‘Melo And Chandler React To Lin News

WASHINGTON, D.C. — This has been an offseason full of surprises, but maybe the biggest is that the New York Knicks have reportedly decided not to match the Houston Rockets’ lucrative offer sheet for Jeremy Lin.

From a basketball standpoint, it’s a reasonable decision, even though New York’s back-up plan is the mediocre Raymond Felton. The marketing side is whole ‘nother issue, and that’s why it’s such a surprise that the Knicks would let Linsanity continue in Houston.

Here in Washington, where the U.S. National Team is preparing for the Olympics, two of Lin’s (former?) teammates had a chance to react to the news.

“I would love to see him back,” Carmelo Anthony said, “but I think he has to do what’s best for him right now.

But it’s really not up to Lin anymore. He signed the offer sheet and the ball is in the Knicks’ court.

“It’s not up to me,” Anthony said laughing. “It’s up to the organization to say that they want to match that ridiculous contract that’s out there.”

Say what you want about ‘Melo’s game. But the guy almost always gives you honest quotes. There’s no media speak with him and he’s not afraid to tell it like it is.

There are a couple of different ways you can take that quote if it stood on its own. But ‘Melo made it clear that he doesn’t have a problem with Lin. And he also didn’t seem as surprised as the rest of the world that Lin might not be returning to New York.

“I think a lot of people kind of jumped the gun with that, that he’s going to be back no matter what,” Anthony said. “At the end of the day, he was a free agent so he was testing the market. Houston threw a big deal out there on the table and I haven’t talked with anyone in the Knicks organization as far as what’s going to happen, what’s the next step.”

Tyson Chandler isn’t too surprised either.

“No,” he said. “I mean I’m surprised about everything, but that’s the way it’s been the whole year.

“It’s a tough call. Ultimately, they’ve got to do what’s best for the organization. So we’ll see how it goes.”


  1. wuss says:

    i guess no MELO or Knicks Jersey will sell in PRC 🙂

  2. Lorenzo says:

    In my opinion, just by marketing, he deserves the money. Strangely enough, more than Melo and Chandler, Surely enough more that Stoudemire. He can move the chinese market towards the Nicks… and that’s a big market. Years ago, travelling in China, I was surprise to see everywhere posters of (not Lebron, Kobe, Wade, KG) Scola, thanks to the bandwagon of fan still following the Houston Rockets (in an year where Yao Ming was out due to injury). Houston was probably loosing fans to the Nicks due to Linsanity, and decided to fire back with this contract. If there is any hope that Lin will be any good one should sign just for that. If they have hope, without him, to get a title, I will understand that…. but I am not seeing this happening soon in New York. At now, their play style is like Miami (no play), but they are by far worst than them.

  3. SSK that Knick says:

    real talk…the main reason Lin was so dominant was because he was a good ball handler and other teams couldn’t double him because they had to worry about melo or stat or jr or novak..this kept the floor spread for him so he could just go in the paint without to much help defense bothering him..now that hes on a scrub team the defensive focus is going to be mainly on him..Lets see how he scores now that he dosent have all those GREAT scorers around him… so all you lin finatics hush up and watch him fall off this next season..and its not that i dont like Lin.. i do.. but hes is seriously over hyped mainly because of his ethnicity..his contract was way too much..the rockets were desperate and needed to bring in someone if they didnt get dwight..

  4. Laker Fan says:

    Linsanity is over, It’s just happen in time. But Jeremy Lin is not a stable point guard, He’s not even close to STEVE NASH.

  5. Lin_drama says:

    25mil in 3yrs.? For a 2nd yr player that only plays 35 games last season (Correct me if im wrong)? Doesnt sound so convincing.

  6. Jim says:

    The Knicks must either sign and trade Lin to Houston or just sign Lin and keep him.

    You cant let Lin go without getting anything back for him in return.

    If Houston wants Lin then the Knicks should trade Lin for Jeremy Lamb who is a better player then.

  7. evan says:

    do you guys see how MSG stock did today? it dropped 1.6% overall!!! which is the amount for matching lin’s contract..
    why would knicks pay for such a high salary for melo but without any accomplishment at all and refuse to match lin’s contract? knicks and melo are ridiculous, i want lin go to houston now instead of staying in new york because melo wouldnt share the position with anyone even kidd and amare, just look and you will find out

  8. Andrew says:

    Wow talking about Lin’s offer being stupid. What about Amare’s!!

  9. while yalll all hating and speakin behind yall selves they just laughning and come season they would make it play offf again

  10. eveyrbody sayin all this blah blah kidd and felton their gooood meng no one was complaining when felton was averaging with stoudomire 70 points per games soo he can do it again and now even with more help from melo chandler smith novak james white shumpert come onnn camby kidd plssssssssssssss everybody shut up knicksssssss are in good shapeeeee

  11. GARNETT says:

    bah! stop it!

    Melo IS a ball hog! and Lin has all of China behind him so he will always be a bit over-rated. Nuff said!

  12. Lin da lin says:

    Lin would be a big money in houston,,,although they have no chance on championship, lin would attract many fans especialy asian..as you know asia is the biggest continent,,the bigger the merrier,,,hehehe

  13. SPORTS GOSPEL says:

    “Linsanity” will turn into “Reality” if he goes to Houston CHURCH!!!!!

  14. linfan says:

    I think this is just wrong for a player to say any other player’s contract is ridiculous.
    It is business. Melo is not the one who pays lin money. He has no right to say what is ridiculous.
    I believe it hurts lin’s feeling a lot.
    I know that lin still has a lot to learn. He is not great yet.
    But I sincerely believe he will try very hard to get better and better everyday. He will become great.
    Knicks’ tax problem is not caused by lin’s contract.
    Do not put all the tax pressure on him.
    He is just an odd Asian American kid who wants to play basketball so badly, and would give everything to win in NBA.
    I doubt that melo will say any other non-Asian NBA player’s contract is ridiculous.
    Do not judge just because you do not know what the whole business is.
    I think the average annual salary is fair.
    I also believe that any team with no tax problem will be very willing to pay lin just like this.
    Who says the pro player’s contract is only based on what level his skill is right now?
    Do not underrate lin just because his business value is so unique.
    All the lin fans would like to see him play so hard on the court everyday, and keep practicing hard off court.
    I hope he can have a great futuer in Houston.
    He just doesn’t have to be the teammate of melos or jrs anymore.

  15. SPORTS GOSPEL says:

    Starting PG’s for rest of Atlantic Division

    R.RONDO (Boston Celtics)
    J.HOLLIDAY (Philadelphia 76er’s)
    K.LOWERY (Toronto Raptors)
    D.WILLIAMS (Brooklyn Nets)… I pray no one thinks Lin can compete night in night out against this level competition, not to mention this is only the Atlantic Division

    The Knicks are better off from a basketball standpoint “right now” without Lin on the roster. Now if the Knicks were attempting to “build for the future” which they never have then they would coming up short. Felton, Kidd even Shumpert work in a win now scenario

  16. Eandrews1962 says:

    Don’t be mad at Lin b/c he is gong signed an offer to pay him much more cash. I own my company and if someone made me a big enough offier I would bounce in a minute. Let’s not blame Lin, but we should chill on the ‘Melo bashing, he is and has always been a baller, remember he re-signed with Denver when it looked like they were trying to make some noise, when they didn’t he bounced and went home…got no problem with that. I’m a Bulls fan and if D-Wade came to his senses and wanted to come home and play with D-Rose I would be the first in line to buy his ticket. I would love ‘Melo in Chi too…just sayin’

  17. Champion Ring says:

    Carmelo, show me your NBA champion ring 1st before you make any comment.

    Your contract is even RIDICULOUS and STUPID too!

  18. Jansink says:

    Jeremy Lin had a cinderella season last year. Or at least partial season. In my opinion he was presented with an opportunity due to many injuries and he took his chance. Kudo’s to him. But comparing him to so many great players who have proven there worth year in year out just isn’t fair. He has talent, guts and heart which will get him far and he will for sure get better. I would actually love to see him on the same team with Jason Kidd, who might be getting old, but has amazing court awareness and will always find the open man. I expect a great season for players like Stoudemire and Chandler. As for Melo, well, he is a great player, but he needs to realize that he can’t win a championship alone. A leader like Jason Kidd is what the Knicks need for the coming season. If that works than they should be able to make the playoffs…where they will loose to Chicago or Miami.

  19. Schwartz says:

    If The Knicks are going to go with Ramon Felton, does that mean that he gets to sleep on Landry field”s couch?

  20. song says:

    Hey Jermey Lin wasn’t going to win a championship in NY so why not make that money its american dream huh? Its ok to admit blacks dominates NBA but when one yellow asian gets spot light everyone wants rain on him. Damn its been years since Yao let us have our Lin. Lin isnt going to be what Tiger woods to white golfers. So don’t worry. period just enjoy the show thank you

  21. LoveNBA says:

    Lin is a Cinderella Story. And many players got envious! Take that “the Ridiculous” Carmelo Anthony!!!

  22. loveAI says:



    Melo’s contract is the second ridiculous contract in NBA next to Joe Johnson.

    He should question himself before making comments on others.

  23. R. C. Duke says:

    It is RIDICULOUS that MELO would not have gotten into the playoffs in 2012, w/o J-Lin’s efforts

    It is RIDICULOUS that MELO is paid all that money and have never been in the finals

    It is RIDICULOUS that MELO is gifted and talented but lacks leadership character

    It is RIDICULOUS that MELO would be a player hater instead of a team player (GIVE ME THE BALL)


    It is RIDICULOUS that MELO so full of HIMSELF and forget that b-ball is a team sport

    (Thank you, LeBron for you maturing and showing the way. Take MELO to the side and school him)

    It is RIDICULOUS that MELO believes b-ball in NYC revolves around him (Thank you Nets)

    It is RIDICULOUS that MELO is paid TOP DOLLARS for low outcome. (lot more L than W)

    It is RIDICULOUS MELO has pushed J-Lin out of NYC just because he is the MAN

    It is RIDICULOUS MELO for you to blast a fellow player who for a short time showed the potential Knicks has w/o you

    What ready would be RIDICULOUS MELO, if the KNICKS play less than.500 ball again, be 8th seed and go fishing after the 1st or maybe the 2nd round.

    But that is what a team that has RIDICULOUS MELO leading it produces

    Please MELO in 2013 and years forward, make my comments about you sound RIDICULOUS.


    Houston is crazy. The buzz this would have created with another Asian superstar on their team would have been epic.

  25. nrmn says:

    really? MELO? oh come on, LIN was more useful than you are. Melo is a talented player, but his type of play is hard to fit in a “WINNING” team..

  26. Alex says:

    Lin under rated?what a joke.LOL

  27. Dave says:


  28. Dave says:

    PLEASE!!! BRING LIN BACK~!!! I’m a diehard fan, and it would kill me if you guys didn’t bring Lin back! Please!! WITH KIDD FACING JAIL TIME WE MAY NEED HIM!! PLEASE!

  29. jaC says:

    1st. They shouldn’t sign Camby (38 yrs old, 3yrs contract 13.2mio)
    2nd. They should trade Amare if anyone wants him (4 more years, 81 mio)
    3rd. OK – Deal with Jason Kidd (3 yrs, 9 mio)
    4th. Jin Lin can help them sale tickets and products.

    As a Knicks fan I dont understand what are we doing. we should focus on young talent instead of mentioned above. I like Kidd, and I still remember how Camby once play with the knicks in the final, but….I dont think knicks will do any better this year…
    Overall, as a knicks fan. I wish them luck

  30. Bogs says:

    I think Anthony should look into his contract first before saying that another player’s contract is “ridiculous”.

  31. pinoybasketball says:

    even though Linsanity is in the Front Page of every Newspaper and questions about where he will play on the next season. My question is, why did they sign Raymond Felton? for me, they’re just wasting their money, they must focus on the One Knick Wonder who, in my opinion, help the Knicks to go to the Playoffs….He make the Knicks famous last year because of him and no doubt he’ ll gonna ba a great Point Guard without any comparison, He is unique

  32. Best of The Best says:

    New York Knicks will never be a champion as long as there are people like Melo & Chandler in that team. They are just worthy to be a champion. Its right for Lin to go to another team and show them what Lin can do best.

  33. John Paul Chua says:

    Jeremy Lin is a solid point guard. His decision making (not to mention his marketability especially with the Chinese, Taiwanese, and the Americans) is something that most athletes do not possess nowadays.

    Is he as good as Rajon Rondo at this point? No (perhaps he is a better shooter) but his ability to penetrate the defense of several teams is no fluke either. Does he have the capacity to be as dominant as a Deron Williams on a consistent basis? No, but he makes it up with effort.

    Lin signing this ludicrous offer is his right and Carmelo Anthony knows it. Having a Jason Kidd is not an upgrade. In fact, he can be a mentor to Jeremy Lin. But having signed Raymond Felton (who is not as popular as Jeremy), the New York Knicks are trying to salvage a team that has used up its resources.

    And for the part of the Houston Rockets, they will gain a young point guard who has the capacity to be an all-star and has the ability to capture the hearts of the people.

    After all, Jeremy Lin is no Pau Gasol when taking the last shot.

  34. kiwisepp says:

    With Melo, Knicks is going nowhere.

  35. Funk says:

    Pot, meet kettle

  36. Goodzy says:

    I personally dont agree with lin’s contract right now but maybe it will pay off for the rockets. he could be great or he could be a bust next year but either way there will be always be a risk factor in everything teams do whether it be by trading, signing or drafting because they dont know %100 how it will turn out. they just gotta hope for the best

  37. Huey says:

    Loyalty is one the important values in Chinese culture.
    Let me not rate Lin on how good a basketball player he is.
    Lin started his fame in New York, he should stay in NY even with less salary.
    The Knicks organization made a lot last season due to Linsanity, they should
    try their best to keep him.
    Loyalty works both ways.
    But , with 30 millions on the table, people change and things will get twisted.
    This ia a business world, marketing drives results.
    How many teen idols out there can really sing?

    • Lin says:

      You make no sense. Lin was RFA and knicks didn’t give him ANY contract. So he had to get another offer or he would be left without a job. Where does loyalty come into play? The knicks thought no one would give him that much money and tried to lowball him and this is just what they deserved. I hope Lin leaves, knicks organization was the disloyal one.

  38. olay11 says:

    Everyone here is forgetting one important thing and it has nothing to do with the over or under rated aspect. The knicks will need the money to go after Chris Paul.

  39. kryptonite says:

    NEVER in the history of the league has a starting pg consistently produced so many to’s

  40. elt says:

    melo is a cancer and doesnt know how to play team ball u realize b4 the trade knicks were ecf favorites now they r not lol.

  41. Kata says:

    isnt there still a mid level exception left for the knicks?

  42. JoeLin says:

    I just want to give my comment at business side.
    As you know why he got a good offer from Houston? Houston earned huge amount of money when Yao Ming was there.
    Can you imagine? With China population of 1.3 billion people, another 500 million Asian people…Let us take 10% love basketball….You can imagine nearly all USA population will support Lin to be all star and Houston can get good money from any items sold because of Linsanilty….

    If NYK can smell the money…he has to take him back for sure….

  43. Orange and Blue says:

    Lin is a developing player, he is not battle tested, it be nice to see him grow with the knicks Org. But 30mil is too much for A player who has not yet proved nothing.

  44. Goossens Hubert says:

    What does Melo means by ‘ ridiculous ‘ contract ? The one offered by the Rockets and N.Y. was going to match ? One thing is for sure , from a European perspective , the amounts of money offered to Lin , Kidd , James , Melo ( !! ) , A’mare etc etc are just the sign of a completely derailed society. I like basketball , but the money offered to nitwits , mostly NO BRAINS at all , is just a scandal and a prouve of the sick society the USA is.

  45. Tasketball101 says:

    To call a guy overrated after only playing a season is a stretch but to say he’s worth 10 mil a year is a stretch as well. Jeremy Lin did what thousands (maybe millions) of young ballers will never get the chance to do and thats shine on the biggest stage of basketball. Knicks can not afford him but they should have been doing everything in their power to keep him. Despite his flaws (still youth with potential) he showed poise and at times a high basketball IQ. When he cuts his turnovers down, his game will go to another level. Add another level to that with a consistent jumpshot which is sure to come. New York did what they had to do and Houston is just making moves to make moves but without a doubt Lin has earned everything he has got so far.

  46. peter says:

    http://www.change.org search ”Keep Jeremy Lin – Match the Houston Rockets’ Offer” to support Jeremy lin to stay in NYK

  47. rich says:

    To much for the hype,but Hey look how many comments it generates when LIN’s name is involved so I can’t even imagine how much fortune it can bring to HOUSTON upon his arrival.
    Felt sorry for NYK,even if they want to match what was LIN had signed,they were just screwed with the contracts of AMARE and MELO.
    Houston so genius in acquiring LINS services in respect with his marketing value, it will be bonus if LINS will have a good run this coming season.
    To summarize LIN will be a good fit to a slumping Houston market,and WELL DONE HOUSTON!

  48. Fortis says:

    Melo didnt prove anything he cant even take his team to finals… stop being arrogant just play like kobe… a true leader in the court !

  49. Jeremy says:

    Melo isn’t worth the max contract he was given either. He’s more overrated.

  50. Mr Kung says:

    The saying goes, luck is a series of events where preparation meets opportunity. Lin may not be the build of amare or mello. but hes got coachability and the heart of a champion.
    He makes up for it with hard work. And he is a great leader that ever team needs.
    He puts others before him and he is fearless.

    Look at Larry Bird, he was one of the most non-athletic guys out there
    But he was a legend because he was smart, he had basketball iq and he worked hard to get one of the best shots in the game. Just like Agent Zero did. jeremy lin just needs to be given a chance. I cant believe some people still need him to prove himself. seriously you dont see a 7 game streak ever from a bench warmer. Thats a mistake, clearly.

    I love it how there are Jeremy lin haters. It just means hes doing something right!

  51. Mr Kung says:

    The saying goes, luck is a series of events where preparation meets opportunity. Lin may not be the build of amare or mello. but hes got coachability and the heart of a champion.
    He makes up for it with hard work. And he is a great leader that ever team needs.
    He puts others before him and he is fearless.

    Look at Larry Bird, he was one of the most non-athletic mofos out there
    But he was a legend because he was smart, he had basketball iq. Like larry bird jeremy lin just needs to be given a chance.

    I love it how there are Jeremy lin haters. It just means hes doing something right!

  52. NNM says:

    Raymond Felton

  53. melo says:

    Houston we got a problem. HAHA

  54. Phillip says:

    LIN as long as you are in NBA keep trying always a supporter

  55. caloyski says:

    Without Lin, the NY Knicks becomes weaker and might not even reach the playoff–they need a very good point guard like Lin to put order in their execution — Bad decision for NY to let him go– good for Houston

  56. Knick Keypoint says:

    Knicks had quite some number PGs before playoff this year. But they almost had noone when playoff started. They get in R.Felton, Jason kidd to reinforce the PG position where both are able to hit from outside. Jeremy Lin might be overrated from his rise but he did have the quality to be an all-star in NBA provided that consistency and vitality in his package.

    If I were knicks, I will not trade Lin at least not now. Let me explain why. 1. He has the potential to be an all-star whereby he proved himself in a month and everyone almost dropped their jaws. 2. His market value, I mean the profit that gained from jersey, advertisement and etc. People who does not know about NBA, know about LIN!! At least your girlfriends might have already mentioned his name couple of times.This is mainly the reason why Houston offers him high numbers.

    If I were Lin, I will not join Houston for sure. Any superstar who played in Houston does not end up well. Tracy and Yao are the best sample in the past.

  57. gef says:

    all of you guys are over reacting. you are thinking that you know everything in basketball.

  58. AsianBalla! says:

    CommonSense made the most sense. It is not Lin’s fault that he is given such a huge offer or to refuse that offer. Would you refuse an offer like that if you were Lin? Again at the end of the day, it’s all about the future. You can’t see into the future. For those that says he is not athletic, he is not the typical point guard etc. Do this quiz. Now, blank your mind, Blitz!! Like Men in Black and choose who you would choose .

    John Stockton or Russell Westbrook?
    Larry Bird or Lamarcus Aldridge?
    Chris Mullin or O.J. Mayo?
    Steve Nash or Stephon Marbury?

    Again I am not being a racist if you see that I am comparing white players to African American. I am choosing to compare with some of the best in their position or was perceived at tone time to be the best or has the potential to be. I am just trying to show a point. That there are things you can see easily like Athleticism, and there are things you don’t see, that are intangibles, like Basketball IQ, and heart. I am not saying that African American has no heart, it is just that when you see someone who’s not a typical NBA player mould, we just diss them. But the fact is, for them to even be able to reach the NBA level, these are not average players who might be good. These people would have to prove themselves a lot more than your Average Athletic African American kids. Remember the Movie Captain America? There are somethings you don’t see 🙂

  59. Saverio says:

    So Felton is “mediocre” but Lin is a superstar? Come on…

  60. jordanhsu says:

    I enjoy watching Lin’s basketball show.. .

  61. jpl says:

    Hey at the end of the day, it’s a Win-Win for jlin….. He’ll be getting that money no matter what happen in the future… I think he will not be affected by any distractions or criticisms because he showed in the past that he’s a fighter, i mean getting undrafted, waived, cut, send to d-league, most players might hang their heads (eg Odom and by the way he was just traded and acted like it was the worst thing in the world lol). but what i see in lin is that those hurdles and criticisms will only make him more motivated to prove them wrong! if he stays in NYK then good for NYK but i think i like him to see in houston, less distractions, less pressure, just play basketball and good for marketing too. Houston is not a contender team yet pls stop saying NYK is… We all know Heat, OKC, SAS, and maybe lakers and celtics are the true contenders. so if houston will not make it and surely will not at least it would be fun to see their team plays… i mean an article bout lin generates tons of comments. so im sure rockets games, fans or non fans will be curious how lin will fare in that team!

  62. Kestrel10 says:

    I think everyone is forgetting that the Knicks could have signed Lin. They decided to let Lin shop himself around. Then they got burned. This is typical New York Knicks. They didn’t think this through and it’s just another example of why the Dolan’s now the worst owners in the NBA. This has been true for the past ten years. They could have signed him to a good deal that didn’t include a poison pill. I’m not convinced that he Knicks and Melo ever wanted Lin back.

    By the way Felton is a disaster. He looked awful last year. It was painful to watch. If the Blazers had another option Felton would not have played at all last year. He will out of the league in 2 years. While Kidd is a hall of famer – he is not the same player he once was. You think Lin’s defense is bad. You haven’t seen anything yet. Kidd can’t stay in frot of anyone.

    • johnason lin says:

      I think the knicks lost Lin, is a big lost for sure, you would think either trade or sign him would be better but i think it all comes down to poor management at the time.

      However they did clean up their mistakes by signing Felton and Kidd to make up for it, which i think its great for the Knicks and Lin is a FA so he is free to choose.

    • MARK_G says:

      i agree, i don’t think Melo and Tyson want Lin back but the Knicks organization do, They just don’t think Lin deserves that lucrative a contract.

  63. Robin says:

    I guess NY has new team brrrBrooklyn

  64. nba2k12 says:

    lol on carmelo for describing houston’s offer ridiculous. he got a max contract and can’t win a game when he returned. his return from injury ruined lin and the knicks’ run

    • jordanhsu says:

      I thought so

    • johnason lin says:

      I agree what you said mate, very interesting point there ! I remember at the time i felt Melo ruined the Knicks hot win streak. But again Melo is an ALLSTAR player so he has the right to say that.

      What he said could also mean in a different meaning, like this contract offer is ridiculous because now that we can’t get him back… but when i read the statement, my first thoughts were like so you deserve better money and your teammates contract is shouldn’t ?

  65. kumakom says:

    I agree with Melo. Ridiculous contract indeed. To pay a player that type of money when he can’t deliver a championship?

    That said, Lin is set to make 25 million dollars over the next 3 years, or about what Melo makes in a year. Melo does not generate more revenue for the Knicks and he has yet to take HIS team past the first round of playoff.

    So yeah, ridiculous.

  66. DD says:

    i really want jeremy lin go magic. maybe dwight won;t leave magic if lin comes

  67. lC101 says:

    Yo I’ll tell you why houston want him… China. They lost Yao and already have a vested interest over there and china likewise likely has a vested interest in them… Ffs Red and white are the chinese national colours for crying out loud…

  68. Chris4Jordan4ever#1 says:

    “F” Melo. He had one game that was worth remembering in NY. Lin might not ever have a season like in Feb-Mar-’12 but at least he jump started NY and had all of the NBA talking about his play. Melo is overrated. Period. Melo and Amare. They are cancers to their teams. Wherever they go, their team will not win. They do not know how to be leaders. They don’t know how to follow. They don’t know how to allow themselves to be lead. I feel sorry for them because they have so much talent and they will make all-star, year after year, but no rings. They better latch on to Lebron if they want to win. Either that or they have to drop their egos and get rid of their agendas.

  69. armin halvadzic says:

    Even though is redicilous to give Jeremy Lin 14 million dollars for one season of basketball I think Knicks should match the Huston’s offfer anyway. There is just to much potential with Lin and Knicks if he continues to play well. He’s not gonna be like in his first 7 o 8 starts but I think he won’t be bad eather. The potential of marketing him is just way to good to let him walk away in Huston where I think he’s gonna kinda become forgotten. + they have Jason Kidd who I think could really help Lin to become smarter on the court and not have as manny turnovers. Raymond Falton is a good option to but having Lin makes them more excited and interesting. Let’s be honest they’re not winning a title . They will never beat Miami or OKC. I just don’t belive it. So what they need to do is continoue Linsanity and be a fun team to watch. Otherwise I think they’re gonna become the sad story again. One thing they just can’t allow them selfs is to be the 8 spot on the East. In that case they are probably playing with Miami and that means early exit all over again. I think they have a better roster this year but hey the knicks …they always find a way to F#$% things up !

    • johnason lin says:

      14 million for 1 year in his last year of the contract, why do they made it last year only ? i am not sure of the details and main reasons.

      But I am sure in his 3rd year he would already have 4-5 years of experience in the NBA, and if all goes well health wise he would rise and that all depends on Houstons management, cuz right now i can not name anyone in the Houston lineup.

  70. hosch says:

    Lin is not overrated. He has a huge fan base. Everyone is realistic about his talent level. He’s a good player who can facilitate an offense. If I were the Knicks I would keep Lin and dump Carmelo. They are a batter team with Lin, Fields, SF, Amare, Chandler than the disjointed duo of Melo and Amare. But based on their off-season they are going with a cast of big names that fit together like broken clockwork. If you can’t contend at least be entertaining.

  71. makataeus says:

    Here’s the truth, Lin will not become an all star starter. Bench perhaps but starter, never, he’s no where near good enough. See the way he got completely owned by the Heat? The big 3 didn’t get a shot at him because he couldn’t handle Anthony and Chalmers. Yes he will get better because he is so young but he’s got a hell of a long way to go.
    Rockets are being major trouble makers in the league at the moment and they all the reason too. They have the cap space to get good players, not their fault superstar teams can’t afford more superstars, Houston got a smart strategy and it’s played out nicely for them.

  72. makataeus says:

    Here’s the truth, Lin will not become an all star starter. Bench perhaps but starter, never, he’s no where near good enough. See the way he got completely owned by the Heat? The big 3 didn’t get a shot at him because he couldn’t handle Anthony and Chalmers. Yes he will get better because he is so young but he’s got a hell of a long way to go.
    Rockets are being major trouble makers in the league at the moment and they all the reason too. They have the cap space to get good players, not their fault superstar teams can’t afford more superstars, Houston got a smart strategy and it’s played out nicely for them. Can’t get a star now? Their money’s not going anywhere and they’ll just have more, plus their 3 lottery picks haven’t exactly disappointed have they?

    • johnason lin says:

      “Lin will not become an all star starter. ” lol China population voters will just vote , im sorry mate NBA is global sports channel so get use to it.

      I can say to asians, we think Lin is good enough to be an all-star and let alone an starter. I like how you compared him to the Heat defense which was ranked the best team/s in the NBA and not like some other lower teams.

      WIth Mario Chalmers (4yrs into NBA experience) Lebron/Wade defense backing him up, I mean thats a bit harsh don’t you think ? Lin is 2nd year in, but most people think its his rookie year cuz he barely had playing time in warriors lineup (9.8mins per game).

  73. Phil says:

    irony that melo is complaining about rediculous contracts…

    imagine NYK with amare, most of the now nuggets team and lin. galo could easily do 70% of what melo does for a lot cheaper price. Imagine having that money to sign someone else.

    and Lin? garden shares went up 6% you know how much money that’s worth?

    Plus i’m sure j-lin will show us next season that he’s not a one-trick poney. 15-8 every game i reckon.

  74. HoustonLin says:

    I am so happy for Lin.

    I think it is going to be a better plan for him and his career to head on to Houston where he will be respected.
    To all the other bloggers who has negative comment about Lin. You don’t have to anymore since he is heading to Houston.


    Houston #1

  75. trade1 says:

    well, well, well, now we can finally put to bed this nonsense about jersey sales…
    it seems that the jersey sales are DIVIDED AMONG ALL THE PLAYERS!! sooo, the organization isn’t get revenue from jersey sales, the players receive equal shares.. the sales of kobe, lebron, lin, rose go into a pool and is shared equally amongst all nba players.. so much for the argument about jersey sales and houston benefiting from it.. roflmao…

    now to debunk the asian tv revenue nonsense… coming up next…

  76. Max says:

    Carmelo Anthony will NEVER win anything in the NBA. (A Gold Medal is in International play. And, this isn’t college.) Most overrated player last 15 years. What does anybody see in him? Hes a novelty player- 1 dimensional. Those type of guys NEVER win in the NBA……. Silly rabbits

  77. all star says:

    common folks…havn’t you guys been listening to lin’s press conferences last season. The rockets ” Yao Ming” have been recruiting Lin for the rockets eversince he entered into the NBA…the chinese connection baby!

  78. George says:

    Lin is so much garbage, and I’m glad the Knicks are letting this piece go. Lin is without a doubt the most overrated player in the NBA. The only reason a Lin lead team won a few games in a row in Feb was because the Knicks happen to be going through their easiest stretch of games all season. Please, someone go back and check, I know what I’m talking about. The only decent opponent they faced in that two week stretch was a reeling LA, and they almost lost. Houston just wants the fan base he brings. If any other latin, black or white player were to perform at such a paltry level they would not have received even a tenth of the recognition Lin received. I see this guy being injury prone throughout his career, and Houston will be no exception. Check the predicted power rankings for the following year, Houston is in the bottom ten, meaning they’re predicted to miss the playyoffs again. Alot help Lin is.

    • kumakom says:

      It must be frustrating for you to know that this “garbage” makes more impact in every way than you ever will. And quit it with the talk about how the team won those 7 games because the opponents they faced were easy. Before he came on the scene the knicks were losing to sub-500 teams with a healthy roster. And let’s suppose what you said is true, that Lakers was the only team that was decent. The Knicks led most of the way that day, if not the entire game. Your comment about how they “almost lost” is laughable. So no, you don’t know what you are talking about.

      • johnason lin says:

        I agree with what George says, he has a good point. I remember telling myself that the opponents were weak and weren’t many STAR point guards or any during that stretch of wins.

        But we must remind ourselves that can any bench player be as productive as Jeremy Lin can and build a winning streak ? from being cut to bench player to starter to global Knicks icon ( Sorry melo ).

        I learned that if you are given the chance to do something, you need to take that opportunity and use it ! and hope for the best and thats what he did.

    • johnason lin says:


      and why would you want to say “Jeremy Lin is so much garbage ” ? that is very insulting to him. I wonder how he got into the NBA if he was so much garbage then ? and if he was so much garbage why is he making so much money then ?

      Lets say if Jeremy Lin is so much garbage compared to other point guards then I would agree with you in some degree, but it woudn’t be fair if you compare him to say ELITE point guards. After all this is his first year in the NBA, cuz warriors had too many guards at the time. If you want to compare with other guards lets compare with say Kyrie Irving Cavs PG. ( Kyre Irwing TO is 3.1 ) by the way.. which is a lot for any rookie

  79. Harvey grant says:

    Phil Jackson was right, the Knicks roster doesn’t work. Melo is most effective at power forward, both offensively and defensively. Actually it was the first time his defense has been complimented. Amare plays best at center, but obviously his defense is not up to chandlers standards. So either chandler or amare hasto go.
    And by the way, Lin actually made his teammates better. He is the first player to make Jared Jeffries a decent power forward. Look at jthe stats of Jeffries during lins run. He also improved other players shooting %s enormously.
    Felton does not make others better. So Lin should be resigned.
    My ideal Knicks roster would be
    C chandler, Camby
    Pf Anthony Thomas
    Sf fields
    Sg jr smith Kidd
    Pg Lin Kidd Pagli

    • johnason lin says:

      Yeah I would love to see Kidd and Lin rotation, however you mentioned that felton does not make others better,
      I’ve checked when he was with the Knicks he had double double in scoring and asists before.

      I love Jared Jefferies defense , but his scoring really needs improvement ! and can’t believe he is not with the Knicks, wait till Chandler rests, there will be no interior deffense left…

  80. E-mizzle says:

    New york should juss dowats in their best interest and keep Linsanity around right along with TEBOW MADNESS!!!!! lol

  81. JealousMelo says:

    Looks like Melo is jealous and trying to get attention by talking about JEREMY LIN! Melo’s contract is ridiculous considering I can’t remember him making out of the first round in the playoffs. I don’t think the Knicks would have made it to the playoffs without Lin’s help while Melo was sitting out with a “groin injury.”

  82. Jen says:

    Melo’s contract is even more ridiculous than Lin’s offer from the Rockets. Lin will increase a NBA team’s profits. I think Melo is just jealous.

    • johnason lin says:

      Melo maybe overated player and overpaoid, but he is a proven player, he made to ALLSTAR team several times. So i wouldn’t say his contract is even more ridiculous than Lin’s offer from the Rockets.

      But when i saw MELO saying he thinks the contract offered by Houston is ridiculous, my first reactions were anger, upset and feeling so your teammate can’t get a good contract and you can ? however, thats probably not what he meant, he simply might have meant, that he is just blaming the rockets for taking away Jeremy Lin from us..

  83. happie31 says:

    Lin will be an all star this year. Not by talent but by the million chinese votes that Yao or even Tracy Mcgrady used to get when playing for the Rockets. That will push his marketability to even higer level. To top it all off, the guy can play a bit…Value for money for the Rockets and a good source of revenue!!!

  84. tony says:

    The duo of Melo and Amare are overated! Lin rescued their season for them and this is how they repay him? i am not saying they should throw a fat contract at him but its a crime not to have offered him anything at all! i know Melo wants Lin’s a** outta NY before the end of summer. Tyson Chandler is the only player i respect in Knicks outfit.

    • Vladimir says:

      No, kicking D’antoni changed the season for the Knicks, Lin was a flash that lasted as long as it could, the best thing he can become is the next Baron Davis, a guy with a ton of potential but so injury prone that he sees the floor every 2 seasons… Did you actually watch NBA last season? Does it come to your mind that during this shortened season teams did not have enough time to scout eachother throughly, LAL payed the price, Miami on the other hand demolished Lin, the guy has a potential, but his game is pretty much one sided, he can only drive to one side and his jumper is mediocore to say at least.

      On the other hand, saying that both Amar’e and Carmelo are over rated is ridiculous, Amar’e has prooven him self over the years he spent in the league, and i can say w/o any doubt that he is top 5 PF in the league right now ( minus the emotional turmoil he suffered with the loss of his brother, which lead to decline in his production, but he still is an all star caliber player ), Melo is the best closer NBA has, he can close the games in so many different ways, only players that is close to him in that department are KD and Kobe, plus his job is to score, he is the guy you want to see with the ball the most on this team because of his abilities…


    KEEP LIN IN NY !!!!!!!!!! ASAP

  86. ken hernit says:

    lin is nothing. so what if he gets traded.. who cares anyway! i know i don’t.

  87. KB says:

    Honestly, I like the guy and I really don’t think he’s overrated. You don’t call those kinds of games flukes. He may not be consistent but he did give us a show of what he’s able to do. He was 3rd, 4th string player or whatever, who didn’t get any playing time, and just went off like a ticking time bomb. People are talking about how fatigued he was in his last games. Of course he was, he was barely playing before now. The kid’s good. He is athletic, has very good mid-range jumper, though a tad clumsy with the ball. But the one thing that really gives him an edge over anyone on that roster is the fact that he gives New York team chemistry that the team obviously don’t have. The team did not play smooth, fluidly, or together until those stretch of games that was Linsanity. And creating team chemistry, I think, is far more valuable than having superstar that’s only gonna get his *cough* Melo *cough.* Melo’s a scorer and that only but even then he’s not really efficient; on various nights I’ve seen him go for 7 of 21 from the field and such. I really think it’d be stupid to let him walk away from what he gives the team on the court and from a marketing standpoint. Still, what do I know. Though, wherever he goes, he’ll be a great acquisition for that team

  88. Herr says:

    Be Asian and play great basketball for a week and you have two billionaires wanting to give you millions of dollars. SMH. Lin isn’t even fit to be a starter. Dude played great for a week, but he’s a good bench player at best. Not really worth the money. Neither is Melo though. Knicks won’t win anything unless Melo and Amar’e play defense. It’s a disgrace Melo is even on the team USA. I don’t want this idiot representing my country.

  89. ron says:

    sounds like C Anthony is jealous of Jeremys big contract. What I find ridiculous is the lack of ball movement whenever Anthony is in the game. Not to mention, Anthony fails to listen to the coach when it does not favor his “play style.”

  90. Baller says:

    Houston owners definately know how to take advantage of the Asian market. First Yao and now Lin. I predict that Lin will end up in Houston and he will stumble at first but will find his way about 20 games in. It will also depend on his teammates and whether he can build chemistry with them to produce a winning environment. I dont think the Knicks can handle another big contract and have done the best thing by signing Felton for themselves due to their financial restraints.

  91. Iodine says:

    I think Rockets will dump him with draft picks to avoid his $15M-salary year later.

  92. underdog says:

    Ccccombo Breakerr!!!

  93. saintski says:

    he is a comet and soon will disapear.
    he knows that so must get the best deal now before is too late.

  94. Joe Gallagher says:

    This article really isn’t about Lin, its about Carmelo Anthony dissing the ability of a current teammate. Melo will never win a ring due to his arrogance. I’m glad I don’t have to coach him or be on his team. Every playground in the country seems to have a player with his attitude. They are best avoided.

  95. JimmyV says:

    So what was the point of the lockout? This is a ridiculous contract for a player like Lin. Sure, he played well for the Knicks when called up and no doubt that he has the talent to be a decent point guard in the NBA but that contract is a bit ridiculous, in my opinion. It’s also an enormous amount of pressure on him as a player. I don’t doubt his talent and I’ve enjoyed watching him play but the ‘haters’ have a point when they say he’s only really played a month. It’s a pretty big gamble.

  96. Chad says:

    The NBA is a business. Why do good players get paid high contracts? Because good players win games and a team that win games brings in the MONEY. It’s all about the money. Even if a player ain’t that good, but being able to bring the money is what counts. In summary, Lin’s contract may be high in terms of what he can produce on the court, but interms of what he can bring to the team off the court it may be worth if you look at the big picture – MONEY.

  97. Angelo Romero says:

    Lin will not be the same when he comes back from that injury…maybe in ayear or two he may return to his old self…”he was a flash in the pan”

  98. LOL says:

    Melo’s contract is really ridiculous one as he has not and will never win NBA title. He has reached his peak and no more potential.

  99. ko0kie says:

    can’t believe the rockets… wtf are they doing? for that money they could have kept lowry or dragic..

  100. digeraticity says:

    Knicks lost the Asia community marketing dollars, they just let a emerging market leave NY, Houston says thanks.To me the big shot was losing notoriety and bill board space and market share, that is a no no! after paying big shot all that money.
    Knicks have egos and players that will never be able to play team ball, team ball is not in their mind set, proof is when their their big money players were out, the ball move around the court to get high percentage shots, everyone felt like it was worth putting forth of effort because players knew they could get ball touches, now with Lin gone the can only play on the right half of the court which now makes them very predictable. Hopefully they have not lost to much Court IQ being Lin and Landry are gone.

  101. jty7271 says:

    Granted the contract could be a bit high, but the Knicks have signed lots of bloated contracts in the past, and in this case they would have made some of the money back just on the sheer marketing of Lin. They gutted their team for Carmelo, who probably would\’ve signed with them as a free agent in the off-season anyway, they offered one of their best and youngest players in Iman Shumpert for Steve Nash in this off season, it\’s as if someone is purposefully trying to derail that team\’s chances of winning. Knicks management is retarded.

  102. jty7271 says:

    Granted the contract could be a bit high, but the Knicks have signed lots of bloated contracts in the past, and in this case they would have made some of the money back just on the sheer marketing of Lin. They gutted their team for Carmelo, who probably would’ve signed with them as a free agent in the off-season anyway, they offered one of their best and youngest players in Iman Shumpert for Steve Nash in this off season, it’s as if someone is purposefully trying to derail that team’s chances of winning. Knicks management is retarded.

  103. Lakersince76 says:

    I have two words that describe Lins true ability. Miami Heat!1

  104. 6'2 Center says:

    People are forgetting the Rockets’ role in this. They threw a loaded contract at the Knicks basically saying,

    “Oh hey you said you’d match any offer. So match this and stay outta the trading game for a bit with your luxury tax. That or you can give us Lin cause we gave up our point guards to free agency and trades cause they’re too expensive. Stupid move I know but hey we got a chance a Dwight Howard still (sorta) and we’ve got money and lottery draft picks that we can give away cause the Raptors aren’t gonna win next year. So please, please, please match that contract ’cause if you do we’re off the hook for 30mill and we can actually hunt for quality players for the next 3 years you’re stuck paying luxury tax.”

    Kudos to the Rockets, I really don’t like you but you royally screwed the Knicks and heck it’s a business people are gonna get overpaid or underpaid at some point. Everyone was on Ray Allen about taking a smaller amount of money to play in south beach. Well Lin barely made it into the league taking a bigger salary at this point only helps him move forward, especially if he can back up the cost of this ridiculous contract (yeah I said it too) with his play.

  105. Shey says:

    So now everyone is ponting fingers to whom? haha If the knicks gives him an offer sheet before anything else, Jeremy Lin can decide where to stay.. But where is the offer sheet from New York Knicks before Lin signs with the Houston Rockets? NONE! No Offer sheet from New Yorrk. All they know is to PUBLICISE that WE CAN MATCH THE OFFER A BILLION.. HE WILL STAY.. ETC ETC But if the New York Knicks did something way back to give him a sheet to sign this will not gonna happen.

  106. julius says:

    A player like melo is not in the position to describe Lin’s contract as “ridiculous” for reason that he is not the owner of the Rockets! Lin may not have a skill-set compared to the popular point guards like paul or williams, rooms for development abounds. Lin’s 5M per year for the next 2 years are reasonable enough given his “outside america” marketability. His 15M on the 3rd yr are all hinged to his 2 year performance which the rockets believe would be worth it (salary caps etc. considered). Know what is ridiculous? 3 players salary combined going over the cap and no NBA ring to show! That’s Ridiculous!

    • johnason lin says:

      Yes, my first reactions when i read what Melo said about his contract was like that too, obviously he doesn’t like his teammate. I mean he pretty much made him look bad when Melo was on injured, at times made Knicks look like they don’t need Melo.

  107. Adam Dorfman says:

    Melo has know pretty much eliminated everybody who liked Lin from Coach D’Antoni, Fields, Jefferies and Lin himself which all seems to have given a bad taste to Tyson Chandler who contrary to the news piece here (who got the quote wrong) he’s surprised about everything and suggests its been a fiasco all year ………

    Lebron would have never let a player like Lin leaves his organization …. Melo is for sure . the best/most selfish player in the NBA … or just the worst leader

  108. adam hubley says:

    The Knicks should trade Melo while other teams still think he is worth something. They will never win with Melo.
    Lin brought winning and excitement to the Knicks franchise for the first time since the departure of Patrick Ewing.
    If the Knicks think they are going anywhere with Felton running the show, they are mistaken. Lin was the answer, but
    the Knicks are apparently too blind to see it, and are going back down the Isaiah Thomas (i.e. mediocre) road. Melo does not play TEAM offense, whereas Jeremy Lin epitomized TEAM offense (how else do you think that Novak was discovered?).

    • Lakersince76 says:

      You obviously didn’t see what happened when teams started to pay attention to Lin. I feel sorry for Houston

  109. jayfox says:

    I think it’s good for lin. For the financial side. And also he can now have more playing time in houston. Again it’s good for houston marketing side. basketball is business.

  110. stan says:

    at the end of the day over rated under rated 35 games or not he went from under 100k to 28 mil…… hey it is what it is!!!

  111. nath says:

    i think the reason behind of the pursuing of Lin by the rockets in beacause Lin is a popular asian and he is very marketable

  112. whatWhat says:

    Isn”t this how NBA teams make money; by having fans that watch their games and by merchandise? If Lin can bring in money thats what all the owners care about. Regardless if they win the championship or not ( most likely not) they will have a lot of sales and loyalty because of Lin. Big mistake by the Knicks to not keep him.

    • Lakersince76 says:

      Lin CANNOT take them to the NBA finals. And after you spent 55 million on TC, Melo and Amare; you better win and win now. The last time i checked, winning championships create revenue. When you pay that type of money he has to play. And if Lin CAN play 80 games, no way the Knicks make it to the finals. If you want revenue from China just get some cheap average Asians to sit the bench and play during garbage time after a real PG helped you build a blow out lead

      • johnason lin says:

        “If you want revenue from China just get some cheap average Asians to sit the bench and play during garbage time after a real PG helped you build a blow out lead”

        You know Jeremy Lin was a warrior before, that didn’t work, he was not that famous ! i mean no one, not even asians really paid attention to him when he was in Golden State sitting on the bench.. what you said already happened..and cheap average asians to sit on the bench wont give you revenues, just look at the other Chinese NBA player now in the NBA.

  113. hanlin says:

    “ridiculous contract”? Are you saying Lin does not worth that?

  114. Liam says:

    Lin is an overnight sensation, i think hes definately over rated as you cant come into the nba with impressive stats for two weeks and expect an all starts jerrsey and 28 mil contract, i think the rockets are living on dreams with that there, nyk dont need him they could spend thatmoney nicely elsewhere

  115. I4sun says:

    Houston Rockets won’t make it to playoffs but they can still surely earn alot of money to boost their finance!

  116. Rob says:

    Well done commenters, first page in a while I’ve seen that isn’t smeared with “He should go to the Heat/Lakers in exchange for a 2017 2nd round draft pick!”.

  117. VajHawj says:

    The Knicks will regret if they dont sign Lin..hate him or love him…Lin can put on a show!! sell out crowds everywhere he goes..Houston is going to make alot of money from Lin like jersey sales, endorsement,ticket sales, etc. ..and I believe Lin is only going to get better as he becomes a full time starter! I wish my Lakers picked him up!! but Nash is ok too..good move Houston!

  118. jasmatrix says:

    a team with melo on it doesnt need a good point guard. an old kidd wil be ok but a young kidd will just be wasted. For a team with melo, all they need to surround him are role players, just like when he was in denver, I think it could have been better for him if he did not leave denver.

  119. jcvs says:

    Melo’s contract is beyond ridiculous.

  120. Kobe Bryant says:

    Lin is a great player that will prove himself to the doubters. He will make Houston more money than they are paying him, so it is only fair to give him a big contract. I feel Lin really should have gotten more.

  121. I4sun says:

    Don’t blame Lin for accepting that contract. Houston Rockets took a risk of offering that! Maybe Lin’s not up to that level yet. But Lin produced a lot more than he did than all big money earners had in previous season. However, now that he has accepted such agreement, it is his responsibility to produce that performance.

  122. dave says:

    Melo is a realy joke for NK. He is the really high rated and overpriced one in the team. He is very selfish player. He can score a lot, but he will never lead the team win a NBA champion.

  123. Isom says:

    Remember felton was the main reason the trade for MELO to go thru..Not to mention giving him up was too steep of a price. Amare’ was playing like he was in Phoenix with Felton. . Jeremy lin is decent coming off the bench with this team in my opinion.. He cant be a starter at point, especially in the playoffs.. he is not physical enough and will be exposed, regardless of experience gained..and we cant count on foul calls..lol.. The elite players and others are gonna take it personal when it comes to LIN. He will grab headlines and they will go at him like DERON WILLIAMS! did last year.. Knicks should of trade him to the highest bidder last trade deadline during ALLSTAR WKND.. its all HYPE! and MARKETING..A trade would probally got us NASH straight up or someone better

  124. Me says:

    Lin is not overrated. A PG being able to run the most effective SIMPLE play, pick and roll is dying! Him and Westbrook turn the ball over because they are AGGRESSIVE. Lin has been in the league shortly, but even in that short time he hadnt been given the time on the court necessary to adjust to the speed of real NBA starters, gain experience and adjust to his weakness (not driving right)! He is not overrated.. the NBA is only PROJECTING how good he can be like a college prospect. Only difference is he is already in the league and other teams are able to and will offer him more if you dont. AND on the other end..you cant tell how good a player is or if the team thinks a player is good or not IF THE TEAM IS DESPERATE (Rockets).

  125. spothearns says:

    Carmelo has only gotta out of the first round of the playoffs once and it won’t be no difference this year either.

  126. spothearns says:


  127. spothearns says:

    Linsanity is worth every penny the rockets giving him. Deff not overrated but still has alot of team to improved. Melo nor Amare got that team to 500 LIn did. He will b a good grade anywhere he goes as long as he works hard, as long as he stays hunger, and as long as he healthy. The guy is clutch and he not only scores but distribute the ball well. He will got alot of double double and besides Carmelo was the most clutch on the team. Carmelo is a bum and so is Amare i would pay lin before them anyday. Remember who stole the spotlight and out played both of them. If you have carmelo anthony deffering to you, you gotta be the man!!!!

  128. Zach says:

    Mediocre?? I will gladly welcome back Felton, he knows how to run Woody’s offense. LIn is just a gimmick, goodbye & good riddance, don’t turn the ball over on your way out.

  129. Jay Walker says:

    Felton is weak than LIN… i salute to JASON KIDD… he will be a great mentor for LIN….
    LIN may learn lots of play, isolation, and tricks…. LIN and KIDD fir KNICKS….

    Remember the only difference with FELTON and LIN is the 5 years experience….

    but LIN is still very hungry for learning and experience…. JASON KIDD IS THE BEST MENTOR….

  130. TKthompson says:

    One guy said they would take 5 Lins over 5 Melos! Melo is the third best SF in the league. Behind the two SF who are debately the best two players as of now. (Probably not much arguement actually) Lin is way down the ladder in his position. Paul, Rose, Rondo, Westie, Parker, Nash, Curry, Williams, Lawson, ( These arnt in order). And then Lin would be amongst the alright PGs. C’mon man… Why would you say that… Even if you hate Melo, surely, thats a dumb thing to say…

    • gato says:

      exactly… NY is probably the second best city to play in and people make it seem thats its do or die time in signing lin. hey he signed with rockets trying to get paid cuz maybe it was a fluke in what he did in the nba and he wants to keep the money coming but NY trust me will be alright without JERMY LIN, he is what? the 10th best point gaurd in the league? nothing major.

  131. Z says:

    I think what people are forgetting is that Houston’s $30 Million is nothing compared to the market Lin brings to Houston. Houston built a huge following in China during Yao Ming’s career. Now Houston can again tap into that market that is already there with Lin.

    He has hardy proven himself, but he will increase the Houston following once again.

  132. cam says:

    To those saying NY doesn’t need Lin because they have Kid now; Kid is 40. Legendary great player, but he’s 40 YEARS OLD. Felton can be ok but he’s fat and not a upgrade on Lin. Even with Kid, Felton and Shumpert, who won’t come to play till a few months after the season starts, NY needs point gaurd help. Plus, Lin probably made NY 25 Mil last sesaon alone during Linsanity, and they paid him peanuts. They won’t be overpaying for him. Lin already proved himself; 20 games isn’t much but it’s enough not to call what he did a fluke. He’s a exciting player who would excite the fan base and country (again). It’s just stupid for NY not to sign him (but NY has made dumb descions ever since Dolan bought the team; eg. every move Isiah Thomas made). But not signing Lin would be one of their dumbest ever. On a more personal note I want Lin in NY because I’d see him more on TV if he were. Come on NY do the right thing!

  133. muzikfan007 says:




  134. gato says:

    lin is good for the non stereo typic baller and good for the nba especially at this time when they are trying to attract other ethnicities and countries. Lin is not worth the end$ for new york and their superstar players. they have to do whats best for melo and amare and adding kidd is in the right direction but lin, in my eyes, is a standout player on a non playoff team. unless he can learn how to contribute to a star without scoring and always having the ball then he should go to a rockets or raptors. love you lin holding it down for the asians but gotta admit that 3 weeks of balling set you up for LIFE!!!! get it!

  135. dattebayo says:

    Speaking of ridiculous contracts, I would think of Joe Johnson, Gilbert Arenas, Rashard Lewis and Amare Stoudemire. Reviewing the entire season, Melo has only played well in April and he says Lin’s contract is ridiculous?

    Naturally the Knicks claimed to match any offer Lin gets far before FA and hoped that no one offers him a deal. Houston though took a hard look at the numbers and that third year of Lins deal is just ridiculous from a financial standpoint. With Melo, Chandler and Amare the Knicks already have little flexibility to begin with and they wouldn’t have any if they decide to keep Lin. So my guess is they will not match the offer and Linsanity is finally over and done.

    What’s really sad about this is, that neither Houston nor New York want that kid on their team from a basketball point of view. Players of his abilities are easy to find and he probably wouldn’t start on 20 out of 30 teams. To them he is just a market scheme to increase sales, ratings and popularity, nothing more.

    • trade1 says:

      finally a great explanation on the Lin insanity of getting paid 25mil over 3 years… a backup..

      • johnason lin says:

        You maybe right about both teams not wanting him, but would Houston want to go through all that trouble in the first place just to fool around with Knicks management ?

        You might be right about it and even though his abilities and skills are easy to find, but not all players can generate that much global attention.

        I think if they don’t have STAT, they would definately sign Jeremy Lin, too bad Knicks can not afford him with 3 stars that still have difficulties in being a playoff team. Yes coach change and injuries are the reasons, lets just see next year then.

  136. MELO LOSER says:

    Does Melo’s contract ridiculous? “I would love to see him back,” Carmelo Anthony said. In Melo’s heart, he really want Lin leaving the New York Knicks because of Lin taking over his spotlight on the news. Period.

  137. thechosenone says:

    r u frikin kiddin me!!!! wtf mate like srsly! lin may not be an allstar (not yet!) but considering on how he helped put the knicks back on the spot, and how he made the knicks relevant… the dot dot is another wtf moment btw. but srsly! the knicks need to keep lin. considering how much money he helpeatd bring in forthe knicks. kobe is a laker, duncan is a spur, lebron thats another story, but lin is a KNICK!!!! he is a knick in the knicks that brings, well obvisouly good fortune.

  138. T says:

    not only that… melo dont play defense.. he’s a ball hogger. melo needs to learn how to post up and play inside.. anyone can make a jump shot. taking the ball to the basket and play in the post is another level that melo dont have.

  139. me says:

    Lin is overrated, Melo is overrated, Amare is overrated.. really funny

    • Krespino says:

      It is a stupid phenomenon that so many eager “experts” are throwing around “Lin is overrated… Joe Johnson is overrated… This one is overrated… also that one is overrated…” It is like each one of these guys has worked in the front office of an NBA franchise, or in the accounting dept of one…Those are business decisions made on the basis of info and strategies of which you have no clue of. This is a $4 billion /yr industry, the NBA, and franchise managers would probably be in better position to evaluate opportunities with the purpose of drawing attention to their franchises, creating revenues, in line with the plans and strategies that only they know. I for one will be following The Rockets from now on only because of Lin. And why the hell should I watch The Knicks? Boring Melo, perennial loser. I don’t care how many points he scores, Knicks will never be a title contender with Melo and Amare. What was the winning percentage of The Knicks with Lin and w/out Melo, and what has it become after Melo restarted playing? Simple as that. Instead of watching the 40 yrs old Jason Kidd every move of whom I have memorised, I would prefer to follow Lin.

  140. MrRight says:

    Let be honest here. Melo and Amare are overpaid and proved themselves to worth nothing over the past 2 years. Nobody watched the Knicks before Lin and nobody will watch the Knicks after Lin. The only thing the Knicks can hope for is a local CABLE TV contract.
    In reality, the Asian market pay for Lin, not the team.

  141. Timothy says:

    The Rockets were trying to bluff the Knicks, and make them sign Jermey, however, the Knicks are like, we do not even know if this guy can really play. He did well for a small period of time, but that contract goes to far for a guy who just had a great stretch. Many people have great stretches. The Knicks would be silly to sign him to that kind of money.

  142. T says:

    believe it or not melo is over paid overrated.. he hasn’t done anything for either denver or the knicks. he wouldnt have made out of the first round of the play off if it wasnt for iverson. wade bosh lebron all have been in the finals and have ring(s) while he’s still seeking to make it to the conference final… sad? very. say what you want about lin, in the end he got the fans back in the arena. he made more money for the knicks then melo did. 30mill in 3yrs… give it to the dude. he probably made over 30 million for the knicks last year.

  143. DRE DAY says:


    • trade1 says:

      Morey is the biggest idiot behind Hennigan, the gm of the magic… losing teams, who cares for the next 10 yrs.. i guess the owners of these teams aren’t trying to win championships..

  144. armor says:

    Melo is the last man to talk about any contract. Im a new york fan and the team is a complete disaster…Still waiting for melo to show the balls that lin shows from day one

  145. Welp, here's the truth says:

    The Rockets put this deal on the table because they knew the Knicks would match and they would get money out of the new CBA. They never thought of actually getting Lin, its just a bluff. A bluff that they might have to pay considering Felton coming into the picture. And lets not forget that Felton did pretty well with the Knicks before going to Denver. All in all, I think the Knicks wil match just to keep fans happy.

  146. jeff says:

    should melo really be making comments about ridiculous contracts. Has he ever made it past the first round.
    Really, most knicks fans would rather have lin then melo, thats a fact

  147. Bob says:

    “I hav no idea why lin signed th offer sheet for a team that CUT HIM PRIOR TO THE START OF THE SEASON”

    For $25 MILLION over 3 years, I’m 100% sure that you would sign to the Rockets if you were in his shoes. It’s a HUGE salary bump from the $400k and $700k he made the past two seasons.

  148. Dawg57 says:

    Lin has the making of becoming a good if not great player with the right training. He played this out to his liking. Now he will be under a great deal of pressure to produce. The Rocket fans will want their money worth. They won’t be satisfied with a mediocre showing. He isn’t in the same league as any player who has proven he is worth such a contract. Just like Toronto who tried to hamper the Knicks chances of getting Steve Nash only to have it backfire, now It’s Houston who must pay a backup point guard a hugh sum of money. A point guard who couldn’t even make their rotation last season.

  149. jeff says:

    Houston was a player away from contending, now it is a player away from expansion.

  150. Ken says:

    Of all people to comment about Lin’s contract, it SHOULD NOT have come from Carmelo and his ridiculous mouth! The dude is the MOST OVER-RATED superstar in the entire NBA, and he has something to say about Lin’s contract being crazy? Really!!!?! I think most, if not all, of NYC thinks Carmelo’s contract is one of the most ridiculous on the team and based on his performance all of last season, he should take a 50% haircut, at a minimum.

  151. Top AI Fan says:

    I think letting Lin go is the right decision basketball wise. Marketing wise I think that the knicks could bring in a veteran guard like Allen Iverson who will boost up the sales maybe even more than Lin was able to do. Iverson brings finals experience and toughness to this team and I think that he is the missing piece to this knicks roster to win a ring. He could fit in as 3rd PG but also some valuable minutes at SG.

  152. New Rockets Fan says:

    Say what you want to the Rockets, but they just acquired millions of fans overnight like myself! =)


    • Lin Fan says:

      Ditto. Love Lin’s games.
      From another overnight new Rocket fan!

      • trade1 says:

        are you two joking.. to bad we can’t just cut off all the rest of the nba games and allow you to watch Rocket games only.. roflmao.. no playoffs, rebuilding for the next 10 years cause now you have a 2015 point guard at 15mil/yr who won’t be an allstar, unless cp3, westbrook and parker decide to head to the east.. in case anybody hasn’t been watching, since when has mchale and gm of the rockets ever ran a winning organization and did it themselves.. just more mess…

        good luck rocket fans.. go sell some linsanity jerseys and feel good about it… lmao

  153. Ninggay says:

    They should have traded amare for a descent PF and stick with lin… just my own opinion.

  154. .... says:

    I think that’s the best outcome for all parties concerned in the deal.I think Lin will thrive more in a team like Houston which is just now rebuilding from scratch.And lets face it ,that’s a 25 million dollar deal in your second season in the league… that’s a ridiculous amount of money.And i like the Felton backup plan for the Knicks .Yes he had a terrible season in Portland but he has proven that he can play at a high level ,score points and be helpful.And particularly with the Knicks too , so i think that’s a good move.All i can say is LET’S GO KNICKS.I hope they are more prepared than last season.Let’s go for something big this time !

  155. phat says:

    Lin is Asian … all they can think of is MONEY! They sell anything for the money including their women. Yeah, they getting rich!

  156. Ben says:

    Brilliant move by the Rockets. Makes complete sense.

    Houston has a HUGE Asian following, thanks in large part to Yao Ming. The extra revenue that Lin will generate will FAR outweigh any type of contract that he will sign. From a basketball standpoint, the decision is arguable. From a business standpoint, this is a no-brainer.

    • trade1 says:

      i can’t believe all this talk about business standpoint, if someone would give out actual numbers.. so you overpay a guy based on his marketability? never mind winning championships.. winning breeds marketing opportunities for everyone… this is really not a good move by houston, lin will NEVER be worth 15 mil a year, but this does happen in the nba from time to time.. all the teams that have signed players with total disregard to ability and what they are paying the player AREN’T WINNING NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS… Atlanta’s team was hamstrung by the johnson contract all these years, now nets do the same thing, now houston is about to make the same mistake.. so is there an equation for when the toyota center isn’t sold out vs jersey sales.. please stop this insanity with off court sales…

  157. Sk says:

    I think carmelo’s contract is ridiculous based on his performance!

    • NBA Fan says:

      individual performance CANNOT and WILL NOT win a ring……..now him and Amare’s contact are ridiculous….

  158. Nate says:

    Lin isn’t overrated, and you can’t compare lin to tebow,, but if lin goes to houston, he won’t have anyone cuz daryl morey is a terrible gm. All he’ll hav is Jeremy Lamb and Chandler Parsons, who are probably gonna go to Orlando. I hav no idea why lin signed th offer sheet for a team that CUT HIM PRIOR TO THE START OF THE SEASON but now the knicks probably wont match and if they do, his #1 priority is learning how to play with the most overrated ballhog known to man: Carmelo Anthony.

    • Bob says:

      “I hav no idea why lin signed th offer sheet for a team that CUT HIM PRIOR TO THE START OF THE SEASON” There is no logic in this post. He’s not Lebron James or anything. For $25 over 3 years, I’m 100% sure that you would sign to the Rockets too. It’s a HUGE salary bump from the $400k and $700k he made the past two seasons.

  159. Lin is not overrated, contract is a bit high says:

    For those of you that understand basketball and aren’t stereotyping that LIn is asian so he can’t ball, You’ll know that Lin is a good / above average player. What makes a good player in my opinion is the fact that they will never give up in a game, work tremendously hard before and after each game, has a high bball IQ, plays offense AND defense, and plays as a teammate. Lin is all of those things I just listed. Some of you say he has “Too many turnovers” but are you actually watching what happens before his turnovers happen? Those turnovers aren’t careless where he throws the balls out, makes a ridiculously impossible play (like Russell Westbrook does), or makes a ton bad decisions (im not saying he doesn’t, but not a lot). A lot of those turnovers came in the lane when TOO many of his teammates crowded the lane bringing in defenders (not knowing how to space the floor) and refs not giving him some of those fouls. So to say he has “too many turnovers” is too general and stupid, see where the turnovers come and if they are REALLY his fault. Lin also plays tremendous defense, he makes 1-2 steals or causes turnovers in a game, ripping the ball from ppl like DRose and big men near the high post area. Have you all seen his numbers in the games that he played? Have you seen the games when Lin didn’t play and how the knicks offensive flow just dies?! So much ISO bball without Lin’s pick and roll and dishing. So stop saying he’s overrated, he is an NBA STARTER and ur not even in the league so stop it with the nonsense comments. I do have to say though $15 million in the 3rd is is pretty high, I think Lebron only made 16 last yr

    • TKthompson says:

      I like your comment. I totally agree that hustle etc. makes good players, and is he overpriced?…. most definitely. Way to make a very educated comment about Lin. And yes LBJ did roughly make about 16mil…

      • happie31 says:

        15 Million is not high enough in this case. Houston would have paid more to get Lin. this right here is more a business decision than one made to chase a championship ring. Houston is aware from previous experience (Ref Yao Ming) that the Chinese will support one of their own regardless. They are expecting Lin to make the all-star games courtesy of the millions of chinese votes he will get. When this happens, the sky is the limit for Linsanity. Everyone seems to keep forgetting that there’s two sides to Pro-Ball, the Glory side and the Financial side. New york should have matched. They would have gotten more than five times in return. Melo and Chandler should have supported Lin, Their exposure to the Chinese market courtesy of Lin would have increased their marketability (ref Tracy Mcgrady during his rockets years as Yao team mate)

  160. GoBulls says:

    Yeah, Jeremy Lin might be a bit overrated, but that was only because a future all-star came out of a D-Leaguer/benchwarmer over the course of a week. One. Week. Not only that, but he broke the stereotype that Asians can’t play basketball. However, by signing Jason Kidd, New York proved that Lin would not fit into a franchise like the Knicks. Whoever gets Lin won’t get better chances of winning a title, but they sure will be raking in the dough b/c of Lin.

  161. Sharquay says:

    Everybody in the NBA is overater and way to over payed.

  162. Ryan says:

    Knicks need Lin more than Lin needs them.. Just look at what happened in the playoffs.. Nobody was distributing the ball or getting in the paint and you can sense that Lins charisma and energy was highly missed. Lin will make any team better. He spreads the ball around like Aaron Rodgers and he can also score. He is a game changer. On top of that your franshises popularity and exposure will increase because Asians love Asians lol I know I do.

  163. fish sticks says:

    @George S-

    You produce more in the bathroom then LIn ever will? So in your bathroom, you make millions of dollars, play in a professional sports league, and have an impact on people all around the world?

  164. KG says:


    Everyone is overated in this league and everyone’s contract is overpriced! Lin is definitely not overated more than Melo and his contract is not as overpriced as Melo.

    Houston made a very smart move. All the money they pay Lin will be back by selling jerseys in the US adn China!

    Wake up, dude! Don’t be as stupid as Melo!

    • trade1 says:

      i luv this tshirt sale stuff.. so winning championships isn’t important in Lins case.. amazing…

  165. 360 says:

    lin is good and i expected him to take the money but as a knick fan i think he is still overrated.who gets a 25mil contract for 25 games? even if it is over 3 years. when we were playing the heat in the season he got shut down. when we played the heat in the playoffs he said he was 85% reAdy to go but didnt suit up cause he didnt wanna get shut down by the heat again and hurt his contract negotiations. then he has a contract signed supposedly for 4 yrs then sneaks back to redo the contract just because he felt we would still pay it.marketing wise lin is a cash cow as long as he plays well.if he doesnt he will disappear faster than he came.OVERRATED!

  166. Tom says:

    The contract IS ridiculous but I’m going to miss Lin with the Knicks.

  167. Mo says:

    Signing Lin to a huge contract is a huge risk. It makes me wonder what Houston has up their sleeve. I guess Houston is young enough to take that risk considering they amnestied Scola and really don’t have any other big contracts. Give Houston a couple of years and they’ll be amazing. Lamb, Royce White, Parsons, T.Jones. Great building blocks. Royce White must’ve been one of the most underrated players in the draft. The guy lead his team in pts, reb, ast, stl, and blks. When was the last time you ever seen a player even lead in 3 categories.

  168. Wei says:

    Lin is not a great player in NBA, but I like his effort and leading teammate playing as a team and making the game more interesting. He is attractive to huge crowd even to the people not interested in basketball. Why doesn’t Knicks restructure other high pay players’ contract to keep Lin. Knicks is not smart to let Lin leave. Just see how much they made out of Lin last season. I won’t watch or pay attention to Knics’ game if Lin is not playing.

  169. Rhedz says:

    Lin would not look good in either nyk or houston…he should go to spurs or mavs…lin+elton+dirk = ownage

  170. A Fan says:

    Well four years 28.8 million is not that much comparing to the overrated stars… like melo 23.4mill per year…is he worth the money?

  171. Alex says:

    overrated? overpriced? you might want to look at Joe Johnson’s FAT contract! Then compare it with his stats! Give the guy a break. It’s just his 3rd year. He might have been over hyped, but time will tell if he can prove that he’s a quality PG. His aggressive play is a good fit for Houston. Too bad there’s no one left there but Kevin Martin (who has become very inconsistent). Good luck Lin!

  172. Glen Hog says:

    Lin will cash in. Horray for the little man.

  173. Tom Miller says:

    its not a surprise that he wants out of New York, nobody wants to play with sunch an individualistic player as Melo, with the way he plays, im sure that he will never win a championship. Lin is more of a team player, he needs rotation of the ball and many pick n rolls to play well, melo just cant mesh with that way of playing. Im happy for Lin!!!

  174. Izzynutz says:

    I agree with Moonjp, Melo was just hating the fact that someone generated more attention than him. At one point there were more Asian fans wearing LIn jerseys in the arena than people getting drunk. Melo is an attention hound. All the comments he’s made shows he couldn’t wait for LIN to be moved or traded. I think Melo should’ve been traded this summer. He’s a me first player and can score I give him that, but the team needs a leader and he isn’t. Amare should be the leader of that team and take over the way he did in Phoenix. I hope Lin proves everyone wrong again. Do good kid, if you could do it NY the mecca of basketball, you could do in HO-HUM Houston. I just feel bad he went to a non-contender. I guess you go where the money is.

  175. newyorksteelo says:

    As a true Knick fan (and Linsanity fan), I have to say that I am a bit surprised the knicks are thinking of not matching the offer. Watching Jeremy Lin come of the bench to revive the Knicks and literally catapult them into the playoffs was one of the most amazing and exiting experience I have seen in years of watching the NBA. Aside from this, Jeremy Lin is money in the bank so it is somewhat surprising to hear the Knicks plan to let him go. However, I do agree with some of you that Lin is overrated. He is quite clumsy with the ball, and once the opposing teams began to pay attention, stopping Lin became an easy task. But once again, we cannot take away the merit of what he did, winning 7 straight games for the knicks without their superstars when the Knicks were continuously loosing back to back games. I mean calling it anything less than “Linsanity” would be robbery because it was in deed insane to witness what this kid was doing. His story is an amazing one, and if it were my call, I would resign him.

    On a positive note, if the Knicks decide not to match the offer, statistically speaking, Raymond Felton has had a more solid career than Lin with more APG, and less turnovers. He also meshed well with Amar’e and the rest of the Knicks while in NY. I only hope that Felton shows up in shape and ready to either lead the Knicks next season, or to come off the bench. I would put Jason Kid as the starting Point Guard it if were me. Yes, Jason Kid is pushing 40, but is used to playing 30 to 35 minutes a game while in Dallas, lead the team to a Championship last in 2011, and I believe he still has it in him to run a team full of superstars. I cant wait till the next season starts to see what comes out of all this.

  176. knickfan212 says:

    Lin’s NY jersey may be worth some money in the future if he goes on and becomes a true star.

  177. Vince says:

    I don’t mind Lin going to Houston. If Dwight ends up there too, that can be a nice duo.

  178. knickfan212 says:

    He sure didn’t show any loyalty to the organization. And like everyone says he played good for a month. When scouting reports came out on him his game kind of took a dive and started throwing the ball away. He might have helped more but if it was your money, would you want to gamble with that much money for an unproven player.

    • Frank says:

      Lin owes New York nothing. It’s New York that should be down on their knees begging him to come back due to the ridiculous amounts of money they made off of Lin. Not mentioning the fact that if Lin didn’t play, the Knicks would not have had the oportunity to make the playoffs – further increasing the amount of money the Knicks made.

  179. Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

    Amazing how quick some people can change their opinion, I remember when everyone in New York was falling over themselves to say how great he was, now he’s simply not that good ! Lol !!! Not having Lin simply makes the Knicks weaker ! Let’s go NETS !

  180. lol at you says:

    For all those who said LIn is overrated and not worth the contract lets put it this way.. Asik gets the same amount of contract and for what reason? Sure he plays a little D but in no way can he compare to lin in popularity and production on and off the court… Lin’s contract may be “ridiculous” to others but from a business point of view its like a dream come true he’ll pay for the contract itself with sold out tickets and jersey’s been sold enough said.

  181. knickfan212 says:

    I think this caught a few of us by surprise. I know I had to eat crow. Dolan fooled everyone and made a smart call. They probably liked Lin but not for the money he’s offered. He certainly isn’t worth that money, especially that 3rd year money.
    Lin used his opportunity when he got the second chance and his play caught everyone off guard. He played good for 20 something games before getting injured. If you think about it, he’s still unproven. Too many turnovers and opponents knew he’s almost always going to his right. You can’t give that kind of player that much money when you have a plan in mind.
    He has lots of potential but potential only means that he looks like he could be good. Kwame Brown had potential.
    What’s funny to me is, everybody was ready to throw Dolan off the nearest bridge with he gave up Felton now they want to throw him off for getting Felton. You can’t make everyone happy. Felton is more experienced and cheaper.
    The Rockets put that offer out there trying to call Dolan’ bluff, trying to make Dolan overspend but it back fired. I don’t really think they wanted to give Lin that much money, they just got rid of him. 20 games doesn’t make a star.

    • Frank says:

      Since when did Kwame Brown have good potential. The only “potential” was the fact that Michael Jordan drafted him and many people jumped on the ‘if Jordan picked him, he must have potential’ bandwagon.

  182. Bryan says:

    The contract was just too huge for the knicks to match the offer sheet. If he was a first tier player they wouldve, but hes a 2nd tier talent with 1st tier marketability. In the end it comes down to money, not marketability. And Felton will do fine, when he was with the Knicks before the ‘Melo trade he was playing as a decent starter. We’ll see though

  183. Roy says:

    The Knicks would be better off trading Amare to get some better pieces to fill the gaps. Statistically the team does far worse when he is on the court and he is not nearly the player he was when he first joined the team. And to all the fans who think Melo needs to go, learn something about basketball. Every team needs a go to guy to get deep into the playoffs. And Melo is that guy, he has won a ton of games for that team single handedly. They should bring back Lin and ditch Felton. Lin is not the best player on the knicks but he is a good option to have.

    • Miles says:

      It’s not that Amar’e isn’t what he used to be, it’s just that he has to share the ball with a premiere scorer in Carmelo Anthony. Obviously, Melo needs his touches because he’s productive-on the offensive end at least. This is why they need a facilitator (Jeremy Lin) to get both of them the ball because both of them need the ball in their hands in an isolation-type play. Linsanity can spread the ball evenly between the two of them and then they’ll be a threat. Personally, I’m feeling Jeremy Lin and I think the Knicks should release Raymond Felton. With the facilitation of Jeremy Lin, the scoring of STAT and Melo, and the inside defensive presence of Tyson Chandler, the Knicks would be good to go. They could also use an elite perimeter defender at the two such as Thabo Sefalosha or Deshawn Stevenson to add to their team defense. Hopefully no one takes these ideas into consideration so D-Wade and the Miami Heat can repeat!

      • Frank says:

        Stoudemire is useless as an isolation-type player. He needs to be fed the ball in the pick-and-roll. Yes, he occasionally pulls a good isolation play out of his derriere, but he is in no way, shape or form consisent as an iso guy.

      • Lucas says:

        the only one who can facilitate for Amare is Steve. Now that he went to LA, Amare should leave.

  184. Mr Whyte says:

    I would have traded Melo & his ridiculous salary to Orlando for Dwight Howard. What was that I heard Phil Jackson say about the disfunctional Knicks???

    • power serge says:

      agreed. no team will ever win anything with melo playing. Sure everyone can say he won in college.. but competition at this level is abit higher then college.

  185. zer02her0 says:

    houston knows that they are not going anywhere next season with their line up so getting lin will fill up the seats and is good for marketing purposes.. still pretty smart move for rockets even if lin is a bit overrated…

  186. Wes says:

    Nice, a 3 week run gets him a 25M offer. Good luck on this one Houston

  187. chekov says:

    yea !!!!! lin’s a rocket, it doesn’t matter how he plays. the rockets will make a boat load of money. smart move for the rockets. they saw what yao did for them. Lin will do the same and more. He might even become a great point guard. who knows what the future holds but the rockets make a boat load of cash regardless….. I need to get me a rocket lin jersey

    • Dawg57 says:

      And what did Yao bring? The Rockets don’t have any championships to show offduring the Yao era. That’s the idea of building a team…to win championships.

      • Average Joe says:

        No. The idea is to field a team the community would like and would buy the tickets and merchandise thereof. The purpose my friend is to make a team that would bring in money and then when the organization has enough, to spend some for a championship caliber team. Dumb comment.

      • Frank says:

        Well said, Average Joe.

      • trade1 says:

        Not well said Average Joe.. so you want to make money by some off the court means and not worry about championships.. really? thats the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard… what team has been built into a championship team worrying about outside revenue? the owners are all billionaires, so that makes no sense…

        If you have stars, people fill the arenas and buy jerseys and all the rest regardless of record…
        Every championship team is built on real players, there’s no linsanity from a 4th-8th seed playoff team thats leading anybody to a championship….

        The problem with the Lin contract, if you are new york whats your move after 2 years and you don’t make it to the finals?
        You seriously think Lin, Chandler, Melo, Shumpert, Kidd and any other free agent available will get to the promised land… and in year 2, you will have 4 players at 15mil/yr and you can’t bring anybody else in to help your team… so yeah, do the right thing cause you will be making money off jersey, tshirts, hats, etc… and never make it past semi finals..

        if I’m a fan of the knicks, I’d be worried they would sign Lin versus letting him go.. without lin you can make moves..

        this is a business ultimately but in a few cities in the nba, winning a title or bust is everything… otherwise, go play in Sac, Minnesota, Charlotte, Houston, Phoenix, Portland, Toronto, Orlando, now Dallas, Atlanta, Golden State, denver and sign a huge contract…

      • Tyrone Lu says:

        It was because they got curse by Tracy Mcgrady. He never got out of the first round. T-Mac plays in Atlanta and Atlanta was eliminated by the Celtics. T-Mac gives the team an early playoff exit curse.

  188. Matt Brady says:

    Lin should stay in New York, because they gave him a chance to play when a team like Houston did not.

    • Frank says:

      New York didn’t give him a chance. He was put into the game out of desperation and grabbed that chance with both his hands, both his feet and his teeth. He hasn’t let go yet.

      • Common Sense says:

        yeah. New York put him out there on accident! in fact, they would have put anyone else out there if they had a chance. Lin made them put him out there again. And now he’s making them make a strong decision. they never like Lin, they only liked the cash they brought him. You’ll see, they won’t be willing to pay him back, they are like a cheap person eating at a restaurant with a 50 dollar coupon. Since the food is free they are going to tip. Houston’s tipping and didn’t even get the free meal. Good luck in Houston Lin!

  189. Yao Thing says:

    wow really new york fans? when you had him he was the best thing since sliced bread now he is leaving he is a bad player? Wait till next season when the Rockets have Lin,Dwight,J-Rich etc good luck against them:)

    • defdun says:

      Yeah, thats what the Rockets will end up with. Lin, Dwight, J-Rich and a bunch of Rookies or other guys that haven’t seen any real NBA minutes. Serves Dwight right for all the fussing…

    • Linsanity is BS says:

      You’re praying that works out aren’t you……..well better buy some knee pads and a box of tissues

  190. Done with NBA says:

    The Knicks told Lin to go out and test the market. He did and now they don’t want him. He has been the only Knick player in the past 10+ years that has given the fans anything to get excited about. I would take 5 Lin’s over 5 Carmelo’s any day.

    • QuestionMark says:

      The only exciting thing was he played great for about 7 games, and average around 25 pts, while Melo has been averaging 25+ for almost his whole career. if you take 5 Lins over 5 Melo’s then have fun averaging 30 turnovers per game.

      • Frank says:

        Yes, you’re right QuestionMark, but the Knicks made more money as a result of those “7” games than they made the rest of the season. So, from a purely business point of view, 5 Lins are better than 5 Melos.

    • Linsanity is BS says:

      You are truly lin”INSANE” if you would take Lin’s anything over Carmelo Anthony

  191. Domes says:

    Amen MARK_G. The kid had a couple good weeks. Sometimes when you feel the fire you heat up. Nowhere near the type of player that will lead you to a championship. Not saying Felton will by anymeans, but with such a ridiculous pricetag Lin to the Rockets is probably the best thing for the Knicks, aside from his marketability.

  192. Andrew says:

    Mellow and the New York knicks saying that Lin’s contract is too much is extremely stupid of them. Lin is the one who made the TV broadcasts sky rocket threw the roof and made them TONS of money and he never got a penny out of it, and also Lin was the one who revived the knicks playoff hopes, they would have not made it in my opinion without lin. so mellow be quiet

    • extremedriver says:

      REALLY!? SERIOUSLY!? How do you figure that?? It seems very clear to me that Woodson turned the Knicks around!!

      Sure Lin was great, but the reason he scored all those points is because the other guys sacrificed their opportunities. Not only that, but we all saw what happened the last few games Lin appeared in! His PPG dropped to under 10, and he was dog tired. So as stated by many others, He is not worth 25 Mill for 3 years at this stage of his career!

      Also! With an untested knee after surgery, we DO NOT know how it will hold up over a FULL SEASON. Also! It could take several years for him to develop into an all-star, IF, and I say IF that is even possible. Bottom line is that Lin is TOO RISKY for the Knicks to gamble on.

      So I applaud the move to get Felton back! Felton playd very well with STAT a couple season’s ago, and his experience is a plus. Also! What’s not to like about getting Kurt Thomas in this deal?? I know he’s not a young man anymore. BUT…. All these recent moves by the Knicks have me really excited and pumped up because they shored us up in key areas.

      Here we go. Chandler/Camby/Thomas

      • johnason lin says:

        Yeah mate, you are right..

        We can also say that with injuries to Melo, STAT and the change of Coach half way through the last season was really difficult for any player to get use to..

        Coach Woodson stressed on defense and accounted for every player, whereas Coach Mike is more of an offensive minded, and Since you have Melo on the team, dont really have to worry about how a team scores but more on how to defend the basket is the problem.

      • johnason lin says:

        I wouldn’t say ” He is not worth 25 Mill for 3 years at this stage of his career! ” I would be jealous of course and so would many nba players at his age.

        As to weather he would be a bust or a success really time will tell.

        Yes i find it really interesting how STAT , MELO and Chandler worth a lot and still no where near a playoff team. It reminded me of Pippen going to Houston era.

    • Linsanity is BS says:

      I’m sorry WHAT?????? Lin did all of this please did you not see Melo go HAM in the end of season games he is the one who took them to the playoffs and he is the single reason they didn’t get swept in the playoffs by the Heat dude went off in game 4.

  193. Vladimir says:

    The guy is good, still needs a lot of time to develop and is a bit overrated… The hype around him is anoying as hell ( at certain point it almost looked like it will be the next “The Chosen One” but this time it would be asian version ), it is New York Knicks and everything around that team is big as hell. He is a work in the process, but from pure marketing standpoint, he is the next Yao Ming, the guy that will bring tons of extra cash through jersey/T-shirt/whatever sales. But the problem is, he only had 10ish games where he burst on to the scene, had stats but with ton of TOs, and in that short span of time he got injured. Who would invest that much cash in to, possibly, injury prone player?
    Remember young Baron Davis? He was a beast of a PG when he entered the league, was top 5 for 2-3 seasons and than injuries started piling up and he is now a shadow of his former self, still showing flashes of the times past, but after last injury he is probably done for good.
    Even if i dont like that he will go, I still think that Melo hit the spot with his comment, a guy from the dev league that played a dozen matches is getting ridiculous contract…

  194. Diddy Ho says:

    lin signs houston
    and trade dwight for lin

    • two says:

      If you sign a player you have to wait 3 months (or was it a year?) before you can trade him, as per the new labor agreements. Sorry.

    • kenny says:

      OMG you tell him they have to wait a year to trade him but noone sees anything wrong with lin for dwight trade that he suggests. My faith in the basketball fans is pretty shaken when someone even considers this a plausible trade

  195. George S says:

    I produce more in the bathroom then Jeremy Lin ever will.

  196. Jose Marie V says:

    Good luck Chandler.

  197. Common Sense says:

    Lin isn’t overrated, he got the attention he deserved, but that contract is over priced. Linsanity is like Tebow. They have super hype about them for the short period of time they excited the crowds. But time tested professionals deserve the bigger contracts. This contract doesn’t fit. Lin, welcome to Houston.

    • Frank says:

      So let me summarize.
      He’s not over-rated but his contract is over-priced.
      You contradicted your base argument in the first sentence.

      • That was not a contradiction. I thought it was the most logic comment on this news so far. Lin is not overrated because he deserved the hype that was built around him. He does have the potential to be great and go and be an all-star.

        But he hasn’t proved the test of time yet. That’s why there are contract restrictions to rookies. Rookies get rookie contracts and with time they can either be released or upgraded. Davis is not an overrated player. People say he’s gonna be the next superstar, and he probably will. But he will have to stand the test of time, and grow as a player.

        Lin hasn’t done that as well. So the contract is over-priced. Houston is making a huge gamble here, and the NY people are in a tight spot right now. To match the offer would be a bad decision sports-wise. Maybe good for business, maybe good for the fans… but still a bad decision where it matters most

      • That was not a contradiction. I thought it was the most logic comment on this news so far. Lin is not overrated because he deserved the hype that was built around him. He does have the potential to be great and go and be an all-star.

        But he hasn\’t proved the test of time yet. That\’s why there are contract restrictions to rookies. Rookies get rookie contracts and with time they can either be released or upgraded. Davis is not an overrated player. People say he\’s gonna be the next superstar, and he probably will. But he will have to stand the test of time, and grow as a player.

        Lin hasn\’t done that as well. So the contract is over-priced. Houston is making a huge gamble here, and the NY people are in a tight spot right now. To match the offer would be a bad decision sports-wise. Maybe good for business, maybe good for the fans… but still a bad decision where it matters most

      • go lakers says:

        he is overrated because why would u give that much money for a player that did good for 20 games

      • johnason lin says:

        There is no right or wrong in Jeremy Lin going to Houston Rockets for a better salary. For a lot of people its a relief and for a lot of people who simply be upset.

        Just imaging yourself in a company that offers you less money, and one company job offers more, which one would you work for ? lol, its a stupid question but people seems to forget that we all the same, would take a better paid job.

      • Rocket33 says:

        Frank, it is possible to be overpriced without being overrated. Look at Joe Johnson and DeAndre Jordan. Nobody put Johnson in the same category as Wade, Kobe etc. but the Hawks paid him that much so he wouldn’t leave in free agency. Nobody expects DeAndre Jordan to make a shot other than a dunk but he’s an athletic C who can block a few shots. Better overpay him before somebody else does.

  198. Travis says:

    Oh yea and Lin won’t last an NBA 82 game season. The Rockets better be prepared to accept an injury from Lin every 5 – 10 games! They will also need to accept the fact the Lin will turn over the ball twice as much as Russell Westbrook. Linsanity is over the scouting reports are out now and he will be doubled if he’s hot add to the fact he turns over the ball isn’t that athletic and hasn’t proven he can play 82 games on the court in the NBA and you have yourself a problem. He should have stayed with New York for less money because nobody would have expected much from him. I think he will become exposed now I hope he’s ready for the real spot light of expectations!

    • Imad Akel says:

      that’s the difference between a believer and skeptic. You think he’ll fail to meet expectations whereas i think he’ll rise to the challenge and above it.
      We’ll know who’s right by february 🙂

      • wadefan says:

        every rook turns the ball over a lot.. that comes with time playing at the highest level to figure out.. he exploded with a couple of big time dunks.. so he is athletic.. and who says he is going to get injured every 5-10 games? just cause? no real reason on that.. and nobody turns it over as much as westbrook, lol.. new york should keep him for the marketing value alone.. they arent going to win anyways so whats it matter if they have somebody who ‘travis’ thinks is no good? they’d make tons and tons of money in the marketing side of things

    • cool knicks fan says:

      This is a dumb and arrogant comment. Why would he get injured every 5-10 games? That’s unrealistic and pure speculation. No one can predict the future, including you. A lot of people have very high expectations for Lin. Plus, Lin averged 3.6 turnovers a game, a lot of star point guards turned it over more than Lin, no one is taalking about Deron Williams averged 4.0 turnovers a game. Your comment has no basis and is just pure speculation. SMH.

  199. Travis says:

    I would have traded Melo, and Amare I might even through in JR Smith for Dwight Howard!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Your gonna trade two superstars for one? Plus if Dwight is in how would Chandler fit in? Chandler already gives that defensive presence, along with Melo’s and Amare’s scoring, they don’t need Dwight.

      • go lakers says:

        Chandler is overrated i dont think he should have won the Defensive player of the year

      • defdun says:

        Chandler overrated?! In a solely offensive minded team as the Knicks? Cmon without him they wont even make the playoffs. He is such a fantastic help defender and the only reason why Dallas suddenly and out of the blue wins a championship in the one year he joined the team.
        I tell you who is overrated: Amaré Stoudemire: no defense, scoring comes without consistency and no team player.

      • DeeWig says:

        Chandler is definitely overrated. How the heck do you win Defensive Player of the year, but make 3rd team all defense? And what about the other 8 years of his career? He had a roll in my Mavs winning the ship, but it was drastically over-valued. He’s not as good as people make him out to be…which is why the star studded Knicks went into the playoffs as a 7th seed this past year

      • Zach Gillette says:

        Chandler is definitely overrated. I remember him with the Bulls…

    • Iodine says:

      2 x $20M/year contracts is not common. Only Knicks, Lakers, Net are willing to do that.

    • Zach Gillette says:

      I’d have packaged Chandler and Stoudemire for Howard. That’s two large contracts gone for player that can do what both of them did better. That leaves room for a young PF or the ability to play small as well as perhaps keep Lin.

    • gameon says:

      and how do you fill in the holes in you roster when you lose Melo and Amare

  200. MARK_G says:

    Lin is overrated..

    • Robert Zenon says:

      What is amazing is that Houston decision making, I guess they are not trying to save any money, right now the team they are going to field next seson is not looking to good. We will see how Lin does in a conference that is over loaded with great point guard play.

    • two says:

      Even if he is, that’s not what he is completely about. He is a symbol for the american dream, out of no where comes someone who gets millions of dollars, which is why people like him so much and why the knicks suddenly started making huge amounts of money.

      From a market point of view, you would have to way the tax dollar penalty against the revenue you gain via linsanity.

    • NBAThor says:


    • nonbiased fan says:

      that’s true. but he was the face of the knicks for a week. i guess this is good for the knicks having 2 solid PGs in Kidd and Felton

      • Belizeboy says:

        Felton is not solid in any way, shape or form.

      • cool knicks fan says:

        Kidd and Felton are not upgrades over Lin. I would prefer a young point guard that has room to grow over a 39-year old(40 in September) and a point guard that has to prove he thrive in a system other than Mike D’ Antoni. A lot of people forget Lin is only 23-years old, he has a lt of time to develop. Anyway, James Dolan is the worst owner in NBA history.

    • Kevin Y. says:

      Overrated? Everyone and their mom knows he commits too many turnovers and can’t go left. On the other hand, he’s got a very aggressive style of play that really lets the Knicks offense flow well. All in all, I’m pretty sure he’s properly rated.

      • Imad Akel says:

        Lin is under rated. And i’ll give you one good reason you can’t argue with: He’s gonna get better.

        He was under rated at the start and kinda slipped. Then he shined for a couple of games and got over rated for a while. Then when the linsanity calmed down i think it was clear he’s pretty good but he’s not an all star, though possibly the best among the point guards who aren’t all stars.

        But now after his injury he is being under rated again. This guy will only get better. You can see the hard work in him. He’s scrawny and small and was practically unheard of and yet was not afraid to take some really big shots. I mean there aren’t many people with heart like that. People already loved him. And he went further and took that game winning shot when really he could of lost his moment of glory by taking that shot.

        Is he deron williams good? No. Not yet at least. But he could be. He showed signs of hope. With the right combination of health, hard work, and just a bit of luck, he can be as good or maybe better than deron williams. Not much to go on at the moment besides gut, and my gut feeling is Lin is going to be an all star from now on. Also at 25 million dollars for three years, Jeremy Lin is a steal. I’d sign him for up to 30 million dollars for 3 years. It’s not ridiculous, there’s been much worse contracts with much bigger risks in the past. And players like Lin who stand for something will not let fans down by slacking off.

      • RgR says:

        Not a lot of guys who don’t have the heart to take those big shots ? lol everyone can take those shots, they just wanna stay on the floor so they listen to the coach.

      • fred says:

        IMAD AKEL…stop lying. he should not be in the same sentence as Deron Williams. a career of being an offensive presence compared to 1-2 weeks of over hyped nonsence. the only way he will be an all star is solely due to the fact that players now get voted in instead of it being based on their talents. with 1 billion ppl behind him sure he might get that spot from someone who actually deserves it.

      • johnason lin says:

        lol, hey don’t forget Kyrie Irwing Cavs star guard averages 3.1 turnovers and Jeremy Lin is 3.6 turnovers.
        I feel sorry for Kyrie Irwing not all mums know him and knows Jeremy Lin’s turnovers just cuz he average like .5 more turnovers.

      • imad akel says:

        @Fred: By all-star i meant he would deserve it not by vote but be an actual all star caliber player. I wont consider my prediction correct if Lin’s stats turn out to be a bust but he makes the all star game based on votes alone. So to restate, i think Lin is gonna be a great player.
        I don’t like Deron Williams much because of his altercations in the past with coach Sloan. Also he doesn’t seem humble at all and considering he doesn’t have much to show for it i think his ego is overfed.
        Lin is the opposite. He is humble and modest. Good with coaches. You could see him not be intimidated and force feed the ball to melo when he came back. He still ran a great team offense and made tyson chandler and other team mates look good.
        He’s gonna work hard. And he’s gonna get better. You can tell. There’s a difference between players like jeremy lin and steve nash as opposed to players like latrell spreewell and stephon marbury in the past. His work ethic will speak for itself. My money is on him being great, in new york or elsewhere.
        Barring any injury, i think Lin will be better than Deron Williams. I’m not saying he is right now. I’m saying he will be. We’ll see.

      • Stacks says:

        This dude just said “Lin is under rated”. Let me list a few players who will be making less then 14.8 million (Lin’s 3rd year salary”

        Kevin Love
        Marc Gasol
        Tyson Chandler
        Leol Deng
        Manu Ginobli

        Shall I go on??? So by his logic, he’s under valued so he’s in the discussion with these all stars!? Talk about Kool aid drinking.

      • Common Sense says:

        wow Stacks you should work for Fox. Lin makes 5 million the first two years. That’s an average of 8 million for a man that turned around a franchise. Billups, Melo, Stoudemire was a bust. Then year two without Billups was almost a tear down and rebuild year but he came in from no where and become the Chinese man heard round the world.Chinese people, asian people, and NBA fans around the world loved the spirit. Love the underdog getting all the highlights! He’s a Free Agent and people offered him money based on that. Not based on other peoples contracts, not based on how good Melo is, And NOT BASED ON HOW MUCH LOVE IS GETTING PAID!!! It’s based on Lin and Linsanity. NY can absolutely pay the price tag as a thank you. And they can let it go to Houston! Either way EVERYTHING MAKES SINCE!!!!!

    • Zozzoz says:

      Why would you want to resign a guy who hasn’t proven his consistency yet and isn’t showing any loyalty to the organization?

      • QuestionMark says:

        What loyalty? He is a RFA, its not like he chose to not play with the Knicks, the Knicks are just simply not signing the offer sheet.

      • theballerguru says:

        Loyalty? What loyalty does Lin owe to the Knicks? He’s only been on the team since late December when he was signed to be the 4th string PG. The Knicks were going to release him at one point and he only got to play because of injuries to other players. In Mike D’Antoni’s own words, he got lucky that the team was playing so bad in one game that he got the opportunity to play “due to desperation”. The Knicks didn’t make Lin a star, Lin did that himself by making the most of his lucky one-shot opportunity to get on the court. Now he deserves to play wherever he wants for a better contract offer than the Knicks were willing to give him. If you want to talk loyalty, then the Knicks should match the offer for the player that brought them millions of dollars in marketing revenue during “Linsanity” and brought back a legion of disgruntled fans that were tired of their losing ways and inept management.

      • theballerguru says:

        Loyalty? What loyalty does Lin owe to the Knicks? He’s only been on the team since late December when he was signed to be the 4th string PG. The Knicks were going to release him at one point and he only got to play because of injuries to other players. In Mike D’Antoni’s own words, he got lucky that the team was playing so bad in one game that he got the opportunity to play “due to desperation”. The Knicks didn’t make Lin a star, Lin did that himself by making the most of his lucky one-shot opportunity to get on the court. Now he deserves to play wherever he wants for a better contract offer than the Knicks were willing to give him. If you want to talk loyalty, then the Knicks should match the offer for the player that brought them millions of dollars in marketing revenue during “Linsanity” and brought back a legion of disgruntled fans that were tired of their losing ways and inept management. for years

      • cool knicks fan says:

        The Knicks didn’t sign the offer sheet. What loyalty is there to show when your old team doesn’t want you.

    • tech wiz says:

      consistency is far from being overrated

    • DAYVON IS A BEAST says:

      true that

    • moonjp says:

      Carmelo’s being quite arrogant. He wants all the spotlight. Every time Carmelo leaves a team or if he’s injured, the team does better. How old is he? His best days are behind him.

      • Chandler says:

        This whole series of comments was logical til I got to yours. Past his days? The guy is 29 and in the peak of his prime. He’s the scorer in the league. By that I mean he can kill you from the outside and take you to the hole. LeBron only uses his 260 pound frame to bulldoze his way to the front and Durant simply just hits from the outside. But Melo can flat-out score. Arrogant? If he wanted all the spotlight, he would have stayed in Denver or went to the Bobcats for that matter. Why would he share the stage with Stoudemire and welcome Chandler?

      • Chandler says:


      • illone says:

        The team does better after Melo leaves? The years prior to Melo leaving Denver, Denver was a 50+ win team. The year he left mid way Denver they were at the low end winning percentage wise. This year, they were well below the winning percentage while he was there.

        Actual Numbers:
        2008 0.610
        2009 0.659
        2010 0.646
        2011 0.610 (Melo leaves at trade deadline)
        2012 0.576

        The one year Melo was at Syracuse, they win the NCAA tournament (the only one in Syracuse history). Syracuse hasn’t been to the Final Four since.

        How exactly do you come up with teams get better when Melo leaves?

      • 1512 says:

        Carmelo is a better player than Lin

      • Frank says:

        In my opinion, Stoudemire is the most over-rated player in the league at the moment. He used Steve Nash to catapult his value way above his actual true value and tricked the Knicks organization into a bloated contract. He has provided the Knicks with nothing from a basketball point of view. Defense? non-existent. Offense? Without Steve Nash feeding him the ball via the pick-and-roll, he is useless. I’m by no means a Knicks fan, but they should amnesty Stoudemire and look for some real talent because he sure as hell isn’t worth his contract and the Knicks can get 2 or 3 players who are better than him for the same amount of money.

      • cool knicks fan says:

        He’s 29, and in his prime. Why would his best days be behind him?

      • gameon says:

        @illone Not to discount Carmelo Anthony because is he ine of the best scorers in the league, but Denver was not well below the winning percentage the winning percentage is above .500 so the Nuggets would have had to be below .500 to be below winning percentage and also Denver did do better this season without Carmelo than the Knicks did with him and they had more injuries t their starters with 22 different lineups which was more than any other team in the league. Denver captured the sixth seed in a harder conference and took the 3rd seed team to 7 games.

        2011 NY Knicks 0.545
        2012 NY Knicks 0.512

        I would say the Nuggets were better off without him and in some instances so are the Knicks (when Lin is around). Melo needs the ball in his hand he is kind of a ball stop and so is Jeremy Lin. The Knicks either want Melo or Lin if I had to choose I would choose Melo hands down not arguement

      • Joe says:

        Carmelo is a good player but he is not the one to justify player’s salary. Do you think he is worth a lot more than Lebron (if you base on contract value) ? Com’on you should know better, contract value is about marketing and how good your agent squeezes the team. Do not leave comment that hurt your teammate.

    • JK says:

      Not overrated … Chemistry & Value for Knicks … Will tell you the answer soon.

      • RJ says:

        Melo is actually barely 28, everyone… He’s got another 4 or 5 years of his prime left.

      • MGIC CORE says:

        There is no comparison betwen Carmelo anthony and Jeremy Lyn.First they different positions.I think Lyn need to learn how to play around the court, goes both ways right to left and left to right , he can improve the guy has talent.but compare with Carmelo Anthony is absurd.Carmelo is an stablish player and a lot better than Lyn even when been compare in their own positions.Sorry Lyn”s fans maybe in another life.

      • Ed says:

        Lol. So many clowns and ‘supposed’ NBA experts on here are just itching to crown or crucify Lin after such a short stint. The guy is good and has potential. Period. Oh, and here’s a message to all you ignorant Melo fan boys out there: The guy is blatantly talented, and also a blatantly bad teammate. Look at the rest of his team when he touches the ball. They all just slouch and wait for the selfish joker to jack up a shot. He takes plays off, is locker-room poison, and is an offensive-minded coach’s worst nightmare. I don’t understand how this fool has such large fan-base.

    • Jackmouve says:

      I wouldn’t say he’s over rated, there’s just not enough to go on yet. He’ll earn that money either on the court or in marketing. But yeah, I do think that’s too much money for an unknown, but then again, Houston needs a facelift and making Linsanity a deal that maybe noone will match might end up being a good move, especially if they end up with Dwight too… We’ll see.

    • err yeah... says:

      Lin is overrated when compared to the type of money the Rockets are gonna give him but he was a STEAL for what the knicks paid for and got out him last season. He went from UNDERrated to OVERrated in 1 season…He needs to be properly rated.

      • Rocket33 says:

        Linsanity was the most overhyped thing the NBA has ever seen and annoyed the hell out of me when it was at its peak. But the fact is the Knicks were at their best during that period. With overpaid stars Carmelo, Amare and Chandler the Knicks were struggling. Then the stars got injured and Lin came in and led the Knicks to their best run of the season. Lin along with Fields, Novak and Jared Jeffries had them playing great basketball. The Knicks were a team to watch again. Then Carmelo came back and Linsanity was over. Sure, teams had figured him out a bit and found ways to stop him but thats what happens in the NBA. It was his first season playing real minutes so he was a bit like a rookie out there, learning the game along the way.

        Anyway, if the Knicks don’t bring him back the Rockets are getting a great deal. Because of Yao they are huge in China so they’ll make money off him regardless. I think he’ll play well for them too. He’s got an opportunity to run the offense without worrying about a superstar demanding the ball. He can just attack and make the right play depending on what the defense gives him. The turnovers are an issue but he’ll learn.

        I think the Knicks are gonna struggle with or without him. Carmelo and Amare may be good friends but they don’t belong on the same team together. Amare needs D’Antoni’s system and a PG like Nash to feed him. Felton did a good job of that and thats why the Knicks were doing well. Then Carmelo came in and that was gone. He needs the slowed down isolation offense like Woodson runs but that takes away Amare. I think the Knicks need to make a decison on what style of play they want and then move one or the other.

      • gameon says:

        Lin is overrated for him to even be mentiond in the same sentence as Carmelo Anthony makes me want to vomit. I see everyone talking about how much money the Rockets are going to make off of him ummmm have we completely lost sight of what the ultimate goal is in the NBA. It is to WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS you don’t get championship banners for how well like your player is in China or how much you paid him ask Lebron what matters the most. ugh Everyone will see how terrible Lin is when has to play Kevin Mchale’s style of baskeball and not the free flowing style of D’antoni or Woodson. If I were the Rockets I would let NY keep him the Rockets are going to be sorry.

    • Shey says:

      Now everyone is ponting fingers to whom? haha If the knicks gives him an offer sheet before anything else, Jeremy Lin can decide where to stay.. But where is the offer sheet from New York Knicks before Lin signs with the Houston Rockets? NONE! No Offer sheet from New Yorrk. All they know is to PUBLICISE that WE CAN MATCH THE OFFER A BILLION.. HE WILL STAY.. ETC ETC But if the New York Knicks did something way back to give him a sheet to sign this will not gonna happen

    • Shey says:

      Everyone is pointing fingers to whom? haha If the knicks gives him an offer sheet before anything else, Jeremy Lin can decide where to stay.. But where is the offer sheet from New York Knicks before Lin signs with the Houston Rockets? NONE! No Offer sheet from New York. All they know is to PUBLICISE that WE CAN MATCH THE OFFER A BILLION.. HE WILL STAY.. ETC ETC But if the New York Knicks did something way back to give him a sheet to sign this will not gonna happen

    • FLUX says:

      May you explain why he is overrated? I say people just have unfairly high expectations for him. How many people have you seen in his position, perform the way he has? Skeptics keep saying that teams only wanted him to draw crowds, because he’s asian, for political reasons. I don’t think the knicks signed him in the first place because he’d draw a crowd, they signed him because he is a legitimate point guard. Houston wants him, because they believe he has potential and that he can’t become relevant. A multi-million dollar organization doesn’t sign players for big contracts just to sell tickets. Otherwise you could argue that they would of given Allen Iverson a similar deal.

    • Robin says:

      Guess NY has new team bbbbb-Brooklyn.

    • go lakers says:


    • NBA-Gamer says:

      Doesn’t anyone realize that all these contracts are ridiculous? I think the whole Linsanity fluke was ridiculous in itself. Our country is in this huge financial disaster right now, and someone is being offered 30mil for 3 yrs work? Are you kidding me? The truth is, it’s all hype. And I’m a huge NBA watcher. I love to watch the game. But that doesn’t change the fact that our sports players, in every sport, are way over paid. We have our teachers and firefighters being paid next to nothing. They are the unselfish people who are either trying to take care of our future or save people from death. And we don’t pay them millions every year?

      The American Dream? I know… we’re all allowed to do whatever we want in life… and making money is one of those things… but seriously… there’s people right here, in the good old USA who are hungry or who have become homeless in this huge economical decline… and here we are paying ball players all this money… for what? And here all of you on this message board are talking about whether or not Lin has proven he deserves it or not? None of the sports players deserve this kind of money… what are they doing for us other than entertainment?

      What are they doing for our country and/ or the adults of the future who are learning from them? Doesn’t anyone think the whole thing is over rated? Cause I for one do!

      • gameon says:

        You said you love the game, I bet you like to go to the multi-million dollar areanas and have the AC on being able to see every bad call replayed on the jumbo screen in slow motion, you buy your favorite person’s jersey, sit in a padded seat scream and yell and cheer for you favorite player. You probably watch the games on cable tv that teams pay to have that coverage broadcasts. Everything that you love about the game costs money even the players that physically/emotionally and mentally stretch themselves to the max to entertain YOU. I hate this arguement because we love our past times it doesn’t mean we hate teachers and firemen people simply pay more to be entertained. If this bothers you next time you want to go to a game give that ticket money to your local school or firestation next time you want to watch you team on cable television cancel your cable and give that money to your favorite local fireman.

    • MEL says:

      Good for Jeremy lin heading to rockets! he wil not anymore share the ball to melo(ballhog) overrated..lol

    • MEL says:

      Good thing Lin is heading to Houston..he will not anymore share the ball to melo(ballhog)overrated..LOL

    • johnason lin says:

      Yes thanks to the media that Lin is overated, its not like he told Houston give me this amount of money and i’ll sign with you, Houston approached Lin with that price.

      In todays business firms, employees jump firm to firm base on salary increase or not and of course other reasons.

    • James says:

      No he’s not. He represents a gigantic market for any franchise that signs him. Houston understands that.. They had Yao.. New York needs to match that offer.

    • Joe says:

      Marketing is always overrated but that does not change the fact that Lin is a solid player.