Rockets Rookies Off To Hot Start

By Drew Packham,

LAS VEGAS — If it’s not one Rockets rookie, it’s another.

Houston has a plethora of first-year players trying to break trough in Las Vegas.

So far, they’re all making their cases well.

Three Rockets are among the top 13 rookies in scoring through four days of action, which must make management happy as they try to take the franchise into a new era which potentially includes the addition of Dwight Howard. With the young players excelling, the pieces must look more and more enticing to Orlando, if Houston does decide to go that route.

  • No. 12 pick Jeremy Lamb is proving to be an even better scorer and slasher than advertised — and holds a top spot in the most recent Rookie Ladder — with a 20.3 point averaged on 51 percent shooting.
  • No. 18 pick Terrence Jones out of Kentucky has been a beast, averaging 16.7 points and 6.7 rebounds.
  • Houston’s Draft night pickup from 2011, Donatas Motiejunas, is proving to be quite the asset as well. Motiejunas has been up and down in the three games, but is averaging 15 points and 6.3 rebounds.
  • No. 16 pick Royce White, known for his versatility, nearly notched a triple-double in Monday’s victory over the Kings. White scored 11 points to go with 10 rebounds and seven assists in his best game of the summer.

White says it’s a quick learning process as he tries to adjust to the new level.

“It’s a different pace, a different length,” White said. “But it’s still based on the same principles, the same fundamentals. The coaches are just telling us to play hard and have fun. Sometimes I get too caught up with wanting to do well and the team doing well and we just need to have fun.”

When they’re playing like this, there’s plenty of fun to go around.


  1. apaige1 says:

    Also Machado is going to be a nice backup he plays tough defense has great vision and can knock down the open shot. In a few years after he gets stronger Motiejunas might be a fringe All-Star can shoot rebound and runs the floor like a gazelle. Terence is completely underrated at 18 might be the steal of the draft and Royce White is a monster. Literally.

  2. apaige1 says:

    Jeremy Lamb is as smooth as silk. Would love to see him used like the Warriors used Klay tons of pin down screens and let him work because his stroke is masterful.

  3. magicfan2010 says:

    Yep, I’m jonesing for a Magic – Houston trade sooner rather than later. We don’t need “no silly superstar”. Make it happen soon….. Dwight and our bad contracts for the Houston rookies and sophomores.

  4. BIGMatta23 says:

    I thought they had the best draft out of any team…. Jones is going to be a star, royce white will be a solid 15p, 7r, 5ast guy for
    6-7 years and Lamb…well he can be anything. Donates is the one that really intrigues me, lefty Dirk with athleticism, looks to be an all-star player in the making.

  5. Dee Matthew says:

    hey Houston Rocket organization, please please do not try to trade all of your rookies for Dwight Howard… i’m telling you, those guys are the best…. they’re really really a hell of a players… please don’t trade ’em

  6. RocketFan says:

    Martin, White, Jones, + 1 or 2 Future picks for Howard and 1 bad contract from the magic…
    I don’t think that we should give up Jeremy Lamb because hes been the top rookie so far…if this continues he could be a better scorer than Anthony Davis because big men takes a long time to develop to their nature game…Trading a potential top rookie for Howard is not a good move

  7. Jah1 says:

    If the trade is commence, the Magic only getting Royce White along with K.Martin, Chandler Parsons, Patrick Patterson and Marcus Morris. Coupled with cap relief of taking back 3 of Orlando’s toxic contract and giving them the Toronto’s pick that’s good for a 4th to 14th pick.

  8. Ben H. says:

    I’m an Orlando fan, so I’ll be excited if the D12 trade goes through because all of these talented young guys!

  9. magic fan says:

    3 of these rookies+first round pick from toronto+ kevein martin for dwight howard,and toxic contracts of hedo and jason richardson sounds pretty good right now for the magic. way better than the garbage the nets were offering

  10. Jaime says:

    We needed to clear cap space in order to take on big contracts i.e. D12, Turk, JRich. Hopefully the trade doesn’t go down so we keep these outstanding rookies and make a push for either J Smoove or D12 in free agency next summer.

    • magic fan says:

      the only way houston is going to attract a big time free agent in this new nba is if jeremy lin is blowing up. sems the only way aa franchise has leverage is to alreday have a superstar and if lin plays well he will be close enough…

  11. LinLin says:

    I hope they don’t trade for Dwight. Imagine Lin with all these rookies. It guarantees Linsanity sequel.

  12. Lujah says:

    Well I better get to know these guys since my boy Lin is going there. They should’ve really kept Scola though. I don’t understand that move.

  13. Troyerz says:

    That’s my team! I hope none of those guys get traded -especially Lamb and White. Let’s Go Rockets!!