The World Weighs In On The Lin Decision

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The reaction to the news that the Knicks passed on an opportunity to keep Jeremy Lin in New York has been as one-sided as it has been swift.

Few people (fans, pundits, casual observers, cab drivers, finance experts, etc.) think it was wise for the Knicks to allow Lin to go to the Houston Rockets because they thought three years and $25.1 million (back-loaded in the third year for the Knicks) was a sum too rich for a guy who has started just 25 games.

That blowback from the public might have something to do with the Knicks’ history of being generous with their funds —  for example, Jerome James did collect $30 million from the Knicks for what amounts to a tiny crumb of the excitement Lin produced, on and off the court.

Dive in as the (media) world weighs in on the decision by the Knicks to pass on Lin …


Howard Beck of The New York Times: The final decision for the Knicks rested with James L. Dolan, the Madison Square Garden chairman, and Dolan was the only one who could reverse it as the final hours ticked away Tuesday. But by midafternoon, a person briefed on the situation said the deliberations had ended.

“It is done,” the person said.

The decision was said to be financial, not emotional. Lin’s contract contains a third-year balloon payment of $14.9 million, which would have cost the Knicks another $35 million or more in luxury-tax penalties. This so-called poison pill was devised by the Rockets to dissuade the Knicks from matching, and it proved effective.

“We were comfortable with the money we were going to give Jeremy, and we hoped they wouldn’t match,” Daryl Morey, the Rockets’ general manager, said in a telephone interview. “But it’s hard to know what was the key to their decision.”

Because the Rockets are well below the luxury-tax threshold, Lin’s contract will cost them only its face value. Also, under the N.B.A.’s arcane rules, the Rockets will be charged an average of the salary, $8.37 million a year, for salary-cap purposes, instead of taking the $14.9 million hit in 2014-15. Thus, the deal is more manageable for the Rockets than it would have been for the Knicks.


Ken Berger of If the Knicks are wrong, does that mean, in turn, that the Rockets are right? In other words, does logic follow that Jeremy Lin will be a $14.9 million basketball player three years from now? Can anyone say that with certainty?

The truth is, no one can; not even the Rockets. What the Rockets did here was the basketball equivalent of naked shortselling or some other devious mechanism of the financial markets that so obviously have failed us over the past four years. The Rockets are Lehman Brothers or Bear Stearns on this particular transaction, and it isn’t so much a question of who wins the modern-day press conference on Twitter but who foots the bill down the road.

Or, to put it in terms that all of us can easily understand, I defer to the great basketball philosopher, Carmelo Anthony, who aptly branded the Rockets’ offer for Lin “ridiculous.” Leave it to Melo to boil down the NBA’s debate of the day into a single word that nails it.

I agree with Melo. To put the Rockets’ decision in terms that are more suited to our current 30-second news cycle: That was a clown offer, bro.

More to the point, here is what we know about Jeremy Lin. He came off the bench in a game on Feb. 4 against the Nets, and singlehandedly was the reason the Knicks won. He had 25 points and seven assists. I will never forget experiencing this delightful basketball moment in the stands with my family. Nor will I forget the angst I felt about attending that game as a spectator. Why, you ask? Because I was afraid that if the Knicks lost, then the coach, Mike D’Antoni, would be fired, and I would have to put down my chicken sandwich and get to work.

But the coach wasn’t fired, and Lin went on a statistical and culturally important rampage the likes of which no one had ever witnessed before. He won his first six starts, putting up numbers that were historically important and unheard of. And other than five minutes, 49 seconds in the first of those starts, Lin did it without Anthony, who injured his groin in the first quarter of the Utah game on Feb. 6.


Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle: Are the Rockets paying too much for Jeremy Lin? Oh yeah.

But as I like to say, it ain’t my money, so I’m all in with Lin. He is one of my favorite players, so I am happy for him. And I’m happy the New York Knicks have decided to let the Rockets have him.

Lin is entertaining. The Rockets haven’t been entertaining since before Ron Artest became Metta World Peace.

Last fall, Lin would have been happy as all get-out to have signed for two seasons with the Rockets for well under a $1 million a year. Now, he is hitting Les Alexander’s bank account for an average of around $8.3 million per season over the next three years. Sweet.

Not so sweet if you’re general manager Daryl Morey. This is a huge gamble.

One problem Morey has is he’s honest. He admitted that if he’d known Lin was that good a player — good enough to take the NBA by storm for one fun month of play last season — he would never have released him from the Rockets.

So Morey is attempting to right a wrong with the pursuit and capture of the flashy point guard. He knows he messed up and is now pushing in Alexander’s chips to make this call.


Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports: Basketball-wise, Houston appears to be a better fit than New York for Lin. He averaged 14.6 points and 6.2 assists in 35 games with the Knicks. Most of that success came under coach Mike D’Antoni, who was fired on March 14. Knicks coach Mike Woodson never showed the same confidence in Lin. The Knicks also acquired veteran point guards Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton this offseason.

The Rockets run a lot of pick-and-roll plays that were key to Lin’s success in New York under D’Antoni. [Kevin] Martin believes that Lin will flourish in coach Kevin McHale’s offense.

“I think he can bring what he did in New York to the Rockets,” Martin said. “He was great in pick-and-rolls and getting his [big men] involved, kind of like what [Steve] Nash did in Phoenix. When you play alongside a shooting guard who doesn’t need to be dribbling to be effective, point guards love playing with big time scorers like that.”

The Rockets and Lakers are the current frontrunners to acquire Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard in a trade. Lin can’t be traded until Jan. 15 after signing the offer sheet. But Martin, who is in the last year of his contract, could be moved. The Rockets have rid themselves of Kyle Lowry, Luis Scola, Samuel Dalembert and Chase Budinger this summer to acquire the salary-cap space and assets for a potential Howard trade.

“I got here 2½ years ago, and now I’m the longest-tenured Rocket there,” Martin said. “We lost some great players over the last month in Kyle and Luis. They were great teammates. Nobody likes to go the rebuilding route, but sometimes it’s needed. And that’s how Daryl Morey feels right now, so you don’t know what the future holds for the Rockets.”


Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News:  Once and for all: If the people running the Knicks really thought Lin was a future star of the league — a future star point guard in a point guard league — as they were told constantly over the last week, as the whole thing began to turn into the opera with Knicks fans and the media, then they would have kept him. They did not. Everybody moves on.

And the rest of the country must wonder why the free-agent status of a young man who started 25 games last season was treated in New York like it was the big-city equivalent of LeBron James’ “Decision” a couple of years ago. Everybody wanted LeBron James. The Knicks decided they didn’t want Jeremy Lin.

It doesn’t change what happened, or the way he changed the Knicks’ season, or the way he made the Garden sound and the way he made it feel, starting with that game he played against the Nets the day before the Super Bowl. He felt indispensable at the time. The Knicks decided differently on Tuesday. We told you in Tuesday’s Daily News that the only thing that could keep him here was Dolan changing his mind.

Dolan didn’t. Stood his ground. Lin goes.

“He’s a nice kid and a nice player,” the NBA coach I talked to about Lin said Monday night. “But the reaction to this in New York? Come on. I think they’ll survive if and when the kid leaves.”

The Knicks will survive. If they can survive Isiah Thomas, they can survive a nuclear attack. And Lin will get every opportunity to go to Houston and prove that the Rockets are the big winners here and the Knicks are losers again. For now, the Knicks make the right play by letting Lin walk. You have to know that they were never going to be Jeremy Lin’s Knicks.


Ian O’Connor of At least Knicks fans found comfort in that future first-round pick the Rockets sent their way. Or was it Houston’s rights to Royce White? Or the services of Kevin Martin to help fill the void at the two?

Actually, the Knicks didn’t even get an autographed Yao Ming jersey in return. Dolan and GM Glen Grunwald and head coach Mike Woodson dispatched the same relative rookie who dropped 38 on Kobe’s Lakers, the same guy whose 2012 stats put to shame those of many accomplished 23-year-old point guards of the past, Steve Nash included, without getting a player or pick for their trouble.

Just so they could hand the ball to the unworthy likes of Raymond Felton, a decent ex-Knick who was outplayed last season by — you got it — Jeremy Lin.

Felton is likely a bigger creation of the Mike D’Antoni system than his predecessor at the point ever was. He’s four years older than Lin, and as a seven-year veteran he isn’t getting any better and isn’t getting his new team any closer to Miami.

But the Knicks ran off Lin anyway, if only to make the point that nobody — not even the inspiration of the worldwide craze known as Linsanity — crosses Jim Dolan and gets away with it. Just last week, after it was reported Lin had verbally agreed to a Houston guarantee worth nearly $20 million, Woodson announced that the Knicks would “absolutely” match the offer and that Lin would “absolutely” open as his starting quarterback.

Only the Knicks “absolutely” lost their minds after Lin took Woodson’s empty pledges back to the negotiating table, inflated his poison-pill wage in Year 3 from $9.3 million to nearly $15 million, and stuck the Knicks with a luxury-tax bill in 2014-15 that would’ve left Warren Buffett cowering under a table.


Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post:  But here are a few truths — some of them inconvenient — you might want to ponder on your way out the door. Take them, leave them, throw them on top of the fire if you want, that’s fine. Rooting interests are personal things. You want to feel fury? Feel fury. You are allowed that much as a fan. Passion comes with two faces.

Truth 1(a): The Knicks would not have made the playoffs without Lin last year. Indisputable. They were a dead team at 8-15, then Mike D’Antoni inserted Lin against the Nets on the night before the Super Bowl, and in an eyeblink they were 15-15 — much of this done without Amar’e Stoudemire in the lineup, all of it without Carmelo Anthony.

Truth 1(b): The Knicks would not have made the playoffs without a 12-5 burst down the stretch. The Knicks were a half-game ahead of the Bucks for the last playoff slot on March 24, one game under .500. They finished as the seventh seed, six games over. And every second of this was done with Lin wearing civvies on the sidelines.

Truth 2(a): Linsanity was, well, otherworldly. It was. The highlights were breathtaking: the Nets game, the T’wolves game, the Lakers game, the Mavericks game. The end of the Raptors game. The teeth of Linsanity was an 8-1 stretch beginning with the Nets and ending with the Mavs, and Lin went berserk: 25.0 points, 9.2 assists, 51-percent shooting, 33 percent from 3. If you like modern metrics, he had an average game score (which adds and subtracts every meaningful stat) of 18.9 during that stretch. By comparison LeBron James, the league MVP, was 22.9 for the year and Chris Paul’s was 19.3.

Truth 2(b): And here’s where we release the hounds. During that 17-game stretch to end the season, here are some numbers for another member of the Knicks, performing when every game was critical to the cause: 29.1 points, 7.3 rebounds, 3.4 assists, 49 percent shooting, 43 percent from 3. Game-score average of 20.8.

Yes. That would be Carmelo Anthony.


Sam Amick of The root of the Knicks’ frustrations with the Rockets, sources said, was the fact that they broke what is seen as an unspoken rule in negotiations by changing an informal offer during the moratorium that ran from July 1 to July 11. Houston initially offered Lin a three-year, $19.5 million deal, and those figures were widely reported after it was put forth.

The Knicks, at the time, seemed more than willing to match the offer. But the Rockets would later change it to the three-year, $25.1 million deal that was much tougher for New York to swallow. The third-year salary was increased from about $9 million to nearly $15 million, a figure that — when coupled with the NBA’s new punitive luxury tax that starts in 2013-14 — would wreak havoc on the Knicks’ already-bloated 2014-15 payroll. The Rockets recently had traded point guard Kyle Lowry to the Raptors for a first-round pick, which was seen as a major part of their proposal to try to acquire Magic center Dwight Howard. They also failed to re-sign free agent Goran Dragic, creating a void at point guard that Lin will now fill.

“We no longer had Lowry or Dragic,” Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said in an interview with late Tuesday night, “and at that point we thought it made sense to offer him more money and increase our chances of getting him.”

The Knicks, in turn, decided to take part in two days of gamesmanship, an attempt at some silly sort of retribution. As the Houston Chronicle reported, Rockets officials spent most of Saturday attempting (unsuccessfully) to physically deliver the offer sheet to Knicks officials who were dodging them at every turn.

Teams have three days to match restricted free agent offers, but the clock can’t start until the offer sheet is physically delivered. After failed attempts to find Grunwald at his team’s practice and even at his hotel, the offer sheet was eventually delivered via FedEx to the Knicks’ offices in New York. But the uncertainty over whether the reported deadline of Tuesday at 11:59.59 p.m. ET had been established remained a point of disagreement until the end.


  1. Ryuhei says:

    We always hear people say Lin is a flash in the pan, that he was a statistical anomaly, that he is turnover-prone, and that in the end he does not deserve the money. A lot of people also say good riddance because the New York Knicks can win without him. Yes, they might, but it sometimes all boils down to the desire to win. We’ve seen so many players over the years with such hype, more hype than Lin, who never even once delivered. They were lazy bums. And one factor that people always seem to ignore is the fact that aside from being a basketball player, Jeremy Lin is a highly intelligent individual. And in most scenarios, in any kind of career, brains statistically deliver more than brawn. It is no different in sports. I find it funny that a lot of so-called basketball “purists” out there think they can predict what’s going to happen in the season to come, BUT did you ever predict Lin to have that breakout spurt the last time? Anything can happen, but one thing you can be sure of is that Lin is a smart, hardworking and highly adaptable player. He will find a way to flourish in any situation. And don’t forget, he didn’t lose hope even when he was waived, and finally when his number was called up, he delivered more than expected. Finally, while all of us are arguing about Lin’s fate and life decisions, he probably is thinking of the many ways he can invest his newfound millions so at the end of his career, be it only three more years or hopefully more, he probably will end up with more money than those other overhyped bums who throw away 100plus million throughout their entire career. Remember, he also did graduate from Harvard with an Economics degree. While you or me or any other “couch NBA expert” throw in our unimportant and mundane 2 cents, you have to realize that if you look at his curriculum vitae (sports or education-wise) Jeremy Lin is actually smarter intellectually AND better at basketball than the rest of us ordinary people.

  2. laker fans says:

    lin is genius!!!

  3. Tyler says:

    Why does everyone think that Melo disliked Lin? That’s just not true in the least, the ‘ridiculous’ comment was aimed at the structure of the contract. In the final year he will be one of the highest payed players in the NBA, about .86 the salary of LeBron James! And did everyone forget that the only reason Jeremy Lin even played was because of Melo lobbying Dantoni to give him a chance and more playing time

  4. bystander says:

    LIN haters gonna hate.

    But, c’mon, the kid has skills. There may be a need of some game-polishing to do, but he definitely has what it takes to be great player and playmaker. That is if he remains healthy and he has a very good coach.

    He may not be able to easily give Houston an appearance in the finals right away though. The Rockets still need to find pieces of their puzzle.

  5. Connor says:

    The Knicks listened to Isaiah Thomas again.

  6. Matthew says:

    Jeremy Lin’s 15 minutes of fame is over! He’s just in it for the money! Lin is not that good.

  7. Travis says:

    Lin-come will be off the charts in Houston! Any luxury tax Houston “might” pay will be flipped from this Lin-vestment. I personally don’t think Lin’s body can handle an 82 game season but at the end of the day who cares as long as he remains relevant. Congrats to Jeremy Lin I hope he uses his Harvard education and doesn’t allow everyone to exploit him Cash in Lin Cash in!

  8. rich says:

    Hail Harvard education,you’ve been so successful in flourishing individuals welfare,JLIN an alumnus of Harvard who graduated in economics, masterfully weigh himself in to a 25 million contract, kudos to you JLIN, at the end of the day it’s your talent you’ll be bringing in in HOUSTON, not those haters word!
    Definitely you’ll have a good run this upcoming season not to mention all those five stars rookies that joined HOUSTON bandwagon,you’ll play some good music together.
    Who knows DWIGHT HOWARD might shoe in as well!

  9. James says:

    Maybe some Knicks players and coach were jealous to Lin success in last season. It seems that they purposely “blocked” lin out of games by the end of the last season.

    Everyone know what ridiculous contract means. hard to accept this word coming out from No. 1 knicks player: such a big city, but has such a player. Good luck to Knicks! Bye!

  10. =007= says:

    If Jeremy Lin wants to be a better player he needs the guidance of Jason Kidd in the Knicks, Jeremy Lin has a better chance of being a NBA champion in the Knicks rather than being the only star in the Rockets!

  11. anthony says:

    this is insane.. Houston will be out of the playoff picture. With dragic, lowry and scola out of the roster,hope is lost.. not a good move for the rockets.. Good luck coach kevin ..

  12. Andy says:

    Well, I must say Rocket’s offer is a gamble, but Lin seems like a hard-working guy, and also he’s got the strength that he is only 23 years old. Lin’s got a lot of potentials, and his value from Chinese telecast is no doubt as well. What I want to say is, Knicks did the right thing to not match the Rocket’s contract, and Rockets also gains from winning Lin; the only thing I am concered now is– Is Rockets a good evironment for Lin to grow up in?

  13. BobTheBuilder says:

    I agree with the ones saying that Lin is overated, cause he hasn’t proven anything yet except he’s prone to injuries. On the other hand NY team and managment are junk. Melo defining Lin contract “ridiculous”…. i mean Lin gets 15 m only in the last year otherwise i’ts a 10 m split evenly in the first 2 years. While Melo gets almost 20 m per year and yet he can’t play defense at all.
    NY always made bad contracts, i can’t see why they didn’t give a shot to Jeremy. At least they would had new marketing horizons since this team isn’t made for winning the title.

  14. David says:

    The Kincks did well not to match the Rockets’ offer. It’s ridiculous, to quote Anthony. They’ll do well with Kidd and Felton.

  15. Jeff says:

    i think this is the most logical move for both the knicks and the rockets.

    financially, the knicks stand to lose more – and given that Lin would not be the go-to guy for the knicks, paying that amount for a second stringer would probably very costly for NY

    on the other hand, houston was willing to pay out so much probably because they’ll make Lin worth (and work) every penny by making him THE go-to point guard of the team.

    so it’s a good decision for both teams. not everyone who can afford to buy a ferrari will use them in the same capacity. at the end of the day, it’s just about who can afford what and how they plan to utilize the “goods” they purchased.

  16. Robert - Basketball Fan says:

    I agree with some of the posted comments above. The target should be more on the Anthony and Stoudemire combination. Together they make the Knicks team in a word “stale.” What’s more the Knicks now have NBA Champion/ USA Olympian Chandler. Stoudemire is not the piece that the Knicks need. Stoudemire should be the primary target for trade. Granted it will be difficult. Once that happens the Knicks will be on their way to a much better “team”.

  17. Fox hunt says:

    If Lin is so god we’ll see at the end of a 82 games season.

  18. Fox hunt says:

    Next season will be like a fox hunt for Lin, and he isn’t the dog are the man with the gun, so he has to be the fox. Let me see you next season on tha team where no one have to be dobblle so all eyes are on you. Remember what he did when he played the Heats?

  19. It's all about Money says:

    can’t really blame Knicks for not matching the offer, who wants to pay that huge luxury tax at the 3rd year? As for Rockets… as long as you starts Lin every game, jersey sales gonna make it up the huge contract. It’s all about money guys, it’s all about money…

  20. extremedriver says:

    This was a fiscally responsible decision by the Knicks.

    Also! Why have so many posters on here discredited the Knicks by only mentioning 39 year old Kidd, and struggling Felton. Have they forgotten the RING Kidd won 2 seasons ago?? Did they forget how well Felton played with STAT a couple seasons ago?? And just because he struggled in a Blazers Jersey doesn’t mean the same will happen as a Knickerbocker!

    Not only that, but what about the other FA’s they picked up these last 2 weeks. Camby may be 38, but he put up great numbers last year, and will do so again this year! He also is a humble man with great leadership skills (His MSG interview proves it)!

    James White is a guy that once played in the NBA before shipping himself to Europe. And if anyone had bothered to look at his stats, they would have noticed that he put up some serious numbers last year (over 17 PPG AVG).

    Kurt Thomas may be on his way out, but he’s still a big body that people have to worry about on the hardwood!

    Chris Copeland is another guy that shipped himself to Europe, that decided to come back here to play. He played a brief stint in the D-League, but after looking at his stats, he is a great backup to MELO. Chris Averaged 21.8 per game (57.2%) last season with the Belgium Aalstar team! So what’s my point?? I can almost taste a ring!! GO KNICKS!!

  21. lebronforever says:

    houston’s recruit management are bad genuises, it is like cornering a poor mouse in a corner and there’s no way out…an offer no one can refuse hahahah

  22. Albro says:

    Is Melo a franchise player? I really doubt it. He can’t lead a team to win big consistently. But Lin at least proved he could make a whole team better and win, not to mention his popularity and tremendous marketing value.

  23. Al says:

    I laugh at all the ignorant hate in here against Lin. Lin is a true point guard that’s thinks about his team first, and himself second something very rare in today’s game. The Knicks have no inside game and the only man that can create his own shot is Melo, Amare doesn’t rebound or play defense all he wants to do is shoot jump shots or drive to the basket thinking the he’s still got the same game he had back with the Suns, Chandler is there mainly to play defense because his offense is very limited, the shooting guards are inconsistent, and now you have an aging pg in Kidd and an underachiever in Raymond Felton. You think the Knicks should make the playoffs with this team like this? The Knicks best hope right now is that Shumpert comes back healthy with an improved game otherwise dream on on the playoffs. The Knicks always had problems getting talent, ever since they got Ewing through the lottery all they do is pick up veterans to keep the team solid and make the playoffs but I would think you guys as Knicks fans want more than that and Lin was a big part of a future that could have included a championship. Fine he’s gone and there is no turning back but anybody that says he wasn’t worth it doesn’t know anything about the game. The only way he becomes a bust with the Rockets is if they make him do to much, but the Rockets got talent that he could use to his advantage like Royce White and more. If things go bad with the Rockets it won’t be just because of Lin it would be the whole team’s fault. Nobody in sports can tell the future of a player, but Lin would have been a better player for Knicks this year being that he would have the backup needed at his position to to keep him fresh at the end of games without being tired, he averaged 39 mins a game without a real back up which is why he got hurt and still played one game with injury. The bottom line is that Knicks didn’t take a deserved chance on him and now we all move on.

    • Salbaje says:

      Right on! all these people here are just talking about individual talent that is how you measure a player’s salary but to think that there are more than talent alone that needs to be payed. Well Lin maybe over rated but if you will look deeper he is the that inspired the whole ball club to perform better end even inspired most of you even w/ just 25 games. Do not measure a player w/ your shallow mind you had a point guard that plays beyond your basketball senses it is more than what you have just seen.

  24. James says:

    No matter you like Jeremy or hate Jeremy, people will start watch Rockets games. Lin fans will watch Rockets, because they enjoy Lin games, the Lin haters will watch Rockets, because they want to know how Lin will do. One thing is pretty sure, no more people will care Knicks games. Now I move to Nets and Rockets. May be I will read Knicks game results, but definitely will not waste time to watch their games.

  25. makataeus says:

    Dolan was right to let Lin go for money reasons because of the related problems in the third year but it looks like he wanted to make a safe bet by having established all star players on the roster to win a championship. He’s right and wrong at the same time. Why? One name, Carmelo Anthony. This guy is not going to win a championship, I’m not saying Lin definitely will but the way Melo plays is not going to get him rings. Unless it’s all star weekend or Team USA he’s not going to win anything. Losing Lin means more spotlight for Melo which he would love and thrive as the ball hog he is, thats the plus side. The down side is if you think about whether he will be a better team player, that’s a no no. He’ll play better with Kidd than he will Felton because he has confidence in his skills thanks to his achievements. He chooses who he wants to play, that’s just childish and looks very foolish especially when it all goes wrong, like the many times it already has.

  26. Brian says:

    I’ll always have your back Lin. Just went from a knick fan to a Rocket fan, and I’ll be watching Texas broadcasting. I don’t care if it was good for either team or not, but you have a fan in me for life, and where you go I will be watching.

  27. CP10 says:

    I love the writing here on, a lot is spot-on! Melo and Jeremy *cannot* co-exist in the same team. Jeremy is a smart man to think for himself and call Knicks’ bluff. Overrated? Could be, but I still remember that winning streak – Jeremy is no phenom like Ronda is but Jeremy CAN BALL – Spike Lee’s words not mine. Forget Linsanity, we’re talking future championship contenders in Houston with Lin as PG.

  28. Bobby says:

    Right decision by the knicks, Lin has not proven to be worth as much as the Rockets are giving him. Sure it might pay off. But, the risk is too great to gamble so much money on a guy who hasn’t fully proven himself in the league yet. My bet is that Rockets will regret signing him to this contract.

  29. Batman says:

    If the Houston can get Howard… I will be excited to see the matchup next year between the Rockets and the Knicks….

  30. vic says:

    Carmelo has a nerve to say something in defence of his Knicks? Why didn’t he wait a couple of months and sign as a free agent? Instead he crippled the team and now calls Lin’s contract ridiculous for what? Just plain money…..

  31. Ben says:

    The Knicks maybe (and only maybe) made the right basketball decision, but I think the decision for their brand worldwide was the biggest failure the Knicks have ever had. As an overseas customer without any inherent loyalty to a team, it certainly takes the knicks for me from a team I want to watch to a team I couldn’t care less about. And for the first time since Olajuwon it may put Houston on my watching schedule (I was never a fan of the Yao/McGrady era)

    Also, why is this article called ‘the world weighs in’ when every single article is from America?

  32. Matthew Aaron says:

    Jeremy Lin is worth every penny. He has a following that is woth 10’s of millions of dollars at least (in America and China). He will sell plenty of soda, beer, hotdogs. t shirts, etc more for the owners of the Rockets that he is worth every cent. I don’t know if Jeremy Lin is worth 8.5 Million but I sure know that Jeremy Lin the marketing product is well worth it.

  33. Tenzin Palber says:

    hey Lin have channel for rocket team bur let lin take time and slow find out a way games.. hope Lin will better in rocket team haha i am Fans for Lin..

  34. debbie says:

    don’t worry Kncks you still got the coach/player killer Mellow anthony and the drunken bum Kidd. Lucky you dance in the streets!

  35. Rick says:

    From what I gather most people (fans) agree that to trade Lin was a mistake. Other disagree with a lot of confidence, I respect that but are they so sure that Lin will not become a Franchise player for Houston, who right away is my son in law favorite team.
    Remember Madbury, we were so sure then that he was going to be the new saviour and others recently. I hope that Lin becomes a Franchise player and wish him the best. Also, I have been a fan of the Knicks since 1966.

  36. NNM says:

    Really sad to see Lin go. Maybe get him back in a couple years…? It’s not like he’s signed his career away at 23, with 3 years… Just enough time to clear some cap, expire some veterans, lobbying Lin for a NY comeback when (and if) his talent is reaffirmed with the rockets.

    But I also believe in Felton! Feltonsanity 2013!? I started watching Denver a bit after the Melo trade… They never gave Felton a chance there. And then another team… Can’t be good for morale; after being in the top duos of the league with Amare; demoted to a bench warmer; and moving around; a lockout; etc.. I’m sure MSG will have some Feltonizer moments next season!

  37. nflboy says:

    LOL… well the Knicks continue to be …. well… the Knicks! 🙂 Keep the ball hog, locker room cancer that will never win a championship and let a top 7 or 8 NBA point guard walk! Well, like I said…. they are the Knicks.

  38. Roll The Dice says:

    GAMBLE..the 1 word that sums this all up!

    Lin played exceptionaly well in the beginning of his “LInsanity” but that was because he was the go to guy on the team when the Knicks had absolutely no other offensive threat. I think in Houston he is going to be the go to guy again and I feel that he will preform at a high level knowing that he controls his team.

    The Gamble will be if he gets injured again and can’t play or he may actually be ordinary instead of Linsane.
    Lets hope for the Rockets and Lin that that isn’t the case.

  39. chaz says:

    enjoy the ride Lin…..aint gonna last long. I have seen you…and am surprised that Houston stuck its neck out

  40. jerson loria says:

    we should be happy for jeremy lin, he got big contract, its rockets problem, not ours, if he delivered or not, the point is
    someone gave him a big break, so be it, we should celebrate his success, nor we blame the mistakes of any team why he was given that much. Hoping all nba players also be given same as jeremy lin have now,

  41. Eaham says:

    I bet Dolan misses Walsh right about now eh ;). Allowing him to step down was knicks first downfall

  42. E says:

    Fact: Since the rumor NYK will not be matching Houston’s offer, MSG has lost $248m in market value and counting. Congratulations Mr. Dolan, that is a great business decision. You’ve taken a loss of $248m in market value today in order to save “potentially” $50m 3 years from now. Present value of that $50m is even smaller.


    To all the people that said JLin isn’t worth $25m over 3 seasons, your ignorance truely reflects how small your world is. Since JLIn’s break out, MSG stock value has grown 33% or $620m. This does not include any off court revenue.

    So to say that this is a business decision and JLin isn’t worth $25m over 3 seasons, in what world does your fantasy exist?

  43. real logic says:

    Breakdown of the NY Knicks: Some Knicks fans believe letting go of Lin is “The Biggest mistake” the knicks have made in recent years.(comparing to all of the other dumb mistakes management has made over the years) But, only time will tell. Will Lin become an All-star pg? or even a star guard like Jennings,Curry, or Ty Lawson? Idk if any1 can guarantee those things but he does have potential. And even when asking those ?’s u also have to ask, could Lin/Melo coexist? I have no doubt that Lin/Amare could flourish in the basic pick/roll offense but there wasnt many games that would put confidence in any1 that Melo/Lin combo could also work. Knicks made a decent business decision which is rare given their track record…But “The Bigges mistake” Knicks have made was trading the core of their team for Melo 2 seasons ago. Melo is no doubt an elite scorer but as far as Superstar, he ranks the lowest. He’s an average(possibly below average) defender, has made it out of the first round in playoffs once & isn’t a playmaker. There’s only a few Superstars that a playoff contending team should trade their core for being LeBron,Dwight,Durant & CP3. The Knicks also have to ask, can Melo/Amare coexist? They played enough games together to get a good look at their chemisty & its honestly not worth the $ Knicks are paying these guys. Amare had a slump season and while Melo still puts up good numbers, it doesnt lead to the team winning numerous games & becoming the elite team this combo was supposed to produce. If it had not been for Lin, the Knicks wouldnt have made the playoffs. Building a team around Melo is tough but the Knicks choose to give a try. If next season is another first round exit(which is highly possibly), Knicks will be looking to move these max contract all-stars.

    • CP403 says:

      I agree with everything you said (especially regarding the Melo trade, but NYC is starving for a championship so they had to do something big) except your comment of Lin getting the Knicks into the playoffs, which he didnt. True he turned the team around with his great play and made them realy exciting to watch for 15 games, but it was Melo’s play down the stretch and coach Woodson’s defence first style that actually got them above the Bucks. Melo was very consistant down the stretch when Lin was hurt and Amare was MIA.

      Youre right, if NYC gets punted in the first round again, Amare will get moved first (if they can but may not have takers with his back) if Amare doesnt move then they will look at options for Melo. Remember though, CP3 is a free agent next year. A sign and trade with the clippers for a Melo/Paul swap is a really possibility

  44. Mr.nebula says:


  45. me says:

    who cares? let the world cry about it. Th knicks will not be losing any key piece, they will still getting into the playoffs with or without this dude.

  46. IcedT says:

    Lin is better off in Houston. Mchale has a PG-dominant system and lots of PnR. Sounds like Linsanity to me!

    in NY he will have to fight for PT with 3 other PGs. and if he somehow gets to play he needs to cough the ball immediately to Melo for the hero ball.

  47. Mike G says:

    Why are we even talking about stats when we all know it’s what Linsanity brings! Lin is the next best thing next to Yao (at least in Asia). The salary is rightfully to it’s respect a hefty one for a PG whose not really been tested and have only shown some spark for 25 games, but then again it’s all about the merchandise, tv broadcasting rights and possibly tickets sale(s).. Yao just played a couple of games but made it to the All Star Game, we might have a deja vu in Lin this coming season now that he will surely be the starting PG..

  48. Mark Coleman says:

    The Knicks did the right thing. People act like it is the Last Supper that Jeremy Lin left the Knicks. Honestly I believe he blacked balled himself. Reasons why…You tried to out smart the largest market in the NBA. You are going to a Houston team that is irrelevant. I mean who is their starting 5. Don’t worry I will wait. Then people act like he is the next Lebron James

    • CP403 says:

      HERE HERE. Someone that gets it. Lin thought he was slick by going for more money (which in all honesty he had the right to do). He handcuffed the Knicks by signing that dreadful offer sheet. He is going to be a huge bust in Houston where they will only have a roster of rookies, Martin and Lin. Once teams put their best defender on Martin and double Lin Houston will be lucky to get 10ppg from him.

      • jay says:

        at last someone who continues 2 preach sense…….the imbalance applied to the Lin situation is ferocious…great story yes- purple patch in season yes-media driven hype…affirmative- disproportionate hype indunitably- credit New york for bucking the trend of pathetic organisational blunders- this one is common sense- HOUSTON you have a problem….good luck to LIn…take their cash whilst you can……nba ( and nfl or that matter) waste no time cutin players like rose stems…and PEOPLE..RELEASE YOURSELVES from the slavery of mind weaknes- constantly claiming how unjust it is for people to make more money than you or forever citing the miiiions sportspeople get – WILL THEM RECEIVING LESS MONEY ADD TO YOUR salary wags commission or in most cases..welfare hell no…stop being pathetic..and concentrate on advancing your financial position… THEY GET THAT MONEY COS Y;ALL PAY HOMAGE TO THIR SPORTS..BUT SHIRTS PAY PAY PER VIEW ETC..if you want ;ess wages less attention to them…..and that aint gonna happen……preachhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol…any mistakes are not spelling deficiencies..but typing ineffectiveness..cant be bothered to go back..!!

  49. cowman says:

    Did everybody who said lin doesnt worth it remember what was the performance for the Knicks? it was 8-15, and then when Lin brings the 7 winning streak and gives the hope for the knicks to visit the playoff. if no Lin, you wont see NY in the playoff last season 🙂

    • CP403 says:

      Actually is was Melo’s play that really got them into the playoffs. Before Melo came back and got hot the Knicks were still chasing down the Bucks.
      Lin doesnt and shouldnt get credit for the Knicks in the playoffs, making the Knicks exciting, YES.

      • Really? says:

        If Lin didnt bring the 7 winning streak that time when melo was on the beach n healing. Maybe melo will sit at home and watch the playoff in April. (well eventually he did after)

    • UFC iTard says:

      Just ignore the game losing streak that followed shortly thereafter and the fact that Lin was in street clothes during the 12-5 run at the end of the season that actually got them into the playoffs.

  50. john says:


    • lbj says:

      trade melo and lin get back ewing and starks

    • CP403 says:

      WOW! Really? Melo a proven scorer and likely the #1 or 2 (with Durant) natural scorers in the league for a kid that played all of what 23 games? GTFOH.
      Yes maybe Melo is a ball hog, but if Melo was gone and the knicks only had Lin and Amare just who exactly is going to score for the knicks? Sures hell isnt going to be Tyson, Shump, Kidd, Felton or anyone else…Smith is too inconsistant and is a head case. You’ll be lucky to put up 60 a game with that make up. This is the NBA, not div 1, you need guys that can put up 20-25 a night consistantly.

      • Really? says:

        Is melo really a proven scorer NOW? He was before, but now he is not that good anymore.

        I have to say when melo carried knicks to win 1 game from Miami was pretty impressive but that’s only 1 out of 5 games .

        You cant depends on a guy that only can put up a 25/25 every 5 games.

  51. i love this GAME! says:

    there no too much to pay when market gaining more than much to LIN if weren’t sure of that big contract knicks organization could use amnesty and remove the 15 mil cap for his final year isn’t it?
    i think this is brawl debate letting go LIN that help the knicks knowing what the kid is capable…

    • UFC iTard says:

      You idiot you can’t just amnesty any player you want whenever you feel like it. Each team only gets one amnesty and that player had to be on their roster when the new CBA was signed. Plus the Knicks already used their amnesty on Chauncey Billups.

  52. Chris Ross says:

    I think Jeremy Lin can do big things in Houston if given a decent personnel. He started out with the Knicks without Melo and Stoudemire so he just needs some pieces. The Rockets have totally decimated their roster so he might struggle mightily in year one if they don’t get him some help but a high lottery pick could change all of that. I definitely don’t see him falling flat on his face but he probably won’t be worth the money in terms of just him as a basketball player though.

  53. Paul L. says:

    This is a business decision. Rockets have less to lose(8.3mil/yr for 3yrs with no luxury tax penalties) vs. Knicks huge luxury tax penalties if they match the offer. What is the fair market price for anything? It’s the price that a least one entity is willing to pay. Like Ebay, the selling price for auctions is the price of the highest bidder and that what Lin got: two potential bidders, one who doesn’t have to pay shipping and state sales tax, the other one that has to pay both.

  54. Knicks Fan says:

    come on Knicks, what are you all doing? you have nothing back and just the guys go. if you keep him you would benefit a lot. last year alone lin sold over 600 mill worth of Linsanity, profits for that easily cover the tax. and NY has one of the largest asian community in the US. even if you don’t want to keep him you do in sign and trade type of things so you get something back in return. knicks are not getting younger and you let 2 young guys walk away (fields and lin) . should have get something back in return for those guys. they were good too.
    there we go another hopeless season.

  55. jony says:

    lol, knicks’s players are majority production less and a waste of money. i bet they will not even make to playoff this coming season. Its Lin that helped them to qualify for playoff last season, so goodluck Knicks and enjoy a shameful season coming near ya

  56. bighah says:


  57. Lucy says:

    Knicks’ loss is Rocket’s gain. Brooklyn Nets is a big winner out of all this as well. Houston next stop, get Howard. Superman + linsanity, exciting! It’s great that Jeremy Lin can again play for a coach and with teammates he trust and who trust him. Obviously Dolan is trying to make a statement here. But the earth does not just rotate around Dolan! Linsanity is still in this league for years to come! Jeremy Lin loves this sport and the sport will love him back!

    • MGIC CORE says:

      Please Lucy don’t waist your time in comment,with all do respect, keep sewing,and forget about basketball.

      • uoykcuf says:

        waist? with all “do” respect? If you can spelled waste I’ll take you seriously. With all due respect.
        What’s wrong all this generation? they can’t spell and they think they can troll?

      • defdun says:

        talk about “respect” and then say “keep sewing”. you should be the one to stop commenting and instead take some spelling lessons…

  58. Krespino says:

    All those people saying “Lin wasn’t worth $25m therefore Knicks decision was right…” are talking nonsense :
    The knicks have not made ANY offer to Lin…Can they undestand that??
    Can they undestand that The knicks could have offered like $3 -3.5m a year three years and Lin would have accepted that readily?
    Can they undestand that The Knicks have not shown any desire to keep Lin at any price?
    So, it’s not the $25m. It’s the fact that The Knicks wanted to send Lin. My guess is Carmelo did not want him.

    Otherwise, they could have kept Lin at a more reasonable salary, use him as a second or third guard at worst. And trade his $3 – 3.5m last year contract to another franchise, and get rid of related luxury tax burden. Many franchises would have shown interest to buy Lin’s last year contract at that price.

    The Knicks fans that are supporting the GM’s decision on Lin are wrong; and I would say those fans and that GM deserve each other well…

    • CP403 says:

      Youre going to be eating crow come the all-star break. Lin is one of the most over-rated players the NBA has seen in the last decade.
      He went undrafted and then cut by a Warriors team that needed a point guard while Curry dealt with all his injuries, then he was cut by a Rockets team for failing to show any promise ahead of Goran or Kyle. Hell, the kid didnt even impress the Knicks staff and was on the cusp to get cut before his contract was garunteed. It took a coach to run out of options and facing getting fired for him to try something, he gambled on Lin and Lin made the most of his opertunity. These are teams with large player development and scouting teams, there is no way that all these people made a mistake, there is truth here.
      While Lin was exciting as all hell during that three week stretch, lets remember it is NYC where all media hubs run and the spotlight is bright. If he made that kind of impact in GS or Houston he wouldnt be recieving a $8mil a year salary this year, more like a $3mil per. Everyone seen just how well Lin did once teams actually focused on him, and it wasnt pretty. Plus the kid is coming off of a miniscus tear operation, he wont be the same slashing PG with the same confidence, definely in year one, if Houston fans are lucky he comes back to a shadow of that figure. Mark my words the West coast PG’s like CP3, Westbook and TP are going to eat this kid for breakfast, I think darren Collison is going to eclipse Lin this year

      • David says:

        Please. Use spell check or just don’t write. The deal is made and Lin is gone! Period! The end! Next topic please.

      • kev says:

        Yes…you are right , he was cut from those teams, but like every step before and since, he was not given the opportunity to demonstrate. How do you think he ended up at Harvard….no scholarship offers despite being the best on his high school winning team. So it continues that he must go out and prove to doubters again…. which is good…. fuel his fire!!!

  59. enrique says:

    Can we leave Lin alone already? the guy had a good stretch of games and that is it. If the Rockets want to throw their money away let them. Have fun Lin, you hit the lottery. Lets move on to the good players. I just don’t want to hear owners whine about how big the salaries are getting when they are willing to pay someone like Lin more then 2 mill a year. That is ridiculous. This is all media driven because it sure isn’t his play in the long run.

    • Daniel says:

      More ridiculous than paying someone like Rashard Lewis or Gilbert Arenas max contract? 25 mil for 3 years is a steal. Even bench warmers get that amount and they don’t even have the marketability Lin has.

    • NBAfan says:

      Doubters would be a good way to ensure Lin plays hard and continues to improve…..he had an unbelievable stretch…but to say that he did nothing and that’s all he has is just foolish. Guys like enrique probably said the same thing before Linsanity….and he is saying the same thing AFTER Linsanity……maybe there’s Linsanity part 2….hope he’s working on his game HARD in this off season…

      All the scouts probably thought like enrique, and they already have been wrong. Was it a fluke stretch? Maybe…but with that, he has won this good for him….HOW ABOUT KYRIE IRVING? didn’t even play one full season at college and he’s top pick. How about ODEN? How about Jay Williams?


      We all salivate on potential and we disregard things like Linsanity as some kind of freak/fluke incident….how much potential have been squandered? At the end of the day, what you do on the court is your value as a player….NOT potential.

      • MEL says:

        Lin is the perfect WINNER..Knicks are LOSERS!! If only the knicks offered him contract earlier maybe lin accepted it right away.But i Guess that’s life.. God has plans for him to flourish more in houston..GO ROCKETS GO!

  60. newyorksteelo says:

    I will forever be a Jeremy Lin fan and will never forget the excitement of watching Linsanity for 3 weeks last season, but he is overrated and the contract was just too much, so I agree wit the Knicks decision.

  61. hary says:


    • Clyde says:

      James Dolan has made the Knicks into the worst run franchise in all of sports. Lin gave us small window into the great Knicks teams when they shared the basketball and played defense, and won. Lin was a gift to this franchise and they somehow found a way to blow that as well. Melo is a big baby. They would have been better off building around Chandler and Lin.

      • Darulasbac! says:

        Lin is not a franchise player period! Not worth the that paycheck or luxury tax they would’ve incurred. To base the promise of a turnover prone mediocre player who came off the bench to be paid that much by NY would have made the team the laughing stock of the league! Especially after the 3 yrs were up!

      • FACE THE FACTS says:

        Why don all this haters just go home?? Hm?? If they at least knew smth about Basketball…

        A hero got burnt

        Now: No title for the Knicks for 3 years! WORD!

      • bigAppleLOVER says:

        totally agree !! should build around Chandler and Lin ,

    • UFC iTard says:


    • i3lance says:

      What the hell is up with the CAPS LOCK? Someone broke your computer?

  62. carmeloss says:

    the last time i saw the knicks, it was in 1994 during the finals.. against houston 😉
    since its just a team of clowns .. the last clownery : title shot with stoudamire-anthony.. seriously ?
    bring back starks, ewing and harper is a better idea

  63. defdun says:

    LINsanity was real fun for NY and everyone early this year. But it was over and no way you pay a guy this kind of money (incl. 35 M. luxury tax in the 3rd year) without being sure that he will deliver the goods on a consistent basis. And don’t tell me about marketing value, which can drop within a couple of months of mediocre play by Lin.

    Sure, we all would have loved to see the story go on in NY… but taking such a major gamble? No way! I think Dolan did the right thing and getting Ray Felton back, was the best plan B available at the time… Now Melo, Amare´and the rest of the gang have no excuses and they will surely improve and surely end the season ahead of BrookLYN.

  64. The knicks may regret this but then again the rockets might regret their contract offer too..he’s still unproven, but this whole Lin contract debacle exposed deep knicks locker room issues that will continue to plague the team until they’re dealt with directly:

  65. Well..its done..the knicks may end up regretting this whole situation but then again, the rockets are taking a gamble..but this whole debacle brought the knicks locker room back