Governors Expand Instant Replay, Discuss Jersey Advertisements

LAS VEGAS – The Board of Governors on Thursday voted to expand the use of instant replay beginning this season and indicated that advertisements on jerseys, a revolutionary idea for the league, will be coming as soon as 2013-14.

The board – an owner from all 30 teams or someone on their behalf – approved replays on three fronts, without vote totals being released:

  • Referees will call “Flagrant” on the court and immediately use the courtside television screen to determine whether the foul was Flagrant 1, Flagrant 2 or actually a common foul. Previously, any changes were made following a review by the league office at least a day later.
  • Referees will use replays in the final two minutes of overtime and all overtime to verify block/charge fouls that involve whether a player is in the restricted area.
  • Referees will use replays in the final two minutes of regulation and all overtime to review goaltending calls. Non-calls will not be reviewed because that would require stopping play.

While no vote was taken on putting advertisements on jerseys for the first time, the discussion in the ballroom inside the Encore hotel on the Strip showed a strong preference to move forward, deputy commissioner Adam Silver said. The final decision will likely come in an e-mail vote in September and be implemented for 2013-14, giving teams the chance to line up sponsors and uniform makers the time to add the patch of 2 ½ inches-by-2 ½  just above the heart.

“My sense is that every team would do this in some form,” Silver said, indicating the mass support for the idea that has been years in coming, not to mention the mass support for the $100 million annually he estimates would be generated with the new revenue stream.

Also Thursday, commissioner David Stern said the sale of the Grizzlies from Michael Heisley to Robert Pera is proceeding and should be finalized in “the next couple months.”


  1. Nomena says:

    Just few more words..
    The globalization show us some paradoxical of cultures.

    From economic standpoint, …the idea of puting ads on jersey make sense at least for two reasons:

    1- NBA team can make extra money to remain solid.

    2- Suppose, if the LAKERS have the right but choose not to put an american corporate logo on its jersey.
    It may ask Manchester United who will accept. So millions and millions of american dollard may go overseas.

    Wake up american fans, you have to be smarter in this era of globalization.
    Stop hating soccer or European’s influence. Soccer jersey may look ugly for certain people but
    their fans enjoy a non-stop games (no commercial breaks, no time-out).

    Big company need adversiting to exhib their logo. They dont hesitate to go wherever in the world it accepted. You can help to keep a lot of money in the USA.

  2. Nomena says:

    As football fan, i get used to see ads on jersey in every league in the world.
    If you dont have time-out nor commercial breaks, nor instant reply in football match on TV, its more acceptable.
    Our focus are on the flowing of the game. Anyway, you see ads everywhere…
    I never heard a football fans protesting against ads on jersey. Even in the MLS, it was never a problem.

    I understand the NBA. Look, i heard that AIG pays Manchester United $30Millions per year. Samsung pays Chelsea FC $20M.
    Its irresistible.

    But there are some positive ads, like UNICEF and QATAR FOUNDATION for Lionel Messi’s FC Barcelona.
    Well i can understand north american fans. Maybe, there are already TOO MUCH ads and commercials on american sport.
    Sure, the NBA have to find an acceptable compromise.

  3. Tony says:

    Don’t NASCARize our uniforms. I can promise you I will not buy any jersey that has an advertisement on it.

  4. TheNBAman says:

    The advertisement issue is obsurd!

  5. Ronald Suarez says:

    Don’t messed up the NBA now. We love it the way it is.

  6. laman says:

    if this happens there will be no 2013 draft people will change thier minds because of the ads

  7. manuel cruz says:

    This is the dumbest idea ever, why would they want to look like a stupid european soccer league. now mcdonalds is going to be on jerseys. What is this??

  8. frankie says:

    terrible idea the arena already has sponsors on the scroll boards on the side of the floor. why put sponsors on the jersey that is to set the differences between teams why make them alike..

  9. Drew says:

    While I don’t like the ad jersey idea, it makes sense to put this through in order to generate money for smaller markets teams so that they can compete. Now, I don’t like this because it will make basketball about winning for basketball reasons, but for business reasons. That idea irritates me. Whatever happened to playing the game for the love of the game and not a fat paycheck like the crybabies in the league (deron williams, dwight howard, etc.,). The players have made the game less about the game, at least, certain players, so what happened to just playing for the sake of the spirit of the game? Slowly but surely the game is being a game about money, and every basket is another step closer to a paycheck.

  10. vidwhal says:

    What happens if a team is sponsored by EA Sports and 2K Sports is forced to put EAs logo in their game? LOL

  11. Tom says:

    If they put adds on the jersey, i will never buy another jersey…………

  12. Jay says:

    The NBA has become plagued by this type of nonsense. Poor officiating, all these mediocre new rules, it’s all ridiculous. I still manage to stay a fan, because I love the sport. I’d like to embrace change, but this is all absurd. the top NBA officials are destroying the sport I love and grew up watching, one season at a time. I can’t enjoy a game without wondering, “what was the point behind that call?” or “Where was the foul/technical?” Now I have to see advertisements on jerseys? What’s happening to the NBA??

  13. tprid13 says:

    Please!!! Do not do this. No ads on the uni’s. Can you not see how minor league it has made the WNBA look? Is nothing safe anymore from ads. There are ads EVERYWHERE when you attend a game. Please do not put them on the uni’s.

  14. jack says:

    you cant seriously tell me you will not buy a jersey if it has a 2×2 avdertisment on it. if you need a new jersey you will still buy one

  15. Dylan J says:

    I am vehemently opposed to advertisements on jerseys. We must do everything we can to fight this. #NoUniAds No way NBA, no way.

  16. Lance says:

    I guess I better stock up on jerseys between now and the end of next season cause I ain’t buying a jersey with a corporate ad on it… BAD IDEA…. EXTREMELY TACKY!!! Owners need to stop overpaying players… That’s a way to save and make money…

  17. No says:

    No ads. They’ll look lame.

  18. dwt says:

    hate that idea to have ads on jersey. why they don’t try on the floor of the arenas

  19. stephen.tett says:

    I agree…..jersey adds will not be that great…i feel they’ll loose out on jersey sales just as much as they would gain from having the adds on there.I feel its tacky,a huge step backwards and most fans don’t like it…isn’t that what it should come down too?

  20. Mike R. says:

    I’m appalled at the idea of advertisements on jerseys. I thought this country was above that. Did we not learn how tacky it is by seeing it done overseas? Horrible horrible idea.

  21. RoWyN says:

    When they started reviewing crucial Out-of-bounds plays, it exposed some of the factors that affect certain plays. I remember a played review before that was initially called against Rondo. It clearly showed Lamar Odom touching the ball last but with Rondo also clearly holding him on his arm. They had to reverse the call due to the replay but failed to call it correctly due to the limitations of the rule. Due to the replays, this play got shown repeatedly on live television. I’m not sure if this has been addressed by these new changes.

    Similarly, these new rules might introduce newer dilemmas. What if the replays for fouls in the restricted area show that the defender actually was moving. Will the call get reversed?

    I like the expansion of the instant replays and think that the games are better with them. I’m just pointing out some of the things that I noticed before.

    I also think Jersey advertisements is a step backward. I wonder how conflicting individual/player and team sponsors are addressed.

  22. Blessed says:

    Okay David Stern your time is up, it’s been nice knowing you bye!

  23. Jay C says:

    I will never buy another NBA jersey ever again if they have corporate sponsored logos. Take that to the bank Mr. Stern!!!

  24. Matthew Caba says:

    Agreed i’m a huge Heat fan i don’t want big logo over the Heat letters that goes for Lakers, Celtics etc.

  25. NoAds says:

    So lets get this straight… you want the nba players to adhere to a certain dress code in order to create a more professional image, but you pimp out the uniforms everyone here loves for capitalistic greed? There are so many good point in the comments. I don’t see how this adds the game of basketball. Just wanted to add my comment to the mix. Please reverse this.

  26. Sintoras2 says:

    The problem with the NBA is there has always been too much advertisement Im a european and I watch football as well as the NBA and i can tell you there is no sport with that much advertisement as the NBA every minute of game is 1,5 minutes advertisement and this is really annoying these replays will just make it worse. To me the nba is awesome but there is way too much advertisment.

  27. Chad Kelly says:

    NO.ADS.EVER. It will look ridiculous and completely take away from the most coveted piece of team gear there is. The Jersey for the team and the player, Don’t ruin its iconic status by putting corporate logos on it.

    “I really wish my Kobe/James/Durant/Howard/Rose/Jordan/Magic/Bird jersey had a Krispy Kreme logo on it” — said no one ever.

  28. Jackson says:

    They will lose a lot of money in jersey sales. I for one don’t want to buy a bill board, and wear it around. When I buy a jersey i buy it to represent a team and a player, not some company. One of the things that puts the NBA above other sports is that our jersey’s are clean. Even if it starts out with just a 2″ by 2″ patch it will soon turn in to looking like a WNBA jersey, and we dont want to look like the wnba.

  29. Ken says:

    The only thing that concerns me about jersey advertisements is this. Big business is very powerful, they currently have all our leaders in there back pocket. Whose to say big companies won’t try to influence the outcomes of the games in there logo’s favor.

  30. replay advise says:

    Why not at least fix the replay we have if fairness is the issue.
    I still don’t see a rule that lets the refs call the obvious foul when they review to see who touched it last.
    If team A gets shoved out of bounds and the replay shows it there is no reason the refs should not be able to fix the call since they are already reviewing it.

  31. Paul Jones, UK says:

    This is a bad idea from a fans perspective, but when do they ever listen to us? The only way to hurt them would be not buying the jerseys and the lost revenue from jerseys would have to drop by >$100m to offset the $100m ad revenue they seem to think they’d pull in. Our jerseys in Europe do look awful with the logos all over the place. My team in the UK however didn’t have that problem this year as we couldn’t attract a spnosor anyway. But the jersey looked much better for it!

  32. Bruno says:

    What about the chinese wanting to buy the new jeremy lin rocket jerseys? How will they feel? Will they buy it if it doesn’t match that yao ming jersey they already have?

  33. A says:

    i’d hate to see ads on jerseys, but maybe if they built the #s out of them, like photomosaic style, it wouldnt be as distracting

  34. Yannick says:

    Quote : ” I’d much rather keep the shirts ad-less. Especially since they won’t be making any of the products (jerseys, tickets, or anything) cheaper to the fans… ”
    > Perfectly said ! I’m from Europe / Germany and we all love how the NBA Jerseys are not covered with stupid advertisements ! AD-Jerseys always (!) look cheap .

  35. minoltian says:

    It’s only a shirt and if American fans start hating the game just because of the shirt, leagues all over the world will be happy to provide the stadium for your teams to play or to contract your player who loves to play “for money”.

  36. BrycedaNBAfan says:

    I love the NBA and I love buying NBA jerseys, but I would not buy one more single jersey if they were covered in ads. That looks trashy. Don’t companies already advertise enough, with their names all over the court and tv?! This can not go through

  37. jay13 says:

    dear david stern is the nba really that hard up for cash that we need to make our pro teams look like my youth teams i coach at the Y and boys and girls club. so by revewnuing new cash are you gonna make teams lower there ticket prices. see i say its time to over throw david stern and his government, he’s no longer the comissionor of the nba he’s the dictator of it. i say you ask the fan base what they want and deliver it every season. all in favor of impeaching stern say i.

  38. James Thomas III says:

    This is such a terrible idea… no one will buy jerseys with a advert on it… and it just looks really pathetic…. I probably wont watch anymore nba games with adverts on jerseys… keep the game like how it was in the past …. this is retarded… I really dislike the nba, now uggg…

  39. joe says:

    Don’t be fooled; a 2.5″x2.5″ patch is not small. It’s as tall as the team name letters, and will be placed ABOVE them, not in some subtle place like on the side down by the waist.

  40. William says:

    Stupid People only care about money. Hope Lakers don’t do this.

  41. Jorge says:

    I WILL NOT BUY ANY JERSEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. troyboy says:

    I’m a big NBA fan and honestly the idea of ads on jerseys isn’t a big plus for me. But I do realize that when you have small market teams trying to afford big ridiculous contracts with 15 million a year, they need to be able to support that contract. Ads would probably save these teams from dropping right the heck out of the NBA.. I think we are just over reacting and it won’t be that big of a deal. The NBA has always been about advertising so it really isn’t much different. If we need it to continue to support the player’s salaries and expenses, then its something we have to live with.. One thing they didn’t consider is the jersey sales might go down if you put ads on the jerseys so wouldn’t you be losing money? Either way im interested to see how this works out.

  43. RoryD says:

    This may indeed be the final straw for me with the NBA.

    I have been a fan since the 80’s and travelled from Australia to the US to see the NBA 3 times… But as it stands the NBA is making me sick to my stomach

    If my younger self was told, one day the NBA will alienate you to the point of abandonment… young me would have laughed in their face

    Now I have more time to watch MMA from all over the world

  44. Ace24 says:

    i agree that this is a really bad idea, and it’s ruining how we look at our favorite nba jerseys. and im pretty sure that they think its a bad idea too. but they’re only doin this for one thing, MONEY. just recently, the nba was in debt, leading them to have a lockout, delaying the start of the nba season. now dont lie, because im pretty sure that everyone was pissed off and furious about this situation. the nba got lucky tht they even got the chance to start the nba later than never! so point is that these advertisements are the backbone to supporting the financial problems in the nba. if u dnt want another lockout then the advertisements is ur solution. again i hate this idea, but its jus a small patch jus on the corner of the jerseys, and tht we dnt really mind about the jersey when we’re watching the game. we mind about if our team is winning or not. no harm, no foul.

  45. Tyler says:

    They will maybe get 100 million over the ads but the jerseys won’t sell anymore. I love buying jerseys but if I see a Mac Donalds sign on it or something like that then it makes it look ugly and people won’t buy the jerseys. The jerseys with ads are gonna be sold for 1.00 since it looks ugly. The jerseys we have now are tens times better and that give David stern give $

  46. Zac says:

    that disgusts me i hate advertising on jerseys its on every other sport in the world stay different to everyone, and isnt there enough advertising anyway in the NBA we shouldn’t have to put it on the jerseys aswell aren’t they making enough money already.

  47. Gareth says:

    Are you kidding me? There is ENOUGH advertising going on in the games alone for them to post ads on the jerseys. Why don’t they let the cheer leaders wear the advertised jerseys or have the mascott hold an ad poster or something. I think this era of society has lost there way in terms of what the game is about. It is not about ad space and promotion, its about the game and the sprit of competition. If I wanna see ad spaces and promo, I’ll watch the commercials in between the games. Bad move for the NBA in my opinon.

  48. itamar zik says:

    i love the fact that the NBA made an officiating rule because the officiating in the playoffs. because i was mostly watching the celtics i could tell that there was an incredibly poor job making calls. and referees were too lazy to watch on replay and make the fight call because it didn’t bother them. i also think if the officiating was fair, then the celtics could have beat the heat in the conference finals.

    i hate the fact of the jersey advertising, mostly the reason for this is relating to the euro’s. When i watch Euro sports i have a terribly hard time telling which team is home or away. because they both have a company covering there team name. so whenever i talk about them i say for example: ” samsung beat unicef yesterday.”

    this is what i worry about the NBA is that i will not be able to identify the teams. I like how american sports is so unique because sports teams names that are used in conversations are and not called by a company’s name. but I’m fine with this as long as the NBA makes sure that it produces enough money from it and doesn’t take over the teams identity

  49. Jorge says:

    thank god i got mine some months ago. Just hate advertisements in jerseys, it was one of the reasons i love the nba.

  50. jose24 says:

    im not agree with that

  51. Eddie says:

    NBA is just Cheap!! This isn’t Soccer or other country basketball. This is UNITED STATES BASKETBALL. Bill Russel, Michael Jordan, Walt Chamberlain, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, and every other players for decades didn’t wear Ads on their jerseys. NBA is just cheap, Jerseys will look ugly and I wouldn’t even buy anymore Jerseys from this point till they take those off. As a NBA fan, I like the way it is right now. Seeing a Lakers Jersey, Celtics Jersey and Heat Jerseys just the way it is. The people who agreed on it should be replace with workers that have heart for the game, I understand business is business but your killing the game, and No wonder we fans see David Stern as the devil for the NBA. Make choices for the fans because without the fans the NBA would be out of business. NFL loves the fans, Why can’t the NBA do the same.

  52. bobduda says:

    I’m not really thrilled about jersey ads but I’m sure I’ll get used to it…I remember when most arenas in the NBA didn’t have the name of some company in the title…e.g the Boston Garden…now it’s the TD Garden or like how the Lakers used to play in The Forum…now they play in the Staples Center

  53. Sea Pea says:

    Guess I’m done buying jerseys…

  54. Ron Jon says:

    There are plenty other ways to make revenue…come on get a little more creative, think harder…just please no ads on jerseys, this would be the worst thing to happen to the reputation in ‘the league’s’ history

  55. Alessio says:

    NO ADS NO!!!!!

    What the %$&#%&%#&%&

    I hate the European jerseys because of that.

    Let’s pray that this won’t happen.

  56. willie says:

    The NBA is not soccer it’s basketball. Now the jerseys are ruin,

  57. Lbj, dwade, cb3 says:

    Cool. We want another chip daddy stern and uncle joey crawford thanks in advance!

  58. Turk says:

    If you want to raise your voice and unite against the approval of ads on player jerseys feel free to likeand share the FB page:

  59. rich says:

    If its a business can the LA Lakers advertise on a Celtic jersey? Or can LeBron walk on court with a 2″ X 2″ patch that reads THUNDER! on it?

  60. Aric says:

    This is exactly the kind of greedy ploys that Stern does that makes me really dislike the greedy man. But since we are talking about it, which team do you think will have the McDonalds logo? I am guessing the Lakers or the Knicks. There will be Subway and probably some Disney. Mickey Mouses head on a jersey is going to kill it for me. XD

  61. Reg says:

    Aren’t team logos a form of advertising on the jerseys?

  62. rich says:

    In 10 years they will look like race car drivers – walking cartoons! They’ll have to add long sleeves and lengthen shorts to knickers for added space!

  63. Mando22 says:

    Do the owners recieve all the revenue from this or do they share it with the players? SHARE? Yes SHARE i know its a hard concept to grasp but this will be an issue because every one will want a piece of the pie. The richest get richer and the not so rich get moderately more rich .
    Can’t they just let the players advertise with their headbands, wrist bands, tattoos (well if they have any space left on their bodies for ads) and how about the shoes?.. every time a player gets to the line zoom in on the shoes write that into the contract. How about the zebras they are always in the lime light so put ads on them…oh I forgot everyone hates the refs .. never mind..
    None of these Ideas are great thats why they want to stoop to the Euro level and put it on the jerseys, and people will not stop buying jerseys of their favorite players, and if you wanted a jersey w/o ads then they’ll just charge you even more for those. Its a win win for the league..
    Just use this money to improve the quality of the league on and off the court thats all I ask. I can deal with these logos b/c I love NBA basketball. I’m afraid that the casual fans will get turned off by this and slowly the league will DIE…
    So NBA I plead to you to proceed with caution don’t ruin your brand, Improve it b/c it needs improving.

  64. elisam90 says:

    If I see a Taco Bell logo in a Lakers jersey I’m gonna be sick!!

  65. noooo says:

    the can do this…, tell the champion to use the Finals jersey all year like, they r the champs…. or a logo tha means the team are the champions

  66. Matt says:

    Gross. If I wanted a shirt with Volkswagon on it, I would buy a Volkswagon shirt.

  67. noooo says:

    no more logooo’s whit the nba logo on the jersey looks great, elegant, if you add more logo’s i know the look is horrible

  68. Reg says:

    Aren’t team logos already a form on advertising on jerseys?

  69. Michel says:

    What an insult to fans, as if the NBA didnt generate enough profit already. Can i feel not being a consumer when i watch a basketball game? Isnt there enough ads on the court/sidelines/tv/ video section…..give us a break, we just want to watch a bunch of guys playing with a ball.

    I can’t watch any European games because all this advertisements on jerseys gives me nausea. I just feel the same will happend with my beloved NBA and it really sadened me

  70. MOON says:


  71. Will Waters says:

    dont they already have 3 huge stripes on on the warm ups anyway, still I hate where this is going

  72. NBEATZ says:

    I too dislike the idea of putting logos on the jersey’s……………………BUT…………………… If each and every one of you could make a few milloin on the side, would you?????????????? even if it bothered some people?????????????????. This is the way they are going to look at it. A few million on jersey compared to a few thousands dollars that would be lost by some refusing to go and watch……… BUT…….. that dew thousand dollars would be made up by the other millions of people that would love to go see a game and sometimes cant because they are sold out. Money stand point, go for it.

    • NBEATZ says:

      People you are also forgetting that this WILL help the American economy. The more companys advertise, the more money they make and more money they make the more jobs that could and probably will open up. This is not a bad thing for anyone’s pockets. Should there be a limit on the amount and what getsadvertised, maybe. but this is good for everyone.

  73. Jonathon says:

    “…in the final two minutes of overtime and all overtime to verify…”


  74. Michael says:

    Putting ads on the jerseys will not make teams more likely to resign players. Didn’t people learn from the lockout? The owners, players, and especially stern do not care about the fans they care about their bank accounts. This idea is to put more cash in the owners pocket, that does not mean the owner will pump it in to the team. It ticks me off that during the entire lockout of millionaires arguing with billionaires nobody stopped and said “we should all take less money so more fans can enjoy the sport” instead they jack up jersey costs, ticket costs, and now are looking for even more ways of bringing in the cash. These players have it too good and I’m wondering when people will just stop putting money in their pockets so they can learn to appreciate what they have.

  75. Jaykwan says:

    NO, for God’s sake. Advertisements on jerseys–that’s so unbelievably tacky.

  76. Kasper Kjaer says:

    Why use the european soccer as comparison and as an example of more competetiveness. There is nothing more uncompetetive than european soccer. It’s the same 4-5 teams competing for the Champions League trophy every year, and the same 2-3 teams (in a good year) competing for the national championsship.

    The only thing that would happen is that the NBA is getting less competetive and the difference between small and big market teams bigger. Why? – Because the advertisement patches are sold for much more in big markets!

  77. NNM says:

    Erm, no…
    If the fans could vote, it looks like a clear no for the ads.
    But, as usual, it’s turning from a sport to a pure business.
    So, what about sale jerseys? If you buy a Knicks jersey, you would walk around with a burger kin (or whatever) logo on?
    Sales would drop. And I’d just boycott anyone who stamps the Knicks jersey that I’ve worshipped since the late 80s, when some new guy called “Michael Jordan” lost to some other big guy called “Patrick Ewing”… 😛

    What happens ON the NBA court, shold remain 100% basketball.

    It starts with a small sticker here… Then 1 here…. And a little one on the shorts… Fast forward 5 years, and they will all look like walking billboards… Terrible idea. Anyone who believes it will “just” be a small sticker is naive.
    Just like sharks: try to give them a finger and they will take your arm…

    Fast forward 10 years…
    “Here come the Houston Toyotas! Defensive stop by the New York Burger Kings! He got hit right on the Xbox360 spot! But he was standing in the Red Bull zone, so no sprite-foul called by Mr Footlocker!”

  78. noyb says:


  79. NBA FAN says:


  80. Z says:

    I’m completely fine with ads on the jerseys. First, 2.5″x2.5″ is tiny, even in HD you’ll barely notice it except for zoom-ins during things like foul shots and interviews. Second, even with the new cba, this league is slowly bleeding out money. That’s just the result of any solid player being paid all-star money because of the new super-team era. Teams have to overpay to keep free agents because everyone wants to be a part of a big 3, whether in a main role or a supplemental one. Third, the NBA is a business over all else. Opportunities to make money can’t just be brushed aside, and it is worth considering the pros and cons. If the worst aspect some of you can come up with is “it’s too european,” then I just don’t see a negative at all.

    If anything, the only concern should be how the league is doing if the owners feel its necessary to generate additional revenue from jersey ads. Like I said, guys get overpaid now because players have the freedom to choose where they go and would rather play for a talent-stacked team. That in itself is not bad, I’m completely supportive of a player’s right to choose where he goes to play once his contract expires (ONCE IT EXPIRES, LOOKING AT YOU D12), but it’s a sign that the only way the league will survive is through contraction.

    I’m sorry guys, but 4-6 teams need to go.

  81. BlaqDan says:

    I’m totally against ads but petitioning won’t help. NBA execs don’t care about our opinions, only the revenue it’s gonna bring. Like the article said, they have been considering this move for years and if they can make that momey even a few thousand disgruntled fans won’t change their minds.

  82. Raph Parisi says:

    Hi All.

    Im from Australia, love my NBA.

    NO ADS on jerseys please. You are so unique, keep it that way. Dont joint the rest

  83. hirosh says:

    If a team can make $1mil a year from the jersey logo, that will allow that team to go $1mil over the tax limit and pay the player from your pocket and pay the tax with this money.

    while American companies pit for 29 US teams, All canadian companies can bit for 1 Canadian team.

  84. Matt says:

    As long as they do it sensibly like the Top European soccer leagues and only have one sponsor on the shirt…then its not going to look that bad

  85. Seriously?! Why do i want to be reading stupid ads all game! That is one reason why I hate wnba bc they have those stupid ads all over the jerseys.

  86. Eaglos says:

    “advertisements on jerseys, a revolutionary idea” You have to be kidding me…
    Where exactly is the “revolution” in doing that?

    Europe puts corporate logos on jerseys, shorts, backs, fronts, bums, you name
    it. It is utterly disgusting and it is yet another situation where corporations want
    even more in order to promote themselves.

    All praise the “revolution”….

  87. thejerr says:

    no no no, the only sport i like is basketball, and if my favorite sport comes anywhere close to lookin like nascar ……. well….. i just cant imagine myself watching games and takin it seriously. here a historic replay for ya: Kobes fakes a last second shot drives to the lane and dunks on whoever for the win, meanwhile all u can really see is the 20 little boy scout patches all over his jersey completely covering any yellow on it…. i mean…, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Wilhelm says:

    Dear David Stern,

    you see fans do not love this decision at all. Of course there are good financial reasons for it. But i just hope you´ll deeply regret this one asap. The NBA has long been the exception to the rule. This made it a premium good – one big reason, why fans like this league so much. I guarantee you, this will decrease because of that. You could make more money, if you would stay clean. But you just couldn´t resist the temptation. You just sold sold the league – more than you already did. Poor David, poor NBA, poor fans.

  89. Knixfan says:

    They will only get bigger. The commercials were right.
    BIG things are coming. Corporate logos that is.

  90. PJ says:

    Oh my, I can’t think of Boston Celtics jerseys with advertisements. Not even there warm-up, because it’s iconic too. Well, I won’t like to see ads on Bobcats either.

  91. Will says:

    I’m from England and I agree that putting a sponsors logo on a jersey will look stupid. But all you people saying it’ll look cheap and European need to wake up! The only reason that the owners are wanting to do this is because they need the money. And they need the money to pay for some player who thinks he is worth $15-$20 million a year. No person is worth that! If they truly love the game they would happily play for less wages. You actually cut the players wages, you won’t need to have sponsors on the jerseys and you hope, in turn that game tickets will become less.

  92. TRJ@@$*& says:

    I’ve been dreading this for about 10 years now and really hoped the day would never come where corporate logos found their way to the nba jerseys. nba has the best uniforms of any league. Could you possibly imagine Magic and Bird playing with Starburst and Trojan Condom ads on their jerseys? Hell the NBA logo wasn’t even on the jerseys until 86-87! It’s sad all the things the game has become since I was a kid, very little changes for the better, just worse.

  93. David Stern says:

    Love the idea. Who cares what the fans think? I didn’t devise a painful lockout just so we can potentially lose $100 million in sponsorship money.

  94. Paddy says:

    I will refuse to buy one. The jerseys will look stupid. They clearly have not thought of the fans with this decision! This old timer needs to go before he ruins the NBA

  95. KingJ says:

    I personally don´t like seeing ads on jerseys. But we all know how NBA has struggled with money issues after 2008, so I think the income they get from ads will be put to good use.

  96. Edward says:

    If this advertising goes through, I will never again buy any sort of NBA product for myself or my young children. In fact, it would probably cause me to give up my season tickets, and to stop watching altogether.

    I am a fan, not just a consumer. I don’t appreciate being treated as such.

  97. lakers says:

    wtf!! can you imagine a lakers jersey with ads!!! that will ruin it!!

  98. shufflemoomin says:

    Great. Slow down the last few minutes of a game, drag it out longer and make it more painful to sit through than it is already. You’re trying hard to kill this sport.

  99. kjmelnis says:

    If the add thing happens, I’m done watching NBA

  100. Nooo says:

    Why?? I mean Why??

  101. Keep it in the audience says:

    Stop hatin on europeans…. european basketball is so much realer than nba, and just for the record, these advertises on jerseys might be an important factor when it comes to preventing a future lock-out

  102. Vin says:

    As an NBA fan from Ireland I understand the fears about the ads on shirts. It does help small teams with money to rival bigger teams BUT like in the English Premiership Football (soccer) league it has to be restricted to 1 single badge and the no companies like McDonalds/KFC/Alcohol are used as these obviously have no link to sport!!!
    I dont like the idea but it is the way of the world so best to make sure the size and number restrictions are tight!!

  103. Robert says:

    nooo!!! keep adds of the jersey (and hardwood as well) s! chicago, boston…. this is history, can’t be contaminated by business

  104. Matt says:

    I get what you are all saying but the smaller market teams will need the extra revenue to keep up and make the league somewhat competitive. you can’t have your cake and eat it

    In the big European soccer leagues your only allowed one major sponsor on the shirt so its not like they have a hundred patches everywhere like you guys are saying .and to be honest a good sponsor actually adds to the shirt imo

    And if you haven’t realised the nba have had sponsors on the shirts for years….you see that small adidas logo on the top left?

  105. Kasper Kjaer says:

    Totally agree. Any fans who are actually FOR jersey or court advertisement? – Don’t think so. The 100 million dollars you loose in jersey sale and viewers instead. I agree it looks very european and cheap.

  106. Watson says:

    I also hate the idea of putting ads on the jerseys. In Poland some teams also have sponsors name incorporated in the team name. So how about that Mr. Stern??? How about AT&T Los Angeles Lakers or Chrysler Detroit Pistons…? Is it going to be the next step? I’m just hoping they will lose more money by unsold jerseys than they will get from the sponsors. Maybe then it’ll open their eyes. Anyway, I still think there should be a hard cap, then the chances would be equalized throughout the entire league and applying sponsor logos wouldn’t have to be considered.

  107. L Dribble says:

    Please do not put advertising on jerseys – listen to the fans. Horrible idea. Aren’t there enough spaces for logos and billboards already??!!??

  108. kareem says:

    i dont think i ll buy a jersey with ad. on sure so many nba fan wouldnt prefer it either..and here in europe teams started to get ad on their jerseys’ back too..and there is almost no place to write name because they have another ad in s not a joke..and it s really disgusting.

  109. IGGY says:

    money making scheme! keep the game pure…at least in our eyes while we watch the games…keep the ads out of ! do your business in your office!

  110. A Gatty says:

    So it’s money, money, big contracts, advertisement and some more money…bunch of other things then at dead last is the sport itself. Yay for corporate America, thank you for ruining everything.

    Yours truly

  111. Samsunged says:

    James Harden sponsored by Flip FLOPS. Looking forward to that jersey. 🙂

  112. Willy says:

    Does that mean my new Laker DH jersey will have a Superman logo on it ? Or Mercedes or whatever?

  113. karolisjachimavicius says:

    I like the idea of sponsors giving money to my favourite team.

  114. bullsfan05 says:

    yah, its not good to have a jersey with adds.

  115. Angelo says:

    It’s ok to me if they would put logos on the jerseys as long as they would give free jerseys to the fans, or atleast big discounts (50%-60% off?) on jerseys because the fans who will wear their team jerseys will also be carrying a company’s logo, which is still an advertisement. it’s different to wearing a nike shirt with logo on it because you bought that item for the brand itself and its functionalities, unlike buying a jersey to support your team with an ugly patch of a company name stuck on it.

  116. Bruno says:

    I’m strongly against too. So many sacred and iconic jerseys like the lakers, celtics or bulls will not be the same anymore. It really makes me sad.

    The fans all over the world should speak up. Through facebook or whatever means possible. Can there be such a thing as a fan lockout?

  117. John says:

    No Advertisements PLEASE! The jerseys would look like s.h.i.t

  118. Mons23 says:

    Just don’t buy the new jerseys with advertisments and the problem should solve itself. Stern is a corporate rat, for him its just about the money. The NBA doesn’t care about the likes of the fans so a boykott is the only way to show them without the fans no nba.

    • FLY-GUY says:

      So when your little boy wants a jersey….ur not gonna get it for him because it has a 2×2 inch ad on it??? if this helps some of the smaller markets keep some of their players to even out the playing field. Lets try it. Believe me…if its not successful, it will change back

      • hornetsfan says:

        the problem is that even if it doesnt help small market teams, it will not change once it is started…. the owners are going to be get paid regardless. i honestly dont think stern cares about the small market teams when it comes to this issue. the reason why this will happen is because of the money. even if we dont buy jerseys the big companies like google, microsoft, mcdonalds, etc. will still pay to have there logos on nba jersey.

  119. Mitchell says:

    Please no advertisements on jerseys! It just goes to show how the owners are all about making money and don’t care for the sport. They don’t need the extra ad revenue from the ads on the jerseys, it’ll look tacky, and it takes away what the jerseys are suppose to mean. It’s suppose to be an indication of teams, not an indication of a corporation.

  120. mad says:

    the idea of having ads on jerseys makes me sick!
    I thought you guys at the nba were different but I gues I was wrong… you’d do anything for money, including this abomination.

  121. NAOJ says:

    please no… it will destroy a big tradition 😦
    stay clean and real

  122. SugaDuga says:

    This is a horrible idea. Keep advertisement off the jerseys! If this gets approved I’m done with the NBA.

  123. Andre says:

    I couldnt disagree more with adam williams and his blog. Explain to me how the spurs have won 4 championships in a so called “small market”, And how okc is that good in another “small market”. If you know what your doing you can build through the draft and free agency. With todays nba if you have a point guard then people will want to go play with them. Maybe instead of watching the players, we can watch the nba league office and save 50 million a year. Their is NO money at all with out the 1. the fans and 2. the players, sorry owners come in 3rd, even though that sounds crazy.

    • FLY-GUY says:

      THATS VERY TRUE. But u mentioned San Antonio, & OKC (who’s general mgr is from the San Antonio orginazation) …BUT THERE’S ABOUT 14-15 MORE (small markets) why didnt u mention them?….because u cant. DO U WANT TO SEE SMALLER MARKET TEAMS STOP LOSING PLAYERS BECAUSE THEY CANT EXCEED THE LUXURY TAX???…its only 2×2 inches…lets see if this helps.

      I’M A LAKER FAN FOR LIFE…..but I still would like to see some of the smaller markets keep some of their players

    • Nohairdontcare says:

      OKC have rookies that are still under rookie contracts but once it is time to resign them, it wont be easy without the money. Spurs had good teams with veterans who would not have gotten more money elsewhere such as Robinson, Horry, Kerr and others.

  124. There are adverts every few seconds in US sport so I don’t see how adding a logo to a jersey will make much difference. Everything is sponsored in the US, this is just the next step.

  125. armin halvadzic says:

    nooo nba pleasee no ads on jerseys. it would be the worst thing that ever happend to nba. please noo

  126. Hibachi says:

    The only way to see if this jersey ads work is to see if there are still that many fans buying.

    Personally I would never purchase an NBA jersey if I see some sponsor’s name on it, no matter how much I like that player.

  127. Pauljhei says:

    i disagree, Ads on Jerseys, i like the No Ads Jersey coz its Simple and one of the Kind,
    Ads Jersey, makes the Jersey ruin by Ads, i just the NBA LOGO and the Name of the City , Team name and Player Last name and Jersey #,,,

  128. Jordan says:

    What about the sudden decrease in jersey sales? Didn’t they take that into consideration… It’s not like they’re cheap either. Lol.

  129. Andre says:

    Their is no use asking david stern, he’s on a 20 year power trip with 3 lockouts to his name. Failed as the commish for the nba. So my plea is to adam silver. Please dont let that happen. It will ruin part of the nba. Just add it to players gettng techs for clapping in agreement with a call, running after a call, and holding the ball. Not trying to knock the euro leagues, but the nba is clearly the top dog in basketball why do you want to be like the lesser leagues. You don’t see euro soccer leagues copy the MLS. Bobcats, hornets, clippers, knicks, bucks, pistons, hawks, magic, kings, warriors, nuggets will most likely do that year 1, unless its mandatory, with david stern it prob is. NO ADDS ON ANY TEAM JERSEYS!!!!!!!!!!

  130. quarogg says:

    a jersery with advertisements will look like a billboard. it would be disgusting

  131. doublezero says:

    if you think so it isnt really stupid, Im from argentina and here we dont identify the teambecouse of the ardvertise or the team logo. River plate has a red stripe across the chest. we dont care about the logo or the arvertise, BUT THE LEAVE A LOT OF MONEY!

  132. CoachD says:

    What can you NOT put on TV Screens that you can on a JERSEY?

  133. OAK says:

    I will NEVER BUY AGAIN a jersey with AD on it !!!!!!! dumb idea

  134. Sir Riles says:

    Advertisements on jerseys would be the last straw for me. I will quit watching NBA basketball and move exclusively to watching college hoops. I realize it is a business, but it is also a game. Let some things be.

  135. Philip says:

    Isn’t there enough commercialization in the world today? Why not leave the NBA alone and let it stand for rising above a material society. If they want to put ads on jerseys how about ones for charitable organizations?

    • Ryan says:

      All be it a noble and good hearted idea to use charitable organizations instead of corporate logos, that sort of defeats the purpose. Its to bring in revenue, charitable organizations wouldn’t be able to pay loads of money for advertising the way a corporate giant like Google would.

  136. Alex says:

    I am also completely against the idea of putting advertisement logos on the jerseys. I’m British and watching the USA vs GB match today and comparing the uniforms, USA looks professional and all about playing for the country, being proud of that, but the GB uniform looks like a piece of rubbish you’d buy in a simple shop for about £20! Not only that but it’s like what, I think it was Reggie Miller said, can you imagine the iconic Jordan moments and watching all those replays and then just seeing a McDonalds logo on his chest? I love the NBA and with the new replay review rules I thought it was moving forward in a positive manner but with this other announcement it’s like one step forward and two steps back. PLEASE think about what you’re doing NBA. You may get $100 million revenue from team sponsors but you get so much more from us fans and I can guarantee you the majority will be against this idea.

  137. Kristian says:

    The great thing about NBA jerseys is that it is all about the team, not cluttered by advertisements. I completely object to the introduction of jersey adertisements, even if tey are regulated to be relatively small in size. It’s the first step down a bad road…

  138. J Diddy says:

    The idea of advertising on jerseys makes me sick. I’ve long loved the fact (and made numerous mention to other bball heads) how great the NBA jerseys are the way they are – simple and all about the team – not some corporate sponsor.

    Of course the patches are going to get bigger over time. This is just the start of what will eventually be a game of “spot the team logo”.

    In Australia (granted our league here doesn’t generate anywhere near the same revenue as the NBA and therefore relies on coporate sponsorship) the team jerseys are covered in patches from businesses and MNCs – it looks completely ridiculous and unprofessional. Some games you’d swear it’s KFC playing McDonalds.

    Hate this idea and will not be buying any jerseys with sponsorship on them in the future if it goes ahead. Take note of what the fans are saying on this one, Comissioner, and not what the guys in the suits are telling you.

  139. While I know the ads are controversial, let me explain to all those major market fans that unless you want an NBA with only 8-12 teams, smaller market teams that can’t afford to spend way above the salary cap and tax levels need that extra revenue. Not many want to pay $2000 a ticket for court side seats to the Toronto Raptors or Phoenix Suns. But I understand the tackiness. Just try to realize that since players think they are worth $15-$20 million a year, they better bow to the corporate sponsor giving them that money because the fans sure don’t take care of those salaries. Think of this, even if the average ticket were $200 for an arena of 25,000, they annual income on tickets is only $20.5 million. Sadly, the players have somewhat forced the hands a bit with regards to this. Owners are not excluded, but they can’t sell seats without investing. While you may not want it to be about money, both owners and players made it about it, so time to just face the facts and live with it or forget the nba.

    • jimmy says:

      well my jersey buying days are over 😥

    • DHood says:

      Not only is your math horrible but that’s also not their only source of income.

      Throughtout a season, a non playoff team with $200 tickets and sold out games (with 25,000 seats in your example), after 82 games would have $410 million. (Unless I did 82x25000x200 wrong). Granted, no team will sell out. But even if they sell 10% of their tickets at that price they would generate 41 million (almost team salary). That’s not including money they get from the NBA, money they get from jersey sales, money they get from stadium sponsors/ads, money they get from game tv time. I realize they also have other expenses, but your team owner’s aren’t hungry.

    • Tony Snow says:

      200 avg ticket x 25,000 x 41 home games

      is 205,000,000

      • Nohairdontcare says:

        D-Hood your math couldnt be so wrong considering that a team does not play 82 games at home. I know it is a change for everyone to get used to but am not against the ads on the jersey. Players these days are requesting more money and it is a chance for smaller market teams to get more revenues so they can pay to keep the top players that they have. It is change but everyone will have to get used to it or dont buy the jerseys, no teams out there are forcing jerseys down anyone’s throat

      • laman says:

        but they have to pay for the food the stadium has

  140. mick says:

    please don’t put logos on the uniforms, NBA is one of the few leagues where no logos are on jerseys. it will ruin the uniforms and they will lose their authenticity. Someone has to start a Facebook page so people can weigh in on this and ensure its not accepted

  141. jd says:

    Logos on the jerseys will not only cheapen the somewhat iconic look of the jerseys of the NBA, but it will also likely stem the flow of revenue bought about by fans purchasing said jerseys. It really is a bit of a sell out.

  142. Brian Newell says:

    I’d also like to say that it’s about time you used replay to review goaltending calls!!!

  143. Salis says:

    Why cant they put it on the shorts or WARM UPS!!!!!!

  144. Brian Newell says:

    I completely HATE the idea of having ads on jerseys. It takes away from the team. It’s like when you look at a jersey, you think that the sponser of the team is the team name, not the actual team. Look at soccer, it’s just horrible!!!

    • Austin says:

      At least with soccer it makes sense since there aren’t commmercial breaks. If they decide to go with this horrible idea maybe they should get rid of all the timeouts in the last 2 minutes of a game.

  145. BOSSDON says:

    They need to review No calls/Missed Calls. They did Rondo dirty in the ECF game 2.. Unacceptable!

  146. willy says:

    the ads are only 2×2 inches above the heart lol. like the NBA Finals patch they wear on their jerseys during the nba finals

  147. Jordan says:

    Jersey ads would ruin the game. Please reverse the decision.

    • Mike says:

      Yes jersey ads are going to RUIN the game. Like for some reason the players won’t remember how to play basketball when there is a small corporate logo sewn on their chest. Idiotic comment.

  148. Swala says:

    The sponsor logo is going to be 2 inches big. They are not going to approve the huge front and back abdomen logo’s you see on European jerseys.

    • skrutz says:

      Dude… theres no way that they’d stay that small. A few years in, they’ll approve more logos and/or bigger logos.

  149. ishmah says:

    wow that is really darn stupid. way to ruin some of the best uniforms in basketball. hope this changes

  150. Aero says:

    Please reverse the decision to put logos on jerseys it will be UGLY!!!!!

  151. JAE says:

    Having ads on jerseys is just dumb…. Its so cheap and european, im done with the NBA, all stern cares about is MONEY!!!

  152. Lebron iz DeezD says:

    heh heh heh…

  153. larry oconnor says:

    the second bullet point makes no sense. they use the word “overtime” twice and it sound crazy. Did they mean “regulation” for the first one?

    • Mark says:

      yeah, I think they meant last 2 min. of regulation. I like these new rule changes, it’ll stop the people that claim the refs are biased, and that certain games are rigged.

      • roflhouse says:

        oh it wont stop that. they’re gonna have to make a lot more changes than this to stop that.

    • alienboy says:

      As for the third bullet point. I think those Non-call should also be included in reviewing goaltendings. It happened in the game Timberwolves vs Portland wherein Aldridge’s shot was blocked and the game just keeps going, but the Aldridge’s team and the fans were outraged and was asking for a goaltending but from the referees point of view it wasn’t.

      • alienboy says:

        by the way, that game was in the final two minutes.

      • big wes says:

        if they keep stopping the game to review every non call then the game is gonna play for a long day. I like what the league just imply, it common sense if you make a call in the final minute, you can review it to make sure it is the correct one, If you didn’t call it there should be no reviewing, you will stop a game in motion based on a no call that’s common sense/

  154. Travis says:

    I hate the idea of having advertisements on jerseys it looks so European and cheap especially when the corporate logo is bigger than the team logo! A huge StateFarm logo on the chest of the player. I was watching the Olympics today and the British team had huge logo over their jersey it looks disgusting like a corporation took over their Country. I’m pro Capitalism but I hate Logos on the jerseys because once it starts the logos just get bigger and bigger and bigger. Theres my two cent rant!

    • Derek says:

      I completely agree.

      • CoachD says:

        How awkward would it be to have the ADIDAS Authentic NBA Jerseys to have a NIKE LOGO on it.

      • Spurrred says:

        this is a horrible idea… I wanna see trojan with an advertisement. They are really gonna ruin this game with the corporate greed.

    • Chris Beezy says:

      I agree!

    • Derek says:

      Although I completely agree with you on no advertisements on the jersey’s. 2 and 1/2 by 2 and 1/2 inches is not all that big, but who’s to say the advertisements won’t get bigger? So I think we should petition to keep the advertisements off of the jersey’s.

      • jimmy says:

        please, i agree! we should protest this…..or at least try :/

      • olrem says:

        Yup, that’s the problem: 2″x2″ doesn’t sound too bad, but who knows if then they’ll expand it to two 2″x2″ patches, then one big one and one small one… Once “a little” of something becomes acceptable, going from “a little” to “a little more” to “a lot” is much less of an issue. As a soccer fan who’s seen teams go from no advertisements to just one to multiple, I’d much rather keep the shirts ad-less. Especially since they won’t be making any of the products (jerseys, tickets, or anything) cheaper to the fans…

      • big wes says:

        i am ok with it as long as it stays 2 1/2 inches. If they make it bigger then i am against it. All an advertiser has to do is put the company symbol no name. Nike will have no problem adding the check sign, other company that do not have sign will have problem. I am for it as long as it stays small and never make bigger.

    • CoachD says:

      I agree. This will also give teams to ease the pain from their luxury taxes, which will be an advantage for high profile teams and will show the flaws of the new collective bargaining agreement.

    • R4 says:

      Let me be honest. NBA is a business first, Sport second. Please remind yourself that players don’t play for the love anymore so why should owner own for pride. I love this ads thing because it a way to make money. I know some teams will have alot of difficult finding use of this new revenue stream but the big market teams will do just great. I can’t wait to see ad on my Toronto logo.

      p.s. number one selling jersey in world are from euro not america. Man U for example out sell any american player in a country of only like 50 million.

      • Sixers ! says:

        the ads will damage the game. everyone knows what the iconic celtic & laker jersey looks like. not after the 2013-2014 season. thats like moving the steelers to Montana. Messes up the game becaucse those teams are such a big part of it.

    • Alexies says:

      Just like you I don’t like it but is far as bad as the European ads. If you read carefully you’ll notice is only a patch 2×2 above the heart. However I wonder what will happen when a player has ad contract with a brand and the team has one with it’s competitor.

    • Mackan says:


    • mintofta says:

      its just a shame that the game you saw wasnt the olympics since it doesnt start for at least a week…having said that the jerseys do look better without sponsors… 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ isnt so bad though…could definitely be worse…

    • big wes says:

      YOU CAN MAKE a case for both side.

      the jersey prices will rise since the The league and the team will make more money even if the jersey is not
      advertisers pay to put his sign on the sold. it will be a great profit for team and league, one more way to add
      jersey, they will want to recoup their money to their bank.
      money with interest, so therefore the The jersey value will not diminish because the add will only be 2 1/2 iin.
      jersey will cost more. It will be place right above the heart. It will not affect the beauty of the
      Diminish the Jersey beauty. the jersey jersey at all at te position it will be located.
      looks beautiful without ad, adding ad to it Even if less fan buy the jersey, it still might be more profitable than the
      may degrade the jersey beauty oe without the ad. The higher price might make up the difference for
      Less fan will buy the jersey because they the one that stop buying it. There is no guarantee that less fan will
      may not be able to afford the high price not buy their favorite team or player jersey.

    • Marcus Bastos says:

      I agree too!

    • Andres Flores says:

      C´mon this is NBA, sponsors in the jerseys ???, this isn´t soccer…… I´m against logos…. I love basketball, please don´t do that