Dunlap Standing Up For The Bobcats

LAS VEGAS – He is a head coach who stands out here despite being a relative unknown to the public. He is the head coach who stands out for not sitting down.

Mike Dunlap, the surprise choice of the Bobcats when he was hired June 18 without so much as a single report leaking that he had interviewed for the job, is making the rare move of also handling the role in summer league when most every peer in every year sits in the stands and lets the assistants run the bench in games.

Part is the timing of being so new to the organization and wanting the crash course in learning the personnel, and wanting them to learn him. Part is playing catch up, period, with the Bobcats coming off a 7-59 record.

“Rapport with the players, get the system in, and we have so many young guys that there can be no delay,” Dunlap said. “We’ve got to get to it.”

Having the worst record in the league last season – by 13 games – will do that.

“I just think that they can get used to the coaching staff’s style on the bench,” said the former Nuggets assistant who also has extensive experience on college benches, most recently at St. John’s. “Two, there is a system being implemented. And then also, there is interaction. They can talk to me, too, in those huddles. Them communicating with me and saying, ‘Hey, maybe we can try this, coach,’ or whatever, I’m for that.”

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  1. Danger23 says:

    Good on Mike Dunlap. He was the Coach of my hometown 36ers basketball club here in little old Adelaide, South Australia. He made the hard decisions, like having the guts to cut loose legends of the club and had a fair bit of success in teaching and molding future stars. Good luck to him.