Mavericks Rebound Well From Misses

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The next time Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle says he doesn’t want or need your sympathy, you might want to take him at his word.

Nothing will change the fact that Deron Williams spurned his hometown team for the Brooklyn Nets and Steve Nash decided to take his talents to Hollywood and join the Los Angeles Lakers. Free agent veterans Jason Kidd and Jason Terry are gone, taking their championship memories to New York and Boston, respectively.

There are certain risks involved in free agency that you have to be willing to stomach and move on from if you’re a team like the Mavericks, a team trying to reconstitute itself on the fly without the benefit of a sure thing move that can solidify your process. All they had was a chance to get Williams, the top prize on their summer to-do-list. But only a chance, and nothing more.

Unlike some franchises that would have gone into panic mode and started acting out of character to save face and try to salvage the summer, the Mavericks did what championship franchises do, they settled in and went about the task of trying to repair whatever damage was done with one shrewd move after another.

First up was stealing Darren Collison from the Pacers in a trade for a backup center. Then you sign Chris Kaman to a one-year deal, claiming Elton Brand off waivers and now comes the agreement with O.J. Mayo on a reported two-year deal, with a player option for the second year.

This isn’t exactly rebuilding for the long-term future, since all of these guys that have been acquired are joining the fold on expiring or basically one-year deals (all of which allows the Mavericks to fight another day in free agency, as early as next summer).

So it is indeed a reconstitution more than an actual rebuild, with an extension of the franchise’s 12-year playoff run in mind, as well as it is recognition of the fact that the great Dirk Nowitzki only has a limited number of years remaining to carry a group without a serious upgrade in help.

The Mavericks will have to rely on youngsters like Dominique Jones and rookies for significant contributions for the first time in years, something that hasn’t been the case in quite some time. But with just Nowitzki and Shawn Marion remaining as regular contributors from their championship team from two years ago, what choice do they have?

After listening to Carlisle talk from the announcing table in Las Vegas about the Mavericks trying to change up and play a completely different style lets you know that change, as it always has been and always will be for any team trying to stay relevant in the championship discussion, is simply a part of the process.

That’s why the additions of both Kaman and Brand could make this team a different animal this season.

“I don’t think the Mavericks have ever had, or at least in recent years, a center that can step out and shoot the ball at 18 feet,” Carlisle said. “Something like that helps Dirk a lot with space on the inside. When you crowd it up with guys that are dunkers and in the paint type guys, it makes it harder and harder. We feel like the ability to shoot mid-range for bigs is critical, and any time you can get guys to stretch it out to the [3-point line] like Dirk can, it’s a real advantage for you.”

An even bigger advantage for the Mavericks would have been cashing on Williams or even Nash.

But in the absence of those home run moves happening, the Mavericks have done the next best thing. They’ve remade themselves on the fly and done so in a manner that allows them to correct any mistakes that might have been made sooner rather than later.


  1. jim says:

    i really love reading LBJ’s comments.. its really funny.. haha! specialy for the howard trade… hehe!
    It always starts with.. If you guys want to win a ring. go and join the KING! hahaha!….
    Man u always made my day.. but you as well makes people MAD at you.. haha but dont wori.. for me ur funny

  2. Bob M says:

    Rick Carlisle is a great coach and the Mavs will make the playoffs. However, he will have his work cut out for him. They are not an athletic team or have great individual defenders. I wouldn’t call this a big “save,” I would call making the best out of a huge screw up. You dumped your salaries for Deron and Dwight and got neither. You got Brand, Mayo, and Kaman as a consolation prize. I hope Vinsanity is ready to turn back the clock and Dirk is in shape this year.

  3. BYOUNG407 says:


  4. The Mavs, no matter what moves they make, won’t be competing for the western title let alone the finals. The moves made were a last ditch effort to suit up a sell-able product. So soon everyone forgets the domination the Thunder hold on the west, so soon they forget how dominated they in turn were by the top team in the east. Unless the Lakers can get the defensive presence that is Dwight Howard they west is a one horse show. Unfortunately for the thunder that show will be an encore in the end.

  5. roldan says:

    lol mavs will fight for the champ. this season,,,,,,
    with dirk, mayo, kaman, marion, cunningham, brand, and the rest,
    mavs will be the contender,,,,

  6. Magicfan3434 says:

    I love, i mean LOVE Dirk…this team is solid really, but Mayo is streaky, Kaman is slow, and Collison can’t shoot outside…first round oust at best…RIP dirk you will be missed

  7. big cat says:

    dirk, a true champion, won the title being the only star player with a good supporting cast, didn’t have to leave to form a superteam with two other top ten players , lebron couldn’t do that, ask the folks in cleveland

  8. Yap Mavs is the best team in wild west???
    Oooooooppppppppsssss juuuuuuuussssssssst kiiiiiiiiddddddddsdiiiiiiiinnnnnn.
    Mavs fans r looooooossssseeeeerrrrrs.

  9. Aero says:

    I am confused as to why we would sign Mayo to a multi-year contract but not, say, Jason Terry or Tyson Chandler? Don’t get me wrong, I like the addition of Mayo, I just think that If Cuban and Donnie were willing to sign him to a multi-year deal, we should have at least been able to for Chandler and JET.

  10. dirk 101 says:


  11. dirk 101 says:


  12. dirk 101 says:


  13. Go Celtics says:

    Honestly I see the mavericks in 7th place in the west losing to the lakers in 5 games

  14. K says:

    Mino, They are not equal to their 10-11 championship run. Thats like saying I can replace Einstein’s brain with yours and Einstein would still be a genius. The MAVS don’t Kidd running the Point anymore. This team is not the same.

  15. Lakersince76 says:

    Kamen Brand Dirk Marion Hmmm Definately a half court offense. And getting back on defense?? Oh Boy

    • Rich says:

      No coach would put these 4 players together on the court at the same time. Never underestimate Mavs defense. They’re one of the best in the league.

  16. jake says:

    wooh nice move MAVS!!!!

  17. Hunter says:

    Im excited about all of this! And Dirk doesn’t even need nescessarily all star talent but just good, solid, hardworking pros aka Kamen, Brand, Mayo, Dahntay Jones, and Collinson and Delonte West

  18. Hunter says:

    I know it’s soon but I am really excited about all of this. All their pickups have Expiring contracts, that can make them play very hard for something more next year. Similar to when Jj Barea, Tyson Chandler and the Jet were playing for another contract had helped. Either resign Delonte or get a solid backup center.
    I would trade Roddy and see if they can somehow aquire Jose Chalderon

  19. JK says:

    For the most part (other than letting Chandler go) I give Cuban & Donnie credit. They know the available talent, and seem to know how to invest. A little surprising with DWill, but I’m sort of glad about Howard – he’s becoming a real head case – and neither have really accomplished anything. Just want the Mavs to be competitive, entertaining, and perhaps they can catch fire at the right time like in 2010-2011. I’m not totally sold on the big three concept, but you do need go-to guys at crunch time – which I think the Mavs do have.

    Let’s see what Carlisle can do…

  20. K says:

    The Knicks will do better than the Lakers this year.

  21. K says:

    Kidd is better than Nash. Why would the Mavs want Nash? Nash can’t play Defense. It’s been proven they can win with Kidd already. Why take a risk on an old Nash that never could play defense. Moreover, it has not been proven if he can play at a high level on any other team but the SUNs. Marion got a ring since leaving Nash, Amare’ been to the playoffs twice since leaving Nash. Nash hasn’t been to the playoff since Amare Left! Nash has a lot to prove. Kidd sacrificed his role and stats to win it all. Can Nash do the same? Moreover, when he does, will he still have an impact on the game! Kidd played great defense on Lebron, Durant, Kobe, Wade and Westbroke during that champianship run! The Knicks got the better end of the deal when they signed Kidd. The Lakers going to be hurting.

    • emmanuel says:

      the mavs problem was not defense it was offense which is why they needed someone like deron or nash and the lakers will be just fine

    • lbj says:

      old Nash? are you crazy? kidd is much older

      • lbj says:

        you are insane! kidd play a good defense with Lebron and Durant? WTF!!!!!!!! he even never touch LeBron if Kidd tried to block Lebron dunk he will also get his body inside the ring!

      • lol says:

        hey MR. LBJ Fan.. I myself is a Miami Heat fan! please stop posting about trading to heat if they want a ring. Rashard and Ray is a good addition already. Heat is set! and also yes Kidd can strip the ball at bigger guys.. he’s been doing!

      • lbj says:

        If they want a ring they need to play with the king!!!

      • Joey says:

        lbj didnt believe in himself he believed in wade, and bosh also thats why they joined the heat….and yes kidd can defend lebron!

      • K says:

        Nash is the 38. Kidd is 39. Do the Math! Moreover, Offense is not the problem. It was Defense. That why they won it all when they got defense. Dirk and Terry are offensive monsters. Defense is what was needed. And yes Kidd played defense on Lebron. And he did an outstanding job at that!With JJB, and J Terry out there, Who do you think was guarding LJB? KIDD… The fact that Kidd is a big PG and Good defener is what made it work. It would have not worked with Nash. Cant have JJB, Terry, ans Nash Play at the same time. It would hurt the defense.

  22. Mino says:

    Mavs have a totally new look, and from a talent point of view, they are equal to the 10-11 champs. Lets see if they can learn each other, and if OJ Mayo seems to like Carlisle’s style of play, maybe he can get back to what he was his first two seasons, or better yet, even better.

  23. KnickerBocker says:

    the mavericks r gonna be like the hawks super young and super old player 3-6 seeds never get better or good draft picks they’re stuck

    • rapid says:

      Yes but the major difference is the Atlanta were locked into huge multiple-year contracts and were unable to make any significant changes to their roster. Same problem Orlando has had in recent years and what will likely happen to Timberwolves as well. Mavs have enough breathing room to look for a winning combination of players.

  24. chitown says:

    i hate the mavs, but thats a great way to rebound though. Mayo would probably be an all star if he started more games. He and Dirk could be a good combination. The starting five aint bad:
    PG-Darren Collison, resign Delonte West
    SG-OJ Mayo, Dominique Jones
    SF-Shawn Marion, Vince Carter
    PF-Dirk, Elton Brand
    C-Kaman, sign a good backup for veteran minimum.
    Thats good enough for them to be 6th 7th or 8th in West. The two top teams are OKC and Lakers. Then I would probably put Clippers, Spurs, Grizzlies after. Then its starts to get interesting. I would put Dallas at 6th, Denver at 7th, and maybe the Jazz at 8th. Of course if Dwight goes to Houston, I would move them to 7th.

    • Jolt says:

      Dude…the mavs have like 16 players. They can’t sign anyone without trading

    • two says:

      I doubt denver will make it. And I feel like hornets will be facing off with the jazz and dallas for the 8th spot.

    • chitown says:

      I was also thinking Minnesota at 7 or 8. That is if they get Batum and Rubio is healthy. I like the addition of Brandon Roy and we’ll see if they can sign Batum. They would be good at 8,7, or maybe even 6th.

  25. rich says:

    I don’t understand anyone unloading Elton Brand. The year before last I had him on my fantasy team and he was a 20 and 10 guy night in and night out. Great pick-up Mavs on a dufus move by your competitor!

  26. lbj says:

    OJ Mayonaise should be traded with Miami in exchange for Turiaf, if he wants to get a ring he needs to play with the king “LeBronski”!!!

    • pakyaw says:


    • Rich says:

      another duumb comment by pbj – last time it was joel anthony, haslem and turiaf for dwight. and now turiaf for mayo ? where in the world do you live ? you cannot get gold by paying with garbage !

      • blobby says:

        I know some people are jus stupid

      • realist says:

        he obviously is a cold fan. cuz only cold fans think lebron is the king, even tho he had to jump ship to take the easy way to a championship by getting on the same team with 2 other super stars. what is funny about cold fans is that they didnt support “their” team before shaq, then after shaq, they didnt support the team again until lebron showed up and now they all act they deserved that trophy like they have been behind this team every year. any miami fan can call me out all they want to becuz i live here and i know the truth. miami has nothing but fans that r rdy to jump ship as soon as eveything goes south and then jump back on when it looks like they will reach the top. that title is meaningless miami fans, but its all good cuz ur lame 3 did not beat my mavs for it

      • lbj says:

        are you crazy? did you said LeBron rely on Wade and Bosh? Lebron carry the whole team the rest of the season even more points during playoff, save the game from pacers scoring 45 points 16 rebs, beat boston in game 7 in a triple double effort, won season and finals mvp. Is that what you called bec of wade and bosh that’s why he won a ring? common think first!

    • ibj's ip says:

      show’s he’s from south cal? A lakers fan trolling Miami fans?

  27. Travis says:

    Dallas is yesterdays news – NEXT

  28. caloyski says:

    I really think that the Mavericks are going to be a very strong contender this 2013– what need to do is imbibe in their players that they are Champions by themselves and should look at the reality that it takes five good players in the court to win critical games. Even their rookies should think that they are no longer greenhorns– they can expedite their development by exerting double efforts in training and learning from their team mates and mentors– Really admire the MAVs organization’s moves that are aim to make the Mavericklandia a place of probable Champions

    • Mino says:

      seems like cube and donnie always do this, flub and then come back almost as good as what their potential was.

  29. tykieboi says:

    making the team better but still on the hunt for next summer’s free agents…great job mavs

    • Imad Akel says:

      yeah what’s funny is that jason terry and jason kidd went to teams that will be weaker than the mavs are.
      I still don’t understand why Chandler left a championship team to start with (to join the Knicks of all teams!)

      I don’t understand why players don’t wanna play for the mavs…

      • Josh L says:

        Chandler came to New York to play for Mike D’Antoni

      • Tennessey says:

        How in the world will the Mavs be stronger than the Celtics ??? Im confused about that one.

      • Susan Z says:

        Cuban was only willing to offer 1 year contract last year so he’d have lots of cap room this year to pursue Williams & maybe Howard. NY was willing to give him 5 years. With Chandlers past history of foot problems, I can’t blame him for wanting security. The one-year thing was why we also lost JJ, Caron & Stevenson last year.