In Wake of Brooks Pickup, Jimmer Sends Message

By Drew Packham,

LAS VEGAS — Jimmer Fredette barely had time to digest the news.

The Kings added another point guard Monday with the acquisition of free agent Aaron Brooks, in what could potentially mean even less playing time for Fredette.

Jimmer sent a “don’t forget about me” message to the franchise just minutes after word of the trade came down, scoring 30 points Monday in a 113-91 loss to the Rockets, but says his big game had nothing to do with proving his worth.

“Coach just told me to be really aggressive and shoot the ball, so that’s what I did,” said Fredette, who put up 21 shots (hitting 10, including two 3s).

Fredette said he didn’t think anything of the pick up before the game, but is eager to play alongside Brooks.

“Aaron is a really explosive scorer,” Fredette said. “A guy that can really put the ball in the basket is really going to help our team out. It’s all about trying to get the team better. I’m going to go out and play as hard as I can, try to get as many minutes as I can and just help the team anyway I can.”

Fredette says at some point he expects to be filled in on the team’s expectations, but for now the coaches are just “telling me to be me.”

Fredette, coming off a rookie season in which he averaged just 7.6 points in 18.6 minutes, struggled in his first two games in Las Vegas, going 1-for-14 from three-point land and 5-for-22 overall. Fredette says he’s trying to get back to what made him successful in college — his fearlessness.

“In my mindset, I wasn’t being me,” Fredette said of his rookie season. “I wasn’t being as aggressive as I should’ve been. I passed up some shots, just trying to fit in. That’s not my game and that’s what coaches have really started stressing.”

Fellow BYU alum Austin Ainge — now director of player personnel with the Celtics — missed playing with Fredette by one season, but says he’s “a big Jimmer fan” and still believes in Fredette’s potential.

“He’s not going to give up,” Ainge said earlier in the day. “Guys who can think and shoot and work will keep getting better and he’ll find a way. His best attribute is his shooting, so however you can get him shots, that’s how you should use him. I think it just depends on personnel. The coaches will figure it out. Jimmer will figure it out. Because he is a weapon.”


  1. Caleb says:

    Small kings players as in the 6’6 backup center Hayes ? Amnesty hayes and sign Darnell Jackson or Jason maxiell because Thompson and cousins can both play better as centers, and trade tyreke!

  2. JasonJones says:

    Anybody who thinks Jimmer’s teammates don’t like him, are flat out wrong. His teammates root for him. he is likable and the whole team wants him to succeed. Just face it, he is playing bad. It is time for the jammer jock supporters to realize the truth. It is Jimmer’s fault. Stop blaming the coaches,owners, and teammates. All of them are rooting for the Jimmer.

  3. Gameon says:

    Jimmer belongs in the D-League

  4. Josh says:

    The thing about Jimmer’s situation is that he is on a bad team with bad coaching and bad owners and so on. Evans is overrated and cousins is weak mentally. This is what happens to good players that go to bad teams. They don’t have time to development and learn. Being a small guard is not the problem. There are plenty of small guards that make in the league. Will he ever be a superstar? Probably not but he can be productive and a great player for years. As far as height, Jimmer is 6’2″. A player that Jimmer needs to try to be like is Jason Terry. If he does this he will have a long career.

  5. steppx says:

    the adam morrison comparison is wrong by the way. He’s considerably more athletic for one thing. He has problems defensively because he just hasnt the lateral speed to stay in front of quick point guards. he does better guarding twos. But his strength is scoring…thats what he is.

  6. steppx says:

    JImmer has big talent. One problem is the dysfunctional kings. Why didnt they resign terrence williams, arguably the best player on the team end of last season? No, they sign re-tread Brooks. Its a typical Petrie move. Jimmer is a kid can heat it up if he gets his confidence back. Hes not a true point guard and they cant make him into that. He’d be well served to be traded.

  7. steppx says:

    One problem is how dysfunctional the Kings are. It ruined Tyreke. Jimmer would be well served if they traded him elsewhere. Why did the Kings not resign Terrence Williams, arguably they best player on the team end of last year? no, instead another re-tread in Brooks. Jimmer can be a good player….but he has to play tougher. What i saw yesterday was the Jimmer from colleege… he may turn it around quick.

  8. Da Commish says:

    elephant in room undersize non athletic limited ball handing extremely good shooter dime a dozen was drafted way too early personally remind me of adam morrison guess where he is summer league entered nba about 6 years nba change so if your not athletic or 6’3 prob wont get playing time other words its like having a gf with one great physical attribute and the rest below average

  9. Fabsen says:

    Give this guy a break, dammit! He scored 30 points and his team lost. So what? I bet someone did this before. Basketball is a team sport. Either you win or you lose as a team. So don’t blame just him for the lost.

    In my opinion he can be a great roleplayer for any NBA Team and have a long career. He’s able to average about 12ppg or even more, if he only finds a system in which he fits to.

  10. lachie says:

    So Kings decided to add more players to there overcrowded back court?
    PG – Brooks/Thomas
    SG – Evans/Thornton
    …and Jimmer that can do a little of both
    Will be interesting to see how it pans out.

  11. Nacodemo says:

    I watched Jimmer in pregame and halftime warm-ups when they came to Philly and he was all by himself. Everyone else was talking with a teammate and seemingly were enjoying the shoot-around. Nobody spoke with Jimmer on the bench, it was a sore-thumb situation and I really can’t say that he made an effort either. He just wasn’t really fitting in. I figured maybe he missed Utah. They would have seen some great revenue from jersey sales for Jimmer. They could have sold bobble-heads, t-shirts, EVERYTHING. Utah was unconscious about Jimmer. He was idolized and loved almost to the Stockton-Malone calibur.

  12. Choker says:

    Jimmer was a dissapointment…. Isaiah Thomas (60th pick) was better than him

  13. Travis says:

    Jimmer is in a very unique position because everybody wants him to do well. That being said he’s really going to have to step his game up because I haven’t liked what I’ve seen from him so far! No defense and his chemistry with his team seems off somewhat. He needs to relax and play his game yes people are in his ear telling him to do this and that but he’s got to know what’s most important which is playing his game and winning!

    • Fly Guy says:

      I have been watching him play in the summer league. I DONT GET IT! It seems like coaches want to go out of their way to be the ones WHO TURN HIM INTO A POINT GUARD. STOP IT!!! ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Good coaching is maximizing what you have. Sit this guy down, and be real with him. “Your size make you a LIABILITY on defense. Because you’re a 2 guard, and not a point guard. SO IN ORDER TO COUNTER THAT. YOU’RE GONNA PLAY 20 MIN A NIGHT. YOU’RE GONNA COME OFF THE BENCH. AND YOU HAVE THE GREEN LIGHT. SHOOT!!! SCORE!!! SHOOT SOME MORE!!! Every bench needs that. You have Tyreke Evens whom cannot be stopped from going to the hole. Keep shooters like Fredette along side him. Penetrate, kick, and be ready to shoot. HE WILL BE VERY SUCCESSFUL ONCE PEOPLE FIGURE THAT OUT!