Lin: Knicks Need To Do The Right Thing

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Outside of maybe Jeremy Lin‘s immediate family and the most die-hard of New York Knicks fans, you couldn’t find anyone that one loved Linsanity more than we did.

It’s not often in this day and age that we get handed pre-packaged story like the one Lin starred in during his 25-game Broadway debut last season, complete with the global pandemonium it sparked above and beyond the walls of just our relentless basketball culture.

The Knicks’ point guard was GREAT for business and challenged all of our beliefs about what makes a player and whether or not a star can really be born if we didn’t see him coming.

We’ll know in another day whether Lin is coming back to New York or going to Houston, to a Rockets team that gambled and lost the first time they had Lin in their grasp but don’t plan on doing it twice (now that Lin has signed that loaded, three-year, $25 million offer sheet).

The Knicks have until that 11:59 p.m. deadline Tuesday to make a decision about Lin, who was going to cash in this summer one way or another. However “ridiculous” Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith or anyone else thinks the offer is, there is no such thing in the NBA as a “bad contract.” That’s because said contract can always be moved before you get to the rotten part (ask the Hawks, now that they’ve been freed from remaining $90 million owed now Brooklyn Nets All-Star Joe Johnson).

That’s why the Knicks need to do the right thing by Lin and free him from the outlandish expectations he’d never be able to live up to in New York and let him walk. Let someone else worry about that massive, $14.8 million he’ll be owed in his third season.

Let the Rockets worry about the inevitable dissension in the locker room, as Smith put it,  that is bound to bubble up during Lin’s third season wherever he is:

“Without a doubt,” he said. “I think some guys take it personal, because they’ve been doing it longer and haven’t received any reward for it yet. I think it’s a tough subject to touch on for a lot of guys.”

Let the Rockets roll the dice on Lin being the player that dazzled the world when he was at his best, and not the guy who looked out of his element when the Miami Heat exposed him in a 102-88 rout of the Knicks Feb. 23 (the night Lin shot 1 for 11 from the field, finished with eight points, three assists — nowhere near the 23.9 points and 9.2 assists he had been averaging over his first 11 games in the Knicks’ rotation).

The fact is, Lin is probably ready to perform at a level somewhere in the middle of those extremes. And we can’t be sure that he’s ready to do it on a consistent basis since there is such a small sample to work with, in terms of Lin as a starting point guard.

(It should be noted, the prospect of Lin going elsewhere didn’t become even a remote possibility until Steve Nash spurned the Knicks’ overtures and joined the Los Angeles Lakers, snuffing out Knicks coach Mike Woodson‘s dream pairing of Nash mentoring Lin, on and off the court.)

If the Rockets are willing to assume all of that risk, the Knicks would be crazy to do the same since they’ve already had Lin in their program and think they know what he is now and could become — if they were 100 percent sold on Lin as their franchise guy they wouldn’t have chased other point guards at the start of free agency.

Everyone has their sources telling them which way the Knicks are leaning, it’s up to you to decipher the fact from fiction and come up with your own best guess. (Rockets GM Daryl Morey and his Knicks counterpart Glen Grunwald have wisely declined to make any public comments on the matter until it is resolved.)

Let’s be clear about one thing, though. The Knicks should take every single second they have to ponder their decision. Because there is going to be some serious fallout whichever way they go.

If Lin suits up for the Rockets and kicks off the Linsanity Remix, Knicks fans will be howling about yet another blown opportunity. But if they keep him and he’s in a logjam with Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd and can’t distinguish himself in that crowd, the fall from grace will as brutal as his rise was brilliant (not to mention the potential $43 million super tax bill they’ll be on the hook for).

The clock’s ticking New York … what’s it going to be?


  1. WatchNbaAgain says:

    Landry Fields has a three years contract worth 19 millions with Raptor. JLin’s is 25 millions over 3 years, The tax is an issue and I can understand why Knicks is not paying it. People chill out. Lin only get 6 millions more. Rockets is not overpaying Lin. They will get a lot more money off court. Stupid Dolan!!! Bye Bye Knicks!!!
    Knicks blew it by not offering Lin and Fields at first place. Whole bunch oldies won’t win games. I miss Steve and Tyson.
    But happy for Lin. Houston Rockets Here We Come!!!

  2. ranjack says:

    Come on ppl do you think if the rocket organization didn’t think Lin was worth it they would be paying him? That’s why they get paid doing what they do and you get paid to well wait what do you get paid for?

  3. NET FAN NOW- EX-KNICK says:


  4. Scorer says:

    Mr Smith I see your posts are getting worse and worse. There were quite a few people here that pointed out the right course of action. Fact is, Amare and Melo are overrated. They play no D and you will no win a championship with those two on 1 team. So NYK are going to invest in a 39 soon to be 40 year old and Felton who seems lost on the court often.

    Even if Lin won’t produce as great as he did during linsanity he will continue to get better. And the money… this is a joke right? You know how much money Lin will generate especially in NY? There is a very large Asian community here. I lot of people see him as the reason knicks got to the play=offs in the 1st place

  5. TheGuyster says:

    With the Knicks getting Felton back LIn will be gone. No team carries 3 point guards and the fact is the Knicks can’t afford Lin.

  6. dealuser says:

    Keep Lin because he Saved the Knicks before and he might can do it again. It worth the gamble and his contract is not that big.

  7. GameMaster says:

    It’s worth the gamble. Money is not really a big issue in NBA. Knicks will make way more money on JLin in one season than the contract itself. Let’s face it. The Knicks wouldn’t have made the playoffs if it wasn’t becaause of Lin. Lin saved the Knicks last season. Anthony and Amare were getting all the money, but didn’t deliver. Before Anthony said Lin’s contract is REDICULOUS, he should look at himself first. Anthony is getting paid huge sum of money for little effort and first round exit. Other super stars would lead the team deep into the playoffs if they’re paid as much money as Anthony. Anthony should convince the Knicks organization to match Rockets’ contract for Lin, instead he called it rediculous just because he knows Lin will get all the attention. You’re rediculous, Anthony!!! Shame on you.

  8. rich says:

    NYK has been taken hostage by their own misjudgement on acquiring star player but giving them superstar paycheck. Nothing againts AMARE,MELO and CHANDLER but these 3 bloated contracts are the one holding back to match the offer for JLIN.Don’t get me wrong,it’s NYK management idea for JLIN to test the market, and HOUSTON with their slumping market,had to rejuvinate its own crowd and once again tap their sleeping market in ASIA with
    the connection of YAO and JLIN. Houston, had been with this situation before,earning fortunes with their player marketability in ASIA, opportunity for JLIN to awakened them again, why not?
    That 25 million contract offered to JLIN will be peanuts to HOUSTON with the return of investment coming from ASIAN market alone,its just business.
    NYK have to be wise right now, JLIN is like their messiah now,he can command the crowd to turned up every games,he can make the crowd frenzy,with his emotional and electrifying plays which only few player had done,don’t robbed the NYK fans what they had believing in JLINS brand of play.
    The drastic thing they can do,is send AMARE and MELO in Orlando exchanged for DWIGHT to free their cap space.
    Now the NYK can hope for a championship pairing JLIN with HOWARD!

  9. bball fan says:

    For all the people who think that Lin isn’t worth that contract: To say whether or not his skills are worth the money can be debated but that doesn’t matter. The nba is business first before anything else. Lin will generate far more money than the amount of the contract due to ticket sales and merchandising. From a business sense he’s worth that contract. You have to spend money to make money.

  10. Rommel Reyes says:


  11. jordy says:

    i don’t understand why every body is bickering about, Lin going to houston is a great deal for him, he starts at point, has a great shooting guard in kevin martin, and has a young core who can run. Omar asik is going to have a break out season with Lin at the point guard. For NY they are never going to win a championship with that group of players, melo is selfish, amare is not doing anything down low, chandler has gone from an enforcer and clean up guy to a dandy, kidd is getting to old and felton is not going to be an all-star like every KNICKS fan hopes. Their is going to be one team they’re cheering for this year in New York and its going to be in BROOKLYN

  12. dynamicswami says:

    let him walk. the knicks to begin with were not really engaging to him at the start of free agency. if he was really an all-star caliber player they wouldn’t be having this problem, the knicks would’ve locked up with him prior to free agency. and the Rockets played it really smart, using the loophole to nab Lin. your playing Lin for his potential and that is what the Rockets are doing. He wasn’t technically a rookie but he was basically playing “rookie time” in his 2nd season. nobody knew him and he was cut twice from a team, so overpaying him for his potential is a common doing in the NBA. will he be an all nba team player? who knows really but lets talk again after he is in his 3rd-4th year in the league, that’s the measurement of what kind of player he really is.

  13. danny says:


  14. SmoothMM says:

    Funny how people keep saying Lin won’t be a great player…. He was only in his 2nd year in league. Emphasis: 2ND YEAR. Time will tell…

  15. Steve says:

    Who is Melo and JR to comment on another player’s contract? We all know JR is a hater only signing a 2 yr 5.6 million dollar contract. Of course he would be mad. They don’t understand the business side. Also, everyone keeps bringing up the fact of the luxury tax. If the Knicks didn’t sign so many big contracts then they would never be talking about the $43 million luxury tax during the 2014-2015 season. All teams with multiple big contracts will eventually pay a luxury tax. How did the media put it all on JLin. Weak.

  16. HerpTheDerp says:

    I say, let Lin stay and kick Melo out. Lin works perfectly in pick n roll with Tyson Chandler. Why not experiment them with Amare after all, Nash and Amare are one of the best pick n roll team. So basically, if Lin stays, he has either Amare or Chandler to play the pick n roll with.

  17. Real Deal says:

    REALLY.. Fo rthe first time inclose o 20 yrs Knicks fans has something to cheer about….The kid is electric, a team player and everyone who loves basketball wants to play with him an/or watch. and now the knicks are going to let him walk..I tell you something right now I (a 40 year Knicks fan) am NOT going out of my way to watch Raymond offense Ray… But here again is Dolan the Inept allowing the magic to walk away…Im going to Brooklyn F the Knicks…

  18. JLin=PromisingTalent says:

    Lin really did a good job that he really deserves the money and all. Out of those games that he played you can just name 1, 2 or 3 games that he didn’t perform well and what about the winning streak WITHOUT Melo and Amare. Those guys can’t even win 5 straight when they are healthy.

    The Rockets saw the potential that Lin can provide. And he’s undrafted, that’s why he really deserves the fame. He did something that’s why he’s getting all that money unlike those drafted in the lottery who did nothing just to sit on the far end of the bench. Whats up Kwane Brown, Darko Millicic, JIMMER FREDETTE?…

  19. Rod says:

    What is more ridiculous? $20 million in three years (Lin) or $20 million a year (Anthony). Anthony will never win a championship, and he doesn’t make his teammates better. Lin probably won’t either, but at least he makes everyone around him feel better (at least he doesn’t whine as much) and his T-shirt sells.

  20. the real nba says:

    simple facts you dont like it go get a lin rockets jersey FCK your LIFE dolan great call

  21. the real nba says:

    melo has been in the playofffs every year i meant better record then the knicks without him i might add

  22. the real nba says:

    lin is decent not worth the money melo has that money cause hes been in the players every year since he got drafted stat got that money from all the abuse in pheniox his body took tyson just won a ring thats why he got that money. what did lin do ? 10 games are you stupid or are you just another non sports type of guy who wants to seem important .and in tune forget all the money he would and have brought in ITS NOT WORTH IT PERIOD. this is newyork baby we are not for the bullshxt its prove yourself out here and 10 games isn”t enough outhere in these mean streets

  23. Pat says:

    10mill over 2 seasons, then the team has an op for the 3rd 15mil year?? doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me! I loved when the knicks had Raymond Felton, they played really well. Knicks should sign & trade him or trade melo, overrated!! I find melos comment funny as i think he is one of the most over paid players ever!

  24. brr says:

    if i were lin, i will have no mercy leaving NYK..HOUSTON BABY!

  25. brr says:

    People think Mr. kobe is hater and selfish player,but Melo such a hater and selfish person as he is. i think it leads to ethnic background. Sometime we are forgetting where we are come from. he shouldnt mention about your teamate. Respect human being. he is pro bball. we re global. melo is chase everyone out of team…

  26. Leo says:

    I think the rockets are looking into the big picture think of all the merchandise lin would sell to asia specially the chinese market
    its business.

  27. Henry says:

    Knicks should be sale Carmelo and JR, keep Lin.

  28. Andy says:

    None of this makes sense. Houston has a fire sale to try and get Howard. They amnesty Scola who is solid with a 14 point average and 7 rebounds for Lin who will cost more and is still a question mark after only 35 games. How many times does a player get traded and flop. Houston made a huge mistake. Enjoy Lin…

  29. NY17 says:

    Who is more over-paid, Stat or Lin (even in his third year of contract)? The answer is obvious, so why punish Lin when NYK should clearly move Stat.

  30. erwin says:

    Let him go to rockets.. he’s too pricey for a point guard, besides as metion above the Miami show him what NBA Basketball really is it takes years for him to be a explosive nor effective point guard..again sa mention above since Nash go to L.A. Knicks plan changed..So better to let him go to Houston then let see if he can really prove to Knick Org, that they make a big mistake.. Not a LIN-Hater just a pure Knicks Fan.

  31. Rocabye says:

    Knicks need Lin. They will never sell out the garden again if they let him walk, and they KNOW that. Carmelo is not winning the team any championships, we all know that by now. Amare aint doing it either. Fact is, the Carmelo thing didn’t work out, and won’t work out, so the Knicks should restructure. Lin *was* the perfect opportunity to lead the team in a new direction, but they blew it and stuck with a player who’d willingly tank himself to get his way. Awesome.

  32. About Time says:

    Lin is done for NY.

    and why do we care about luxury taX……Knicks have to pay…..why????

  33. Luiz says:

    Don’t forget Prigioni…great player, high IQ.
    It’s gonna be a surprise
    Shultz, from Brazil

  34. stupid says:

    MARK my words, if they let him go, anything less than a round 2 win and the fans will tear this stupid franchise apart so fast, blink and you’ll miss it, ESPECIALLY if he plays better this year with the rockets.
    because when u have dead weight like amare, and even melo not performing well enough, using all this cap space, then you have kidd -on his last years – and felton who are what, just as average as Lin, but Lin who seriously brought fire and heart back into this team and they ditch him?…its unforgivable, and it could seriously completely jeopardize the entire state of this franchise

  35. this guy says:

    why would they want to resign Lin, last year before the Melo trade the Knicks were set with Raymond Felton as the PG of the the future, he consistently played great the entire season until he got traded. Also, while Felton was on the team Amar’e Stoudemire was having one of, if not the best season of his career and was being talked about as an MVP canidate in the middle of the season. The Knicks getting Felton was a great organizational decision showing that they were not willing to overpay an unproven player like Lin. Felton and Jason Kidd will finally give the Knicks stability and consistency at the PG spot. I’m not a Knicks fan, I’m a Celtics fan.

  36. Coffeeman says:

    The Knicks are proof that you cannot just throw 3 stars together and win. Remember when Amare was averaging 40 per game and was actively recruiting Melo. Basketball is about chemistry! And Knicks do not have it. Amare’s back bothered him last year. Too bad Kidd is washed up. Knicks need a high IQ ball distributor for Melo, Stats, and Tyson. Knicks should keep Lin otherwise Knicks will struggle.

  37. Sebastian Moreno says:

    guys, just for my opinion; from the comments I read on top almost all are not leading on the point. The knicks can’t offer lin with that of the rockets offer. if the knicks offer more to lin then they have to spend higher luxury tax not just for a year but for another 2 years…. all in all 3 years…. even if lin merchandise will be sold out it doesnt make sense because its just how many percent of the income is that. compared when getting 2 PG, felton and kidd….. Knicks will spend less money for the 2 contracts….. knicks will not over spend on the salary cap and luxury tax….. maybe knicks can offer lin just 15M for 3 years if u do the math thing…. knicks cant afford the 25M or More contract, knicks cant afford lin….. knicks will lose lin….. rockets will improve and also rockets have the money to put some bigger names because they dont have big salary players, i think only 1 to 2 players have big salary contract, thats why they can offer as much as they can compared to knicks they have 4-5 players who have big salary contracts…….. for me if the knicks want lin then they must trade amare with a player like josh smith of hawks; lee of golden state; love of timberwolves; david west

  38. kris says:

    the only reason rockets wants jeremy is for ticket sales and merchandise sales…

  39. Carl says:

    It’s funny because Carmelo and Amar’e are BOTH overpaid and don’t live up to expectations any longer.

  40. Ruff neck says:

    Let hou take their contract and stuck

  41. Bon says:

    Well, of course Knicks would be much better off with Lin, but the poison in the team from other guys is really already there with or without Lin… Sorry for the Knicks fans, but I think it is better for Lin to play at Houston, a fresh start without all the existing issues. Knicks, without Lin, will be simply more struggling. Rockets really damaged NY this time by stealing their true hope.

  42. pedro says:

    the Rockets need Lin and his marketability especially with the Asian market. who else is available there that can bring in more business than Lin? of course they are hoping that he will be a really good player for them.

    but if they will not gamble on Lin, who else can they get now that has the potential to be a really good player and at the same time has a very good marketing potential? has anyone on the Rockets even come close to his marketing potential? played better, a lot. but marketing appeal? none (apart from Yao of course!)

    if Lin plays well, the Houston might see some sort or renaissance from the glory days of Yao. they need to be relevant again. their fan base might be thinning out.

    and admit it or not, before Lin got the chance to play in NY, a lot of us didn’t even bother to read about NY or follow them. but after Linsanity exploded, almost everyone is following the knicks. their sales suddenly went through the roof! and suddenly NY is relevant again

    something the Rockets needed badly now……..

  43. don says:

    Linsanity is bigger than any luxury tax.

    Please believe.

    • Chat says:

      I agree with Don on Linsanity is worth bigger than any luxury tax. I believe New York game attendance had remarkably increased since Linsanity become phenomenon

  44. Rob says:

    ESPN’s Stephen A said the same thing, and made the good point that at least if he’s in Houston New York only gets to see him twice a year, unless they meet in the Finals which isn’t likely. You have to consider that for $30M, I’m not sure that Lin alone elevates them to a championship team. Don’t get me wrong, the kid can play, but New York should be aiming for as much cap flexibility as possible in order to bring in the right pieces where necessary.

  45. SAM V says:

    You guy’s are forgetting very important thing. Chris Paul Is becoming free agent next year, with that in mind knicks are keeping their cap under control. The chances of Chris Paul signing with the New York Nicks are fifty fifty. In my opinion they would take that, than regretting Lin sign the huge contract.

    Signing Jason Kidd, and Raymond Felton New York Knicks made it clear that they won’t sign Lin.

  46. HeyHey says:

    why would any players get mad? he sells Jerseys and tickets so he makes the money for the team

  47. wole says:

    simple truth no lin no playoffs, someone should also inform carmelo that the knicks were a good team before they traded practically their entire team for him and he has not lived up to the hype, jeremy lin came in and did not only play well, he made his teammates play well, he led the offense well and gave a good how of himself, should the knicks have resigned him, yes before the rockets or anyone else made him an offer, are the rockets taking a gamble, yes but thats what the knicks did with carmelo, jeremy lin is good enough to average 15 and 7 and that to me is ok, Dear Sekou to mention lins stat sheet against the heat as a flaw is rather unfair,

  48. Huey says:

    Reality is cruel.

  49. flowerpot says:

    It is said that things begun to sour for Lin and the Knicks during the playoffs. Lin was expected to perform and was medically cleared to do so but choose not to perform, likely because the opponent was Miami and he had upcoming contract talks.
    Time will tell what type of player he “becomes” because the jury is still out and whether or not he can perform at a high level in a system yet to be determined, or whether the system must conform to him. One thing is certain: if he plays, plays well or plays great he will start in the upcoming all-star game

  50. JealousMelo says:

    I think the Knicks are making poor decisions. The management should take an objective look at the profit Jeremy Lin brought last year and make a decision based on that potential. I think Melo and Amare make nearly 40 million a year combined and they’ve only won 2 playoff games as Knicks players. They do not bring in the profits nor the playoff results for their ridiculous contracts. Jeremy might not be as great of a basketball player but he still is young enough to improve and more importantly, he’s an outstanding role model, inspires people, and brings excitement to the NBA. I only started watching NBA games because of Jeremy Lin this past year. My favorite team is the OKC Thunder though!

  51. knick5 says:

    if lin can take a little less and stay in NY ! i will guarantee he will make more $$$ in NY beside basket ball than houston!…commercial….shows…what ever…! in houston ! you might only deal w/ heat weather and storm…..! no life …think about this man…!

  52. Roy says:

    the knicks should get rid of amare, he is a shell of his former self and isnt good for the team on either ends of the floor anymore, not to mention is he a rude guy who has had a multitude of incidents. Get rid of him, get some defence for the team. And the Knicks will be back in business! Regardless of whether Lin is back or not, the Knicks will be fine in the hands of Jason Kidd, nobody can argue against that.

  53. knickfan@heart says:

    i think the knicks should keep lin cuz not only the money he brings to new york nd the fan base its what’s go to happen to kid nd his dwi ???? only time will tell ????

  54. h_lin says:

    If Knicks let Lin leave, they are completely stupid. Jason kidd will be the best guy to teach how to be a better player. And Lin has the potential to be a best point guard.

  55. Tomislav says:

    Knicks are making some bold decisions. They are bringing experienced but old players. Are they trying to copy Celtics? They probably want to run for a championship one last time while these players are still capable of doing something on a high level. It can go either way, a success or a really bad season.


  57. justin says:

    carmelo doesnt want lin, its as simple as that. melo wants the ball all the time, lin is the type of pg that has the ball in his hands all the time, while melo needs the ball in HIS hands, whatever the superstar wants he’ll get or the dwight howard scenario will surface

  58. linfan says:

    I think this is just wrong for a player to say any other player’s contract is ridiculous.
    It is business. Melo is not the one who pays lin money. He has no right to say what is ridiculous.
    I believe it hurts lin’s feeling a lot.
    I know that lin still has a lot to learn. He is not great yet.
    But I sincerely believe he will try very hard to get better and better everyday. He will become great.
    Knicks’ tax problem is not caused by lin’s contract.
    Do not put all the tax pressure on him.
    He is just an odd Asian American kid who wants to play basketball so badly, and would give everything to win in NBA.
    I doubt that melo will say any other non-Asian NBA player’s contract is ridiculous.
    Do not judge just because you do not know what the whole business is.
    I think the average annual salary is fair.
    I also believe that any team with no tax problem will be very willing to pay lin just like this.
    Who says the pro player’s contract is only based on what level his skill is right now?
    Do not underrate lin just because his business value is so unique.
    All the lin fans would like to see him play so hard on the court everyday, and keep practicing hard off court.
    I hope he can have a great futuer in Houston.
    He just doesn’t have to be the teammate of melos or jrs anymore.

  59. Kern says:

    If the Knicks do keep Lin something tells me he’s not going to bring that spark he had in Feb. Raymond Felton is better than Lin even though melo had chemistry with Lin . Am a Knicks fan an I say let him go an learn from his mistake.

    • owekoqek says:

      Raymond Felton is exiting his prime stage, infact he’s aging. Jeremy Lin is pretty much new to the league since he never had to deal with huge minutes and crazy defensive pressure before. Due to him scoring alot of points in that one week, defense tightened on him and he was forced to play harder. I personally believe Jeremy will improve in the future.

    • h_lin says:

      If Knicks let Lin leave, they are completely stupid. Jason kidd is the best guy to teach how to be a better player. And Lin has the potential to be a best point guard.

  60. Wuddup-Pimp! says:

    yup..the more money i make..the more problems i get! Lin is a pimp..time to pimp-slap new york and make yo money in H-town!
    C’mon dogg..Lin literally saved NY season and put them in the playoffs..i dont care what anybody says..he’s a smart player and brings excitement to the game..dayem..the last time i actually follow basketball was when my man Air Jordan was still playing.. Lin aint Jordan..but he can sure put on a show! Feel me brah..Knicks will think back..and kick themselves in the azz..H-town will be knockin da boots baby!!

  61. Richard says:

    I think the Knicks should match the offer. We are already into the luxury tax bracket so that is a mute point. Davis, Bibby are done (each should retire). If we let him go whom do we have? Kidd one to two more years left. Felton has proved he is possibly a 3rd point guard definitely not an NBA starting point. So beyond let’s say 2 years where will the Knicks be in the point guard category? That is my reason they should keep him. Oh and by the way what are they thinking trading for and signing Marcus Camby, Kurt Thomas, and Felton? Are they getting the band back together to tour with the Rolling Stones?

  62. BiggestKnickFanEva says:

    Can’t understand some of these peoples thinking. 20 and 10 REALLY???? Okay Chalmers punked him, D-Will was pissed after we praised Lin, so he shot his lights out. Rondo kept say Lin who???

    Don’t get me wrong, I was on the Lin bandwagon and I think he is a GOOD player not a great player. He still have somethings to prove and improve on. Is he worth 14 million in season 3, NOW no, but let him go to Houston prove himself, then try to get him back… Looks like we into get former Knicks back anyway.

    • owekoqek says:

      If Jeremy Lin proves he can average 20 and10 consistently with very few turnovers, Knicks will never be able to get him back.

  63. Batman says:

    Houston,,, Get Dwight Howard as Center, Get Lin as PG. Get Grant Hill as Veteran Defender/Mentor. Retain Dragic

  64. fran says:

    Pablo Prigioni from Argentina is coming to NY, he’s a veteran 35′ year old great professioneal basketball player, one of the best point guards in last decade on spain league and essential to his national team.

  65. CP10 says:

    Melo’s jealous. And $25M is nothing – just look at Rashad Lewis! Lin was really tired in that Heat game coming off two back-to-back games against CHA & CLE.

  66. Rich says:

    I can’t blame that the Knicks locker room are feeling jealous of Lin. Anybody who watches NBA religously knows that this guy is still unproven. At the same time I don’t really think also his basketball play is worth that much money Rockets are offering. But for marketing standpoint, as long as he scores at least 10 and 5 and win games, then he will be quite a steal for the Rockets. My prediction – if Rockets don’t get real superstars, which I don’t think they can, who can win games for them, then Lin would fade away in oblivion. He will be boo-ed everywhere he goes, and even in their own home games.

  67. andy says:

    send Lin to Lakers…..
    A complete Star in Hollywood

  68. Xavier Robinson says:

    This is nonsense that ya’ll even think that Lin is a great pg he is not even top 10 so why would the New York Knicks spend that much money on a pg that hasn’t proven himself at all. That would be ridiculous and for Carmelo Anthony remarks he is the superstar on the team yes he played bad at the beginning of the season but he was also out of shaped an overweight n lin played against okay competition but hell any one of us can go out and beat the Toronto Raptors so if you’re saying he is what you want for your starting pg go right ahead but when Amare and lin where out Carmelo saved the day and played the 4 position i honestly think if Amare is traded we would be better with Lin but we will never know that because doesn’t anyone wants amare i am a Carmelo fan and i had hoped that he didnt sign with the knicks because if you don’t win a championship right away ya’ll are ready to get rid of a superstar smh ya’ll couldn’t even peform on that level to even down an athlete in professional sports so lighten up and live your own life and not his…

  69. Clint80 says:

    The Knicks are only on the hook for $5m and $5.2m in the first two years of this contract as opposed to Houston having to average out the 25mil over 3 years. Lin is worth that in PR alone! If he is a bust then they trade or amnesty him in 2015. If not, then he’ll be worth 15mil and Amar’e could be amnestied by then anyway. Never mind waiting until midnight Tuesday to get rid of JLin. Wait another 2 seasons and see what happens…

  70. Jiiim says:

    Rocket is desperate to get any kind of “star” right now. I don’t think Lin will be a 20/10 guard but even at 14/7, he can generate a lot of sales even if Rocket isn’t winning that much. NBA is all about $$$ man.

    And I think Lin knows that injury is like a time bomb. I would say it’s considered lucky that any team still wants to pay that much money after he got injured. If I were Lin, I would take the best offer too ’cause his NBA career could be short (but sweet!).

    Milk as much money as you can Lin, that’s why people join NBA. I just know Knick’s fans will be booing him. lol

  71. bdollarsign says:

    No matter how much a team pays for Lin, a humble Christian boy, they at least know they’re not going to lose him to a DWI in the Hamptons.

  72. Bill says:

    Golden State and Rockets were shown as fools because they cut Lin. Knicks is joining them.

  73. Linsanity says:

    Lin and Howard in Houston anyone?

  74. Bon says:

    Here’s another “never be able to” guy speculating cynically. Lin’s attitude is just completely beyond what guys at the level of Melo and JR can understand. Talking about speculation, I speculate that guys with work ethic like Lin will be consistent and always improving.

  75. johnny says:

    As a Rocket fan Lin would be great with the possibility of having Howard here. If Dwight does come here he will sign and end his career in Houston, With coach Kevin Mchale and here, both will mesh here perfectly. G.M. Darrell Morey drafts A+ and I think Jeremy Lamb and Royce White could be top 10 rookies and the key piece Denatas Motiejumas also a rookie who was big in Euro ball, a Kevin Love type of player. I love this

  76. SYDALE says:

    Trust me… They should let him go… Who knows how effective Lin will even be coming off of that injury… And, even if he does come back 100% I don’t see his ceilling being very high… I don’t expect him to be any better than Kyle Lowry was this year… 14ppg 7astpg…

  77. ok says:

    Come on, see it in such that BOTH the Knicks and Huouston will benefit if Lin stays at Houston. Knicks skip the huge lux tax and Houston earns money.

    And actually Lin will be the third p to benefit. He gets what he could have never dreamed just half a year ago.

  78. jgiaco55 says:

    okay it is very simple for the knicks. bring lin back even though the contract is “ridiculous” and if he lives up to the hype then keep him and dump amare expiring contract in 2014. if he doesnt live up to the hype and is subpar than trade him because we dont have to worry about that crazy 3rd year of $14.8 mil and tax which brings close to 50 mil. so its simple bring him back now and if you want him after 2 years keep him and dump other expiring contracts like amare or if after 2 years he isnt the player everybody thought than trade him

  79. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Let Jeremy walk out of the town. I hope that Lin plays for the Rockets: he will be the starter and he will show what he’s capable of during a full season. Good luck to you Jeremy Lin.

  80. knickfan212 says:

    If we get one more old player the organization will need to hire home attendants.

  81. knickfan212 says:

    All of you guys upset about the Knicks not matching for Lin, I’m glad you don’t run my business. You’re willing to pay out 25 million to a guy that has played good for a few games. You would think he was the second coming of MJ. The Knicks were playing so bad, Ronald McDonald would’ve looked good if he scored 10 points a game. You cry about Dolan making stupid decisions and when he makes a smart one you’re ready to jump ship again. You were ready to hang the guy when he traded Felton now you’re ready to hang him for bringing him back.Lin is an unproven player with some potential. Kawme Brown also had potential,as did Eddy Curry. Should we bring him back too. As soon as a scouting report came out about Lin the guy couldn’t hold onto the ball to save his life. He couldn’t go left at all so to double team him all they had to do was stand on his right side and wait for him to lose the ball by forcing the play. By the time that 3rd year big sum came around you’d be boycotting Chinese take out stores.(JOKE)! But think about it, the luxury tax would end up being more than the salary. Houston’s offer back fired on them so let them eat that contract.Every so-called expert from media outlets are saying they need to let him go.You can’t pay that much money on a maybe. You don’t even know how his injury healed. He may be another Greg Oden.

    • trade1 says:

      Finally, sanity has prevailed.. exactly my thoughts knickfan…. let houston take their bs offer and eat it… i’m loving this so much cause if the knicks allow lin to leave, that puts another nail in the coffin for howard to be property of the magic or take a worse deal than the nets offered before they had to sign players.. win for the knicks, magic in disarray, houston in disarray, win#2: the luxury tax on lin will be avoided and win#3 if you want to sign a 15mil/yr man, you can do it on your own terms and get a proven allstar..

    • Nate says:

      How are you comparing Lin to Kawme Brown and Eddy Curry? Neither of those two have even accomplished anything close to what Lin did last year. All of you are saying that he only played 25 games, that’s not enough to know if he’s good. Well if he’s just an average baller then how come other average ballers haven’t done what he’s done with their chances? Give me a break!

      Lin is no Allstar yet, but he does show potential to be one, and that’s what Houston is taking their chance on. Talk about his turnovers and not being able to go left, does the word improvement mean anything to you? Geeze the guy is only like 23 or so, I’m sure he can still improve on his game. Two things are going to come out of this if Lin goes to Houston, if he succeeds then everyone’s going to say how stupid NYK was to let him go, and if Lin fails then they’ll say how bad a move Houston made. Honestly no one really knows how things are going to play out.

  82. Don says:

    Lin is worth whatever the Knicks might pay him. He is the basketball phenomenon of the past decade, the biggest thing since Fermandomania. He sold out arenas; that is quite different from getting good stats in a game, though obviously there is a connection. The Heat were the eventual NBA champs and have one of the 5 or 10 most physically gifted players ever and, like most humans, they were jealous of someone else’s success, so they played like it was the NBA finals against the Knicks. What does that prove? And J.R. Smith suggesting others deserve the money Lin got–what a joke. Smith is a good kid. He played hard, especially on defense, but ultimately all the doubts about him before the Knicks signed him proved true. He doesn’t know how to play the game; he made more mistakes than just about any player I have ever seen. Lin, on the other hand showed up and a team that has been in the doldrums for more than a decade became the hottest team in the league for two months till injuries set in. Now you’re going to let him go? Stupidest thing I ever heard. Do you have any idea what their overall budget is and how critical winning is toward making a pro team profitable. Here’s a guy who turned them into instant winners and for maybe a 10 percent budgetary saving you’re going to go back to some guy from the awful losing days and another guy old enough to have grandkids? What an absolute joke. This is a guy who outplayed Kobe Bryant. Do people honestly think that was luck or a fluke? So on a given day you or I might outplay Kobe too, huh? Lin has unusual skills, true, but you don’t outplay Kobe on a fluke. It does not happen.

  83. Kevin says:

    It’s so ridcious with camelo anthony’s speak.
    First,he didn’t worth in salary with he got.
    From many years ago,he was a star in nba draft in 2003
    Nuggets knows he was not a good player in nba,but he has a highly body confronting.
    Although Nuggets was apart with the bet , to bet what’s ability with him.
    But they are fallen down with their expect with melo.
    As time goes by,nuggets didn’t apart with western conference while melo in nuggets.
    Lebron James, Dywane Wade ,they got the championship after when they are in nba in three years.
    So Nuggets sold him obviously do a right thing with team.
    melo didn’t worth with the contract,he got.Knicks was an idiot team with their business team.
    In addition, they need to get rid of contract with melo.
    I think it was a right thing with business ,

    get rid of the contract with Amare , Camelo.

    Only the contract with Tyson Chandler, I thought it was a right contract with team’s work.
    And he has a good body fighting in game,and not only work in serial post game.
    He also has a good topic in praise teammates.
    He obviously has a positive thought with him and team.

  84. Tom says:

    The Heat of the next 4 seasons locked up anyway. The Knicks should save their money, let him go to Houston.

  85. alan duhon says:

    if i were the knicks without doubts i will sign lin!! not because the skill of the player ( is good but no more than lots of others players ) but for the marketing and business tha that kid bring up on him!!!!!!!!!! i don’t think lots of people really know how much the name lin increase the knicks bag !! the knicks don’t have to raise money cause they are rich but lin is a business machine !!!

    what do u guys think about???? am i wrong????

  86. Scottybugatti says:

    The contract is ridiculous, but so are alot of player contracts in ANY sport, especially washed up over the hill ones like Amare. Let’s be real, you have the chance of getting a PG that could be a superstar in this league at $8MM a year (forget the luxury tax). He also will create a huge international fan base for them. The guy works hard, he’s smart and he’s talented as f*ck, he always has been. Go check him out in the summer leagues in his rookie year, schooling a ton of the top PGs in the league today. Say what you want, but i’d rather the Knicks take a risk on a young player that shows talent than an old player that will ultimately never live up to his contract after the second year. Sick of people looking at every stat box, tell me what’s wrong with the kid that he cannot fix. He attacks the basket, makes plays, shows intensity and has performed in some of the biggest moments IN the biggest town. He can improve his defense, and working out of ball pressure, and some of his long range shooting, but he’s a star in the making.

    At the end of the day, Jeremy Lin’s contract isn’t the one hurting their franchise, it’s every other superstar they overpay (Mello and Stat)


  87. Calvin B says:

    I am not a knick fan. During Linsanity, I always watch Knicks games because of Lin.

  88. Ben M says:

    What i would do is trade Carmelo, aka team killer no.1 (although Howard is catching up to that mantle fast). Keep Lin to run the show, and get an entire bench full of solid role players from a wannabe contender. It worked for Denver!

  89. HoustonRocket! says:

    Melo is the most selfish and arrogant player I know. What a doucebag!

  90. Juwanisthebest says:

    Hey, the Knicks already have Jason Kidd, Marcus Camby and now Kurt Thomas on their team. They should also sign Grant Hill and Juwan Howard. Then, they would have all the 40-year-old players on their roster, and perhaps would make the second round of the playoffs (if it was ’99 or something). Too bad Jerry Stackhouse is going to Brooklyn.

  91. bill says:

    Knick management making another big mistake,

    he is a solid player and good for NYC, why let Houston steal him?

  92. DALGART says:

    If the N.Y. Knicks were sincere, they should have been the First Team to Offer Jeremy Lin a Contract, this would avoid this current “Circus” taking place. Obviously putting “Fannies” in the Seats, were more important for New York and for Business.
    Although with Lin’s skills, it still showed that when playing against the tougher opponents, like The Heat,
    he was not as effective. Once N.Y. signed Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton recently, you know that Lin’s chances
    were not with N.Y.

  93. mvp818 says:

    You all act like Lin is the NBA’s next best thing. You all get off on seeing someone who was rejected by Houston to begin with, then GS rejected him, who all of a sudden has a pretty good 3 weeks, and you all sound like he’s the best player in the league…LOL..I remember when he played against Miami, Chalmers shut him down completely! Lin has a chip on his shoulders. If he is this great player you all make him out to be, he should of suited up against Miami in the 1st round. Big time players suit up regardless if they’re injured. Lin chose to sit out acting like he’s god, and now he’s upset that the Knicks didn’t match the offer? Let him walk..Feltons a better PG and had his best season with the Knicks

  94. Richie says:

    I love LIN.why this knicks GM get felton?It means they dont want to match rockets offer sheet to LIN.bad decision for knicks to let LIN go and they don’t make good decision.Fire that knicks GM.Rockets will be a very good fit to Lin.A quick learner and humble guy.He deserve better organization that have one thing in common that is team of luck Mr.Lin and Rockets org.

  95. Oneil says:

    Stop the madness! You can’t give a max deal plus almost double that in luxury tax to a guy that played 11 games and then got injured when the competition stiffened. I love Lin. I was watching him in Summer League and most of you were not but Knicks would just be making another bad business decision to match that offer. (Which means they may go ahed and do just that given their track record). Houston who have lost all their China viewers want to get back into that market and are willing to pay for it. In that sense the offer is not ridiculous but for any other 11 game player it definitely would be. I’ll be watching Lin the Lin Lamb combo next season for sure.

    • trade1 says:

      summer league, i haven’t seen lin in summer league games are you serious… if they show lin in summer league games, then i know the knicks will let lin go.. lmao… there’s lots of lin’s on the bench and d league… but they don’t get a chance to shoot 15 – 20 times and game and throw the ball out of bounds 6 times a game, they would be benched before that happened..

  96. James Lee says:

    Please don’t judge Lin on that Heat vs Knicks game.
    Tell me which PG in the NBA can beat a focused and determined LBJ and Wade defense? LBJ and Wade set out to beat Lin, and we know if they are determine, only couple of guys in the NBA can survive their defense – Paul & William?

  97. Aero says:

    If you look at it, ‘Melo, Amare, and Chandler combined make more than the Big 3 of Miami

  98. b-rad says:

    Lin was fun to watch and added some excitement but c’mon he’s just not worth all that money in luxury taxes not to mention he turned the ball over way too much.

  99. Aero says:

    Well it’s the Knicks’ fault for signing thier starters to such big contracts. They’ll be over the salary cap anyways.

  100. Manny says:

    I believe that Lin got the wrong advice from his agent; however, we should still sign him. He does not make that ballon payment until his third year. A lot of things can happen in 3 years. Who knows if Amare will be a Knick in 3 years. They should sign him regardless. They can always trade him in January or next year to Houston for Kevin Martin or someone of value, especially if he has a great year. KNICKS SIGN LIN!! DON’T BE FOOLISH!

  101. Houston is deliberately backloading contracts to ensure that other teams cant match their offers on RFAs, Asik and now Lin. A clever tactic, perhaps, but they’ve failed to realise the horrendous bill they’re going to have to handle in three years’ time… when they still won’t be a title contender if they stick to their current building model.

    • trade1 says:

      houston management are idiots! PERIOD! laughing stocks, trying to extract players for no real purpose, if lin and asik are let go, this is laughable, both will not be all stars but get paid like all stars 3 years from now.. amazing… and no chance at an nba championship.. i’d be shredding my tickets now if i was a houston fan.. let me out of my yearly contract as a fan.. wow..

    • unknown says:

      Rockets only made it prohibitive for Knicks to match. 8.4 million per year is not unreasonable at all for Rockets due to their better-managed team salary structure. You normally need about 20 million per year for an All-star.

  102. JR says:

    Just let him go and let the Knicks fall off the map again. They deserve it for not appreciating what he did for them.

  103. many says:

    New york is the best city at building publicity. if you play decent in knew your you will have allots of publicity. We seen Amare getting so much publicity before the carmelo trade.

  104. JON says:

    All this talk about how selfish melo is and all that is crazy…Melo was criticizing the structure of the contract there is a reason why the league is calling these kinds of contracts poison pill contracts….Lin would get paid 14.8 MIL in his 3rd season that would actually cost the knicks 43milion with the luxuray tax in essence the Knicks would have to pay 43 milion in that 3rd year. Kobe Bryant does not have a salary cap hit of 43 mil so please cut it out there is no guaruntee that lin will be a great player in 3 years that is way too big of a risk or we might have another eddie curry situation…nd i love lin and wish we could have gotten him but lets be serious he was not team first when he was sitting down 85% ready to play in the playoffs because he wanted to ensure his biggest pay day (i would do the same) and if he played in that series and it looked anything like the 1st time he played the heat…there would be no contract of 30 mil to even discuss…So as melo said EVERY player needs to look out for themselves and get the most money as possible….EVERY anylyst in basketball has said this is a badly structured contract but melo needs to shut his mouth and mind his.

  105. SSS says:

    Resign Lin. If he doesn’t develop after first two years (at $5 million per) then trade him. There will always be takers because he carries the Chinese market with him. Don’t lose him for nothing.

  106. nyfan81 says:

    rumor has it LIN was cleared to play in the playoffs..he didnt want to because he wasnt ready..DIVA let him GO

  107. Unknown says:

    Sekou Smith didn’t get the fact right.
    14.8 M in the 3rd year would be ONLY applicable to NY Knicks, which have been struggling with overpaid & overrated “superstars” (both Melo and Amare have over 20 M per year). It is just 8.4 M per year to Rockets.
    The Knicks “big 3” are taking much bigger share in salary, yet much less achieving than the Heat “big 3”. That is the rootcause of most of the Knicks issues.

    8.4 M per year for Lin as a Rocket is definetly more reasonable. I see it a win-win scenario for Lin to go to Houston.

  108. WhatHappensNext says:

    I believe the Knicks are gonna let Lin go. CP3’s a free agent next summer and it’s common knowledge that he wants to play in NY with Melo n Stat!. So let Lin go go over the salary cap for a player like CP3!…. Lets GO KNICKS!!

  109. dave says:

    It’s all about business! no matter how good or how bad he is,some people are just so stupid.The knicks think they can get a champion with those old men just signed? don’t make me laugh!

    • trade1 says:

      thats my point dave, with or without lin, no championship coming and if you sign another 15mil player which is due in 3 years, you will have 4 players who will receive 15mil on your team.. lmao.. and not even close to a championship.. smart move is let lin go.. just like atlanta, the knicks can’t move amare or melo because of their contract, nobody can afford it and nothing will come back in return… the structure of the cba allows teams to spend more on their free agent which makes the luxury tax inevitable if you try to stack your team, unless you take pay cuts like the big 3 in miami

  110. HMH says:

    Funny thing is I remember Mark Cuban saying similar things about Steve Nash before letting him go to Phoenix. I love underdogs. This article was a little upsetting to me because it doesn’t mention how hard Lin has worked and how he seized the opportunity before him when other players would take it for granted. Continue to work hard to chase your dreams Lin — I for one am rooting for ya! =)

  111. Sean H says:

    Oh and to that Melo calling the Lin contract “Ridiculous.” Look in the mirror! Jealousy will eat you a alive. Just be happy your being paid a “ridiculous” amount of money for only getting your teams to the first round every single year you’ve been in the league.

  112. NYCOMMONSENSE says:

    keep lin anyone that voted he should go shouldnt be able to have an opinion ny needs lin anyone with negative comment s against lin should break there cpu and stop watchin basketball and go to church

  113. mike says:

    thats not fare lin was playing the whole knicks team because of jealousy

  114. Sean H says:

    The Rockets did it for business reasons. They’re willing to gamble that Lin will bring them more revenue from outside the US (looking at you China) to offset all $25MIL and make them some serious dough. Also, since their brand is already well known in China, then selling LIn as Yao 2.0 is not going to be difficult. Loading the backside of that contract was also a purely business move to force the Knicks to let Lin go. Yes, as a player is Lin worth $15 Mil in that last year? No, but from a business prospective, Lin is worth every penny, Sometimes, fans just forget that the NBA as well as other leagues are still a busniess.

    • trade1 says:

      this talk of revenue is ridiculous.. jersey sales are shared by NBA PLAYERS ONLY, not the organization, so the organization can profit off of lin merchandise, but so will Lin in any market… the toyota center wasn’t sold out every game last year and won’t be this year with or without Lin because they will be down there with the kings, wolves next year in the standings…

      The asian market already pays 150mil/yr to broadcast league games and EACH TEAM shares in the revenue.. sure their local contract could increase, but that will only happen AFTER their present contract expires.. so nothing additional there..
      Just to be clear, teams in the nba have about 40 mil coming from the nba revenue contracts before paying players, then a team can have their own tv deals with comcast, fox sports, etc.. if you are like ny,boston,chicago,lakers, then you could get anywhere from 15mil-30mil per year additional, meaning your 70mil roster and team is free just from revenue, not including merchandise, ticket sales… this is why some teams will gladly pay luxury tax…

      So according to what you are saying, you are willing to pay an average point guard 15mil in year 3, which will stop you from being able to pursue superstar players and acquire any players on the bench of any real value for an average point guard..
      Mathematics say that a star will cost 15mil-20mil per year, and you want to pay a star and lin 30mil of your cap space.. really??
      AND not make the playoffs and no sold out arena, and no chance at a championship? Houston fan will be soo happy…

      Amerika, home of mediocrity and justifying it… amazing… Knicks LET LIN GO….

      Houston we have a problem!

      • alex says:


  115. Celticforever says:

    Dont let jeremy lin go he is the spark and inspiration to all struggling NBA players given the proper break any player can perform and contribute to the team

  116. Steffen says:

    Knicks where bad with their so called stars running the show. At best an overpaired group of stars underperforming in a big way.
    With Melo out and Amare just coming back, being forced to fit into the whole Linsanity that was happening on the Knicks when Amare was fit again, then the Knicks looked like they had a chance of something at least. And it wasnt only Lin, it was just about every role player the team throw off the bench and onto the floor who bought into the way the team was playing and gave it their all with Lin running the show.
    All those role players are all gone almost and back are the baddie so called stars who never have nor never will achieve anything, because they both think they are gods gift to the basketball world and dont give much about their team.
    Gl Lin your better off going elsewhere. Melo on the wing stopping any creativity, cuts, screens without the ball and ball movement would not work well for you anyways and Knicks will not trade Melo even tho they should if they were really into given New Yorkers a championship run.

  117. wetz says:

    Even if Lin perform only around half the expectation from the Linsanity, I think his contract is worth it solely on the potential of the billions of Chinese fans worldwide. Yao Ming hasn’t really performed up to his max expectation potential when he was drafted as #1 pick (even before his injury ridden years), but the Rockets benefitted a lot from Yao Ming’s legion of Chinese fans, so they know that Lin only need to perform consistently as an average NBA PG starter and they will reap benefits and continued support from the Chinese fans worldwide (and the non-Chinese fans who loves Cinderella stories)…

  118. knicks1on1 says:

    The Knicks such sign Lin and trade him in the third season, Like the Hawks did with Joe Johnson. Now the Nets is stuck with paying him 90 Mil.

  119. daytrader68 says:

    It’s too bad that Lin may not stay at NY. However, as long as Knicks is winning, NY fans will forget Lin….sad but it’s true. Folks at the franchise level knows what they are doing.

  120. Zach says:

    Goodbye Lin, don’t turn the ball over on your way out the door.

  121. bey krews says:

    when you have team mates like melo and JR smith ( who got kicked out of denver )
    you’re team will go nowhere but rock bottom despite the stars you have on your team..

    the key is UNSELFISHNESS..but it’s clear to each and everyone that melo,J.R and amar’e only want what’s best for themselves and not with their team.

    best of lUck Mr.Lin,good riddance of new york and you have a better chance of improving in Houston.


  122. CharlesMcNarles says:

    WAHOOO! COME TO HOUSTON!!!! F NYC- your teammates don’t like you! They’re haters! Leave NYC and come JOIN MCHALE!

  123. Shey says:

    Refresh the page ang vote again.. just simple as that and ratings on this poll with go up.. Go Jeremy Lin haters.. Houston Rocket Fans.. Racist’s.. hahahaha this page scks..

  124. MIA03 says:

    Lin, Melo and amare OVERRATED! only player i like in their roster is chandler

  125. Red&Yellow95 says:

    Leave it to Carmelo to act like a jerk. He will never win a championship. Lin is the only reason the Knicks didn’t crumble down the stretch was because of him. Everyone around him played better when Anthony was hurt; they strung off 7 straight wins. If it wasn’t for him, the Bucks would’ve been in the playoffs.

    Glad Lin is coming to Houston. New York dissed him, so he went out and got paid by a team who wants the talent he holds.

    Also: The back-loaded contract is only for the Knicks. If they match, it’ll be 5/5/15 on the 3rd year, meaning the Knicks would have approx 70 million tied to Chandler, Anthony, Stoudemire and Lin if I’ve got math right in the 14-15 season.

    Due to a loophole in the new CBA, known as the Gilbert Arenas Provision, the contract will play out 8.3/8.3/8.3 in the Rocket’s contract books. Same deal they gave to Asik. It’s smart and sticks it to the Knicks. Everyone should know this fact before they start trash-talking Lin’s contract.

  126. thomas robinson says:

    carmelo is such a hater. how can he said something like that to his own teamate? lin deserved more $$ than him. i’ll kill myself if carmelo win a title in new york. i don’t like him anymore!

  127. speaking the truth says:

    I really don’t think he deserves that much, and he is not that good as most of people think, but having him in the team is good for business.

  128. Benjie says:

    Trade Melo so you have more cap space for Lin. Having Amare-Melo in the knicks line-up has not served them well.

  129. Shey says:

    lin deserves to go UP.. Just play now Worry later. if Lin-era fall he has the rights to accept or withrew the 14Million dollars you keep on worying..

  130. zanonymous says:

    I say the knicks did not want to trade felton in the first place, but they had to. now they have him for longer and cheaper. let lin walk he messed up, the only way we keep lin is with another trade and I don;’t see that sorry. I know he wanted more money but he was talking about jesus and thanking god. what happen to being humble and taking the contract keeps you with a team. For example JR smith. for the first time lin you lost in my book.
    zanonymous aka #1 NYFAn

    • uoykcuf says:

      I seriously don’t understand what you mean.

    • Lin says:

      Lin was RFA and knicks gave him no offer. Knicks tried to lowball him and thought no other team would give him a huge offer. They dug their own hole, hope Lin leaves. Knicks don’t deserve to win.

  131. BRR says:

    I think New York knick be fool because they dont have enought confident with lin that the reaon why they are reluctan to sign. the asainanity to shin in national tv. lol They are not prepare fo reall star.

  132. TTKIN says:

    Smith said it might make problems with teammates…what about the rest of the league who sees a little kid who has played all of half a season and gets those paychecks. Guys are going to come after Lin with everything they’ve got every night. They will try running him out of the league. Im not saying he’ll do poorly, but he will not play well enough to earn that much money.

    This contract is stupid and I think the Knicks made the right move getting Felton. Everyone was too concerned with Lin getting along with Melo…the Knicks dont need someone to make Melo good. He’ll do fine. They need a PG who can get Amare back to MVP levels, and that PG is either steve Nash or Ray Felton. Nash aint a possibility so NY got the next best option. Smart move that a lot of people will criticize until theyre proven wrong.

    • Nate says:

      The reason Amare isn’t performing as well is because his style clashes with Melo’s, not because Lin can’t make Amare a better player. Melo doesn’t play well with a point guard, he needs the ball to be in his hands, I think this is one of the reasons why Nash didn’t choose NY. I’m sure if you take out Melo, and play Amare and Lin together, Amare will be putting up his numbers again.

      • JON says:

        SO is Chauncey a pg….as I recall 1 year with chauncey and they went to the western conference finals…stop lies please speak the truth.

      • Nate says:

        Chaucey is a different type of pg, that’s the Truth.

    • Nick says:

      After reading through quite a few insightful comments, I really don’t see money or even the luxury tax really being a problem if the Knick’s do match Houston Rockets offer to Jeremy Lin’s. With the New York Knicks being one of the largest NBA market and Media central, Jeremy Lin will attract lots of businesses from Asia (Taiwan, Singapore, China..etc.). Which could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars in broadcasting rights and product sales.

      Regarding his productivity, the benefits he brings and potential as a basketball player, he showed he can ball with the best of them in the NBA. He brought excitement back to the Madison Square Garden. Linsanity saved the Knicks from having a disppointing season. Gave fans hope. If anyone watched Jeremy Lin on a regular basis, he is exactly what the Knicks need. He works especially well with Tyson Chandler.

      Some critized him for not performing against the Heat and the Nets. We have to remember he’s still progressing and learning as he plays each game. As a Knick’s fan, I truly think we lucked out having him. With mounting injuries, he answered our call and performed marvellously. But everyone will have a few bad games now and then. He’s done pretty much everything until his injury. Which was unfortunate. But he’s young, and there’s great potential.

      Carmelo Anthony’s wrong. Houston’s offer to Lin’s not ridiculous at all. I actually find Anthony’s contract ridiculous. He gets paid an all-star, team leader contract, yet he under performs time and time again. He plays no D, he’s a ball hog, and he’s shooting percentage is horrible. He gets his points from putting up numerous shots every game, he’s not efficient at all. He hasn’t even taken the Knick’s to the eastern conference finals yet.

      I really hope the Knick’s will match the offer for Lin. Jeremy Lin gave us hope when neither of our supposed stars(Carmelo and Amare) did anything.

    • uoykcuf says:

      I’m down with lin goes to houston. Knicks’s pg position is jammed with Felton and Kidd. I doubt kidd going to be the 3rd guard off the bench nor felton as a bench warmer. Contractwise I agreed is pretty ridiculous for a guy who played 25 games. Still there’s many bad contracts in NY before Lin though, anyone rememeber jerome james? Eddy curry?
      Team chemistry is abother thing, let’s see what’s the next move for the knicks.

  133. Bob says:

    Knicks lost their glue guys and will have egomainia 82 times next season. I would have like to see lin being groomed by Kidd, but i don’t think it’s going to happen………..because it is the Knicks. Lin or Nash would have been the right pg for them. don’t like it, be well jlin, you were a great player for the knicks. 25m is a big payday for a 21 game experienced Pg, but i’d risk it with a guy like you. You proved that you can run an offense and set people up at an all star level.

  134. Sea Pea says:

    Wow, I can’t believe Carmelo and JR Smith are such haters. Your worth is not always about how good you are. If Barrack Obama wanted to play point guard for the Wizards for a season I’m pretty sure the Wizards would do it because of the marketing value. They could charge All-Star game prices for seats. Your skill level and years of service is not everything.

  135. LOLakers says:

    Come to Miami! Guaranteed championship, the greatest fans in the world and the best team in NBA history!!!! You can even help us with our 10-peat!!!

    • futbol3ro says:

      10-peat? really? LMAO. goodluck with that.

    • KnicksFan says:

      This is why everybody calls Miami fans stupid. In a Miami fan’s head, they really think that they can make their team look like the 2013 Eastern Conference All Stars. It’s so pathetic. You guys are so desperate to win so many championships that you would probably pay for all 400 and whatever players in the league just so the other teams dont have any players so they would have to forfeit. Im a huge LeBron James fan, but because of the stupid fans that bandwagon him and have no basketball IQ and think this is “Create A Team” on NBA 2K12, i hope he doesnt even make it to the playoffs so you guys can all shut up.

  136. Chris says:

    Knicks would be nuts to let Lin go. Besides his playing potential, he sells jerseys and puts new fans in the seats and watching on TV. How many millions do they spend on marketing trying to make that happen?

  137. Iodine says:

    There IS bad contract and there ARE stupid trades to absorb it occasionally.

  138. Mel says:

    I agree with you. Do the right thing. Let him go. Although he’s a potential cash cow in terms of merch sales & such – the Knicks have to demonstrate that they care about winning the chip. He is not that pg.

  139. Krespino says:

    The Knicks will be fools to let Lin go. Without Lin The knicks will be a boring franchise which will produce, again, nothing but disappointments every coming day. There isn’t even 1 % chance that The Knicks will ever be title contenders with Carmelo and Amare, or even an exciting team to watch. The two players who do not deserve their pay are those two. So many games The Knicks won without Melo and Amare speak for themselves, it’s not one game or two games, I would really want to see 7 consecutive wins achieved by Carmelo playing, which I will never see. Lin has done that. Carmelo the loser has been disturbed by the recognition and limelight that Lin has got, that’s what is happening.

    • kim says:

      You are absolutely right.

      Carmelo does not worth 10% of the Money Knicks paying him

    • SELANOC82 says:

      I love to see Lin in the Rockets,,,leaving those teammates who are not even thinking their worth,,,this two guys Carmelo and Smith are good scorer but not good when it comes to providing difference like Lins did…sharing and letting other teammates they are a part of and enables them to contribute like the second line-up did…..Knicks led Carmelo will again a losser next season.

    • KnicksFan says:

      Krespino you obviously have not watched Carmelo Anthony’s games. If it wasn’t for him, the Knicks wouldn’t even have won a game against the Heat in the playoffs. If it wasnt for Carmelo, they would not have made it to the playoffs after Lin got injured. If it wasn’t for Carmelo, there would have not been any excitement in Madison Square Garden. Lin was just a breakout player. He did fantastic and did not disappoint, but players like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, or Chris Paul did not earn such a ridiculous contract off the bat like that. Many players in the league feel that he just hasn’t proven himself to be able to get such a high amount of money and he hasn’t proven himself. He played in a shortened season and he played really just the second half of the season. He can play , but he is inconsistant and turns the ball over alot even on his good nights. You obviously just listen to hype and watch a game or two of Melo. Melo can score hands down and has proven to do extremely well. He just needs the right supporting cast which the Knicks will probably never give him, but dont you dare say the Knicks would be boring to watch when he was on a scoring tear after Lin got injured. He would almost single handedly give the Knicks victory with clutch play and his ability to knock down shots. Just sit down and watch cartoon network because its obvious you dont know basketball

  140. David says:

    Robert, you are obviously an idiot. You cannot see through the details. The Rockets will be the winner of this regardless if the Knicks match or if they do not. If Knicks match, they pay out the taxes and look like fools when they have a team that that has maxed out their cap in just 4 players. Then they will have to rebuild again just like they have done over the past 2 decades. The Knicks are one of the worst ran organizations in basketball.

    If Rockets get him, this will put fans in the seats and bring in more money. The Rockets will not lose anything. Keep in mind the contract will be 8.4 million a year for the rockets, not some drastic jump like it will be for the Knicks.

  141. Robert Zenon says:

    The Rockets will be the losers in all this, because as much as you said the hype with him was, he failed misablely in his second meeting againt the Nets and Williams and now he is coming to a conference that is tops really in the NBA, especially at guard play. He was cut from this conference twice and i think he will show why again, the Rockets GM is a knucklehead to say the least. This will be the worst hyped signing since the Raiders signed Dallas Super Bowl MVP conerback(I can’t even remember his name, LOL). Oh well I am a Laker fan and I’m glad to see him coming to the conference, thats if he doesn’t get cut again, LOL, oops that will not be an option this time.

    • haters at work says:

      LOL someone owned kobe, just to remind you haha

      • Bruce says:

        LoL, Lin’s not even in the same league as Kobe. It’s like comparing a five star restaurant to McDonald’s. The only thing you have to go off on is last season’s game against LA. The Lakers have always been torched at the PG position and a few good games doesn’t prove he’s worth the 25 mil.

    • Nate says:

      Every player has a bad game and good game, you can’t judge him for not performing well in one game. What if the next game he goes against Williams, Lin scores 30pts? Then your’e going to say it was just a lucky game? The fact is that Lin is a pretty good player from the time that we’ve seen him. At least he’s a better then average player at this point. The only reason people say he’s overrated is because we’re the one’s who are holding him so high up in a pedestal that when he doesn’t perform to our expectations then we criticize him. I think he’s worth the contract that Houston is signing him for, only time will tell if Houston made the right move or not.

      • Nate says:

        Also, I’m not sure why Anthony and Smith called Lin’s contract ridiculous and bickering over it. As team mates they should be happy and supportive for him. With that attitude it’s bound to cause friction already if Lin stays with the Knicks. A ridiculous contract is what the Hawks gave Joe Johnson, or what Orlando gave Rashard Lewis and Turk. Houston sees potential in Lin, that’s why they offer this contract, it’s an investment and it’s not like they’re losing that much, 3yrs for 25 mil. Again, whether this turns out to be a good investment or not, only time will tell.

      • Tyrone says:

        Errrr Orlando didn’t give Turk his big contract, he signed that with Toronto, then he was traded to Phoenix, then Orlando made that fantastic trade to bring him back, but that did not award him that contract, he walked to get it.

      • extremedriver says:

        I don’t know about you, but isn’t it unwise to spend $15 million in the final year of a contract for an unproven player?? Just because Lin scored all those points in 15 games, doesn’t automatically make him a star, he has to do more to earn that title.

        You watch! With the full season, plenty of game tape, plenty of scouting, and his return from Knee surgery, we will not see Linsanity again! He is not a Nash, he is not a Kidd, and he is not a Stockton. It is possible that he could be one day, but not now, and certainly not in 3 years!

        That’s why, as a Knicks fan since the Ewing era, I wouldn’t skip a beat to let him walk! 25 million would be OK if it were over 6 to 7 years, but 3 years is pure “INSANITY”, not Linsanity! Also! This 3 year contract was offered by Houston, so any leverage the Knicks had against Lin vanished when it was signed. Anyone with common sense knows it to be unwise taking on big contracts that someone else drew up. Because unless the ROI (Return On Investment) pays off, the “NEW” owner of the contract stands to loose considerable amounts of money!

    • shawnmatrix says:

      he almost had a triple double that game with 20 points, how is that “failed misablely “? go check your box score before you make a comment

    • LoveNBA says:

      @Robert Zenon. Your attitude is just like Anthony and JR Smith. Selfish, Self-centered, and Arrogant! Melo will never win an championship because he’ll always be a jinx to any NBA Team. Good luck Knicks!

    • aldstar says:

      Word. He is ridiculously overhyped/rated. He is a solid point guard and all, but Lin at his best would be the same level as Raymond Felton was when he first suited up in a Knick uniform.

      @haters at work. hahah, nvm. your name says it all xD troll much?

    • cool knicks fan says:

      What’s wrong Laker fan? Mad that Kobe got outdueled by Lin.

      • Bruce says:

        Force Lin to his right and watch the turnovers roll in. Miami was the first to expose this.

    • cool knicks fan says:

      Yeah, he had one bad game and your using it to judge what his career will be like. He almost had a triple-double in that game, which isn’t bad, it’s great. His only really terrible game was against Miami, one of the top defenses in the league. You’re just a Lin hater that’s mad that Lin torched your Laker team.

      • ad1012 says:

        bad game? i think going 1 for 11 and having 8 turnovers is more than just bad. and really come up with another example that doesn’t include him playing a 37 year old point guard. over-rated/overhyped

  142. Hoopzaah says:

    Man, that Carmelo fella… Pro douchebag.
    If Lin is as hardworking guy as he shows. He’s worth every penny. McHale would love to have a guy like that to deliver to the low post as he likes to see. There are few “create a play first” point guards in the league, best bet is to grab a humble guy like Lin. He will answer the caoch’s requests.

    • Josh L says:

      It comes down to luxury tax. If you’re willing to spend an extra $43 million dollars 3 years from now let me know.

      • Cup Cakes!!!!!! says:

        lin will average 20 and 10 next year. never a good time to show what he has shown in his skills for a penny on a dollar! just eat three cupcakes every time hw scores and you will know how bloated the contract is. i bet 14 cents on the dolllar that these cupcakes are topped with chololate fudge and sprinkles.

      • Melohater says:

        People still dont get it, luxury tax, luxury tax,, luxury tax. Is not about the money. Lin can make 43 millions for the knicks in a month. Stop it, is not about the money.

      • alienboy says:

        You know what?!? I’m tired of all this stu pid people judging players like they’re scouts or they researched and know them. First of all, Jeremy Lin is an underrated, over-hyped player in this league and judging his work ethic, basketball IQ and his game he got injured… He is one hell of a player! Now, why would you listen to me? Its only fair if you look at his stats:

        Before the Linsanity…. NY Knicks is 7 wins and 15 loss, and to think that was played by a $100M player named: Amare Stoudamire and a $65M plus 4 trade-offs, named Carmelo Anthony and also an heralded champion playing Center position at that time by the name of Tyson Chandler. Now the question about their game is, How the h ell did that happen? If you have the chance to look at the link, the only game his numbers goes down is the game with Miami(2-23-12) and Toronto(3-23-12). Now my question about the Miami game is… Is it fair to pin point it all to Jeremy Lin(undrafted, 2yrs exp & minimum wager) the loss of that game where in fact you have C.Anthony, A.Stoudamire and T.Chandler on the same court??? as for the Toronto game where he only played 26mins because of an injury that sidelined him a game after.

        Jeremy Lin is way better and good investment compared to Felton and Kidd but the question is remains:
        -Is he worth $35M-$45M luxury tax in the future? My answer is NO, because that is not practical… If that is practical in the NBA, then there would be no competition and probably we would see Lebron and Kobe and Rose in the same team if that happens.
        -Is he what the Knicks need in their roster? My answer is YES NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

      • alienboy says:

        You know what?!? I’m tired of all this stu pid people judging players like they’re scouts or they researched and know them. First of all, Jeremy Lin is an underrated, over-hyped player in this league and judging his work ethic, basketball IQ and his game he got injured… He is one hell of a player! Now, why would you listen to me? Its only fair if you look at his stats:

        Before the Linsanity…. NY Knicks is 7 wins and 15 loss, and to think that was played by a $100M player named: Amare Stoudamire and a $65M plus 4 trade-offs, named Carmelo Anthony and also an heralded champion playing Center position at that time by the name of Tyson Chandler. Now the question about their game is, How the h ell did that happen? If you have the chance to look at the link, the only game his numbers goes down is the game with Miami(2-23-12) and Toronto(3-23-12). Now my question about the Miami game is… Is it fair to pin point it all to Jeremy Lin(undrafted, 2yrs exp & minimum wager) the loss of that game where in fact you have C.Anthony, A.Stoudamire and T.Chandler on the same court??? as for the Toronto game where he only played 26mins because of an injury that sidelined him 1 game after.
        Jeremy Lin is way better and good investment compared to Felton and Kidd but the question is remains:
        -Is he worth $35M-$45M luxury tax in the future? My answer is NO, because that is not practical… If that is practical in the NBA, then there would be no competition and probably we would see Lebron and Kobe and Rose in the same team if that happens.
        -Is he what the Knicks need in their roster? My answer is YES NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

    • John says:

      Knicks organization seems to have really bad basketball IQ. It would be better to replace the overpaid Amare and have Lin in being the glue that connects the whole team and makes it functional. As for Carmelo’s comment, he should talk less and work more on being a better defender and team player

    • Johnny says:

      Carmelo is spot on with what he said. Good man.
      Let me explain this to you friend. Lin played amazing 11 games and 8-10 good games. Rockets will pay him 25mil for first 3 years and 15mil for 4th year. The tax will put the KNICKS up by 43mil if the signed Lin.
      To do the math for you that means they will pay 83 MILLION dollars for Lin over 4 years. You cannot justify so much money for such an unproven player.

      Lin can play and he showed, no one argues that. But he also showed that he can’t hang with superstars once he got scouted, not yet at least. For 20mil a year thats a risk not worth taking. The ONLY reason can offer Lin that much money (40mil instead of knick’s 83, but still a big load for Lin), is because they have Asian fan base from Yao Ming days to get the money back in ticket/merch sales.

      I’m happy for Lin, I’m a fan and want to see him perform as he did against LA every game he plays but it would be idiotic for Knicks to pay for Lin.

      • Jennifer says:

        Why did Knicks brought Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton if they want to keep Lin?

      • Average Joe says:

        The offer sheet is not for 20 mil a year but only 25 mil for three years, 5 mil for the first two seasons with the option of getting 15 mil for the third. The option, as I recall, is a team option so I believe the Rockets made a good deal. He is not unproven. He proved he could ball, just lacks consistency. McHale could surely develop him into a solid and consistent PG, no doubt.

    • MackDaddy says:

      They played better without Melo!!!!

      Keep Lin, trade Melo and a couple of other parts for Howard, and go win some championships.

      • MackDaddy says:

        Oh…. and tapping into the asian market in terms of merchandise and tv deals might make the 25mil a little easier to swallow, when Lin could generate 5 times that. There’s A LOT of fans who support asian players in the NBA- just look at Yao MIng. Allstar starter over Shaq? No way. But you cant compete with 1 billion fans. And they all want jerseys.

    • Imad Akel says:

      well said hoopzaah