Hang Time Podcast (Episode 87) With Jarrod N. Rudolph And Will Leitch

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With all due respect to the men working hard at their hoop dreams in Las Vegas and the patriots toiling away with USA Basketball on their way to the Olympics, the two most talked about basketball players in the world today are Jeremy Lin and Dwight Howard, put them in whatever order you prefer.

Lin’s on his way to Houston, the product of a free agency saga almost as intriguing as the Linsanity movement he inspired months ago when he was starring for the New York Knicks. Howard is on his way to … well, we’re still not sure where the Orlando Magic superstar will end up. But he’s in Los Angeles these days, the object of affection and scorn for fans from coast to cast, it just depends on where you are at any given moment.

We’re giving them both all of our attention on Episode 87 of the Hang Time Podcast, enlisting the services of two men well-versed in the art of discussion where both Lin and Howard are concerned. When discussing anything about Howard, RealGM columnist Jarrod N. Rudolph is the man in the know. He joins us to break down dynamics of the Howard situation in ways you haven’t heard before. New York Magazine contributing editor and Deadspin founder Will Leitch makes his Hang Time Podcast debut to help us measure the outrage felt throughout the Five Boroughs (and beyond) after the Knicks’ decision to let Lin walk for a measly, relatively speaking of course, $25.1 million.

Check out all that and more on Episode 87 of the Hang Time Podcast featuring RealGM columnist Jarrod N. Rudolph and Deadspin founder and New York Magazine contributing editor Will Leitch (who lives in Brooklyn but hasn’t given into the dark side just yet and started rooting for the Nets).


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  1. TooCool says:

    Lin was an okay player. he is just great business for the money, I agree he will get better and I hope he does because I don’t want all his hype to be all for nothing, He has a chance to be a good player I agree, but he will now have to go against better PG play imo then he was challenged with in the Eastern Conference. GL to him though would like to see him get better.

  2. Lujah says:

    The Guests were great. I bookmarked their sites. Jarrod Rudolph gave some good insight into the dwight situation and it just shows how people hate on a player without caring about the negative things the organization is doing. Will Leitch is just refreshing. No hating just common sense. Almost everything he said was spot on and just funny. But the “prince charming wants money” thing is a little off considering only the rockets offered lin a contract.

    And people are serious. I for one will not be rooting for the knicks any longer. I was born in and live in new york state and I was a fan of the home team when I was young. Starks, Ewing, mason, oakley, charlie ward, houston, latrell, camby and so on. The older I got the more I just became a basketball fan. I root for teams I like based on how good their players perform or in cases like with the bobcats because I simply want to root for them. The Knicks usually stayed at the top of the root for list and now they’re no longer on it. I don’t hope for them to do good nor bad. I’m just done.

  3. bunbury says:

    Everyone knows this: Lin did not played in the playoffs because he would’ve been risking his contract. if he would’ve played and not played well those $25M he got recently would’ve been only $10.

  4. PORTUGAL says:

    Kudos 2 u guys from Europe ,great Blog!