Blazers’ Smith Released From Hospital

LAS VEGAS – Trail Blazers guard Nolan Smith was released from the hospital Tuesday night after suffering a concussion in the final minute of the summer-league game against the Rockets and being taken from Cox Pavilion on a stretcher.

“All tests normal,” the team reported via Twitter, after previously saying Smith had a full range of motion.

Smith, a second-year Duke product who played in 44 of the 66 games as a rookie, was injured with 42.9 seconds left when he was fouled by Zoran Dragic on a driving layup. Smith’s momentum took him into the basket stanchion. He took a few more steps, then fell to the court a few feet beyond the baseline.

The Trail Blazers, quickly seeing something was wrong, rushed to his side. Coaches and players came as well while Smith spent several minutes on his back, barely moving but speaking to medical personnel, as the crowd remained quiet.

His head and neck were immobilized before he was placed on a stretcher and wheeled down a sideline and to a waiting ambulance as fans and some players applauded. The final 42.9 seconds of Houston’s 99-88 victory were canceled.

“I’m very concerned,” one teammate, Elliot Williams, said immediately after, before the encouraging news at 9:19 p.m. that Smith would be released from the hospital.

“We’re worried about him,” said another, Luke Babbitt. “All we can do is wait and pray and hope for the best.”

The Trail Blazers say Smith is doubtful for the final three games of summer league.


  1. BELI says:

    I’m a Blazers fan, and I’ll always be one. But it seems that we either have a roster full of gangsters or bunch of handicapped players. Hope thing turn around for the best. GO BLAZERS!!!

  2. riverman says:

    Heal quickly Nolan! You had a great game but should remember it’s only summer league. No need to endanger your health in the point guard battle with Lillard, let it come to you in training camp for the regular season. Glad to see all the teammates support on the court.

  3. Sean says:

    I hope Nolan is truly okay. For his best interest, he should spend three days in seclusion with as little stimulation as possible, inlcuding light and sound. 72 hours of minimal sensory input is proven to help reduce the long-term effects of concussions. It could save him from having a traumatic brain injury.

  4. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Hope that Nolan is ok!!