Kobe To Call It Quits At 35?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Kobe Bryant has put the world on notice.

Two more years of him in purple and gold and that could be it. No more of that hook-jaw look after he drains a big shot. No more. After nearly two decade with him as a fixture in the league, as one of the most recognizable stars in all of sports, is Bryant ready to call it a career at the end of his current contract?

That’s exactly what he told Graham Bensinger of the Huffington Post, when he suggested that the 2013-14 season could very well be his last:

“I’ve been playing for 17 years now, so next year will be my 17th and then, when I’m 35, it will be my 18th year in the league. I mean that’s a long time to be playing. It will be the last year in my contract, so I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll play any longer than that.”

We’ve seen no signs of slow-down in Kobe the past two years. So there’s no real indication that there will be any more signs of slow-down in him between now and the end of the 2013-14 season.

But if he says there is a possibility that he hangs it up after 18 years in the league, no one can be mad at him. We’ll believe it when we see it, though.  And that’s mostly because the Lakers have Steve Nash signed up for three years and by the end of the 2013-14 season Andrew Bynum (or Dwight Howard … we’re projecting here folks, it’s all hypothetical) should be in the physical prime of his career.

Can you see the most competitive player of his generation and one of the most competitive NBA champions of all-time walking away from the challenge of chasing one last title before he walks away from the game?


  1. laker fans says:

    BAN THE JERSEY 24!!!

  2. LikeMike says:

    Yup he will retire then he will play soccer for over a year then after maybe around the 45th game of the Lakers on whatever season that is, he will call Jim Buss over the phone and say “I’m back!”.

  3. tsk says:

    lebron has 3 seasons mvp to prove all the players he’s the best..kobe fans damn

  4. Michael Goo says:

    Kobe, stay until your 40 years oid and be in the first place scoring of NBA histories most scoring list

  5. syd24 says:

    kobe is still the best..
    2nd to michael jordan..
    enough said.. !

  6. Kahin says:

    Woow, well let me just say that Kobe is the best player of this ERA. and the era isnt over. no, i love MJ, but to say he is the greatest player is wrong. In mind mind MJ and Kobe will be the two for me…Now lets get serious, Before Kobe there was MJ, before MJ there was Bird and MAgic, before them Rusell and KArrem. If you look at stats Kabeem should be the greatest of all time. Now for those Kobe haterz, KOBE IS THE BEST IN THIS ERA. dealt with it.

  7. KB24 says:

    I’m sure he’ll go on till he’ll get at least one more. To people who blame Kobe for his arrogance or simply hate him….remember….never seen such a pure talent on the court; his elegance, his fundamentals, his skills…. just a marvelous dancer with the smoothest touch…as Shaq said one time….”He plays walkin’ on the clouds and my dream would be to play at least one game the way Kobe is able to play”.
    When the day will come…we’ll have the talent of Durant, this is a partial consolation….then there’s the muscle player who always travels…not able to shoot well from the long range in playoff games….with his horrible shooting technique….

    Forever Kobe!!!!!!!!!

  8. Chuck Norris Cole says:

    Kobe’s 5 rings is not an indicator that he is the best player because even Horry have 7 rings. MVP is won by the best player and Ring by the best team.

    Kobe is the most overrated player because of the 5 rings. He is very lucky to play with Shaq, Gasol, Phil, etc. but takes all the credit.

    But MVP and Stats are a better indicator of how great a player is and not rings.
    Because even Horry have 7 Rings but everyone will not agree that he is better than Kobe?

    LBJ is the 3 time current undisputed MVPs while Kobe is 1 time disputed MVP and many say should be given to Chris Paul. LBJ = 3/9 MVP and Kobe = 1/16 MVP.
    MVP is won by the best player and Ring by the best team.

  9. Fortis says:

    completely Lebron James fanatics are getting exaggerated here, kobe is the best till know he won 5 rings, lebron got 1 lol after how many years to the math… and you think lebron won 1 ring and you guys just announced his the best player thats ridiculous for you guys he cant even win in cleveland thats why he team up with wade .. unlike kobe only played with gasol, ya know gasol isnt that efficient like howard… Superstar (lebron) – superstar (wade) <<< lol… KOBE (Superstar no 1 ) – Gasol (star) spot the difference…. Lebron cant win without WADE… well bosh is not a star is just a forward … enough Said !

  10. KB24LIFE says:

    @ MVP: Talk to me when LBJ finally has his 3rd or 4th ring. Thats when you really should enter this whole conversation LOL

  11. carmeloss says:

    “We’ve seen no signs of slow-down in Kobe the past two years” — you are lying. he is still one of the greatest, but really why are you lying like that ? it’s so obvious that kobe is aging, i mean its natural and no offense in that. . like timmy or garnett,
    so next time, please, say “i”, and not “we”
    you are disrespecting kobe saying that, he doesnt need your pity to stay at the top. and he knows he is getting older too, “I” see it on the court, and “I” am sure he feels it too
    he is a lot more less agressive inside at the end of games, and uses and abuses of that wonderful fadeaway or jumshot to fool you

  12. BlackImba says:

    Sure kobe will be put on hall of famers

  13. BlackImba says:

    So sad for Kobe,, Still i wanna see him, geting the sixth ring

  14. Big Al says:

    I think he has at least five good years left. He held up better than players as old as him. Even the younger Wade looks to be retiring before him because of more serious injuries. Many hate him but I’m sure those detractors will miss him when he’s gone. One may not be a fan of a great sportsman but will later on realize how important he was in the league. Let’s appreciate those who do it best in any sport before they retire.

  15. Izzynutz says:


  16. eli/kobe says:

    i think kobe is retiring but hes too good to retire he stiil plays like hes 25 he has the energy of what he had of 18 years of playing im a big fan of kobe and i hope he doesnt retire caus if he does then the whole nba will never be the same (please stay kobe we need you)

  17. I don’t know why people act like it’s a surprise. He’s at that point in his career. Kobe is the ultimate competitor. When he feels he doesn’t have an advantage over his competition then he will call it quits. Only he knows how his body feels and how he is holding up.

  18. neil says:

    kobe is the best player eventhough he experienced a lot of injuries in his career.he never became 100% healthy while playing. i doubt lebron & durant can’t play great like kobe did if they experience the same injuries that kobe had before.

  19. thanbryant24 says:

    well kobe bryant is the best player in the whole world.. and im a fan of kobe.. i love kobe bryant.. ^_^

  20. Xavier says:

    kobe still the best, if lebron is better why he never dominate the scoring?, it was durant, kobe in that order. he was just over taken by durant because of injury. next season kobe will dominate again, go kobe go for 6th ring. lebron is far second to him because, a 1st ring at nine? best? LA rules.

  21. Choker says:

    Its Kobe’s decision leave it up to him. If he does, I’ll miss him as a Laker fan. We’ll never forget you

  22. vlad says:

    I grew up with MJ,Shaq, Kobe, Duncan, KG, Reggie, Malone,Payton and so on. It is sad to see them retire one by one. In my eyes, those guys, those matchups represent the NBA that made me love basketball, and for that reason I would always choose Shaq over Howard, Kobe vs Lebron, Reggie over Durant, Payton vs Chris Paul, Malone and KG over Griffin or Love.
    For me, those players were gods, Lebron and his generation are better players maybe but they look pretty human to me.
    Remember Shaq dunking on everybody, Reggie owning Spike Lee in New York, MJ ,Sir Charles and Payton trashtalking during games, kobe’s 81?

    when kobe, maybe the last of my childhood NBA Gods, will retire it will be a sad day.

  23. Bryan_Fury2012 says:

    i dont care about Koby’s Retirement.. he got 5 rings, 3 because of SHAQ, and 2 because of PAU and LAMAR.. but MJ got his 6 ring because of himself, beause of his perseverance and for being a good leader..MJ’s teammates rely on him and because of that he never became a selfish player compare to KOBE that he just rely on his TEAMMATES and he is selfish..he just want to get the SPOTLIGHT with his own..image all the records of MJ compare to KOBE, awards, rings, MVP awards, etc..what will you say about that guys? Kobe is a good player but i really dont ever admire him compare to LBJ and MJ..so all i csn say is..
    1. MJ
    2. LBJ
    3. KOBE

    • s27m says:

      I agree, Kobe deff got the first three because of Shaq, no doubt about that at all!
      The next two though were because of Kobe, Pau helped but still all Kobe.

      Great player, rare talent but hes not MJ nor will ever be at his caliber. Jordan did everything and was phenominal at everything. He also beat teams in the finals that are much better than whom Kobe faced in the finals including when Shaq was there.

  24. thejarhead says:

    about kobe and lebron, they just wanna play man. there’s no best or bestest. everyone has their good game and bad games. i just think it’s fair that we all give them respect for their games.

  25. G-Dawg says:

    kobe been playing half of his life, and in 7 nba finals and he won 5! DAMN! THATS A HELL OF A RUN!, can he get a 6? idk bout that?… im from so cal i been a lakers fan since the mid 80s, and like other great players in the past that i seen and kobe also, careers are short and careers are fast!, then you have nba champs that in my opinion there not “world champs!” there nba champs!, world champs! play other teams around the world uknw lol!…but like any nba champ team theres always a younger and hungryr team that wants too take out the champs and win the big dance huh! !)

  26. Tushig says:

    you can play don’t give up. Your number 1 Mongolian Fan

  27. wonder23 says:

    Kobe is getting older and has notting to prove anymore ,maybe only win one more ring to even MJ record
    Lebron en Durant are tne new stars and when they are old new will rise again .
    The question is if Dwight is comming or not ?
    If not he will retire at 35 if yes and he wins a ring i think Kobe wants to beat the record of MJ 🙂

  28. Kobe#1AlaskanFan says:

    Come on Kobe, it’s still kind of early to retire at 35. And I want Kobe to win at least one more title, or two. You can do it Kobe, never give up hope, always have faith, and never let yourself down, no matter what these jealous people think and say. Kobe will always be the best of the best, of all NBA time. You can do it Kobe, make history and put up another banner or 2, and don’t let the Celtics be a banner ahead of you, they ain’t good as you. Steve Nash just joined your team, and you have a very bright future ahead of you now! Let these years be your PRIME TIME, your true championship time, your history making time, your title time, and your memory making, unforgettable time that you will never forget! Please don’t give up. I remember I was in L.A. back in the 90’s, and it was your 1st NBA home game ever, I knew you would be the best player after watching how good you played, and I was a fan since. I didn’t have tickets to go to the Staples Center because I just arrived in L.A., and I just stood outside the Staples Center, hearing the loud crowd cheering for you. I will never forget the good old days, and watching your every game on t.v. I remember watching you play in your last NBA Finals game and winning, you were definitely more than a MVP, you were the leader and a champion, and you made your team win! So why not win another title or 2 in your last years. I don’t know how tough the NBA can be, but all my highschool years, my team and I won the district championships and the state championships, and in all those games, you made me play better and kept going. My last year was the toughest because I had a sprained wrist and I didn’t have the players I had the previous 3 years because they all graduated, and I was the only senior. I played my heart out no matter how hurt I was, and I still won the MVP and my team still won state. We overtimed and won by 6. I hope to watch you win the NBA Finals your last years, and make the best history in the NBA. From your #1 fan from Alaska.

  29. Henrik Jensen says:

    i am a celtics man all the way, but i do hope that the following players would continue on for at least the next 3 years, maybe 4 or 5; Garnett, Kobe, Duncan, Pierce, Ray Allen, Iverson(Please come back to The NBA), Camby, Nash, Nowitzki, Zach Randolph, Grant Hill, T-Mac and Vince Carter.

    Mostly because they where some of the players who made the NBA look great again, when Shaq hang up his clothes, and i heard the news of Big Ben Wallace and Brad Miller retiring this year, i was sad, because they have done so much great, but at the same time, they have had so much media attention, as well as being some of the greatest players to ever play the game. When i heard Yao wouldn’t be able to play anymore, i was sad he was a lot of fun. i will totally respect all of these stars, no matter when they stop, and Kobe might as well stop in 2 years, he would still be the closest so far call for an NBA Player who could match Michael Jordan, Kevin Garnett might as well stop after 2 years as well, not taking his last year which is a possibility, and be one of the biggest Defensive players ever, as well as maybe the best All-round player ever to play in The NBA. T-Mac, Vince and Ray Allen might just quit after this year, because their legs isn’t what they used to be, but no matter what i hope that these all-time-All-Stars will continue until they don’t feel it anymore. Kevin Garnett is my reason for watching basketball, but he was also the reason why Lebron James and others could be drafted so early on, and why Lebron has broken so many records, it was because people saw how great Timberwolves benefited from Drafting Kevin Garnett evendought he was still only a “Kid”. Nash isn’t really an american, Canadian Yes, but he is more of an international man, + he would probably be a quite good Footballer if he choose to. Dirk, the all german man, so typically German that it is just fun to watch.. Please stay until you don’t feel it anymore, and please give us another fight between the best, a final between ex. Pierce and Garnett vs Kobe and Nash or Iverson back at 76ers moving up against The Grizzlies and Zach Randolph or Spurs with Tim Duncan…

    • Hi says:

      Are you stupid or something? Of course every great player needs a good partner to pair up to win championships. Every team who won championships in the past had at least 2 hall of famer type players. You say Shaq would have won his rings with a lesser guard? Whatever you’re smoking man, I want some. Shaq would not have won his first 3 without Kobe. When Shaq was in Orlando, he had Penny Hardaway, who was a very good guard. The two made it to the finals only once in 1995 before they got swept. When Shaq came to the Lakers, they had 2 very competent guards: Nick Van Axel and Eddie Jones. Did they win championships? NO. It wasn’t until Kobe became the star guard of the team when they started dominating. You may ask, “so why didn’t Kobe win when Shaq left until Gasol came?” Do you even realize how bad the Lakers roster was after Shaq left? Tell me… Have you heard of Smush Parker and Chris Mihm? Yeah, those 2 were starters along with Kwame Brown. Give that roster to Jordan at his prime and even he would not win. NEVER discredit Kobe for his work. Doing so shows the entire basketball community how much knowledge you lack about the game. Perhaps you are the one who needs to “get the facts straight.”

      • Hi says:

        By the way, this comment was meant for Namio. My computer had a glitch and posted under your comment instead. My bad.

  30. Namio says:

    Dear Laker fans,

    Kobe is a great player, but he is not without flaws. First he’s never won a championship without a top-notch big man and many great cast and Phil Jackson. Shaq in his prime could have won the same championships with a lesser shooting guard (although that’s not saying much, because most SG in the league are lesser to Kobe). After Kobe got Shaq kicked off the team, Lakers played so-so basketball until the insider BS trade of P.Gasol from the Grizzlies. The last I checked, it was upon the arrival of Gasol, the Lakers rised, not Kobe. Not to mention that Kobe demanded a trade a couple of times, after the Lakers were committed to make him the face of franchise. What a shame. I felt bad for Laker fans. If it wasn’t for D.Howard, Kobe is the most selfish player of our time. Speaking of character, Kobe was charged of rape. Sure, many would argue that it was not a rape but at the very least hes cheated on his wife.
    Kobe IS a great player and he’ll be a HoFer, but in Laker fans’ hearts, he may still be a bit little overrated. I like Kobe, but I do wish to get the facts straight.

    • Hi says:

      Dear Namio,

      Are you stupid or something? Of course every great player needs a good partner to pair up to win championships. Every team who won championships in the past had at least 2 hall of famer type players. You say Shaq would have won his rings with a lesser guard? Whatever you’re smoking man, I want some. Shaq would not have won his first 3 without Kobe. When Shaq was in Orlando, he had Penny Hardaway, who was a very good guard. The two made it to the finals only once in 1995 before they got swept. When Shaq came to the Lakers, they had 2 very competent guards: Nick Van Axel and Eddie Jones. Did they win championships? NO. It wasn’t until Kobe became the star guard of the team when they started dominating. You may ask, “so why didn’t Kobe win when Shaq left until Gasol came?” Do you even realize how bad the Lakers roster was after Shaq left? Tell me… Have you heard of Smush Parker and Chris Mihm? Yeah, those 2 were starters along with Kwame Brown. Give that roster to Jordan at his prime and even he would not win. NEVER discredit Kobe for his work. Doing so shows the entire basketball community how much knowledge you lack about the game. Perhaps you are the one who needs to “get the facts straight.”

  31. Manuel Berja says:

    KObe wants to retire after his contract expire because he doesn’t want to sign a minimum veteran’s contract. Period!.

  32. mark says:

    TO MVP …

    get with the program and eat a d!-k

    kobe is the best!

  33. jay says:

    FOR all you people that think you know basketball please read:

    i USED TO HATE THE LAKERS..still do because i am a paul peirce fan as you know the rivarly will go on forever while both teams are relevant i used to hate kobe n hoped he broke his foot in the finals againt boston
    BUT after putting aside my personal likes i have to say KOBE BRYANT IS AND WILL BE THE BEST BALLER OF ALL TIME. there i said it BETTER THEN MJ keep in mind that i LIVE IN CANADA so i dont ride any teams nuts TORONTO ALL DAY DOG kobe can single handedly keep the worst franchaise in the nba in playoff contention throw him on the bobcats thyl make the playoffs hes to talented and if u idiots didnt know his game is non athletic he can last till hes 40 plus he doesnt play like lebron who dominates the basket n plays at a fast pace kobes foot work and techniqe can have him playn at 45 and i wouldnt be suprised

  34. Evan Kidd says:

    Some of these comments on Kobe are a little ridiculous. By saying he was never the best….smh. Love Basketball don’t hate on great players….

  35. lololol says:

    Kobe isn’t the best player in the league. I will say he is the best “difficult shot maker” but KD is way better at scoring and Bron is a way better all-around player than Kobe.

  36. Celtic Fan says:

    Well, all good, and arrogant, players have to end their career at some point.

  37. Jimi says:

    All the critics and fan boy tards saying Lebron is wrong for leaving Cleveland and saying Kobe won his ring by not leaving his team are so so silly. Lebron did the smart thing when you look at the history of the Cavs. They were not about to win anything and never ever showed a real desire to financially create one. I am seriously not sure why everyone seems to want him to fail because compared to the kind of scandals that Kobe has been involved with he is an angel. I don’t recall Lebron being in a trial yet? Stop hating

  38. LakersKB24 says:

    Kobe, don’t go yet. At least try to beat Kareem’s record on the scoring list. You’re still one of the elite NBA players in the league. I really can’t imagine Kobe being gone in the NBA yet. And at least try to win another ring or two. If you can’t by maybe 38 or 39, then you can retire. Beat Miami next season! LAL Champs baby!

  39. Me says:

    lol Kobe? selfish a$$, clutch a$$, hollywood a$$ Kobe, let someone else steal his “Lakers show”? I doubt, he will be playing all the way till at least 38yrs, like KG…..

  40. Subway Soup says:

    robert horry is the best he has six rings while kobe has five word! lol

  41. Lakers get lou Deng says:

    Kobe is gonna play will 40 mark my words now! I know kobe better than himself

  42. adam says:

    with out kobe the game is not the same kobe makes basketball exciting to watch

  43. ryu12 says:

    Lebron became the best player just this year by doing a great job in the finals (unlike other years); however, prior to this year, Kobe has been the best player no doubt… I dont like the guy but i dont wanna see him leave … lebron and durant are great but have a long road to even match kobe’s career….

  44. Melvin says:

    Kobe wants to retire with pride, he doesn’t wish to walk away with bad stat,

  45. Sheed says:

    KObe will not retire until he has scored more points than Mj. Even though he has already missed more shots than mj and is about 2500+ points short because of his bad shooting % i know he wants to be above mj on that list because of his huge ego. Even though everybody knows hes not even close to mj i think he wants that for himself.

  46. neutral says:

    bad readers buy bestsellers. they are easy-to-read and have likeable stories. what differences great books from bestsellers is the form, the style, the language. just like kobe — his flair, his footwork, his unique style, his personality. he’s special. the stats throughout his career make him one of the best in history, but stats are just a simple translation of what is really on paper.

    kobe, stay until your 40. we need you.

  47. Arkham says:

    I’m not a Lakers fan, never have been and never will be but, I think Kobe is still the best player in the league. I even used to hate Kobe but I had to respect his skill.

  48. Jumpshot = fail says:

    Kobe is not MJ…. Kobe is Kobe, and mean even if some of Kobe’s game resembles Jordon, it really doesn’t, because MJ did everything better, in a more competitive physical era.

    Plus lets face it Kobe didn’t win those 5 rings on comeback plays, and 4th quarter clutch moments. They were won by the rest of his teammates (but its basketball so its about team anyway).

    Anyway Kobe will could probably still be a top 3 guard 5 years from now, but i doubt he would be able to play past 30 min a game.

  49. Mike J says:

    Noooooo!! Kobe! You still have a lot of miles on you man!!! You stop playing , I stop watching….

  50. JPA says:

    Kobe can go up to the 40 he always will be the mvp!

  51. Dylan says:

    I agree with MVP Kobe is not the best and he couldnt hold Michaels Jock Strap. The only person you can compare mike to is KD. KD will be the best player in the game.

  52. Onaiz Shah says:

    i m a boston fan but i know what i m saying, kobe may be good but there are too many super teams like heat and C’s and they won’t let lakers win that easily so kobe stay but u aint winning

  53. Jimmy Lakers says:

    With his love for the game, I will not be surprised if Kobe will still be playing 5 years from now.

  54. Koupilias says:

    Oh and 1 thing about MJ… He really is and for me always will be the best Basketball player of all time !!!

  55. Koupilias says:

    Come on guys… A few years back (I’m 30) i just COULDN’T imagine the league without Jordan …Then it was Iverson… Then it was Shaq… It seems to me that even Vince Carter and T-Mac are gone …. But that’s just life … I mean there always will be emerging fantastic players… I mean look at Rondo, Durant. Westbrook, D. Rose, LeBron and so on … Look at Blake … THere will always be SUPERSTARS in this leaugue and one of the greatest thing I like in the NBA is watching thme EMERGE …

    Let’s take a look at this year’s Rookies and I am certain there gonna be lots of surprises !

  56. lakers says:

    lol kobe said he was going to retire at 35 from his rookie season so I don’t think he is doing it for publicity like most of you guys are saying.

  57. Kobe Fan # 1 says:

    NBA will never be the same without Kobe… Yeah right only if you are a narrow minded Kobe fan. Kobe’s dominance and entertainment value ended 3 years ago. I watch NBA in the early hours of the morning in the UK not because of him but because of guys like LBJ, CP3, KD and the new generation of NBA players. Kobe is done, time to retire and enjoy the next generations of NBA players.

  58. trowll says:

    Cccccombooo Bbbbreakerrrr!!!!

  59. Goldenstaes says:

    leave Kobe. make a come back like MJ at age 37. leave again and make another come back at age 41. that way you might get an inch closer to the greatest player of all time: Michael Jordan.

  60. msyola says:

    Yes I am a Lakers fan to first of all say. And YES until the rest of those \”Super Star Players\” can lead a team and accomplish 5 NBA championships or more Kobe is the best player in the league. After him others will be in the shadow of accomplishing as much or more than Kobe. It is always about the resume of experience not just working hard to get one.

  61. msyola says:

    Yes I am a Lakers fan to first of all say. And YES until the rest of those “Super Star Players” can lead a team and accomplish 5 NBA championships or more Kobe is the best player in the league. After him others will be in the shadow of accomplishing as much or more than Kobe. It is always about the resume of experience not just working hard to get one.

  62. Eric M. Davis says:

    Kobe Bryant in this era is the best player! When MJ was in the game, he was the best player in his era. It has nothing to do with being a Lakers fan, it’s just the TRUTH, Kobe right now in our era is the BEST PLAYER!

  63. so kobe going to retire before nash? i dont think so

  64. eivoc27 says:

    kobe already knows it, there’s a lot of upcoming superstars in the NBA. he wants to go out in top form.

  65. willie says:

    kobe is greedy and selfish … he won’t retire that early…. maybe a semi-retirement like MJ, but he’ll be back after a season’s retirement…. only injuries can make him retire…

    he’s just saying he’ll retire in 2 yrs for publicity since right now, Dwight, KD and LBJ are getting the media attention

    • Bball fan says:

      kobe gained alot publicity by making stupid statement saying this 2012 team will beat the original dream team. last night I laughed too while watching USA. VS Brazil. good job kobe

    • hooplover says:

      when i read your comment, this is how it is interpreted…..BLAH BLAH BLAH WOMP WOMP WOMP! did you not hear kobe say he does NOT want to be one of those guys that retire and come out of retirement? DUH!!!!. maybe you didn’t see the video of him and graham……I DID!

  66. JustMeJip2 says:


  67. lakersthebest says:

    Kobe should stay until hes like 39 or 40 and break kareems record and possibly another MVP or finals MVP

  68. The Teacher says:

    Really guys. He knows when it really is time to call it quits and remember he will be nursing his knee and finger even after retirement.

  69. ziemek says:

    kobe going for the 6th coz hes the goat

  70. scott the magician says:

    I dont even wanna hear 18 yrs..or high milledge..or 35 yrs old
    he finished 2nd in the league scoring race(0.1pts behind durant) and thats only bcuz he let him by not even playing the last game(which sickens me to the core still)
    when a guy can average 27.9 pts a game, i dont wanna hear anyone say the words “retire” its absurd and age is merely a number. especially in the case of the greats.
    Had His royal airness not retired all those times and played straight through until 40….9 rings and NBA all time leading scorer!!! period!!!
    Never retire Mamba

  71. flip says:

    NO stay till you’re 40 get as many rings as you can while you still can at least beat kareem’s scoring record

    • QuestionMark says:

      No way in hell can Kobe get 9,000 more points in 3-4 years unless he averages 35 ppg, which isn’t gonna happen cause he is way past his prime. I still think only person in the league that can reach Kareem is Durant. 24 years old and is already a 3-time scoring champ and averaged 28+ ppg over the last 3 seasons.

  72. Mike.K.L says:

    Sad, it’s like watching Jordan retire all over again. I think 35 is perfect to go out on, leaving while he’s still top dog.

  73. hmm.. says:

    man i don’t even like kobe and i don’t want him to retire.

  74. 1goldenstate says:

    Kobe should stay until he wins another championship. If he doesnt win one by age 39 then he should retire

  75. AirJordan23 says:

    KOBE wants to end like Mike (MJ)

  76. jiggsnegapatanSMCEBU says:

    i will miss the saying that goes everytime kobe made a beautiful basket or clutch shot, “Mama, there goes that man!” Whenever kobe is gone, i dont see any player whose fancy and gorgeous the way kobe plays tha game.. with all the foot works, the creativity, the angles when he goes to the basket.. he has a silky smooth form and nice looking jump shots. He based some of his moves to Michael, but he improves it and made something out of it.. IM GONNA MISS YOU KOBE.

  77. kobi says:

    kobe is just trying to scared us and just making us like a pity little girl whom we cant live without kobe.. he needs more money to buy luxury cars and buy a expensive horse.. like grant hill. he still need lots of money so that he will not be baste d and kobe wants us to realize that in that statement he is still need to prioritize

    • hooplover says:

      as if kobe is hurting for cash! plz, money is not even an issue with BLACK MAMBA! is it with you? lol

    • NBA Fan says:

      Actually minus endorsements Kobe is still the highest paid play at abour 24m a year and comes in right after lebron in total income (including endorsements) at about 32-34m so no money isnt a problem, sorry bro. Btw I’m pretty sure Lebron makes around 17m w/t Heat and another 17-20m off endorsements.

  78. LALEYKERS says:

    men! why not make exactly 2 decades…

  79. candida aLbicans says:

    6 will not happen,honestly..

  80. CavFanatic says:

    Wow. Can’t believe this man. Its coming. Man Kobe stay until your 40. Beat Kareem’s record Man. Cant imagine the league without him.

  81. Tee Bone says:

    KOBE is the man and will always be. 6 and may be even 7. You never know. Next year he will be back to crush the mediocre Lebron. Yeah Baby!!! LeeeeBron aint got no juice more than one. Ha Ha!!!!

    • s27m says:

      your out of your mind! Kobe is one of the Greats but LeBron very well can catch up to kobe in the next 6-8 years, if not go farther.

  82. airbelow says:

    go for it…(6th)

    • reagan says:

      i think the league stil needs kobe..he is still the best player in the league.go for 6 kobe..:)

      • James says:

        Kobe is still the best player in the league???by you saying that you are a Lakers fan. everyone outside LA knows he is no longer the best player in the league

      • MVP says:

        i don’t want to be disrespectfull but kobe never was the best player of the league..

      • bunbury says:

        I am a kobe fan. but i dont think that he will not retire in two years. he is trying to get media attention. I have noticed it too– on the USA basketball team you only hear about lebron and durant.

      • Eric Skinner says:

        Ok, seriousely, Kobe is the best player in the league, and I QUOTE, I am from Indiana

      • QuestionMark says:

        Kobe being the best is long over, after 2010 his dominance is over, Lebron is the best, Durant is second, Kobe however will go down as one of the best.

    • bunbury says:

      MVP. kobe was considered the best for about 5 years before Lebron took his place about two/three years ago. I will say this though: Wade joins C-Webb as one of the most underrated players of all-time.

      • CLacy says:

        Your statement about Dwyane Wade was dead accurate. I have followed Wade’s career since his Marquette days (’03 Final Four vs. Kansas to be exact) and he is one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of sneakers. Like yousaid, he will never be fully appreciated until he’s retired from the league,

  83. rivers2417 says:

    Kobe is just saying that because he won’t sign with another team and if the Lakers can’t afford or don’t want him he will hang it up . He’s winning 6 .

  84. Enrique says:

    I know the day Is coming but I hope not for another 3-5 years. Lebron and the other so called stars are not ready to take over yet. Lebron finally got one and he had to do it by leaving his team. There are no players outside of Duncan and Dirk who stayed with one team and won repeatedly. Stick around for a while and get yourself 6 and maybe even 7

    • MVP says:

      to take over yet?
      i don’t know but i think “lebron and the so called stars” have taken over a long time ago…i don’t think kobe has ever taken over..it never was about kobe

      • Bobee says:

        U think lebron has taken over hahahaha

      • hellolaw5 says:

        I disagree, It was about Kobe during the Lakers 3 straight trips to the finals, and during his dominant scoring performances, however now the younger stars have taken over, and im sure he knows that and thats why he’s retiring soon.

      • Chandler says:

        LOL you sir, are a fool.

      • MVP says:

        lebron never has to take over because he is in the spotlight since his highschool days..the media hyped it up, yes, but never ever someone will step in this league with this type of pressure..not saying that kobe is nothing but what the hell should make him the best right now or the last 10 years??

    • Denzo says:

      This comment is exactly what I feel.

    • he even said himself: I LIKE THE DRAMA

    • joe says:

      how in the bluest hell has dirk won ‘repeatedly’? last i checked, he won his first, and only, championship last year