Baron Davis Planning A Comeback

LAS VEGAS — Former All-Star guard Baron Davis said Thursday he plans to play in the NBA again, even though he will probably miss all 2012-13 because of a serious knee injury.

The 33-year-old veteran of 13 seasons with five teams suffered complete tears of two ligaments in his right knee and a partially torn tendon while playing for the Knicks in the May 6 playoff game against the Heat. The typical recovery time is 12 months.

Davis averaged 20.5 minutes in 29 games (14 starts) in his one season in New York, dealing with hamstring and previous knee issues along the way.

He is still wearing a knee brace, but otherwise looked in good condition.


  1. ettk45 says:


  2. Matthew Caba says:

    Age is just a number. Baron still has the ability of a start Minutes is what catches their age.

  3. Denzo says:

    Michael Jordan came back at 32.. and won a another 3 peat by 35, and copped a 72 game season along the way. never lose faith. The Heart is the most important part of the body. Without it mind is weak.

  4. carlo says:

    the guy was hugely talented but his lack of commitment was as huge. hope he calls it quit. I have seen too many NBA players like him. please stop!

  5. Go to Phoenix Baron!!! says:

    I am as much a Baron Davis fan as anyone else. I watched him from UCLA to Charlotte to Golden State to the Clippers (and then everything went down hill) It seemed like injuries and age cut his career short but he is an exciting talent to watch, infact one of the leagues best at a time (Dwayne Wade once said he was the most difficult guard to defend). If he is not done with the NBA it would make sense for him to try to land a spot on the Suns roster. They have a great health staff that have been able to either bring back to life or prolong the careers of more than a few older stars like Nash, Shaq, Grant Hill & most recently Michael Redd. Since im from NYC I dont want to see him go even if he’s not the same player he was in his hay day but as long as he is playing well it makes for great entertainment and that all a fan can ask for.

  6. Yearwood says:

    Come on Baron…you were extremely talented but face it, you’re playing days are over. You will get hurt again if you play. Not to mention, Baron won’t have the lateral movement necessary to stay with these young guards or to go by them. Baron was one of my faves! BUT…’s time

  7. hanamichi says:

    maybe he should just continue doing short films with chris bosh… bwahahaha

  8. Harry says:

    Did Rocky Balboa reitre about I, II,III and IV.. hell no he kept coming back for more..its about addiction to glory,fame which will elude him as he is probably well past his prime… Baron you have done great and its time to retire and enjoy your millions

  9. Raymond says:

    BD i hope you make a comeback, kust be patient rehabbing and come back when your ready.

  10. knickfan212 says:

    Funny as it sounds, it would be a wise decision for the NBA to put a few million( depending on salary) in escrow for a player to receive 5 years after he retires. It’s not the problem of the NBA but it should be put into place since so many of these dudes go broke. Maybe call it “The Stupid Clause”.

  11. Choker says:

    BD can still but rest for one year buddy….. try to work things out… mentality on the game…. then you make a comeback

  12. don says:

    Good luck with that Baron.

  13. Tasketball101 says:

    Unless you’re desperate for the money why keep tearing up your body and getting torched by younger, stronger, faster players? I would love to see Baron Davis make a turnaround like Grant Hill and play until he is 40 but why not join a coaching staff if you love the game that much. Play overseas or something… old players are taking up too much room on nba rosters if you ask me. For every 35+ player in the nba, there are about a hundred players ready to take their place. Give some of these young guns a chance to play. Everyone hates to see their favorite player get old and start playing like poo but every year the old ones keep getting older and slower until they limp off the court for good. I wish BD, Hill, Kidd, Vince, T-Mac, Ray, KG, Pierce, Nash, and all the “old” greats all the best but if you’re not on a team contending for a ring, please throw in the towel.

    • extremedriver says:

      Remember! Grant Hill will be 41 when the new season starts! So it ain’t over for Baron Davis yet!

  14. armin halvadzic says:

    Healthy Baron Davis could be in the hall of fame.

  15. Celso Correia says:

    I Just love that player, Do oyu remember M.J with the knee injuries? I think B.D will overcome and put some good baskt´s in the league. The New York Knicks stiil have something to prove: Amare, Carmelo and know Jason Kidd. I´m know waiting for a long time RING in the UP TOWN.

    Still Believe in you BARON “ The superfly Guard“ Davis.

    • extremedriver says:

      I don’t see any reason why the Knicks wouldn’t want to try him again after he is cleared to play. Maybe by then will will finally have all the pieces to win, and he can be along for the ride! Get well BD! Thank you for all your efforts and help to the team last season! We needed it! GO BD! GO KNICKERBOCKERS!

  16. SmoothMM says:

    They counting him out… They’re saying he won’t make it back… They’ say he’s washed up, beat down and irrelevant to the game… They say he’s old and out of shape… They say he should retire, that he has nothing left… Problem is: they say too much. Baron Davis, you know what time it is… Redemption time. 2014 is your year.

  17. wayne says:

    There’s a reason why he’s been traded/bounced around so much. He always had a bit of an attitude but you could tolerate that when he produced at an all star level. Look at it from an owners perspective: who would be willing to pay out a couple of mllion bucks a year for a guy who’s constantly hurt and is a potential chemistry problem? Chauncy Billups? he’s a winner, give him a chance. Jamall Tinsley? Adios amigo. Baron Davis? I just don’t know.

  18. David Han says:

    If it is really time for him to retire, his body will shut down. Until that happens, he still has a chance to play at a high level with his talent and hard work. He will know whether he can play again within a year. I am guessing it is too early to say whether he can do it. Look at Bernard King who had a serious knee injury and how to returned to become an All Star and have some productive seasons. If his goal is to win a championship ring before he retires, he should sign with the Heat or Thunder as a back up??? Maybe he can have a nice end to his career as a champion.

  19. MasterPiece says:

    B-Diddy was one of the most best PG in the league i’m sorry to say that but a comeback at 34..huuhuhuhuhu. i don’t know if he’ll be the same Baron that we know so u better retire man

  20. Mark says:

    Baron should just retire. I mean, he’s had his best years in NO and GState but right now, he’s far away from that as far as contributions and health is concerned. He’s had his ride, and the best way for him to contribute to any team is be their mentor or something. Teach young point guards how to play the right way. In that way, he’d be most useful rather than playing on the court. But hey I love how BD played in New Orleans. He freakin’ dunked over Jermaine O’Neal! Dang. But still he’s over the hill. 😀

  21. BlackDove- says:

    If you can keep working, why not

  22. noyb says:

    Rootin’ for him! Tough break, but if he makes it back it will be great.

  23. REAL_SERIOUS says:


    @Dan: It was real nasty! I hope he makes it back though =/

  24. Danny says:

    He doesn’t seem like the type who would make a comeback, after the years he reported to the clippers out of shape. But in reality, he was in the best shape when he was a Warrior. I would like to see him come back because he can still be a 2nd or 3rd guard off someone’s bench, but who wants a guy after all of those injuries?

  25. dan says:


  26. jspur210 says:

    well payback for when he ended tj fords career when he pushed him from behind…

    • james says:


    • Chandler says:

      Disagree. You guys make it sound like he did it with the intention of ending his career. Ford was gonna box him out and baron was sprinting toward it. I don’t think he did it intentionally. If you watch the replays, Baron stayed behind and after the timeout was called, he stayed on the court to help TJ out.

    • hasib says:

      Baron Davis didn’t do that on purpose, he though he was boxing out a big man and pushed ford out of the way. Either way that push shouldn’t have ended anyone’s career but it was a accident involving a player with serious back problems.
      Stuff like this happens, it’s the NBA.

    • Kirt says:

      Wow that’s messed up its basketball it’s a contact sport Davis bump which is what it was he hit him with his hip n shoulder is by no means a dirty play. It was a freak accident that would not have happened if tj was healthy, but it’s always a shame to c someone carear end to an injury

  27. Travis says:

    I have a lot of respect for Baron Davis I love all the players from LA something about the players from Los Angeles is just so cool!

  28. mvp805 says:

    When he’s healthy, B-Dizzle is one of the best PG’s in the league. It’s sad to see that he hasn’t been healthy in years. He was a beast in his time going back to the GS days, played well in Clip land, and cleveland.. It’s hard to stop doing what you love doing after so many years. He suffered a serious injury, but he’s strong minded. If he wants to play and some team gives him a chance, then go for it. He’s a great backup at this stage of his career.

    • uoykcuf says:

      If you think he was a beast at his stay at golden state you’ve been missing his Charlotte debut. He was healthy, in shape, explosive drives, can shoot 3s, winning dunk at buzzer, almost everything. He was one of the top PG at that time.

      • radioactive says:

        absolutely true..davis is one the best pg in nba…he’s one of my favorites..its more fun to watch nba with flying pg’s in the league..francis,marbury,…so with davis..

      • Nate says:

        Agreed, forgot about the Warrior years, BD’s best years was with the Hornets. Honestly the year that he was mentioned in the MVP running while he was with the Hornets was his best year ever, I was really looking forward to seeing him play like that for years to come, but unfortunately we all know what happened. It’s a shame cause BD really had talent. I just hope that DRose’s career doesn’t go in the same direction.

      • extremedriver says:

        His dunks were truly amazing, and his ability to shoot 3’s was second to none!

      • Thadon10 says:

        when davis,francis,marbury and iverson where all doin their thang. man them boyz used to show out on the court. It was a highlight every night on ESPN from one or all repeatedly.

  29. ninjasports says:

    I wouldn’t expect him to be the Baron Davis of old, but he will likely still contribute

  30. Sea Pea says:

    When the doc says its a wrap it’s a wrap.

  31. Hmmmmm says:

    comeback kid

  32. Amitpal says:

    I think it’s time for Davis to call it quit. He’s had a nice career but he hasn’t been healthy for a long long time and I don’t see him coming back good from that horrible injury. It was nasty and it was bad. He’s 33 years old and he’s had back problem, knee problems so Davis I truly believe it’s time for you to call it quit.

  33. Handicap Parking says:

    The trailers/teasers were exciting. The reviews were great. But this movie never really played … in any theater.

    It should be canned and archived, that’s all.

    Maybe there should be a rule in NBA by which every player is forced to put away the first 10 Million they earn. Maybe it would shorten the line of ‘just-one-more-time-please’ wannabe redemptionists … on crutches. Maybe !

    Oh’ come on, I am not being cruel … ‘Cruel’ is to see Iverson standing in that line.

    • alienboy says:

      Its not the NBA’s problem, nor the players… That was the team’s stupid decision on why they offer huge contract to senior citizens.