Report: Lakers, Magic Talking Howard?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — They’re just talking about the possibilities of a potential deal involving Dwight Howard wearing a Los Angeles Lakers uniform.

And that should be more than enough to crank up the machine that has been the Howard rumor mill once again, now that one of the first teams mentioned as a potential destination for the Magic superstar is back in the middle of the madness.

You knew it was only a matter of time before we got back to this, courtesy of our friends at Yahoo! Sports and

Yahoo Sports! reports that the Lakers want a commitment from Howard that he will agree to a contract extension before they agree to a trade with the Magic.

The Lakers and Magic have been in talks over Howard for the last week or so, sources told ESPN The Magazine‘s Chris Broussard, but nothing is imminent.

Howard had demanded a trade to the Nets but talks broke down between the Nets and Orlando last week. Magic GM Rob Hennigan called Howard last week to see if he would consider giving the GM’s new regime a chance, but Howard rebuffed the overtures.

Howard has said he would agree to sign an extension with only one team, and sources have said that team is the Nets.

The Houston Rockets also made a new proposal to the Magic for Howard last weekend and are willing to take on long-term salary commitments from Orlando if they land Howard in Houston.

As long as Howard is in play for the Magic, the Lakers have to explore their options. They have Andrew Bynum, the one asset no other teams in the running for Howard can throw into the discussion.

While there hasn’t been any confirmation that they are doing anything other than simply discussing the possibilities, it doesn’t make much sense for anyone to get wrapped up in details that haven’t been shared.

But since when did anyone need actual details to get carried away during free agency/trade season?


  1. DALGART says:

    Dwight Howard and his Agent both needs a “Reality Check”. Which team in their right mind in the NBA,
    would sign Howard for just 1 year, without including an extension? Let’s face it, if they did,
    after 1 year he could leave them, and look for another Team, in the meantime,
    you have already traded away players that you potentially may not wanted to have done, for just 1 year for Howard?
    It’s obvious, they are looking at the Millions and not a Potential Ring with a Team, that could potentially have a chance for
    Championships. Well, that my friend, you can’t buy, regardless how many millions you have…

  2. ???? says:

    i’m very sure lakers weakness is their stupid bench and stupid coach almost 7 man rotation last season “oh my GOD” ZZZzzz

  3. GniK911 says:

    the lakers doesn’t really need a scoring center…they need a really solid defensive center…since pau is not that good defensively, howard can cover the paint…pau’s an offensive player, whether putting up points or making plays,he’s a very good offensive player…so for me, scoring is not an issue with the lakers, it’s defense…they need an upgrade on that category…my opinion…

  4. brett says:

    dwight howard to the oklahoma city thunder to play durant and westbrook

  5. randall says:

    I am not a Laker fan or a Magic fan, those two have different plays. Howard is a leader and Bynum just plays under Kobe. If were gonna talk attitude, they both have a problem. They have different run-ins with the coaches and fellow players. Shooting wise, Bynum is better. Shotblocking wise, Howard is better. Better D’s for Howard. Free throws and three’s, Bynum is better. Howard is more popular than Bynum that is why they exaggerate some things. Overall, I think they are equal because they have there pros and cons. The thing is, who is more coachable? If they are traded with each other, it depends upon the team that who can use them in a clever and quality manner. Just my opinion.

  6. black24mamba says:

    dwight howard is a cry baby! LOL! he is not mature enough for the lakers…

  7. Cybercannon says:

    Both Bynum or Howard are good center. The only reason the trade not going through is not because of talent, but money. Obviously, magic is not planning to win champion with Bynum, as they fail to do it with Howard. So magic management is getting greedy. They just want to dump bad contracts and get draft picks. However, so far no teams are stupid enough to be the trash can, besides the desperate Rockets. Magic want to keep Rockets at bait, while waiting other offers. I believe Magic will trade Howard to Rockets eventually, base on a business decision.

  8. Lake Show says:

    Bynum- 2 Rings

    Howard- 0 Rings

    That says it all! Centers are and have been the key to every championship in the HISTORY of the NBA’s aside from the Jordan years

  9. vb10 says:

    Antawn Jamison joined the Lakers……………. Man if we get Dwight……

  10. BRR says:

    HOWARD will go to pluto play with his he will be alright there.
    noone to cry to.

  11. Lakersfan23 says:

    Keep Bynam. More complete player. Still kid in head but at least he is not Madona, 2 years Howard is screw1ng Orlando and those fans. And Lakers should not go with him, just because of Adidas millions.
    Only one who should go is Gasol, because of lack of ba11s, in defense he is active as lamp post.

  12. pasigiri says:

    This is a win win for the Lakers. Even if they don’t get Howard, they still have Bynum. But boy oh boy, Kobe, Howard, Nash, Pau, and Metta ….. that’s basically an all-star team.

  13. hoodtime23 says:

    Andrew Bynum is a much better skilled center than dwight howard. It’s not even close. Look up the definition of Center in the game of basketball. Dwight howard uses his muscle to dunk the ball. There is much more than dunking in the League. Both guys have been acting immature over the past 6-8 months though.

  14. Laker Fan says:

    Howard can be great with Kobe, when Kobe leave he will have same problem. Stay which the Magic howard, that your best way to a Championship.

  15. MOGENS DALGART says:

    Dwight Howard, you would suspect wants to play for a Contender. Obviously The Nets situation, is basically done,
    why not The Lakers? Houston are far, far away for any Potential Playoff consideration.
    It appears his “Ego” is in thye way. Look at Miami Heat. 3 Superstars, who put aside any “Ego” problems.
    It takes more than ONE Superstar in the NBA, to have a chance for a Championship. look at all the previous
    NBA Championship Teams like Lakers, Boston, Chicago. They were not “Superpower” Team, without at least 3 Superstars
    on their Team. Apparently Dwight Howard appears to want to be “The Man” or “My Team”…
    Time to grow up, take the “Obscene” Salaries offered and go for a chance to get that Ring, which obviously
    is the ONLY thing, that these NBA Stars can’t buy….

  16. bangwi says:

    +I’m a Lakesr fan and I don’t mind who we have at the end of the day.Howard might be the better player between him and bynum, but i believe the gap between them has gotten closer. Bynum a better offensive player and Howard better at the other end. As for maturity Howard HAD the edge, but NOT ANYMORE. They are both immature

  17. zack says:

    You guys are all wrong. Greg Ostertag was the best center of all time. He is like two Dwight Howards.

    • Hunter says:

      LOL I love it! YOU ROCK! You guys are all wrong about Michael Jordan. Jeff Hornacek was the best SG of all time. He was like two Michael Jordans!!

  18. Adamz says:

    Listen.. Andrew Bynum is good… but with Steve Nash at the Point guard it makes perfect sense to get Howard… First of all.. Dwight… why NOT go to LA… forget it being Kobe’s team… but you really think Nash will not abuse a pick and roll with Howard?? who in this league is stopping that?? NOT OKC!!! NOT MIAMI!!! It adds a different dimension to the Lakers system if they get Howard because of they type of center he is. Which enable’s Kobe to chill and Nash and Howard can go to work… Kobe just…. closes the game! I think it will work and they will win if Dwight goes to LA… stop the nonsense and get the deal done… its about Rings…. when Kobe retires its HOWARD’S TEAM!!! 2 years? come on Dwight… get over Brooklyn and get to LA…

  19. Duck Fwight says:

    Send Houstons 3 Rookies, Future Draft picks and KMart to Orlando for Cry Baby Howard and get this saga overwith.

  20. Louiemdc says:

    L.A Can not Defeat OKC

  21. Admir says:

    How many rings does Howard have? Oh wait none..How many does Bynum have? By far last season Bynum was better then Howard, the only reason Howards stats are better is simply because Bynum was injury prone alot..

  22. 423 says:


  23. Glosh says:

    How about this
    Three team trade:

    Kings get – Andrew bynum, jason richardson
    Lakers get – Dwight howard and a 2nd draftpick from magic
    Magic get – DeMarcus cousins and a 1st draft pick from kings

    And then trade pau gasol for derrick williams so they can sign an extension for howard?
    What do ya think?

  24. Yoo says:

    Lakers vs Heat NBA Finals, I still think the Heat have advantage, I’d rather take Wade,LeBron and Bosh in their prime over a 33 Year old Kobe, a 32 year old Gasol and D.Howard

  25. CaliGirl says:

    Kobe’s contract is up in a couple of years so it’s time for someone new to carry the team to victory DH has the will power to do so and bring us more rings

  26. Kobe says:

    Howard has a lot of growing up too do. Crying to get on one team or the other. Pouting that he won’t extend. sounds to me he should still be in daycare.

  27. meekoy says:

    Let’s make it simple, with Andrew Bynum, lakers won’t win against the Heat in the finals.. but with Dwight Howard, now thats a whole different story..

  28. thenxtrayallen says:

    go to chi-town play with your fellow addidas man drose
    send boozer, john lucas, resign asik-send him, brewer, and mike james

  29. Andrew Bynum is the second best center in the league behind D Howard but dont think the gap between the two is a lot! Bynum has waaaaaay better low post moves and is a better shooter than Dwight. Bynum has been in thel eague one less year than Howard and has worked harder to add moves. Bynum is also is waaaay better free throw shooter, making him able to get touches when the games on the line.
    And Bynum has how many more rings than Howard?
    Twitter @twigganomics

  30. Dave says:

    Guys, put it this way. Trade or no trade, it doesnt matter. Lakers needs a pure shooter and dependable bench, period.

  31. tennenngg says:

    Maybe @Melo is Andrew Bynum

  32. 16going417 says:

    I’m tired of all this TALK. please do not mention Howard again until a deal is MADE……. Thank you!!!

    And for the record; it does not matter if Bynum is traded for Howard. They both are even IMO. They both have positives and negatives when it comes to health and game play. They both also have mental issues. So, it is a matter of which head case the Lakers want to deal with and I’ll take a player who can shoot free throws in crunch time and one who already knows the system.

  33. Joe08 says:

    this trade happened a long time ago if Dwight din’t let his pride take over… If he accepts his role on L.A he have a chance to win multiple championships A lot of players are dying to have that, let go of that stats, Ring is what you need!

  34. merryhairyfish says:

    Stop commenting that Lakers will win a dozen more championships with howard. With Howard, they will definitely improve, but they can not beat OKC or Heat. Okc and heat are in their prime right now,

  35. downunder kid says:

    “dwight can play defense and is not immature like a kid”

    Really you say that… With all this going on…

    Not a Laker or Magic fan but in many aspects I would have to say that Bynum is as Good as Howard. How would howards numbers be playing next to Kobe ? You know he gonna want his shots.. Bynum is a good future francise player that would be happy to stay in LA, Howard wont wont to be know as Shaq 2 + Lakers will need to take on bad contracts, I wouldnt say it wont happen id be surprised If he did and think it would be a bad move on lakers to do it.

    If Howard goes anywhere it’s the rockets it’s the only one that makes sence they are willng to take the risk of him not extending his contract if he wont they trade howard mid season to nets for lopez and others to build a foundation for Lin…

    Everyone wins

  36. Geoff says:

    3 team deal

    Lakers give up Bynum and Gasol for Howard
    Magic give up Howard for Bynum draft picks and cash
    Minnesota give up draft picks and cash for Gasol

    Make it happen NBA.

  37. charlie says:

    if i to own the magic i will trade Howard to Spain, and as long as the Vos Family own the magic will never win a champion.

  38. t says:


  39. Big Al says:

    Conspiracies have resulted in Chris Paul going to the wrong LA team, but I hope that doesn’t happen with Dwight Howard.

  40. John Shooter says:

    Howard is more of a beast than Bynum is.

  41. MARK says:

    Andrew Bynum is much better than Dwight Howard in the center position. I hope the Lakers won”t trade Bynum for Dwight Howard.

  42. lakers#1 says:

    as a lakers fan. i would like the team to have great players and as i read all the comments above. i do agree with them that the only key for another title run this year would be the howard trade. yeah, the lakers might end up in a trade mix with bynum and howard. and its uncertain that howard would sign an extension after signing him.

    but the lakers aint thinking outside the box. if they are so much sure that landing superman in la la land would give them a championship caliber team that would end up a shoo-in for the title and might end up winning it all. then the management has no problem.

    if they end up as the 2013 NBA Champions this season after signing howard, then that championship would be the trigger for him to either sign a extension, for a chance of a back to back title, which is 100% sure to be done with kobe playing for another year or leaving the laker land and end up with nothing again.

    kobe is deadly when he controls the rotation of the ball, now that he have nash, he would end up doing the scoring job again, while pau is a good scoring option. it would be a one-two punch signing howard and placing him in the middle, he would be a force in the paint. last, kobe living and growing with the triangle, would definitely add it as their deadly play. LAKERS 2013 NBA CHAMPIONS! 🙂 *** i have my fingers crossed! 🙂

  43. gryandkin says:

    a bird in the hand must be in the hand.

  44. magicfan says:

    howard why don’t you go to charlotte in exchange for firstround pick and other players in the charlotte bobcats

  45. Rhon says:

    dwight go to lakers now. dont waste your time to other teams. make do to go to lakers.

  46. Da Baws says:

    I guess Magic will trade Howard to the Lakers for spare change and a janitor then.


  47. 99 says:

    All I gotta say is “Good luck Mike Brown”

  48. atatna says:

    HOWARD IS A CRY BABY, SELFISH AND IMMATURE MAN. what happen to the nba now adays? the team managers must control their players attitude you can’t just let them dictate you what to do or where they want to go. Hope DH will change his attitude and stop being a spoiled brat…

  49. El Kapitan says:

    I like Andrew Bynum than Dwight Howard!… I don’t wanna see Superman wearing the Lakers jersey!..

  50. i love this GAME! says:

    im tired this Dwight drama come on lets move on and pls orlando go forward superman dont want to play w/ u so make a deal not to wait and loss in the end regret it.
    i love NBA but players dont think about the fans instead their luxury ego and fans live in miserable keep in waiting and waiting…Magic come on make up your mind!

  51. LakersKB24 says:

    @kobe4life For your information, Bynum is the no. 10 overall pick by the Lakers in the 2005 Draft, so why are you saying that he is not one of the top 10 picks? And we’re better off with Bynum that Howard, and GM Mitch, just sign Jordan Hill already and get more bench players that can give a huge scoring boost please. No more of that Howard stuff. Nash can make Pau and Bynum better.

  52. Lino24 says:

    The lakers need 3pts shooters to open up the floor, as for Howard i mean if he’s in it’s great, if not then i think bynum with Nash in will be very good, i still think the Lakers should go get Nowitzki from dallas and play again with nash and kobe. There’s no point for him to stay there when everyone left.

    • Blah says:

      What is wrong with you? Dallas picked up OJ Mayo, Elton Brand and Darren Collison. Dallas is playoff material yet again. Dirk and Kobe playing together, lol, never gonna happen.

  53. BARRY Vogel says:

    Ive been watching the NBA for 51 years. Most of you guys are looking at D. Howard as the second coming of Akeem the Dream but he is not even close to being a top 50 altime or top 50 active. If he was asked to write his masters thesis on his offinsive capabilities it would be all of 2 pages long, and when the game is on the line and hes fouled He cant make free throws to save his life. In the nine years hes been in the NBA Ive seen little or no advancement in foot work which is half the game for a center. He has shown no improvement in freethrow shooting.

    Andrew Bynum even though slower of foot and cant elevate because of his knees is far and away better offensively because of the advancement (under kareem) of his foot work. He is superior to D. Howard in freethrow shooting. The reason that Howards points per game is higher on average then Bynums is because howard is the number one option for the magic. If Bynum was getting the number of touches per game that Howard gets he would be number 2 or 3 in the league in scoring.

    D.Howard is damaged goods. He is not going to be able to sky the way he use to and hes not going to be as quick. That bulging disk was not a freek accident it was an over use injury from constant violent contact with hard wood floors.

    I was a distance runner and I was running so much that I pulverized the first disk in my lower lumbar and herniated the one next up from it. Ive never really fully recovered (and I sure as hell cant run anymore)

  54. lakersfan says:

    KOBE DID NOT SAY HE WOULD PUT UP HIS SHOES IN TWO YEARS….. He said we’ll see where i am in 2 years PERIOD…… do you think if we got howard won 2 rings he’d leave and pull a Jordan? I highly doubt that….. and by the way the only center that can be argued better than howard by accolades in the league right now is Kevin Love period..

  55. Ace24 says:

    dwight would be a great addition to the LAL, playing alongside pau, kobe, nash and MWP. but bynum right now is already a great player, especially since he grew over the recent season. but if bynum plays smarter and work more down the post or with his mid range shot, he will be in his prime along with the lakers!! but i say a center is not the most important deal the lakers should be investigating in, but they should be working with their small forward MWP. MWP is an amazing defensive player, but might as well bring in matt barnes when it comes into offense. MWP needs to make more shots on the offensive side and be the backbone of the team. he could be someone that could support the team all around, and he has the ability to be tht player! if LAL works on these little tweeks and work harder on their team plays, then they will forsure get a playoff name for next season! 😀

  56. Andrew says:

    I know Bynum is a better player than Howard then 10 years from now when Bynum is tearing it up and Howard is requesting to be traded/signing with a new team you guys will be like damn we should have kept Bynum he’s a BEAST!

  57. BynumSupporter@Manila says:

    Pleaseeeeeee…. Spare Drew… Lakers doesn’t have the likes of Steve in the past.. For sure, Steve would make Drew the best center.. Pau the best forward.. Go for a deeper bench and a shooter.. THAT”S IT!!!

  58. jay says:

    i have a funny feeling that after alll these talks, Howard is just gonna end up staying the year in Orlando

  59. Wayne K. says:

    They already got Nash. Lakers should be satisfied going into this coming season.

    • Blah says:

      lol that’s where you are very wrong. The Lakers are only satisfied by winning titles. Nash isn’t enough.

  60. noupal says:

    i think lakers need to trade bynum for kevin love instead of howard.
    love is good as a center and a great PF

  61. VivaLALA says:

    For the sake of discussion who is a better center Andrew Bynum because if you watch DHowards game he is more of a power forward than a Center, DHoward is a good player no doubt about that, usually the center position in NBA nowadays is the weakest in NBA history not like before the strength of NBA today is the Guard and Forward position. I choose Bynum as a better center because of his skills at the post. But he needs more time to develop his skills and maturity in his games since also of his injury and the most important is attitude on the court.

  62. BRR says:

    Horward can do two things: dunk and layup , common people. he cant shoot freethrow , no jump shop , and he is not teachable. his head is bigger than Magic GM. he is one main man which is superman…without a wing.
    he has no match for bynum. and bynum is long and better skill s….

  63. RAY says:

    All i have to say is bynum has a few more rings on his fingers than howard regardless of his teamates

  64. joe says:

    Once again, the best deal would be Bynum+Gasol for Howard+Richardson
    We know that Bryant + a great center = championship. Bryant is still very good, knows that he needs a big star in his team to get a new title. With Nash in the team, great distribution of the ball for the two scorers.

    Bynum´s potential is uncertain. He can become very slow in the future years, as he can become better. Magic would have to bet on this. As for Gasol, he isn´t as good as in his first years. He was exchanged for his brother. Well the brother was an all star in 2012, not Pau… Plus, it wouldn´t make sense to keep either Bynum or Gasol if Howard comes.

    And as it was said in other posts about the Lakers… What about changing of coach?

  65. socalskurrupted says:

    Dwight Howard should go to the Lakers. And whats this talk about Lebron being the King. With is one ring, he certainly not the King. Dwight is going to the Lakers, that’s why we got Nash, the Lakers are going to make a big change, and when I say BIG, Dwight Howard BIG.

  66. chigchig says:

    some of you people not wanting this trade to the lakers is silly if your a lakers fan.. howard and nash running the pick and roll with kobe on the wing as a kick out? c’mon man.. that is dream scenario that gives kobe more time on his career.. i dont care what anybody says.. BYNUM IS NOT BETTER THEN DWIGHT… PERIOD.. dwight has better numbers across the board bar FT% he is better in every facet of the game and more athletic so those rolls off the pick would be amazing.. and with Pau there by his side you cannot DT him.. and to those who think he isnt gonna get shots up.. bynum got as many shots as howard last year per game, so you know hes at least getting 20 a game and imo the lakers would go to howard more then they would bynum

  67. lakerfan says:

    if he comes to LA champions already

    • Blah says:

      I’m a Laker fan but shut up. You need to play to win and injuries happen. We still need scoring from our bench to win a title because OKC and Miami have youth on their side.

  68. high leaper says:

    of course the lakers will win championships with howard gasol and kobe, and the miami heat will cry,. but i want to see d will d howard, g wallace, j johnson and kris humpries, but i think that’s not possible anymore.. so go to lakers and i will be a lakers fan,. or better go to OKC in exchange of ibaka/perkins and harden, you’ll get 5 or more rings there with durant and westbrook

    • power serge says:

      Since i am both a OKC fan and a howard fan.. even with his antics.. he is still the best center in the league.. but OKC will unfortunately have no part in this.. you would of heard of it by now..

  69. okc says:

    i think that dwight howard should go to a team like the rockets because lal should not get rid of bynum. Bynum with a little more experience would be the best center in the league. howard has back problems( the lakers already have steve nash who has a high risk of back problems why get a center who could get injured too?)
    it would be nice tho if okc got rid of kendrick perkins(sorry) and cole aldrich/nazr muhhamed even collison for d howard. imagine this lineup: westbrook, sefolosha/harden, durant, ibaka, howard

  70. WEB says:

    These trade talks are going to last forever about Howard. It doesnt matter where he goes hes just gonna test the free agency after this upcoming season. Howards the one who made the stupid decision to sign an extnsion with the magic when his agent said dont. hes jusst a damn baby

  71. Minime says:

    I’m a Laker fan and i’m so over the whole debate between Howard/bynum already, i’m not really worried whether he comes or doesn’t either way I feel the Lakers Line up is already awesome; we just need to work on our bench …

  72. lbj says:

    Howard should be traded with Miami for haslem,turiaf,anthony and future round picks, not bad deal. If howard wants to get a ring he needs to play with the king. Lebron

    PG: Wade
    SG: Allen
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard

    6th man: Battier
    Strong Reserve: Lewis, Chalmers, Cole and Juwan Howard
    Result: Back to Back championship

    • MackDaddy says:

      Nah… get rid of Bosh.

    • Dolph Fin says:

      Yeah except that whole issue of cap space you utter fool!!!!!!!!!

      • Lakersfan says:

        Miami fans Don’t know What a cap space is, if it was up to them they will make the team out of franchise players. or the rule off cap space doesn’t apply to them. sorry but you fans are stuck with Bosh, Wade and James for a while before you guys can get someone like howard, Keep dreaming or wishing.

      • @Lakersfan but we won with them so wats to bemad about hes makin a joke heat on top with just the players they

  73. Minerbio's finest says:

    Please, remember: steve the genius may improve whoever (ask amar’e …). So, why changing bynum ? if they choose dh, they just add a boy without professionality, what they need is a proper supporting cast: a 6th man, a shooter … In one word: a good bench. Kobe and nash cannot play 48×82…

  74. Mavsfan says:

    Being a Mavs fan i dont have a dog in this fight. But, what i dont understamd is why would the Magic trade him to the Lakers for Bynum, when he”s going to be a free agent next yr as well. Bynum already stated he wasnt going to sign an extension either so y trade the devil you know for the one you dont?

    • bradders says:

      That’s a good point. Perhaps the Magic figure they have a better chance persuading Bynum to sign for them than they do getting Howard to re-sign after keeping him this season.

      But I think they will want a guarantee Bynum will sign before they trade for him, just as the Lakers will require a guarantee Howard will sign for them before they trade.

      Howard has got himself in a messy situation. He can’t be traded to the Nets now till January at the earliest, and he won’t be able to sign to a large contract with them as a free agent next summer as they have no cap space. He surely has to revise his list of teams he will re-sign with. Surely the Lakers are as good an option as any?

  75. Bugegong69 says:

    No Howard in LA…Bynum can be the center they need for the Trophy

  76. kobe4life says:

    you people saying that andrew bynum is bettter than dwight. you guys a just plane fools then. bynum does not get along with mike brown and is way too immature. and remind me oh yeah dwight was the 1st overall pick and bynum was not even one of top 10 picks. sure he has potential, but dwight is a year or two older than bynum, but the difference is huge both in both defense and offense and if dwight decides to sign an extension with lakers and decides not leave he will land himself a ring which is bound to make him stay in la for another couple of years and then the lakers have someting to build around after kobe retires.

    • TNT Junkie says:

      If Dwight wanted to go LA, he would have done that last year. He Opt in just because the LA trade talk back then. Plus he wanted to go to a team that treat him as a centrepiece of the game, he wanted to go to a big market (NY) to sell his merchants, he wanted to go to a team that would spend riduculous money to get role players for him but not to steal his thunder, ME ME ME and ME…

      SO PLZ refrain the use of “GREAT”, he is just a “GOOD” centre, that’s all. LA can do much better without him.

  77. BRR says:

    Bynum knows multiple shots , he can be unstopable in a year or two so why shoud we get rid off him.. HOWard cant shoot freethrow ,and he will throw the balls away all the time. missing freethrow is waste basket. He play out of the court during the playoff. he let gm down at orlando. lakerland will fall off the ocean if we get him. he almost chase out van gundy. he has no remorsed.and he will get everyone fire in the lakerland.

  78. Robiin says:

    Kobe + Nash + Dwight = FINALS!!!

  79. Nate says:

    I can see why in the long run the Lakers want to get Howard. I mean Kobe is going to be done in a couple more years, if he says that he’s going to retire at 35. Then who else would they have? Howard would be a star that they can build around when Kobe is gone. Although Bynum is one of the top centers in the league right now, I don’t think you can build a team around him as the main focal point. Howard has already proven that you can build a team around him.

  80. digitioli says:

    Lakers need bench players that can contribute every night.
    Howard is overrated and coming off of serious surgery.
    Nash will make Bynum, Pau, Kobe and everyone else playing with him better.
    Sign Jordan Hill already and get someone who can score off the bench!

    • Lakersfan says:

      Yes sign J Hill, I saw J Hill in the playoffs and he can be an animal on the board as a power forward at least 8 plus RPG at night, a good buck for Pao Gasol. and plus Nash can make Bynum a much better player as good as DH12, Is to bad that many of lakers fans are gving up AB17(Bynum), so quick, plus lets say we get DH12 and trade Bynum, and then dH12 don’t sign an extension, or his back is not as good it was and he can’t be a big time defender anymore, who loses at the end.? I Like DH12 but as a Lakers fan Am not sure if we can afford to take that big off a risk.

    • kei34 says:

      I really liked your comment with the exception that Howard is over-rated. It’s the only one on here that makes the most sense so far . But Howard being over-rated is really very far from the truth but the Lakers should concentrate on their core players and bench and they will come out ahead. If they trade for Howard, it will destroy their chemistry and Howard won’t stay because he does not want to play with Kobe. He was basically the second option in Orlando and he would be the same in LA and he doesn’t like that. Nash and Bryant will control the ball 90% of the time and look mostly for Gasol in the post. He will be the 3rd option because he is basically a dunker and it will only increase his frustrations. He is an Allstar not a role player and the current Laker players already know their roles in the offense and know what to expect. If he comes to LA, expect more drama and LA fans won’t like it. He will be shipped off to Brooklyn for Lopez as he wishes to be come Jan trade deadline. Its one reason the Nets signed him to a max contract so salaries can match. They will have no choice but to ship him off or let him walk and receive nothing in return.

  81. Melvin says:

    Howard just can’t stop loving drama, why lakers want him?
    Btw, he can only be the role who snatching rebound from Kobe’s missed shot LOL.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Same reason everyone wants him, 15 boards a game 23 points, almsot 2 blocked shots, ect…. must I continue? I want him on OKC because he is a monster and far better than ibaka and perkins.

    • Toocrunk says:

      What’s wrong with that? If Kobe miss a shot, you can bet Howard won’t. He is a monster under the basket…Especially after snagging an offensive rebound.

    • Blah says:

      Kobe won’t be missing the layups that Nash will help him get over and over again. Kobe may even shoot 50% this season 😉

  82. Ben H. says:

    Oh boy, more Howard trade talks…

  83. Magicfan3434 says:

    when magic drafted howard over okafor, i was pissed…then us in the panhandle realized he is a freak of nature and a monster under the basket defensively…that affection is gone…get rid of Howard for ANYTHING…ill take bynum…ill take world peace for gods sake…nobody wants a 6’11” man who acts like a teenage girl off the court…no respect for the game or the league

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Awww it sounds like deep down you are angry he is leaving. Sorry but saying you would take any other center or player over howard because he caused a little drama that didnt affect his play in the least is stupid and foolish. Im confident you have never met howard or had to deal with his drama in orlando, how about you stop crying foul and ride on his shoulders like orlando has been doing since he arrived.

      • Schemer21 says:

        Ok, maybe the drama surrounding him didn’t affect his play, but you can be sure it affected everyone around him. When a franchise player is constantly complaining about not having support, he is essentially telling the world that his teammates aren’t good enough. That has to affect his teammates mentally. Firstly they have to be thinking that he has no respect for them, and secondly they have to be thinking that he’s the franchise player, the organisation are going to bring in better players around him, i.e. that their future with Orlando is not secure. That’s the affect he’s had on the team.

    • TTKIN says:

      hahahahaha teenage girl, that was a good one.

      • Albert says:

        Totally agree with Schemer21. One thing going for Howard, however, is his defense. And Howard goes to the Lakers, they definitely will be the favorites. But still, the most important piece for the Lakers to win a title is missing. They’ve got to bring back Phil. I remember the time Shaq and Kobe were with a slew of other stars: Van Exel, Eddie Jones to name a few, and they still didn’t cut it.

  84. Tony says:

    No no would rather keep Bynum there really is no need for Howard besides with Bynum still developing plus (in my opinon) is a better player if not near DH

    • Bball fan says:

      to me, both of them are overrated, no heart and for sure not champion caliber. KG is much better and more productive in the playoff, even serge ibaka. my thought

      • sirsparhawk says:

        KG is too old, and even in his prime he wasnt as good as howard, or as dominant, but he played PF not center. A better comparison with KG is kevin love. Ibaka is good defensively but has a low basketball IQ, he was only pulled into the league because he is tall and athletic, he barely speaks english and knows the rules. Dwight is almost as good defensively and much better offensively.

      • lbj says:

        serge ibaka? are you serious? he didn’t do anything in the playoff!

      • Schemer21 says:

        I agree! Both completely overrated! I see comments above saying that Dwight doesn’t want to follow in Shaq’s footsteps, no worries there, Dwight will never follow in Shaq’s footsteps. Compare Shaq’s rookie season to Dwight’s best season yet – 2010-11 (His 7th season in the league:

        Shaq’s Rookie season: 23.4 PPG, 13.9 RBG, 3.5 BPG
        Dwight’s best season: 22.9 PPG, 14.1 RPG, 2.4 BPG.

        Shaq put those numbers up against Ewing, Hakeem, Robinson, Zo, Dikembe, Parish, Smiths, i.e. the era of great centres.

        What have we got today? Dwight and Bynum… Best of a really poor bunch.
        Totally overrated.

        Just get the trade over with, everyone is sick of hearing about it, and phone Lebron up and ask him to polish up the Super Villan Crown, there’s a new, over-paid, childish, superstar who seems to continously take bad advice from those around him, who’s gonna wear the crown next season..

    • sirsparhawk says:

      No, not even close to howard. Howard does so much more than bynum, he is being carried by kobe. DH is a better option for bynum unless lakers dont wanna win anymore rings.

  85. johnny dawson says:

    Bynum is less risky. Howard’s back is a big question mark. The Lakers should keep the team they have. Bynum should have a new attitude with Nash being on the team, and Nash should help their chemistry. I am a Laker’s fan, and I appreciate the wisdom of Mitch, who often undrstands that the best trade sometimes is the one you do not make.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Less risky? bynums stats are extremely inconsistent, lakers with howard will have a better shot at a title in 1 year than with bynum in 5. Especially after kobe retires.

      • Johnny says:

        @ sirsparhawk, What happens to Howard when Kobe retires though? Did you see how quickly he got frustrated with the lack of talent around him at Orlando… What’s gonna stop him from doing that again when Kobe does retire? At least Bynum is committed to the Lakers. With Howard we don’t even know if he wants to come to L.A. As for the injury problems.. Bynum only missed one game due to an ankle injury, not knee. Dwight Howard missed more games due to a more serious injury and there’s still no guaruntee that he’ll be 100% fit and ready to go come training camp which is a big disadvantage joining a new team.

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Idk what DH will do when kobe retires, but he is still less risky than bynum. He has an extremely healthy body and doctor says he is to have a complete recovery, he will most likely be fine. Its best to wait till the time comes till we start to speculate.

    • WEB says:

      i’m a lakers fan too but bynum is risky as well with his knees. and byum is too inconsistent. if he does bad we lose, he does good and we win. howard is more consistent but is back is also an issue. but could possibly be better as a laker than bynum

    • Common Sense says:

      his back was an issue, but he had surgery and should be good. bynum has kness problems and was great right after surgery, he might need to undergo surgery again soon. Howard is defintely less risky

  86. Me says:

    Rockets ain’t going nowhere, Knicks are with or without Lin

  87. two says:

    No please stop it please.

  88. LordP says:

    If Howard goes to the Lakers Ko Be gonna end up with 7or more titles..

    • sirsparhawk says:

      2 at best, kobe said he plans on retiring in 2 years.

      • two says:

        No, he said he hasn’t though about it yet. Did you even read the article?

      • sirsparhawk says:

        I watched the interview, when kobe first came into the league he said he will play till 35 and retire, when asked whats going on with that kobe said he still plans on it but it might change when the time comes. So yes I did WATCH the article so to speak, Im not saying he wont continue, just that he says retiring at 35 is still an option.

      • hooplover says:

        two, i didn’t read the article but i saw the video and out of kobe’s mouth came these words, “it’s a possibility”! you can’t trust everything you read my freind!!!!!!

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Its true but he also said that he still plans on retiring in 2 years, that it is a possibility but he might change his mind like so many players do.

    • WEB says:

      Kobe is not going to play 7 more years. If Lakers get Howard they have a high chance of winning the finals this year with kobe nash and howard and the other bench and role players on the team. but it depends if howard would sign an extension with the Lakers for the next year.

      • power serge says:

        @ WEB He only said kobe would end up with 7 or more.. that would only require 2 more years.. not 7…he already has 5.

      • Malachi says:

        if lakers get howard hes not going to be happy, he said he doesnt want to be like the real superman (shaq) he does not want to follow in shaqs foot steps so if he does go to lakers hes leaving the following year so dont get happy laker fans keep bynum oh and by the way bynum & howard are both immature bynum shoots 3’s comes out with a big boom box on his shoulder during warm ups dosnt listen to coaches… and howard well you guys all know that stuff no need to say but as far as best center in the league right now its howard end of story.

      • hooplover says:

        good job “power serge”, lol

  89. Gabe says:

    I hope he goes to the lakers. I wanna see lakers vs. heat finals.

  90. Melo says:

    Andrew Bynum is a better center than Dwight.

    • FettaFetta says:


      • power serge says:

        very false.. not even close… fool..

      • ashton says:

        umm yes he is, he’s younger and is already putting up great stats for a big man, yes a little less than howard but the investment is full of possibility.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      LOL hahahahahah scoreboard, no he isnt. 2009 playoffs proved otherwise, even in the 3 years growth of bynum howard got even better. Bynum has only been in the league 1 less year than howard, not a gap worth mentioning, and howard is far superior to bynum. Ask any non biased person little fanboi.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Thats a joke right? Check out the stats, and dont say stats dont mean jack because they do. Howard is better in 90% of hte catagories. He is more dominant on defense, and offense. Fanbois today.

      • Luis says:

        Howard has better stats because he is on the Magic. Bynum would have better stats than Howard if he played in the Magic

      • Jordan says:

        Did you just bring up the 2009 playoffs??? You do realize a lot has happened since then right? Bynum is a starting All-Star now. I’m not going to say he is better than dwight, but if i were the magic, i would take a trade like that in a heartbeat.

    • Mando says:

      Bynum has a lot of growing up to do, he needs to post up and dunk the ball, he needs to stop shooting 3-pointers and needs to listen to the coaches. thank he may be better than Howard or even the best in the league

      • Pete says:

        Your argument is Bynum is not better because he doesn’t listen to the coaches? At least Bynum doesn’t run his coach out of town.

    • lbj says:

      that is true only if howard only has 1 leg, 3 eyes, 3 fingers on each hands so on and so forth!

    • spencer says:

      Melo, a constant reminder Darwin was right.

    • people these days says:

      no!!! How u obviosly dnt know basketball dwight can play defense and is not immature like a kid ……. people these

    • MackDaddy says:


      On what do you base this silly comment on?

    • Shobee says:

      Yeah. I am a diehard Lakers fan and love Bynum but Howard is definitely a better Centre

    • Next year, we will do it again! says:

      But still, why give up the second best centre for the best centre? LAL also need to give up other peices and take on bad contracts. I won’t say Drew is better, but I don’t think it is worth it and I don’t think it will happen.

    • Albert says:

      Well, Bynum is the closest there is to Howard. But that statement definitely invites violent reactions. Specially since it’s evident your statement comes from the fact that you simply just don’t like Howard. Just utterly baseless. It’s not a matter of how likeable Howard is. He makes the most stupid decisions but at the end of the day, he still is, hands down, the best center (only now) in the NBA. It’s just how it is.

    • Leo says:

      Hard to even see the day when that could happen, being as inconsistent as he is. But it is alright, when Howard is a Lakers you will probably think otherwise!

    • John Talvi says:

      You must be on PURE crack to think that Bynum is better than Howard. Pau was the second man when the Lakers won the two titles after Shaq’s Departure not Bynum and despite the fact that he was younger than he still hasnt gotten them anywhere today and dont bring that “hes developing still bs”, How many years does the guy need, 5 more? Howard and Kobe today = at least making the NBA finals if not winning it. Throw Steve Nash into the mix and it’s guaranteed

    • NBAFAN101 says:

      dwight is a big baby

      • Johnny says:

        Gotta think though, Bynum is still 24 and Howard is 26 coming off back surgery that ended his season… How healthy he will be come regular season remains to be seen, I know back injuries don’t just go away it take a lot of rehab and time for them to heal and even then they stick around to an extent. Bynum just played an All-Star year while Howard let the distraction of wanting to be traded ruin his season so we’ll never really be able to compare the two players 2011-2012 seasons fully… All i know is i’d like to see Bynum stay and see how he develops under the Lakers program a little more because in the long run I reckon it’ll be a HUGE debate in the next few years as to who is the better player Bynum vs Howard. I do however feel that to succeed and keep going the way he went this season Bynum needs the supporting cast around him which he won’t really have in Orlando.