to matchup with Lakers.

  251. KB24 says:

    We’ll see…..

    • The Hammer says:

      I am glad to see that the Lakers are considering getting rid of Bynum. Bynum is a trouble maker and he needs to go to a team that is mellow. Don’t forget World Peace he needs to go also. the Lakers will be a power in the west as is, but with Howard they are looking at dominance in the west and superiority in the NBA! Get rid of the bad apples so the league and the referees give the Lakers a chance.

      • Marco says:

        Well…you should remember Dwight is far from being the referees’ hero…he collects a lot of technical fouls…moreover,he proved himself a little immature not making a clear choice about the free agency. I agree with James Worthy…actually, I consider Bynum a much better offensive player,more skilled,younger,better clay to be worked…but I have to admit he would fit better than Bynum in Mike Brown’s system,particularly at the difensive end,even if I think he is overrated as a defender…being able to block shots doesn’t make you a great defender…he could be way better in the post,both defensively and offensively,if he worked on it…he would be a grat fit,but he has to work and improve to get to the Nash-Bryant-Gasol level…then,of course,physically he has no rivals…

      • LegalAmerican says:

        @The Hammer

        Obviously the Hammer doesn’t watch the NBA or he would have the brains to see that the Lakers are NOTHING without those three extra teammates on the court for each game. Refs have been the NBA Finals MVP’s for every single one of the Lakers Championships of the Kobe Era. Without the zebra’s, the Lakers are mediocre at best. It will be nice when Kobe retires because refs will have to find a new “Jerry Sandusky” elsewhere to have their needs fulfilled. GO JAZZ!

      • SmashBox says:

        Typical Laker fan talk. If the Lakers don’t make the finals, yall place blame everywhere else. The league and the refs. Kobe has how many rings, 5…. And the league and refs have something against them… RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!

        Im a Suns fan… Stern def has had it out for the suns. Take the spurs suns Horry/nash incident. The league controlled the suns destiny in those playoffs. I still dont blame stern…

        Just cause they kept CP from going there… Yall Lakers fans need to stop it with the excuses.

        I could imagine the excuses if yall got howard and still didnt make the finals….

        Checking the bottom of my shoe right now for the doodoo

      • aw29 says:


      • MHM 35 says:

        The Hammer, you could not be more wrong. Lakers need MWP. He and Kobe are the only guys who leave it all on the floor each night.

    • Saw Kapaw says:

      If Howard decide not to go there, he’ll never ever get this type of oppotunity again ever. Lakers might still win with the group that they got right now. This team is loaded already.

      How come Howard or whoever doesn’t want to be a part of with a team potentially 70 plus wins and championship wins. LA now has the best back court in post Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan time in Kobe and Nash. And this is LA Lakers, the most historic franchise in NBA along with Celtics.

      • Troy says:

        I think that Stephen A Smith said it best that some players can’t handle the mental toughness you need to play in LA. When you come to LA you are “expected” to play well because LA has a history of being a championship city. If you can not produce then you will be hated as fast as you were loved. Just like how Ramon Sessions could not handle the pressure and expectations of LA. Stephen A Smith said that Dwight might not have the mental toughness to want to live up to the legends such as Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Shaquille O’Neal; that Dwight wants to start his own legacy, that is why he wanted to start fresh in Brooklyn. He didn’t want to live up to all the Hall of Famers in the Staples Center rafters.

      • nonbiased fan says:

        it’s going to benefit Howard in a way that he can get veteran advises from legendary players. having 2 mvp winners in one team is just crazy good.

      • Lakersince76 says:

        Does Leagal American know that all superstars get referee benifits. Especially John Stockton back in the day. He was known as the dirtiest player in the NBA and never fouled out. How is that possible??

      • Kevin says:

        their current line up would be pretty good if they had a time machine, dont get me wrong nash and kobe are still competetive, but just because they were great doesnt mean they are still at that level. Putting Bynum in the same phrase as howard is just silly, and anyone who thinks bynum is the closest thing to howard needs to look around the league… Marc Gasol? DeAndre Jordan? Robin Lopez? Andrew Bogut? all those guys are just as close to, if not closer, to dwights ‘true big man’ style than Bynum is. If Bynum wasnt 7’1″ and 330lbs he wouldnt have a chance in the league. anyone who thinks hes a worthy trade option for howard is off their rocker… And as far as Kobe being the best SG, well if you ask anyone who lives in LA, watches 3-5 playoff games per year and rocks a lakers stickers on their SUV …yes of course he is. And if you asked all of asia who the best PG in the league is Im sure itd be a resounding ‘Jeremy Lin’ but you dont see Rondo, CP3, or D Will taking notes during linsanity. So the term ‘greatest’ is relative, if you ask me the best SG in the league is (true shooting guard) paul pierce (although he plays a SF now) however ID take KD or LBJ to play the position considering either of them could be a 2, 3 or 4 and still put up 30 a night, as far as all time, Kobe isnt even top 10 2 guards IMO, but never the less a hall of famer and talented man

      • Greg says:

        @kevin not top 10 shooting guard of all time? real. your entire argument is gone.

    • MagicMan says:

      Am I wrong in thinking that there are only two positions in the league where there is an incontivertable “best player”, the two gaurd and the center? The Lakers are about to end up with BOTH of them. Kobe really has no peer at the two gaurd and the same is true for Dwight. The 1 and 4 spots are up for grabs with LOTS of great guys out there at both positions and the 3 spot, well arguements can be made for KD and LeBron on both sides, but I can’t think of a player who can stack up to Kobe (even at this point in his career) and Bynum is certainly the only center in the discussion with Dwight, but he’s not really, is he? I mean there are certainly players I would rather have on my team than the greatest ball hog in league history and the great Duh-uh-uh-uh-uh-I donno where I wanna play-wight Howard. But I doubt that anyone can really make a compelling argument that there is anyone better at those positions.

      • wadefan says:

        my name may give it away.. but i think (and this hangs on the contingency that he comes back from injury this time like he did in ’08) that dwyane wade is pushing for that spot against kobe.. and part of the reason he doesnt have it already is because well.. kobe is kobe.. even if wade was better.. nobody would give him that title as long as kobe is around..

        hopefully they’ll both be back healthy.. but agree.. kobe is number 1.. im saying wade is the closest number 2 there is and i cant think of who the number 3 would be..

      • ym says:

        wade is better than kobe now

      • lakerluver says:

        Wade never has, and never will be better than Kobe. He simply doesn’t have the skill set that Kobe does. Wade has been in the league 9 years and still hasn’t developed a consistent jumper. Let’s see if Wade at 33 can do what Kobe is doing now. I highly doubt it.

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Ill give you my opinions of the best for each position, mind you Im also biased.

        1: Chris paul

        2: Kobe Bryant ( not his fan btw, cant stnad him actually )

        3: Kevin Durant ( I was gonna put lebron but I think durant has more talent but lebron is better atm and more developed, durant has more potential )

        4: Kevin Love ( Dirk held this spot for good reason till KL started dominating. Ive heard arguments that Lamarcus Aldridge is the best but nothing I have seen can make me put him above bosh or Love. )

        5: Dwight Howard ( Hands down the best, Bynum isnt even close so I agree with you on that, he is the second best but he isnt close to DH, statistics or presence wise. )

        Again, no flaming, Im biased on some of those picks, and if people wanna contest my durant or love pick Ill repeat I picked Love because imo he is the best, best scoring/rebounding PF in the league, once his defense improves there wont even be a close second to him. Durant is slightly behind lebron in development and skill atm but I chose him only because he has more potential and talent than lebron does and has reached lebrons pinnacle in half the time he did it, I guess its similar to the ray allen vs reggie miller 3 point supreme convo.

      • Tom says:

        @ sirsparhawk – Mate, don’t be silly! LeBron is the best player in the league, how can he not be the best in his position? Also LeBron is the best PF in the league and pushing top 5 PG.

      • MagicMan says:

        @ Tom: Your right, Lebron is the best player in the league, but he’s the best player in the league because he is one of the best power forwards and best point gaurds in the league. He played power forward in the playoffs and in the finals much more than he played small forward (funny that Bosh plays smaller than LeBron did). Kevin Durant is alot more of the prototypical small forward, although he is forced to perform point gaurd duties mostly because of Westbrooks deficiencies in that department. LeBron is the first player since Magic that can truley play at an all star level at any position on the floor. I’m not saying that he’s not the best small forward, but that IS debatable. The whole point is that anyone who is unbiased can see that Dwight is the best center in the league and that Kobe is the best 2 Gaurd in the league.
        @ym: I LOVE D-Wade, he has long been one of my favorite players and I respect his game alot. I think he hustles more than almost any player in the league, but he will never be in the coversation about guys better than Jordan. Kobe will always be talked about in that conversation. Wade doesn’t have the consistant ability to shoulder his team and carry them against tough opponenants, he doesn’t have a consitent jumper and he simply doesnt have the basketball I.Q. that guys like Kobe and LeBron have. Kobe is a ball hog, he’s an egotistacal douchebag and he’s not a player I would want on any team that I root for, however I think he’s the best Off. Gaurd in the league and without question the best one-on-one player that we’ve seen since Jordan in his prime.

      • NBAfan says:

        Wade is younger than Kobe…THAT’s it….heart…they both have heart….

        athleticism…yeah…Wade beats him out for sure, because kobe has already thought about the future and has changed his game so it’s not predicated on physical ability….is this an advantage for Wade at 30 years old and all the injuries he seems to be inviting with his style of play? NO it’s a disadvantage for Wade

        Skills…common now…Kobe is the most SKILLED player in the NBA….don’t fool yourselves into thinking otherwise…I’m not talking about his people skills (I don’t care about that)…I’m talking about basketball skills only.

        Kobe asking for a trade during the off season..that’s one thing

        Wade jawing and cussing at his coach during a playoff game because he can’t buy a bucket…that’s another thing…

        Wade would be lucky to average 22 ppg from now on….if he only learned how to shoot consistently and PLAY OFF THE BALL….but nah..he needs the ball in his hands at all times….like a point shooting guard….

        Oh, and who injures another player in an all star game? It’s a freaking all star game…why injure someone for just a bucket in an all star game when scores are in the 120s…

        I like wade and appreciate his tenacity and physical abilities, but Kobe is clearly the best 2 guard..I don’t think Kobe is the best because I am a Kobe fan, I am a Kobe fan because I think he is the best 2 guard….

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        I agree with Wadefan. Kobe was the best player in the league. Then Lebron took over that title prolly for about 2 yrs now, about the same time Wade took over the best SG in the league.

        Now before u other Laker fans go on about me not being a true Laker fan and stuff, let me explain. Kobe IMO is going down as THE G.O.A.T PERIOD (MJ fans will hate this statement). We Laker fans hold Kobe in very high regard. However, he has lost a step and thus has become more a jumpshooter. He can still drive, but his speed is no longer quick enough to beat his player of the dribble and dunk it on the centre before the centre can get into position. Now days Kobe beats his man off the dribble, but the centre has beat him to his position and therefore Kobe setlles for an open Jumper.

        Kobe is still WAY MORE SKILLED than Dwade. But Skill can only do so much without athleticism (ATHLETICISM HELPS, or Lebron wont be nearly as good as he is now). Wade still has some athleticism left and thus has become the better 2 guard. 1v1 I would still take Kobe over Dwade anyday.

      • Joseph says:

        @Kevin, Are you stupid???? KObe isn’t one of ther top guards?? GEt over yourself. Kobe is the best in the league. KObe has done what others players wished they could have did. Kobe is one of the top and best guards, believe that. Aint nobody capable of what he does. And this year, he’s gone show Miami how to be the best, now that he has more help this year. YOu’ll see. And everybody elsee will as well. Kobe, Nash, Howard, my mymymymymymy, how are they going to be stopped?

    • Amitpal says:

      I’d rather see Dwight go to okc for James harden, serge ibaka, cole Aldrich, Eric mayor and a 1 and second round pick. That’s a good deal for magic cuz they get a potential star and a guy who replace a little bit of dwights defense and a couple of good young players. Dwights gets a chance to win multiple champions with this team. They would be unstoppable.

      • Zach Gillette says:

        Why would OKC change anything?

      • LakersWillWin says:

        So uh, is Perkins just going to sit on the bench?

      • MIAMIWHO says:

        He wants to go big market not small market.

      • NBAfan says:

        If we’re going to play this game…I’d rather see Lebron and Kobe TEAM UP…..that’ll be the true Jordan-Pippen duo…of course Kobe is Jordan…and Lebron is Pippen….

        The reason MIA won the championship is because Lebron play his complete game and simply did what the team needed him to do…he didn’t care how he scored his points or where on the court he spent his time…he just got the job done….he is the Pippen..

        Kobe is the best scorer in the league…yeah..Durant is really really close…but I don’t think Durant is capable of exploding at will in a single game scoring wise like Kobe can…Durant is very consistent..he’s like Karl Malone….Kobe can score 50 on most teams if he just decides to….I don’t think Durant can do that YET….

      • canadian2 says:

        I totally disagree with NBAfan’s ridiculous idea of Kobe as the best scorer in the league and is better than KD.

        Look how many shots he threw per game this year. (Kobe 23.1 shots per game. NO ONE in the league shot more than 20) KD was second most in the league with 19.7 shots per game, but he managed 50% from the field while Kobe going 43%.

        I’ve been telling all those Kobe lovers about his low FG% every time, but they don’t seem to care about the efficiency, accuracy, or impact on the team. (Obviously, Lakers might have had 2 or 3 wins against OKC since Kobe totally messeup the game by missing shots like crazy at the end of each game in the series) They just love Kobe’s “Jordan looking Jumber” (43% this year / 45% his career).

        Jordan was also shooting too much, however, he managed 50% all his career. MJ 30/6/5 50% , LeBron 28/7/7 48% , Wade 25/6/5 49%, Iverson 26/3/6 42%, Kobe 25/5/5 45%. Please Kobe lovers, even Joe Johnson can be a decent 25/5/5 guy if he shoots more than 20 times per game like Kobe.

        Number of rings? This logic will make Robert Horry(7) a better player than MJ(6), Shaq(4), or anyone he played with in his career. And if Kobe is that good, then why he has only 2 Finals MVP??? Who took out the rest 3??? WHO?

        Scoring? Then why is Kobe in 10th place with 25.6 points per game? Even less than Iverson’s 26.7. – 1. MJ 30.12 2. WIlt 30.07 3. LeBron 27.6….. 6. Iverson 26.7 10. Kobe 25.4 11. Wade 25.2 (Kobe 45.3% vs Wade 48.6%)


        Kobe should be listed under Iverson, Wade, KD.

      • BigBalls says:

        @canadian2 yep you are right about the stats. but it doesn’t mean those people you mentioned that have fgs better than kobe is better than him. he has lower fg % because he takes more shots than those whom you mentioned. stats is important as do the rings and other stuff, but it takes more than that to be able to say that a player is a great scorer. kobe is great, lebron is great. durant is great. wade is great. iverson is great. but i disagree with you with the best scorer idea. kobe is STILL the greatest scorer during this 2000s era, he has BETTER BASKETBALL IQ than those of whom you have mentioned that’s why he’s better at them at this point still. although i know lebron is the better all around player, kobe is the better scorer. comparison differ, like kobe to jordan and lebron to magic. and i hate iverson during his sixers era, sorry, any for me he doesn’t deserve any place on anything.

      • Joseph says:

        Naw, that wouldn’t be right. OKC has a great team, and they don’t need to change things

    • hopefully Howard can sign an extension, if not, then screw the trade

    • tickettoride says:

      Oh – how typical is the loser comment from LegalAmerican? Loser, Loser, Loser

      • Joseph says:

        @candian2, please, if you gone speak nonsense, just shut up! Kobe is the best scorer in the leaggue. And even Kevin Durant will tell you that. Kobe is the doctor of the game now. REal talk!