Jamison Finds Himself In Demand

It would be a storybook ending, veteran NBA forward Antawn Jamison has conceded, to play out what’s left of his career with the Charlotte Bobcats. He went to high school in the Charlotte area, played at North Carolina, it’s where he’s raising his family and that’s where Jamison seemed headed through the moratorium period of free agency.

But who’s to stay the story has to end that way? Or that the ending can’t have another chapter or two inserted in front of it, especially one that might include a long playoff run and a championship ring?

Jamison’s name has surfaced in reports about the Los Angeles Lakers and their desire to add another frontcourt player, ideally a veteran on a minimum salary. That doesn’t preclude them from working out something with Jordan Hill or hanging onto Josh McRoberts, but ESPNLosAngeles.com’s Dave McMenamin reported that the team and Hill still are far apart in money for his services.

That’s one reason the Lakers might be turning to the oldies bin for help up front, McMenamin writes:

Aside from Hill, appearing on the Lakers’ “short list” of names they are hoping to add to the roster for the veteran’s minimum are Antawn Jamison, Elton Brand and Jermaine O’Neal, according to a source familiar with the team’s thinking.

The Lakers also have the “mini” mid-level exception available to them, beginning at $3 million a season, but prefer to hold off on using that in case a Howard deal goes down involving multiple players and they are left needing to fill a glaring void.

Not only is adding a backup big man a priority because signing Hill might not work out, but because Josh McRoberts and his expiring $3.1 million contract have drawn interest from other teams in potential [Dwight] Howard trade scenarios.

Jamison, Brand and O’Neal would have been a terrific All-Star frontcourt sometime around 2005 — and also unaffordable together (combined, they’re approaching a half billion dollars in career earnings). But now they’ve come down to the market a little — O’Neal with his injury-wracked release by Boston this spring, Brand via Philadelphia’s decision to amnesty him and Jamison by virtue of seasons spent toiling for mostly losing clubs.

Though Jamison, 36, is the oldest of the three, he also has been the healthiest and probably has the most game left after averaging 17.2 points and 6.3 rebounds for the Cavaliers in 2011-12. The fourth pick in the 1998 Draft, Jamison also has the best and not necessarily easiest choices at the moment: Does he go to Charlotte for that family focus? Opt for the Lakers for a legit chance at a ring (he has reached the playoffs only six times in his 14 years, only twice getting to the second round)? Or maybe work with Cleveland in a sign-and-trade to Brooklyn, to be part of the Nets’ exciting, ambitious plans as a Knicks rival?

That last one could be Jamison’s option right in between the others, as described by Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal:

The idea behind a sign-and-trade with any team would likely be to get Jamison more money, but no natural trade exists right now with the Nets.

Between cap holds and this being the first real offseason of the new collective bargaining agreement, the Nets’ roster situation will likely remain unresolved until Kris Humphries signs with another team and his roughly $12 million cap hold is removed from the Nets’ books.

Humphries, incidentally, is nearing a contract with the Bobcats, the Charlotte Observer reported on Thursday. If Humphries completes a deal with the Bobcats, it could free up some of the Nets’ flexibility, and remove Jamison from consideration for the Bobcats.

What the Cavs would want in compensation for making a trade work for Jamison remains unclear. The Nets have a number of free agents they could use in a sign-and-trade to make the salaries work under the cap, but the Cavs presumably would be more interested in a draft pick. It seems unlikely, however, that Jamison could fetch a first-round pick.

That’s for the general managers to sort out. For Jamison, reportedly out of the country this week, it could come down to his priorities at this point in his career: More money, more winning or more home?

The Nets’ interest in Jamison remains peculiar, since they just signed European forward Mirza Teletovic. He is a younger clone of Jamison — a 6-foot-9 scoring forward who struggles with defense and rebounding.


  1. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Please the Nets, get JAMISON!

  2. jim says:

    all they need is 2 guard that can shoot 3and a SF that’s it

  3. stan says:

    jamison carries the same skill set the lamar odom has. i think he would be a great addition. jordan hill would be nice to resign as back-up center, jamison as back-up PF, and grant hill as metta’s compliment. then have andrew goudelock, steve blake, and DJO rotating the back-up shooting guard position.

  4. Rod Miller says:

    Jamison did well in and for Cleveland. Choosing a ring over the chance to work close to home and be with family and friends it the better choice. Kids grow up fast, Antawn … don’t miss some of the best life has to offer. A silly ring will just end up in a drawer somewhere anyway. You community will love it. Look at LeBron. He got his ring (wonder if the mother of his kids ever got one?) and his home community will never bury all the hate he brought on himself.

    Love to have you back in Cleveland, but sign with the Bobcats. You can help raise those kids just like your own.

  5. E Alexander says:

    As a Cleveland fan, I say, right now won’t be soon enough. He is highly overrated and sorely adequate.

    • billy ball says:

      Jamison overrated? That doesn’t say much for the Cleveland team as he was one of the few that could put up some points on a nightly basis.

  6. WeBLakerFanz says:

    Grant Hill, and Jamison. They need to replace the scoring and length they lost with in Odom. And they need some scoring at the small foward spot that Matt Barnes cannot supply.

  7. Larry C says:

    come on down to miami jamison we will love to have u

  8. Laker4Life says:

    LANDRY makes more sense – look at his stats and he’s only 28yrs old. Up side to this kid is ridiculous!

  9. Laker4Life says:

    I think we need to pick up OJ Mayo (Shooting Guard) from Memphis (and he’s a California native) and C. Landry (Power Forward) from Houston! These 2 guys in addition to what we have now guarantees we’ll be back at the top of the mountain!

  10. ben says:

    Mitch, George Hill and Antawn Jamison would equate to a successful offseason. If he could sign both with the Veteran’s minimum… I would use the mini mid level to grab a point guard to back up Steve Nash if Darius Morris, Goudelock and DJO don’t work out… Aaron Brooks, Leandro Barbosa, Jerryd Bayless or any speedy poor man’s Louis Williams would be beneficial for energy off the bench. OJ Mayo would be robbery if they can pull that off.

  11. ben says:

    Jamison fills a glaring need for the Lakers and that is his shooting especially for a big man. Shooting to space the floor for Nash, Kobe, Bynum and Pau. Rather than being the 2nd option at Cleveland, he can end up being the 3rd and 4th option on the floor depending on who is on the floor for the Lakers. His shooting percentage should rise with much less attention on him. His veteran wit will be helpful. If the Lakers get Howard, big IF, then Antawn Jamison would only make even more sense because Dwight Howard can shoulder the load on defense and rebounding on his own and will definitely need someone to space the floor. Mitch Kupchak… Jamison is a win whether you get Howard or not. The Lakers need shooting more than they do rebounds.

  12. bry says:

    if jamison could learn to play defense then he can be a great addition to any contending team. any playoff team shopping for an effective veteran scorer in the post for a bargain should consider him a good catch. but i think this old dog needs to play defense, especially rebound, if he wants to thrive with a contending team and finally vie for a ring.

  13. DJBname says:

    Jamison has placed himself poorly his whole career. Really, settling for the Bobcats? The Warriors loved him. He likes being the big fish on a small team. Whether he could stand up to being on a winner is a good question.

    • Fly Guy says:

      I have to agree with you on that one. HE NEVER SHOULD HAVE LEFT GOLDEN STATE. They should be getting ready to retire his Jersey by now. I always felt that was a bad personal decision

  14. leo says:

    the lakers should take jamison..elton brand and o’neal are getting slower unlike jamison who is still very effective on offense and diffense..lakers need guys like jamison who can provide especially in scoring..kobe is still the focal point of their offense but with steve nash at point guard..everybody will be envolved now unlike before..they better take grant hill too..he may be old but we all know he still have bullets left..grant was great during his younger years but i like him now than before..he’s more of a team player and very aggressive on defense..for me i think lakers need a guy like him too..and i think he deserves a ring before he retire..TO ALL THE LAKERS HATERS OUT THERE..you gotta admit that the lakers is a contender now like always..and you guys are threatened..haha..but my friends, the ball is round..we never know what will happen..its were amazing happens right?maybe the last seeded team last season will win the championship next year..you”ll never..GO LAKERS!!!!!!

    • Fly Guy says:

      Yes….you’re on the right track. They need BOTH Hills. they need to sign Grant Hill, and they need to re-sign Jordan Hill. I seriously think they can make a legitimate run at it…..(remember this too….The Lakers were an AWFUL 3- point shooting team….They just got a whole lot better)

  15. Kenny says:

    if jamison would go to the nets and start at power forward that team would be complete,

  16. just another lakers hater justomatic… the thunder didnt cruise past la in this last years playoffs. that series couldve went either way. theyre alot better now with nash too. 2 of those games were won by 3 or less by the thunder. 2 of them were blowouts yes but comeon quit acting like the lakers cant win it all. that just shows how much of a hater you are and just makes you look like a dumba*s. lakers now have just as good of a chance as anyone right now. the spurs always choke come playoff time of recent and youre takin them over the lakers this year… plz shutup and watch a different sport. fans like you ruin the game.

  17. LOL says:

    Jamison wouldn’t definitely bring some depth to the Lakers bench, something L.A. sorely needs.

  18. JustOMatic! says:

    Lol to all Lakers hope of playing for championship… They won’t get past Thunder or Spus. I think Jamison would be an ok fit on team though, I’m a fan of his since UNC days.. They just won’t play enough D to be able to get past others deep in playoffs in my opinoin. If its for a ring and still be closer to home at same time, goto the Heat. If its just to play go to Bobcats and you are at home, more family time.. Still a fan no matter what

    • laker4life says:

      u never know kobe still on lakers and they have 2 great bigmen.

      • Fly Guy says:

        What people arent looking at is the fact that the Lakers werent just BLOWN AWAY. If I remember correctly, those games were pretty close. I will admit, that I thought the Lakers were getting too slow. HOWEVER, IF THIS TWO 7 FOOTER LINEUP IS EVER GONNA REALLY WORK AGAIN…they just got a point guard that will make it happen.

        And also, that point about them not playing enough D….that goes both ways, U NOW HAVE TO PLAY D ON THEM. And I have a question….Who u gonna double now??? LOL

  19. Aditya says:

    PLEASE get Jamison lakers PLEASE> He is is a great player and will help my team play Championship basketball in the regular seaon and playoffs and win the championship next season.

  20. CaL says:

    LAkers do not have enuf money to pay younger players for their bench. This is Y they’re bringing Veteran player’s to fill those gaps. The guys that we’re mentioned may not be the players we want but they’re probably more affordable than other free agents.

  21. Faye's Dad says:

    they need to get another younger 3, grant hill wil b fine, if minutes will be limited,

    • Fly Guy says:

      Grant Hill would be great, not only backup 3….but a backup at the 2. A backup that Kobe has almost never had. That could bring kobe’s minutes down (THE BIGGEST VALUE OF ALL)

  22. l.a lakers says:


  23. two says:

    Just get Grant Hill and Jordan Hill. Then maybe a shooting guard back up, although that depends on the rookie and second year performance in the summer league.
    The lakers don’t need Brand, O’neal or Jamison.