Lakers Great James Worthy: Andrew Bynum Just As Good As Dwight Howard!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Magic Johnson is the one member of the Showtime Lakers who is used to his words about the NBA’s current state of affairs drawing attention.

James Worthy has, for the most part, managed to stay away from the mess. But he won’t for long, not with his assessment of the Dwight Howard-Andrew Bynum dynamic that rages on (at least in some corners) this summer as we all await a decision on the futures of both of the NBA’s dominant big men.

With various reports identifying the Lakers as one of the teams still pursuing Howard in a possible blockbuster trade with the Orlando Magic, Worthy told The Los Angeles Times that the Lakers should abandon that strategy and focus on the nucleus already in place (in no particular order … Bynum, Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash):

“I like Andrew Bynum,” Worthy said recently at an appearance at Bell Gardens Intermediate School, sponsored by After School All-Stars Los Angeles and Metro PCS. “He’s young and just as good as Dwight right now. He’s getting better. Dwight … to me, he’s too much gab and too much talking. I’m old school. I want to see something done on the floor. He does all this media stuff, flip-flopping. You don’t get respect from veteran players when you do that kind of stuff. They just want you to play. They want to see what you can do out there.”

Howard is 26; Bynum is 24. Howard boasted superior numbers over Bynum last season in points (20.6 to 18.7) and rebounds (14.5 to 11.8). But those numbers spark further debate. Would Howard score less with Bynum’s supporting cast on the Lakers? Would Bynum score more with Howard’s dominant role in Orlando?

There are other unanswered questions.

Would Howard’s surgically repaired back prove problematic, or would he return to his usually reliable health? Would Bynum’s wobbly knees suffer yet another setback, or is avoiding a major injury last season a sign of things to come? Would Howard sign an extension with the Lakers when he’s indicated he doesn’t want to play in L.A.? Would Bynum’s unpredictable effort and immature behavior continue?

There will be no shortage of questions about the health, maturity and overall make up of both players were they to trade locker stalls. Bynum’s never had to operate without the Lakers’ security blanket (the organization and Bryant) to insulate him. Howard has never played with a star-studded cast like the one he’d be on with the Lakers.

We’d find out so much more about both of these guys if they did trade places (anyone up for a temporary swap? … if we could get the rules changed, just to get a sample of what it would be like).

Back to reality, of course, we’ve stated all along that the only reasonable trade partner for the Magic to engage is the Lakers. For all of the future draft picks, cap flexibility and whatever else some other team can offer, the Lakers are the only team on the planet that could deliver a player that belongs in the same sentence with Howard as a low-post force.

And for the record, we don’t agree with Worthy. As good as Bynum has become and as good as he might get in the coming years, we’d make that trade if it was (ever) on the table!


  1. Swan says:

    Dwight howard is also better at changing people’s shot when the drive to the rim because he is more feared than bynum around the leauge overall and as a shot blocker. even though anrew bynum is taller dwight howard can cover more space because he is stronger and quicker than andrew bynum. And diwght isnt lazy and trotting back on every possesion

  2. Patnubay Calaycay says:


  3. maquan says:

    Dwight Howard goin to Lakers would giv the lakers a Big Boost for the and hav the started 5 on the court Would hav to be Steve Nash Kobe Bryant Matt Barnes Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard

  4. RazRah says:

    If Bynum was so great or even in the same league, then why didn’t the Nets go after him? Why isn’t the league as a whole making a big deal about Bynum being on the tradeing block? Why do people that compare them omitt defensive stats. The truth is they aren’t even close. People forget that Bynum is a head case. Didn’t he get ejected the last playoff when he was coached by Phil Jackson? How was he against OKC last year? He can’t carry a team even when he has a top two player on his team and another talented 7 footer to help him.

  5. Denzo says:

    Bynum can make a free throw. Howard couldnt make one to save his life. Until Howard can make a free throw, I cant respect him as an NBA SUPERSTAR. The only player who you could is SHAQ, but thats cause he won you the game anyway, and still shot around 60%. The amount of hack a Howard I see, only to cringe while watching a professional basketball player shoot 3 – 11..

  6. timmyboii says:

    Dwight is one of the most over hyped players in the league. im just saying, both drew and dwight are decent in the post, can crash boards but both of them dont give you that WOW factor. But I would still have Andrew playing for the lakers, I dont think Howard would look good running with nash.

  7. BALLIN says:

    Dwight is Better Defensively Bynum is better offensively But this laker team need dwights defense to spark a fast break with his block shots nm dwight can get up n down the court faster then any big man in the league

  8. aaron says:

    for all you guys thtss dissing kobe ummmmm the game changed back then all u really need was one good or great player and a bunch defenders to win a ship stupid people and for the valdamir kid who puttin up howw much money everybody salary uhh all ur really sayin is mj was legit lol and pipen also and the top 2 scorers on the team stupid now i hav a smart queston for u to answer name a team tht didnt have a big man won a ship???? and itz really not kobes fault shaq was dealt to him nor tht jordan didnt have a big man lol wait where is chicago at now wth out a big man ????? u need a big man to win in this day and age bro plzz kno facts and not fiction from nba 2k12 and plus bill russel has 10rings wat u saying bout tht o wait he was the big man lol dummy

  9. Raiders says:

    in about 1 or maybe 2 more seasons neither one of them will be considered the best center in the NBA. That Demarcus Cousins is going to be something special. He’s the 1st center since shaq who has the ability to average 30.0 ppg from the 5 position.

  10. californication says:

    and they say the lakers and celtics have the worst fanbase

  11. heat all d way says:

    lol trade dh to lakers and still wont beat the heat or okc. miami will still be 2013 champs lbj will get his 2nd and will be tied as the greatest ever (MJ), if he wins his 3rd chip he will be the greatest, and if we wins his 4th chip he will be untouchable
    – typical heat and lbj fan

  12. Ty Gotem says:

    When the announcer starts saying Andrew Bynum and the Lakers against whomever I will take him over Dwight. Dwight alone can change how the game is played. They still give Bynum single coverage because he is inconsistent. Who do they go to in the post when they need a bucket. Gasol!! Who by the way can finish with either hand (unlike Bynum). Even though Dwight can’t do it either, he is to explosive ans to strong to stop. Please lets not fogrget if Dwight came to LA he automatically gets enrolled and BIG MAN camp just like Andrew did which is the only reason why he got better. If they switch teams it’s can easily be said the Lakers are taking this things.

  13. Giovanni says:

    Put ‘Scal’ on the game and you dont need any center…

  14. caloyski says:

    Frankly speaking, I think this is just a ploy on the part of LA to convince the Magic to trade Dwight for Bynum— if ever this would push thru then Lakelandia would have consumated the Best deal possible

  15. mark ty says:

    both howard and bynum are good centers but they are also both immature.

  16. mark ty says:

    what the lakers needs to do is to trade kobe bryant! he is a ball hug selfish player…he maybe good but a team sport doesnt need a selfish player. it always takes 5 players working side by side in defense and offense to win a championship. he’s competitiveness is a right attitude but he’s approach (which is being selfish) is wrong.

  17. Brandon says:

    So what have we learned? That Worthy doesn’t know wtf he’s talking about

  18. BIG MEECH says:

    Dwight just needs to go to the nets and get all this LA Orlando talk out the way hes not going to LA get over it

  19. jax says:

    um…why isn’t Bynum on the Olympic team??

  20. Fortis says:

    fired mike brown… then the lakers will be on the finals… mike brown cant even take cleveland before remember so why they hire him to become lakers new head coach… !!!

  21. Dutch_lakerfan says:

    I always have a problem with Sekou’s blog. Journalism should be more neutral i.m.o. never ever should a journalist state his own opnion but gather facts and opnions of others. And weave that into a nice story, and he changes his mind to much, one blog he is calling players and teams broken or flushed and a week later his mind turned 180 degrees and he is praising them. When you ask me I go with worthy’s opinion and lets support Bynum in this one 😀 let howard go elsewhere and hope orlando gets some nice players or picks for him, they deserve it.

  22. dealuser says:

    Bynum will get better . Lakers should focus on the Small Forward position.

  23. mario says:

    Howard is better defensively because of his construction but technically he is inferior to Bynum. Howard has shown us what he can do, Bynum is still improving. Keep Bynum. Trade Gasol for JSmith or for McGee n Gallinari.

    Bynum – Hill
    McGee (or Smith) – Jamison
    Artest – Gallinari (or Hill)
    Kobe – Goudelock
    Nash – Blake

  24. Piliskner says:

    I dont know why James Worthy thinks so but I see just a great noob in Bynum, everytime it was up to him to step up he failed. I dont know how you can even compare these 2 other then by height because Howard is on another level, numbers are just a number of levels above Bynums and just because Howard lacks some moves his body is far superior to Bynums

  25. Roby says:

    i’m a little bit confused..Why trade Gasol? he was the guy who got them to the finals ,not Kobe! if kobe is so good why didn’r he reach the finals by himself,without shaq or gasol. Before 2008 they were struggling ,and then they acquiered gasol and Poof!,3 finals ,2 rings. The same with shaq. The Lakers have always been powered by big men,mikan,wilt kareem shaq and gasol

  26. Roy says:

    Don’t know what the point of debating this is going to accomplish. If you compare Howard to Bynum, Howard clearly has a step above Bynum as an overall player.

  27. MARK_G says:

    the problem with Bynum is his maturity on and off the court,

  28. heyshomy says:

    I’d keep Drew, if you show him more confidence I’m betting he would deliver more. Last season’s numbers were no fluke; the Lakers management held on to him and he delivered just like he did in the second half of the 2010/2011 season. KEEP ANDREW BYNUM

  29. Dave says:

    I don’t agree that Howards better, dwights a great rebounder and defensive player (in terms of his ability to cover the floor on defense, but they’re about even with actually defending the post). in terms of offensive skill set, bynum’s got him beat hands down, sure dwights more athletic but outside of sheer strength to finish on intential fouls and the occasional dunk, that’s all there is to offer on that end of the floor. the part of the argument that i don’t see ppl giving much attention to in terms of numbers that bynum puts up vs numbers howard puts is the fact that the PF on the lakers isn’t exactly horrible at rebounding and contributing on both ends either. dwight doesn’t have that luxury, or rather his numbers appear higher because of that and so does his efficiency. in all the years dwights been in orlando no one has even avg. HALF the rebounds he grabs a game. in the bynum/paul/odom era all three of them were either avg a double double or almost a double double. yes he is more efficient than bynum, because he’s the ONLY one carrying the load. howards numbers wouldn’t be so starkly dominating in the same scenario as bynum has been in and i’m not even gonna get into the what if scenario of bynums injury prone early years. in terms of work ethic. as much as howard likes to hustle and does, he’s still about just as inconsistent as bynum is on some nights. how are you the best center in the league putting up 3-4 rebound games? so honestly. what you gain in athleticism you lose in overall skillset. which one wins games. to me a solid skill set does everyday. i hope the lakers don’t make the trade. and i’m not even an avid lakers fan haha i just think they’ll do just fine with the bynum.

  30. Bob says:

    LA needs to focus more on a small forward rotating with metta and eventually dealing with Gasol contract. He still can give his impact to a game but he’s aging and his contract is too heavy. I would have traded him with Smith cause both teams would benefit from this trade. Anyway if Orlando came knocking to the Lakers door begging for a Bynum – Howard trade (i think it ll happen since LA right now is the only destination that makes sense for Howard) it would be dumb not accept it. In 2 years Kobe will retire and the team would be in Howard’s hands with a great staff and managment rebuilding the team around him. Plus in these 2 years they will be a strong contendent to Miami and OKC for the title and i belive this will make everyone on the team get along.

  31. Js3 says:

    Of course im a laker fan, but i have to admit that Howard is better than Bynum, The statistic shows, howard is more physical,athletic, and overall having better big man intelligent than bynum. I like Bynum he’s in improving each year, so would i keep him? no, id rather get a big man in his prime….. Howard

  32. romel says:

    Howard should prepare for the coming of new Bynum.

  33. cefri anthony says:

    i think the lakers need to get dwight and jrich. dwight is much athletic than bynum, plus jrich will be huge coming off the bench. also try to snatch javalee and courtney. with the starters: nash, bryant, metta, gasol, dwight and the bench: blake, morris, morris-odom, jrich, mcroberts, javalee, courtney, one hell of a team.

  34. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    @L.A./Kobe/Nash, please beat The Heat!

    You’re HOPING right???? Too bad bro. that ain’t gonna happen…. I guess Nash chooses money over ring right now but that’s a good thing either… Nash thinks about his future…. More money….. But the sad thing is Nash will become kobe’s scape goat if they didn’t make it this coming season to conference finals….. More bad news for you bro…. Ray Allen signs with the HEAT….. How about this kind of line up against you lakers…

    SG-Ray Allen
    SF-Shane Battier
    PF-(Powerforward & Pointforward) LBJ

    Quite small but still effective….and an upgrade of HEAT CHAMPS line-up of Chalmers,wade,Battier,James and BOSH…

    Clippers is way more dangerous than LAKERS RIGHT NOW… with Jamal Crawford on the mix…. plus returning vet billups…. Still Lakers won’t BEAT the HEAT…. specially on a 7 game series……wake up….stop living on a dream…..

  35. ErnAngis says:

    Both centers are not consistent in points but HOWARD is fit for LA bcoz the arriving of NASH in the starting line up, maybe get ARIZA or W.CHANDLER in SF position but keep MWP.

  36. Guru says:

    Future: Kobe will take a pay cut to get another championship before he retires. One more is most likely. Bynum could get better in orlando because they are great at training big men (Shaq, Howard). Howard will become L.A.’s new hero when Kobe and Nash leaves. Than LA will get Kyrie Irving when howard starts to slow down.

  37. markangelo says:

    Lakers fans keep on dreaming that d12 will come there to play Dwight didn’t want to be with the Lakers that’s why he prefer Brooklyn over LA because he dont to be teammate with the number 1 ballhog player in the League and thats the black ballhog

  38. joshieness says:

    Howard is better that bynum! I disagree.. compare the attitude of bynum when he;s team is losing.. rememeber what he did to barea?? damn! that ain’t a good attitude.. bynum has 2 rings because of the all-star cast in his team..

  39. Jumpshot = fail says:

    I’m starting to think Sekou just likes speaking public opinion….

  40. centers are overrated. the game today is dominated by pgs.

  41. Matt says:

    Andrew is good player but hes no Howard. he only shows up sometimes he should be beasting on poeple and he dont

  42. danito says:

    bynum has better post moves that howard, shaq said it and all the legend centers would say bynum better than howard. the only thing howard is better is rebounding. howard get more touches than bynum . also howard team needs him to score more cuz they got no other superstar. but in bynum situation u got a ball hogger kobe . and u got pau. so he doesnt get much touches in the block.. iam sure when nash come he ll average 20 piont. and kobe shouldnt take more than 15 shots a game next season , if he wona win a 6 championship.he should let nash run the show. and kobe s role should be a finisher thats all. specially in clutch. kobe should average more than 20 piont this season. and lakers would win

  43. lakersfan says:

    45% fg is not a low percent in basketball you m*ron….. Kobe also didn’t have anywhere NEAR the attempts shooting in his early years look at the stats before you talk he was slowly given more opportunities and the lakers have been rewarded with 5 championships and 7 western conference championships…. Also kobe has 4 all star game MVP’s 1 more than Jordan 2 more than Lebron (4 more rings that Lebron) so don’t go insulting legacies as a shooter Kobe’s ONLY legit comparable is himself…… no disrespect to Jordan but more than half his shots were dunks he still gets the nod as a overall better player but not shooter dear lord no….. Kobe has posted up over 60 the 2nd most in nba history behind only Wilt Chamberlain and also has the most games of 70 or more (4 times) and in those games he shot over 50% and when you consider where chamberlain shot from (3 ft or less) vs Kobe (all over the court) if your trying to degrade kobe you seriously need to watch another sport you have no idea what your talking about

  44. Al. Keith says:

    “Clever” is right. Dwight Howard is NOT all that. Yes he good but he is not all that. He’s the Larry Holmes of centers right now. There are no HOF centers running the floor these days anyway.

  45. L.A./Kobe/Nash, please beat The Heat! says:

    L.A. is probably best to sit with Bynum unless Dwight agrees to resign with L.A. and shows some enthusiasm towards the Lakers… On the flip side, Bynum would have to show some enthusiasm to Orlando and at least verbally agree to resign there, too.

    Meanwhile, Lakers reportedly added Antawn Jamison to their bench… One or two moves away from looking like real contenders again… I hope they can add some more proven pieces with what’s left of free agency because then we’ll have at least two teams that might be able to beat The Heat and at least make a more competitive year of it…

  46. aaron says:

    hahahahahaa hahahahaha im sorry but this is the stupidest comparison ever. bynum is garbage

  47. willie says:

    let me tell you this abandon changing coach for now…whose coach will you get right least give brown a chance to comeback…and we will see what will happen…regarding getting a good player as a coach,well not all good player will turn into a good coach…coaching is also a skill and talent,if coaching is not your forte it will be a disaster to a team.Some of the best player in NBA tried coaching but failed to advance.

  48. brr says:

    Bynum will be great. howard just dunk and layup. common man. he cant even shoot freetrow. bynum will graduate from his attitude gratitude. than yall better watch out .. next supetstare and franchise player laker. i have faith in bynum and will be more ring for la.

  49. Hunter says:

    Howard, Bynum, Howard, Bynum who cares who’s better they’re both immature headcases

  50. Aric Jorgan says:

    Trade Kobe for Manny Pacquiao

  51. JBus says:

    “(in no particular order … Bynum, Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash)”
    That was in an order, by position from highest to lowest. LoL, just sayin

  52. Go Lakers says:

    Trade or no trade, it doesn’t matter. All the Lakers need is to have a couple of things, one is another pure shooter. Second is to have a reliable bench and let see what happens next!

  53. sam says:

    The Lakers should trade Gasol, world peace and some other players for Howard, just to see if anyone can stop Howard and Bynum in the post at the same time.

  54. W/E says:

    this season is gunna be really exciting

  55. LA-Kobe@Manila says:

    Go LA.. Get Arenas and work with Bynums contract.. JR will be a good addition..

  56. The Sweeper says:

    this is a no-brainer… i would dump the trade if i were the lakers… bynum can pretty much do what howard can… i go for @GoLakers to strengthen their bench players…

  57. ben says:

    Mitch Kupchak, nice job on Steve Nash, nice job on Antawn Jamison… next up an energetic quick guard

  58. Willy says:

    LA is hype! DH is hype! Just think how many jerseys they would sell! Jack and DH giving hi 5’s! What a site the Lakers need this bad go for it Mitch man come on! Could you imagine Nash taking a shot with Kobe wide open about 18 out, he lays it up over Perkens and DH soars in SupaMan style grabs it out of the air and kicks it back to Kobe who then finds Nash out at the three! 24 second violation Lakers lose!

  59. GoLakers says:

    They dont need to change their starters. We have a better starting five than any other team in the NBA. Bynum, Gasol, MWP, Kobe and Nash. Find some bench depth. Just like the Phil Jackson era. with, vujacic, farmar, and odom. Just like those players.

  60. killuabest says:

    Surely the ball will be with Bryant…offensively and make the 2nd player Gasol not Bynun ( couch brown- dimwt) and now with addition of super PG Nash, Bynum only needs to Dunk,alley hoop and defense.But it would be better with Howard rather than Bynum doing it

    Hmm guys, let’s say if its possible for a moment that- Chandler(Knicks) is possible for a Trade…Can we ge Chandler + JR Smith (good benchplayer-what we need)+ 1st rounder pick for Immatured Bynum, is it possible..-??to LA fans.

  61. 2e says:

    Bynum is Lakers now and 10 years from now save your breath my friends, from, 1 to10 they both 9 why would you trade?? you only trade to improve not to stand still.

  62. THE BENCH says:

    Lakers management needs to give up on Howard. What they really need to do is work on that GARBAGE bench….They need their old bench back….THIS IS THE REAL ISSUE

  63. Nelks says:

    Worthy must be smoking crack. Howard not only averages more points and rebounds, but he plays much better defense. Mark my words; Bynum will never win Defensive Player of the Year, let alone three of them.

  64. Who's Howard? says:

    Howard is a crybaby. Bynum is very immature and those 2 are the only decent centers in the league as of 2012. I rather have Bynum so i dont stir up the management and complain about every little thing

  65. aaron says:

    looking to the future in terms of the talent and potential that we can clearly see in both these guys, bynum definitely has more upside in terms of pure talent. he may be a bit behind in the defensive game but as we saw against denver in game one of the playoffs he can step it up and his offensive game is so much more smooth and natural, where as dwight although agreat athlete is no the same. the questions remain, health and attitude. i think that the people who would know best abut these issues, at least for bynum (where the questions are bigger) are sitting in the laker front office. they know exactly what they have in bynum and can decide whether they want to chance him as the future to build the franchise around.
    there is no doubt i would rather build a team around a more talented offensive player who is good defensively than a stud on defense with a good offensive game.
    lets not forget the main issue here is the post kobe era. so i would go with bynum.
    in terms of the lakers for next year they need to fix the bench. kobe will not be effective at the end of games if he has to play so many minutes as we saw this year, and nash usually sat until the 7-6 minute mark of the 4th quarter so the lakers need energy off the bench badly
    bring back j. hill, s brown, and pick up l barbosa or m belineli for 3 point shooting and maybe k martin for energy

  66. Isom says:

    Bynum cant get out of HIS OWN WAY!! Howard has to improve is attack

  67. killuabest says:

    Being a crying diva (Howard) is better than a nutcase or better said a headcase attitude problem Bynum. I ‘ll pick Howard all day rather than Bynum cause he’s inconsistent and acting like a child. feeling superstar but a 100% no-no and lazy center player. Would you see a center like Bynum a 7-footer who only grabs 4-7 rebounds in a certain night,that’s ridiculous and laziness. He doesnt have the heart and attitude of a champion…that’s why I pick the crydiva Howard all day cause it can be help when he’s in the Laker’s roster . Definite as it would be, its a Dynasty in a making once again in Hollywood. And one more thing, can you please give GasoftL a antidote for being soft as PF/C especially in playoffs.He’s consistently soft and fades into something nothing in playoffs.

  68. Courtney says:

    First & foremost, what worthy just spoke of the whole sports nation knows and many are scared to omit it. Bynum is by far better than Dwight. All Dwight can do is dunk, block, and rebound. When it comes to a 7 game hard fought series, Bynum can do all that and more. Bynum can shoot free throws without breaking a back board. Look at his free throw numbers compared to Dwight. Any team can bring back the Hack-a-Shaq if they bring Dwight over. Bynum also has a jump shot and a turnaround hook taught by yours truly Kareem. Dwight Howard doesn’t have no post move beside back up and dunk. At least Shaq had a turnaround post. Looking at Dwight shoot is hilarious. Hands down Bynum has this guy beat. All Bynum need to do is start acting goofy and becoming the NBA’s clown and everyone would like him. Bynum raw and don’t take kind to trash talking or letting someone show him up. He got a mean streak in him you need. At least he isn’t like Gasol is, soft as butter and be getting dunked on. Plus if Dwight do come play in Laker Land, his numbers in scoring will come down. His numbers in rebounds will go down. A lot of numbers will go down for this guy. He won’t be the main focus of the night. Please Lakers don’t trade Bynum out for this guy. Bynum is the best big man in the league. Lakers need to respect that and stop pissing him off with this trade talk. Be messed up he opted out on you guys and leave you hanging with just Gasol.. Than what will we do? Have to really rely heavenly on my guy Kobe Bryant.

  69. MGIC CORE says:

    Sorry James Worthy,I respect your opinion and I admire you, but you are wrong. Why you made that statement, that Bynum is better than Howard? Hey! body the numbers talks by itself.In defence and offence there not comparison betwen both.Probably you never look to the numbers before you talk. As for attitude I agree, Howard does not deserve respect, he is so inmature and negligent.Byunm
    is not that bad but he is not a saint.Both are very good players, in fact the best centers in NBA today, but believe me ther is a big gap betwen them in term of athletic.

  70. l.a lakers says:


  71. stefano says:

    ciao I’m sorry for my English but this debate is very interesting. Right now Bynum is 5 years in nba and I believe that he didn’t grow up very much in last years. He is not a game winner and often is very soft in the game. For Howard the speech is different. He is much more present in the game than Bynum but too often is involved in stupid fouls that limit his play. Probably nobody of them is a clever player. Finally I’m very agree with many of you that is more useful a 3’pointer, also young, and we are very happy if Odom back to LA. Last year has been our lackness.

  72. Choker says:

    Bynum is much better I think…. Bynum is just developing and he has years to come to improve. Such great talent and attitude is what Bynum has while Howard….

  73. ian0njam says:

    if im the coach and i was tasked to pick either one of these gents right here, i will pick bynum all day due to the fact that i can trust his free throw ability which is a very important if youre looking for a good center. look at deandre jordan. this guy has a legitimate power as a center but did you saw him playing more minutes in the playoffs? or did they use him as the main center? no. why? free throws says it all. super star or not, if you cant make free throws , youre not good for me.

  74. Amitpal says:

    The difference in having Howard or Bynum is the difference between beating okc or losing. Okc is young and athletic and getting Nash doesn’t solve that problem. Getting Howard will. Having Howard will make ur team a Top 10 defensive team alone. Ex Orlando has terrible defenders and yet they have been a top 10 defensive team the last couple of years. Also Dwight has taken his team to the finals and even though Bynum has two rings he wasn’t much of a factor. As a matter of fact he was never there in the final minutes of game and he never even averaged a double in the finals.

  75. Just Saying says:

    The one glaring item you all forget to mention is the fact that Howard does not have a ring and supposedly the only reason why he wants to leave Orlando. He wants to get one and he’s hungry and driven to get one. Bynum on the other hand, already has 2 and maybe not as driven. Talentwise, I will give a little edge to dwight specifically because of his defensive prowess. LA from a marketing standpoint will do much better with Dwight rather than Bynum just because of their personalities. Kobe will probably play for 5 more years and if Howard is to be traded to LA, he would still be in his prime to carry the torch from Kobe. I believe there is no other team better at recruiting superstars than Los Angeles because of it’s big market and the organization has a very good record at building championship teams so if I am Dwight the question is, “If you were all about winning a championship, where else could you possibly have a better chance of getting one given the current state of all NBA teams?”

  76. TKt says:

    If you dont like where you work and YOU have the empowerment to enforce a change of scenery, wouldnt you? Realistically thats all Howard wants. He doesnt like where he is for whatever reason and he is opting and enforcing change. I think a lot of people are jealous that they cant do such a thing. I wouldnt know, Im happy with what Im doing.

    As for Dwight vs. Bynum. Dwights mobility (in my opinion) makes him a more valuable player. This includes moving up and down the court and being able to defend (better than Bynum anyway) smaller players on switches. His athletic build makes him one hell of a blocker two.

    Why tell Dwight to shut up and prove his worth on the court. Has a multiple Defensive POY, multiple All-NBA/ Allstar, Team USA rep not proven himself. Dam Worthy, you must have some high standards of proof.

  77. Mr. 254 says:

    Die hard Laker fan: everyone looks at the past playoffs and say that Lakers were stomped by the Thunder. L.A was not stomped by OKC but outplayed at the end of about 3 of those bball games. To be honest, a roll of the dice and L.A could have swept OKC. LBJ and Dwade demolished OKC because of the #5 position that OKC doesnt have. LA did! It was just how those dominoes fell! So it doesnt even matter if D12 or Bynum is better and vice versa but now it is time that we revamp the bench a little, and GET IN THAT GYM AND PER-FECT THAT PICK N ROLL!!! Drew, Pau, Nash, and Kobe and MWP on the wings. Simple!!! Will contend with anyone and if those dominoes fall correctly, OKC, LBJ, SAN AN, and all others can observe his sixth!!!

    • dattebayo says:

      Only a delusional Laker fan could argue, that his team was closer to a title than the team that lost to the Champions.

      The Lakers didn’t win against OKC because they couldn’t beat em. They almost lost to the Nuggets, doesn’t that tell you something? The NBA pushed them in the 2nd round with biased refereeing and not suspending MWP for the entire playoffs and had they somehow beaten the Thunder, they would have lost to the Spurs.

      And LA lost every game against Miami in the last 2 seasons, when Bosh was healthy and playing. The one time they lost only because Wade committed 3 unnecessary undisciplined fouls and picked up his 6th foul in the middle of the 4th and the Heat didn’t have the depth to compensate for him with Miller being hurt.

  78. 16going417 says:

    I have said it before…. Bynum knows the players and the system. Keep Bynum. Besides, Bynum can make free throws. Everything else between the two is pretty close as far as game, health and mind set. So, it is not worth the trade IMO. Nuff said.

  79. Patrick H. says:

    Once again proof that great players can never see realistically (Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan, etc.) Go check the career stats on these two players, see how they stack up… they don’t. Dwight, averages 7 more points, a block, a steal, and 8 more rebounds per game. That’s a chance at between 34 and 51 more points to be earned as a team. So, sorry Worthy, but you are wrong, sir.

  80. dattebayo says:

    I don’t like either of them. Bynum is a cheapshot who regularly elbows people (Beasley, Barea, …) and Howard is a Drama Queen. Bynum lacks motivation and effort and Howard lacks abilities.
    Offensively Bynum has more moves, but he is just long and not very agile. Against solid Centers he travels too often and is not as dominant a force as he could be. If he doesn’t get enough touches he gets frustrated too often and than does not put forth the necessary effort on defense and hustle plays. Defensively he can’t run, I have only seen him trotting down the court and he can’t keep up and defend penetrating quick guards like Barea, Lawsom or Westbrook.
    Howard does not have the length and lacks some good post moves, he should try to work with Hakeem again and get the dr34mshake down, because he has the physical abilities for that. Defensively he is as good as you can get, when he is healthy. He has 3 DPOY, he is rebounding and blocking shots really well. If he ever gets his freethrows up to 70% he will be the best Center in the league by far in terms of production and efficiency.

    If James Worthy claims, Bynum is a better player than Howard, he has not watched them play. Right now it’s not even close. Bynum still has potential and Steve Nash will be a great influence on him for sure, but looking ahead and back at the same time, Howard is and has been the best Center for 4-5 years now. If he ever gets a solid supporting cast, he will get a ring.

  81. Ben says:

    I know its kinda in fashion to bag on Howard, but I have always contended that he is overrated. He did pull his team to the finals, but he had a supprting cast that actually stood up that year, and Dwight let them stand up. The Dwight I mostly see for Orlando is one who hogs possession, takes too higher a percentage of their ball handling seconds, looking for his own shot before getting his team involved.

    Double or triple team Howard and you’ll beat Orlando as he looks around for a way to score over three instead of trusting his team. He also picks up way too many technical fouls. Having said that, I am nitpicking why an extremely good player is not a great player, not someone I would choose to be my franchise man.

    Bynum, in the last year, was as good as Howard. He has a tendency to go missing when it counts, but that isn’t really any different to Howard chewing up the shot clock. I wouldn’t choose Bynum as my franchise man either. But I would have both of them as regulars in the all star game, so I’m not saying they are not good players, but that I agree with Worthy not because Bynum is that phenomenally great, but because Howard isn’t that phenomenally great either.

  82. levisa says:

    Bynum is younger and if he wants to play hard than i wouldn’t trade him for any current center that is out there. The problem is at times he seemed lazy, didn’t want to run or defend. For someone who claimed that he was not ready or in the game is stupid. You are a professional ball player who get millions of dollars for doing something you love why would you go on the national television and tell the world that you weren’t ready for the game.

  83. Chris says:

    The only reason I like Dwight Howard better than Andrew Bynum is because Dwight has a better track record with staying health. Out of all the seasons he’s played, this is the first time he’s been injured. Bynum has a horrible track record when it comes to health, he’s just about accident prone. So Bynum played his first full season this past year, it was also a shorten season.

  84. Doc says:

    For some reason neither guy wants to be a compliment to the team. Both want to be the man. It’s a guard driven league.

  85. Doc says:

    If Bynum would show consistent effort I would choose him but he doesn’t

  86. Comrade24 says:

    The Lakers need to stop worrying about what Howard is going to do. With or without him, the Lakers have one of the best starting lineups in the league. If they would stop waiting for that one chip to fall, they would realize that their bench is what will win them more championships. There are several free agents available right now that could make a huge impact for them off of the bench and not break the bank either. Bynum and Gasol were asked to do too much last season. They had to play with the 2nd team because there was no offense out there without them. I think if they brought in a couple guys who can score coming off of the bench that we’ll be seeing Lakers v. Heat next June.

    • ian0njam says:

      true! plus ill rather pick the better free throw shooter than the super star that cant lolz!

    • D says:

      that’s wishful thinking, you will get closer to that vision if you you look at an old tape of L.A. and Miami.
      The laker’s roster is not a good one to compete with these young teams in the west.
      I definitely understand why they are shook, hell after the thunder ran thru the best of the west from the last decade or more and with a broom (dethroned the champs in a sweep, took the laker’s 1 game short of a sweep and even swept san antonio 4 straight after being down 2 nothing . Listen there were teams who made a lot of noise in the west however the thunder made it and LA was not 1of them. They were victims but if anyone thinks adding Nash is going to change that scenario they are crazy, As a matter of fact he went home early last year as well and if my memory serves me correct he’s 13 or 14 years in the league and didn’t achieve anything when he was young and better. L.A., let’s not forget when the glove (Peyton) and the mailman (Malone) came there to play with Shaq and Kobe and that team was far better than this one! For those L.A. fans whom have gotten caught up in Orlando’s dysfunctional organization you better remember if it wasn’t for Orlando being such idiots and releasing Shaq, you might have been just another team with a superstar (kobe) or two.Their garbage was your meal ticket and Bynum and Gasol are not super star’s and can’t do it! Once again Orlando is showing that they don’t know what to do with or how to treat a superstar. They had him 7 or 8 years and made no moves, that’s your golden egg.(Didin’t you win 3 with Shaq)
      Orlando still has nothing to show for the talent that has gone thru their!!! They can’t even get a coach or GM to take the job!Worthy has played his game,he is sitting home now. He was a player not the Owner or Coach! Forgive him!

  87. Nash (Not Steve Nash, but from the Vancouver Island like him) says:

    Die hard Laker fan, but both these players need to grow up, Drew has a very good offensive game but lacks Howard’s defensive ability, i think Howard’s back is a major issue and Drew knee will always be a issue, but i’m sick of all these trade rumors.

  88. Mac says:

    neither the Lakers or the Magic are entirely pleased with what they have right now, despite the all-star caliber of both guys. What makes us think that swapping these guys would be a great deal anyway? They are both talented players with a bevy of problems. Swapping them will not be the final answer for either organization. The underlying issue here is that the Magic must get rid of Howard to some willing trade partner b/c they no longer want this Howard contract headache. I don’t think the Lakers need to jump at this deal, if it ever does come to fruition. They have a solid center who wants to stay with the team (which most teams cannot say) and they have a good nucleus to work with (though it is quite old). Who knows even if Howard will want to sign in LA? As mentioned by others, Howard is too caught up in this Brooklyn fantasy. if sent to the lakers, how long would he stick around?

  89. Tomrobmag says:

    Bynum is lazy! Talented, but lazy. Watch him if he’s near the foul line on offence and a shot goes up he doesn’t even attempt to get a rebound On defense he often doesn’t watch the ball so when penetration occurs he’s not there to help.
    He should watch tapes of Bill Russel who always new when penetration happened and rarely did anyone get a layup against the Celtics when he was on the court.
    Howard is more aggressive and has more of an impact on the game. The Lakers could win a championship with Howard but with Bynum probably not

    • ian0njam says:

      but he can shoot free throws.. enuff said!

      • murda says:

        shaq couldnt shoot FTs and is in conversation as one of the most dominant Cs ever.. so stop harping on FTs, they are a good skill to have but by far not the most important.. he defends the paint and scores buckets.. if he was better at FT he would be at like 26 points a game instead of his 21

      • D says:

        With Kobe, your guards and forwards and even Nash now, WHY DO YOU WANT YOUR BIG MAN STANDING THERE JACKING UP FREE THROWS??????/

  90. ancientrs says:

    Did someone mention these two as equal in efficiency? Yeah because dwight howards 50% free throw shooting is as efficient as andrew bynums 70% last year. How good are you really if your coach has to question whether or not to put you on the floor in the last 5 minutes of a game? besides, howards blocks per game have dropped over the last few seasons and as of now bynum averages the same number of blocks, or similiar. Bynum showed he can be a dominant defender in the lakers 17-1 stretch the year before last. As for howard and his offense, you can’t say that. Howard has done all he has as the lone star on a team of 3 point shooters, bynum has put up 18 and 12.5 on a team with gasol(17-10 averages) and kobe bryant (28-5-4 averages) sharing the ball. If bynum was the lone star he would probably put up closer to 25-14 as opposed to howards numbers as of now.

    • murda says:

      just so we get that strait they shot the same amount of FGs per game last year (dwight at 13.4 and bynum at 13.3).. so if they swapped its safe to say they would still get the same amount of shot attempts, and dwight shoots less percent of FTs and still scores more.. what does that tell you about your boy bynum

    • murda says:

      also, dwight had his worst season in blocks in 5 years and still beat bynum and was only 2nd in the league only 0.01 behind the leader for Cs.. forgot to take into account steals which is also a defensive stat where dwight trumps bynum by over 1 per game (1.5 to 0.4).. keep trying to compare them though.. your doing a good job!

    • D says:

      Why are you comparing Bynum’s stat’s to DHoward’s stats of this past season?
      Bynum played the whole season, DHoward didn’t. Check their career stat’s .
      Also FYI, for 1 that’s just another reason why S.VanGundy had too go and he pulled
      that nonsense in Miami and they let him go as well and won a ring afterwards.
      If your questioning DHoward’s worth to the team, he carried them to the playoff’s,
      coming into the playoff’s they were in 3rd place.
      After DHoward went out they dropped to 6th seed and were 1 game short of a sweep.
      As for the Laker’s and your superstar Bynum along with Gasol and Kobe, they were
      1 game short of a sweep as well against the THUNDER.

  91. Terrible Clip Choice says:

    Ha Ha HA! Did they really put up a clip from the 2009 NBA Finals?!?! Neither player is the same as they were then. Please put up something from last season that is less biased and displays both players’ skills.

    • ian0njam says:

      oh yeah?! let them do the free throw shooting contest then.. ill rather go with the center that has a free throw shooting ave than a super star that cant.. go figure

      • HeatFan says:


  92. Mohammed says:

    Yeah he is right…Andrew is a franchise player…Dwight is just a STAR….

  93. Fat H says:

    Just a thing i thought about; Why does rings have anything to do with wich of these two guys is the best? Rings are a Team-effort.. So if we’re looking at awards as a way to determinate whos the best center.. well.. comprare individual awards instead? So all of that “he got 2rings, and he have none” is just nonsense imo!

  94. robert zimmerman says:

    Howard does all the things to bring LA a championship.

  95. SYDALE says:

    If the Lakers thought that Bynum was just as good or could be even better… then, why would the Lakers pursue Dwight? The answer is…. they wouldn’t… When have the Lakers ever given up the better player in any deal unless they were forced to?

    • D says:

      u r right.also put it this way Wilt, Kareem, Shaq, Howard !!!! LA always had dominant centers, who were the best in the game in the midst of their great players and I am not saying they are going to get Howard or are even looking at him however talking greatness HOWARD and not BYNUM is the missing link! Bynum once again as stated before shines in the absence of HOWARD and he still doesn’t shine. Look at DHOWARD’s tenure in the league, his stats, accomplishments and achievments.
      Yes he is missing a ring, put in the same lucky position as BYNUM would have had a ring or two as well. BYNUM is not the reason he has a ring , he was on a team, among great players with a Legendary coach and an organization that knows how to win and he benefitted period!

  96. Ingle Woods says:

    If I’m not mistaken Howard and Bynum took the same amount of field goals per game and Howard scored at a higher clip with the defense much more focused on him than they were on Bynum, plus Dwight is a MUCH better defensive player than Bynum, and more durable. So yeah, Dwight’s better.

    • ian0njam says:

      but ill choose the better free throw shotter anyday..

      • ian0njam says:


      • murda says:

        so youd choose bynum on the one thing he is better at? dwight beat him in rebounds blocks efficiency and points which is what you want out of your C.. unless dwights back is actually an issue when playing.. there is nothing i nwhich bynum can do that dwight cant beides hit a FT

    • TTKIN says:

      Switch the supporting cast both guys have and see if they have the same season. Cuz I can tell you right now Dwight only scored more points cuz he is the focus of his team, not like bynum who is a second and sometimes third option. Big men dont care if theyre double or triple teamed…theyre right under the basket, they just need to lift their arms, just ask Shaq.

      And anyone in Basketball will tell you that Bynum wouldve averaged the same amount of rebounds if not more than Dwight if he didnt have another 7 footer averaging double figures in rebounds right next to him.

  97. wane shifly says:

    And Pau Gasol is better than both of them …

  98. Zach Gillette says:

    I’d rather have Meyers Leonard than either. Seriously, only now are people seeing his potential? I’d start him today. Plus he is CHEAP.

  99. TTKIN says:

    Naw I want Bynum. Howard aint willing to sign long term, Bynum is. Nuf said.

    The Lakers have a core 4 right now and some little 2 time MVP to make them all work together perfectly. Why are we considering swapping superstar for superstar when we still have no bench. Get that cleared up, then daydream about Dwight.

    • aldstar says:

      Exactly. Look we’re fine with Bynum, that bench needs an upgrade!! I read that Jamison & Grant Hill are leaning towards the Lakers, call them old or whatever, they would be excellent for our bench.

      Bynum is an immature brat, if he would fix his mentality, then there’s no question he is the best center in the game. But damn, the two best centers in the game are both immature and very annoying.

      • Fly Guy says:

        Excellent comment! If the Lakers add Jamison, and Hill. The league has a serious problem! Yes they’re long in the tooth. BUT THE LAKERS ARENT PLAYING FOR THE NEXT 5 YRS….THEY’RE PLAYING FOR RIGHT NOW!!!

      • TTKIN says:

        I agree with both you guys. I WANT Grant Hill on the Lakers. He NEEDS to wear purple and gold next year. Imagine for a sec, the Lakers having Hill and Artest…that means whenever the Lakers play Miami or OKC, they have a glove tight defender for Lebron and Durant for all 48 minutes. Screw what they bring offensively, Im looking at their defense!

        Jamison and Jordan Hill both being in (if we get both), would be proly the best backup frontcourt in the league (unless Chicago keeps Asik). BUT, for all the good stuff these guys bring, I still think the Lakers need to bring in a shooter. Imagine if we had Kapono still, him getting spot up jumpers from Nash all day. That’s who the Lakers need, some dude with NO skill except shooting, that means he’s cheap. Who cares that he lets his man score, we just need a shooter.

  100. Darryl Ramey says:

    I’m a Laker fan. We don’t need or want Howard. a point guard is what we needed, but at this point in his career, unfortunately Nash is not the answer at this point. He’s a little long in the tooth these days.

  101. digopmoraes says:

    It’s simple. Howard has more marketing makers around him, and he knows how to make a good marketing for himself. Bynum just plays and doesn’t bother with the business. That’s why Bynum isn’t just as good as Howard, but he’s better.

    • two says:

      One of the things about Bynum that I like is that you hardly ever hear about things that he said, only what other people say about him.

  102. Mr Dawson says:

    Lakers dont need Howard,they need to rebuild…Trade Kobe to Orlando,Howard to Cleveland and 3picks to L.A….smartest trade yet.

    • in yo face says:

      why wud anyone trade kobe for 3 stupid picks!

    • I was a Lakers Fan in the 90's says:

      I grow tired of all the hate that Kobe receives. Who has been a better player in the last 10 years than Kobe? I challenge any of you to find one better. As far as Bynum goes, I agree with James Worthy in that Bynum is as good as Howard given his situation. Howard has had no really good supporting cast since Shaq had Penny and D3. He had to be the main focal point if they were ever going to go anywhere. Given Bynum in the same situation, I guarantee nearly identical numbers. And vice versa for Howard. I still believe that Kobe is still the best player on the planet given his age and all that he continues to do constantly. Throwing Howard into the mix with our still new coach and him learning how to coach offense, all the new staff that came with him, and now a new point guard, would only hinder the Lakers. Outside of Nash, Our core has functioning knowledge of each other and are proven champs. To throw that all away for one person is ridiculous. And to top it off, he has no intentions on wanting to become a permanent member of the team. The notion of a trade is laughable.

      • Scotty the magician says:

        I am a MONSTER fan since the 90’s as well. always lake show!!
        I say, we dont want Howard!!!!
        If he aint in then hes out!!

    • HAROON says:

      Doesn’t seem like you have much information Kobe has a no trade clause on his contract, so he cannot be traded. and Lakers would never trade him in the first place.

  103. Jimi says:

    I forgot to mention that I also hope that the Rockets don’t get Bynum either. It’s mainly because he is in LA that he even gets the accolades he does. When in fact he has never even once impressed in the playoffs or given LA any reason to think he can be reliable in a series. In fact I think he is one of the most overhyped players in the league. The Rockets need grit and determination. Not an inconsistant young player who has proven himself unreliable for several seasons now. Please Daryl Morey let cooler heads prevail

  104. LordP says:

    Dwight…every day,guys the dude is a Monster..and he never had a Mentor and personal Coach like Kareem Abdul Jaabar..if that was the case Dwight would be in the mix for the best LAKER big man of all time..Bynum is good but not at D12 level

    • mr-plow says:

      Dwightmare cant even hit a free throw so dont go and mention his name in the same breath as the all-time leading scorer in nba history

      • D says:

        Niether could Shaq but they are both in categories that Bynum has no business being mentioned in, and those 2 are the best center’s during their era. Bynum just happens to be mentionbed by default because there really is no other’s.
        Realistically Bynum wasn’t even mentioned until DHoward went out for back surgery.

  105. Jimi says:

    I totally disagree that the Lakers are anything close to a championship team. They got stomped last year in the playoffs and have only added a very aged superstar in Nash. I know that Nash has been great for a long time but I would be shocked if LA even makes it to the conference finals much less the finals. As far as I’m concerned about Howard(since I am a life long Rockets fan) he is really annoying in his insistance that he only wants to play in Brooklyn. Especially after saying he won’t resign no matter where he goes?! I pray the Rockets do the sensible thing and get several players that want to play in H-town . Howard can have his silly New York dream and good riddance to it all because they are going to be terrible despite the supposed star power

  106. James says:

    Bynum any day!!!! Dwight Howard who? ????

  107. igi pop says:

    First thing Look at Steve Nash he’s touching 40. Look at grant Hills age, Look at all these other players age…….. Kobe is not going to retire anytime soon……… Kobe will break records that we never have saw brokin before….1 all time scoring leader……
    As for big men in the game I like Bynum, but if he can’t stop and understand what he has going for himself, then he will end up watching the Lakers beat his new team over and over agian…..

  108. D says:

    I totally disagree and I wonder whats going on their in L.A. Are they drinking or bumping their heads?
    1st Kobe making that ridiculous statement about this 2012 team beating the Dream Team and now
    2nd Worthy stating that inconsistent,confused Bynum is better than DHOWARD. (Maybe he meant has more help?
    What I would like to know is where were the comments when Metta needed them and where were the comments when LA traded D Fisher and L Odom?? Trades that obviously hurt LA!

  109. LakerFan says:

    screw Bynum i’d rather take Howard

  110. D says:

    I totally disagree and I wonder whats going on their in L.A. Are they drinking or bumping their heads?
    1st Kobe making that ridiculous statement about this 2012 team beating the Dream Team and now
    2nd Worthy stating that inconsistent,connfused Bynum is better than DHOWARD. (maybe he meant has more help?
    What I would like to know is where were the comments when Metta neede them and where were the comments when LA traded DFisher and L Odom?? Trades that obviously hurt LA!

  111. spursfan says:

    Bynum is as good as Howard is an insult to Howard. Lets see….. Lazy unmotivated Bynum who shows up on game then…. where did he go???? Howard is there every game….. period!

  112. noynoy says:

    all you morons dont know a thing…some of these stupid comments compare bynum and howards stats, but do you guys even see that they dont have the same supporting cats?????put howard in lakers uniform and bynum on magics uniform and tell me who’s better..james worthy is right, he’s a legend for gods sake…some of these comments says that howard is better coz he was able to bring orlando to the finals and that lakers where elminated in semis, remember that the very same lakers with bynum was the team that has beaten orlando in the finals and came bacck the champions the next year…..
    RINGS?? Bynum =2 Howard = 0…..nuff said

  113. noyb says:


    • Jason says:

      Shannon Brown played with Steve Nash last season. What happen with that situation? They need to bring back Sasha and Jordan Farmar. Let’s face it, it maybe a decade before the Lakers win another championship.

  114. noyb says:

    I’ll take Bynum’s knees over Howard’s back. Neither display a good attitude.

  115. W/E says:

    James worthy doesnt even know what hes talking about,D12 is 10X times better than bynum and one of the main reasons is that he is a beast on defence,i dont care if Bynum has 1-2 more offensive moves than D12, the guy cant even compare to D12 cause hoawrd is a BEAST FULL OF ENERGY ON BOTH ENDS, bynum is nowhere near D12 effort and impact on the game especially on defence…and if he ever gets traded to LA, the only thing that would cause problems would be kobes selfish attitude even at 35….not D12

    • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

      The argument could be made that Howard is better than Bynum. It’s very easy to argue both points. But to say that Howard is 10x better than Bynum is a slight (!) exaggeration. We’re talking about the 2 best centers currently in the NBA

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      Yeh, James Worthy doesn’t know what he is talking about…He only played with a top 3 all-time centre in Kareem, played 15+ years in the NBA, was a multiple all-star, coached by Pat Riley, won numerous championships and was one of the best and most respected players of his era. He clearly has no idea about basketball…but you do!

      • Libertatus says:

        Worthy was the star of the 1982 NCAA Champion Tarheels and also NBA Finals MVP in 1988.

  116. mike says:

    howard is not all that good he just has more muscle tthan game no post moves

    • Matt says:

      Your an idiot. Did you not watch the video after the article, Dwight jab step left then spin right on the post, finish one hand fading slightly. All muscle yeah?

  117. Travis says:

    The difference between Howard and Bynum is Bynum would have been greater in James Worthy’s era Dwight because of how he plays will be great in any era! Dwight is there almost every play both offensively and defensively. Dwight runs on almost every possession Bynum lumbers down the court. The same Bynum doesn’t show up every night you know what to expect out of Dwight. Dwight has taken Orlando to the NBA Finals as the man Bynum even with Kobe shows up 1 or 2 games in the playoffs and disappears the rest. What Bynum has right now is youth hopefully he will max out his potential We all already know what Dwight can do!

  118. Oula says:

    The Lakers are good to win championship(s) with Bynum on their as currently structured. I agree with Big Game James Worthy, show what you have on the floor instead of too much talk. Do what you get paid to do (play basket ball). The lakers needs 3 point shooters that’s all. Bellineli,Shannon Brown, Michael Redd, Antwan Jamison or bring back the machine Vujacic/Famer.

    NOTE: Mike Brown needs to play Goudelock more minutes, he can shoot the 3 very well.

    • JL says:

      Agreed. The Lakers don’t need another big man. All they have to do is resign Jordon Hill and that would allow them to trade Gasol, as Hill proved last season that he is ready to become a big time player. Trading Gasol for a package of three point shooters and draft picks would be a good deal. They can also bring back Shannon Brown through free agency. Face it, the Lakers will have to get rid of one of their two seven footers, someday, so why not Gasol?

      • two says:

        No they don’t. And even if they would, which they won’t, then bynum should be traded as per how the team is now, since gasol will work with nash much better than bynum.

        Just get grant hill and jordan hill and we should be set for a while.
        Would have been great to get courteny lee in a sign and trade for sessions, but that guy went and signed with the worst team in the league. 😦

  119. spelkey55 says:

    I agree with James Worthy! Bynum might be a bit ragged sometimes but Howard is a MAJOR headcase! Bynum has more length, youth, and a more coachable attitude. I’m a Celtics fan and I know Howards attitude wouldn’t work there and I don’t think He’d fit with the Lakers either.

    • Mark. NYC says:

      Your a Celtic fan and Howard’s attitude wont work with L.A? As if he played for beantown. Bynum is the one jacking up three.s and Bynum is more coachable. NOBODY had a problem with Howard b4 this contract situation. Only other complaint Id read or see would be his smiling on the court too much and even then his numbers would be through the roof. I dont particulary like Howard because he’s childish but not a headcase.

    • tyson says:

      cum on brother, bynum is not in comparison to dwight, Dwight is the key player on his team, everything works through him, bynum has never had to worry abt being the complete focal point on his team & his #’s still dont even compare. Bynum also has never been in the running 4yrs in a row for defensive player of the yr award either. How many centers do you kno led their team to the final by themselves?

  120. cry baby says:

    Crybaby Howard is waaay more athletic than Bynum, but in efficiency they are even. The problem is there could be a rift between Kobe and Howard on who will be the main man. Like the Shaq in the good ol days. ball hog Bryant won’t allow his high volume shots but very low FG% be reduced. I hope Steve Nash will teach him a lesson in sharing the ball.

    • kupalnaputi says:

      old dogs cant learn new tricks

      • Boyong says:

        Just fire the current coach and Laker’s will be back as a contender…. why would Laker’s hire Brown as a head coach, I wouldn’t let him coach my son’s highschool basketball team!

      • j says:

        That statement is erroenous, allegorical and literally.

      • Perry says:

        I’m not sure what you meant by saying that the statement is literally. Literally… what?

    • Josue says:

      kobe is going to retire soon lakers need to put there future star in place . Wilt Magic Kobe Shaq.. we’ve always had really good stars… I think Howard can be the new centerpiece

      • D says:

        I though Kobe wanted to be like or thought he was Mike?
        Chicago didn’t have to pad the team or search for superstars! They just gave him bodies,quite a few player’s from new york benefitted from that era if i remember correctly. Mike was the teader and ran the team, he didn’t complain about any of his team mates touching the ball more than him either.They didn’t just go out looking for super stars.

      • jose says:

        magic johnson should be the lakers head coach because i think magic is the only won that knows about team work in the nba and team work is the one that makes you win a title

      • Sane Fan says:

        D. What the heck are you talking about? I don’t remember Jordan winning anything without Pippen. The original superstar duo before LeBron and DWade. The fact that you honestly believe that he just played with random bodies also makes me laugh. I don’t think anyone played with Jordan right? Pretty sure it was 1 against 5. Occasionally maybe that pulled someone out of the stands to play with Jordan.

        You wouldn’t happen to remember Rodman joining them either would you? Sheesh. You guys that do this KILL ME.

      • Vladimir says:

        Sane Fan, Pippen was acquired from Seattle Supersonics as a rookie, no one knew that he will develop in to one of the best perimetar defenders of the 90s era, and on top of that if you ever watched videos involving MJ and Pip you could hear them talking about their inner rivlary concearning steals, who will get more in the upcoming game. Rodman trade is one of the best trades in past 20 years ill give you that, but Rodman was a role player, defensive powerhouse and the best rebounder in the league, but thas it, he only rebounded the ball and played D he simply did not want to score… Best big men that played along side MJ were Horace Grant and Oakley. Kobe always had the top of the crop in that department. In 1st threepeat Shaq carried LAL on his back to the title, thus the finals MVPs went to the big fella… Bottom line is, MJ needed one more upcoming and questionable superstar at that time to make Bulls a legit title contenders while Kobe needs half of the league to do the same…
        by the way here are player sallaries for MJs last season @ Bulls
        1 Michael Jordan $33,140,000
        2 Ron Harper $4,560,000
        3 Toni Kukoc $4,560,000
        4 Dennis Rodman $4,500,000
        5 Luc Longley $3,184,900
        6 Scottie Pippen $2,775,000
        7 Bill Wennington $1,800,000
        8 Scott Burrell $1,430,000
        9 Randy Brown $1,260,000
        10 Robert Parish $1,150,000
        11 Jason Caffey $850,920
        12 Steve Kerr $750,000
        13 Keith Booth $597,600
        14 Jud Buechler $500,000
        15 Joe Kleine $272,250

        Pippen had the best deal in this team, obviously, and Steve had it goin for 750K/y… Think that this just shows you who and what MJ was for that team…

    • Scotty the magician says:

      agreed on all fronts, especially the shaq and kobe being the good ol days. those were the days!!!

  121. macp86 says:

    Screw Howard. I want the legitimate center in Bynum.

    • murda says:

      oo ok so the best C in the league isnt a legitimate center.. gotcha :s

    • Kend says:

      Sekou is the most biased writer ever.

    • Future says:

      Future: Kobe will take a pay cut to get another championship before he retires. One more is most likely. Bynum could get better in orlando because they are great at training big men (Shaq, Howard). Howard will become L.A.’s new hero when Kobe and Nash leaves. Than LA will get Kyrie Irving when howard starts to slow down.

      • Gerry says:

        Well said, Future! I agree with you 100%. Bynum is a slow progress, and quite frankly; neither I as a laker fan, nor Kobe as a player has the time and patience to wait any longer.

      • Robert says:

        Howard is not going to lead this team anywhere. That’s the problem. He has not grown as a player in 2 or 3 years now which usually means we’ve seen the best Howard that we are going to see. There is no more. He’s had two great rosters in Orlando that we younger deeper and more talented then the roster he’ll have in L.A. and he couldn’t push them over the top. Secondly do you really think he’d fit with Nash and Kobe? Two ultimate professionals? Not going to happen. Bynum on the other hand is still improving year after year. He only put up 1 less basket a game them Howard playing on a team where a lot of nights he was the third option. With Nash running the show look for everyone’s numbers to go up. Howard is exactly what he is. He’s maxed out. Bynum on the other hand is still becoming what he is going to be… I hate to say this but Glen Big Baby Davis in this years playoffs showed a far better low post game then Howard ever has…

    • Coach Dee says:


      You’re darn right!

      I thought this article is about James Worthy praising Bynum, but ended up ‘commenting’ on how Howard is the better player over Andrew.