Nets Continue Splurge, Re-Sign Kris Humphries For 2 Years, $24 Million

The Brooklyn Nets’ unprecedented offseason spending spree continued Tuesday by agreeing to terms with starting power forward Kris Humphries on a two-year, $24 million contract, according to sources.

The 24-year-old Humphries averaged a double-double (13.8 points, 11 rebounds) last season for the Nets, finishing fifth in the league in rebounds per game and displaying his talents for scoring without plays being called and keeping possessions alive with his ability to hit the offensive boards. He looked like he’d be a cap casualty earlier in free agency as Brooklyn spent lavishly on keeping Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace and Brook Lopez, and took on the remaining $89 million of Joe Johnson‘s contract in a trade with the Hawks. But sources indicated last weekend that Humphries was likely to return to the Nets rather than accept a contract offer from the Charlotte Bobcats.

Brooklyn owner Mikhail Prokhorov is a billionaire and one of the world’s richest men, but his outlay this month has been stunning, even in the max contract world of the NBA. Prokhorov has okayed a $98 million contract for Williams, assuring the Nets would retain their franchise player; a $60 million extension for Lopez, a $40 million extension for Wallace, $24 million for Humphries, the aforementioned $89 million for Johnson, $9.5 million for European forward Mirza Teletovic, $5 million for free-agent forward Reggie Evans (acquired in a sign-and-trade with the Clippers), and $2.5 million for free agent guard C.J. Watson. Including a veteran minimum deal for guard Jerry Stackhouse, the Nets have committed somewhere in the neighborhood of $330 million in new deals since the start of the free agent period July 1.

The Nets were players for Orlando’s Dwight Howard for the last year, with Howard insisting Brooklyn was the only place to where he wanted to be traded or sign a contract extension. But after re-signing Lopez, who was expected to be the centerpiece of any trade offer the Nets made to Orlando for Howard, Brooklyn will have to wait months to be able to make a pitch. The Nets cannot trade Lopez under the rules of the new collective bargaining agreement until Jan. 15. The Magic have been talking to other teams about Howard in the interim, with the Rockets aggressively pursuing Howard even though he’s said he wouldn’t re-sign in Houston if traded there.

But if Howard is still in Orlando in January, Humphries’ contract would be a significant potential trade chip. The Nets had been talking about a three-year contract for Humphries, but by basically giving him the same amount in two years, his deal becomes much more palatable to a team like Orlando, which wants short contracts for veterans and young players on rookie deals, along with Draft picks, for Howard.

In the interim, however, the Nets have put together a very strong rotation as they move to Brooklyn and begin play at the Barclays Center next fall. The trade for Johnson, a six-time All-Star, was the tipping point for Williams to decide to return rather than go to his hometown of Dallas and play for the Mavericks. The Nets gambled that they’d be able to keep Wallace after trading what became the number six pick overall for him, and won. After getting Humphries back, the Nets will probably sign one more free agent — a backup center — and then try to start making Prokhorov’s money back.


  1. the rock says:


  2. downunder kid says:

    joe johnson is worth it what you talking about man this guy will be a beast next to D-will and johnson in the hawks did not have a PG like d-will and im loving the hell out of the moves the brooklyn nets are doing im gald humphries is back hes a great player


  3. Boy Pick-up says:

    Lakers will still rule the NBA. Booom!

  4. Andrea says:

    Kris Humphries is not 24. He is 27

  5. BYOUNG407 says:

    Honestly Not Getting Dwight Howard Was A Great Move – Top 4 In The East ! Championship Bound One Day !

    PG – Williams
    SG – Johnson
    SF – Wallace
    PF – Humphries
    C – Lopez

    Bench – Watson, Brooks, Stackhouse. Teletovic, Evans

    Great Starters. Good Bench .. Howard Will Cost To Much Money & Players To Give Up Wise Also Possessions With Bad Shot Attempts… Lopez Is Not Howard But He Knows His Role. Humphries Over-payed though. Contract Should Be 3 years 24 Million Keep The Core Of The Team Together As Long As Possible

  6. Krespino says:

    The Nets don’t have to win over Miami Celtics Chicago in their first year, it will be fully satisfactory if The Nets will rank better than The knicks… That would be some nice progress…for the worst team in the NBA. Achieving such a jump would surely cost big money; in their position The Nets can not possibly attract good players otherwise.
    If the Russian wants to spend an extra $50 or $80 m undeservedly, that should be his problem. And it might not be his problem either, for a man who made like $20 billion at a young age…
    Let us see an exciting Nets team !!

  7. beede says:

    he is 27, not 24

  8. Magicfan3434 says:

    Dwill makes JJ a near 50% shooter…two star guards plus wallace, lopez, and humphries giving 100% effort all the time (they play the game right) will turn into a serious playoff team…not ready to challenge miami, boston, or bulls, but if they all stay healthy this team will make a real splash

  9. Luca says:

    love the nets team, cant wait to see them next season. i guess its about p6 to 8 in ecf

  10. Letsgoraps says:

    Not a championship team… yet. Way too much money spent for this kind of team. I mean, I understand that the guy’s rich and all, but they could gotten much better pieces then this. Instead of trading for JJ, they could spent their money on OJ Mayo. Much younger than Johnson, and they would’ve saved loads of money. And how are all these players going to mesh together? Joe Johnson needs the ball to be effective, and that takes away from D-Wills ability to get everyone involved, so Humphries and Lopez won’t be able to do as much either. It might work out, but don’t expect Williams, Johnson, and Lopez all to be dropping 20 every night, and Humphries and Wallace to score 10-15 points. I might be wrong, who knows. Maybe they’ll work together, and take it all this year. But I still wouldn’t put them ahead of the Heat and Celtics for the East.

  11. yup says:

    wow the nets,raps,kings,wiz,hornets,n warriors r gona hav breakout seasons this yr good offseason to these teams

  12. yup says:

    wow the nets,raps,kings,detroit ,hornets,n warriors r gona hav breakout seasons this yr good offseason to these teams

  13. Role Players says:

    Nets should get Shannon Brown, Brandon Rush, Ronnie Brewer or Josh Childress for scoring and defensive back up guards/forwards.

    Kenyon Martin or Antwan Jamison for rebounding or scoring Power forward and Javale McGee as back up center for easy alley-oops.

  14. Bulls2012 says:

    Dont count out the Bulls…get Capt Kirk back to ride the ship untill Drose gets baack!..Hopefully the Bulls can be above 5-10 games over .500 when Drose gets back and Luol Deng gets healthy…The Bulls will be a really hard out in the playoffs with that beast D they play…I still think the Miami Heat are going to win back to back (as much as it kills me to say that)..but witht the bulls getting some cap room in the next couple of years and amensty Boozer..The Bulls can retool and make a run at the championship with a better offense!! LETS GO BULLS

    • Mark. NYC says:

      Too bad D.Rose doesnt want a talent bigger than himself playing on the Bulls.Good Luck

  15. Plezzzzzz what a joke team. I guess this is what people do when they got tooooooo much moooooonnnnneeeeeeyyyy!
    Yaaap make it rain Russaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnn!

  16. Dmitri says:

    The days of 1 cent nets tickets are gone

  17. Jr. Vince says:

    Knickfan212 – um yeah your comment is false, your just saying that cuz your a knick fan. back off. lol Lopez is not injury prone at all. he was def hurt last season but before that he pretty much started all his games since he got into the league 5 years ago. Do your research. We def have a good squad with pretty decent backups. We have made great improvements over the 3 years and we are ready to make the playoffs and show all of you that we are the best team in NY – even tho im from NJ Ive always been a nets fan! Let’s Go Nets! Our Squad is beast and def a 4-5 seed in the east.
    SG- JJ
    C. LOPEZ


  18. Rich says:

    When will the Russian billionaire realize that he is approving US$ contracts not Russian Ruble ?!
    I won’t be surprised if they sign another player or 2 for 8M per year !

  19. netfan2000 says:

    Pepole Humphries is not worth $12 mil a year. For that kinda money they could have bid on Scola… Eventhouhg I am not sure they could have bid on him according to the new CBA rules.

  20. Yo says:

    Aside from the heat, Brooklyn will have the highest attendance and will sell sell sell. Jerseys, season tickets for future seasons, and although this seems pretty reckless the guy sees the big picture. His sitting on a gold mine, basketball in Brooklyn!

  21. Go Celtics says:

    The Nets improved a lot but even with their roster right now they couldn’t beat teams like the celtics heat and pacers.

  22. knickfan212 says:

    If D. Will gets hurt, Johnson, Wallace, Lopez, Humphries or whoever else they have can’t take up the slack. None of them are consistent threats. Johnson may have a few breakout games but he’s really no big game power house. Lopez is alright but he’s a work in progress and injury prone, Nothing about this team says championship.

    • Hey Knickfan…If Kobe gets hurt, Labron, Durant….Melo…?? Not many teams win big with their star out. Joe J is clutch, I have seen him score 20 in the second half to win games. He gets doubled everywhere he goes. Don’t think teams can afford to do that in Brooklyn. He has too many good players around him now. Of course they won’t be as good without D-Will, who would?

    • Mark. NYC says:

      You ppl that dont watch Hawks game shhhhhhhhhh. Joe is the truth

  23. Richie says:

    thanks to Russian billionaire.Nets are reviving now. excited to see them in the floor.Go nets win.get some champ rings.but wait thats not easy.prepare for the HEAT and the LAKERS.dont forget the Thunder.Best of luck Nets

  24. Knick4Life says:

    It doesn’t matter… the Nets are jinxed. They always have a major injury to a major position and sometimes two.
    Kerry Kittles , Richard Jefferson, Kenyon Martin, Jason Kidd, Derrick Coleman, Jinliain recently Sean May, Brooks Lopez, Keith Bogans, The list will forever go on! I would never want to play for that team.

    LOL. Going nowhere forever.

  25. willie says:

    i don’t understand this CBA rule of not trading after signing a free agent… lopez signed acontract and can’t be traded til jan 15th; However, nash signed a contract with the phoenix suns and then got traded to the lakers while phoenix gets draft picks.

    a sign and trade is what it says… sign and trade, why cant they do the same to lopez?

  26. The nets are the the second best in the east. JJ shot 47% in 3’s the last season he played with Nash. D-Will is just what he needed. I didn’t miss watching many Hawks games over the last several years. This man can flat out play ball. His contract, like it or not, doesn’t change what he can do.

    • Mark. NYC says:

      Thank You. Some fans dont know jack. Its hard to be a beast when you have to do everything for your team Isolations,quck shots when clock is running down.

  27. mAtt says:

    Mikhail Prokhorov wont be a owner for very long….

  28. Mac says:

    so they just re-signed their team from last year and added Joe Johnson.. not a huge improvement, Johnson is solid but not a superstar. They will most likely make the 5 or 6 seed in the east, but they are still well behind Miami, Boston, Chicago, Indiana and maybe Philly. The biggest improvement may be their new logo and jerseys.

    • hornetsfan says:

      behind philly?? lou williams just signed with the hawks and elton brand with the mavs…. that being said, the nets will be better than philly this year.

      1 miami
      2 chicago
      3 indiana
      4 brooklyn
      5 boston
      6 new york
      7 atlanta
      8 philly (6 through 8 will be close and could go either way, and dont forget about milwaukee)

  29. Ben H. says:

    At this point there’s no reason why the Nets can’t at least get into the playoffs. I think their roster now is stronger than if they had traded for Howard.

  30. jhmertens says:

    Anyone else think that the nets are shaping up to be the biggest waste of budget spending ever? I mean, Deron Williams is a given, but Joe Johnson/Gerald Wallace/Brook Lopez/Kris Humphries… Does that really sound like a team that’s championship caliber? I mean, that’s the goal right, if you’re going to spend this kind of money?

    Johnson really isn’t a big time playoff player (look at all of the hawks disappointing playoff runs to see what I mean) and I don’t think Gerald Wallace is either. In fact, Wallace is getting to the point of being a bit washed up in my mind. And Lopez and Humphries are both solid but by no means dominant in their positions. I see them third or fourth seed, getting taken out in the second round by bulls or celts or heat. Just saying.

    • Ifyoujustplayball says:

      ….and that is a BIG improvement !!!

    • magic fan says:

      johnson is overpaid and getting old and i agre that they arent a championship team just yet. that is a lot of money to not be that kind of team. if lopez goes down (which is very likely) they are finished. i dont think they can get past the celtics and certainly not the heat

      • michael says:

        Johnson is way overpaid but the players they put together make them a very good team.

    • Zach Gillette says:

      Don’t forget what Deron Williams had to play with in Utah and how far that team got.

  31. lbj says:

    Humpries should not resign to Nets since this team will never ever gonna win a championship as long as the the Miami trio are living! He needs to sign with Miami and trade for Turiaf. Not a bad deal. If he wants to get a ring he needs to play with the king “Lebron”

    • Ifyoujustplayball says:

      ….lol……..there is an echo here in these blogs……

    • Jordan says:

      Williams=5 >Chalmers=3
      Johnson=4 < Wade=5
      Wallace=4 Any Heat Center=1

      Totals Nets=21, Heat=18
      The heat are still the champs and have ridiculous talent, but the nets might have the better starting five. Overall, if heat win i think it will be more because of their bench of allen, wallace, miller, and cole. If Nets win i would say its because of the heats lack of interior presence.

    • MGIC CORE says:

      Well keep dreaming Miami Heats won a championship like ” The one-eyed is King in A blind country ” All of good teams in NBA has a lot injuries key players, with the exeption of OKC.The Heat play better than OKC and they deserve the Championship.Right now they made good adquisitions with Rashad Lewis, and Ray Allen, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to win again.Remember this following season will be a regular schedule so there will be less injuries, so more competition and if Howard goes to L.A.this year! Goodbye Heat see you HA<HA< !

  32. aa says:

    Lopez+Williams+Wallace+Humphries+Johnson = over 300$ mln o_O. Russians have the money 🙂

  33. markangelo says:

    This team will continue to attract bandwagonners great turn around of the team that’s why Deron choose to stay because of great management skills of their gm billy king, cant wait to see brooklyn versus miami, im a heat fan i just appreciate the team’s improvement

    • Nest4Real says:

      Bought my season tickets back in April believing that ownership would come through….and even if not, a new arena in Brooklyn was exciting enough. And now….I feel like the guy whose longshot horse came in. And although it would have been great to get Dwight, now it is the perfect mix of true Nets like Lopez and Kris, newer guys like D-Will, Brooks, and Wallace, and fresh faces like Johnson and Evans. We even have the old school all star, Stackhouse, for the feel good element. When is the first game already?

  34. mike says:

    they are going to be a hard team to beat deep playoff team

  35. Travis says:

    WTF Kris Humphries on a two-year, $24 million contract? Mikhail Prokhorov really must hate the US dollar to be spending money this recklessly!

  36. david says:

    now we need to get a backup SF and C

  37. overrated says:


  38. Mark. NYC says:

    Love Prokhorov’s and Nets ability to turn Nets into a powerhouse overnight. What a team. You got a perfect complement of stars and role players. You dont need a whole bunch of stars in my opinion.Especially after watching USA get a scare from Brazil. I wouldnt give up the world for Howard on Jan.15. Dont gut the team for Howard. Your gonna be good already.Plus your still gonna need a third team because Magic wants to get rid of their blunders(jrich,turkoglu contracts). Knicks did same thing had a good team with Gallo,W.Chandler,Amare,Felton then gutted the team and got much worse. Role players are soooo underrated. Get Howard without giving up the world and being worse.Howard could have let his contract play out last season and this would be a non issue.

  39. Now that’s an owner who isn’t afraid to spend. Not sure if the Joe Johnson deal was worth it, since the guy is clearly overpaid.

    • david says:

      joe johnson is worth it what you talking about man this guy will be a beast next to D-will and johnson in the hawks did not have a PG like d-will and im loving the hell out of the moves the brooklyn nets are doing im gald humphries is back hes a great player

    • Mark. NYC says:

      Youll See. Smoking Joe is as good as advertised. Especially with a good p.g. He brought a terrible Hawks franchise who won what 25-30 games b4 he came to the playoffs every year. He played point when he first arrived too. Now he has one of the top 5p.g on his team. He’s a team player. YOULL SEE

    • dattebayo says:

      Contrary to those two opinions above mine, I can easily proof that JJ is way overpaid. Joe Johnson has a larger contract than Kevin Love, Kevin Durant, Lebron James, ,Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard. Has he ever had a bigger impact or accumulated more personal accolades than those players mentioned above? Clearly not.

      He is a multiple Allstar and the Hawks made the Playoffs every year, but his numbers have steadily declined. At this point of his career, that contract is way too heavy and a burden on every franchise in the league. If the Nets don’t get something done in the next 2-3 seasons, they will amnesty him for sure…

      • Mark. NYC says:

        I said he’s as good as advertised. I dont think he’s worth that money but with that being said he was worth it for the hawks at the time. He walks they’re in the lottery. So it depends on the team. His numbers decline primarily because of the way the hawks used him. Iso Joe is his name .Now he’s playing with good players. Kevin Love cant even get to the playoffs shhh. Everyone knows Joe was overpaid,ppl that understand basketball know why. I guess youll be talking about Lin being overpaid in Houston. You know why though they see the talent and the off court money they will make. Sometimes you overpay. Im sure nobody thinks Amare is worth that contract now or b4 but they had to do it after failing to get Lebron. Melo hasnt won jack either

      • Mark. NYC says:

        you dont know who Nets will amnesty. They have a boatload of big contracts you dont know who will get amnestied. Regardless if they flop or not. Joe is the reason D.Will was sold on the Nets. So if they amnesty him, you got a grumpy p.g. Joe arrived in Atlanta and went to the playoffs immediately.Love been there what 2-3 years and nothing. Thats y he’s complaining now. Love is an incredible talent dont misunderstand me. Joe took bums to the playoffs. Underachieving Marvin Williams,Teague just got good ,Josh Smith just started displaying offense this year. Horford been a dog. Not many players could have done what Joe did really.

  40. Lakersfan says:

    Why The Lakers didn’t offer to humphries he would be a good back up for Gasol.?

  41. Steve says:

    I’ve heard they have interest in signing Darko Milicic, most likely for the veteran minimum. A backup forward wouldn’t be bad either, so maybe they could target Lakers’ Matt Barnes or the Kings’ Donte Greene, both would probably be open to sign the veteran minimum.

    • Mark. NYC says:

      They have Gerald Green back up three. I think they still have sheldon williams backup 4. If they get Darko backup5.C.J watson backup1. Brooks backup2. Not bad.

  42. Spurrred says:

    For once I can actually say I can not wait to see a Nets Game, great job to the management

    • david says:

      i agree 100% with ya

    • Jordan_Himself says:

      J.J. is a waste of money, when it comes down to it….can he create his own shot??? JJ did not carry the Hawks… it was Jamal Crawford… u r paying a guy 20+mill a year who CANNOT CREATE his own shot… Chuck even stated it millions of times on TNT… JJ is not a legit all-star… He is an allstar by default. Real allstars don’t come up with 7 or 9pts in the playoffs. REAL allstars can create their own shot. The money that this guy makes should be given to charity!

      • MGIC CORE says:

        I agree too.J>J> is a good player but but his lack of consistency make him a regular player, far to be an star.I think he is overrated,overpaid, is resume overestimated. Nets made a big mistake with him. Good choice with Kris Humphries and of curse retain Deron Williams a plus!