Wizards Leaning Toward Using Amnesty Clause On Blatche

The Washington Wizards are leaning toward using the amnesty provision by Tuesday’s deadline to waive forward Andray Blatche, according to league sources.

The Wizards have not made a final decision on the move. Teams have until 5 p.m. Tuesday to decide whether they’ll use the amnesty provision for the upcoming season. If they don’t, they cannot use it again until next July. Teams are only allowed to use the provision once during the life of the new collective bargaining agreement.

Players that are waived under the provision can be claimed by teams under the salary cap for the upcoming season. The team that submits the highest bid gets the player. If Blatche were to be waived, teams would have to submit a minimum bid of $3.79 million for him — which represents the sum of the minimum salaries a player with Blatche’s experience would receive over the next three years, the remaining length of his contract.

Washington is still wavering on whether using the amnesty provision — and writing Blatche a check for the remaining $23 million on his contract. The Wizards have been trying to deal Blatche since the end of the season, but haven’t found any deals to their liking.

They could also keep Blatche on the roster but keep him away from the team while they continue to pursue trades or, perhaps, a contract buyout, in the same way the Indiana Pacers kept guard Jamaal Tinsley at arm’s length for a year before finally reaching a settlement on his contract.

Reached late Monday afternoon, team president Ernie Grunfeld was noncommittal, texting, “we shall see. We have 24 hours.”

Blatche, a second-round pick in 2005, has fallen out of favor in Washington after showing enough a couple of years following the trade of Antawn Jamison to Cleveland in 2010 ago to get a reworked contract worth $35 million. But he has struggled to stay in shape or provide leadership or impact ever since.

The Wizards have revamped their frontcourt in the last year, from drafting Jan Vesely with the sixth pick in the 2011 Draft to trading for power forward Emeka Okafor and small forward Trevor Ariza last month. Washington is also high on third-year forward Trevor Booker, with the center spot filled by Nene and emerging third-year man Kevin Seraphin. The acquisitions of Nene, Okafor and Ariza assured the Wizards would not be a major player in free agency this year or next, but Washington felt it was imperative to improve the roster around 2010 first-round pick John Wall and surround him with better and more professional players.

Blatche, who had a brief stint as team captain at the start of last season, only played in 26 games before he was shut down for the remainder of the year.

So far this week, Philadelphia (Elton Brand), Dallas (Brendan Haywood), Phoenix (Josh Childress), Houston (Luis Scola) and Minnesota (Darko Milicic) have used the amnesty provision, each using it to help create the cap room necessary to make additional moves. Seven teams used it last December.


  1. luke says:

    okc should pick him up for a 1 yeat contract he can score undrneath which ibacka and perkins cant do ibacka sixth man harden starts

  2. VoledemorTom says:

    It’s about time!!! Send him to ASIA! lol an import here in the Philippines? maybe. lol

    • mpwchamp1 says:

      I still hope that the wizards trade Andrey too Detroit, and get villazuela. I don’t think I spelled his name right. He can run the floor, and is a decent small forward. Andrey will be a backup somewhere in the league. If not he is set for life…

  3. spurs fan says:

    good move for the wizard..finally john wall have true great player on his team…blantche is another kwame brown like player a knuckle head pure arrogant..now john wall have great supporting cast he can now grow for his true potencial to be a great star in nba..very great move for the wizard

  4. Antis says:

    Guess who’s going to be worst team in the NBA next season?

  5. Pratice!!??!! says:

    Biatche might have been a bad influence, but at least he lived up to his name.

  6. puzzled fan says:

    if our intention is to make the wiz better, why wait so long. missed opportunity to add an impact player?

  7. Bryant says:

    Funny how the two of those three “stooges” are showing a lot of improvement with the right coaching and players around them to point them in the right direction. Seems more like the coaching staff are the real “stooges” since they can’t even discipline their players.

  8. N4b33l says:

    Finally!!!! the removal of the “three stooges” is complete. Nick Young, Andray Blacth, and Javale McGee are gone from the Wizards!!!!

    • Huh...? says:

      Yeah, the Wizards are better because Nick Young and JaVale are scrubs and dragged the Wizards down…LOL? Those two have talent, the stooges are the coaching staff that can’t discipline their own players. Glad McGee and Young have better players and coaches around them to point them in the right direction.

    • uoykcuf says:


    • Fly Guy says:

      Nick Young wasnt a problem. THEY SHOULD HAVE KEPT HIM….just defined his role. All a coach has to do is sit him down, and define his role. ” you dont have to change your game. You’re a perfect 6th man. You’ll play 20 min a game. Now go and score. ” Thats all you have to do. Watch him do JUST THAT elsewhere. You cant put everything on veteran players. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A COACHING STAFF THAT CAN COMMAND ENOUGH RESPECT FOR THEM TO LISTEN. The Wizards could have kept all those young studs and hire NATE MCMILLAN. And this would be there last lottery

  9. Jay says:

    If Blatche isn’t amnestied, what Ernie is saying is we want to save him so that he can ruin are young players! Blatche needed to be gone a long time ago..

  10. groovnow says:

    Bobcats, please don’t get any ideas if this knucklehead is amnestied. It’s not worth it. So not worth it.

  11. nacho says:

    took them long enough