It’s Official, Linsanity Moves To Texas

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Welcome to Houston @JLin7! We plan to hang on this time. You will love ‪#RedNation‬

With that late-night welcome Tweet from Rockets general manager Daryl Morey the Jeremy Lin era in Houston was off and running.

The undrafted point who inspired a movement last season in New York is a Knick no longer after his former team decided not to match a back-loaded three-year, $25.1 million offer sheet that Lin signed with yet another one of his former teams.

This puts an end to Lin’s Broadway run and allows him to return to the same Rockets team that cut him after two preseason games last season, due a glut of point guards (guys who have since relocated) on the roster.

Lin delivered a gracious Tweet to the aforementioned “#RedNation” while also sending kinds words in the direction of the Knicks and the fans who will no doubt be angry that the Knicks did not keep him:

Much love and thankfulness to the Knicks and New York for your support this past year…easily the best year of my life ‪#ForeverGrateful‬

The best year of Lin’s life was a roller coaster ride that saw him go from sleeping on couches (his brother’s and former teammate Landry Fields) in New York City apartments to seeing his face on the cover of magazines around the world.

Lin rose from relative obscurity to the starting point guard for the Knicks after injuries forced him into the lineup. The Knicks won seven straight games and kicked off a three-week stretch where torched all comers, sank game-winners and dazzled fans with his play and his compelling back story (a Harvard grad and the NBA’s only Asian-American player who’d spent time in the D-League on his road to the big time).

“Linsanity” was born, though his season did end with a knee injury that didn’t allow him to play in the Knicks’ playoff series against Miami.

Lin averaged 14.6 points and 6.2 assists in 35 games with the Knicks and entered this summer as one of their top priorities in free agency.

And that’s where Morey and the Rockets stepped in with that third year of their offer sheet for $14.8 million, a price the Knicks deemed to steep. They signed veteran free agent Jason Kidd and traded for Raymond Felton, another former Knick point guard, and allowed Lin to walk out the door and into a new situation in Houston after initially vowing to match any offers to their prized restricted free agent.

That deadline passed at 11:59 p.m., ending Linsanity’s New York run and kicking off the second act in Houston.

Only time will tell if it was the right move for the Knicks … and the Rockets, for that matter.

And we’re guessing it won’t take three years to figure it out …


  1. New York’s loss is Houston’s gain. New York lost a player who can unify the team – as well as the fans who rotted for the Linsanity Magic! Well time to change teams!!! Good Luck Houston! Win with Lin!

  2. Liwei Wu says:

    The Knicks added Kidd, not no re-sign Lin? This makes no sense at all.

  3. gakiis47 says:

    Too bad the Knicks did not hold on to Jeremy Lin. During the time when the team was in total disarray even with Chandler, Amare, and Melo together on the floor, Lin proved to be the savior. The time when superstar Melo was out with injury, Lin carried the team with his chemistry building plays. He showed that they can win without a star player who wants the ball in his hands all the time. Though I believe his style of play do not really mesh with Melo’s, the Knicks should have kept him for another season at least, then trade Melo for a group of guys who can suit to a brand of play led by a playmaker like Lin.

  4. ricky says:

    I think this is crazy, i live in Hong Kong. However, i don’t think this is right. Melo made this transfer happened

  5. Coffeeman says:

    Lin is better off in Houston as he will be able to exhibit his leadership qualities. Too many personalities on the Knicks already.
    I do not mean to sound religious in this forum but the big guy upstairs laid out a pretty good deal for Jeremy. As long as he can stay healthy, I see Lin being an all-star and leading the Rockets to the playoffs during his tenure. Rockets should also try to get Jeffries for veteran presence. Introducing the Rockets could be interesting since they have Jeremy Lin and Jeremy Lamb.

  6. jty7271 says:

    Really good move for the Rockets. They seem to have a hard time attracting big name players to their small market. Now, they appear to have a player who not only thrives in making role players better, but also can give the team much needed attention and publicity.

  7. the thing that most people dont seem to get is lin may have been overhyped but the numbers dont lie. I agree with the knicks geting felton and i think it was a great move but lets face it, I also knew that with kidd and felton there was no way they were keeping lin. I think it would have been ok to get kidd as backup and keep lin or get felton and lin without kidd. You can call lin overhyped and everything else but you can also call him a proven winner in the NBA. If you remember correctly the knicks were 10 games under 500 when he started and he changed the whole mentality of that offense. I love camerlo and i am from rochester ny (close enuff to cuse) so i have always loved syracuse and i am a huge fan of melo but he hated Lin taking the spotlight from him no question. I think they got Felton to make melo happy and they knew it would smooth the deal over for Amare to (letting lin go) because he has already played with Felton and had chemistry. But how much more exciting was basketball when the knicks had Lin and how much better did they get not just because Lin was so great but i mean all together working as a unit when Lin was out there and lets remind you that it also started that winning streak without melo even on hte court for 12 games or so.

  8. Player/Coach 313 says:

    Well I think New York made the best business decision and so did Houston. New York couldn’t afford that risk and on the other hand not only could Houston afford it they also were in desperate need to get someone in there to market and fill the seats. Lin’s a good ball player. It’s a great oppotunity for him to freestyle and find out where he can make the biggest impact on the floor. I’m happy for him.

  9. Go Celtics says:

    God bless you Jeremy Lin have a nice time in houston Oh and Gooo Celtics

  10. Jesus loves Lin says:

    Don’t forget, Jesus is with Lin….

  11. meloamare says:

    Bad for nyk good for hr, its hard for lin to play with superstars, better play with young impressive players, nice move lin

  12. Glosh says:

    How about this
    Three team trade:

    Kings get – Andrew bynum, jason richardson
    Lakers get – Dwight howard and a 2nd draftpick from magic
    Magic get – DeMarcus cousins and a 1st draft pick from kings

    And then trade pau gasol for derrick williams so they can sign an extension for howard?
    What do ya think?

  13. real advice says:

    this just suchs houston grabs good players and makes them horrible

  14. steve says:



  15. germain says:

    The are a lot of controversial arguments around Lin going to Houston. The fact is this: Lin will attract more fans n Houston. Businesswise, Houston is a winner with the acquisition of Jeremy Lin. I do not need to take anysd point guardthing away from Jeremy’s skill as a point guard. He is one of the gifted point guards in the NBA. Personally, I enjoy watching Jeremy when he is playing. He is very humble and he is a team player. I believe good things happen to those who belong in God.

    • germain says:

      The are a lot of controversial arguments around Lin going to Houston. The fact is this: Lin will attract more fans n Houston. Businesswise, Houston is a winner with the acquisition of Jeremy Lin. I do not need to take anything away from Jeremy’s skill as a point guard. He is one of the gifted point guards in the NBA. Personally, I enjoy watching Jeremy when he is playing. He is very humble and he is a team player. I believe good things happen to those who belong in God.


    Houston picks up another Asian talent. Good for them.

  17. Lucy says:

    Knicks’ loss is Rocket’s gain. Brooklyn Nets is a big winner out of all this as well. Houston next stop, get Howard. Superman + linsanity, exciting! It’s great that Jeremy Lin can again play for a coach and with teammates he trust and who trust him. Obviously Dolan is trying to make a statement here. But the earth does not just rotate around Dolan! Linsanity is still in this league for years to come! Jeremy Lin loves this sport and the sport will love him back!

  18. bu says:

    I love & fully agreee with what Amir said above. Also, Houston has no one to turn to but Johnson & Lin (unless get DH). I’m sure their mgt will give every effort to build him up & protect him.

    Now, it’s up to the smart talking Lin to show us if he can improve those areas that he clearly needs to as a rookie. Luv to seem him & Rockets play against Kobe & Lakers & see if Kobe will return a favor to him if Lin continues to play well.

  19. James says:

    Melo: ridiculous offer to Lin?
    What is ridiculous’ is paying top dollars to Melo and Amari who play with no heart and no defense. As long as these 2 are on the team, Knicks will never come close to championship even though they are paying top money.

  20. Voice from NY says:

    Let me make a little prediction based on this information and that NYK gave up their 2nd best defender Jeffries.
    If NYK actually make the playoffs it will be 7-8 spot and unless the 1-2 seed top guys don’t get badly injured it will be an early 1st round exit… AGAIN! Bravo.

  21. Ben H. says:

    Also, it’s very irritating to see any post that slams athletes for making the crazy money that they do. How can you honestly get mad at them? If you had been playing basketball your whole life and someone told you that you can make millions of dollars, then you would not only take it, but bash the people who call you a jack@$$ for being paid so much. Don’t blame the players, they can’t get the contracts if the organizations don’t pay them. Look towards the league and the franchises. I know I do.

  22. Tru knick fan says:

    felton was a ok Pg when the knicks had him before the melo trade…Lin is a good PG for the games he played but.That was a short season in Dantoni system.Lets see how Lin does in the West with a scrub team.And the fact that the whole NBA knows that Lin is gonna be Houstons goto gut lets see how he matches up with players like CP3 and Russ Westbook,T Parker on a night to night in a 82 game season.Yes NYC has lost money in the whole asian market BUT this is NYC the Garden Stays packed no matter what anyway.And us New Yorkers we were Knick Gear no matter what so it Does Not matter.They will be fine with felton & kidd & we have a another Pg thats from argentine.So its Ok let Lin go to Houston and get spanked in the West

    • Antis says:

      Feltorn just OK? Gosh dude, that guy not only was clutch but had plenty of 20+ games with the Knicks last season, wasn’t selfish at all. He probably could do even better job then Kidd now, because he’s way beyond he’s prime.

  23. el dominicano says:

    New York is not a bussines Team, Jeremy Lin Represent Money, that was a bad decision let this guy go, Houston is Smart, first Ming now Lin, thinking in the money

  24. Scbball34520 says:

    Good move for the Knicks…10 million dollars for LIn is just crazy and no one has really talked about the fact that he is the king of turnovers! which is a pretty bad title if you’re a PG. Rondo, Chalmers, Paul, made him look like a high school kid!

  25. Ben H. says:

    The whole point is that no one has the answers right now about whether Lin is worth it. Right now? Probably not, but he does have a lot of upswing because he’s only played a handful of NBA games. He had a lot of success early because nobody had heard of him before, but once Linsanity went off and teams payed more attention to him, you saw his success dip a little bit. Now, that being said, I believe this is where that huge pot of potential comes into play. This offseason will be good for him because he’s nursed that injury, and he’ll have an entire team of trainers dedicated to making his game better, so he’s gonna get at least a little better. But again, no one knows, so don’t dog him just yet. You have no clue about how he’ll perform in the FUTURE. Unless you have a time machine, and then I’m all ears…

  26. SuperStars says:

    Because of greed and jealousy from Melo and Chandler, NY Knicks will never be a better team.
    As a teammates, you should be happy to have good players on your side.
    There’s no point of staying with the Knicks, Lin made the right move.
    NY will never get a title with Melo in their team, cuz he’s not a team player.

    • Nate says:

      True, with responses like what Melo and JR Smith (not Chandler) said, it was better that Lin left anyways. If Lin would’ve stayed the NYK, I can imagine the drama that would unfold this coming season. I think Melo and JR spoke with jealousy and not with a business sense. As a lot of people pointed out already, J Lin probably isn’t worth that contract right now skill wise, but marketing wise, he is worth every penny of it and more. Honestly, the Knicks will probably be a playoff team, but I doubt they’ll ever be a championship team.

  27. Angel says:

    I agree 100% Lin should have stayed in the Knicks he saved the Knicks from having a horrible season when both Melo and Amare were both injured and he saved the Knicks from having a bad season….and I think this season he’ll be able to show his skills even better!!!

  28. hotsauce7j says:

    This may end up being great news for the Bulls as they have not officially received the paperwork from Houston on Omer Asik, meaning the offer sheet isn’t official, and probably will never be now that they have signed Lin to a similar offer (back loaded 3rd year). They’d be stupid to insist on offering Asik the deal proposed a bit back because that would mean they would have almost 30 mil committed to two really unproven players, in two years time. Let’s cross our fingers Bulls fans. I don’t want to see Asik walk but was willing to watch to avoid having them match that ridiculous offer.

    • hotsauce7j says:

      Maybe if the Rockets decide not to extend the same offer for Asik, the Bulls can work out some sort of sign and trade for Courtney Lee and a draft pick.

    • Krespino says:

      The Rockets have announced their offer for Omer Asik publicly, the whole basketball world knows about it for some time now, on what basis or reasoning can they cancel that now? Announcing it and making the player and his franchise know it and other franchises know it must have affected all those related parties in their decisions and strategies in the meantime; I don’t think The Rockets would be allowed to withdraw with no reason. Otherwise such offers would be reduced to the level of being jokes. No party would take The Rockets seriously when they make a similar offer for any player in the future. An offer made publicy should be binding on the part of the offerer. Maybe some other franchise was thinking of offering Asik $18m threre years and the Rockets offer has stopped them?

  29. kiwisepp says:

    Knicks has no future as long as Melo is the No1. Great for Lin, he does not have to play with Melo, a piece of garbage.

  30. NNM says:

    From the NY Post:

    When news of the decision to move forward without Lin became more public and more apparent — like with the Knicks re-acquiring Felton — the team felt repercussions in numerous ways.

    Madison Square Garden stock saw a 64-cent drop on Monday that equaled a market capitalization loss of roughly $49 million — more than the luxury tax hit the Knicks would suffer — according to the Wall Street Journal. The website NetsDaily, an online treasure trove of all stories regarding the rival Brooklyn Nets, proposed fans exchange their Jeremy Lin Knicks gear for free Nets T-shirts. There were two online petitions to keep Lin. All were to no avail.

    I won’t go as far as getting a Nets shirt… But I sure hope it becomes an economically bad move for the Knicks.
    Just to add to the bad move for the team, the fans; the false hopes. A just punishment for putting money in front of success! Did they totally ignore the Linmpact he had for the fans? That winning streak, the Linsanity, all for nothing. All for Houston. A reward for Houston, after they almost ended Lin’s career, by dropping him like a dirty, unwanted rag. Can’t understand the Knicks decision, nor Lin’s decision…
    Also feeding the Nets some fans. Nice work, guys. (sarcasm). This could be the second worst move in NYK history, after the Ewing trade. Is New York City going to revolt if Lin leads the Rockets to a championship? What if he becomes one of the top PGs in NBA history? Then what does that make the NYK managmenet?

    But, I want to add: Felton is a great player. Still have hopes for a playoff appearance, but lost all hope for a championship within the next 5 years (for Knicks), due to to the overpriced contracts in place with some players…

  31. Tru knick fan says:

    listen Lin was a great PG for the time we (the knicks) had him.But buy the same tolken there is such thing as a scotting report which teams did not factor in Lin in that report because he was not a factor.Buy me saying that is Lin that good.The man was a unknown are we forgetting that theses are NBA players so of course they can Play Ball.But without any Tape or a Scotting teams didnt no how to guard him.When the Knicks played the Heat they had him on LOCK.I feel like the Knicks lost out in the whole asian market BUT This Is New York City Which has More People and Fans then Most States in a whole.So as far as Money the Knicks well not Lose Out…..This Is NYC if you People Forgot

  32. J. Knowles says:

    good move by LIN as well. I’m a lifelong new yorker and would love to have LIN stay, but the KNICKS are really a selfish and egoistic bunch that’s never going to reach the finals. Anthony’s ball hogging style, Amare’s no-defense philosophy, and JR smith’s shoot without care attitude is going to be the death of this team. Never mind they got respectable veterans Chandler who has given them some semblance of defense and now Jason Kidd who’s a decent pointguard.

  33. rave says:

    Right move by knicks. No Rookie is worth that much money. Could have learned a lot form J Kidd but he choose a couple of dollars more. Hope that works out form him in the long run. I don’t understand why some fans think Knicks are no good without him, we still have a good team melo,amare and tyson will figure it out they have a long training camp this year and a defensive minded coach. Do you really think Houston will with with him alone. He is gonna be one of those guys after year 3 and another team offers him more money he leaves again.

  34. jmndodge says:

    I wish Lin luck and success with the Rockets. I think it is a good fit for him, he is a smart point guard, had has the ability to hit the open jumper and score. Coach Kevin, likes a point guard who can score, and will give him ample opportunity to do that. He has some athletic runners around him, should be able to find open cutters to the hoop. Will be interesting to watch. The rockets will be a very different team this year.

  35. Robert Contreras says:

    Basketball is business. Lin’s contract is both good for him and Houston. He might be overpaid as a player now but from a business standpoint, Houston has made a great business decision. Good for Lin to get this break. I believe he is and has great potential to be a greater basketball player. When he does become one, NYK will be crying all the way to the bank.

  36. Cat says:

    Some people are really mean over him leaving 😦 Please be kind everyone 😦

  37. James says:

    I doubt that Knicks told public a true. Salarly Cap is not the real reason, there are too many ways to solve this issue, also Lin already brought millions to MSG. I think that the only reason is Knicks’ management and coach, they like Anthony 1 on 5 way offense, plus woodson defense. lin obviously is not that kind of PG.

  38. Oh Really? says:

    Knicks management fails again. All that hard work to clear cap space 3 years ago to sign stars to make the Knicks a serious and watchable team has gone down the toilet. First it was the owner foolishly forcing the melo trade. Now, even with a miracle delivered at the Knicks front door, they manage to fumble it away. I guess James Dolan is happy to start another decade of barely watchable Knick games.

    Last season, Knicks were on their way to international prominance. But this coming season may be when I’ll seriously consider being becoming a Nets fan.

  39. knickfanl says:

    as a knick fan I really hope lins 25 games was a fluk but deep down I know it wasn’t and we should of never got felton he had a horrible year in portland and gained alot of weight plus we had to give jared jefferies and what a 40 yr old jurt thomas which the only upside is he can hit a jump shot. Now the knicks screwed themselves from having an elite point gaurd and I have a feeling after next season lin will worth alot more remember dantoni was riding him hard during those games and probably that was the cause of his late season injury breakdown. But gotta stay loyal to the knicks fan and I hope it was a fluk lol

  40. KG21 says:

    watch out for Lin this year..I’m a Rocket fan now.. The poor Knicks ? ? can’t win against the Celtics anyway.

  41. Sixers says:

    In MY opinion; 25 million is just way too much for Jeremy Lin. He is a good athlete, but he is not 25 million bucks good.

    • linfan says:

      Who says that the pro player contract only depends on which level he can play right now?
      Can any other player in Knicks raise the ticket price like lin did?
      I sincerely believe lin will try very hard to become better and better everyday.

  42. wole says:

    is it just me, last season th knicks were going thru a horrible stretch, making the playoffs seemed almost impossible, carmelo anthony was a black hole, Stat was not existent, the other guys were just hanging aroung, then in came LIN, Stat and chandler began to get looks, the other guys became deadly, Lin could finish, he took the team on an 8 game winning streak, something melo had not done, he dropped 38 on the lakers amongst other teams and all people talk about are turnovers and the heat game, its like lebron james, durant and co did not have a bad game last season, did they judge them by that bad game, so why use one game to judge Lin

    the knicks put themselves in a bad situation, why did they not sign Lin or offer him a contract first, what did they expect him to do refuse the contract from the rockets and sign for less with the knicks, Lin is a guy whose life was going down last season until he started playing and you expect him to reject a 25 mil contract, seriously, people say he is not worth the money, is STAT worth 100 mil over five years, was Melo worth decimating a roster to obtain

    a diamond fell from the sky right into the hands of the knicks and they throw it away, the knicks problem last season was at the point, they needed a facilitatorand they were waiting for baron davis to get healthy and all of sudden Lin came in and the team was working in unison and yet despite all that he is allowed to go,

  43. Erwin says:

    I thought the knicks would match the offer to Lin by the rockets even up to a billion dollars? Do you think Felton could sell tickets? Knicks are just getting older and older! For me, its a stupid move by the knicks!

  44. NYK FAN says:

    And just because he is asian. don’t tell me he’s idolizing Yao Ming?

  45. NYK FAN says:

    I think the Houston doesn’t have a good set-up. lin alone can;t make the team rise without any
    supporters of him scoring or just helping him

  46. KnickerBlocker says:

    Got to be the right thing for NYK. Towards end of last season when we had a full fitness roster (Anthony, Lin, Stoudemire, Chandler) it just didnt work with too many scorers and very little defence (except Chandler). Teams like Miami shut Lin down as well, just before he got injured. So fingers crossed with Kidd and Felton with have two at point that can share the ball and help our scorers as well as creating a decent defensive backcourt.

    I would be lieing though if it is not a shame to see Lin go, and he will do well in Houston. But I doubt he will be the difference they need to make playoff basketball.

  47. Kid NYC says:

    Man F Jeremy Lin. I’ts all about Loyalty and he show the Knicks what kind of person he really is. I really think that he didn’t want to come back to the Knicks, I felt this way during the Knicks playoffs watching him on the bench, I think he could have played. But going forward Linsanity started in NYC and I don’t think it will be that big in Houston LOL. The major markets are NYC, LA, not in slow moving Houston. I think the Asian market was larger in NYC, but his fans will follow him regardless. Lin being a Harvard Grad may be book smart, but not a smart move to secretly fly back out to Vegas, and redo the original contract that the Knicks could match, to this crazy balloon payment of 15 million in the third year. That’s not loyalty! That shows me that you really didn’t want to play in NYC. But if you think the point guards in the league, couldn’t wait to play against you when the whole Linsanity started. Wait till the NBA season starts you’re a marked man for sure…I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Good job NY Knicks he’s not worth it…

    • linfan says:

      No player wii take the risk to play physically in a game before his contract is signe.
      D-Will didn’t play seriously unti he sealed his big contract, so did Griffin.
      There is no loyalty in any pro sport.
      Teams can trade any player at anytime they want.
      Players can seek the beat contract they can get.

    • V says:

      Loyalty? Knicks took away Melo from Denver and stats. Talk about butt hurt.

  48. Rex says:

    Lin would have gone a lot further if Melo didn’t come back from injury. This coming from a big Melo fan. They just didn’t jive well together. His production went down and they started losing games. I feel they might not have gotten along both on and off the court. That’s why they were forced to go a different direction. I think the Rockets will do well with them actually building around Lin

  49. Mic says:

    They pay Lin 5m but they profit more than 5m because of his global sales of merchandise.

  50. mc2x says:

    Welcome abord JLin!

  51. the stupidiest thing ever says:

    i dont even have to explain myself, this is the dumbest move since dwight howard and the orlando magic and the dumbest thing even when that gets done.

  52. Beth says:

    So now Houston have Jeremy Lin and Jeremy Lamb in the backcourt

  53. Berty says:

    Just want to say for the Rockets lin will have 8.3/8.3/8.3 per year, rather than 5/5/15 for the knicks

    • Krespino says:

      I read this everywhere but I can’t understand: How can the The Rockets pay Lin 8.3 /8.3 /8.3 while the contract says 5 /5 /15 ?
      I mean, accountingwise. Wouldn’t it be illegal to pay a different amount than the contract? If they are allowed to that, what is a contract for, what is the legal value of a contract? Will they pay the excess money as advance payment for the following year,
      for money to be earned by working in the future year? That doesn’t sound acceptable legally. What if Lin will not play for The Rockets in that third year since he is traded before the third year? Will the receiving team pay him $15m or 8.3?
      On another note, The Rockets can trade Lin before that third year, his last year contract might be attractive for franchises that would want to open cap space. If the contracts of Rashard Lewis, Arenas, Joe Johnson can get buyers in the NBA, no doubt Lin’s contract can also get…

  54. ryan says:

    is sad why new york knick linsanity is gone in your team………new york knick is not gud team very very sad for me

  55. MYKnicks says:

    It’s so sad to think one of my most favorite teams decided not to take a risk on their breakout artist of the year. Even if he had just 3 weeks of greatness (sorry haters he did bring that) it was something special. And to think that he was one of NYCs ticket on being a good place for basketball again they dropped him in fear of inconsistency. If i were the NYKs owner id sign him over Felton. Felton is NOT, i repeat NOT a solid guard at all. The Kidd move was okay for me since Kidd even at his age can still perform good and sometimes great and is clutch Felton is just a mediocre PG. That was the reason he was sent to Denver cause he cant handle the pressure in NYC but then they just retain him? I mean really. If Lin was still with the Knicks he would have grown and learned from a great veteran in Kidd but instead he goes to a team whos only target is to get Howard. Im so sad cause Linsanity is over in NYC but that doesnt mean i hate NYK or Lin it was a business (yet stupid) decision from the NYK Executives. T.T

  56. Fefe (Nets) says:

    He will be an All-Star because he is in Houston where he’ll have the ball in his hands and because all Chinese people will vote for him on the ballot!!! Yao Ming deserved all his All-Star bids, so I hope that if he is voted to the All-Star game he will still have good years to support his star status!

    We’ll see what he’s made of in Houston. I wish him the best of luck because he’ll have the opportunity to grow in Houston!

  57. Amir says:

    First of Lin is not paid 15mil a year in Houston, but an average of 8mil per year over the next 3 years. The reason why the Knicks couldnt match that offer is because Houston decided to offer Lin a contract that went 5mil his first year, 5 mil his second year and 15 mil his final year.
    It was that 3rd year of his contract! I read a few days ago how during that final year of Lin’s contract the Knicks were already commited to pay maximum deals to Carmelo, Amare and Chandler…and with the new CBA in place, taking on another 15 mil for Lin was something that even a MEGA-CITY team like NEW YORK couldn’t afford because the taxes would’ve killed them!!! Would NYKs have loved to keep Jeremy Lin?? duuuuuuuh!!!! But this basically a good BUSINESS move the Knicks were able to do…especially since they got the chance to sign both Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton for less than 20 millions comibned (I think their contracts are both worth around 9.5mil).

    Anyways…someone above me wrote that signing Lin wouldnt have made much of a difference anyways because they wont finish as the 1-3 seed, and I totally agree. As long as Carmelo and STAT are here, this team starts and ends with those two guys…unfortunately, since none of those two guys is actually commited to playing DEFENSE (they only talk about it LOL), the Knicks are not getting past MIAMI, BOSTON, CHICAGO, PHILADELPHIA or INDIANA…and who else……….oh thats right! BROOKLYN NETS!!! Sorry to say this, but the Knicks aren’t even the best team in New York City anymore hahahaha!!

    • Amir says:

      Good luck to Jeremy Lin in Houston! It’s def a big change for him…but :
      IF TH

      • Amir says:



  58. Jay says:

    The Rockets aren’t even a bad team and if you catch up with their summer league gamee they got way more talented players in their roster than tbe knicks, jeremy lamb, montiejunas, terrence jones, z dragic morey is making a younger team witb more potential to become contenders while dolan will keep paying out and trading for older players who are past their prime

    • Rocketman says:

      I’m a big Rocket fan I hope you are right.As far as Howard or Bynum both over rated and never will be Hakeem!Howard isn’t that good for his size and Bynum has had knee problems!Neither is worth the big contracts.I would rather build through the draft for long term!

  59. anthony says:

    i am a houston rockets solid fan but i don’t think they will make the playoffs. They had bad decisions this few months..

  60. Alex says:

    looks like the Rockets really wanted him, or the offer wouldnt have been that high. It was definitely a hard decision for the knicks because of his potential. Now they have a 40 year old Kidd(which is still good) and Raymond Felton. I dont know what the knicks plan for the future on the PG spot. I dont see them landing a good PG by trading and i dont see valuable PG free agents. So for now it might be right to save the money, but the knicks want to improve.
    It is hard to say how good he will be this season and in future. He still develops.

  61. mrtwister says:

    I have a feeling that come February next year, Houston fans will be wondering why they spent so much money on Mr Lin.
    Not hating, just saying.

    • Nate says:

      By that time, the Houston organization will have made back Lin’s 3yr contract cost already and more… think about that.

      • mrtwister says:

        And have won how many games?

        If they just want him to make money they should sign Sir Charles again, or talk Hakeem into a comeback.

        People would pay to see that too.

  62. Mario R says:

    Loved Lin with the Knicks. The chemistry with the media, Knicks & Lin will not be the same in Houston. But for his career development, he’s probably better off in Houston. Knicks will be back as melo’s show which is zzzzzzzzz….

  63. who knows says:

    Its amazing how people forget what kind of impact he had on the league as well as his team, at a time when the NY was without their two best and most expensive player$$. Bottom line was he made them a winning team and that brought back the fans and the ca$h. NYK obviously still do not know what they had.
    All these negative comments about only playing a short season, his turnovers, and being overhyped are pointless and stupid.
    But i am happy for him, he is in a team where he is wanted and valued. Let the Linsanity begin! again…

  64. Dmavs says:

    J-Lin stats will hyperinflate at this pretty weak Western Team.
    It will be a great move for him personally because he cna develop into an out and out star on a team which can afford to experiment. However truthfully in a conference which is only getting better the Rockets arn’t going anywhere 4 at least 3 seasons.

  65. Roku says:

    I’ve noticed that in many different blogs and comments sections that people keep saying that the rockets can just amnesty Lin if it doesn’t work out. The ability to amnesty a player is a one time allowance until the next collective bargaining agreement. That shows how much casual NBA fans don’t know.

  66. James says:

    The total value of the contract is 25 mil., that about the salary of one superstar for a year. It is a calculated gamble by rockets. The upside is huge for rockets, the downside is they can use amnesty on him in the third year and absorb the loss.

  67. makataeus says:

    Is Lin worth that much? As a player performance wise, no. As a marketing tool, yes especially for Houston all thanks to the big friendly giant known as Yao Ming. All those links made in China finally have a use again and what better way to max out their worth than with a sports sensation? Houston made a smart move, Knick’s did halfway. Not matching the offer was smart because it simply was too much for something still in development, but letting Lin’s potential and Linsanity go for nothing in return was dumb. He may not be starting all star material, probably second team, but he still got what it takes to grow into a great player especially with Kidd as a tutor.

  68. NH8 says:

    From a talent standpoint I don’t think that Lin will live up to the huge expectations, I expect him to average something like 12PPG and 5APG (hopefully he can cut down on those turnovers), so really not the kind of stats to pay $25m for.
    From a money standpoint though, those $25m will be repaid quite fast: Houston is already huge on the Asian market (due to Yao Ming having played there), so the arrival of Lin will give a huge boost in merchandising, which is probably as much if not more impacted than the New York market.
    So, overall, not a great move, because Houston locks down a considerable amount of cap space, but on the other hand totally understandable.
    From my standpoint I absolutely like Lin, he’s a great kid with a great attitude and maybe he can prove me wrong on those 12 and 5. LINSNITY here we go!

  69. KnickWitz says:

    Lin was a player that was offensively gifted on a team that had no offence, this is good for NYK and yah man Dolan they arent going to compete with Miami, OKC and the Lakers so they got their eyes on the future and gonna hold out for next seasons trade for CP3 from the Clips you’ll see, good luck JLin, I watched every minute and loved every minute of Linsanity…. God bless and good luck in houston,

  70. carmeloss says:

    if lin was black…

  71. arthur says:


  72. iqbetyar says:

    Matt Ww, Lin can\’t be amnestied, because he wasn\’t under contract with the Rockets during the lockout…

  73. carmeloss says:

    the fake superstar is happy.. he maybe wants a title.. but his supreme goal is to be the guy who scored the most, and all the spotlights (doesnt care if he steals the franchise player role, and the futur of his club. attitude kind of guy with who u can’t build things, pathetic need of spotlights)
    this big 3 is the biggest joke of the nba, i give only basketball credit to chandler. im sad for the knicks, but the fakes G divas are happy.. the boy who ‘is not like them’ is out (this is talent and basketball, or skin color ?—-o yeah.. money and injury are the fakes arguments for hide things) , and they can play with felton.. lol

  74. iqbetyar says:

    Matt Ww, Lin can’t be amnestied, because he wasn’t under contract with the Rockets during the lockout…

  75. Bro says:

    This is a loss for both NY and Lin. Even though NY has already Kidd, they still need Lin (and should not get Felton). Yes he has many turnovers, but he is still young and can has more room for development. On Lin’s side, he needs the likes of Melo, Amare and Tyson wherein Houston has no legit superstars (and they lose Scola and Camby), Lin cannot make Houston a playoff team alone. Just hoping for NY and Lin for their success.

  76. Härra says:

    Houston pays ~8,3mil a year not 5-5-15.

  77. sokolov says:

    Legend is to exceed one’s expectations.
    Good decision.

  78. Chris David del Castillo says:

    Bad move for NYK!!!!!

  79. D12 says:

    Im goin to houston! w/ JLin! lol

  80. Bstarr says:

    1. Houston is just looking for a merchandising player for their asian market, so Lin’s salary won’t hurt them at all. In Europe soccer leagues they use this strategy very often. It’s not only performance but what is the presence of a player worth..

    2. NY is the only loser in this case, no young and talented point guard, no merchandising in asia, no more hype around players (except Melo), and signing an old timer like Kidd

    Lin can only grow in the league just like he was lowering his T.O. average during his games. As a starter he is going to play better & more effective. In Houston they did understand this very good: game improving, result improving. profit improving.

    I’m not a Rocket fan but must admit that this is a smart move of them!

  81. xue789987 says:

    it’s business. No offense to Lin, whom i love to watch playing. But that 25 mil contract is like an investment, it’ll definitely pay off considering how big he is in Asia. (i know, coz i’m here).

    But, honestly, his gameplay didn’t earn him that contract, yet. He has potential, and has to show it.

    I think it’s bad for Lin to have such a big contract. Jealousy from other players, teams and management. And teams would be very reluctant to take him on after this contract if he doesn’t play REALLY well.

    But you gotta give it up to the houston management, for prying Lin out of Knicks’ roster with that 3rd year deal. It’s a great move to get what they want, and it’s time to see whether it’s worth it.

    It has already made a fool out of knicks already tho. and that’s worth a laugh.

  82. Bob The Builder says:

    Houston, where amazing(ly stupid things) happens!

  83. i love this GAME! says:

    welcome LINSANITY in houston Goodbye Knicks that trying to tell they will match the salary offer to Lin and retain will meet angry fans of NYC.

  84. Koupilias says:

    Now don’t be so hard on him guys … When you go from being PG No.3 on the Knicks to Starting PG and playing good enough to get wins without Melo and Amare that IS amazing. Houston’s moves are all about getting Dwight Howard. When you give up all those players … They are also counting on their Rookies that’s clear. Maybe their tanking to get higher draft picks… Look the West ain’t gonna be as easy as everybody says it is . With Spurs,Clippers,Thunder, Lakers, Nuggets, Grizzlies and Mavs – there are your 7 playoff teams. But if you watch closely you’ll see there are gonna be 3-4 teams on the rise the next couple of years. Wolves are looking good, Warriors are bound to be better, and maybe the Kings too. Hornets are already rebuilding and the Jazz made the playoffs last year … Blazers, Suns, Rockets are gonna be the question mark…

  85. Lawrence Hu says:

    Any team with Melo will never get the Champ.
    Lin made a right decision……

  86. Love_AI says:

    So glad to see Lin leaves the team leading by the ridiculous Anthony.

    Go Lin!

    Good luck, knicks

    • hyde says:

      You are right………..
      ridiculous Anthony…..he should play bowling……………he will have the ball all the time……….

  87. linfan says:

    There are still a lot of ways to solve the tax problem two years later.
    Not mention that Knicks tax problem is not caused by lin.
    Even more,
    Can Griffin or Love or anyone else bring as many endorsements or any off-court marketing benefits for a team as lin can?
    I doubt that lbj can compete lin in this field.(I am a sincere lbj fan.)
    I know lin is not great yet. But not many people believed that Russel Westbrook or Rondo will become stars either.
    I sincerely believe that lin will try his best to become great in NBA.
    It’s good for both lin and Knicks to part away.
    Lin isn’t an important part in melo-woodson system.
    And there are many unpleasant teammates(or at least melo and jr) who don’t know the answer of the fourth sentence.
    Dolan just chose melo(and other players) over lin(and D’antoni) again.
    I sincerely hope lin can have a great future in Houston.

  88. elliott03 says:
    Check it out for NBA news, views and reviews from three Aussie Basketball fans!

  89. James says:

    IMO this will prove to be a mistake from the Knicks. Yes Lin isn’t a superb starting Gaurd… YET! But you can’t Fluke those numbers. His highlight reel from that half season alone is enough to show you how far his talent can go over the next few years. He’s not going to be the next Steve Nash but he will be good enough to be a decent franchise and pull in some better players. Good move for Rockets!!!

  90. RoCkEtS713 says:

    sounds like a bunch of bitter knicks fans lol. Jeremy Lin is a global phenomenon that is going to sell more jerseys than anyone this year. Sell out the toyota center every game by putting fans in the stands. He’ll represent Houston in the all star game and lead us to the playoffs. That is just what the rockets needed. not to mention the talent that he is going to attract. He is definitley worth the money

  91. Simon says:

    Lin … A great move … Great future ahead in Hoston Rockets …! Keep it up … ! Simon ( Singapore ).

  92. malongski says:

    we’ll have to wait for Lin..just wait!!! all of you! its business men..its business.

  93. Jiro says:

    True. Lin is overhyped. Playing point who does not protect the ball is different cases between Jeremy Lin and Russel Westbrook.

  94. Jimmy says:

    Herr: so what you’re saying is that Lin, who put up incredible numbers for the time he spent on the court, is not starting pg material? the only reason he is overhyped is because hes an asian-american playing in the NBA. Maybe he isnt worth the money now, but just wait n see what he can do and deliver and you will bite your own words.

  95. erick says:

    the Knicks will not win a title in next 10 years

  96. Asian says:

    I’m an asian-american who loves lin as a player and a person he’s so humble in every each way and fact is he is over hyped and overrated but that’s fine cause thsi season ill jsut be waiting for him to prove me and the nation if not the world wrong. that he can be a number 1 point. We believe once again here in the bay.

  97. chico says:

    Herr, you wouldn’t know basketball if fell from the sky and crawled over your face

  98. knick fan says:

    finally felton back in ny he played good point and played well with STAT him and kidd will do good too bad they got rid of jared jeffries he played good D

  99. Chris Ross says:

    I think Jeremy Lin can do big things in Houston if given a decent personnel. He started out with the Knicks without Melo and Stoudemire so he just needs some pieces. The Rockets have totally decimated their roster so he might struggle mightily in year one if they don’t get him some help but a high lottery pick could change all of that. I definitely don’t see him falling flat on his face but he probably won’t be worth the money in terms of just him as a basketball player though.

    • Krespino says:

      Who IS worth his money in terms of basketball?? Amare his $100m? Carmelo? Eric Gordon? Ben Gordon? Joe Johnson? Kris Humpries $12m a year? The list can go on endlessly. There is no such thing as worth his money or not, if a franchise /franchise owner is willing to pay a certain salary to a player that means he absolutely is worth the money… There is no other criterion. The franchise would be making detailed evaluations of the worth of the player taking into consideration numerous data and factors, including the situation and the plans of the franchise, the market, the revenues they can generate from the player, etc, and then deciding on the salary they believe is right for the player. No ordinary basketball fan or internet commenter is in position to make a better decision on that.

  100. Lin Chan says:

    Lin is obviously not worth the contract that Houston is giving them. Maybe 1/5 th of that If he’ll manage to stay healthy and keeps improving dramatically.

    BUT I’m getting a feeling from reading these comments, that some of the fans can’t understand why Rockets overpayed him so much.
    You must know that Rockets still has a huge Asian fanbase because Yao played there and signing Lin gives them some business opurtunities it’s pretty simple. It’s not like Rockets actualy needs Lin at all.

  101. congratulations to GM D morey!!!, you’re a genious!!!

  102. gl says:

    What is Houston risking?? There is way more upside than downside on this deal. If Lin develops even to a better-than-average point guard (which he probably will) the young Houston team will develop along with him. If not,: Houston will still get the Asian marketing fallout ($$$) before they peddle/amnestie him, by which time they would have made his salary back in spades. Certainly a business no-brainer and probably a basketball (if Lin can continue playing at the level he did in NYC) no-brainer, Sounds like a win-win for Houston, all I can say. Question: why is the Knicks Organisation so concerned about Lin’s future salary commitments when -by which time- they will be owing (the aging and gimpy) Amare Stoddllemeyer $100 Mill??? Just asking,
    ps:feedback welcome.

  103. hmm says:

    there not even paying him 15 million in the 3rd year they get to split it up as 8.3 mill per year

  104. Jeremy Lin did sign the offer sheet. The Nicks just call his bluff. He wants more money than big market exposure, he gets what he wants. No crying there. Good for both parties.

  105. dig dirk says:

    jeremy lin go to mavs

  106. Herr says:

    Lin is the most overhyped and overrated player in the league. At least those overrated players like Griffin and Love have Talent. Lin played well for like 10 games, and struggled for the other 15… and gets this contract. For once Melo and I agree on something! Houston made a horrible mistake and they’ll see why. Lin isn’t worth that money, and isn’t even starting caliber.

    • Sir_Charles says:


      • antoine says:

        agreed. when they played teams with defense he folded. like when they played miami he didn’t know what to do. even with the money they will make in his first season with houston. when he flops like im sure that he will next season his appeal will deminish. i would much rather have an old jason kid then lin. sorry but good luck

    • zz says:

      love is overated? are you kidding me? seriously?

    • jonjon says:

      I agree with you, im an asian but he is over rated player he is just an average player he cannot dominate game, and he is not athletic as other point guard,he is not a good defender,he is good player but not worth the price tag

    • jim says:

      you mad bro?

    • chioc says:

      your an insecure racist..

    • alienboy says:

      I want you to take a look at his stat you id iot! see link:

      Where did you get those stu pid numbers? From Euroleague???

      If you looked at his games, out of the 26 games he played before he got injured, he only has 2 bad games:
      2/23 vs MIA and 3/23 vs TOR… you exclude 3/14 vs POR because he only played 23mins and Woddson decides to rest Lin in the 2nd half due to their huge lead which has the final score 121-79… and just to point it out, Lin beat the cr ap-out of Felton in that game.

      If you have seen those 2 bad games that he have… heck its not even considered a bad game!
      That game versus MIA, was the 1st game that Melo and Stat is in the court with Lin. Now my question is:

      Is it fair to blame it all to Jeremy Lin(undrafted, minimum wager, 2nd yr pro) the loss vs MIA where in fact he has 3 of those healthy, overpaid, veterans with him in the same court?

      As for the TOR game, he was 1 game before he got injured at that time which his body starts to crumble due to the numerous minutes and games he played. He may be physically out of shape yet as an NBA athlete but that can be fixed. What people did not know he has some great potential in his young age. Did Felton or Dragic ever get 38pts, 7ast, 4reb and 2stl OR even get the chance to be the Player of the Month in their NBA Career??? I DONT THINK SO

      • scott the magician says:

        Well said!!!

      • lexius says:

        Thank you, people say his overrated is cuz you guys don’t love his game, I say LBJ is too cuz I don’t like his game and the way he went to heat.

      • Bruce says:

        A little perspective:

        When you’re speaking of stats, you also need to include turnovers as well. If you score 15 points but have 5 turnovers, you really have 5 points because turnovers almost equate to scoring on the other end. 15 points – 10 points scored against = 5 points in overall game efficiency.

      • antoine says:

        would you rather have Melo or Lin? Lin had a good run but without other players on the court to distract heavy defense being played on him he wouldn’t the team will not do so well. Jason Kid will fit in well with the knicks.

    • lee says:

      you gonna eat your words mate!!! you can’t keep on looking other way for someone who works hard and improves his craft…houston might not be a great team right now but I love the path their taking rather than being 9th or 10th team..time will tell!!

    • J says:

      Worth the money? Cmon from a business standpoint he is…the chinese market in houston is huge due to Yao paving the way.. plus what other contracts does houston really have? why are you so negative and mad anyway? i hope you are from houston

    • TNT Junkie says:

      It was all for the Asian market dude, business is business. Rockets was is and will be just a “Business oriented” backetball org as long as they got Morey as GM. This guy is THE cheapest GM you will ever get, all dollar no soul. Agent of Chinese Shoemakers!!

    • supertammy says:

      totally agree, lin was just lucky for a stretch of games and if rumors are true that he was fit to play during that playoffs against miami and he personally said he was not fit so as not to lower his marketability during free agency, which was pure genius on his part and advisers! im sure we all know what happened when he faced miami during the regular season! imagine if what will happen to his market value if during the miami series he played like a mortal which is what he really is! total disaster during free agency.

    • cjf says:

      agree on that, but calling love overrated? I dont think so.=)

    • Jkey says:

      He might not be worth the money, but his rise to fame and marketability is worth it.

    • geezlouise says:

      how is kevin love overrated? i can understand the BG comment but Love is an extremely consistent player(53 consecutive double doubles) and a standout at his position. besides his ability to bang low shoot the three and grab 12 plus rebounds a game…. how is he overrated. BG seems to garner all the hype though he is still a solid player.

    • Luke says:

      I love how you managed to describe first Lin games as ‘played well’ where they were spectacular games which probably on their own earned NY – entire Lin contract for the next 3 years in business money. He played these games with a hype that wasn’t seen since Micheal Jordan retired. Did he play terrible and averaged 5 points during next 20 games? Grow up. Lin played great and he must be considered as a rookie, he had is ups and downs like every rookie have but he definitely proved that he has potential to become a super star, especially with Jason Kidd next to him.

      Considering that NY has a very very long history of terrible trades and anything that involves the team since I remember I’m even more convinced now that Lin will shine more in Houston than he did in NY. I really cant believe how NY easily let him go. Business wise it really is a terrible decision and will cost NY lots in the long run. Now with poor Felton and guy who could be a father for most of other players they will again struggle to get to play offs.

    • owekoqek says:

      Lin’s rise made New York make $600 million off selling merchandise and more fans, how is he not worth $25 million?

    • SmoothMM says:

      You guys are kidding right? This guy was in his 2ND YEAR and you’re talking about he’s “overrated” and “average”. His reported contract will be about 5 million each year the first 2 years and 15 million for the third. Newsflash, if they don’t like his game later, they can TRADE him. Also, you don’t have to be an All Star to be a good player. Just watch next season.

      • Nate says:

        What I don’t understand is all this talk that Lin is just an average player???? When was the last time you saw an average NBA player had the stretch of games Lin had? And don’t even say lucky, you can be lucky in 1, 2, or maybe even 3 straight games in the pros, but this guy played pretty well in the 25 games combined. Yes, I agree that he’s not an All Star yet, but he has the potential, I mean he’s only like 23 or so….. If Lin is just an average player then why can’t these other average NBA pg’s do what Lin?

    • Bruce says:

      In the end, if you’re trying to decide if he was “worth the money”…

      Yes for the Rockets.

      No for the Knicks.

      It’s strictly a business decision. Even with the additional merchandising/marketing it would not make up for the penalty. The penalty is taken from your profits. The revenue is subject to costs and taxes.

  107. Matt Ww says:

    Dont know why everyone is so serious about the 15m salary in the third year contract?
    If Lin screw up in the following two years… Rockets could just waive him by amnesty or trade him…(so far, not so much information of the real contract… anything is possible~)
    despite to the luxury tax….probably it wont occur in Rockets… Rocket still got a decent point guard with great Asian market value cost only 5m per year….
    Bad deal???

    • ThunderUp says:

      Definitely. I think it’s way too early to project him as a future superstar. He had, what, like 25 games as the starter in NY? Granted, he showed something special then, plus he is marketing gold. However, while the first 2 years on his contract are good value to the Rockets, they can’t amnesty him like you said because they already amnestied Scola. And no team is going to want to trade for a “decent point guard”, as you said, with a 15 million dollar contract.

    • MC says:

      No offense, but the Rockets cannot amnesty Lin within this CBA, due to them already amnesting Scola. Moreover, an overmatched Lin will have to compete for 7 – 10 spot in the West with little supporting casts. With the average Salarly Cap set around $55 – $60M for the past few years, and Lin already absorbing 25% or more of that salary, you can see the issues for any back office that needs to field 12 players ( and a somewhat respectable 7 to 8 players ) to remain competitive in the West and potentially make the playoffs.

    • two says:

      cant amnesty him, because they already amnestied scola.

    • KnickWitz says:

      Dont be so dumb they just used their amnesty on Scola they all amnestied out

    • Krespino says:

      All those people saying “Lin wasn’t worth $25m therefore Knicks decision was right…” are missing the point :
      The knicks have not made ANY offer to Lin.
      They need to understand that The Knicks could have offered like $3 -3.5m /yr three years and Lin would have accepted that readily.
      The Knicks have not shown any desire to keep Lin at any price. Wanted to send Lin. My guess is Carmelo did not want Lin.

      The Knicks could have kept Lin at a more reasonable cost, use him as a second or third guard at worst.
      And trade his $3 – 3.5m last year contract to another franchise, and get rid of the related luxury tax burden. Many franchises would have shown interest to buy Lin’s last year contract at that price.

      Obviously The Knicks management was happy hearing the $25m offer from Houston because the management can sell the “no Lin” decision to fan base on “his price was too high” grounds. Whereas his price was not high necessarily.

      The fans will continue watching the unexciting iso game of Carmelo forever; and the PG, who should have retired already, will probably bring exciting new basketball to The Knicks…

      • Bruce says:

        I think YOU are missing the point. Lin was a restricted free agent, meaning he has the ability to shop around for the best contract. Any competant player/agent would know to see your market value first before deciding to accpet an offer from your current team. Even if the Knicks offered your 3 mil a year, Lin and his agent wouldn’t have just accepted it. He would also entetain any other offers before making a decision

  108. magic fan says:

    lin will get good numbers on a bad team in houston. the cap issues for houston dont seem to troubling as lin seems to be their only contract LOL. lin will get better development in the west and on a team where he runs the show instead of the obvious lack of chemistry and style of play with woodsons offense and carmelo.

    bottom line keeping lin would have been stupid from a basketball standpoint…maybe not from a business standpoint. and now houston has a player that could develop into a superstar, has global appeal, could attract a big free agent in the future etc…

  109. trade1 says:

    kudos to the knick management for doing the right thing for a change… with Lin they still weren’t going to be a 1-3 seed anyhow, probably not even a 4/5 seed.. so without lin they will be in the same position…. good luck to Lin in Houston, gotta luv it when a guy plays about 25 games and gets a 25 mil contract..

    Houston, we have a problem, you seriously trade kyle lowry and let drajic go.. amazing with no chance of winning anything within the next 10-15 years… this is laughable.. so sign a lin to a 3rd year 15mil contract and some people are calling this genius, but I don’t see how.. what I see is cap issues and no players 2012-2013, 2013-2014 and then 15mil already going to lin 2014-2015, hilarious, he will be a big 3, cause you will have buy another free agent at a higher bid price over the next few years just to get them to come there… good luck houston fan…

    • Beat da Heat says:

      Like Yao Ming, Houston will make Millions back out side of bball with Lin. On court though, i agree with you.

      • scott the magician says:

        They wont even come close to making what they did with Yao…Yao was a mega star and could dominate a game, not to mention a purebred chinesse, Lin wont have the same appeal being a english speaking american.
        I know lin is “good”, but hes def not great.
        I hope im wrong and we see another steve nash story. Just looks dark to be a houston fan right now.
        But it least Lin is out of dirty cold NY and playing in a exotic paradise!!

      • Nate says:

        Agreed, do you really think Houston’s main interest in Lin right now is to get him so they can win a championship? They’re in a rebuilding process right now, it’ll take years anyways until they can be a legit contender again. At the mean time, they have Lin who gets this BIG contract, but look at what they’ll get back in terms of sales, marketing, tv spots, endorsements, etc… think people… they’ll probably be making more $.

    • TheGuyster says:

      The only chance the Rockets have is if they sign Howard. They think getting Lin may lure Howard to them. But Howard is a talented cancer who cares just about himself and so far he’s gotten away with it. I ‘m kind of hoping the Lakers will get him as Koby and company won’t put up with his antics…..Houston had a big asian base when Yao was there so getting LIn does make a lot of sesne for the Rockets but I agree they overpayed for Lin. It would have been crazy for the Knicks to match their offer and they did the right thing by getting Felton and letting Lin go…Remember that Felton had real good chemistry with Melo and Stout and LIn didn’t…

      • Jordan says:

        Agree and disagree. You’re right that Felton will probably work better with melo and stat, but you’re wrong to think NYK did the right thing in not matching for Lin. Lin is what got the people of New York interested in the Knicks again. Not just because of his background (although its a great story), but who he is as a person and professional and most importantly what he brought to the team (wins) is what captivated fans. He brought life to a dead team. He didn’t do it with some “I’m better than everyone” attitude either, just humility. That got him even more respect. If the knicks really wanted a Championship and fan support, they should have dealt melo for dwight. The magic would probably take that. Then deal stoudemire and chandler for a some really solid role players at the 2,3,4 position and maybe some solid bench players.

    • cris says:

      I would like to CONGRATULATE Jeremy Lin for agreeing Rocket’s offer. This is the best decision of his life. Not Houston nor NY but Lin is the biggest winner of this scenario because whatever team he plays, the talent is in him naturally and he will continue to improve as he grows and mature in the NBA. He is young so he is full of potentials compared to the current big names in NY’s rooster right now. He has the charisma. Basketball fans of the world loved him. And the biggest of all is that, despite his rocket-surge popularity, the kid remain humble and grateful to his former team, NYC, and his fans. He is also a grad of an institution whose products have been great intellectuals of the world so I would believe that this kid is smart too thus the move to Houston suites him well. Will the Rockets earn the championship with Lin? In a couple of years or so, NO! With the current line-up of the Western teams, a rebuilding Rockets won’t have that chance but what is certain with Lin is that he brings in the revenue on the table that even his contract price is paid off in a year’s time. Not matching the offer was simply a bad economics for the Knicks. 25M is not a hype, the kid is worth it than NY`s heavy money bag on it`s top players.

  110. FACE THE FACTS says:

    What a shame!

    Lin and NYK will both lose on this one! Houston is a mediocre team in the tough, wild West and he wont carry them alone. Maybe they make the playoffs but that’s about it!
    And the Knicks would have had a tough time even with him to go past Miami in the East. He seemed the one to glue them and handle their Egos and offence…now I think they are doomed! No title for NYC for a long time…

    Shame, an exciting love story going to waste because of fearful and bad management…

    • Kenny McCormic says:

      No, you never know if NYN will be a loser, but Lin is definetely a winner.

      As Anto’s back, Lin just can’t fit in this new system very well. And during this 3 days period, some of his former teamates shows their hates against Lin.
      Do you remember why the former coach leave NYN? I think that will happen to Lin again, if he stayed in NYN.

      Also, the Rockets is definetely a winner, a big prize winner. If Lin can stay healthy, No matter if Rockets can get the ticket for play off, Rockets will get big profits for Lin.
      And that’s a hundreds of million’s business.

      • Steve Fox says:

        Again another just business move, rather than a CHAMPIONSHIP shift into the right direction….why don’t we just shut most NBA teams around the league since all big market players are just moving to those teams. Just keep LA, Miami, Boston and OKC in the NBA and shut down all other programs, its really quite pathetic….inother words, if you got money, you’ll get championships…

      • Imad Akel says:

        I disagree its more than just a business move. Lin is a good player and he’s a hard worker, smart money is on him getting better, maybe a lot better. Since only time will tell and only the betting game is on right now, I bet Lin will become an All-Star next season and will DESERVE it (he won’t just get it coz of the votes).
        He’s gonna have a breakout season. And the Knicks will face palm. That’s my bet 🙂

      • pakyaw says:

        NYK paid Jerome James 30M, Marbury 76M, Eddie House 20M and they cant match 25M for LIN? …HAHAHAHA..

    • FACE THE FACTS says:

      If it’s a business-move Steve, than it’s a bad business move. They would make more money with him I’m sure, as they did already. Over 3 years? Come on…
      And basketball-wise it’s a bad move as well. Melo and Amare couldn’t do it in 1 year and 1,5 years respectively. They almost missed the playoffs if Lin wouldn’t have saved them….

      Apart from that they gonna be boring to watch. I don’t know why, but before Lin they were boring and I bet that after Lin they will be boring again!

      • antoine says:

        wrong. Lin was alright but mostly hype. J.R. saved the Knicks this year. the mistake that NYN made was letting go of Billips even though he got hurt. i’m willing to bet that the NYN will do way better then the Houston Rockets. Good luck to both teams though.

      • FACE THE FACTS says:

        Of course NY will fare better than Houston. But they still wont get past Miami, which is the measurement in the East now. NY has a lot of good players but no Chemistry.

      • KennyMccormic says:

        Chemistry is very important for any team, not only in NBA, also in MLB, NFG, etc. And Lin prove that.
        Without Lin, NYN’s players will fight and argue each other, trying to prove who is the best, even fight with coach as usual. Money just can’t buy a chapionship.
        Without good chemistry, this team will going nowhere.

    • KennyMccormic says:

      This trade just ridiculus for NYC, just like the Red Sox sell the Babe Ruth to NYY.
      Could even worse.

    • Bersem says:

      Carmelo didn’t really appreciate Lin so I think it’s a good fit for Jeremy to land in Houston (I thougt NY and Phoenix planed a trade between Lin and Nash but…)
      Yu can’t imagine how happy i’m for him : I saw his stats while “playing” for the Warriors and what he was able to do in less than 10 minutes… I wasn’t surprised to see him “shine” in NY as the starting PG
      Good luck in Houston Jeremy…and see you at the All Star Game 2013 😉
      Greetings from Belgium

      • mambou says:

        NY should trade carmelo than Lin, He won 5 straight games without their STAR PLAYERS (Carmelo & Stoudemire).
        means He can carry the team without them because of the good chemistry..Until carmelo is there they never win an NBA champion.