Suns’ Rookie Marshall Not Completely Settled In Phoenix

LAS VEGAS – There was a delay Sunday. Kendall Marshall, the No. 10 pick in the draft, a point guard with passing skills and court vision rarely seen among rookies, did not play in the Suns summer-league opener while waiting for either a contract or insurance arrangements to be finalized, what basically amounts to a minor paperwork issue he plays Tuesday.

In a time of great point-guard transition in Phoenix, though, there are no such certainties once the real season begins. Marshall arrived in the lottery. The bedrock of the Suns, Steve Nash, joined the Lakers in a sign-and-trade, costing Marshall the chance to learn from one of the best but also creating minutes that probably would not have otherwise existed. Then the Suns agreed to a four-year deal to bring Goran Dragic back, and there went some of Marshall’s post-Nash minutes.

The lottery pick from North Carolina is not sure where it leaves him, but he also does not seem to care whether he enters training camp No. 1 on the depth chart or as the projected backup, only now behind another veteran.

“I think there were plusses and negatives both ways,” he said of the chance to study under Nash. “He’s one of the greatest minds to ever play this game and I feel like I could have learned a lot from him. At the same time, you can also learn a lot from experience, just being thrown out there.”

And then to have the Suns bring in Dragic?

“As a team, you want to win,” Marshall said. “If they feel like that’s what it’s going to take for us to win, then I have no problem with that.”


  1. lachie says:

    …I’m completely lost. ‘SUNS’ ROOKIE MARSHALL NOT COMPLETELY SETTLED IN PHOENIX’. Where does it say he is unsettled? ‘The lottery pick from North Carolina is not sure where it leaves him, but he also DOS NOT SEEM TO CARE whether he enters training camp No. 1 on the depth chart or as the projected backup.’

  2. The Dude says:

    What terrible writing! I understand that it’s a blog, but at least have someone look over it first. Sloppy grammar throughout. I’m not expecting this to be the New York Times, but it shouldn’t be this much of a distraction.

  3. Bonafide says:

    Why do these bloggers always have information wrong??

    either it’s the wrong grammar (which is just wrong for a “journalist” blogging about PRO sports or any other news)


    wrong information (the art of research has dissappeared because these LAZY writers use UNDERPAYED (or not at all)College Interns who just “google” information without going to Accredited sources)

    A highschool Newspaper does more research than this

  4. Slovenia says:

    just type Goran Dragic in you tube…and you will see it all

  5. Slovenia says:

    Dragic is defenetly a very good versatile point guard and one of the best fighters…and he learned a lot from Nash…i hope he starts where he left of at Rockets and improves it…so he will shut that jungster up and gives him a slap…

    Dragic came from noname Slovenia and played side by side by Nash and did a very good job…he showed at Rockets what he is capable if you give him minutes…

    I just wish him all the best next year!!!


  6. Iodine says:

    He just don’t know that Nash was backup for Kidd, Dragic was backup for Nash for few years.

  7. RAPSFAN says:

    Marshall was the 13th pick in the draft, not 10th

  8. Nate says:

    Wow. I love these comments by some of the players. Marshall has no respect for Dragic but he should. Dragic is very good and will show this next year with extended minutes for a full season. When Lowry went down in Houston, Dragic stepped in. He was also awesome previously in Phoenix so Marshall should speak to a PR person or mentor and rephrase his answer to:

    “I can learn a lot from Goron too. I think it is great that we have another amazing basketball mind who previously learned a lot himself from Mr. Nash”

  9. OKC fan says:

    What the heck